Swimming Naked – The Sequel to A White Pick Fence

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  1. Deb says:

    Hi ladies, I really wish this blog was in audio so I could catch up during my commute to work each day…! Ha, I can imagine all these American accents and then the awful Kiwi (NZ) accent thrown in amongst it!!!
    Well done Laura on finishing SN – that must feel amazing and I so can’t wait to read it!!!
    While I personally still think that Phil is a massive prick, it will be interesting to see if my opinion changes after reading SN…I’m sure it will…
    Dare I say it but I also sympathise slightly (just a tiny, tiny, wee bit) with Kim’s character…don’t get me wrong – I despise her – but the guy slept with her (including over night stays) for FOUR FREAKING MONTHS!!!!…I think she could be a tiny bit justified in thinking it was more than just a casual fling…I think in her mind, getting pregnant was just a way to give him the impetus to actually leave his wife – too bad it back fired on her and too bad for him that he believed he was actually safe from impregnating her!!! Her reaction by being a massive bitch, while not endearing, is kind of understandable…she clearly thought that giving him a baby would be her trump card…but she was wrong…
    I’m sure SN will answer a lot of gaps I had about the true nature of their “relationship”…
    Also it’s apparent the Hunters needed a shake up in their marriage even though Phil clearly took it too far…Lina was hanging on to the trauma of her past and I can see how that would be taxing to any partner, particularly when he’s bent over backwards to give her a relatively easy life…she needed this to move past that and get a backbone…Phil also needed to stop treating her as the submissive wife and not take her for granted…
    So thanks Laura again for bringing us something REAL, something to tug at the heartstrings and to reflect – there’s no way I’ve been compelled to blog on any other author’s books…
    Bring on the release of SN!!!!
    P.S. disappointed about the change in name for Liam – my eldest is named Liam 🙂
    P.P.S. I really don’t like Kim’s character!!!! But just playing devil’s advocate here…it takes two to tango (or make a baby) and all that…
    P.P.P.S. I still like Nick – I think he’s hot – just saying… 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Good morning!
    Chandler let me sleep until 8 a.m.! Ten full hours.
    I just started a new thread and re-posted the opening scene of Swimming Naked.
    After I’ve caught up on a few things, I’ll start posting some of the scenes I promised. ie Phil confronting Kim after she texts him at the baseball game, Kim attacking him at his office etc.

  3. Ann says:

    Good Morning!
    Just checking in before I head out today. Catching up with girls I used to work with for lunch.

    OK, the fact that Jordan’s sympathy for evil Kim was short lived, leads me to believe that Kim’s evil true colors came out in force afterwards. She is so nasty and twisted. What better way to win Phil back than to hurt his wife (who he said he would never leave!) and family. That’s why Phil hates her so much because he now realizes she’s a no good, heartless bitch with no class. Phil you made a huge mistake, but you learned from it and I think you will show us how sweet you can be with Lina. Can’t wait to read more about Phil and Lina. I’m so excited!
    Laura, hope you got some well needed sleep last night!!

  4. Tracie says:

    Good Morning Girls, Busy day but wanted to check in on you Laura..I knew you said you felt weird yesterday, I personally feel like that everyday and it works for me….LOL Hope you get some rest today…

  5. janet says:

    God bless you Laura! Your baby is off!! Good night to you!!

  6. Tracie says:

    Girls do you feel like you are waiting on the polls to close to get election results? I’m nervous thinking of Laura wearing herself out typing out her last thoughts on SN…..

    To kill time I’m going to tell you a true story….since we were talking about 911…..I had neck fusion about 4 years ago…I went back to work way to early, but you know I had business…about midway through the second day I felt like my heart was running away with me, so my co-workers called 911 and my sons engine crew rolls up with the ambulance and they all barrel in….Well my pulse was running about 130 and my hands were blue so they load me and off we go to the hospital….My daughter works at the hospital so she was waiting in emergency when they rolled me in…I’m like look I’m just tired, this is residual symptoms from this surgery, the doctor looks at my hands and says are your jeans new and I said huh, she said are your jeans new and I said pretty new! She said hand me an alcohol wipe and she wiped the dye from my jeans off my hands LOL…Well I busted out laughing and said ok get me up I’m out of here…My daughter was like mom hush they are not letting you up, I said I’m fine…The next thing I know I hear over the hospital speaker system code stroke code stroke…I said Doc you need to go handle that Code Stroke, she said you are the Code Stroke…I said what the hell, you into insurance fraud? The next thing I know, I have two ICU nurses on each side of me and I’m being rushed for a CT scan…I’m like look Girls I’m fine you guys can use this as a training exercise, good job…blah blah blah….when they pull me out of the tube I said hey stop at this bathroom I need to pee…They said you can’t get off the gurney, yes I can…My daughter is at my side and said mom stop talking and I said why? She pointed to the board and it said out by my name Altered Mental State…LOL…Just because I asked that bitch of a doctor if she was into insurance fraud…My heart rate was high because I was having a reaction to the anti-inflammatory meds…I walked out on my own after… I made the nurse wipe that blasphemy off that damn board…The end….

  7. Ann says:

    Ladies you are the best!
    Katie you are a sweetheart.
    Tracie I have reread WPF at least 3 times and each time I pick up on something new. I had forgotten that right after Phil confessed to Lina about the affair that he stayed in the guest room in the basement and Lina came to him in the middle of the night. He was so sweet to her to, he hugged her and told her how much he loved her and how sorry he was and that he would do whatever it took to make it up to her! I loved it

    • Tracie says:

      End of Chapter 10, he said he didn’t deserve her….she said she was pathetic and she didn’t know how not to love him…he said it would be unnatural for them not to love each other …Swoon.

  8. Laura says:

    I just sent my baby away to the mean editor. I still have to write the epilogue and a couple of other scenes but I could’t miss another deadline so… feel weird

  9. Tracie says:

    I just read my last post and saw how screwed up it was and then missed Kbabes meaning on hers, I have got to quit reading and typing while I drive….

  10. janet says:

    Ouch!!!! You are so lucky you didn’t break any bones then. This guy wasn’t hurt I don’t think because he got up and the screaming match started. It was a witness who called 911 but there was no need for this many officers. OTT!

  11. Tracie says:

    Oh my gosh that happened to me….Me and my husband were coming out of the doctors office in a mini mall, he was behind me and and stepped on the back of shoes, I had on mules with no back and I fell right in front of a car….My shoe flipped over my head and my purse flew off my shoulder and I barreled into the pavement skinning my elbow…I still have a scar…Lol

  12. janet says:

    I’m back. They let me do a direct exchange, not even a store credit. I came out to find a parking ticket on my windshield. Then I stopped to grab lunch and saw a couple fighting with a baby in a stroller and the woman pushed the guy and he fell backwards. Within 10 min 6 squad cars came surrounding the complex and one came up on the sidewalk and blocked the entrance. A stoner was waiting for his food next to me and kept saying he didn’t want his tax $ paying for this. It was crazy. I was stuck there for 45 min! This brings me to my question, did anything like this happen in SN Laura? Where Kim loses it and shoves Phil off the sidewalk. I’m sorry you are going through hell right now. I hope you get some rest soon.

  13. Tracie says:

    Laura has acknowledged Ann several times…She appreciates all her bloggers. That is why negative comments bother her, because she care. She is so busy and tired right now she probably doesn’t know if she is coming or going…

  14. Katie says:

    I don’t think I read the first blog post, thinking it was about a different future story. I just scanned it and it got my stomach churning all over again. Ugh.

    • Tracie says:

      Our first thread together was all our first questions right after we read WPF then we just went crazy with it…Lol. It has been so fun…

      • Tracie says:

        That’s why I think our thread After the Swim will be awesome too…different POV’s with Laura’s input you see some things hidden in a Chapter that you yourself wouldn’t have noticed…Janet pointed things out in Chapter 1 of WPF that I hadn’t even noticed…Like Phil wanted Lina to be asleep so they wouldn’t fight, etc…I didn’t think that Lol….I just thought she was waiting up to have sex…

        • Katie says:

          I’m so excited for the analysis. I was late to the WPF party but I’m on time and looking fly for this one!
          There were quite a few people that have dropped off- Liana, Barrett, Veronica. I’m sure some others I’ve forgotten.
          I’m glad Carrie and Deb check in and that Ann returned. I don’t think Laura acknowledges how special she is.

  15. Tracie says:

    Laura I’m fixing to shut this money maker down for the day, thinking about you plugging away at your laptop in your club chair….I hope you take time to rest and grab a bite to eat sister…..

  16. tracie says:

    Laura I hate that you are so tired doll…pass it off (carefully) and get some rest…Thank you for doing this for us…we are so excited…

  17. Laura says:

    Good morning!
    I went to bed at 12:30 and was up at 2:30 — still cleaning up the manuscript — haven’t done Chapter breaks yet. At this rate I’ll be passing it off at 11:59 pm. Another long day

  18. Tracie says:

    Laura said she would not compromise on SN…scenes that she felt absolutely had to stay would…..I too want to read everything she wrote…

  19. Tracie says:

    Good Morning Girls, Our novel takes its maiden journey to the editor today….Maiden Journeys are usually celebrated by a bottle of champagne to the hull of a ship…I’m thinking on this festive occasion we could maybe have a top popping, extremely bubbling snippet to set the scene for our novel to have fair skies and smooth sailing…..maybe even an old scene that was cut from WPF to wet our appetite for SN…..

    Laura even if you cancel the ceremony, you have to admit this is the best try ever…Lol

    • Ann says:

      Hi Tracie, I hope the editor doesn’t do a lot of take outs. I want to read everything Laura wrote!

      • janet says:

        Laura please post here if the editor cuts any scenes out. That hurts my heart.

        Ann, did you read the post where Laura told us Kim scratched Phil’s neck when he ended the affair in the original version of WPF?

        • Tracie says:

          Scratch Scene would be awesome to read…Phil dumping Kim would be epic….

        • Ann says:

          Janet I missed that. Why couldn’t they have left that in!! Did Lin’s see the scratch marks?

          • Tracie says:

            Yes she did Ann….

            A hotel scene was edited out at the Wedding too, where Kim confronted Lina in the hallway and said some really awful things to her…they were so awful Laura had anxiety just telling us a smidge of what happened.

          • Katie says:

            Omg what did she say?
            Fucking bitch.

          • janet says:

            Yes so Laura told us originally WPF was called an Affair and it focused on what happens to a family after an affair. Did you guys see the post where the manuscript was 120k words and the editor wanted to change it to a love triangle so Laura cut 60k and added Katie’s PoV and Nick. WPF became a new novel with 90,000 words. In the original Phil and Kim had an altercation in his office when he broke up with her. She scratched his neck and it was a big turn off for Phil. In the wedding scene, Kim confronts Lina in the hallway and lies to Lina about how many times Phil and Kim have sex. I couldn’t stand it so I asked Laura what Kim said and it was 5 times. It was a lie but Phil didnt tell Lina the actual number because he didn’t want her to visualize.

          • Katie says:

            It was only 5 times?

          • janet says:

            Kbabe I’m not with it this morning. Are you being sarcastic? How can you have sex 5 times a night unless you are a prostitute?

          • Tracie says:

            5x in one visit, Kim also told Lina that Phil said he had wanted her more than Lina and the she was pretty the best sex…but it was all a lie! Lina told Kim she was insignificant and then lost it in front of Phil in their room…he told her it was all a lie, that he had never wanted a woman more than Lina and he was heading out to destroy Kim, but Lina stopped him

          • Katie says:

            I thought she meant total in the affair. I was confused. So Kim told Lina they had sex 5 times a night?

          • Tracie says:

            Yes and that Phil had told her that he had never wanted another woman they way he wanted her….which broke Lina’s heart, but she didn’t let Kim see that…she held her own until she got back to the room. Phil saw how upset Lina was and demanded she tell him, what Kim had said and when she did he went ballistic because it was a lie…

          • Tracie says:

            Remember Lina slapped Kim, because Kim said your husband couldn’t get enough of me….

          • Tracie says:

            That’s why J-Girl and I can’t have any sympathy for the slut pup….Just saying

          • janet says:

            Tracie, I forgot that Kim said this to Lina. I think I was traumatized after the sex count. Laura, would you slap me if I asked you to share that original scene with us? It’ll fuel our hatred and up our ammunition. Only if it doesn’t give you anxiety….

            I must go and try return this final sale. I do this so much and never learn my lesson. hate this impulsiveness about me.

          • Katie says:

            Ugh Kim’s the worst!! I read through prior blog posts but missed some things, obviously.

