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White Picket Fence — Deleted Scene

“Your father and I are getting back together,” Lina told Katie when she arrived home from school.

“I know,” Katie said as she set down her backpack and opened the refrigerator.

“You talked to Logan?”

“No. Grandma told me you would.”

“When did she tell you that?” Lina asked her eyebrows pulled together in a frown.

“As soon as he left.” She set a carton of milk on the kitchen island. “She looked at your charts.”

Lina sighed. “I wouldn’t take that too seriously.”

“Why not? She was right. You just said you’re getting back together.”

“That’s true, but…” Lina trailed off when the mudroom door opened and Logan stepped into the room. “How was school?”

He mumbled an incoherent response as he crossed to the pantry.

“Do you want me to make you something to eat?”

 “No.” He grabbed a bag of chips. “I want you to drop me at Brian’s.”

“Logan, your dad is coming back to—”

“I don’t care,” he interrupted. “I want to go to Brian’s.”

The sound of a car door closing had her turning toward the mudroom. “That’s your dad.”

 Moments later, Phil was entering the kitchen, dressed in jeans, a dark t-shirt and running shoes, a large duffle bag slung over his shoulder. His gaze locked on Lina.

She breathed in at the sight of him. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheekbones were more prominent than she’d ever seen them, but he was hers and he was back. She was crossing to him without even being aware of it. “Hi,” she whispered, aware of only him.

He set down his bag and then he was engulfing her in his arms as he buried his face in her hair. She ran her hands up and down his back, savoring the feel of him, the beat of his heart vibrating against her chest.

The sound of a scraping chair preceded a loud thump and then Phil was lifting his head. “What was that?”

“Logan,” Katie said matter-of-factly as she brought a spoonful of cereal to her mouth. “He punched the wall.”

“What?” He lowered his arms from around Lina as his eyes focused on the hole in the drywall. “Why?”

Katie shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Lina silently cursed herself for not being more sensitive. “He’s just upset. He’ll get over it.”

“Upset about what?”

“You coming back,” Katie offered.

 “What?” He frowned at Lina. “He’s upset about me moving back into my own house?”

“Just give him some time.” She ran her hand down his arm.

“No.” He shook his head and then he was headed toward the front of the house.

“Phil, stop!” Lina caught up with him at the bottom of the stairs and gripped his hand. “You going to make it worse. He’s still upset about the affair.”

 “It’s none of his business.” He took the stairs two at a time and then he was at Logan’s door, attempting to turn the locked knob. “Open the door,” he said rapping on it with the knuckles of his left hand.


“Stop,” he said holding up hand. “I have this Lina.” He banged on the door again. “Let me in Logan.”

“I don’t want you to yell at him,” Lina said, gripping the waist of his jeans.

“I just want to talk to him,” Phil said turning and meeting her eyes. “Logan—open the door.”

Moment later the door opened and Phil disappeared inside Logan’s room.

Lina pushed her hair back from her face. She heard Phil’s muted voice but couldn’t make out the words. “You cheated on her!” Logan’s voice came through the door. “You expect me to be perfect and you’re a cheater!” She again heard the sound of Phil’s voice, low and controlled. “How could you do that?” Logan shouted and Lina heard the catch in his voice and brought her hands down to cover her mouth as she turned from the door.

When she returned to the kitchen Katie was placing her bowl in the sink. “He shouldn’t have done it,” she said. “I told Matt I’d kill him if he ever did that to me.”

“No.” Lina shook her head. “You wouldn’t kill him.”

“I would,” Katie insisted before leaving the room.

            Lina had prepared dinner and was wiping down the counter when Phil appeared almost an hour later. “Something smells good.”

            “How is he?” Lina asked spinning around to face him. 

            “Soft,” he whispered as he put his arms around her. “You made him soft.”

            “Phil,” she said laying her hands on his chest, “don’t say that.”

            “It’s true,” he said before kissing her cheek. “He’s fine. He got to tell me off for an hour.”

            “What’s he doing?”

            “Washing his face.” He shook his head. “Did I cry when I was his age?”

            “Don’t.” She cupped the sides of his face as she looked at him. “You’re not him.”

“I know. He’s a good kid.” He brushed his lips over hers. “He’s going to come with me to pack up the rest of my things after dinner.”

            “He said he wanted to go to Brian’s tonight.”

            “He didn’t mention it to me.”

            Moments later Logan entered the kitchen and it took everything in Lina not to go to him. His eyes were swollen and there were splotches on his face and it was obvious he’d been crying. “Did you change your mind about going to Brian’s?” she asked, stepping away from Phil.

            “I was going to help Dad move his stuff.”

            “Are you sure? You could wait until tomorrow.”

            “No it’s cool.” He dropped down into a chair at the table. “What’s for dinner?”

