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172 Comments on “A White Picket Fence / Swimming Naked Discussion

  1. Girls how about the Farside scene being when Lina texts Phil about the dance pictures…He can be having a lonely time and Kim calls trying to get him to stay for dinner on Saturday when he comes to visit Liam….Then he dwells on how much he misses dinner with his family and misses his wife. Goes over his mistakes with Kim and how none of it was worth it…..Then BAM Lina texts him about the dance and he texts back “with you?” His thoughts are baby please say yes! The thought of Lina’s lips on his at the Lacroase field still fresh on his mind…..Then when she says yes….What were his thoughts I have an in now???? I bet he did a happy dance…I would also like to know his thoughts when Lina let him rub her arms and lower back at the pre-dance gathering….Then his thoughts at the dinner when he was trying to beg her back! Loved it….

    • Do you think he will have dinner there for Liam’s sake? Maybe right? It wasn’t until Lina put her foot down that Phil left Kim’s condo to have his time with Liam. I wonder why he didn’t take the baby to Farside.
      Maybe he can have your soul music on loud when Lina calls and she can ask him what’s that noise- are you dancing? Lol

      • No Phil wouldn’t have dinner with Kim, plus Liam was a newborn to 4 months while they were separated, so he wouldn’t know Phil was there for dinner…But I wonder what Kim did try from Dec to April until Phil and Lina got back together. Also, how did Kim know Phil and Lina separated? I wonder if he tore her butt up over those pictures and let her know she had destroyed his life?

  2. I’m writing this up here so Miri can find it.
    Miri, you’re a sweetheart. I’m not trying to tell people (or you) how to rate books, although it does sound like that ?. I just don’t think readers realize the impact their ratings have on new authors. And it’s especially heartbreaking when the author is so obviously talented.
    I don’t know if this happens to other authors, but Laura has had so many people rate WPF/SN low but then stalk her here or email her asking about her next books. That doesn’t make any sense! That means she’s a 5-star writer! But it’s those low ratings that have halted her success and taken away her motivation to continue in this business.
    I guess I just wish people would separate themselves from the stories and their opinions on the content and outcome and give talented authors the respect they deserve. There is so much trash out there that truly deserves the criticism.
    Anyway, I’m starting to rant again.
    ???? to everyone!

    • Katie that’s so true!! The first time I read WPF (before I ever emailed Laura on GR it found this blog), I wanted to punch Phil in the nose! I was so mad at him and I knew that if an author can actually tap into my emotions to that extent, clearly this is no ordinary writer; I was mad at Phil the character, not Laura the writer lol…
      I usually try to rate books positively, but so much of the time it’s just done on a whim, you know? Like, what side of the bed I woke up on that morning, the alignment of the stars, where I’m at in my monthly cycle ?? it’s so subjective…but it’s true, we have a ton of influence (for better or worse) and there’s responsibility in that…as the venerable (super)hero Spider-Man can attest, With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity lol!

  3. Hi girls — my sister is visiting from California for the weekend, so I probably won’t have this scene finished until late tomorrow — it’s 75 percent complete. It’s a positive scene — Liam may be a little cranky at times and Megan may be a tad selfish – nothing out of the ordinary.
    A Farside flashback will be easy to construct — that will be next!

    • I love family time! Enjoy your weekend!

      You made my day and I’m sure Bee’s and Miri’s as well about Farside scene!! Please add Kim in that scene please. Bahahaha

        • Hi Miri! Yess! CanNot wait. Tracie loves her family scenes. We like seeing sad Phil. Lol. I have the whole scene in my mind already even with a song. What do you think of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol playing in the back ground? Phil can’t even swallow the eggs he cooked for himself(that would be measly 2 scrambled for dinner) thinking about Lina. Bahaha

          • Scrambled eggs Bahahaha…I’m surprised you girls didn’t add a dash of arsenic….LOL.. Love my Phil?

          • I know!! Tracie loves Family Man Phil and we love Sad Phil, Jealous Phil, and Grovelling Phil ? what does say about our psyches?? Lolll

            Janet I’m going to assume that your Venus is in Scorpio, like mine lol…actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Tracie’s is also…Venus in Scorpio makes a mean woman scorned (us), but at the same time is achingly loyal (Tracie)…(we want to smack Phil while Tracie wants to give him a hug and a shoulder to cry on lol!)

