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105 Comments on “A White Picket Fence / Swimming Naked Discussion

  1. hi Laura!

    I don’t know if you will answer my question regarding this issue but I have just finished A WPF and SN and can’t seem to get those beautiful characters out my head. My question is about the affair while I do understand that it was a book about moving past the affair and working toward redemption I think it will only work if some details about affair are cleared. I know that the duration of affair was 4 months but was he doing it with Kim everyday or was there some break involved like he was doing it only whenever things at home become too much stressful for him to deal with. And what about him having sex with Lina during the affair. What was he thinking then?

    In my mind I want it to be like this ….

    Phil: Sex with Kim was just an outlet, a mean to escape and nothing more. I may have slept at her house but we never shared the same bed because with her it was just about physical release.

    Also on of the reader here had said that in the bar pic whether Phil was acting a bit territorial towards Kim? I think that was not the case because the pic in the first place was staged by Kim. she knew how little she meant to him, so that was the main reason she was playing those dirty tricks so she could hurt Lina and remove her from the picture. in one of the scene Phil calls out Kim on her bullshit saying that she was nothing special. It could have been anyone else. he did it with her because she was easy. His love and possessive side is only for Lina.

    • Hi Laura, is this a scene where Phil visits Lina at work?

      I was looking for some skincare stuff for husband and came across this video. Do you guys think this could be Phil’s body in gray briefs? It’s a 2 min video and you can see his “triathlon” legs at 2 min. What do you think? Never mind the face and the concealer or is Phil vain enough to wear it? Maybe it’s Nick. LOL


      • Janet. You are hilarious. We already decided that Phil is Jon Hamm with his half chub in that one paparazzi photo. But this guy has a nice body. I see Phil being a bit bulkier. Nick would definitely use concealer.
        Tom Ford has a pretty sexy voice? Kind of made me want to use his skincare products.

        • Bahaha Katie. I meant the models body but yes I agree Phil being bulkier. I think he must be Nick then. I’m totally OK with men wearing concealer and bronzer. Lol. Btw that was not a chub anything. It was a baby anaconda monster. ? Anyway Jon is in a new movie with Natalie Portman. I watched couple of their interviews.

          How was the new novel? I haven’t read anything in a week.

          • Phil definitely bulkier. Remember he has impressive lats, so he will need to have upper swimmers build on top. No droopy shoulders.

            Lately I’ve been having a Dylan Mcdermott crush, so I’ve been picturing Phil with his face.

          • Bee, the model looks a little like Dylan no? I recently watched my best friends wedding with my daughter. He sure was a cutie back then. Now, not so much. ?

      • I love his body! I would say he is bigger than Nick, but smaller than Phil. He definitely has the body of a triathlete.

        And yes, the scene is Phil visiting Lina at work.

    • Hi girls can’t wait for the scene I soak those up like a sponge..:I can’t see Phil goIng through that skin care regiment he’s an Alpha and his looks speak for themselves. But I do imagine those abs on Phil and Lina would probably keep his brows in shape….Love you visuals and train of thought Jgirl.

      Kbabe I think you live in the wrong state. I’m going to read the new book you and Laura recommended. With you infatuation with farmhouses, I can see you and Hailey in matching aprons pounding bread dough on a worn piece of butcher block with dips in the wood from years of other farm women doing the same. A warm south breeze blowing through you kitchen window and your white muslin curtains blowing in the wind. A dog barking draws your attention as you look out the window to see your Blue Heeler Shep putting your dairy cow back in the feed lot she has escaped from. Your husband praising Shep scratching his ears as he fastens the gate…Oh yes that’s you…Lol

      • Absolutely! Love this visual!
        I became infatuated with farmhouses in my early teens after visiting the French countryside. I love the ocean though! We are on the hunt for a vacation place, so hopefully I’ll get my little farmhouse eventually…then we’ll have the best of both worlds.

      • Omg LOL Tracie. That’s so Kbabe to a T ?. Pounding bread dough(she will probably have to order the chai and flax seeds) with muslin drapes fluttering from the open windows. Lolol.
        Katie, my bro’s new project is a modern farmhouse(it’s a big trend now). When he’s done I’ll post it here. He said it’ll be grey and black rather than white.
        And for sure Phil is manscaping for Lina. Bahaha.

