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  1. Is there any additional dialog between Lina and Phil, on the information Kim’s sister told him? That she basically saw him in a trial in NYC and then applied to his law firm the next day? I just though Phil would have told Lina about that.

  2. Hi folks. New here. I have written up here one time before, so please forgive any repeating questions. I LOVED these books & really got into them mentally. I have read all the extra scenes & they helped a lot! I have tried to read most of the discussions. Just one question that just keeps driving me nuts! Does anyone else wish that Lina had told Phil just one time… You have BETRAYED me in every way possible ! You have lied, left me here alone to deal with Katie alone, you went against our religion, you broke your vows, everyone of them…you have had unprotected sex, got your girlfriend pregnant ….you have texted her to meet right here in our home… you took her into our children’s vacation home & yet you say you love me? You say I ignored you & that’s the reason you turned to her? Where were you when I needed you??? How about for better or worse? Ok rant over. I know I sound a little crazy but I keep putting myself in Lena’s place. Just once I would LOVE Lena to draw back her fist & hit Phil where it really hurts…. his manly parts & put him out of order for a few days when he says, “I’m sorry!!!” I don’t know if I could be so loving & forgiving???? Thanks to all of you up here, love your comments! These books have me addicted 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  3. Ok, I’ve seen many references to the deleted scenes of the interaction between Phil and Kim…. I was hoping someone. Our direct me to them. Also some with Phil and Adele, somehow I e missed those. Please help, I am a sponge with all things Phil and Lina related.

    • Hi Jennifer — if you go to page two of blog posts (all the way at the bottom of the page). Find the posts that say White Picket Fence — Deleted Scenes.

  4. I just noticed that the reply button doesn’t work — if you want to make a comment it can only be done at the comment box at the bottom of the page. I think I will try to start a new discussion and see if that helps.

  5. Okay — I am reposting the last several posts. I list the person’s name and then what they said. Sorry if this is confusing, but I don’t want to lose the conversation…

    ERSA –

    Seriously, Vaughn was the perfect rude gentleman and I love every second of it…..Now I know why Grace was reminding me of someone and why I loved her so effortlessly, …LOVE YOU BERENICE…!!!!!!

    Berenice –

    Oki!! got it!!
    (secretly) I like the “would have killed…..”.
    That’s definitely Phil.😂
    Sometimes, when given contexts, I just went along to think what would happen and never really jumped out of it to think “wait, that could never happen”😂
    Also, there’s this small conversation between Lina and Phil after Lina slapped Kim, Lina asked him to imagine if he was in a room with a man she had……Phil didn’t let her finish. I don’t know if I am overthinking or not, I feel that Phil couldn’t bear thinking about hypothesis😂

    Berenice –

    was kinda very nervous about the doctor book!!!
    The excerpt was sooo good!
    I am not a good handler of widowhood and moving on and losing someone. I cried and was confused about these kind of themes all the time!!
    Actually it is the excerpt(book) prompt me to ask about Lina & Phil’s forever (speaking softly🥺)
    Nonetheless, I am prepared for a good cry🤓


    Hug you!! Pray for you❤️🙆🏻‍♀️
    Small step yet milestone!! I am confident you will shine!!😊


    I love you!!!❤️
    I was soooo worried that he was not “adorable” enough for you to like him!!!

    (Blushingly)I feel that my whole life (so far) was waiting for a Vaughn. I love Phil but as a hero to appreciate from afar! Vaughn is like…Gosh…😳
    And I love Lina as a role model but I am definitely a Gracieee😂. I feel like I am soooo her, her personality, her inner thoughts etc etc even all the problems she had are similar to mine (except I have a better family/friends support system and she had Vaughn!!)
    Vaughn’s cold and hot, hot and cold…..cruel with a taste. He was sooo inwardly polished yet with a wounded past which shaped him without bothering him. Approaching him and warming him and eventually loving him!!!
    In my mind, they already have a marriage lasting decades and Kids(Gracie would be prepared gradually)🙆🏻‍♀️

    ESRA –

    I love when Tracie said that Kim was expendable… Made me feel sooooo good!

    I think if Lina cheated first she wouldn’t have that detachment quality Phil had. Feelings would have been involved. Because Lina is not ONS kind of Heroine… And since Phil knows that he would have killed the Man, and then it would have been a tragedy not love story. 😂😂😂

    What did I just read!…. 😲😲😲…. OK when I was first introduced to Vaughn I couldn’t get a perfect read on him but I was not prepared for the things he made me feel, he was not my type of Hero but he was at the same time… GOD! He made my head spin but I love it 😍 and Grace… She was goofy funny Charming… Vaughn made my heart go BADUM BADUM. I was not expecting it. But I wanted the ending to be a bit longer… 😉 It was great experience.
    A perfect realistic love story. Thank you for making me read it, Berenice

    Mahira I am so happy for you girl…. Show them your talent and steal the show. ♥️♥️♥️ Wishing you tons of luck. 🤩🤩


    Thank you, Berenice, we are going to be funded and rewarded by UNICEF, and once the movie is submitted and selected they are going to screen it at a festival and later where ever they want because they will be the legal copyright holder. I am so pumped because I always wanted to be a film director. please pray for me.
    but I am also a little scared….