          • And yeah Janet, he probably opened a can of tuna for dinner many a night to go with his burnt scrambled eggs (hehehe..serves you right Phil!!!)

          • Tracie what song are you thinking for this scene?? Must’ve been love by Roxette? (Remember they used it in Pretty Woman when Julia was leaving him?)

          • No arsenic bc we do believe in their HEA. I don’t want Phil dead. No way. But eating tuna out of a can or eating boiled eggs with water(forgot to buy beverages bc guess what, Lina isn’t stocking your fridge and the housekeeper forgot to)are fine. Can he please accept a call from Kim just so we can read Phil chewing her out? I can read these scenes forever!

          • I’m thinking for the song….Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone by Bill Withers….

            Girls I also like steamy scenes….

            I tell you another good scene where my Logan would get the spotlight and I could see Phil lavish my Logan with praise….Is if Logan came home from Lacrosse practice and got a starting position….Oh yeah!

          • Tracie yes! That’s a great song for his lonely Farside scene!!

            And Janet I would loooove to see Phil chew Kim out! Haha!! Like she’ll text him and then call him cause he wont reply, with some flimsy excuse for calling, and he’ll be like leave me alone you crazy lady!!

          • I just looked up that song Tracie. I remember it! Good choice. I’m like Snow Patrol and you picked Soul music. Lol. I like it! Tomorrow is our annual block party. I will have my ears open for the shady filming in our hood.

            Miri, we mentioned tuna specifically with Phil’s name. Bahaha. And yes, kim, please text Phil first then follow up with a call so we can have Phil barking at you. ?

  4. I think Laura will publish again ?. But I think this is important to know. Laura went from selling hundreds of books a day (for months) with Sense to 10% of that in one day with a single 1-star review. Fast forward to WPF and SN, and the 3 and under reviews stopped things before they even got started. The tragedy is that the reviews focus on asshole Phil or doormat Lina (not my words), not the writing or author talent. They provide no constructive criticism. Established authors can withstand low reviews. Small-time, indie authors cannot. Amazon’s algorithm is sensitive to low star reviews (it takes 100 5-star reviews to compensate for one 1-star review). And, in general, readers will pass over a book with too many low stars, especially from an unknown author. People are absolutely entitled to review books as they please, but, if you want an author to keep writing, 3 star and under reviews won’t help him or her do it. I didn’t know this before Laura, but I’m extremely sensitive to it now. The book world has certainly lost a great one (only for now, hopefully).

    • Katie, thanks for letting us know! I totally agree with you. I don’t understand the low ratings either simply because Phil is a polarizing character. I didn’t like the outcome of WPF but still gave 5 stars simply because I couldn’t stop reading till the last word. Whenever a book has that kind of power over a reader, it is not a low star rating. If the book makes you think, when the characters become alive to the reader, and when you have a book hangover for weeks or even months, how can you rationalize a low rating? This means the writer did something right and to me it is a precious gift.

      I’m still sad Laura. wahhh. I will bother you until you write a new novel(or just finish the rest of the 5 you already started). I’m leaving you alone(this is me leaving you alone) for now because you are super busy with your new work.

      • But she is writing a new scene, so we still get to enjoy her writing….Sooooo Janet I have to ask?

        Laura…what is the family mood with this scene….Happy, sad, working through an issue, Megan having a meltdown??? Can’t wait!

        • Oh sorry I meant character come alive. You know what I mean.
          True Tracie! Yes, the mood! Who is Liam’s favorite this month?

          • Haha. Poor Phil.

            Also, if we are voting, I would love a scene with Phil living by himself in Farside as Bee mentioned. Lonelier the better, imagining Lina is with Nick and only Kim texting him constantly.

          • In Phil’s own words..”You don’t think I’ve suffered consequences?” He said in the one scene that he never got use to being alone while he lived in the Farside House. I can just imagine him setting there alone, while his family is home having dinner and Matt and Logan’s friends are all over living the good life…

    • Sorry girls- this sounded a lot more ranty/whiney than I intended when I came back to it tonight. It just pisses me off, these people asking about Laura’s next book (many email her as well), and they don’t even support her in the easiest way. She’s not abandoning the blog- she’s still going to write scenes for us here. ?