            “Lasagna,” she answered and then because she couldn’t stop herself she stepped up behind him and ran her hands down his arms as she kissed the top of his head. “I love you.”

            “Did you make garlic bread?” he asked ignoring her words, but not shirking away from her touch as she continued to rub his arms.

            “Yes.” She kissed him again and wrapped her arms around him. “I love you.”

            “Mom, stop kissing me,” he groaned.

After a final kiss, Lina crossed back toward the stove but before she could get there Phil intercepted her hand and  pulled her against him.  “I’ll never say stop,” he said against her ear.

154 Comments on “White Picket Fence — Deleted Scene

  1. Can you direct me to where I can find all of the deleted, bonus, extra scenes for both White Picket Fences and Swimming Naked? Thanks

  2. No Laura if there is a sex scene brtween Kim and Phil please don’t post it…i can’t bear that…I would die with rage..?

  3. Laura what would Phil’s reaction have been if a new young associate tried to gain his attention after he was back with Lina…Knowing he bit once…there will probably be another brazen enough to test the waters…

    I wonder if he would threaten her job or if he would be don’t even try, made that mistake once never again, etc….I bet he would be deadly nipping it in the bud immediately…in the environment would he be a target for gold digging hoes because he set a precedent with Kim?

      • I know he would too..I can’t imagine one not trying with the entire firm knowing about Kim and gossip among the young associates….I still bet Phil would be pissed at himself for putting a target on his back….

        • Oh, definitely. Women would try.
          I’m halfway through a new scene. I’ll be finishing it today or tomorrow after work.

          • I’m so excited thank you my friend for keeping our Hunters alive and well…

      • Hi Laura,
        I know you said some sex scenes were deleted. If they were of Phil and Kim then good then I am glad they were deleted. Did Phil and Lina have a hot sex life prior to Katie’s issues? I ask because I wonder if part of the reason the affair lasted for 4 months was because Kim was more adventurous in the bedroom. Thanks Laura.

        • No No No — Kim was just an escape. It was more about Phil feeling distant from Lina than anything else.

  4. Laura, Alice could predict to Lina that she might be having an affair..why didn’t she warn Lina or Phill that Phill could also have an affair which would result in his fourth child???

    • Hinata – it’s not an exact science. After the fact my mom would say she could look at a chart and see the clue but she didn’t always catch it beforehand. An astrologer is looking at many things. The parts of the chart that point out different things aren’t always obvious

      • I loved in WPF flashback scene where Lina and Phil’s palms were identical and they both had Liam on their palm…Swoon

      • Lol this reminds me of when I was in my early to late twenties…every year on my birthday I’d go see my astrologer and ask her “is THIS the year?? (The I’ll find my One”) and every year she’d sigh and look at my chart and say “NOT this year” and I’d whine and complain and give her a headache…she was always right lol

      • Oh I don’t know much about astrology except the zodiac signs and the months…?
        But if Alice found out it would have been a different story I guess..?

  5. Good Morning Girls, Think question….do you think that Phil ever realized that Logan did think of him as his hero? I know in the scene with Megan at Thanksgiving, he realized how much he had disappointed Megan and he said it killed him. Phil also acknowledged how sorry he was that he had hurt Lina and his kids. I think Phil knew some of Logan’s hurt when he asked Phil in Chapter 2 if he would ever cheat on his mom again. Phil’s heart ached at the hurt in his son’s eyes. But until the walk scene, when Phil was talking the talk about Logan always being his priority and Logan lowered the boom about walking the walk..Phil didn’t realize how angry or hurt Logan had been. Gives me chills…..

    • I think on some level SN was one reality check after another for Phil. He thought if Lina forgave him, all would be well. I think he thought it was only their business, but of course, that wasn’t the case. Everyone had an opinion and a comment, from family members, to co-workers, neighbors… I think Logan’s anger and defense of Lina surprised Phil.

    • I don’t think Phil really considered what Logan thought of him. He isn’t the type of person to ponder things like that. But when he saw the hurt in his children’s eyes it hurt him.

      • You are right Laura he probably just thinks I’m his dad period and doesn’t care about what he thinks of him…Lol. Remember Lina told Phil you are not sensitive or introspective…..You don’t care what anyone thinks….

      • Yes Laura I agree with you about Phil being leo
        He has so many leo traits like being protective about what is his , having everyone’s attention on him while he does something(being the centre of attraction),having a big heart (he welcomed Matt and his grandmother and made them feel comfortable even if he was angry with katie),..and he is a great dad too being involved in their children’s life(eventhough he is bossy and controlling)

        • centre of attraction- I was referring to the time when Lina and Phil attended Logan’s show at school (I don’t remember properly as to what it was)he always wanted to be in the front he walked royally demanding everyone’s attention be on him..I hope I made some sense ?