          • Tracie says:

            That would of been on our very first thread Kbabe

          • janet says:

            you guys, I have a book recommendation. Lynda Leeanne. She only wrote 3 but they are good and angsty with some cheating factor. I like 1st Lexy baby and 3rd-Adam Enough Said. Was going through my kindle library and remembered. It’s romance genre not chick lit like mill house or adultery club

    • janet says:

      Is this for real? Maiden journey? Best try ever. Laura can’t resist you!

  20. Katie says:

    Janet mentioned The Mill House a few times so I read it over the last couple of days. Good! The mistress is a lot like Kim- maybe worse. Ugh! Husband is redeemable. It’s quite a story that seriously straddles the line of soap opera, but good! Thanks, J.

  21. Tracie says:

    Im hoping he told a half truth on the tie about spilling something at lunch or whatever it was….Laura says full disclosure in SN…I can’t wait to see what perimeters Lina puts in place on Phil’s visits with the baby….

    I bet the first rule would be the cantaloupe better stay seedless LOL

    • janet says:

      Omg. LOLOL. I wonder if she will ever get pregnant again.

      Now I’m remembering how blasé Phil was lying about how his secretary got the tie and then saying to Lina why do you care? What else did Kim give him? It wasn’t his birthday nor was it Valentine’s Day. She probably cooked him lunch at the corportare
      Apt. God. I can’t anymore. I’m getting really upset imagining stuff.

      • Tracie says:

        It was a paralegal or something he said that got him the tie and it was bought in Baltimore because Lina said the store it was bought from they didn’t have in NYC…I can’t wait to have Phil’s POV when Lina’s in NYC wondering what his woman is doing…..

  22. Tracie says:

    That would never happen…I guarantee he only wore that tie because he really spilled something on the one Lina packed…

    What if the After midnight call that Lina answered and Phil coming home at 1am is the same scene…Lina says he not home and then Kim said oh I thought he would be home by now…Can you tell him I have his wallet he left it on my nightstand……now talk about don’t follow me and a misunderstanding…..which is code for the bitch took it out of the inside pocket of his coat that was laid over a chair, while he was rocking the baby….

    • janet says:

      yes he only wore it because his regular tie had hot sauce on it. Was he wearing it the night before when he went to a fancy steak dinner with the hussy? Also, yes on your scenario Tracie. I even thought maybe he had to take his wedding ring off because Liam had an accident and Phil took it off to clean himself. Phil, just don’t go to Kim’s house anymore. Deighj thought Kim had a live in nanny. Where is she? Kim employed someone before she moved so where is the lady?

  23. janet says:

    Yes I would like to know what Kim called Phil. She gave him that tie and I don’t care but he never wore pink before so how did Kim choose that color? I know she wanted Lina to find out but was this a lucky guess? Lina should buy Phil some hot pink skinny jeans and make him wear it. barf.

  24. Ann says:

    Omg you girls are hysterical! You have me laughing out loud! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Size of a damn cantaloupe her damn vagina! That is funny

  25. Tracie says:

    Think about the hospital scene girls…There is Phil looking at his newborn son. loves him as much as he loves his other children, knowing he doesn’t get to take him home or watch the way Lina nursed and nurtured his other children, because she is not his mother…bitter sweet for Phil….There’s Kim hormonal after giving birth thinking Phil will not only fall in love with his son, but her too! Thinking he might fuss over her like he might of with Lina thanking her and telling her how much he loved her…but No…he meets his son and then leaves to have Christmas with his wife and kids….bummer!!!!!

    • janet says:

      Well Phil wasn’t mean. That’s enough. So Liam(feel like he’ll always be to me)was born on the 23rd and Phil went back home on the 24th. I bet you Ann’s winnings Kim was calling Phil non stop and leaving voicemails. Beep. Phil, Liam needs you here. Beep. He’s crying even after the nurses fed him. Beep. Phil, when are you coming to see your son. Beep. Phil, can you bring some prep H on your next visit. Beeeeeep. Phil I think I can have sex again in a week even though my vagina is a size of a cantaloupe right now. Ugh. Sympathy time is over.

      • Tracie says:

        Bahahaha I bet he put his phone on silent, because he didn’t want her interrupting his time with Lina and his kids……

        I also wondered what they talked about, probably work, current events, sports who knows but Laura said he never called her pet names…I wonder if she called him pet names or if she will in SN…..

        • janet says:

          For sure the phone was on silent mode because the witch thought she has suffered enough and deserves Phil’s gratitude and love. She better not have called him baby. I wonder if she did and Phil had to correct her? Or she uses that against Lina knowing Phil calls Lina baby. also I hate that they connected through work and running. As if they had things in common. Ok sympathy time is really over and she needs to die again.
          I also wonder when Michael Bolton song is played. I read the lyrics. It really is how Phil feels about Lina.

          • Tracie says:

            There is no way I could have sympathy for Kim after the text messages and pictures….that shredded Lina’s heart and there was no sense in doing that to her…but after the slap Kim was ready to fire on Lina with both barrels…Phil and Lina back together, she’s going to feel the same need to bite back…let’s see what you got Kim……

          • Tracie says:

            Remember too I think Kim expects Lina to fight Phil over the things Kim does to cause her grief, but what she doesn’t expect is them to work as a team against her…or that is what I think..because Laura had said Lina and Phil are on the same page when it comes to Kim…

          • Tracie says:

            Laura does Kim call Phil, baby, sweetheart, stud muffin or any pet names in SN?

          • Katie says:

            Pet name= handsome

          • Tracie says:

            I can see her calling him that Kbabe

      • Katie says:


  26. Tracie says:

    That’s right J-Girl you said I had to stay strong and not feel bad in anyway for Kim! I got your back on Team Melting Witch….She is going down…..

    • janet says:

      Word. ??. Lol

    • Katie says:

      Ok let’s go there for a minute. In Kim’s head, Phil was hers. And Laura said they never had a clear conversation about their affair and what it meant. So, Kim was living in a fantasy world, which came tumbling down. Bastard child. No Phil. And now he’s really mean to her. I’m sure her professional reputation is tainted as well.

      Maybe we can feel slightly sorry for her. Like as much as we do when a bug hits the windshield.

      • Tracie says:

        Kbabe you and I had the same vision..:I think she thought Phil would go all adorable daddy…..kissy kissy with her and the baby both…when all he thought about was Lina, the baby and his kids…..

      • janet says:

        I thought Phil made it clear it was just sex for him. I don’t think any of those conversations mattered to Kim though. Once she was mesmerized, that was it. She believed he was hers for the taking. Do you guys ever wonder what they talked about when they were together? When the pictures came out and Phil was at the bar with Kim – what were they talking about? work? Maybe they won the case that night. Why the matching outfits with low cut top with her boobs hanging out.

  27. Tracie says:

    60 pages in I wonder if that is the hospital scene???? Oh my gosh I remember how you jumped on me J-Girl for Phil leaving and saying if you need anything call…Lol…to think you might have a little sympathy for Kim cracks me up….LOL

    • janet says:

      I said maybe! I sound like I have a split personality. Didn’t I just say how I wish Lina would smack her eardrums few hours back? And Jordan was only on 60 pages. I have a feeling this is a scene where Phil is mean to her and she shed some tears(maybe that’ll be every other scene. Fingers crossed). I Remember Laura telling us this. Maybe it’s the- this not a social call-scene… who are we kidding ? Kim will be back to playing her wedge tricks on page 61

  28. Ann says:

    Hey girls! I should have clarified the football pool. Only 4 of us left and we all won today so we will go onto next week and pick another team. Last man standing wins about $3,400. So yes the Ravens win today kept me in!!!
    Now onto the Hunters! So the fact that Jordan actually felt some sympathy for Kim tells me that she has finally realized she will never have Phil’s love. EVER! Then sympathy for Phil means he is guilt ridden for everything he did to Lina and is having a hard time. Especially with Liam in the middle.
    Omg, when will SN be out for us to purchase!!
    What is Liam’s name going to be?

  29. Laura says:

    Go Ravens! Congrats Ann!

  30. Tracie says:

    That gives me chills Ann…Alpha Phil watching his Lina carry another mans child..He couldn’t get past it…he held his breath when he asked her if she had been with him. I remember Lina in the shower after he told her about the affair and baby and her thinking about Phil putting his seed in another woman’s womb how devasted she was….makes me sick…Laura says Lina will decide when she’s ready to accept the baby…I think Phil is smart enough to know, not to push the baby on Lina or Logan…I’ve always said that Lina will have to help Phil forgive himself and overcome the guilt.

    • Laura says:

      Phil might eventually forgive Lina for getting pregnant by another man (they are soulmates after all) but all interactions would be through prison bars because he’d kill the other man

      • Tracie says:

        Yes he would and My Phil wouldn’t appreciate the prison jumpsuits either….

      • janet says:

        Bahaha. You did tell us before but I keep forgetting.

        Ann did you win??

        I just read the first chapter of WPF. I meant to just look for the page count but the words pulled me in again. Why does Lina say Phil travels more than he’s home lately when talking to Gina at Wayne’s house? Did he go to NY even when he didn’t need to? God

        Do we see Kim only for the first 25 percent of SN or is she sprinkled throughout sequel? I love that it ends with Phil’s POV. Whose voice is the epilogue? How Logan’s perhaps?

        • Laura says:

          Phil was involved in a big case in NYC – that’s why he was traveling more.
          Kim is in the entire book.
          Good idea on Logan in the epilogue
          FYI Jordan is about 60 pages into the book and she said she was shocked to feel sympathy for both Phil and Kim?

          • janet says:

            ?. Sympathy for Kim! I wonder if we will too. Maybe. I hate her so much but then I keep thinking she just wanted to win Phil at any and all cost. I wonder if Jordan is reading the part where you told us you felt sorry for Kim as you wrote a scene.
            Thank you for the NYC answer. I am dissecting every word again.

          • Tracie says:

            Really? Sympathy for Kim? I thought she was not redeemable….ugh.

          • Katie says:

            Oh hell no

        • Tracie says:

          That is an awesome idea with Logan’s voice in the Epilogue…My 15 year old grandson and his friend hung out with me today…They are so funny….

  31. Ann says:

    I spent some time going through some of the earlier blogs and from some of Laura’s snippets it seems that Phil is definitely more riled up than Lina because of the guilt. He knows that he is responsible for tearing his family up and the love of his life. He has nightmares and can’t even ride past the Farside rental. He absolutely loves Liam but I think he gets where Lina is coming from and understands why she can’t be around him at first. Could you see Phil accepting a baby that Lina had by Nick through an affair? I don’t know if alpha Phil could.

  32. Katie says:

    I believe Lina trusted that Phil would never be with Kim again after he wasn’t with her (Kim) during the 6-month separation. So anything Kim does to make it look otherwise wouldn’t get Lina riled up. I think Lina would start to be calloused toward Kim’s attempts to hurt her. Like Janet said, she’d start to be the one to calm Phil down. Once Phil explains the pictures I think Lina will be healed and Kim won’t be able to hurt her anymore.

    • Tracie says:

      I believe that too…I was thinking back to the snippet with Logan, where he stops his dad at the top of the stairs and says she told you not to follow her….Then I remember Laura saying about the pictures, Lina had looked at them so much she had become desensitized to them, but she was still a bitter. I think like you two that she will become desensitized to Kim’s crap, because it’s just expected…but Phil will not want Lina to have to live her life expecting havoc from his biggest regret…

  33. Tracie says:

    You are right J-Girl, we talked about that so much wondering if Phil was thinking how much more can Lina take…Lina will be the rock in SN, I hope Lina and Kim go head to head….that would be so good!

  34. Tracie says:

    Do you girls think Lina will have a fit in the first 25 percent of SN, where she tell Phil to get Kim under control, she has reached her limit…her being smart on the phone would of probably pegged my tolerance meter….Remember we talked about this how much can Lina take?

    • janet says:

      Lina is more mature than Phil so if anything it’ll be Phil getting riled up by Kim’s shenanigans and Lina calming him down. I hope so anyway. I want phil to get mad at Kim for even saying Lina name. You are right Lina and nick are too much alike. Phil and Lina balance each other out.

    • janet says:

      Remember Laura’s snippet? You are the one who had a baby with another kid and you want Logan to change schools? Lina put her foot down then.
      I thought of this. At a public gathering I wonder if anyone will compare Lina with Kim out loud. Like another woman who was either ignored or scorned by Phil. Sort of like at a party Deighj was at. Imagine!

      • Tracie says:

        Oh gosh J-Girl I couldn’t imagine….If they do, I hope it’s not where Phil could hear it, he would go ballistic…I think about the partners spouses in Chapter 2 WPF how they all said you and Phil look so in love and Lina says we are and then BAM they are separated and he has a baby with Kim an associate their spouses know.. That’s why Lina is so apprehensive about going….I wonder if Lina tells Phil that she doesn’t want to see the Pity in their eyes or think she’s a fool for taking Phil back….

