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Swimming Naked Continued…

“Lunch?” One of Phil’s associates asked as they left the Montgomery County Court House. “There’s a great Thai restaurant around the corner.”

Phil glanced at his watch. It was 11:45. He had to be within a few miles of Lina’s office. “No. I’m going to take the rest of the day off.”

Fifteen minutes later, Phil, dressed in a dark gray suit and royal blue silk tie that brought out the blue in his eyes, was entering Dolmar Enterprises for the first time, his eyes scanning the modern lobby with it’s high ceilings and exposed brick walls. The receptionist’s eyes widened as he stopped before her desk. “Hi.” She smiled. “May I help you?”  

“I’m here for Lina Hunter.”

“Oh. Is she expecting you?”

“I texted her but haven’t received a response, so probably not.”

“I think she’s in a meeting or at least she was.” The receptionist came to her feet. “They have a creative meeting every Monday at 11. It usually less than an hour but sometimes it runs over. I don’t know—”

“I can wait,” Phil interrupted her nervous ramble.  

“Oh, okay. Who should I tell her is—”

“Her husband,” Phil answered.

“Oh.” Heat came to the woman’s cheeks. “I didn’t realize. Let me just—I’ll go see if she’s done.” She hurried off, only to return less than a minute later. “They’ll still in the meeting. Uhm do you want to wait in her office or—”

“Her office,” he answered.

Lina’s office was bigger than he expected, not that he’d consciously given it any thought, but the size surprised him. It was almost as large as his own. He looked at the black and white photographs of Washington DC gracing the walls and then made his way to her desk. His eyes zeroed in on a framed picture of him and Lina at Alice’s wedding. It was a candid shot of them dancing. She was smiling up at him, looking absolutely gorgeous. His gaze drifted to another photo, this a recent one of Logan and Liam. Logan was holding Liam and Liam’s arms were wrapped around Logan’s neck and they were both smiling. Phil’s chest expanded as he looked at photo evidence of the growing bond between his sons.

The sound of Lina’s office phone  pulled his attention away from the pictures. He crossed to the bank of windows in the back of her office, looking out at her view of Wisconsin Avenue. It had been months, yet he was still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she had a real job with real responsibilities. She was his wife and the mother of his children. The working Lina was a mental adjustment he was still struggling to make.

He heard voices and turned to see Lina, William and a man he recognized from the news as Damien Rouse coming out of a room directly across the hall. Dressed in a sleeveless black sheath dress accentuating the curve of her hips and narrow waist, her dark hair falling loosely around her shoulders, Lina looked both sophisticated and feminine. Her head was nodding at what Damian was saying. Phil felt a surge of possessiveness grip his chest as he watched her interacting with the billionaire business man.

Lina’s gaze shifted from Damian to Phil, her eye’s widening in surprise. “Phil?” She disentangled herself from the other two, meeting him just inside her office. “What are you doing here?”

“My case was settled.” He ran his hand around her hip to the small of her back as he dropped his head and brushed his mouth over hers. “I was hoping to take you to lunch.” 


He reached around her to greet William, shaking his hand before turning his full attention to the other man. “Phil Hunter,” he said, holding out his hand.

“You haven’t met Lina’s husband?” William asked his brother, clearly surprised.

“No, I haven’t had the pleasure,” Damian answered, returning Phil’s handshake. He looked like an older version of William with the same black hair, his sprinkled with gray, an olive complexion and dark brown eyes. “Your wife is a very talented lady.”

“She is,” Phil agreed, his hand stroking her hip.

“I hate to run, but I’m already late for another meeting,” Damian said. “It was good to meet you Phil. I’ll have my wife reach out to Lina and set up a dinner soon.” He turned to Lina. “I’ll see you Friday.”

“I’ll make the changes we discussed and send you the updated design.”

“No need. I’ll see them in New York with everyone else.”

“I’ll walk you out,” William said.

Phil followed Lina back into her office. “New York?”

“I just found out. It’s one night.” She crossed to her desk. “I need to check my emails. It will just take a second.”

“Lina,” a tall slim woman began, coming into the office, “Would you…” she trailed off when she saw Phil. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in a meeting.” She began to back out of the office, stumbling slightly as she stared at Phil.

“It’s fine. Stay.” Lina said, continuing to look at her computer. “It’s just my husband. Phil meet my assistant, Brooklyn.”

Phil greeted Brooklyn before taking a seat at the small conference table in the corner of Lina’s office. For the next five minutes he watched Lina in business mode, signing off on her assistant’s paperwork, answering an email and taking a quick phone call. It was a side of her he had never seen.

“I’m sorry. That took longer than I expected. Ready?” She came around her desk.

“Not quite.” He held out his hand, remaining seated.

“What?” She smiled. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Come here.”

“What?” She made her way to him. “Phil, this is my office,” she whispered when he snagged her hand and pulled her between his thighs. “What are you doing?” She rested her hands on his shoulders.

“I’m proud of you.” His eyes narrowed as he looked up at her.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m proud of you. You’re good at this. It suits you.”