    Thank you, Laura actually it’s going to be an approximately 5 min to 10 min movie about diversity, and celebrating and respecting the difference we all have. I am so excited I am going to direct it. I just want everything to be perfect!!! getting nervous a little but I am also getting hyped.


    Regarding Phil couldn’t forgive Lina if she cheated first!😮
    Wow, I thought that you joked about him behind the bars with teary eyes when forgave Lina.
    So, that was more specific for the context that Lina crossed the physical line with Nick during separation??
    And Tracie, if you could if you could see this, maybe you could change to Chrome??(google search engine) Chrome might work🙋🏻‍♀️

    Wish you the best! Mahira!!
    This is amazing!!
    Is this an academic work or more an open invitation to broader audiences and contestants?( I know that nowadays the practice is to host collections for Uni students whether academic or not😳)
    Are you going to cover all the parts by yourself (script, direct etc etc)? some students did all the works by themselves! So impressive but hard work for 24 minutes-ish.
    All in all, big hug!!!Good Luck!!🎈


    We can’t wait for your new book Luara! You are amazing! but please don’t mind me saying this I just wish it was your career then we would have more amazing books. but we have been taught that great and amazing thing comes in tiny packages, so appreciate them as they are. Mahira! we hate you for keeping her a secret that long.

    Thank you for the reply.
    I am not a romance reader and I usually hate them but these books and the writing of Laura captivated
    us. Actually, we are a group of 9 girls so I am also writing on behalf of them. I have read all of your books after finishing these two. but Phil was our absolute favorite, he had that wounded and fallen angel
    quality to him. Congratulation Laura for writing a wonderful story of a beautiful couple. They have changed my taste.
    If there is another author who writes like Laura please tell me.

    • Me too. If it ever completely crashes, I have email addresses so I will let everyone know what’s going on.

  6. Girls — My site is under maintenance. I assume that is why a couple of hundred posts have disappeared. Stay tuned…

  7. Hey ESRA can I put my two cents on your conversation. When I first read those books I hated Phil and was on the team of Nick. I mean how can someone keep making a same mistake for 4 months and not feel guilty. And to sleep in the same bed. After years of being with Lina how can he be OK with another woman presence beside him. If he was planning to leave Lina for Kim I would have been like OK they are on the brink of a divorce. But his love for Lina hadn’t diminished. So how could he be that reckless etc etc. I came on the blog so I could get the answer to some of the questions I had and then I came across zaincruise analysis and my perception of his affair started to change. And I was like Ok I get it where he was coming from not that it made it OK but I was able to understand him better. initially I had thought that he started the affair because of the simple fight in SN. I also love the fact that while books were about forgiveness and everything Lina also had an emotional connection with the another man. So I agree with Tracie that she stripped emotionally with Nick. Not that she should be ashamed of it and apologize.

    • I know you what you are saying. Mahira and I have to admit that I was also somewhat thinking in the same way as you on my first reading. But it was she is who dragged me in the team Phil. I remembered that in my Eng lit class we had been given an assignment on a poem called The Pride of Lions Phil reminded us of that man.

      I get what you are saying about Phil but think about it in this way sleeping on the same bed was a problem for both of us but since he didn’t hold her in his arms after sex we were kind of okay. Because her scent turned him on and after the scent had served it’s purpose if he had then hold her in his arms that would have been a big NO NO. Because it would mean there was something more going on. Zaincruise convinced me with that (zaincruise if you ever read this I am totally throwing you under the bus)😂
      Whereas Lina didn’t ask Nick to hold her in his arms for sex. It was more of on emotional level so her making comparison made sense. We loved that she didn’t belittle Nick. It was more about familiar sanctuary vs venturing in new territory.

      I remembered zaincruise telling me on my whatsapp that Phil had been the king of his kingdom with a beautiful woman, the love of his life besides him who looked at him with stars in her eyes. His words were the Law and everyone around him admired him. But what mattered to him most was the opinion of the woman he loved. One day he found himself in an uncharted territory. The love of his life looked at him with anger. He felt rejected and he felt hurt. It created a Crack in their emotional connection as well as their physical bond which made it easier for the outsider to break through easily. That’s why we have never used the word ‘Fun’ for his behavior. Because what he was doing was self destructive to his principles and his marriage.

      I have tried to make it as succinct as possible but when we read a book we just don’t go with black and white attitud we look for the gray areas as well and we love to get inside of the head of our characters. It’s a hobby of ours. I know wired but we are wired duo. 👯‍♀️
      And mahira you can jump on in my conversation anytime. Would love to chat with you! 😉

      • Thank you so much ESRA! I had been waiting for your answer and kept refreshing to see if you had post it or not.