        • janet says:

          Ugh! Phil! I guess that’s part of the repercussions of having an affair. It does impact all areas of the couple’s life.. Is pity any better than catty? Not really but I bet some of these women have experienced the same thing don’t you think?
          As far as standing up to Kim, maybe Lina can punch her on the nose this time and smack her ear so Kim loses hearing in one side. Can’t be charged since nobody else witnessed it. lol

  35. Tracie says:

    Girls I got a question…Do you think Phil would have discussed with Wayne or Mike, Nick’s obsession with Lina?? I thought about it and I think no……

    • Katie says:

      Early on or after the affair?
      I think if he had voiced his concerns about Nick that would’ve appeared vulnerable- so no.

      • Tracie says:

        That’s what I thought too…Lina spent most of her time denying her attraction to Nick , when talking to Adele and Diane…but Phil admitting his wife had gravitated to another man would of looked like some type of failure on his part….

        • Tracie says:

          I was thinking after the affair in SN…..just based on our discussions Phil is probably mad at himself for not paying more attention where Nick was concerned and then Nick in SN telling Phil he doesn’t deserve Lina.. I can’t wait to read that whole conversation..

    • janet says:

      no. That would seem insecure. I don’t think Nick is obsessed with Lina. He just doesn’t think Phil is good enough and if anything he puts Lina on a pedestal. Why don’t you like him Tracie? LOL. Ugh now Im remembering the details again. Why didn’t he listen to Wayne?

      • Tracie says:

        I don’t dislike Nick…but I knew reading WPF he was not the right one for Lina.and wouldn’t end up with her….they are too much alike….Phil is kind of like a bull in a china closet and Nick is like a hammock blowing in a slight breeze…Lina needs the horns, not a nap….Phil and Lina compliment each other…like you a me Salt….

  36. janet says:

    I just got my new paper white! It’s thinner which means my old cover doesn’t fit. I like those plain leather amazon covers. Not many color choices but should I get blue indigo
    Or red? That’s the extent of my dilemma today. And try and figure out how I can return a final sale item…

    • Katie says:

      Where is the final sale from?

      • janet says:

        I got red case. sale from isabel marant store so it’ll be hard. what was I thinking. I emailed the sales girl. Saw your bag yesterday. Thought of you. Do you not wear leather Kbabe?

        • Katie says:

          I do wear leather. I’m picky about it though- totally ruined after a trip to Italy and a leather goods boutique years ago. I just love everything about Stella McCartney- her style, marketing, ethics, philosophy. But no, I’m not vegan. I’d like to say I’m not into fast fashion, but that’s not entirely true, because I allow cheap stuff in my wardrobe.

          • Tracie says:

            Expensive or cheap… if it covers my ass, looks good on me and I like it I’m wearing it LOL.:…Now there have been times when my daughter has said “No Mama…Put it down put it down Lol… J-Girl my daughter said to tell you she got the pale pink Michael Kors purse for 168 and the purse was regular 500…them picked up the matching wallet too for a steal…..She was thrilled and I guess I wasn’t, so she said tell Janet, she’ll understand Lol….

          • janet says:

            Hailee, I understand! Every girl needs a Michael
            Kors. Pale pink is my favorite shade of pink. I remember watching black swan with Natalie Portman way back when and obsessing over her pale pink overcoat. Good job!!

  37. Tracie says:

    I’m excited about reading it and can’t wait for the new thread and our discussions…We can call it After the Swim….Tell you husband HB and yes men are sexier as they get older…My man is still a silver ? Lol….

  38. Katie says:

    Hi girls. I’m here! My husband is officially closer to 50 than 40 now, and yesterday we spent the day celebrating. Men really do get sexier as they age.

    Thank you for the book recommendations.
    How is everyone feeling about SN being done? Exciting of course, but kind of sad too. I’ve never been so invested in a book.

  39. Tracie says:

    I’m anxious about Kim’s family too…We have discussed this before when her sister tells Phil what has she done now….Kim doesn’t have friends she’s narcissistic, but they do feel empathy…but she strikes me as the type that can’t get her feelings hurt…Feelings are for weak people in Kim’s opinion….Remember in WPF when Lina slapped her and Kim’s eyes flared…that was the warning rattle from the witch that it was game on….

    • janet says:

      Oh I remember alright. Hate her! Even if Kim meets another love of her life, how can she abandon her child? I know she used Liam, Noah, Adam, Christian as her weapon but he’s still her blood. I’m stumped. I’ve read romance novels where the girlfriend takes off after giving birth but not after a year or so of raising her child.

      • Tracie says:

        Laura let Ned stay…maybe Kim’s defenses are just wore down by the end-of the nove, moves on and they share custody of the baby…I keep remembering Laura saying Liam loves his momma…..which means she loves him…I keep thinking maybe she moves up in her job and Phil makes a deal that Lina can watch the baby, etc and they share custody like Lia and Ned….but he actually lives with the Hunter’s and Kim takes the visitation schedule….Phil is already established as a partner, she will have to work long hours to get to that status…

      • Katie says:

        Happens all the time in real life, unfortunately.

  40. Ann says:

    Hi Ladies, just checking in. Still decorating. I just need to pull my ass in gear and get it done today!!!

    Please pray for the Ravens to win today. I’m one out of four people left in a Survivors Football pool out of 330 people. I picked the Ravens to win and I have never picked them to win before. Also, I am a Ravens fan.
    Check in later ladies.

  41. Tracie says:

    Deighj he’s never mentioned it…I’ll have to ask him…I’ve read several Linda Howard books but not that one…I’ll look it up……

  42. deighj says:

    Morning honey bunches. I see that Carrie and J have checked in. Carrie it’s great seeing that you’re following the posts on here. I’ve wondered if Veronica and Deb are doing the same.
    J, the party was nice and I enjoyed myself. Most surprising is the couple who showed up were relatively new to the neighborhood and not as caught up in the status game.
    Sugar, has your hubby read Catch 22 by Joseph Heller? I love that book, one of the funniest. I know you remember the television series Mash. I read the books that continued after the war was over. So funny. I hated romance novels and looked down on weak women who needed to get romance in a book. About ten years ago I read All The Kings Men by Linda Howard and never looked back. The book is a romantic suspense about 2 black ops specialists.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Deighj, I read that book by Linda Howard and it was so so good. I think it was called “all the Queens Men”. Loved the beginning of that when they were camped out in Iran or Iraq. So exciting and good love story.

  43. Tracie says:

    I thought about that too….But how would they have met…Her new firm in Baltimore could be his legal team….that would put Kim working for the same people as Lina..awkward…

  44. janet says:

    I just thought of something. Kim and Damien. We never put them together did we? Since we are now talking about Kim leaving the hunters alone for a billionaire…

  45. Carrie says:

    Congratulations Laura!! I’m so looking forward to reading SN! I’m sure it will be your best book so far!!

  46. Tracie says:

    The revenge part will be awesome…..I can’t wait to see what Laura is going to do with Kim…..

    Listen to the words only…I loved them!

  47. Tracie says:

    You know I was reading a couple of Chapters in WPF and even though SN will be emotional, Phil and Lina will be getting through it together and in the same bed….I know there had to be distance/separation in WPF, it just felt wrong when they loved each other so much….

    • janet says:

      yes I was imagining WPF when I listened to Adele. In SN it’ll be them together and I can’t wait for the revenge part either. Just listened to Dan and Shay. It was pretty but I didn’t love it? Maybe I need to listen to the words more carefully without the video. The actors distracted me.

  48. Tracie says:

    No but I’ll listen to her…..

  49. Tracie says:

    Yes it is by Dan and Shay but they sound like pop to me

  50. Tracie says:

    The name of the book is on a Tuesday and is by Whitney G says inspired by Adele’s When we were young….

  51. janet says:

    Instead of reading the assignment, I’m listening to Adele’s When We Were Young and thinking Lina playing this song while Phil was living in Farside(is this the area). I’m making myself tear thinking of her anguish. Actually Phil’s too and his grief over losing Lina. What an emotional song.

    • Tracie says:

      Did you listen to Speechless? That is so beautiful too…I imagine Phil looking at Lina….There is a romance book about that song J-Girl….I can’t remember the name but in the description it said based on Adele’s song

  52. janet says:

    I couldn’t get into the free Aurora book. Now reading a book with my kids for their class. Remember 1984 in HS? Lord, it’s a lot heavier reading it second time around.

    Deigjh, did you have fun at the party with the witches from the South? I wondered about you.

    I’m shopping online…

  53. deighj says:

    That’s going to be a sad day. Losing a long time part of your team is almost like losing family. You see them almost every day and then…nothing.

  54. deighj says:

    Goodnight J, Sugar, looks as though we’re the only ones on here. I’m outta juice. Tomorrow.

  55. deighj says:

    J, thanks for mrrebates. I’ll look up.
    Is it Christmas yet? I’ve got my tree up with only one thing on my list.

    • Tracie says:

      I’m like Laura I can’t seem to kick myself into gear for the holidays.. I have so much going on at work and a key part of my team is retiring on Thursday….I’ve been her supervisor for 16 years and will miss her a lot….She has 32 years of service and Adele Jr has worked with her all but 4 of those years..:she’s in a funk too….ugh

      • janet says:

        sad. I know how that feels. Your coworkers really become your second family. Is it one of the ladies who comment about Laura’s books? The other Adele Jr.? I know there was a baker in the group too.

  56. Tracie says:

    You are so thrifty J-Girl…the girls in the office hooked me up with ebates …they rake in money on their purchases every quarter…

    • janet says:

      me too but mrrebates for me. Ok, got aurora rose reynolds. some of her books are good. Got a sample of weston parker but I don’t love male romance writers. What’s wrong with them? lol

      • Tracie says:

        I like aurora Reynolds books I have read several…The male writer seems to always have a weak heroine, this one is real weak…whereas a female author can kick ass with both Hero and heroine…

    • deighj says:

      Sugar, Ebates is a great site. When I spend summers in Florida there isn’t anyway to connect online and I’d forgotten about them. Thank you for reminding me. I saved a lot of money through them.

  57. janet says:

    FYI. the new kindle paperwhite waterproof is $129(2x storage too). Right now you get 25% discount and 6 months kindles unlimited free. I traded in 2 old kindles and received instant $40 gift card. So in my case I paid $6!

  58. Tracie says:

    I abandoned Ridge, just can’t get into it….Probably not in the mood..Started reading Take a Chance on Me by Weston Parker…Creep dumps his girlfriend because she’s not reed thin and runs off with another woman from his gym and she’s rebuilding her life….Guy was with her for 7 years….

  59. Ann says:

    I’ve read the Mitchell series first 2 books and they were really good. Third book lost my interest but that might just be me. S. l. Scott is a hit or miss for me too. The ones I did like were really good. I’ll go back and see which ones I liked. Never read Ridge. Ella Fields is good.

    • deighj says:

      Hey honey bunches, on the Michell Sisters the third book just didn’t peak my interest. I do get burned out on a series though so maybe I’ll take another look. The first two were good the first was the best, Ann and I agreed on that. I’m reading Lady of Intrigue by Sabrina Darby, it’s historical, read several years ago but still good.
      Ribbon of Light, and A Corner of Her Heart by Clair Yezbak Fadden, As It Seems by Jayne Conway, Tear Stained Beaches by Courtney Giardina, The Fourth Child by C.J. Carmichael. Finding the Way Back by Erin Landy, their religious beliefs are discussed throughout.

      And then there is From This Day Forward by Shannon Myers, a duet, second book is Forsaking All Others. I do not recommend, strongly suggest not reading. First book was really good, second book ruined it. Going into kidnapping, torture, a detective giving the MMC a pistol to murder the kidnapper. Very little romance or focus on original problems. I was so angry about this you couldn’t pay me to read another of her books.
      I keep Amazon open while reading your posts so I can look up every book mentioned. I do appreciate every suggestion.

      • Tracie says:

        That right there Deighj is why Laura said SN had to be a realistic story/ending…That second book you mentioned even surpassed Lifetime Lol

      • janet says:

        I agree regarding Shannon Myers duet. How you can remember all the titles and authors is beyond me. I think i’ve read all the others except for erin Landy. I’ll check it out. Thank you!

  60. Katie says:

    Ok what is everyone reading right now to pass the time?

  61. janet says:

    Can you write a 80 page epilogue? Kidding. Thank you so much Laura. You lost weight during this book. You lost sleep for this book and you got hurt while writing SN. And you still met the deadline! We are grateful for you!!

  62. Ann says:

    I just googled 10,000 words to pages in a book, and two websites said about 20 pages if its single spaced. Does that sound right?