        • They are so popular. That’s why I think my Lego house is a great idea! Who buys legos? Mothers (for their kids)! Who like farmhouses? Mothers. Idiots. I have like 23 supporters, but it’s a killer idea.
          My first love are very old, stacked stone or brick farmhouses with shutters and overgrown foliage. But I love the modern version too- white siding with black windows.
          Can’t wait to see what your bro does.
          Tracie- the only thing I’d change about your visual is my husband likes “proper” dogs, like a big Cane Corso. The rescue mutt we have now was 100% my doing.

  2. I started a new one. Love and Omissions by Neva Bell. I think it has cheating? Second chance love? I’m not really sure yet. But it’s really good so far and on kindle unlimited.

  3. Girls, you know it takes some effort to pull me off of my usual themes…but, The List by Anne Calhoun was excellent. I’m starting The Muse next.

  4. Good morning Girls….I had another vision of my Logan and Liam….Laura use to play a game with us, where she would ask us questions and we would answer like: “Who will be the last Hunter to accept Liam?” It was fun…

    I think we determined, that Logan would be 16 in the Fall, in this scenario he is driving. Logan has now been bonding/living with Liam for 6-8 months.

    Lina is setting on the couch with Phil and Liam, when Lina notices Logan coming down the stairs. Admiring how handsome he is in his dark jeans, gray sweater and black leather jacket. Logan calls out “I’m going out with Tiffany, I’ll be home by midnight.” Liam’s attention is immediately drawn to Logan and starts yelling “No go LoLo, no go LoLo!” Liam wraps his little arms around Logan’s leg. Logan reaches down and picks Liam up. “Little man I’ll be back soon.” Liam holds tight to Logan’s neck and starts to cry. Lina walks over to Logan and tells Liam “Sweetie lets go up to your room and mommy will read you a story before bed.” Liam frowns at Lina “NO Mommy! Lolo read!” Liam hugs Logan’s neck as he continues to cry…

    Question: What is Logan going to do? Would he shoot Tiffany a quick text and tell her he will be 15-20 minutes late so he can read the story to Liam or would he let Lina pry a crying Liam off of him and leave?

    • Hi Tracie! Adele Jr.’s house sounds amazing! Hope she’s doing better…

      Love your what if questions. I still remember we all got the elf pj question wrong! lol
      I feel like Logan would take off without reading Liam a story. I just can’t see a teenage boy(with a hot girlfriend waiting for him) catering to a toddler to read a bedtime story before a date. Katie yes but Logan no. I remember Logan’s response to Megan in the Greece vacation scene. He told Megan something like, what else is Liam supposed to do if he doesn’t join the family in Greece. He’s championing Liam in a teenager style so I can see him saying something like hey Liam-buddie-bro, I have a hot date. I’ll read you one tomorrow but gotta run. Thanks mom!

      • I agree! “I’ll read you a story tomorrow little bro”. I live the think question Tracie!

        Has anyone read The List by Anne Calhoun – she wrote Liberating Lacey. Anyway, I really liked it. It has a little more sex than I like but I loved the story.

        • Ooh, sounds good Laura. I bought it! Her books are expensive but Liberating Lacey and Uncommon Passion(not the Pleasure one) are so worth it.

          • Laura I forgot to tell you that I love the “Little Bro comment.” Phil really would of felt a surge of feeling the first time he called Liam that….swoon

  5. Hi friends,

    So, when I’m not reading about sex with older men and cheating ???, you’ll find me creating with my daughter and dreaming about interior design and little white farmhouses. Well, we designed a little white LEGO farmhouse, that I’m quite proud of, and I’m in the process of getting the project to market. If you want to check it out, here is the link:


    If you’re feeling super sweet, you can “support” it, just by voting, as accumulating supporters is how we move along in the process.

    (Post approved by Laura)

    • I supported and commented. It is so cute! I don’t know how they picked my avatar and name but it is there. So this is a contest and if H wins, lego will produce this set? That would be super!

      How is your reno going? Almost done?

      • Thanks Janet!! So I need 100 votes in 60 days to move on. If LEGO picks up the idea they’ll produce it as a special edition set sold in stores. The creator gets credit and 1% sales.

      • Renovation stopped for most of summer. Now I’m back at it- All that’s left are closet and garage built-ins. Not much in the way of decor or improvements. We want the garage to be an overflow space for parties and such. We are going to epoxy the floor, finish it out, and add cool lighting. In the office I want the closet to be floor to ceiling shelves so nothing clutters the actual workspace. I’m obsessed with cowhide rugs right now so I’m putting on of those in there.
        I’m having to go through all the clutter in those areas and that’s a damn chore.