        Zaincruise and Tracie comments also made it possible for me to forgive him. Thank you so much.

        • NO! No!
          As far as I am concerned I think he loves all of his children equally. Yeah he was harsh with Logan sometimes but he was his father and was concerned about his behavior. In Liam case he felt guilty I think 🤔 firstly at one point he was the unwanted child and secondly he thought that he had failed him by choosing a woman who was not fit to be a mother. He was doing everything for him because he couldn’t ask Lina to be a mother for him since Liam wasn’t her responsibility. That’s why whenever someone ask he always said that Liam looks exactly like logan. He was not disappointed in Logan just wanted to push him out of his comfort zone like most Fathers do. He was insensitive yes disappointed no. Liam was just a baby and Logan is a boy and I love both of them. I hated some comments on goodreads about him how can you feel that way toward a child no matter what his circumstances were. I love Lina for loving him and not seeing him as a product of Phil betrayal. Logan is his first born and he would always have a special bond with his father. I don’t see Liam as Kim son I see him as Phil son. And because Phil share have very unique bond with Lina so Liam automatically has become the part of that bond. That’s why he started calling Lina his mother even when he was living with Kim.

      • Seriously I always keep hitting the wrong button.
        I remember Tracie answers about the same issue and face-palm 🤦‍♂️ myself. I love Liam because he reminds me of someone I know.

        • She was a human in my opinion I could understand her hesitation but what made Lina from best to greatest in my eyes was the fact she was able to see him as he was. An innocent baby. I also hated goodreads comments about him. He was so cute and so adorable. I love that Phil didn’t let Logan disrespect him and Logan warmed up to him eventually. I see Logan as a brother who will always protect his baby brother from people wagging tongues.

  8. Okay guys I have my case study coming up and something tells me that my analysis on Phil won’t work in my favor to get me the grade I want. So I am going to be off for some months. Thank you so much Laura for this wonderful experience. It was truly a delightful journey. Esra don’t have too much fun without me 😉 Tracie your comments have always made my belive in Phil stronger. You are the best 😍 Berenice I love reading your analysis. See you guys until next time. Bye 👋

    • Zaincruise it has been a pleasure to read your comments. Get that grade girl and hope only the best for you. Check back with us.

    • I love you so much zaincruise you are my best friend and I can’t have fun without you because it’s never same without you. Thanks for recommending these two books to me and getting me out of my comfort zone. I hope you get the grade you want and show them who’s the boss. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Zaincruise!!
      It’s hard to let you go now!!I am gonna miss you🥺.
      It’s been soooo wonderful to talk to you!!!
      Come back when you have free time!!!
      Good luck with the study!! You are the best! Hope you get the grade you want🔥!! Big hug!!☺️

  9. I have a question, Laura please answer this. Did he and Kim share the same room while they were on a business trip? or did he go back to his own room after having sex with her. and why was Kim texting him at a time when he was with Lina didn’t they want to keep it a secret so why did he give her permission to text him when he is at home. and lastly, what did he mean when he said he always left with her after training sessions they do it on Saturday also, or was he just dropping her off.

    • In my opinion while I feel okay with the fact that he didn’t cuddle with her or as Laura said he didn’t look into her eyes while having sex with her(all these little details) the truth is he did share a part of himself with Kim which should have been reserved only for Lina. What made Phil redeemed in my eyes that he himself was ashamed of his actions and felt repulsed by it. Instead of finding a point to justify his actions he fully owned up to his mistakes. Sure he had his moments still but his realization that he failed Lina and broke one of his promise to her would haunt him all his life. When I read about his interactions with Kim in the bonus scene I know that he hates Kim For hurting Lina but he also can’t look at her and keep his interactions with her as litte as possible like it physically hurt him to look at her because it reminds him of the lowest point of his time in life. And the affair was not a consolation prize for him. I know why you want to know this because when I first read these books I was so puzzled and wanted the affair to be as meaningless as possible and then I came across a comment made by someone that he was attracted to her and liked her, it hurt me because I was hurting for Lina(I know childish but I wanted him to think that Kim was ugly) . But then I reread it and found my solace in the knowledge that Thank God Lina was also not immune to Nick kiss. She wasn’t like ohhhhhhhhh I don’t feel anything as I have read about so many times. Laura wrote character who were real their love was real and like Berenice said an affair is an affair. What matters to me is that Kim situation has made them see the true worth of each other. And as long as Lina is happy I am Happy.

      • Thanks Tracie for answering I appreciate it so much. I love reading your comments.

        And zaincruise you totally got me on that one! As always you reply was really helpful and soothing.