          • I don’t think he demanded attention. I think he just got it. He wanted a good seat and didn’t think anything of walking into the auditorium late and still getting one.

          • I do that…but peps don’t just scoot down, unlike Phil I have to say could you scoot down please Lol….The waters don’t part for me, like they do Phil, but I don’t mind asking if anyone’s got a life boat to get me to the other side:…

          • Plus Phil was way to hot not to get the attention….I would of rode on Phil’s coattails…That’s right!

  6. And Liam being born on the 23rd of December (mentioned in the book) becomes a Sagittarius and capricorn cuspian

    • Good catch Hinata! Also I believe Lina’s birthday was in October? Can’t rememb without looking but I think that’s right

      • Lina’s BD was in October and by some of the timelines in both books it would of been around October 23.

        So Phil’s would of been in July-August timeframe?

        • Hi Tracie, Lina’s birthday is probably a few days before the 23d..I just don’t see her being a cusp (of Libra-Scorpio..I think she’s a full Libra)…so maybe around the 19th or 20th? My birthday is October 18th, so maybe we share a birthday? How awesome would that be?! haha

    • Hi Hinata! I totally forgot about Liam’s December birthday! haha…ok then in that case he’ll have Leo rising if that’s ok with you Laura loll

  7. Thanks for the scene Laura!finally I got to read a new scene..thankyou so much!
    Congrats on getting a new job!

    My father is a leo too
    But I think Leos are more faithful to their partners after marriage

    But Capricorns not that much..see Tiger Woods,Jeff Bezos(Amazon CEO)

    I don’t know why lust is important than love

    • Hinata. I’m sticking with Leo for Phil. I don’t think Phil would be a cheating sign if one exists. Having said that I do know Of a Leo that cheated on his wife. They did work it out though and she forgave him

      • Oh sorry..? I didn’t know that Leos are capable …
        Good to know that they are back together..?

        • I think any sign is capable of cheating, I think it depends on one’s overall chart…having said that, I’ve never met a faithful venus-in-gemini yet..too fickle in relationships

          • Yes Miri true anyone is capable of cheating regardless of their signs…it’s just that my parents are both Leos and I love Leos ??

      • I feel like Leo is a more grown up, evolved, generous and loyal version of Aries…both are fire elements but Leo comes way after Aries so has learned some things along the way…that’s why I see Phil as possibly Aries…they’re more impulsive and self centered and can be obtuse about others (like a child, since it is the first sign)…

          • I would have loved your mom! Especially if she was anything like Alice…such a beautiful spirit..Lina is very very lucky.

          • yes Alice is my mom. Lol. Sometimes she could be frustrating because her reality was so different than other people’s. She didn’t believe in homework for one thing or following rules she thought were silly.

          • I love your mom even more now…I spend most of my day saying “well that’s stupid.” I hate silly rules too and homework…So we could of been soulmates….

          • Growing up your Mom would have been a dream come true for me lol…my mom’s a super intense Scorpio and her reality was sometimes a bit dreadful lol…definitely a control freak (sun, mercury, and Venus in Scorpio)…she was my police/judge/jury growing up..I love her like crazy but her way is the ONLY way ??

          • Miri — Yes, it was a stress-free life with my mom. My father, on the other hand, was more opinionated than Phil LOL

  8. Hi girls. Just wanted to say I love you all, and I love Phil too, even though he’s a pompous ass. I think he was hard on Logan also because Logan was “causing drama” when there was already enough (not just because Logan is sensitive and not a great athlete). On some level I think he was the same about Katie and her issues. He’s just not a super sensitive guy.

    • I missed the buffet again. Agree with everyone! OMG Tracie!!! I haven’t seen any coverage of this. I will google.

      Tara, spot on with “purging.” I mean we saw them from age 15 to 70. They went through hell and back and then some so the fight scene was the climax for me. I too could have skipped the whole vietcong angle and Ant’s lover. I didn’t like the woman.

      Finished Emily Griffin’s Something Borrowed. The girl is the OW.

      • Hi Janet, I read Something Borrowed back when it first came out…I loved it, even though she was the ow, I found her pretty sympathetic…did you like it? I read the follow up, Darcy’s story, but I wasn’t crazy about it

        • Hi Miri. I didn’t love the book. I didn’t like her writing and found the characters to be wimpy. Waaah. Does Darcy end up with Ethan in the second book? I won’t be reading it so I would like the spoiler.

          • Yep, you guessed it lol…you could see that one coming a mile away..but it was kind of hard to believe, they’re just TOO different (Darcy and Ethan)…Dex and Rachel are a much more believable couple to me..

  9. I’ve read the scene a couple of times. And, I think it shows Phil’s growth through Swimming Naked. In this scene he’s still thinking his affair is only his and Lina’s issue/problem. By the end of the book he realizes it impacted everyone.