      • Hey, I’m still up shopping online. Would I know these people who are asking? Not that witch Elizabeth we fought with? Veronica? I’m with you girl. What nerve.

        • That would totally be believable Tracie! If Kim is alone she will approach Phil. If she’s with her new lover then maybe no? I don’t think she would want the guy to know she palmed her son off to another woman. Phil would apologize for picking a restaurant where Kim is eating and try to leave. Phil basically has to apologize to Lina every time that woman’s name’s mentioned.

      • I think it’s pure jealousy….They don’t have her talents, so they try and diminish hers.

        Here’s another idea for a steamy angst scene…Phil and Lina’s business trips overlap, she arrives in NY on a Wednesday…..They are eating dinner and the associate of Kim’s in the pub picture shows up and asks about Kim or Kim crosses paths with them. Do you think she would approach them as ask about Liam?

    • Wow Katie, I had no idea!! (About Laura’s ratings and how they affect sales, etc)…

      Yesterday I just gave a one star review for the book Heartless (remember that one? The senator from Colorado?)…I finally finished it and was so freakin mad that I gave it a one star…I will go back and change it because I dont want to hurt the author, I just reeeeeaaally hated the H and h ….

      That’s really too bad about Laura’s reviews, because as much as I LOVED sense of belonging, it was Lina/Phil’s story that really actually made me think and consider things more deeply with regard to marriage/relationships…and books are supposed to help you do that, look at things from different perspectives and such…

      I would be so so disappointed if Laura didn’t publish a gain (I can’t even imagine it, she has such a strong voice)…She might have to write more “fan friendly” books (like sense of belonging) in order to stay lucrative/please the majority, but it’s her more “difficult” books that really make an impact (for me at least)

      Either way Laura Please please please always keep writing!! We love your voice!! ❤️❤️❤️ We love and support you!!

  5. Laura – I’m also sorry to hear that. I don’t really read reviews – normally just look for people posting spoilers so i can see what the book is more less about if im unsure i want that book. People have become so cruel and heartless over the internet.

    I know the infidelity is a touchy subject but comparing your books to other infidelity books, yours definitely comes up one of my favourites. I know i have a love / hate relationship regarding Phil but only because he feels so real to me. I want more. Thanks for taking your time to post extra scenes for us. I really appreciate it.

  6. Laura I have a question about WPF, we know before the Christmas scene Phil was sad and not eating, lost weight, etc. After he knew Lina hadn’t slept with Nick the three months after Christmas was he in the same mental and physical shape prior to their reconciliation or did he start to come out of his sadness because he had hope of getting Lina back?

    • I think he knew after Christmas that she would eventually come around. As a result, he probably wasn’t quite as upset in the ensuing months. He was just biding his time

    • I just saw this! That makes me so sad too. You were doing this for yourself and certainly don’t need people attacking you for characters that aren’t even real. I agree-you need a thick thick skin for this business. Omg, I’m so sad right now but I support you and we are here for you 1000000%. We can come up with Phil and Lina questions everyday until if and when you are ready to tackle Logan, Liam for WPF3!!

      So it was Cyndi and Angela who asked about you and another two big readers are Nikki and Cc. They love your writing.

    • I’d love a scene where Phil at home alone at Farside house. Even include Megan noticing Phil looking sad. Remember she asked Lina to take Phil back because she’s never seen him look so sad.

  7. Laura, do you remember Angela from goodreads? I know fans email and interact with you on FB but she commented on a random book review asking if you are still writing. She says please don’t stop writing-she now appreciates Phil a lot more! We are all here waiting for you (impatiently) when you are ready for the next chapter of the Hunters….Actually few others have DMed me asking if you are still writing. I always say yes to all of my 5 GR friends and let them know when you post scenes. Bahaha.

    • Your five friends- that made me LOL. I’m back to the present with the Hunters. I’m working on a scene with the whole family – even Megan ?