“Yeah?” She smiled and he could tell his words please her.

“I’m coming to New York with you?”

Her eyes widened. “You have to work?”

“We settled the case. My week is suddenly free.”

“What about the kids?” She curved her hand around the back of his neck.

“Your mom can watch them.”


“Will be fine,” Phil finished.

“I’m going to be working.”

“I’m coming. We’ll stay the weekend. I’ll even take you to a show.”

“Really?” Lina’s face lit up.

“Really.” When he saw the pleasure on her face, he made a silent vow to take her to a couple of shows a year, regardless of how tortuous he found them. “And we can sleep in on Saturday—hell, we’ll spend half the day in bed. Just the two of us. What do you say?”


“Good.” He brought her hand to his mouth, kissing the inside of her wrist.

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  1. Hi Girls — I have good news and bad news. I’m not quite done, but it’s going to be a long first scene. I’ll have it out tomorrow. ?

  2. Hi Ladies,
    I’ve been a total zombie lately, so lethargic I haven’t even been reading…I think it’s the change of wether/season…I’ve been so out of it..
    Laura, You. Rock. How is it that your Hunter scenes just keep getting better and better?? Thank you so darn much for keeping our Hunter clan alive!! Thank you for this new scene…and I think we can all agree that Possessive Phil is our favourite Phil lol…I enjoyed it so much 🙂
    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    • Miri…I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I hope the crispness of the Fall air breathes new life into you doll.

      Laura I’m literally over the top knowing your writing the Kim/Kim parent developmental series…LOL I can’t wait..

  3. Happy Weekend!
    I’ve started the scene — this is probably going to go on for awhile because I’d like to see how the Kim/Kim parent’s relationship plays out over Liam’s childhood. I’ll release it in sections — but…I’m off to a wedding for the weekend, so the first release won’t be before Tuesday. Enjoy your day!

    • Hi Laura….I’m so excited about this series of scenes you are writing. I have so many visuals and thoughts. Will there be any steamy between Phil and Lina? I wonder if Lina would fear that Kim would come between her and Liam. Also, would Lina feel herself on the outside, being reminded she’s not actually Liam’s biological mom, when Lina thought Kim was out of the picture. Phil’s emotions would probably be high as well. Logan won’t like it and Megan will probably think it’s about time she showed up…I can hear Megan at dinner now…”I don’t know why everyone is so upset about her taking him to dinner? He shouldnt be our families entire responsibility when mom isn’t his mother.” This is going to be so good! I would like Megan to go high handed about Lina not being his mom in front of Phil….Wow…I have a feeling his head would do a 360 spin….Just saying

      • Hi Tracie — I don’t think Lina would worry about Kim getting between her and Liam. I think she is more worried that Kim will want to spend time with him and she doesn’t trust her not to hurt him (mentally). Plus she feels like his mother — it would be hard to have your child going off with another person. Steamy — yes!

  4. OMG, I love the scene! I can only imagine how people in her office would react to seeing the beautiful lady’s handsome husband. Funny enough, when I was working part-time as an HR assistant and receptionist, I did a similar thing to a staff’s wife who was visiting her husband. I think in the SM, Phil was just trying and faking enthusiasm for her work for the sake of her happiness, but now he genuinely feels happy for her.

    Phil is such a wife man. In the books and extra scenes, he often skips on quality time with his children just to have alone time with Lina, though, at times, he forgot to cherish her. I’m sure, considering how busier and more social she is becoming, he is determined to have more of her attention. When they go to New York and Lina oversees a construction, will Phil feel (ha, get it?) worried and argue with Lina? Would he start doing background checks on a contractor to make sure they are not nonchalant about work safety?

    I’m so excited for the next scene. Laura, you said once that, in Liam’s eyes, Kim is like a distant aunt. I’m also really interested to know what Kim’s parents think about this situation. Are they sad that Liam thinks of Alice, her husband, and Phil’s parents as his only real grandparents? Are they angry at Kim for not caring more about Liam? Are they grateful for Lina for saving Liam from an upbringing full of loneliness and neglect? In the epilogue, it was said that Kim’s parents stay in the Hunters’ house while visiting Liam. How would they all interact? Would Logan think Lina is being too nice? If I were Kim’s parents, I would stay in Lina’s good graces as best as I could. Ugh, so many questions! Thank you Laura for giving us these scenes.

    • Hi Aida! Yes, I will have to eventually answer all the above questions. I think the first meeting will just be Kim, but she will probably mention her parents desire to have a relationship with Liam.

      • I’m so revved for this scene. I knew by the Epilogue in SN, that Phil will always have a low opinion of Kim and has no expectations of her ever being maternal toward Liam.

  5. Eat your heart out Phil, and maybe Lina too, on her desk, in her office that’s as big as yours.
    I see Kim being like the h’s mom in the The List (A. Calhoun). Basically, awful. I don’t see Lina being jealous, only concerned for Liam, like a true mother would be. Kim will make a dig at Lina, for sure. What’s the emoji for rubbing your hands in anticipation?