      • Wait….solace in Lina Kissing Nick?….Noooo😮‍💨
        Ahem…Ahem…I am gonna just focus solely on “an affair is an affair”part😂
        (Blimey, I am way toooo double standard on this one)(´・ω・`)

        • I am sorry but I have to disagree on that! because I also like the part where Lina kissed nick and felt something. I hate it when a writer writes about a man getting turned on by other woman. And a woman acta like robot. Lina was physically attracted to nick (no matter how justified) Woman also have feelings. When a man does it, it is realistic and when a woman feels something it is not Okay! Sorry but we woman also like sex😉😉😉

          • !!!
            what I am saying is yes!! Lina was attracted to Nick! I just feel uncertain whether it’s an equal comparison to the context of Phil’s actions with Kim….😌
            Like Lina confided to Adele, she was never attracted to any men other than Phil until Nick!! I took it as Lina was the one being cheated on, her connection was more defined after the disclosure of the affair etc etc…..
            her action with Nick was quite peculiar (but it definitely had a sexual side of it, no deny about that😳)

            I am completely on board with Lina and Nick sharing something (emotionally and physically ) just feel it’s justified…(not downright cheating etc etc) I am not saying Lina was robotic/complete ethereal or wasn’t having physical need or sexual drive😳

        • She didn’t cheat because Phil was the only one she wanted and I personally think that women are more mature and more selfless in their love. I love Laura editor for giving her that idea 💡 while I am wholeheartedly on team Phil I loved the fact that Lina had Nick support and he was there for her while Phil was having an affair. 😊😊😊

          • after a hurt. It’s easy to find solace in Nick….and confidence boost from him. And she didn’t actually cross the line like you said, meaning she is more mature and selfless!

            My uncertainty is,

            I feel that Lina’s connection with Nick could be the context to understand Phil’s affair(borderline emotional cheating lead to disconnection etc etc). But to juxtapose these two…like: Phil did all the awful things but Lina was also attracted to Nick, so get over his part of fault.
            Like Lina had to redeem herself somehow? Asking forgiveness from Phil for?? Was she not the one being hurt?? Were the books about Phil making wrong choice and had an affair??

            I would say that Lina did have quasi illicit things going on with Nick but much more innocent than Phil’s (not saying she is completely innocent). Phil’s affair is way more destructive to their marriage. He should be and is grateful for Lina being able to forgive and take him back.

        • LOL! Seriously I don’t think that far where I have to create a comparison to pass the judgment on who was at the fault most. Because it was definitely Phil. And lina kissing nick was not cheating since they both were separated at the time. So I get my comfort and SOLACE from the fact that she wasn’t immune to nick charm.

          • I was analyzing Zaincruise’s answer?? I thought she said that she reread many times the part Lina kissing Nick so she got over Phil’s attraction to Kim…
            I am like emmm I am not sure about this???

            And yesss! She wasn’t actually cheating?? Right? They were separated!! 😳 and she had illicit feelings about Nick before the separation, no deny about that!!

          • I took some of Laura’s words about guys thinking about sex and physical attraction differently to women. So I felt that it’s easy for Phil in his low point to have frivolous attraction to Kim but Lina’s attraction to Nick became more sexual and more defined after the disclosure of the affair, even after Phil moving out. She decided to find solace and try to move on. So that’s my thinking process. That’s why I was uncertain with finding solace in “Lina was able to be attracted to Nick”. These are two quite different attractions, no??

          • And lastly!! I like her kissing Nick too!! I think it has to happen!! After all the hurt and pain…and this man gave her the much needed support! They had the built up…and she kissed him…to really feel if there’s more or not.

        • LOL!
          She meant reread as reread the books. And yes we both were happy that she also had it in her to like another man. Simple as that. It was never about Phil Vs Lina fault. Sorry our double standards are not as sharp as yours. 😅😅😅

          • Nooo! I am sorry if I was being offensive😳

            I was trying to put a “footnote” on her answer to Mahira. Not to rebuke her answer or your opinion. My words was meant to highlight my flawed double standards of being unable to look at Phil&Kim and Lina&Nick the same way. I already knew that you guys’ stance and I knew she meant reread the books and the solace in finding Lina falling for Nick’s charm etc etc, I just can’t help but offer some comments on her words(not judgmentally! Just conversationally)😔

        • I love your comments too much to get offensive.

          I mean where would be fun in healthy arguments if we all agree on the same thing 😉 I misunderstood your double standard part. We liked it as kind of a guilty pleasure. Like if Phil could have strong attraction to another woman after years of being with Lina, then Lina also had it in her to like another man not that we were viewing it as same thing. Because her relationship was more innocent. We wanted Lina to enjoy attention from another man so Phil would burn with jealousy. We are on the same boat in our mission to make Phil burn with the knowledge that there are other men who could and would love to take his place. So he better worship the ground she walks on because she has forgiven him.

          Love you Berenice!! and sorry 🙏 if I was out line in my explanation.

          • Never mind!!
            Big hug to you, Esra!!🥺😌

            As long as you don’t find me annoying!! I am happy🤓!