      • The truth is I don’t know if I’ll ever publish a book again. I wrote because I loved to write and decided to share it. I wasn’t prepared for all the negativity the books generated. My skin isn’t thick enough for some of the scathing reviews. It took the fun out of something that to that point only brought me pleasure. I’d rather just write for myself and people that I know will enjoy it.

        • Laura–I certainly understand not having a thick enough skin for the more scathing reviews, but please know their just opinions–not every reader can separate what’s written from the writer, but I believe most people can.

          It makes me sad that you may not publish again, no matter how much we pull apart your stories, please always know it’s out of love for amazing characters and storytelling!

          I’m thrilled to hear you’re working on a family scene!

          • That’s makes me sad, but I love that you will write for people that love your writing because that includes me…..

          • I’m certainly not referring to you are any of my other friends on this blog. I love our discussions. You girls made SN a better book than it would have been without your feedback. I’m talking about the 1 and 2 and 3 star reviews with the angry rants. I just don’t feel like putting myself out there for that. This is a hobby and a passion – I’m certainly not writing for money. If I was, I would just have to deal with it.

        • Laura I thank you for writing AWPF and SN. They will go into my favorite category. I have loved reading Phil and Lina’s story.

          • Thanks girls! I know you liked the stories. And that does make me very happy. I’m not sure why the negative hits harder. I appreciate all of you though

          • Laura, can you not read the reviews?? I swear the haters will rip apart Shakespeare just because they can. They are ridiculous!

          • Thank you Laura for writing for us. It never occurred to me that people could get so harsh about a book. We certainly appreciate your time on this blog.

        • Laura there is something magnetic in your writing ..it strongly attracts the readers …it is really a rare gift..please don’t stop writing laura..You can impact us with your writing style it is that powerful..please continue writing and publishing..

        • Laura,
          Please, please, please (I’m on my knees here) write and publish another book or books!!! I love every book that you have written..
          I also LOVE reading about the continuation of the Hunter family that you keep unfolding for your readers to read, to me waiting for that next chapter on the Hunter family, the best way to describe it, it’s like a drug addict’s waiting for their next fix..I mean, I love your writing and the Hunter family that much..
          To me, your writing haves this 3D affect on your readers, your characters in each book they comes alive right there in front you as I’m reading, and even after I have finished one of your books the characters are they’re still linger around just like that the scent from a rose garden as you passing right through it..

          • Deloris — thank you for the kind words. I’m not sure what the future will hold, but I’ll never stop writing. It’s part of who I am. And when I finish a novel I will let everyone on this blog know. At a minimum, I will make it available to readers like you ?

        • I would like to know where the best places are to rate your books a 5 star all the way everyone of them . Especially wpf and s n. I can’t stop reading them!!!. Please don’t stop writing. You are the best

      • Oh my gosh I love the present scenes so much, but then I love all the scenes…Oh well I’m giddy now, can’t wait to read it….

      • I may be the only one but Megan makes me laugh. I like her- she’s a preener! I can’t wait for the scene!

        • I know J-Girl I’ve been happy dancing around here since I read Laura’s comment on the new scene. My husband said if I knew being you a piece of your favorite pecan pie from the cafe, I’d do it more often. He even drew a happy face on the styrofoam container….I said I appreciate the pie babe, but that’s not what’s got my spirit running high! Laura is writing a new Hunter scene!! He said so you’re telling me my pie rates second to Laura’s scene? I said Well Hell Yes!

  8. Have any of you read The Wife series by ML Roberts?

    Janet, The Arrangement is just OK I think. I finished 25% last night and don’t feel like picking it back up today. That’s never a good sign.

    • Hi Katie, I’m 6th in line now so I guess I will soon find out. Is the husband smarmy? If so, I will cancel my hold. I’ll check out the wife series now. I’ve never heard of this author.

      • So far he’s a nice guy. He just comes off as old compared to the h (and not in a hot way I usually like). I think it’s his description of having thick silver hair that made me think of Anderson Cooper, and then I started to lose interest.