    • Tara, that’s a really good point…one of the things that really bugged me was that Phil thought that the affair had just impacted Lina, and he didn’t care what anyone else’s opinion was aside from Lina…but you’re right, in SN he does come to realize that everyone had been affected and changed by it

      • I felt like Swimming Naked had 2 plot lines driving the story.

        1. Liam becoming part of their nuclear family, which includes all of the interactions with Kim, and dealing with Logan’s inability to accept his brother.

        2. Phil’s realization that his affair impacted more than his relationship with Lina. Initially, it appears he only believes Lina’s forgiveness is all he needs, but his affair is far reaching and he needed to fix his relationships and address the impact on all of his family.

        In the beginning you get this sense that he thinks that everything will be better once Lina forgives him and he could come home. He might not “care” about what other people thought, but throughout the story you see the reactions of his co-workers and community, none of it’s pretty, whether it’s the “how could you…” or the shopping scene with Liam at the grocery store, or knowing the parents of Logan’s friends talking about them, or people believing the affair was still ongoing (thanks to Kim drama and machinations). Phil had to deal with all of it, and in the end he still didn’t care about what others thought, but understood that it impacted so many more people than just him and Lina.

  10. Hi my sisters…Well Oklahoma has so much flooding If this was the movie Titanic we would be kicking Jack off the floating door. I’m fortunate, I’m in the middle of the state and in a no flood zone…You girls know how I feel about large bodies of water…I can look at them, but I’m not living by them…

    Okay I have a question that is probably obvious but the first time I read the scene I had to reread because I immediately assumed it was all about Liam and then I reread and don’t think that at all, but I may be wrong…Last Chapter, church scene when Phil is crying and that is the first time Lina has ever seen him cry….When he said she taking Liam and moving to NY…I thought for just a minute (so sorry Phil) you are crying over Liam, why not Lina or Logan….then I went back and reread and when he was in church before Lina got there he prayed for his family, Liam and for strength….When I went back and really thought about my Phil, I knew (my opinion only) his tears werent just about Liam, it was about how his actions had touched and hurt everyone he loved most in this world…Kim taking Liam was just the straw that broke the camels back….Poor Phil.

    • I myself took it pretty literally, like that he was just crying over Liam going to NY..I hadn’t really thought of it like maybe he was crying over everything that had happened over the past year and a half..but it makes sense now that you say it that way..that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
      Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that Phil, throughout everything, had been pretty dismissive of Logan..I know he loves him as much as his other kids, but several times he compared Logan to his own younger self and found him lacking, not macho enough..that really made me hurt for Logan, because he’s a sensitive kid and he sensed it sometimes…that really bothered me about Phil’s dynamic with Logan..so I can believe that in the church crying scene, he may have been crying
      Over Liam leaving and over everything he went through with Lina, but I can’t really imagine that he was thinking about Logan in that scene..,I hope I’m wrong, but it always feels like Logan is low on his priority list compared to Lina and Liam. Sorry for my rambling lol

      • Ladies I’d like to get your opinion on this…towards the end of WPF, when Lina hoes to watch Logan play rugby and stands beside Phil and is lost in her thought about how women always approach Phil and how he’ll be with someone at some point, Phil asked her what was wrong, and she said she was just thinking about something, and Phil said “it couldn’t have been very pleasant “…I got the sense that he had a pretty good idea of what she was unhappily thinking about, and when he said that to her, I felt he was a bit smug (but I could be just making up drama where there is none lol)..I felt that he knew very well that seeing him chatting with other women put that unhappy look on her face and he relished her jealousy (so, he was kind of manipulating the moment to his advantage)…did you ladies also get that sense?

        • Like, he wanted her to realize what she was missing, and that if she didn’t take him back another woman would have him

          • I can talk about this couple all day long, dissect every word, look, gesture, lol

          • I don’t think so Miri…He was hopeful in that scene and was giving Lina the independence she needed…I think he wanted Lina to seek him out and didn’t want to pressure her….you noticed how fast he jumped on taking her to the pre-dance for pics…He was on his own Hunter High at that point….especially after the kiss on the Lacrosse field….

          • but Tracie do you think when he said “it couldn’t have been very pleasant” (her thoughts) he kind of knew what was making her scowl? lol

          • before they parted, in the parking lot, he said he liked her possessiveness…

          • OMG really?!? Laura I’m so glad you cleared that up for me…I really thought that he was being slightly manipulative and smug, that he knew what she was thinking/worrying about and was satisfied by it..so I feel a lot better about that scene now…THANK YOU!!

          • Laura, since I was a teen I was always really into astrology…so I loved that it was mentioned in the books and that Alice is an astrologer…for months I’ve been wondering about Lina’s and Phil’s charts and signs…Phil has a real Capricorn, Taurus, and Aries vibe to me…or am I totally off the mark? did you think of their signs and natal charts when you were writing their characters?