    • Mahira based on a past discussion we figured Phil had his own room. He had an expensive report to submit after his business trips and didn’t want to raise suspicion with only one room. He would of went to his own room to call Lina, work and dress. He probably did spend the night in her room, they were having an affair and he slept with her a couple of times on Sunday, so business trips were probably a given. Remember he changed his phone passcode during the affair so he thought it was probably safe for her to text while he was home, but I don’t think he would of expected it unless it was a rendezvous text or work related. He took her on Saturday with him to have a quickie in my opinion. Remember Lina saying you not only cheated on me, but your children too regarding the Saturday hookups. He usually ran with Meghan on Saturday mornings but wanted to push himself for the triathlons, so he joined the running group.

  10. Berenice!! I love Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre. I had start reading medival romance/historical romance from quite an early age.(and I have also read so many bodice ripper… But Shhhhhhh that’s a secret) My favorite is Judith McNaught I love her heroes. Although I wasn’t quite a fan of her contemporary romance her historical are my favorite. I have heard a lot of hype of rosemary Rogers but I have not read her yet. I recently came across an author EL beth who said she does not like how heroes in romance are a big let down nowadays so I bought her book and regretted it immediately. Her version of Alpha was a man who constantly cheats on heroines and beats her to the point where she black out and rape her and kills any man who look at heroine and then beat heroine some more because apparently it is her fault for being so slutty. I was appalled. 😱 How can a writer call this stuff romantic and sell it. Her writing is so unbelievable. I love Alpha Hero with a bit of vulnerable side for their Heroine only.

    • I have read about El beth a lot of girls read her stories in my class and what I find really disturbing is the kind of relationship she sells to her audience. It’s disappointing and disgusting. Domestic violence is a real issue of our society and to romanticizing it is not Okay. Her stories also doesn’t have any cover. Words can be very effective Zaincruise and we both know it so I think a writer should understand her responsibility.

    • Zaincruise,
      I have a thought and I think it is loosely related to your words😌. I have been using Mr Rochester as a benchmark to map out Phil, Nick and Logan. Everyone knows that Logan was different to Phil’s kind. Not just because of him being sensitive but his approaches to life such as he was not anti cooking or he was not super into competitive sports etc etc. Moreover, he chose architecture as major and his sophisticated handling of mother being hurt. But that does not mean he was soft like Phil complained (secretly disappointed a little bit that his first born son wasn’t his carbon copy😂).

      Again, headnote! I am not Drew😂. I hate boring people reciting encyclopaedia 🤦🏻‍♀️.

      So Mr Rochester’s relevance to the topic is that His prototype is Duke Wellington (I am a biography reader and Real Person historical romances/fictions reader😳). Men of that period tended to take pleasure in poems, arts and other classic hobbies. It made them inwardly polished. They are “gentle” giants, maybe quiet but indubitably masterful. I regarded Nick or Logan as this tradition’s modern legacy😂😂. Mr Rochester’s second scene with Jane beside fireplace is very demonstrative to my argument. It balanced the intensity of raw power and the his upper class(gentry) aesthetics. Same goes to Nick’s dialogues with Lina. But instead of Rochester’s from time to time rudeness, I think Logan might use distant yet unchallengeable politeness as a cast🔥.

      I heard about Judith McNaught!! She had a really good reputation for her historic romances!! I definitely gonna check it out!!
      btw, the movie adaption of Jane Eyre, the 1970 version is the best in my opinion, though all my friends said that the casting of Jane and Rochester were old😑. (No further comment from me).

      I recently read Mary Webb’s Precious Bane!! I couldn’t believe she turned a sewer into a hero, and a worthy one!! Those post Austen writers were really talented and capable!! What’s wrong with the contemporaries??😑Also, I reread some of Georgette Heyer’s regency romances!! Duke Wellington was everywhere! I guess for a long period of time, he was truly girls’ inspiration and hero figure to fictionalise/dream about!! Also, I acquired a biography about him and his wife Kitty, cried my eyes out……so sad!!

      Speaking of (domestic) violence, I am walking on a tightrope. I condemn it and am against any writers trying to romanticise it. But I must say I don’t have a problem if books use it as a precarious context like some writers take challenge to write about taboo/controversial topics and properly deal with them. But violence shouldn’t be a dry tool to fulfil writers’ fangirl fantasy like EL Beth’s books. At least fanfics on AO3 have warning signs! Writers should take responsibility to at least put warning on it.

  11. Hi Girls Merry After Christmas….I honestly tried to post starting Christmas Day, but I kept getting Safari can’t connect to to open the page. Laura figured it out for me LOL! You are the best Laura!

    Like you girls, I wanted Phil to be jealous of Lina. That is why Laura wrote the extra scene with Adele telling Phil how many men were looking at her while she was dancing. I loved it! I always wanted Phil to chase Lina too! Out into the yard, down the road I didn’t care. I wanted him seeking her and noticing other men watching her. The 2018 group always thought it was hilarious.

    We use to do think questions all the time and I’ve been wondering about one after reading all the good comments here.

    Do you think Kim originally started out to get pregnant on purpose or do you think that it was after a month or so when she figured out Phil wasn’t her normal enthusiastic lap dog.