  9. And then they were both crying as Adele cradled Lina in her arms. I adore Adele’s love for Lina. That scene said it all. She came as soon as Lina called. Then she listened to Lina and gave her comfort. Then at last she text Phil for ice cream. The text was great. Every girl needs a big sister like Adele. I am reading A White Picket Fence for the 3rd time.

    • Murlene I have read WPF once since SN came out and it was hard for me to read Phil’s downfall and Lina’s hurt. Now SN with healing and redemption, I could probably stand in front of a room and say Chapter 1 with my audience thinking I was a human audio book. Love Love Love it…..

    • Marlene,

      I love Adele too. Loving, supporting, strong but tough when needed. I know it would have changed the dynamic of the book, but when Lina gets the pictures and goes to Nick, my brain was screaming *abort* *abort* go to Adele not Nick, don’t make the situation worse, go to Adele…

  10. Laura – if you ever do visit SA then you must visit Impala Game reserve and stay in one of those built tented camp. The tent not fenced off, so you’ll need to be careful of the wild animals (they have the big 5) but its amazing. You braai/Bbq at night time and have to gaurd you from the hyenas. They are guaranteed to be there waiting to get a gap to steal the meat. You see their eyes glowing in the dark just a few feet away. http://www.mpilacamp.co.za/

    Nambiti Game reserve also nice. I’ve seen some amazing sightings at this game reserve. I normally go there once a year with my work team and supplier but we stay at a fancy lodge. I must admit, i still prefer roughing it in one of those tented camp.

    Cape Town a must. I love it there. Wouldn’t mind living there. You can go hike up Table Mountain and then you can paraglide off Table Mountain. I did a sky dive and had an amazing view of Table Mountain and Robben Island.

    I still need to tick off swimming with sharks and cage diving with crocodiles. Done a few extreme things.

      • Bee you got nerves of steel sister…The only thing I’m going to glide off of is the side of my bed…Extreme isn’t for me, my husband is just like you though. He once suicide jumped of a 10 story hotel in Atlanta during a SRT competition with nothing but a repel rope and relied on another guy to stop him before his face hit the pavement…I don’t like the feeling of being dropped, so that just isn’t for me…Lol

        • Tracie – ya, not sure I’d do what your hubby did. I zipped line through a forest from tree to tree and had to rely on these men to stop me at each tree before i landed face first. It was nerve wrecking. Most of them were smaller built than me and i had to trust. So doing what your hubby did…not sure.

      • I’m the only one in my family that’s into the adrenaline rush. So i don’t tell them what I’m doing till after the event.

        I get moaned at everytime i enter Midmar Mile Swimming event – biggest open water swimming event. There’s been a few drownings and one guy happened to be in the exact same race as me on the day. Every year i get moaned at from my ma and aunt. I’ve completed 6 and been seeded in the second fastest group and they still don’t trust me to finish the race alive. No trust :p

        Only been male drownings. I told them numerous times its the males that are weak and need to worry about them, not me.

        Mothers! 😛

        • I was thinking it’s like glamping. My son works at a local campground/resort… they rent cabins and have RV hookups but the don’t offer the glamping experience.

    • Omg! BBQ but watch out for hyenas. I think you all are crazy.

      Tracie, your husband needs a novel of his own. Unbelievable!

      • Janet – hyenas remind me of stray cats – very skittish. Soon as you step towards them they quickly move away but they still hang around and watch you. I was nervous when i first saw these glowing eyes looking at me.

        I’m scared of elephants. I clench my ass when the game driver drives right next to them. There’s no escaping them if they get angry. Once there was an elephant walking along the road and we had to slowly reverse car for almost a km. Can’t spook them. Need to pay close attention to the warning signs when you near an elephant. Only seen one elephant that gave us a pissed off stare and flapping of the ears.

  11. Okay…Since I’m looking out for Logan, Phil would know if someone hurt him???? Right Laura….same connection and all, I’m just saying!

    • That’s a great question Tracie! You’re right, he has that connection with Lina and Liam and knows when they’re in danger/hurt…Laura over the years did Phil ever experience that kind of connection with Logan and the girls? Did he ever ‘know’ they needed him in a certain situation?

  12. Every time I start reading where Diane makes Lina doubt about Phil having an affair, it makes me wish Kim had an affair with Wayne. That way Diane would know what Lina is going through. I found Diane very frustrating.