          • It’s funny, I never thought about what sign they were — I agree with the three you listed. I’ll also add Leo to the mix. Lina would probably be a Cancer or Libra.

          • Like, is Phil a sun in Taurus with moon in Aries and Capricorn rising? And what signs do you think his venus and mars are in? I’ve honestly wondered about this a lot lol

          • He was clueless LOL…Phil probably just thought she had gas…He didn’t realize nothing until she slid her lips over his…But after she sent him that text he was in bulldozer mode, enough space take me back Stella or Lina in this case LOL

          • Laura!!! I was going to write that Liam is totally a Leo!…but Phil?? I so totally saw him with lots capricorn and Aries…what about Lina? A cancer?

          • I could see Phil as an Aries too. Yes, Cancer for Lina. Liam can be a little Leo too!

          • Tracie!!! “He probably thought she had gas”!!! Thats hilarious!!! he actually probably did think that! haha!

          • Really?? Lina a Libra? That hadn’t occurred to me at all..I was thinking hard core Cancer lol…I’m a Libra (with lots and lots of evil scorpio haha..ascendnant, mercury, venus, pluto, you name it lol), so I would totally love it if she’s a libra haha!

          • we will make Lina a Libra for you, but she can’t have the scorpio lol. Scorpios have too much fire for Lina.

          • I’m enjoying the conversation about the different signs, it’s a little like trying to follow a conversation that’s only half in English, kind of like an astrology version I’d Spanglish.

          • Laura, ok! it’s settled then…Lina is Libra with moon in Cancer, and venus in the 12th house (her Libra is too far away for a venus in Pisces); and Phil is Aries with moon in Taurus, venus in Leo (but in the second house, because he’s got that Taurus earthiness when it comes to the bedroom hehe), and mars in Leo (if that’s astronomically possible lol) aaaand Capricorn rising. works for me loll…(oh and Liam is allll Leo haha, that was my first impression of him)

          • Haha, I’m sorry Tara, it’s just I’ve been thinking about their signs ever since I first read the books! lol

      • Hi Miri, Lina would be the highest on Phil’s list….Like Lina told Megan at Christmas Phil loves all his children the same. I believe that whole heartedly and I had some of the same thoughts about Logan’s and Phil’s relationship too, but It wasnt that he loved Liam more than he did Logan, in my opinion, he focused on Liam because of his living situation. He knew Logan was safe and cared for because he was with him and Lina, but he didn’t have that same warm fuzzy with Liam because of Kim…

        • Hi Tracie, I agree with you in that bottom line, he loves his kids equally…it just felt to me that he sometimes withheld his approval of Logan because he didn’t think he was tough and hard enough…like , he loves him the same as his other kids but he’s kind of hard on him in that sense…teenage boys are pretty sensitive about their masculinity as it is lol, they often feel the need to posture…for a father to withhold his approval about that can be pretty traumatizing to a son, even if he doesn’t say anything directly to his son (he said it to Lina several times, and kids pick up on everything, way more that parents think)…in one of Laura’s bonus scenes, Logan laments to Lina that he’ll never be as good as Phil…I think in his mind, as tough and hard and aggressive (particularly on the field)…he even said to Phil, maybe Liam will be the one to make you proud since I’m not (or something along those lines)

      • I kind of agree with Miri. Maybe Phil loves both Liam and Logan equally but liked Liam better probably because Liam was a baby and had not yet challenged Phil. I was bothered by Phil’s lack of empathy for his Logan in the book. Logan was traumatized by his father’s cheating and having a baby with the other woman. This will have life long effect on Logan. I wish and wish that Phil could put himself in Logan’s shoes. I think Logan may harbor some resentment towards Phil in the future even after accepting and bonding with Liam. I think Phil’s affair made Logan even more protective of his mother but also made it easier for Logan to stand up to Phil. I Love Logan.

        • Hi Holley, Logan is my favourite in both books…I also think that even though Phil and Logan came to an understanding, and went on to co-exist peacefully, I too think that deep down, Logan will always harbour some resentment, and get, and pain towards Phil…and if in the future Liam turns out to be a lot more similar to Phil than Logan is, in physical appearance, demeanour, personality, charisma, etc, and people recognize that, he will also feel the pain of that as well…I think within Logan there will always remain a wound

        • Phil is going to have his hands full with Liam. He doesn’t like him or love him more than Logan. And maybe with Liam he will get a chance to experience his pigheaded personality.