    We know the affair started early February, so we know she had to get pregnant around the 23rd of March because of Liams BD. The clinical text messages where sent in mid to late March. So that made me believe, maybe she didn’t actually start the pregnant option until early March because he was not making any future plans with her 4-5 weeks into the affair.

    • Omg! I really was missing your comments Tracie. Happy Christmas to you too.
      I personally think that she was in it for the long ride because on her side it was not all about physical. She was a woman and women are sensitive to the way a man treats them. She knew that there was a part of him he wasn’t sharing with her. To a woman it really matters how a man treats them after sex and Phil may have liked her or found her attractive but it was all superficial and had no deep meaning. He didn’t take her out to a restaurant or took her hand in his and said ‘I can’t do this with you anymore, you have helped me but I am going back to my wife’ in the break-up scene which clearly shows that there was not anything emotional happening between them
      Phil himself had said that he was never with her more than physically. And he is not saying this to get Kim away from his family or to Lina to win extra brownie points. He is telling this to his brother where he doesn’t really need to lie.
      In SN he has shared his inner feelings with readers and his inner feelings has helped readers to understand what was going on exactly. Sorry for the long rant but with all those evidence I think she became pregnant on purpose after she became conscious that he was not her normal man. Because one thing Phil couldn’t hide was how proud of a father he was. Remember the scene when Kim put Liam picture beside Logan in his office. It tells me that she knew that and maybe thought that a new baby is just something she needs to get him on her side. First she doesn’t know how much he loves Lina since he was having sex with her second she doesn’t know why he was having sex with her.😂 So in her egotistical way she would have thought that with her charm and beauty she would make Phil leave his wife very easily but once that plan failed she got pregnant🤰on purpose.

      That’s just how I think 🤔

      • I remembered that is why I became a little bit vacillating. At first, I read his povs and was satisfied with his comments about the affair. I came back to the blog. Laura said he might be purposely rude to get rid of her…. and I remembered he was decent man~not into mistreating women~
        then my mind went wild. Because it was an affair and he is not nowadays rude/immature heroes, so there could be some superficial/carnal affectionate behaviours, he himself was disgusted with and did not want to remember but it actually happened!

        You guys know how much I love Lina so I couldn’t bear that (and the initial what-ifs I asked, if Kim was normal, then would he be decent?? I was territorial for Lina, thinking even tiny bit of that would be sad for Lina). Then I kinda scolded/talked myself into: it was an affair, you cannot be that “hygienic”, it’s pointless struggle😂😂. That’s my journey of not being angry with Phil.

        With all that being said, I think that Kim got pregnant on purpose. Like you said, Zaincruise. She was degrading herself. Sometimes, there’re many evidences show her impulses towards Phil. Like Laura explained, she called him instead of texted him about attending the wedding because she wanted to hear his voice. Yes, it can be viewed as being selfish but not enough. Given that she is an intelligent person, this is an impractical move for unnecessary hostility. so she did it more because of her impulsivity over Phil. She had the infatuation (quite sick one) and behaved accordingly. That is why objectively, it’s very degrading for her to do that. But the sick infatuation got into her (rather than just being a cold cunning b***ch) plus she had this chilling instinct that it’s not going to work by just having sex with him. She, in the heat, plotted the pregnancy, wishing somehow miraculously he would have a family with her. In a hindsight, it’s a corresponding move to her talking to Meghan as well. It’s another sick display of her impulse. She didn’t announce her identity nor execute any agenda on Meghan. Rather, she was talking to Meghan nonstop about Phil. In her narcissistic and sick mind, she cannot help herself going after Phil and his surroundings except Lina who she had a clear plan to get rid of. She did all the degrading things that if she was in her usual state, she probably would have gathered all the signals from Phil and have stopped doing them.
        Her infatuation cooled down too late.

        • I think it was more about how he delivered his lines to her than rearranging his feelings about her. Because Laura did say that she could have been anyone and that exactly what he told her but in a hurtful and mocking way. And I loved it 😂

          • !! Make sense!
            My gut feeling tells me as long as this person was willing and beautiful, she could be the OW in Phil’s story!
            But I am not as secure as Lina!! I need reassurance!!😂
            Thank you, Esra!!☺️

    • I agree! Once she realized he wasn’t her lap dog or someone who would worship the ground she’d walk on she got pregnant on purpose later. she really wasn’t a very good mother so I think getting pregnant was her last desperate trick to keep Phil by her side. she was really sure about her charm and the effect she had on men so she just thought I can lure him easily away from his wife but didn’t know that he had LINA! The woman men secretly write songs about.

    • Tracie! Merry Christmas and an ensuing happy new year to you!!

      I actually saw you post a comment with one word “test”!! and when I refreshed, it disappeared!! I almost thought it was my illusion😂😂. Now it made sense. you were testing~ 😌

      • Yes, Berenice she did post a “test” comment and I deleted it because a minute later she posted another.
        And I agree with all of you. Getting pregnant was a desperate move by a desperate woman.