    I’m in the middle of decorating my house and it’s like I’ve got ADHD. I do some decorating and then go back to my phone or computer. My husband says at the rate you’re going it will take a week to decorate.

  63. deighj says:

    Hot damn! Almost at the finish line. Congrats Laura. Will you take a break between books?

  64. janet says:

    OMG!! Laura you are done with SN!!!??? Wooooohooo and waaahhh. I can’t believe it’s finished and ends with Phil’s POV. I could cry. I skimmed through the comments and saw your post. I need to go back and read the back and forth from the girls. Jordan cried?!!!! Omg Jordan!

    Katie, you are one smart, creative lady. You can be my token white cousin! Lol. Every picture was spot on and some of your pictures triggered certain scenes I’d forgotten. Ok, what’s going on with that Chinese grandpa on Forbes? You couldn’t find a Joseph on the cover? Loved all. Thank you!

  65. Tracie says:

    Have you girls ever heard the song Speechless by Dan and Shay? That song so reminds me of Phil and Lina…The video on YouTube is about seeing her in her wedding dress, but I can so see Phil dressed in a fitted black suit and Lina coming out in a dress to kill and him feeling the same emotions….Swoon

  66. Ann says:

    OMG, my heart’s racing! I love it that it’s in Phil’s head.

    • Tracie says:

      WPF ended with Lina taking Phil’s hand and saying with you, always with you…which I knew probably blew Phil’s heart up with emotion…I’m sure whatever he is thinking, doing or saying will be an emotional overload…..

  67. Ann says:

    Is the ending from Phil’s or Lina’s POV?

  68. Tracie says:

    I shedded a tear too, but don’t be sad or depressed that you finished Laura, we are still going to be here through Nick and Lucas and I don’t know maybe a Group of crazy bloggers down the road LOL….

  69. Ann says:

    Laura, how many pages?

    • Tracie says:

      I’m so excited it’s done…Omg if I could jump up and down I would… I’m so happy….Thank you Laura for finishing up there story…..

      • Tracie says:

        Have you done the Chapters?

        • Laura says:

          No. I haven’t written the epilogue yet either — that’s just something fun for the reader and me so it doesn’t count. I also have to add a couple of scenes earlier in the story — just for consistency but it’s done for the most part. The end of the novel is always the hardest part to write and this ones ending is quite emotional. My daughter cried when she read it

    • Laura says:

      computer pages don’t convert to book pages. It’s about 10,000 words longer than WPF

      • Tracie says:

        I’m elated Phil was redeemed at 2:20 today….Laura you can’t hear me, but I’m singing You are the Wind Beneath My Wings…Lol…

  70. Ann says:

    OMG, it’s done!!!
    Let’s all have a glass a wine tonight a toast Laura!!!

  71. Ann says:

    I agree Tater! It’s just like this old boss I had years ago, whenever I talk about him, by blood pressure just goes through the roof! This person was a department head and would not sign anything because he was so paranoid. I could go on but I’ll stop while I’m ahead because I’m starting to heat up just thinking about him and I’ve got to let things go. Same for Phil. I’m just hoping (and I think Laura will not let us down) that Phil has some really good swoon worthy scenes with Lina. that’s what I’m waiting for. I’m sure our Phil will be redeemed!!

    • Tracie says:

      I know Ann thinking about things that made me mad or broke my heart just refuels my fire…I just move on and remember it’s in the rear view and I’m looking forward through the windshield….but I do learn from my mistakes just like Phil has learned from his….

  72. Laura says:

    And it’s a wrap! ?

  73. Tracie says:

    I don’t think Laura can put everything I think In a novel about the Hunter’s that sucker would be like hands across America it would be so long…LOL.

  74. Tracie says:

    Ann we got to get off how could he have done it and focus on how he’s going to fix it….I don’t think except for the one reflection on the argument and the bar scene there will be much talk about the affair..Phil will be concentrating on loving Lina and his kids…Trying to shield the baby as much as possible from the shit Kim is going to put Lina through….also I think he’ll have to do a little damage control in his professional life too…

    • Laura says:

      There is more than one scene dealing with why the affair happened — more in the first quarter of the story.

      • janet says:

        I know Tracie doesn’t love them but I love Phil’s confrontation scenes with Kim so much as you know. So thank you for putting more than one! Lol

  75. Tracie says:

    I just thought of something, does that mean Phil could have the baby baptized in the church without slutzsky being there? I don’t think Phil would bat an eye at not having Kim at the Catholic baptism as long as Lina was by his side…..

    • Ann says:

      Hey Tracie that’s a good thought. I love Phil too!
      It makes me sick that Phil was with that woman. How could he do that to Lina! Can’t wait to get some answers in SN.The Redemption of Phil Hunter coming to bookstores! Lol

  76. Tracie says:

    Ann, Phil will raise that baby Catholic, but it would be a point of contention for Phil if she tried to raise him in any other denomination…..Remeber when he told Katie this family is Catholic, therefore you are Catholic…You got to love my Phil…..

  77. Ann says:

    Katie the board is great. You seem to have a good eye when selecting characters and matching them up. You’re talented.
    Laura you are coming down the home stretch!
    So Kim is not catholic? Well it will just make for more tension for Phil maybe. He seems to get the kids to church every Sunday and I’m sure he will want Liam to follow in with the Hunters tradition.
    Is there a name for Liam yet? Did I miss anything?

  78. Tracie says:

    I was just looking at a James Avery catalog and he has a bracelet with a charm that says Lost without You….My poor Phil…made me think of him and my nightmare scene….

  79. deighj says:

    Kbabe board is spot on. You are gifted

  80. deighj says:

    Whoa Sugar, on the chapters I haven’t the faintest idea. The longer the better. I can’t imagine being done with The Hunters. I suspect we’ll all have SN open while debating on here. If there’s any snippets where Kim’s acting maternal I missed them. The changing of the dirty diaper caught me by surprise. I thought she would have a live in nanny.

    J-Girl, my favorite scent is Mademoiselle, I layer with the cream. I use to order an essential fragrance from Hill Woman until the base oil was unavailable. It was a heavenly scent that stayed until you bathed. For daily wear I like a citrus or floral scent such as 5th Avenue.

    Kbabe, I wouldn’t know where to start with mixing oils, which of your oil mixtures is your favorite? Citrus, floral? What a lovely gift to receive a fragrance made especially for you. That is true friendship.

    Laura, when ready to push that publish button, will you let us know so that we can order SN the second it goes live? How long does it take once you hit that button? I’ll stay up all night if need be. I can also order the hard copy, correct? I have the hard copy of WPF and want to complete the duet. My all time favorites.

  81. Tracie says:

    Kbabe that is beautiful…..you are so talented doll…Everyone you do gets better….Have you ever thought about a graphic design or marketing type career you would be awesome…..

    • Katie says:

      Thank you.
      You’re sweet, and yes to both. Graphic design would require more school, and I am totally not interested in more school at this point in my life.
      I’ll be figuring out my next career move in the next few years, once H is in school full days. I’d love to go into marketing. My background is environmental science, then finance, but I do have an MBA that could hopefully help me transition into something else (like marketing).
      For now I’ll just make Pinterest boards and unicorn Christmas trees, and I’m happy.

  82. Tracie says:

    As long as you’re happy we will be happy!! Glad Kim is not Catholic more reprieve for Lina… we still had the dirty diaper scene which was entertainment value for us and glad Nick didn’t get to witness anymore torture for Phil….Most of all glad you got to sleep in….If another scene doesn’t make the cut, a little more entertainment value wouldn’t hurt Lol…

    Girls WPF was 48 Chapters with Epilogue what’s your guess for SN? Mine is 53 plus Epilogue…

  83. Laura says:

    Good morning!
    I just caught up. I still have two scenes and the epilogue. I had to stop writing at 2 pm yesterday. I actually slept in this morning — rare. Now off to the dog park with Crazy before the rain starts.
    I really missed out on any sales yesterday — my mind is so not in the Christmas/Holiday mode yet.
    A few things I told you would happen but didn’t or were changed in the novel:
    Kim is not Catholic — didn’t come up
    No altercation between Phil and Logan in front of Nick’s place
    The dirty diaper scene I shared with Phil and Kim did not make the cut

  84. janet says:

    Lol pervs. Both of you. I think Phil should take a day off and spend it with Lina. Flowers could be a once in awhile gift rather than just birthdays. The 20 year rose tradition is destroyed. The croissant she always eats so who cares and The roses she can cut herself from her yard.
    Got sonicare for $99 on amazon.

    • Tracie says:

      We may be pervs, but that would be hot Phil watching Lina in an sexy satin elf outfit….Casey did it for Tony until Michael came in…LOL. I’m sure Phil is going to go over and beyond to take those awful memories from Lina’s mind and make new one…..

      My granddaughter is into this brand (True Grit) of really soft pullovers and I got her one of those today for 30 percent off Score…I love getting a deal…

  85. Katie says:

    My husband is all testosterone and is going to love the unicorn flannel PJ bottoms his little girl picked out. Would Phil wear them, hmmm?

    • janet says:

      Lol. Remember the scene Laura shared with us? He wouldn’t wear the elf pjs Lina got for the whole family. All of us got it wrong except Deighj. Is there pink in there? I wonder what Phil gets Lina for Christmas. It seems like she’s big on presents.

      • Tracie says:

        Janet what do you think Phil will do for Lina’s BD….

        • janet says:

          I say take her away for the weekend. They shouldn’t be home since Kim can cause trouble. Do you guys think he will give her the usual roses? I know Tracie and I talked about this before. Laura didn’t comment.

          • Katie says:

            No roses! Too soon!

          • Tracie says:

            Hell No to the roses or chocolate donut…I’m excited to see what Phil will do different…Lina may want nothing too…Poor Phil I have a feeling SN is going to be blow after blow to Phil…until the end…

        • janet says:

          Tracie now I’m thinking about
          Lina’s birthday. What will happen? you think Kim will pounce or let it go

          • Tracie says:

            I don’t think Phil will let Lina out of his sight on her BD…it was an horrendous day for both her and Phil….Kim knows when her BD is too, so may try and old wedge trick….

      • Katie says:

        I don’t remember elf pants! Come on Phil, you cheated, just wear the fucking elf pants.

    • Tracie says:

      Phil wouldn’t wear Elf pants for his Lina or his kids because of his man card, so no unicorns in Phil’s future…..

      • Katie says:

        Do you think he’d wear them if she dressed up as a naughty elf? You know, the red velvet, white fluffy type. Or is that Mrs. Claus? Whatever. She could be his own personal tree skirt.

        • Tracie says:

          Nope the whole scene is on one of the threads…he flat refuses and tells Lina neither one of them would want him to turn in his man card and he didn’t want his wife to remember him as a big elf….Now he would like her dressed as a sexy elf in their bedroom, but he would be naked waiting on her show…..

  86. janet says:

    Hey everyone. Just caught up. Came home late like Laura but still woke up early looking like a blowfish.
    Laura, I can’t beleive you have two scenes left. Maybe now you are done?! I can’t wait but sad that I have to say bye to the bitch of the decade. It was fun hating on her.

  87. Katie says:

    Taking a break from shopping to eat. Not sure why we do this year after year. Nothing notable to report, except that we are alive. Had a near catastrophe involving my daughter, her hand, and a wheelchair wheel (she’s fine!). Don’t ask. We went to a Chik-fil-A with a jungle gym, and she seems to be fully recovered now. Thank God for those. I hope everyone is having a nice day.

    I’m curious if Phil ever feels differently toward Liam compared to his other kids, given the circumstances. Would another daddy bother him as much with Liam versus if there was another daddy to his other three?

    • Tracie says:

      Glad Hailey is ok Kbabe….

      I think Phil loves all his kids, but will feel guilt about only being a part time dad to Liam and also his son being illegitimate being catholic will bother him…I think that would really bother his mom Susan. I wonder if he will over compensate with the baby to soothe some of his guilt…I just know it’s going to be emotional with Logan in SN….Phil did say in WPF that his wife and 3 kids were his priority….

    • Tracie says:

      It bothered him with Nick and Katie…I have a feeling it will bother him with Logan and Nick in SN….Laura told us there was a scene where Phil and Logan were in a fight in front of Nicks house, I wonder if Logan says I wish you were limes like Bryans Dad? That would set him off…He want lose either one of his sons…that’s why I love Phil…..he may be an ass at times but he loves his family

  88. Ann says:

    Good afternoon Ladies.
    Just got back from shopping and it wasn’t bad at all.

    Glad everyone had a good day yesterday. It’s really cold here in Maryland, but otherwise a gorgeous day outside.

    Laura, get some rest girl. SN is finally on it’w way! The anticipation is killing me! Oh, and I hope your Dad is doing better.