          • haha! yes, then he’ll come to appreciate what he calls Logan’s “softness”…Logan isn’t soft, he’s just a really sweet kid

        • Holly I don’t think Phil liked Liam better, I think that Phil’s guilt because of Liam’s situation made it seem that way…In the walk scene with Logan when Phil told him, that Liam didn’t have him full time like Logan did and that because of the circumstances of his birth people may say derogatory things about Liam, etc…In my opinion only, Phil wanted Logan to accept Liam because he wanted both his sons happy and his family complete…No doubt he loved Logan or he wouldn’t have taken in on that ski trip, helped with his homework or got on his ass about his grades…He was his father and the hurt over Logan’s words prior to snow scene proved his love for his son…I guarantee once Liam became part of the family and Kim left town, Phil would have been calmer and Logan and Phil would be good..I also believe that Lina would have taken Liam over…Phil would of went back to playing pick-a-boo and soft blocks…Logan would of got plenty of time with Phil, because as Phil said I only have 2.5 years left with you and I’m not losing you more than I have too!

          • Tracie, I don’t think Phil likes Logan less or more than Liam, or any of his other kids..I think maybe, he doesn’t relate to Logan as much as he’s like (ie, because Logan isn’t a carbon copy of Phil lol), and also, of the 3 kids, Logan is the only one who challenged Phil and openly disapproved of his dad’s (Phil’s) actions (which can’t be easy for Phil)

          • Laura is there a possibility that Phil needed Logan to come to terms with the affair and Liam because of the way it affected Lina with Logan being upset and not staying home…Phil saying to Logan in the walk scene…this is your home where you belong…..I think it was stress on Lina and Phil with Logan staying in his room during the week when Liam was there and Logan being gone sometimes three weekends out of the month…It would me….Also, when Phil said about Kim…Jesus I can’t atand her, her son has been gone for 3 days and she doesn’t even want to interact with him.” When Logan came home after a weekend away, I’m sure Phil played video games with him etc…Phil would of interacted with Logan and we talked about this once, during his weekends away I bet Phil would of checked on Logan with at least a text…

          • Tracie — Of all the kids Phil spent the most time with Logan and would continue to do so until Liam was a little older. As far as Liam was concerned, I think Phil felt a lot of guilt for leaving him with Kim. It had to be torture dropping him off with a neglectful mother.

        • I love Logan too, I think as he gets older he’ll be able to hide his hurt. On some level I think he’ll always resent what his father did, he’s very sensitive to how Lina reacted and dealt with the situation. I think he hurts for her and can’t really understand why she’d take Phil back. I’m not sure he’ll understand until he’s in a full blown, loving adult relationship.

          • The reality is Logan hero worshiped Phil — he was a bigger than life figure in his life. The affair was a huge disappointment and probably a defining moment in Logan’s childhood — it forced him to grow up. He’ll never look at Phil exactly the same again but he will love and respect him. Phil was hard on Logan, but he loved him and Logan knows that.

      • Phil was hard on Logan — no doubt. He wants his son to be like him. I think he grew in Swimming Naked but turning him into a man who thinks sensitivity is a positive trait in a man would require a lobotomy. He did understand that he caused Logan pain though and he will forever regret his role in hurting his family.

          • I think Logan will be a man’s man…I just think his patience level will be higher than Phil’s LOL..

        • Tracie, 100 percent! Logan will definitely be a man’s man, I can’t see him maturing any other way, he will definitely get that from Phil…but I think he will be a better husband and father than Phil because of the experiences he went through (with Phil’s affair and seeing his mom devastated) and because he will know from experience that your kids don’t need to be exactly like you in order to relate to them or give them the unconditional approval they need…and also because he has some of Lina in him, and she is such a compassionate and beautiful soul

          • I agree too Miri…Even though Liam doesn’t have Lina’s DNA, he will still have her influence…so I’m hoping he gets a boost in the sensitive department…I just know Lina will baby Liam more than she does Logan, it’s her last baby…Plus Logan’s having sex Lol….

          • Logan is going to be the PERFECT MAN!! lol…I really liked Tiffany, I hope they get back together…she was so sweet to Liam and she really encouraged Logan to accept him

          • And Liam is going to be a hottie like Phil lol…Lina will definitely baby him but she can only do so much! haha

          • Thanks Tara!! I wanna make a kissy face at you but I don’t know how to on my laptop! lol

          • I’m on my iPad, lots of ??? options ?.

            I know it won’t be soon, but I can’t wait for Logan’s story. I think he’s going to be an amazing adult. I can’t wait to see his future love. She’s going to need to be AMAZING!

    • Tracie — Yes, between that scene and the scene where he took a walk with Logan — he finally took ownership for his mistakes and how that hurt his entire family. He knew he was the only person to blame.

      • Laura I think that’s why I need a flash forward scene with Liam and Logan, while Phil feels the same awe for Logan that he felt for Katie in the nursery scene when she pulled Liam out of the crib. I think Phil wouldn’t mind Logan being a little sensitive when he can see how good he is with Liam and how good of a father Logan will one day be! Swoon….