        • Yes, desperate!
          It’s so not “Kim”, yet it’s Kim when she thought she was “in love” (ewww)

          I also had a minor problem with posting😳. I need to refresh once before posting (first post always went to 404). But it’s working so far with refreshing and then posting😌

    • Hi Tracie, I have always love to read your questions and comments.

      I also wonder about Phil’s interaction with Kim during the early stage of the affair (when it was new and exciting). He did mention that her familiar scent used to turn him on.

      Laura, is there any specific reason why Kim chose to send Lina texts that was dated from 18 Mar if thier affair began in early Feb? Did Phil not pursur her for sexcapade in the beginning?

      • I think Laura answered it?
        She just took the screenshot which could best frame Phil as the pursuer💁🏻‍♀️.

        It’s more like the whole package of her turned him on once he put down his wall 🤔. He had to be sexually attracted to her in order to perform?? He sank to the low point of his life to have an affair~There must be a lot of negative emotions (anger, frustration, void/black-out excitement etc etc). Kim’s carnal/dirty approach was definitely a good way of letting off steam. A decaying pleasure got him hooked~for a while(when Lina was rejecting him)

        That’s why the only similar relationship I could picture (to help me understand) is irresponsible persons doing frivolous hookups (flings). My friend working in finance always tells me those anonymous anecdotes about supervisors with young office workers(female) hooking up meaninglessly. Obviously those middle aged male supervisors just want beautiful and younger women (could be anyone who had the “merits”), not because they couldn’t resist them. Only positive thing about those stories is usually they are single middle aged men😂😂 (still sounds exploitive and sleazy)🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Hs was attracted to her on a physical level Cyn so off course I can get why her scent used to turned him on. And yes he was nice to her during the affair, although I think his attraction to her lasted till the SB because she came on to him in a surroundings where he only was ever with Lina. It made it hard for him to escape since he wasn’t able to put Lina out of his mind after it that easily. What made his attraction to Kim kind of okay to me was the fact that despite her full charm and beauty he wasn’t thinking about walking in the sunset with her. Because the only one he loved and truly wanted was Lina only.

        • That’s why sometimes I think guys are really different ~His interest started wane but functionally, he was still able to perform for another couple weeks💁🏻‍♀️. Phil’s libido….

          • Wait I thought he was angry at her and came back home and then anniversary scene happened and then he had to fly back to New York. Where he slipped with her again. Now I really want that 3rd book where a Hot man is pursuing Lina relentlessly and Phil is burning 🔥 with jealousy.

          • It’s not that tight chronicled. Laura wrote those events loosely tied in time order. There’re leaps and lapses of time.

            WPF’s beginning was Phil flying back home from NY and got text from Kim for weekend rendezvous (which was several weeks after SB incident, his interest waned but without Lina reaching out, he was still “performing” the affair).

            The anniversary was a cut out scene that Laura originally used as a prelude for them to reconnect (which was WPF’s Lina initiating sex for the first time after months’ rejecting/sporadically having sex).

            Initially, Laura did not make it clear about the anniversary timeline (just put it up for readers to understand the strange state Phil and Lina in before the reconnection). Later, I remembered that Laura said “then they went upstairs, Lina reached out to initiate sex and the affair was a history.”

            sooo, let’s hope a third book full of Phil burning with jealousy…jealousy🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. OK guys I was just wondering!!! I know that Lina and Phil books aren’t a trilogy but since Lina is working now!
    what if a Hot dominant and totally Phil like Alpha(imagine Henry cavill) ask Lina to renovate his Penthouse and pursue her relentlessly how would Phil react??😃 I know Phil is the only one for Lina but seriously I dream about a 3rd book. Poor Phil would burn with jealousy… And I would love it sooooo much. 😂

    • LOL! I would love to read it too. A jealous Phil would be so fun to read. For now I am just glad that Laura is writing again. I am sucker for Sport romance!! and with Laura amazing formula of Alpha male I just can’t wait read it (grabby hands). But Never say Never. Who knows when Laura grant us our wish. After all with hope anything is possible. 😉😉

      Tracie!! Where are you. I am missing you so much.

      • wait, sports?
        Lucas Roe? or Nick Prossi?🙋🏻‍♀️

        Besides Logan,I like Michael Prossi very… much(☆_☆).
        Don’t know why, I always picture Michael Prossi as a financier who also is a major shareholder multinational investment institute (balancing between political and economic power)……😍😍

        • I thought I came across a comment made by Laura that she was doing research about sports so I naturally assumed it was going to be something related to SPORTS??

          • I think it’s for the Lucas Roe and Nick Prossi books!!!
            But I cannot wait to read the Michael Prossi book (if there’s one in the future)🤓🤓

    • 🤝we can dream!☺️
      I’d love to read Phil burning with Jealousy…jealousy…
      My guilty pleasure is to watch him being “tortured” over his paranoia about Lina😌😌

        • Wait!! Why everyone think I might not be fully on board with “Phil”!?😂😂
          Okay!! I am now saying it in an unsubtle way!! I team Phil&Lina and I just like being harsh on him (squeezing one last drop of sourness from the affair in order to let Phil burn with it because he made Lina sad~)😂
          That’s why my major pleasure was reading his POV of Lina’s afternoon with Nick~I don’t like him groveling, but suffering from all kinds of consequences was fun to read.