    Tracie, I just read over your posts above, and died laughing thinking of Phil going nuts if Kim gets another man and Liam says, my other Daddy! OMG Phil will bust a blood vessel!

    • Tracie says:

      My alpha would freak Ann…It’s 69 today with a South wind, really nice…My outing this afternoon was short…my leg still gets to hurting and I have to let it rest before going again…driving me nuts…

  89. Tracie says:

    Laura I’m so proud of you….answering all our questions, taking care of your dad and writing a novel…you rock… Has Jordan got to read any new scenes? I hope she is Team Phil by the end Lol..

    My daughter made me go to a couple of stores with her this afternoon, of course she set some rules…Last time I went to BF sales, I set in an aisle in Wal-Mart with a group of people for like 3 hours waiting on Beats headphones for my grandson and we all were having a great time until this guy came up on the side and grabbed a pair of Beats out of the basket….I hollered out Thief theif and took off in a dead run after him…a McAlester cop was in line with me and took off in the other direction we caught him by the Keebler Cookies….Richard grabbed him and I said you stole from my grandson and everyone else’s kid who has been waiting in line…i said get your ass up…Richard said Tracie I can’t arrest him he was going to pay for them, I said it’s the fact that he was rude and circumventing the system….So I told Richard he’s going to walk the aisle of shame and apologize and put those headphones back….He did and apologized for being rude….The End

  90. Laura says:

    Good afternoon! I’m happy everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Operating on very little sleep. I didn’t get in until after 1 a.m. and have been up since about 5:30 — have a couple of more dinners tonight.
    Two scenes and one epilogue left to write. It should be done by tomorrow and then a little cleanup, chapter breaks and to the editor Monday.

  91. Carrie says:

    Janet, my current signature perfume is Hypnotic Poison by Dior. I wore Fendi for years until they discontinued it. I was very upset! The smell lingered all day. Fendi smelled the same from the first sprits of fragrance to the last drop.

  92. Tracie says:

    Good morning Ladies:..Hope you girls are having a great day…..

  93. Ann says:

    Hey babes! Just catching up. Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves today!
    I had a great day, lots of good food and plenty of good wine. I went to my husband’s nephews house and there was about 20 of us. My daughter had texted her cousins earlier telling them that her boyfriend was history and not to ask any questions about him, but to have a glass of wine ready! Anyhow we stuffed ourselves like crazy and now I’m home in bed falling asleep but had to check in with you guys.
    Janet just an FYI I use Aveda hair products and love the product.
    Deighj have fun at your slumber party.
    See you tomorrow Ladies!

  94. Tracie says:

    Me too Kbabe…..have fun tomorrow on you shopping spree doll…

  95. Tracie says:

    How do you think Phil will feel about another man helping raise the baby if Kim does find a man? Phil is so Alpha and knowing how he felt about Nick and his opinions…can you imagine the baby saying my other daddy says I don’t have to do that, etc……

  96. Tracie says:

    Katie you are so awesome with all you can do and visualize…You would make a great pioneer woman….If I’m wearing lotion I like Forever Midnight and my favorite perfume is Gucci Guilty, because I usually am Lol….

    Katie I’m like you dreading the humiliation Lina is going to have to go through…Remember Laura saying how hard it was to go to her first partner function and how upset Phil was knowing Lina was worried about them feeling pity for her and seeing it in their eyes…She even mentioned that in Chapter 10 of WPF when she was talking to Diane…Laura said that scene worked out to be a positive more than anything….So I think after a couple of outings Lina will be fine…….Unless the witch shows up and dumps a load of look who my baby daddy is BS on Lina’s head….I’m wondering about the neighborhood Christmas parties…remember in WPF where Lina mentioned she declined the neighbors Christmas party invites and forwarded Phil’s work related invites to him??? I wonder if Kim gets any invites to the same neighborhood parties???

  97. janet says:

    Katie posted above that she loves making perfume oils for people. This made me curious to know if any of you have a signature scent. At the moment I’m really into love’s baby soft(do you remember that) With some fig cologne. Love tulip too. What about you guys? You think Kim wears Chanel no 5? Yuck! Lina I think will smell like jasmine or roses.

  98. Tracie says:

    You girls crack me up…I thrive on bitch parties Deighj…Don’t ever let them see you sweat sugar…give them Phil’s arrogant smile and cold stare like right before he tells Kim she is an easy fuck, because I guarantee most of the bitches are easy like Sunday morning….Just saying…..

    I park usually at the front door of the grocery store and walk in…I can’t imagine having two level parking to grab some groceries, you have to pack mule those groceries to the car, I’d look like something out of the Grapes of Wrath hauling my stash to the parking lot…

  99. deighj says:

    J, was that a genuine concern or a random thought in the elevator? How big is your town, metropolitan? My small town has one big box store…Wally World. We have more big hardware/lumber companies than stores that feature fine clothing. Not one shoe store, not one and I’m a shoe fanatic. Thirty or forty miles to shop for name brand clothing.

  100. deighj says:

    How is your leg Sugar? Are you milking it (just kidding sugar pie) though I really do want to know. Laura hasn’t mentioned how her dad’s doing lately. Leads me to think his health is better.
    Just think, by this time next month we might have SN in our hands.

  101. janet says:

    Grocery store is one floor but parking is two floors. One on level with the store and then ground floor. There’s an entrance for cars on the ground floor so I parked there. I drank coffee at 5am so the for the last few min in the elevator I was thinking what if I have to pee??

  102. deighj says:

    J, wish all of you were going to that party with me. I’m sure there will be people I don’t know. And despite never having met face to face I’m so comfortable with sharing my thoughts with all of you.
    And now Katie babe, not a drop will I drink though I’m bringing the wine. I rarely do and only at home. I’m extremely guarded around people I’m not familiar with. My friend Christine is a warm generous person but I know most of the people she’s invited, they’re a pretentious lot, always competing. The women are of the ‘Bless Her Heart’ type. Bitches in every sense of the word. That’s the world I married into. My husband and I use to openly laugh at them. If they don’t know you the first thing they ask of you is “whose your family?” They know not to mess with me. I think I may have just told y’all too much but I really really don’t want to go.
    Lord forgive me for I might sin tonight taking your name in vain.

    • janet says:

      Oh i love this gossip Deighj. It’s a snippet out of a book or a movie. Bless your heart- is that polyester you have on? Bless your heart- was that Phil’s car at the baby mama’s house last night Lina? Dang. Those bitches are everywhere. Just look gorgeous Deighj and don’t wear polyester. You are a charmer for sure and people love you. For real!!

      • Katie says:

        Deighj is SO charming, I agree. I wish we were going to this party too. I’m really good at quick-witted insults. It’s a speciality of mine actually.

        Ugh, J, that Bless Your Heart comment about Phil and Kim makes me remember how I felt at the end of WPF- the hurt Lina will suffer with gossip about the affair and baby, I can’t!

        • janet says:

          Gotta go to my sisters now but yes I can see you hurling the one liner insults. Wish you could be there for Deighj. Sigh. Kbabe you and my sister share similarities. She’s quick witted too. One day I will tell you a funny story when she crashed Kate Hudson’s Xmas party couple years ago. She lives literally next door to our friend. Kate has an old smallish house and is a bitch(at least to her neighbors).

  103. Tracie says:

    If my husband puts my jeans in the dryer, with it set on hotter than hell, I can bust a gut ?….

  104. deighj says:

    Sugar that’s my question you ask J. Even Hotlanta doesn’t have a two tier grocery. Stopped by our grocery for creamer last night, saw whop-em biscuits and thought of you. BTW I saw a recipe for cinnamon roll waffles just whop-em and waffle till done top with frosting or syrup. Of course there again I thought of the whop-em mama. And there ain’t no way you’re anywhere nearing a busted gut chicka. You don’t fool me.

  105. Katie says:

    So are we thankful today for Kim for forcing Phil and Lina to address their issues and reunite?

    Too soon?

    • Tracie says:

      That would be Hell No….I’m thankful Kim is now got wider hips and sleeping alone….Lina and Phil would of faced the problems with out Kim causing that sleezefest for 4 months……

      I do wonder if the baby is joining the Hunter’s at Mike’s for some flag football….Lol

      • janet says:

        Laura would say no on the wider hips sadly. I wonder if Kim is sleeping alone. What if Phil came to her house unexpectedly to drop off Liam’s favorite stuffed animal and a guy answers the door bc Kim is in the shower? Busted! Phil would be so happy. Lol

        • Tracie says:

          As long as he is good to the baby, he would be overjoyed…I don’t think Phil would like another man raising his son though….I can’t wait to see how this book ends….

  106. Tracie says:

    J-Girl how in the hell did you get stuck in an elevator in a grocery store….In Oklahoma they all have one floor….how do you get the basket to the second level???

  107. Tracie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Deighj….No the gossips in my area say “Lord forgive me but…”. Lol…A Thanksgiving pajama party, that’s new to me too doll….but would be convenient if you drank to much wine and got really tired…..Also my gut wouldn’t look like a busted can of biscuits with the elastic in the waist band of the jammies. Win! Win!

  108. deighj says:

    Oh my Sweet Tator – that’s a down home name for me. Haven’t heard in years. A true southern nickname. In your part of the country do the bitches spread gossip and think it’s okay as long as you always add ‘Bless Her Heart’?
    One of the nice things about major holidays is no cooking for a week or so. Whoopee!
    Yo the rest of you honey bunches, started typing each of your names and it was ridiculous. So you’re just gonna be my honey bunches. Everyone of you give a lift to my day.
    We are going to a pajama party tonight at a friend’s house. Something completely new to me. Having a turkey dinner and tree decorating in jammies. Have to admit I’m wondering how she talked her husband into this crazy idea. He IS a hunk! I don’t mind at all. Bearing in mind that hunkiness, my daughter forbid my first choice. It’s so much fun sending her up and despite years of doing that she never learns.
    Are any of you hitting up the Black Friday sales tomorrow?

    • janet says:

      Yo works for me Deighj! PJ party!!!!! Yeah! Hunky hubby a bigger yeah! I went to get some butter and kale at the grocery store at 7am and got stuck in elevator for 6min. Felt like forever. Omg, I was pounding the door and pulling the alarm at the same time. Then it jerked couple times and took me to the garage. Nobody was there when the door opened so I couldn’t even dramatize my horror story. ?

    • Katie says:

      That sounds fun!! Have you been drinking? Just curious because of the “bitches” and innuendo… But I love it…

      People here just gossip without any apology. ?‍♀️

      My mom and I always go shopping on BF…we have as far back as I can remember. What about you?

      • janet says:

        Where do you shop Kbabe? I just do it online. Got a new Xbox for my son for Xmas. Got a high heel for my daughter at jcrew so she can walk around in them at home to practice. Got bunch of diffusers on sale on Gilt.com for some teachers. Done and done. Let me know if you get anything good with mommy tomorrow.

        • Katie says:

          My mom and I are just sitting down to strategize, actually. We’ll go to Target for sure because H wants this giant chest of LOL dolls. Your daughter is probably too old for them. They’re ridiculous, and oddly addicting (even for me).

          Why does your daughter need to practice walking in heels? Not that many people think I’m a lady, but how I walk in heels doesn’t help my case.

          You’re into essential oils? Me too! I just bought this beautiful little book of couture perfume recipes using EOs. I’m making perfume for most of the girls in my life. I’ll buy some beautiful little glass bottles and call it done.

          • janet says:

            My nieces are addicted too. They love to be surprised. Are you sure amazon isn’t having a better deal than Target? My daughter was into those calico critter dolls when she was little. Lord, we picked up every single one from the old FAO in the City. I can’t wait to see the new one they just opened.
            Oh! your oil comment reminds me of a question for you all. I’ll post below so everyone can have a say.

      • deighj says:

        Hey Kbabe, the innuendo isn’t really anything except a game my daughter and I play. I apologize for my rant, didn’t realize at the time that I was being a bitch as well. I was thankful the entire coven didn’t show up.

  109. Tracie says:

    Just caught up girls…My Thanksgiving last night would probably look like the Hunter’s with the baby. My two teenage grand babies chasing the toddler around and him screaming at the top of his lungs “I run, chase me.” Us girls around the table drinking White wine and discussing everything…the men in the living room discussing sports and hunting….My daughter ended up buying 2 twenty pound turkeys and thought they were 12lb turkeys, then a large brisket…we ended up with 50lbs of meat for 10 people Lol….But it was a blessing and ours lasted about 4 hours….we all started to leave and the baby said “I is not done paying, you stay…”. Then had a melt down when we left..
    The End …Lol. Janet people call me Trace, Tracer and Tater…Lol. You girls have a great day….