        • You’ll get a flash forward scene — I promise. And Logan will be a man’s man — he’s just a little more evolved than his father, that’s all.

          • Thanks Laura I live for your surprises…Logan will be Liam’s example…..Liam will give Phil a run for his money….Poor Lina

      • Do you think that Phil recognizes that he would have been just as hard or even harder on his own dad if his dad had done what Phil did? Or is he too pig headed to admit that to himself lol…I think without Logan’s serious reluctance to accept everything so easily (as his sisters did) forced Phil to really comprehend how much he hurt them all…in a way Logan served as his concience

        • Miri in the Ravens scene Mike gives that example and Phil can’t comprehend that his father would ever have an affair. I think Logan had the same opinion of Phil , until he didn’t and that is what was so hard for Logan..Logan felt betrayed too! I think deep down that Logan was afraid that Liam may be everything he wasn’t…He even said it…Maybe Liam will be a star athlete and student…Also, do you ever think Logan might have thought, if Phil would set his mother aside for a new woman he would set him aside for a new son? I think that thought could of crossed Logan’s young mind.

          • Logan had issues with Phil before the affair was ever revealed. He wasn’t as talented of an athlete — it’s just a fact. It made him fear he was a disappointment. Add in another son and I think it would be normal to feel even more insecure. But Logan is going to grow up and have successes of his own — he’ll have plenty of confidence and he won’t compare himself to Liam — the age gap is too large.

          • Yes, I also think that once Logan grows up some and comes into his own, he won’t compare himself to Liam or even Phil..he will be his own person and have confidence in who he is..he will love his father but won’t feel the need anymore to be exactly like him

        • Phil knows how he would have reacted if his father had done this. His brother, Mike, basically calls him out on it. He might not admit, but he knows it.

          • Tara I remember that scene, but I think he kind of ignored what his brother said a little because he didn’t want to admit to himself that he would have reacted just as Logan did (because he was upset with how Logan was reacting lol)

          • I think he absolutely tried to ignore his brother!

            Phil lives in his own bubble, just short of being self-absorbed. I think before his affair his world was very black and white, believing his opinions were right and others should fall in line. He gets real pissy whenever someone points out how shocked they are about his cheating on Lina.

            And, honestly, Laura has repeatedly pointed out he has a tendency to be hypocritical. ?

      • Thank you Tara we are safe and sound, but so many have lost everything because of the flooding….. My son-in-laws brother was caught in the tornado that hit in El Reno:..He had just pulled over to run into the hotel across the street from the hotel and trailer park that was leveled. He ran into the foyer of the hotel when the glass exploded on him. He got cut up pretty bad, but he said the pressure he felt was unbelievable…He was so blessed…

    • Very scary, Tracie!
      I’ve been so out of the loop reading the Horse series and working, I had no idea about the flooding. I’m glad you’re safe!

      • Thank you we are not in a flood zone…In Sand Springs and Tulsa, they have homes sliding off into the river, it is crazy. It is like something you would see in a California mudslide….

      • Same here, I don’t keep up with the news so I heard about it on this blog…Tracie is your entire family safe and sound, are they also in a relatively safe part?

        • Yes Miri we don’t live near a lake or river so we are doing good….We have a creek that runs through our property, but that’s about all the water I want around me…Lol and we have an underground storm cellar for the tornados so we are safe…Thank you for asking….

  11. That was awesome Laura…I’ve missed you girls this weekend…Logan was so devastated by what Phil did…But it is Logan’s business in a round about way…Like Logan told Katie in WPF he lied to him in all the man speeches and Phil went against everything he taught him.I can see where Logan is confused and upset….Phil keeps saying Logan is juvenile by running away from his family…but that is what Phil did for four months…he even told Lina “I was escaping.” I remember one time my mama told me to not be so immune to my daughters childish drama when she was little…She said you may think it’s ridiculous and nothing to worry about, but that is her world and her reality and it’s a big deal to her…I think Phil was doing the same thing with Logan…

    Laura I Love all your scenes old and new…But I would like a scene where Logan recognizes Liam as his little brother…Sweeet!

    I painted a fence all day. I damn near wore myself to a frazzle…It was on an embankment and I looked like I was on a slip in slide most of the day, but I got it done….

    I’m at 73 percent of first BH book…This turtle will win the race…Lol

    • Thank you Laura. I am so glad that Adele and Logan were such fierce defenders of Lina. I was not surprised by Logan’s reaction but Katie’s comment about killing Matt if he ever did that was my first notice of her having an opinion, a negative one, about the affair. I wonder if she voiced her opinion more in the first draft of WPF. I know Lina is almost a saint in how she handled the affair and baby but I would really love for her to go bat shit crazy, angry, and unforgiving for a minute or two or three against Phil.
      Thank for the scene!