          Ps I probably wouldn’t have a healthy relationship with Phil…because I would be sooo petty, pulling all sorts of hurt back to his face if chance arises (that’s my kind of forgiveness💁🏻‍♀️, love him can’t not be with him but……).
          Not healthy move on….that’s why Lina is my role model and Phil married the right girl!

  13. A belated Merry Christmas to you too, Laura! and Happy New Year!! 🥳

    I got over the affair long time ago!!(Believe me😌). I am just being “ultra”-harsh on him because I like him very much, having tooo many expectations for him!! (and he truly lived up to my expectations, I believe 😉)

    Phil reminded me of the primal excitement I got when encountering a worthy Hero like Mr Rochester of Jane Eyre, years ago. Before him, I had been so frustrated with many recent releases, I think it’s probably because of the zeitgeist, Heroes became merely a tool bearing all kinds of feminist(yet confusing) needs of readers (like all those complains of Phil is not a good communicator etc etc). The forced dialogues, out-of-touch behaviours and discontented mechanical assemblage of characterisation drove me crazy🤦🏻‍♀️. Heroes are individuals not robotic/AI boyfriends. They should be multidimensional and their existences shouldn’t only for serving Heroines’ purpose/agenda (or worse for author’s irresponsible ideals) . Heroes have their own independent fictional lives and the novel should be functioning in his wavelength (same goes to heroines).

    That’s why Phil’s flaws made him “cute” and made me content. I knew he is a work in progress. I pointed out before such as even in SN, he put Lina first but still have discrepancies and frustrations, and he behaved accordingly. That’s his charm~. Some readers couldn’t accept that. They thought redemption or making things right means suddenly Phil became “Nick”…..I mean?!!

    • LOL I think many/most romance novels just follow a formula and the new formula is strong women and beta men. It’s just not my thing. It’s not that I’m against beta men, I’m just not around very many. And beta or not, I don’t know any men who communicate like women. I write characters based on my experience, politically correct or not.

      • !!agree!(☆_☆)

        I also believe that love make people strong and vulnerable (it’s a duality, like Phil was tough and somehow vulnerable in relation to Lina and his love for Lina).
        So there’s a dialectical power balance (not about beta or not, how could some romances have wounded men kept behaving “beta”, or heroine kept being “heartless” in order to be “strong”, unbelievable).

        I read some really good romances/fanfics centred strong women and not typical alpha men(not “beta” either). I think because those writers had sharp observations/understanding of life, a heart that genuinely love his/her characters, which helped to develop multidimensional characters (have their own flesh and bones). I don’t feel them forced or being trapped in the preachy zeitgeist…
        A lot of strong women, beta men romances are lacking in this department, making me feel unnatural (I think probably because strong women would seek out strong men to love or who might not be typical alpha but actually very dominant, such as Nick.)

        Same theory goes to Heroine, Edward Rochester didn’t fall in love with a doormat. Jane is strong (So is Lina). Maybe not in nowadays’ zeitgeist sense, too bad that people are losing their understanding of the duality of that.

        ps, Laura, you won’t believe it! I have a lot of friends were kinda professional in language&lit domain. They are my long time intellectual friends but they started bashing Mr Rochester (similar rationale to some readers’ bashing against Phil😂). It’s the new trend….that’s the moment I kept 🤐. 🤦🏻‍♀️

        • One hundred percent agree. I just want to read and write “real” characters. I don’t want to roll my eyes while reading.

  14. I am feel like I am in a new class room.😂 Thank you so much Laura for your kind words. GOD! my connection with these books will always be special!! ❤️

    Mahira-sorry I didn’t see your post. You can do whatever you want with it. I am honored that you liked it.

  15. I missed some interesting dialog over the past few days…

    Cyn – good point about the palm reading. The reason Liam’s line was lighter was because while I believe in destiny, I also believe in free-will and there was a chance Phil would have made different decisions and Liam never would have come into being.

    Berenice — I see a novel in your future! And I love reading your analysis. I think you’ve finally gotten past the affair?

    ERSA — good analysis on Phil. Yes he was insecure when it came to Lina, even if he didn’t consciously realize it himself. He was as dependent on her as she was on him. After the affair came out, he realized he could lose her.

    And it is true — when I write a character I have a general idea about their personality but they come to life on the page. I have a general plot idea but, like the reader, I don’t know what’s going to happen until it’s written.

    Zaincruise — you are spot on in your analysis. You understand my characters as intended! And I’m touched that my words could have had such an impact on your life. Congrats on law school!

    • I love the Hunters family! Still find myself thinking about the characters although I had read the books three times. I believe Phil redeemed himself.

      Laura, your writing is really amazing and so relistic!

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