        • That’s cool! Can you have your husbands coworkers to support it? I would. LOL. My daughter definitely would have chosen your farmhouse if she was still building legos. Do you do the LEGO advent calendar for her?

          My cousin remodeled her garage into a guest room last year and she loves the added space. Sounds great to me! Cowhide I don’t know but I really love sheepskin under my feet each morning so I get the obsession!

          • Thanks J. Hubs shared the link with work people, but I’m not optimistic. It’s a long shot that I’ll even get 100 supporters. It’s so cute though- it was a fun project. Yesterday we added a hen house and vegetable garden to the backyard.

            I like sheepskin too! H has a little sheepskin rug in her room by the bed. Lucky girl gets all the cute stuff in her room.

    • I supported Kbabe. What a cute house! You would love Adele Jr’s house. Its a three story lodge/farm/rustic….She has cow hide rugs, actual drums for tables that she got in New Mexico. Huge open fireplace with log ladders and homemade quilts. It’s beautiful!

  6. Did anyone read One True Loves by taylor Jenkins Reid? I just need to know who Emma ends up with. Can anyone spoil it here?
    Also, her Daisy Jones & the Six is being made into a tv show for amazon. Wow!

    • Hi Janet,

      I really like One True Loves! She ended up with *drumroll* *SPOILER* Sam!!! I think she chooses the one who is right for her. She has grown as a person and Jesse no longer fits her.

      • Aida! Thank you!! I started it on Friday and my heart couldn’t take it so I returned it. Then the nagging started. Who did Emma choose? Who? I so wanted it to be Jesse but I understand.

  7. Did anyone ever read bio on FDR? I downloaded one that focuses mainly on his affair with Lucy Mercer. It is legit crazy so far. He really loved this OW. Totally worth the read if anyone’s interested.

      • Franklin & Lucy by Joseph E. Persico. I’m not finished yet. I had no idea his love was this deep for the Ow. Eleanor and FDR made a great political team but basically they led separate lives is what I’m gathering. The Ow was Eleanor’s social secretary.

  8. Tara, The Stopover was good! I almost peed myself during the camping trip scene. She had a few scenes like that in Masters too. She does sex and humor very well.

    • Katie, she’s sort of hit or miss for me, either I love what she’s written or it’s a dumpster fire. This was good, and I love Mr. Masters and liked Mr. Spencer. The others? Not so much.

      • For sure. Masters is my all-time fave of hers. In addition to what you listed, Gym Junkie wasn’t bad either.

  9. Hi Laura!

    Have you recovered from the wedding? Did you cry? What did the bride wear? Any details you can share with us?

    • Hey Janet!
      No, I haven’t recovered. I’m sick 🙁
      I actually called out at work today, which I rarely do — headache, cough, congestion etc. The wedding was beautiful! The dress was Vera Wang, V Neck — lovely.

      When the groom was asked if he took my niece to be his wife he said “hell yes!”

      My 84 year old father kept asking me “what did he say” — the groom said it just came out. It was very sweet. I watched his face as my niece walked up the aisle and you could just feel his love. It was very touching.

      The night just flew by.

      • I’m sick too. I think it’s going around…

        Hell yes!- I love that! LOL. Vera Wang- love that too!! sigh!!!!!

      • Laura so sorry you are sick…Love the Hell Yes….Looking at couples like that makes you see all the good in the world. Swoon

        I have a question though…What kind of car would Logan drive? I wondering in their neighborhood what the trend would be for teenage boys. We know Phil was all about safety…

          • Hi Laura…Okay Phil just pulled a play from my daddy’s book….He always use to say “You think you’re goIng to drive a newer or better car than me?” Lol….?

            The SUV was a Mercedes so I think he will still look fly!

            Glad you are feeling better doll….

  10. Tracie, I agree about the Lina/Nick connection in Locked In. don’t know why- I thought that story was great, sweet. I felt angst that there was more to his story, so anticlimactic in that way, when there wasn’t, but then I was awww, he’s too fucking sweet- he just misses his girl.