      • Hi Holly…Lina could no go bat shit crazy against her own heart…that’s just her and Phil is her heart and her person so only forgiveness for Phil…

      • Holley – I think Katie has a lot of Phil in her. She likes to think she’s like Alice but she is much more judgmental- she thinks the way she thinks is the right way to think – just like Phil.

        • I love that Katie has a lot of Phil in her. It’s probably why she had issues to start with. They’re dominant personalities and it was inevitable they would clash and yet as his child Katie had no power. I loved that she applied to college on her own fully knowing he’d want her to go away to school.

      • Yes! I agree with Holley. LOL she should have gone bat shit crazy. Would have loved that but I don’t think it was in Lina to do so. At least we got a few slaps out of her in the deleted scenes.

        • Hi Janet, the slaps made me happy not that I condone violence but I just needed the release from all the pent up anger against Phil.

        • I absolutely think she could have gone bat shit crazy! And, it should have been while she dragging his ass to be tested for STDs! Making sure he knew how much she didn’t appreciate his basically bringing everyone of Kim’s sexual partners into their bed.

          OMG, I just had to take a deep breathe—lol.

          I know Lina got tested, but she could/should have made him miserable in the process!

          • I agree Tara, she should have made him squirm! haha…but that’s not her character (that’s my character lolll)…I would’ve raked him over hot coals for that one)

    • Laura!! You are so good to us!!! Thank you for this scene! But oooh I got mad for a minute when Phil said “it’s none of his business”…typical Phil! Logan was very affected by the cheating, of course it’s his business!! Also, he’s always saying how Logan is soft, how Lina babies him…maybe if Phil was as sweet as Logan he never would have cheated! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • Gawd! Phil is such a polarizing figure!! Thanks Laura and happy reading! Tracie, just stick to it and the 3rd book will be your favorite too.


      Laura, Ann, and Tara- do you think Alexander would have gone through with the dinner(and more) if he was sure Tatiana never found out? 100 percent right? Would it have lasted as long as Phil’s “indiscretion” if T continued to work long hours? How did you guys like the son’s (forget his name) love twist?

      • Horse – what a trilogy! This is a truly a codependent relationship. Would he have gone through with it? Yes I think so. He was lost without Ts attention. She balanced him

        • true that! sigh. What’s next. I can’t get into any romance novels right now. have read couple of SJP’s recs.

          • This is going to be a hard one to recover from. I was on a romance drought until Horse.

            Horse – if he had betrayed her it wouldn’t have gone well. He would have continued to spiral down. Also she would have known. She said he couldn’t keep anything from her. The smack was a huge shock for me. It still is

          • Yes that’s one thing A and Phil didn’t have in common. Alexander couldn’t keep anything a secret. Personally, I think they needed the mother of all smackdowns. We FELT that. What shocked me was the son. I never saw that coming.

          • It was such an interesting book. Very complex characters. I’m still not done – I got 4 hours of sleep last night lol. I just found out who the son was dating ?

        • I agree he was lost without her, but he knew she’d find out, at that point I don’t think he could have kept the secret. He was a freaking train wreck!

          That scene was overwhelming, brutal, heartbreaking and yet fit the story.

          It’s great to be able to discuss the series!

          • That scene was powerful, no doubt. Those characters were flawed and stayed consistent throughout the series. They really regressed in maturity when they fought — both of them.

          • You are so right! They had so much to deal with young, the Siege of Leningrad was horrifying. The regression worked almost like a purging of everything they’d dealt with—does that make sense?

      • Janet,

        OMG great question, I don’t think Alexander’s indiscretions would have lasted as long, he was having guilt and issues from the get go. I don’t think he was going to be able to “compartmentalize” the way Phil did. Alexander on some level was trying to communicate with Tatiana and was already in her face about the job taking her away from her family.

        Ant needed his own story, his storyline twists in book 3 blew me away!

        • Horse — I could have done without the final Vietnam story. Finally done — I loved Alexander and Tatiana and their family. This one will stay with me.

          • It definitely stays with you. The Vietnam part of the story was difficult and if I had one complaint, that part of the story was too long. And, the twist about Ant’s relationship was enough without the Vietnam horrors.

        • Tara — I totally agree! Many scenes in the third book were unnecessary and yet I think it may have been my favorite in the series. I loved all the scenes in all three books where Tatiana and Alexander were together. I loved their interactions. Very hard read in some places but the fight in book three was intense. And I agree that interaction was a purging and necessary.

          • The third book was my favorite too. I just wanted them to survive the first 2 books, and finally be together. It’s book 3 where you see their relationship.

          • Reading that book really makes me want to write — it was so satisfying! Their interactions felt real. I need that in my romance novels

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