    • Murlene I remember at one point after Lina kicked Phil out Diane told her (Lina) that she looked terrible – how could Lina stand being friends with her?! Ugh…Lina was way too patient with Diane’s meddling and negativity…Diane meant well but her delivery was horrible

      Just started a new one, Winter Awakening, by Vivian Slate..only a few pages in but so far so good…it’s about a woman who meets a man at a hardware store (he’s taken) and she decides to pursue him anyway…it’s on KU so no buyers remorse if it turns out to be bad lol (but I like it so far)…

      Night ladies! 🙂

      • Oooh thanks Miri. Is this better than Tarryn Fisher’s Bad Mommy? Let us know.

        Regarding Diane- that made me lol. Wayne wishes he had an affair with Kim. LOL. I think of Diane as one of those aunts everyone has. She means well and has Linas best interests at heart but she’s one of those people who adheres to the belief, see no evil, hear no evil. From little we know of her, if Wayne ever cheated on Diane, I think she would forgive him or look the other way. She annoyed me too but she must have believed Phil really loved her. I can totally see my mother in law saying this crap. So annoying!

        • Abort! abort!! The book was completely ridiculous and dumb…I retract my recommendation lol…the first few pages were fine but then the characters went straight into stupid-land and never re-emerged ?‍♀️ Lol

          Sigh..onto the next one

          • And bleh, Diane and Megan should be related, not Lina and Megan..I can totally see Megan being Diane’s daughter ? they’re both so annoying

        • Janet and Miri, I agree Diane is a pain in the ass, she doesn’t commiserate, she just wants it to go away, so things get back to normal, what real friend lets him stay at her house once he’s been thrown out??

          Even after her meltdown after meeting Kim, Megan is annoying!

    • “it makes me wish Kim had an affair with Wayne.”- i laughed so hard..

      But I don’t understand why she urged them so much to patch up?
      Was she afraid of something relating to her and Wayne’s relation?

    • Hi Murlene,
      I hear you on Diane. She irritated the crap out me. I think Diane reminds me of my mom’s generation a little bit as in men will be men. But I think she knew both Lina and Phil well and believed that both at their core were good people. She loved them and hated the idea of a 3rd party breaking them up. But Kim did not promise fidelity to Lina, Phil did and he was the one responsible for any breakup. If I was in Lina’s shoes, I don’t think I could have handled Diane at all. Can a girl cry, be angry, be pissed off, be hurt, be shocked, after finding out her spouse of 2 decades cheated on her? Diane just wanted it swept under the rug.

  13. Janet, I decided to buy The Arrangement, Robyn Harding.
    Funny, the convo about pocket knives.
    My husband carries a knife in his car. He would also carry a gun if he could get a concealed weapons permit. He’s one step below a doomsday prepper (kidding, sort of).
    Military, fire, police, etc. people are usually prepared for anything.

    • I can see that about your husband.

      I am waiting for the arrangement from the library. 8th in line now. Let us know if it’s worth reading.

    • Pocket knives used to be very popular, even my ma had one. Knowing me, I’ll land up slicing my hand trying to open / close it. I’ll stick to scissors. Have a small scissors i carry most of the time in my bag.

      My dad has a gun. My mother carries pepper spray. I used to do Krav Maga before my shoulder accident, so i know a thing or two…i hope :p

      Katie – this guy at my work carries a bat, hammer, ropes and no doubt a knife in his car. I know he owns a gun. I should carry a weapon in my car. Luckily my car not a high risk car – criminals like 4×4 or small zippy cars like a Polo.

  14. Laura why did you let Phill have psychic powers? I wanted to know how did you get that idea..i feel even alice has that psychic power..will liam inherit it ?

    • Interesting question. I wanted to show his strong connection to Lina. He didn’t have it in every day life, just with Lina. How did I get the idea? My mom and grandmother were into all of that, very much like Alice. Personally, I’ve experienced unexplainable connections a few times in my life. And no, I don’t think Liam will have it.

      • In SN he felt it towards liam also no?he sensed something was wrong when kim left liam also and went for vacation during Christmas..it’s kinda cool laura ..too experience such supernatural things..it’s like some kind of telepathy..