  110. Katie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving girls. You are all too sweet…the friends I never knew I needed, but now I could not imagine my life without.
    My hubby is on shift today, so I’m at my parents. My dad is crazy and it’s non-stop laughs here. Although I think Janet’s dad might rival my own. My parents are having the meal catered for the first time in my life- it’s sure to be a nice, relaxing day. Love to all of you.

  111. Linda says:

    Happy Thanksgiving girls, I hope you all have a spectacular day and that all the calories of the delicious food go away LOL

  112. Ann says:

    Laura you are so sweet. I thank you for writing such awesome books, you are a true talent. Sounds like a busy but wonderful day with your family and friends.
    Unfortunately I’ve been wide awake since 3 am. Had coffee late last night which was a huge mistake.
    I was wondering how the arrangements for holidays will work out for baby (Noah?)? Will he be spending any time with the Hunters on major holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful ladies!!

    • janet says:

      I had one of those bubble tea/boba last night and couldn’t sleep much either Ann. Let’s reconvene after our food coma today and think of possible endings for SN.

  113. Laura says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!
    I am up and writing — hoping to get in five or so hours before the day takes me away from the Hunters.
    I have three thanksgivings today — the first with my father and a few siblings and family, the second at another siblings with an even a bigger family and finally at very good friend’s who actually lives in the Hunter’s house ?. And I have Jordan home who I’ll drag to every feast with me.
    I have truly been blessed to have met each and everyone one of you this year. You’ve lifted me up on many days — days when the story wasn’t going well or I just needed an extra kick to get to the computer. You’ve made me laugh to the point of tears and generally made me smile every day.
    Thank you.

    • janet says:

      ? wow!! Basically you are telling us Hunters are your friends! Lol. I will picture you and Jordan there today. What a place to end your day. I’m thinking you may have a surprise scene coming to you after your dinner with the “Hunters.”
      Have a wonderful time with Jordan and family!

    • Laura says:

      LOL They live in the house that inspired the description of the Hunter’s house only, not the people inside. I promise.

  114. janet says:

    I’m glad your thanksgiving was awesome Trace(does anyone call you Trace cuz I like it!). I hope it was longer than my family’s. We usually end up cooking for hours in our respective homes then we take our dishes to whoever is hosting that year. Then comes my moms prayer which lasts for good 20 min because she literally prays for everyone in the world. Eating the fruits of our labor is about 30 min and the clean up is another hour. By then my father is by the door wanting to go home so unless we have out of town guests this is our tradition. Lol. Once my parents leave we get the hard stuff out so it’s all good. I love family and love tradition! I am extra thankful for you all this year. Happy thanksgiving friends!

  115. Tracie says:

    Girls my family Thanksgiving was awesome…I told everyone about our blog and how special you ladies are to me…They said an extra blessing tonight for you Laura…Lol… I hope all you sweet ladies have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving…..I consider you all an extra blessing I received this year…Tear up some turkey tomorrow and remember all you have to be thankful for….

  116. Ann says:

    I’ve been out shopping all afternoon girls! Just read all of today’s posts. No way could anyone give Laura any negative comments about this book! If they do they are absolutely nuts.
    Phil is the best character out there! That’s what keeps everyone addicted to this blog and the story. Thank you Laura for creating this cocky, alpha, hot jerk of a man that we just love!
    Love you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving tonight (Tracie) and tomorrow.

  117. deighj says:

    Gotta go girls, shopping for those mini Christmas gifts.
    Hey J, Kbabe, didn’t mean to exclude you. I just got caught up in the Kim persona. Damn she’s evil and once you get in her mind set it’s hard to shake. So Suger pie hope you don’t hold it against me. My perspective on all the characters have changed because of everyone’s viewpoint. Referring to The Hunters as characters is odd because they’re not characters but people to all of us. Laura has mentioned at various times that our repartee has given her ideas. Won’t it be fun picking up on those ideas in SN? We’re all gonna be happy at the end of SN.
    Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving so probably won’t be able to catch up till Friday. Hope each of you have a wonderful day tomorrow. I feel as disparate as our lives are we’ve become friends. I thank you for including me.

  118. Tracie says:

    I like the new editor…we think a like…LOL…

  119. Laura says:

    I have not written the ending yet. But I know exactly how it goes — came to me this morning. I knew what was going to happen but not exactly how it would unfold.
    I have not written the bar scene yet — I may wait until after I finish the rest. It’s not important for the editor

    • janet says:

      Ok can’t believe im saying this but it’s not important to me either. Also, how about Jon for Liam? ?

      • Tracie says:

        Hip Hip Hurray……….I know it is ridiculous but my gut turns thinking about Phil touching her in anyway….

        It must turn his gut too…remember Janet…Wrenching his arm out of her hands…..Love it…I hope in SN if she crowds his personal space he bites into her like a feral hog…..Phil didn’t allow Lina to even ask how he was feeling during the separation, much less touch him…..Until Chapter 43, where she licked the yummy off his jawline…Swoon

        • janet says:

          Yes. I want to like Phil and not hate him all over again remembering the details so whatever Laura decides. If she says it’s necesary then it is and we may just read Kim’s hand on his thigh. Never his. But I don’t think for me it’s necesary. Maybe because it’s a stand-alone and for the first time readers they need it? I was more curious about how Phil felt the day after but Laura explained that to us already.

          • Tracie says:

            I could see where a new reader might need the bar scene and need to see Phil’s fall…or Phil could be in a discussion with Wayne about Kim and reflect back on the argument and allude to what happened from there…Laura will make it perfect whatever it is….

            I know everyone has a right to an opinion, but if anyone gives sweet Laura an ugly comment about this book, you probably need to look and see if there is a comment to the comment…it will be me….

  120. Laura says:

    Four scenes and one epilogue to go!

  121. Tracie says:

    Me too Deighj…In WPF, Logan worked so hard at trying to please Phil and felt like he never measured up to what his dad wanted. The scene where Logan told Lina that maybe his new son would make the All Star Team and not be a disappointment…crushed my heart….Chapter 45, where Logan and Phil hugged in the garage and Phil said get in the house Logan, his shoulders dropped in disappointment…I know that was because Phil was focused on why Lina went to pickup Logan at Nick’s instead of calling him to do it….As Phil grows we may see the tender side with his children…

  122. deighj says:

    Laura’s tweaking the hospital scene now is she not? We won’t be going back to WPF at all in discussing naming the baby.

    Sugar the Logan scene you just painted is killer! Your opinion is spot on.
    I agree that Phil’s going to expect Logan to put it behind him. Phil is an Alpha but he’s also intuitive enough to understand that what works with Lina might not work with Logan. He loves Logan, knows he’s been terribly hurt and is jealous of his place in Phil’s affections. Phil is intelligent enough to know there is a time and place for being the dominant father as opposed to being a loving father. We have all noted many times Phil’s alpha tendencies but less so his sweet and loving nature towards his children. I am hoping we’ll see both of those sides in SN.

  123. Tracie says:

    Once Lina disconnects the phone at their house, she can’t call and say squat…It is all on Phil then…..

    • janet says:

      I was thinking of his underclothes. I’m fine then something triggers and then Im mad all over again. Omg if Liam’s middle name is Ryan I don’t know what I’ll do.

  124. Tracie says:

    I know…Laura also says Phil is growing in SN, but he is still Phil…I can’t stand Kim…she is going to do everything in her power to put a wedge not only between Lina and Phil, but Phil and his kids as well.

    You think Phil ensures Lina’s car is full of gas and ready at all times? I thought Phil might be at the Ellicot City Superette filling Lina’s car with gas and Kim drives up and has to fill her own…Lina drives a Mercedes SUV, I hope Kim drives a Pinto…LOL

    • janet says:

      When you talk about their cars I want Phil to upgrade for another one. What if the witch calls Lina and says I left my earrings there? I also want Phil to donate every single article of clothing he wore with Kim. She tainted them all with her poison.

      • Tracie says:

        Laura was like us and couldn’t stomach any make out sessions in the M6, so she just got a ride to the airport in it…now if Kim made a comment about the car and what she did or didn’t do in it…then it might have to go…I bet Phil burned that Pink tie in the outdoor fireplace the very next day after him and Lina reconnected….That was the first time he saw his two worlds coming together and it had to go….

  125. Katie says:

    I think Christian or Gabriel Ryan Hunter. Kim would push for there to be some connection among Kim and Phil and the baby for the name (I.e. Ryan). There’s a certain irony to the name Christian, but I do really like Gabriel. I don’t doubt at all that Kim would want the name Philip Jr., but, for the sake of the story and moving forward, that’s a no go. But She IS that evil.

  126. janet says:

    I would say both of you are right. Kim is Kim and Phil is working to be the best version of Phil. But he is still all your Phil. They won’t have personality changes. Kim won’t be in every other scene but she will pop up more here than WPF. Laura’s comment- she’s a reoccurring rash!

  127. Tracie says:

    I agree with you Deighj on Kim’s feelings and evil ways of doing things…but Kim will want an AWWW Moment in the hospital with Phil on naming the baby…I also don’t think Kim’s pride would want her babies name associated with anything that Lina has already named her own child, which in my mind is Logan Philip Hunter…..

  128. deighj says:

    Don’t shoot my sugar bunches. Remember devil’s advocate here.

    Kim isn’t going to play nice, not even for Phil when she sees him rejecting his name as rejecting the baby and her. She is not putty in anyone’s hands when her objectives are being thwarted. Phil cannot stop her from naming the baby whatever she chooses. Unless there is now a legal precedent stating otherwise. The only way Phil’s going to get her to agree is if he gives a bit. Kim’s a hard woman as well as hard headed and must be a good lawyer since she was hired by Phil’s law firm. She has been rejected by Phil all through her pregnancy so she has nothing to lose in fighting for a connection. In her viewpoint if it hurts Lina or his kids so much the better. Kim loves herself more than Phil, always.

  129. janet says:

    I’m dying to ask you Laura, have you written the ending yet? The bar scene? If you had nine scenes left yesterday am then how many today? I jus reread your post on you wrote it so it doesn’t scream for a sequel. I had to take a breath there.

  130. deighj says:

    Thanks Sugar! Red hots completely new idea thank you ever so much! This year I don’t have enough time to make several cakes. I’m just doing a three tier with two boxed mixes. I have a caramelized brown sugar, butter, chopped pecans topping with whipped cream between layers that turns those boxed mixes into home made.
    And in these posts I’m trying to see the drama from Kim’s viewpoint. Hated that woman for a year now, ain’t gonna change.

    • janet says:

      That sounds so good Deighj. I ordered 2 pies. I’m
      Making chocolate icebox cake and banana pudding. And for a side roasted brussles sprouts with quinoa and green bean casserole. Start prepping today. Oh joy!

    • Tracie says:

      Remember though, when Laura gave the description of SN, she said Kim is in the novel, but it is not about the affair…What Kim wants is not even on the radar in SN…Phil has to gain back his families trust and slowly incorporate the baby so he has one family unit again. Logan and Lina won’t trust easily, especially Logan. In Chapter 38,Phil tells Logan he has no right to judge him…but judging won’t be what Logan does. Logan’s still a kid and he will be jealous of the baby, but trusting his dad again with not only his heart, but with that of his mothers is what will be an uphill battle for Phil where Logan is concerned….I’m probably wrong and way outfield, but I can see Phil getting upset with Logan, for not giving the abundant trust and unconditional love back to Phil, the Phil probably expects/demands Logan to do. Pretty much the same thing he did with Lina in WPF…I made a mistake, forgive me, love you, now get back to normal…I don’t see Logan doing that…I also picture a scene where Logan doesn’t disrespect his dad, but with tear filled eyes speaks some honest truths that will gut Phil. My opinion only….

  131. Tracie says:

    Noah Gabriel Hunter has a nice ring…

  132. janet says:

    Ok. Caught up. No way on Phillip. I think Kim will still let Phil name The baby because she wants in Phil’s good graces. Ok I do like Gabriel and Adam. We know him as Liam though and I liked it he was part of the L clan. It made them the three musketeers of sorts. Whatever you decide Laura will be fine.

  133. janet says:

    Omg! Ok i have to catch up. Noah is my son’s middle name and one of his good friends as well. I guess I don’t care. Ian and joshua are good. Julien. Alex. Matthew. Basically I’m giving you the names of the boys in his class. Lol

  134. deighj says:

    I can see both sides Sugar but Laura is going to change up the hospital scene a bit. Phil is definitely going to squash using any part of his name. When Kim is faced with Phil rejecting using his name she’s going to dig in her heels. At this point she’s going to fight for any connection in any way she can.