  6. I loved how he watched her operate in the hall and while he set at her conference table…Did you notice how the receptionist and assistant stumbled and rambled when they both saw Phil…That big hunk of hottie! Loved the Logan and Liam picture. I even thought about asking for that…Lol. Also, things Phil wouldn’t have considered before the affair regarding what Lina liked, e.g., the show, He is now making silent vows to take her and even planning them himself. I remember the scene in WPF where Nick was chastising Phil for not doing things his wife enjoyed, like hiking. You go Phil…

      • Oh yes I would love that…Do you think Lina would feel insecure with Kim coming to get Liam? I think Phil having to tell Lina she is coming would be hard for him. I think Logan might even be a little pissed knowing how the two boys are bonding and knowing Kim abandoned him.

        • I think Lina is fine and secure. I see Phil having a problem. I can’t see him wanting Liam to have a relationship with Kim.

          • Hi Janet,

            I agree. Phil always wished that Liam is Lina’s son. Calling Lina Mummy in front of Liam, saying that Liam knows a good thing when he sees one, and that Liam is smart for not wanting to let go of Lina.

          • Hi Aida! I wonder if Kim will get mad when Liam keeps asking for Lina. Maybe her parents will supervise and he may like the toys Kim brought(purchased by the grandparents)but I wonder if he will be drawn to her.
            I remember when my kids were babies my son would only go to the nanny bc she fed and played with him the most. Should be interesting how all this will play out.

            And no thank you about parking lot hanky. Lol

          • Actually, I hope she’s somewhat maternal and feeling bad that she walked away from her child. Maybe she’ll lose some of her narcissistic tendencies—maybe, but probably not ?

      • Yes! That’s what I need! I need to know what’s going on with my fav villain. I miss her. LOL

        When will Liam ask Phil, why isn’t Lina my only mama? How will Phil deal with Kim again after not seeing her for months because I’m sure the lawyers dealt with her requests. When is Kim’s first visit to DC or Liam’s first visit to NYC? Maybe Lina initiated this meeting. How does Logan feel about it? Megan? so many questions. I know these scenes are hard to write so I appreciate you so much Laura.

        • Janet, so many questions! ? I’m thinking back to the epilogue in SN, Liam is 5 or 6–and I thought she hadn’t seen him, since she gave him up—maybe I’m wrong? How old will Liam be at this meeting?

          • I can see Kim saying Liam you are so handsome like your dad but I’m your mom. You have my lips and my eyebrows. She is over Phil but she won’t forgive him rejecting her. I hope the visit is supervised by Phil.

          • Phil won’t trust Kim and I doubt Phil would supervise the visit. Unless Liam became upset about going with her. Janet I can so see her throwing out the comment about him being handsome like his dad, especially if Lina is present. Phil and Lina talking about the visit, prior to her arrival would be interesting too. I would like Logan to say, “I wish he didn’t have to go, that woman doesn’t deserve to see him.” I wonder if Kim seeing them as a family with her son, if she would feel any remorse about giving him up? So many questions….

        • In the epilogue of swimming naked I mention that Liam has only seen Kim twice in four years. In answer to Tracie’s question, no I don’t think Lina will feel insecure around Kim. I do t think she will like her seeing Liam though. She’ll worry that it will hurt or confuse him – plus there’s the unknown. What will Kim want. I think Kim knows Phil is unattainable. It should be interesting. I’m curious how this scene will go too.

          • Hi Laura,

            Yesss, I believe that Lina is too confident to feel insecure, but I also don’t think she would “protect” Phil like she did at the wedding in book 1. I think she would just be calm. I think Kim would react poorly to Liam calling Lina mama tho, or if Liam cries when taken from Lina to hang out with Kim. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t wanna visit Liam?

          • Aida – Liam already called Lina “mama” in front of Kim in SN. Kim still laughed and said “she’s too old to be your mama”.

            Maybe she’ll get pissy with Phil and be all “you shouldn’t allow him to call her ma when she’s not his mother. It will confuse him”. I can see Kim trying to twist it around to make Phil seem like the bad guy and not her.

    • I did notice that Phil regards Lina’s feelings more now. He’s taking the time out to have lunch with her on a workday. That’s huge.

      • i think now that he has seen her in action he will not downplay her responsibilities anymore. I thought that when he thought her office is almost as big as his.

  7. Thank you for the new scene Laura. I love how proud he is off her and I am so glad he finally got to see her at work. Phil gets emotional at looking at photos on her desk. He is re rearranging his week to be with Lina in New York. I wonder if Lina would ever do the deed with Phil in her office.
    Thank you Laura!

    • Hi Holley,

      Well, if Lina’s office has a glasswall, I don’t think he would… Probably in the parking kot? Right after this scene?

  8. I was hoping there were pictures of Liam and Logan…I visualized that too! I love these scenes Laura, you make me so happy keeping our Hunter’s moving forward…Loved that he got so turned on by her working he wanted to take her away…Love Love Loved it and Love you too sister?

      • Yes! Damien definitely really like Lina as a person because he wanted to have dinner with her family. Also, him and Phil would probably forge a friendship since they are both succesful.

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