    I’ll check out the bully romance. I recommended Untouchable to my SIL just a few days ago, and she told me I’m seriously messed up to like it. She didn’t get past the sample. Oops. I thought that kid was a sweet rapist. ? She’s probably wondering what I’m up to with her brother in the bedroom now. ??‍♀️

    I’m finishing up The Stopover by TLSwan. I really like it. I’ve never been interested in a ménage but I might volunteer for one with the Miles brothers.

    • Katie I LOVED ‘Untouchable’…I had to read it twice..once you get past the questionable beginning the story gets really good!

  11. Hi girls…Did any of you watch the new show Bluff City Law? Its about a high powered lawyer that cheated on his wife. She died and his daughter is also a brilliant lawyer that resented her dad for cheating on her mom and after hers mom’s death, her dad convinced her to come back to his law firm. The preview for tonight showed the young male paralegal in the office coming into the fathers office, and he says DAD what time are you leaving today…The daughter he didn’t see setting on the couch…”Says what did he call you?” The lawyer and his wife were still very much in love and stayed married after his affair….So this episode should be good tonight!

    • just watched a trailer. Is Jimmy Smits the cheating dad?

      I read the OW series. It was OK. It became a love triangle and all with HEA. so thats good.

      • Yes Jimmy is the cheating dad. Last night the son came into his sisters office and asked if he should quit the firm. His rationale was that she was important at what she did at the law firm and he really wasn’t….it was an awww moment. She told him not to quit. Jimmy clasped his shoulders when he asked his dad the same question, and Jimmy told him that he loved him and no he didn’t want him to quit. He told him that his sister would come around. He and his wife had known about the boy for 18 months. The daughter was more upset that her mother didn’t tell her before she died. However, Jimmy explained to the daughter that the mother wanted to bridge the gap between him and his daughter before they told her.

  12. Hello ladies!!
    I just started rrading a book called The Other Woman by Emma Evans (KU)…it’s the first of a 4 book series…the H is married and the h is about to become the OW…(I’m on chapter 4).. while reading it I immediately thought of Katie, becaue Katie you once said you like to read the OW’s perspective (so far she doesn’t seem like a bad sort, I think she’s going to come out sympathetic)…this series has 4 books, and I know the same author wrote a two book (?) series called “Not Mine” (as in, the H is married and “not hers” but I think the h goes for him anyway)…if I like this series then I’ll probably read that one as well..

    Whatcha all reading??

    • These sound intriguing. I’ll try them too.
      I just read Locked In by Anna Chastain. I really liked it. What they were experiencing about each other was so normal. It was nice to see an H not full-on cheat. I liked him- even though he was a little needy and an idiot. ?
      I’m going to read Locked Out about the brother now.
      And then The Stayover (I think that’s the title) by TL Swan. That appears to be an older man trope. Woot!

      • Oh Katie I read both Locked In and locked Out – really enjoyed them both! I was a bit confused in Locked In at first because when the H told the h he was leaving, I figured he was having a full on major affair, but then it was a bit anti climatic after that haha, but yeah I’m glad he didn’t full on cheat, I would’ve hated him then…I loved loved loved the brother in the second book…sigh…awesome book boyfriend!

        • wait!! I think wre might be talking about different books?? I’m talking about Locked In by Anna Chastain…

          • Ok now I just confused myself – yes Katie we’re both talking about Anna C, but when I saw Tara’s reply I thought you were discussing TL Swan…okeee now Miri needs to learn to read more slowly and thoroughly lol

          • I’ve read both Locked In and Out. Enjoyed them both….Locked In…it didn’t take the H long to know he had screwed up and wanted back in the pack. He didn’t take it to far, but I do compare what he did with Joanna, to what Lina did with Nick. Discussing her marriage, etc….Emotional hurts too!

      • Update on the Other Woman series..it was just ok, but not awful…set in the UK, the h is the other woman so she’s made kind of sweet and bambi-like (oh please, no OW on earth is sweet and bambi-like)..the wife is portrayed as the violent shrew…I didn’t take the books too seriously but I think a glimpse into the wife’s perspective would’ve made the books more realistic and added depth…

      • Katie I just read another one of those deep dark HS bully romances. It was called Cruel Boy by Clarissa Wild. It was a bit intense but I liked it.

        • This book is all over goodreads. Good to know you liked it Tracie. I will check it out. I DL’d sample of TL Swan but couldn’t get into it. I’ll check Cruel Boy out. I do like obsessive heroes and love OW as we all do here.