    • Tracie says:

      I know she will Deighj..but Phil wants Lina and his family back..He is going to fall in love with the baby as soon as he sees him..but I guarantee his heartfelt desire is to get back home and his family accept the baby as one of their own…so Kim’s attempts at digging in will be disregarded by Phil…

  135. deighj says:

    Sugar, downloaded ‘Indecent’ by Carole Mortimer last night. Historical with a storylineI I definitely didn’t expect. Don’t know if it would appeal to you, it does have a touch of BDSM. Not the Carole Mortimer I remember.

    • Tracie says:

      I’ll look it up, I love that you girls research books for me now..Saves me a lot of time….Lol

      It is Holiday drill at work today, everyone is grazing on all the food people have brought in….

  136. deighj says:

    I know that ugh feeling relating to Kim, we all share in that feeling. Perhaps I’m playing devil’s advocate here because we know how cruel and vindictive Kim is. She definitely wants to create havoc within the Hunter clan. We are all team Phil and Lina but when Liam was born Kim still thought she had a chance with Phil. After all she had separated her prey from his family.

    • Ann says:

      Can’t wait for the scene when Kim finds out that Phil is back with Lina and they are better and stronger than ever!!!!

    • Tracie says:

      Deighj, don’t you think that Kim is going to let Phil name the baby? She is going to want to give Phil free rein in all things the baby, because she still thinks she has a fighting chance with him…I don’t think her claws will come out until Phil tells her he’s back with Lina…

    • Tracie says:

      Deighj, separating her prey from his family, that is a wicked sentence…I wonder if Phil ever felt like prey??

  137. Laura says:

    Great discussion girls — you gave me an idea. I’ll have to do a little editing to the hospital scene when Phil meets Liam (name to change soon). Also love the name choices.
    I am definitely not changing the name to Phillip or anything that will make me sick to my stomach — this is hard enough on Logan and Lina — I don’t have the heart to make it worse

    • Tracie says:

      My stomach could not take it either…I’m Team Phil all the way, but I know Lina won’t have peace with Phil and welcome that sweet baby if Logan doesn’t, because that’s her baby…it is going to be gut wrenching for me and my Phil, until the Hunter world is righted…

  138. deighj says:

    Hey Sugar, apparently I missed the post about the yams. I wished there was someway to trade up recipes. I seen several dishes mentioned here that I’d like to try. Hope I didn’t misunderstand.
    I have a fantastic candied yam recipe. Everyone that tastes it wants it. I’m in the process of trying to cut down on the sugar so it balances. It does have chopped pecans and coconut in the topping though. I collect recipes, the older the better.

  139. Tracie says:

    Yuck Deighj..in my mind, the only thing they shared was her Red Snapper and his Penis and neither of those can be his middle name. I know I’m being hard headed but…ugh….

  140. deighj says:

    Sugar, I agree that Logan must come first with Phil’s name. Phil would have put a stop to that in the hospital. That would not stop Kim from using his father’s name. A name that means something to Phil. Perhaps a name that means something between the two of them, creating a circle for the three of them alone. Always reminding Phil of something just the two of them shared. I do like both Adam and Noah, though Adam a bit more.

  141. Tracie says:

    I really don’t have a recipe…canned yams I pour the water off and put them in a baking dish…I melt butter brown sugar and cinnamon in a pan until I get the sweetness I want then pour over the yams…I then sprinkle marshmallows on top and bake at 350 until my marshmallows are melted and yum-a sweet goodness…The End

  142. Ann says:

    I reread chapters 1 and 2 of WPF last night. The very first pages of that book grab your attention big time. Hunky Phil coming out of the shower, Lina seeing the tie, then Kim’s text message. Plus I loved Lina’s description of Phil. Now that’s the way to start a novel.

  143. Tracie says:

    Kim may want his middle name to be Ryan….that would up the angst for Lina…Noah Ryan Hunter….

  144. deighj says:

    Babe, Christian is my family name. My mom and dad always expected us to live up It. I got away with a lot hiding behind that name.

  145. Tracie says:

    Maybe give him Phil’s middle name whatever that may be or Phil’s dad’s name..but Philip needs to stay with Logan….I guarantee that is Logan’s middle name. I know Logan is named after Phil’s grandfather. Family names I don’t care…I just want Phil’s name to stay with Logan…because that is what Lina would want and also it will hurt Logan….

  146. Ann says:

    Can you imagine if Kim did name him Philip Jr. Could she do that?

  147. Ann says:

    Sweet baby Jesus, are you kidding! No more Liam? I guess that’s the role of the editor. I hope they don’t cut any major scenes out!

    I like Noah Hunter. That’s a good one.
    Only other names I like would be Matthew, Ryan (but that’s Kim’s last name), Adam, Mark or Eric. But Noah is good.

    Laura, does this mean SN is in the editor’s hands yet?

  148. deighj says:

    Ah Sugar, you got to Phil’s second name before I got to your post. Given Kim’s vindictive nature I do see her wanting to name Phil’s son after him or even using Phil’s father’s name. A name that binds her son to Phil’s family.
    Laura, what is Phil’s and Logan’s full names? I haven’t considered that as relevant until now.

    • Tracie says:

      Phil has to sign that birth certificate…J-Girl and I talked about this once and I bet Kim gives the honor to Phil in naming the baby….J-Girl said Kim is going to love signing the name Hunter on the birth certificate.

  149. Katie says:


  150. deighj says:

    OH NO!!! After all this time changing Liam’s name? That’s our Liam your editor wants you to change. I know his characteristics won’t change but Liam is and always will be Liam.
    But if you have to change his name wouldn’t it up the angst if Kim did a variation of Phil or even use Phil’s middle name instead of Liam?

    • Tracie says:

      I can’t have Philip anywhere in his name Deighj…Logan is the first born son (as Phil said in Chapter 38) so that middle name belongs to him……It would up the angst for me and J-Girl to the point of cardiac arrest….we need to find healing and forgiveness in SN…..The more angst Kim causes regarding the baby the more Lina and Logan will pull back, we need those three to be a tripod of peace and love……

  151. Tracie says:

    Just a little secret…Noah is what I called him in my heard before you named him Liam….Chapter 44 and 45 made me anxious when Phil said I don’t regret my son to Lina and then Alice said he looks just like Phil…I just felt sorry for Lina, knowing she was on the outside looking in on Phil’s life…so I named him Noah, because “my son” just felt like Phil was excluding Lina, crazy I know…….I hope in SN there’s just a one liner…where Phil says “Lina when he’s with us he’s OUR son.” I have this need for her to be included…ugh…

  152. Tracie says:

    No way on the Philip Jr….No on Philip being his middle name, because I’m sure Lina would have given that to Logan…Logan Philip Hunter…Noah Michael Hunter after his brother would be good too….

  153. Carrie says:

    Adam Hunter

    I do like Noah Hunter

  154. Tracie says:

    Phillip and Michael are popular catholic names, which tells me Phil’s parents stayed with traditional catholic names….

    Isaac Hunter

    Noah Hunter

  155. Tracie says:

    Do you want it to start with an “L”?

  156. Laura says:

    Good morning girls!
    I know my editor is going to make be change Liam’s name because it’s too close to Lina and Logan and it really does get confusing. Let’s hear your suggestions.

  157. janet says:

    I’m reading If you only knew by kristan Higgins. Yup another cheater. Has anyone read it?

    • Tracie says:

      No but let me know what you think about the book? Also if the cheater tries to beg back the wife…

      • janet says:

        I’m at 70 percent and I can tell you it’s going south so maybe no HEA. He does beg but I don’t think it’s genuine. Also there’s a wannabe Nick. I was curious because the husband is a lawyer who cheats with his sexy coworker. They go to marriage counseling and the guy says he loves his wife but he lusted after the mistress. when she came on to him several times he caved.

        • Tracie says:

          How old are the his girls? Also, does it look like he will stay with the mistress

          • janet says:

            He has 3 girls. Four year old(?) Triplets. How did you know? I skimmed. He’s a selfish swine. Forget it. He told the wife the mistress is gone. Instead the company promoted her to head their Manhattan office. I think the couple lives in conn. Two stories going on simultaneously so I just read about the one sister who is cheated on.

        • Katie says:

          Do you recommend?

          • Tracie says:

            I get anxious if there is not an HEA in a cheater story…

          • janet says:

            No. But I’m at 80 now and the wife goes to spy on the mistress. Definitely not a HEA. I think the wife ends up with a beta Nick.

          • janet says:

            Finished. She asks for divorce and that’s how it ends. He is nothing like Phil other than having the same credentials (Georgetown). He loved his kids but he had a weakness for the mistress. Even to the end she was sending him texts. Ugh. Next! I don’t know how I got the book. It was in my tbr pile for a few months.

  158. Tracie says:

    I have the big dyson, but I also have the Dyson stick for quick vacuuming it’s great. i have all hard wood and tile and that stick gets under the furniture love it!

  159. Tracie says:

    Carrie I’m glad to have you on my team doll and that you mirror my thinking….wish you were around me in the flesh, then you could tell me why I walked in a room to get something, but can’t remember what it was….Lol

  160. Carrie says:

    Yes Laura I agree with Tracie! Great minds think alike!

    Katie I am single! Happily divorced twice.

    I like everyone’s sense of humor on the blog! I was getting the state inspection done for my car a few years ago. The car had 20,000 miles on it. The inspection takes about 10 minutes. The mechanic came out and said “Are you a nice person?” I smiled and said “I think I am but I’m not sure what my 2 ex-husbands would say.” The brakes had failed the inspection ?

    • janet says:

      Hey there Carrie! That’s a scary story. I hate any car related problems since I don’t know much about them other than I like them fast. And the mechanics nice person comment wigged me out a bit. What an ass. Your response shut him up. Good! Lol. Ooh maybe it’s not so far fetched that brakes do fail. Laura, that’s a not so subtle hint if you haven’t written Kim’s ending yet.

  161. Ann says:

    Aww ladies! Katie I love that you have an old soul at your young age! I said young! You’re 30 years younger than me but I can relate to you! I’ve been married 41 years and my two daughters love that about us. I’m not saying it was always hearts and roses but we worked through our problems. I was 36 when I had my youngest and she keeps me young at heart.
    Laura that’s a great idea about a novel out of this blog. I love your descriptions of all of us. It also makes me think of the novel Misery. Remember the James Cann character kills off the heroine of his books and Kathy Bates goes nuts. Laura that would be like you killing off Phil or Lina. LOL.
    Are any of you ladies Black Friday shoppers? I used to be years ago and it was just just for the crazy experience. I’m a shopaholic I admit.

    • Laura says:

      I have to add another daughter for Ann.
      And yes I remember Misery well — my family teases me about it. My dad doesn’t that it’s funny LOL

  162. janet says:

    FYI. Ok neither here nor there but Macy’s having a Black Friday sale on Dysons big ball multi floor canister vacuum cleaner on sale for $199. I paid close to 500 last year. SO worth it if you need one.

  163. janet says:

    Lol. It’s the makings of real housewives/ desperate housewives of US of A. Hahaha

  164. Tracie says:

    If this idea came to fruition, I’d finally get to see New York…that novel would be a definite best seller….Just Saying…What would you name it…”Plethora of Opinion”….Life on Another Plant…I see endless possibilities…

    Now if my husband was like you and Carrie, my life would be so much simpler…Lol

    I love you Laura…….

  165. Laura says:

    In fairness to Carrie — I agree with everything Tracie says too ?

  166. Laura says:

    Katie — Nice for you to have such an example! And now you’re passing it on to your daughter.

    Ladies — I think this blogs has the makings of a great novel. Each of you would be a character and you all come together at some point each day to chat about books, life etc and then the reader gets to see you away from the blog. Of course, I’ll have to take liberties with all of you to entertain the readers.

    Katie and her fireman
    Janet and her movie star neighbors
    Ann retired outside of Annapolis with a single daughter
    Tracie — well we all know that will be the funniest part of the novel
    Deighj — the tall mysterious former model from Georgie

    and our side characters the pop up every now and then Deb from New Zealand, Carrie who agrees with everything Tracie says haha, Veronica and Linda

    • Laura says:

      I’m wondering how Janet is going to react when Nick Drayton travel to Santa Monica for a psychiatry conference and they literally run to each other outside a bakery.

      • Tracie says:

        She would be all fan girl….then jump on the blog and tell the rest of us we don’t know what we’re talking about…Can I be at security conference in DC. And run into Tony, Joseph and Phil…They could be at a bar association meeting in the same conference center….or that fancy bar where Joseph picked up the tab for Casey and she molested Tony by the bathroom…

  167. Laura says:

    I’m sorry Ann. Like I said to Deighj a while back. It’s hard to see things in others that you don’t possess in yourself — hope your daughter doesn’t beat herself up too much. Guys like that aren’t thinking of anyone but themselves. He wasn’t out to hurt her or the other girl. He was just being selfish. I’m sure if your daughter cared for him he had some nice traits — unfortunately the negative ones outweigh the positive.