        • Yes, he did feel it toward Liam. I’ve felt that connection with a few people in my life. My daughter, my father and and my ex

          • I think Phil would feel that for all his children. He said on more than one occasion in SN, that he felt the same connection with Liam that he felt for all his children….He’s in tune with his family…..

          • Couldn’t it be like sixth sense, gut instinct, or mother’s instinct/intuition? We all have it.

          • It’s different. It’s almost like hearing them call for you. I know I sound crazy, but I’ve experienced it. And each time something serious was happening. My dad was ill and had been rushed to a hospital — I sat up in bed and knew something was wrong. Stuff like that.

          • Yes I totally get it. My mom has that. When my brother was involved in a huge car accident in New Mexico my mom woke up middle of the night and knew something bad happened. At the time, I was studying in Italy, my sister was in London and my brother was traveling during spring break. She called all of us and when he didn’t answer she just knew. My brother was thrown out of his Jeep and his face was shattered along with many broken bones in his body. He had to be air lifted to the nearest hospital in Santa Fe, then was helicoptered a few days later to ICU at UCLA. And get this , when my parents flew out to god knows where in Santa Fe, a cop cited my dad for speeding even though he told the officer my bro was in a coma. Omg. My mom also knew the exact moment when I miscarried the first time. I didn’t tell her but she called me within a few min because of her feeling. There are other examples but I understand the inexplicable connection Phil has with Lina and you with your family.

          • Oh my gosh — yes, Janet — that’s what I’m talking about. It’s a step further than six sense. It’s something that can’t be explained. I never had it with my mom, which is odd because I spent a lot more time with her than my father. I’ve always had an uncanny connection to my dad. It goes both ways. One of my sisters also has it with me, but I don’t have it back. I have experienced with Jordan too.

          • Yes, and I don’t have it back with my family but my sister has it with my mom too. Not all the time but I can remember couple major incidents when my sister felt it. So bizarre!

          • I haven’t experienced this.
            The closest thing I’ve had is that I can feel my husband calling me before the phone rings. This happens a lot.

            Janet, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had miscarriages. I have a friend who had 8 losses between her first and second child, and I really think a part of her died with each one. So ?? to you.

          • Oh I’m totally fine with what happened. It is what it is and I now have two relatively happy, healthy kids so I should thank God more often!

            I’ve never experienced anything like this but many Asians believe in connections like Laura and my mom have. We don’t question it or dismiss it. We listen!

          • I’m an Asian that but I haven’t experienced something like that ..it is a wonderful gift my father experienced it while my elder brother died of cardiac arrest when he was far away..my father’s mom is like alice actually,so much into astrology,we follow moon calender instead of Sun’s here in India.

          • Wow Hinata. Other than Phil, I’ve never heard of a man experiencing something like this. I’m sorry. That’s Horrible about your brother. What does your grandma use the astrology for? To predict the future? She makes charts like Alice?
            I guess the connection is a gift rather than a curse since Phil found Lina in the hot tub.

          • Gift in the sense … It’s something inhuman …i should have broken that sentence actually after gift and should have told about my father in a new para

            My grandma could predict a person’s future by looking at the birth chart
            she learnt it from my grandpa
            They both are no more

  15. I have a Jack and Jill series question by Jewel E Ann. Does Jessica have 2 loves?
    I think Bee said it was one of her favorites?

    • Janet – yes, but not a cheating book. There’s a reason behind it. I enjoyed it a lot, it has a mixture of everything – laugh out loud moment, age gap romance, crying moments, fustration, action pack, tough female and more.

    • Hi Janet, I’m well. I’ve just been busy with work. I haven’t read a romance that I could get into in so long. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve been reading memoirs for a change. The Education is really interesting.

      Liam isn’t completely formed in my head yet. He would have to have something from Kim — shrewdness maybe. I have no idea what kind of influence Alice would be on him with her rule-free existence. I am sure he will be a heart breaker.

      • Hi Laura missed you…I hope Liam as an adult is close to Logan. I want all three Hunter men to have a close bond……..You’re getting busy with work and my workload is decreasing as I transition into retirement…It is so surreal to think I won’t have to set the alarm anymore for 0430….Can’t wait!