          I thought Locked in was a whole lot of nothing. lol-Agree with Miri. All this over a kiss? I guess it just boils down to which is worse in people’s minds. Emotional cheat vs. Physical. That gonad missing Italian guido should have gotten the boot. haha.

          • Lol Janet
            I don’t think the issue was the kiss. I think it was getting close to another woman, and then lying for attention. Maybe that’s what I liked- He shut that shit down before anything happened. I didn’t think it was much of a cheating story- more of a getting a marriage back on track story.

            Now, the Italian. His emotional affair was worse than the physical cheating. IMO. I think he came back around. Seriously though, all I keep thinking about is how the wife smelled his garlic breath. What a turnoff.

          • You are right K! Also, Im confused why every other cheating hero is named Nick. I thought you guys were talking about the other one. I just re read all your comments.

            I recommend Mia Sheridan’s Where the Blame Lies for a change of pace. It was dark and good! Tara liked it as well.

          • I found Locked In to be an okay read, and loved Locked Out soooo much more.

            Definitely true Where the Blame Lies! Very untypical for me, definitely dark.

          • Tara, I swear you liked it more because the brother was in the military. LOL. I will go read that again.

          • I actually like that after the ONS, it’s a slow burn story. I like Holly and Dean, I like that they fall in love gradually and it never feels forced.

  13. Hi ladies!
    Laura your new book sounds fab!! I cannot wait to read it!! I always want to read more Hunters but a new book with new characters is super exciting to look forward to!
    Tracie I love single dad romances also!
    Janet you made me laugh so hard in the last thread – they definitely danced to some Michael Bolton ??? I can so see that!! Like at a random school dance or something loll
    Laura and Tracie congrats on all the happy occasions ?❤️? hope everyone is headed into a wonderful weekend!! ???

    • Miri, remember they danced to When a Man Loves A Woman in the beginning of SN at Dianes House? And I swear Adele sent Alanis M song to Lina in my head. It is such angry FU song. I love it so much. Haha.

      • Janet I don’t recall that detail – yuck, Michael Bolton?? (sorry if I’m offending any fans of his) lol…but see? They’re an old school couple…if they didn’t meet in the 80’s then it was the early 90’s at the latest…a year or two before grunge came along..

          • Laura put the Michael Bolton version in for me….In the original blog, I told her that my husband and I danced in the headlights of his truck to that version of When a Man Loves a Woman and she remembered…Love me some Laura….

  14. Hi Laura,

    I reallh like Shiloh, especiay after reading the flashback scene you posted. Can you give us some new tidbits about her? Like, how she is doing, if she is finally able to love herself and leave her trash husband, if she has a big goal in life. I always love reading stories about women overcoming their tragic past and thrive in life. Thanks Laura!

  15. Hi Laura….weddings are exciting but so tiring….I’m glad you are writing!!! Is the new novel one of the five that Jordan wanted finished? We have learned that cheating doesn’t mean forgetting…Our Hunter’s will never be far from out minds, no matter we are reading.

  16. Hi Everyone!

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch. We have a wedding in the family this weekend, and things have been crazy the last two weeks. Also, I’ve been cheating on the Hunters (I’m working on a new novel). I promise is a promise, so I will have a new scene out next week.

    I’m sure I missed some questions, but as far as the music is concerned — I don’t think Lina let herself dwell on her misery in music.

    • Wedding in the family is super exciting!! Is it one of your nieces?

      I attended a funeral couple days ago. A dad friend had a heart attack and dropped dead. He seemed fit too. I couldn’t believe it because I had spoken to him couple weeks prior and he told me about his month long trip to Prague. Then bam, days later he’s gone. It’s devastating bc their son is changed forever. I think I entered a new phase in my life now.

      Anyway, I’m happy to hear you are writing again. Looking forward to the Nirvana listening surgeon. That’s hot! LOL

      • Yes, one of my nieces is getting married. All the family in converging is Maryland. It should be a fun weekend!

        How old was the man? It’s sad. Two of Jordan’s friends from high school have lost their fathers in the past year — they were in their 50s. It’s so sad.

        • I love big family gatherings! It really is one of the best things in life. Please let us know if you have a nick sighting. Fingers crossed. Lol.

          He was in his 50s. Awful.

          • I hate these stories. Ugh. That’s just way too young.
            I love weddings…none on the horizon in my circles, but I’m sure pretty soon the divorces and second marriages will start. ???‍♀️

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