        • I can’t believe it! Laura went back to work, you are about to retire, and Tara’s son is in college. And my kids will take the SATs in December.
          My daughter asked me today how long we’ve been posting on the blog because the average blog lasts for 120 days. Haha. I don’t know where she got this calculation but I thought it was funny.

          • Oh my goodness — everyone is changing. I have a hard time with change! SATs wow. And the one nice thing about them going away to college is you stop worrying when they are out — I did at least. I just assumed she was home and in bed (alone) by 10 pm every night. I never tracked her phone because I didn’t want to obsess about where she was.

          • OMG. Bed alone. I can see myself tracking. Shit!

            I have to move where they go. I can’t be without my daughter. We are codependent.
            I better teach them how to boil water. Waaaahhh

      • Congrats Tracie! What will you do with yourself?
        Janet, SATs…God, that doesn’t feel like it was 20 years ago. Are they taking SAT prep courses?
        I would tell you to tell them not to stress about SATs or college admissions, but I know I stressed. Any ambitious kid does.

        • Katie, what are you reading now? I was not happy with Penelope Wards book. Should we try Miri’s Rec that Tara read?

          Re SAT. It’s just to see what it’s like. They are still 14 but took boot camp over the summer and the instructor said to try.

        • Whatever I want Kbabe…I’ve always been on a schedule…can’t wait to do my own thing, whatever that may be…Lol

    • Janet you will think this is funny but Adele Jr has a pocket knife on her at all times, even while wearing professional wear…..

      • LOL! Ok, then all I can say is we must have a bunch of pansies in Los Angeles bc my husband doesn’t even carry car keys if I’m with him.

        I think Liam should be a intl spy. I can see this.

        • I hope he is something rugged. I want Logan to be the suit. What if he’s a single dad? College condom failure, mother bails????

          • Omg imagine! I’m thinking more like Logan will fall for a blonde with green eyes. And if there’s a condom failure it’s triple whammy. I can see him in a suit too Tracie! He will be one hot architect!
            Also, what if Liam is borderline sociopath??!! There’s an upcoming Lisa Kleypas novel where the hero is exactly this and I thought Laura can write this character so well.

          • Oh my gosh I love you girls…that made me LOL…..I will always look out for my Logan…please no blondes for the Hunter men…..

  16. Hi Everyone!

    Phil is not passive aggressive. He may be a rockhead at times, but he is a direct person.

    I think Liam will be a lot like Phil. He isn’t going to be someone people make fun of or look down at. He will have his father’s presence. He won’t really care what people say about him and I doubt anyone would have the nerve to say it to his face — if anything the circumstances of his birth will give him an edge. And I agree with Janet — he is so young, he won’t have any memory or negative affects from his time with Kim.

    Logan will be the one who struggles with it on and off through his life.

    • I pity anyone who will look down at Liam. LOL Do you think he inherited some traits from Kim? Maybe he’s a bit cold and calculating? Lord help the ladies. I hope to God the Hunter women have balanced him out. He is closest to Alice..

      • Being close to Alice might not help with empathy, he needs Lina for that. Alice raised Adele too and she pulls no punches! ?

    • Hi ladied and Laura,
      Will and does Phil know that Logan will struggle with it on and off through his life?
      And how does Phil deal with this if he is ever aware?

      • No, I don’t think so. His actions affected everyone. I don’t think he would consciously think about Logan in particular. Phil regrets what he did, but he can’t undo it. He isn’t the type that would dwell on it.

        • Laura wouldn’t Phil help Logan deal with any residual issues he may have? I think he would if Logan addressed them with him.

          • Yes, of course, but I don’t think there is any more for Phil to say. I think Logan May just think about it from time to time as he matures, has a family, birth of a child etc

          • If he needs, Logan can see a psychiatrist. Would Phil or Lina want to rehash this years later? Maybe certain things would trigger his memories of the affair and it bothers him enough to seek a psychiatrist. Little does he know she is Nick and Kathy’s daughter. Against all odds, Logan falls for her and shit will hit the fan when Logan tells Phil. ?

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