    They say it takes 25 percent of the length of a relationship to move past it. Your daughter will have a sad month — at least she doesn’t have the memory of a holiday season with him

    • Ann says:

      Laura so true! Thanks for being so kind. Things are so different now with young people and relationships.
      The group on this blog are just an amazing group of ladies.

      • Ann says:

        You all know what I mean!!

        • Katie says:

          I was just thinking this same thing. You all better not disappear after SN comes out and we analyze it to death.

          Ann, I’m 34 but I’m an old soul. Everything these days for young people is transitory. Jobs, relationships, etc. I blame technology. A new thrill is only a swipe, click or search away. They don’t have to wait for anything.

          • Katie says:

            My parents gave bed. Together for 50 years. My mom has been with the same company for 45 years. I love that I have that as an example for my life- keeps me from getting sucked into the instant gratification, like Tracie says, that is my generation and younger.

          • janet says:

            You are an old soul until it comes to sex descriptions. Then it’s rated Xx ?

        • Katie says:

          J, yes, my old soul is quite liberated. I was just thinking for Laura’s new book about all of us we need someone single in there to be thrusted deep by some big-dicked alpha Laura creates.

  168. Ann says:

    Back to cheating Phil!! LOL

  169. Ann says:

    Tracie it is sad. My daughter is upset but she is also very angry. She wished this guy had of just come clean and told her I’m just not feeling this instead of cheating.
    Look, I liked this guy too, but you don’t mess with my baby girl!!
    She’s ok. One of the other teachers brought her a vase of flowers to cheer her up this morning.

  170. Tracie says:

    Now that is sad Ann…I hope your daughter is okay….

    People these days are out for instant gratification, that is the problem…

  171. Ann says:

    OMG Tracie.

    True story last night at my house. My youngest daughter (the high school teacher) found out through her hairdresser that they guy she’s been dating for four months is also seeing another girl. The other girl never knew about my daughter either.
    What is wrong with these people!

  172. Tracie says:

    The late night phone calls were because he wouldn’t answer her text messages nor did he show up to run with her on Saturday, once he and Lina reconnected…Phil was getting his physical needs met without having to fight with Lina, so he carried on until Lina made the first move to bring them back together. It seems they were co-existing with a standoff on how to handle Katie. Both their prides came back and bit them in the butt…

    I’m anxious to see if Kim will take any shots at Lina when Phil is in the scene with them both….

    True Story Just Happened: We were talking about a couple that were having an affair in another organization at lunch. I asked if they were still having the affair, and one of my young guys (late 20’s) said with a straight face…”No ma’am there spouses made them quit dating.”…Us older ones busted out laughing…it was funny….

  173. Ann says:

    Hi Ladies, all the talk of Thanksgiving food is making me hungry. We go to my sister-in-laws for dinner and my husband makes his sauerkraut and dumplings. It’s his grandmother’s recipe. I usually don’t eat it, but the rest of the family loves it.
    Just reading all the above posts, Deighj is exactly right about going back and forth on feelings for Phil, because that’s me. My biggest issue with Phil was in the beginning when Lina suspected the affair and those phone calls during the night from Kim, first his cell, then the landline. Phil just tried to brush it off from Lina like she was crazy. Now come on. I guess Phil the control freak was trying to hold on and eventually couldn’t. I know he screwed up and I still can’t accept the 4 months. That’s what really ticks me off about him was that he kept it up with Kim for that long, but I know deep down he really loves Lina. I know that’s crazy, but I do believe in giving someone a second chance if they really can redeem themselves. I love Phil’s character and the way that Laura portrays him. I love how Laura writes all her characters. She’s the best and spoils me for any other books, as I’m sure she spoils you ladies too!
    I can’t wait for SN!!!

    • Katie says:

      With the phone calls, I think he was just in damage control mode. Why allow Lina to make something a big deal/destroy his marriage when the affair was over and meant nothing to him…
      Of course that was before the pregnancy news and he was forced to come clean.
      I’ve always had a hard time with the length of the affair. That’s a long time (to me) that requires a lot of lying and deceit to keep up.
      But I’m telling you, if you want to forgive Phil, read the Adultery Club by Tess Stimson. That book showed me what I needed to see to finally forgive Phil. And 4 months over the course of a lifetime together isn’t that long.

    • janet says:

      Ann I’m in the same boat with you. Some days I’m ok with Phil cheating because Kim was nothing more than a distraction and I know this. then other days I think of the all-nighters he spent with her because he didn’t want to deal with what was going on in the home (the trouble he was partially responsible for) I get so mad. I think my forgiveness may lie with the explanation he will give Lina regarding the pictures. Understand what was going through his head when he danced with her and the picture at the vacation home. Since that was the most difficult for me to read and forgive, I cannot wait for Phil’s POV.

      • Tracie says:

        Remember J-Girl…Laura said Phil is having a lot of internal struggle with those pictures, which could be guilt…So don’t base your redemption for Phil on one scene, take the book as a whole….

        • janet says:

          Lord you are right but I will be dissecting every word that comes out his mouth here. It’s not so much the guilt but how he explains it. I still struggle with the picture of Lina on the night stand. How do you have sex when your wife’s face is staring at you? How do you not break up with the snake after that night?

          • Tracie says:

            I don’t know how that scene is going to play out, or if Phil and Kim did or didn’t have sex at SB. If they did, I guarantee the first time Phil notices that picture of them on the night stand will be the scene in SN, when he sees the picture on Lina’s phone. My husband couldn’t tell you right now what family picture is on his night stand…

      • Ann says:

        Same here Janet. Four months is hard to deal with as opposed to a one night stand. Marriage is through thick and thin, etc. Plus those text messages Kim sent to Lina where it appeared that Phil was the aggressor when meeting up for their rendezvous. That’s a hard pill to swallow. I’m hoping that with Phil’s POV in SN we will get some explanations as to why he did what he did. I’m hoping that dear Phil really pulls out all the stops for Lina.
        Katie in the Adultery Club is the main guy unforgivable? Is there a HEA?

        • janet says:

          Main guy is unforgivable. It’s a HEA we don’t want. Maybe read the mill house by Susan Lewis. He may be a bit more forgivable. The Ow is more in line with Kim. But again nothing like WPF. One thing we agree is we want to forgive Phil. The other books we don’t care one way or the other.

        • Katie says:

          Remember the texts didn’t include Kim’s part of the conversation. And they were only ever about sex from Phil.

          The Adultery Club has a HEA. He’s not unforgivable, per se, but it really highlights how Phil’s affair was different.

          The pictures in WPF were hard to take…but as our discussion has progressed on here, I’m convinced they aren’t what they seem. Of course Phil isn’t innocent, he was having an affair, but I believe Kim “set up” the photos.

  174. Tracie says:

    With Kindle Unlimited if you cancel your monthly payment do you lose your library????

  175. Katie says:

    I reread When I Saw You to remember details for a story board. I forgot what a good story it is. I’d definitely take a job as the PA to Tony and Joseph. They could share me. I’d work overtime.

    Just saying.

  176. deighj says:

    Morning ladies. I haven’t been posting but I do keep my eyes on yours early each morning. I’m not posting often but when I do it’s a looong one.

    And yes Sugar, I’m lost in the ornament bin. Scaling back on my original plans, just too many other things going on. J said it all, you are one funny gal. In reading earlier posts the net pay comment resonates with me. My absolute favorite post of yours was the hostage scene with your husband. That one scene could generate a book for me. Each of the diverse viewpoints on here brings another element to consider.

    J-Girl and Linda (glad you’re back) I do understand your feelings on Phil, the back and forth you go through. I always thought the only infidelity was on Phil’s part until Laura and Sugar pointed out Lina’s emotional affair with Nick. I was gobsmacked. I never blamed Lina for any of their problems. It took about ten months for me to realize Lina’s guilt. I trust Laura is going to bring us resolution on the aftermath of choices made in WPF. I can’t imagine how she’s going to accomplish that. My nubs are grinding here.
    A shout out to Kbabe, Ann, Deb and now Linda. I wonder if Veronica and Carrie are still keeping up with the posts on here. The one true thing is that we’re all obsessed with both WPF and SN. I read WPF numerous times, even reading each chapter back to front, analyzing each for questions to throw at Laura. I still don’t understand why I’m obsessed with this one book to the exclusion of all others.
    Hope each of you have a wonderful day. Will catch up when I can.

    • Tracie says:

      Deighj don’t wear yourself out now doll with all that holiday cheer….The hostage deal got me a bruised chest bone and a husband…LOL I’ll have to tell you girls sometime about taking this town girl to the country….I was a moving target and a walking disaster LOL….

  177. Tracie says:

    J-Girl Adele Jr said to tell you “that shit is Larapin Good”……

  178. Tracie says:

    J-Girl, they are already in the kitchen praising some spin on a pecan pie…its called a party pecan pie and some kind of pineapple crunch punch….

    • janet says:

      Damn that sounds so good! Tell me what Adele jr has to say. Have fun!

      Laura my fingers haven’t tingled since WPF. I can’t wait either.

  179. Tracie says:

    There has to be with the subject matter and all the hurt feelings. You ending the book in a way that makes you happy, we’ll make us all happy…I’m all giddy about this book and working diligently on shoring up my emotional fortitude…Lol

  180. janet says:

    Good morning. Woke up early so I can post before the day starts. Tracie,
    Yes please tell me the good stuff. I’m in charge of a side dish this year and dessert. I’m thinking of making the magnolia bakery’s banana
    Pudding recipe. You guys it’s so easy and so so good(recipe is online I’d anyones interested).
    Laura, do you think you will have close to 500 pages come Saturday? Were you all laughing at Adele’s scenes?

  181. Tracie says:

    Laura, you have our sense of humor so I’m sure we will love them. I’m so happy that at the end of the Hunter’s story we have more laughs than we do tears..they deserve it…..

  182. Tracie says:

    Good Morning Girls, Today’s the office Thanksgiving lunch, there is enough food coming through the door to feed an Army. J-Girl I’ll let you know if we have anything cool to eat, since you like to breakdown the cuisine…Lol

    Laura I hope you have a good day of writing. Any surprise scenes this week???

    • Laura says:

      Good morning!

      Nine scenes to go!
      Yes, Tracie, litttle scenes have popped. Yesterday’s were LOL funny. At least my sister and I thought they were.

      I think I’ll be done with writing by Saturday and the weekend will be for breaking it into chapters and looking for consistency.

  183. Laura says:

    Hi Ladies — welcome back Linda!

    Phil realizes that Nick helped Katie but grateful would be a huge stretch. LOL Interesting question though because she was sinking deeper into a depression. I’m not sure what would have happened to her without Nick’s involvement.

  184. Ann says:

    Hi Linda! I love HEA endings too. I think everyone on this blog loves Lina and Phil together.

  185. Tracie says:

    You were just fine Linda…Lol. We are all pretty strong in our opinions, but love you girls jumping in to give us a different view point…..

  186. Linda says:

    Hi Janet and girls! I was being a bit sarcastic. In my opinion in Phil’s mind it is easier to blame Nick :-(. I love happy endings and I’am 100% team of Lina and Logan and she chosing Phil…they fit!

  187. Tracie says:

    Hi Linda so good to hear from you again….You are right in that you can’t compare Lina and Nick with the physical part of Phil’s affair; however, Lina was emotionally tied to Nick and slept in his bed, kissed, etc that is being unfaithful….But she didn’t have intercourse or carry another mans child….By Lina’s on admittance she felt guilty for her actions with Nick….I agree with J-Girl that no way would Phil ever feel grateful to Nick for anything….

  188. Linda says:

    Hi girls! It’s been some time since my last comment. This blog keeps growing, good! I have a love/hate relationship with Phil, he is so contradictory that intrigues me. From his reasons for having an affair to his attitude with Lina when he asks for time… but the important thing is how the novel made feel in general. So, I can’t wait to see Phil’s point of view in the SN sequel.

    In WPF we saw how Lina grew until she chose Phil. How Laura will make Phil grow up and put him out of the comfort zone… super exited waiting for the release.

    I don’t think is fair to compare Phil’s affair with Lina and Nick… is just not the same at all. It’s nice we all can have so many different opinions abot the same story!

    Laura, Is there a place in Phil’s mind where he can be grateful to Nicke for all he did for Kate? Or is he the cause of all his problems…

    • janet says:

      Hi Linda! Where have you been? I’m all alone and everyone is slaying me here. Poor me and boohoo. I’m kidding but nice of you to chime in here. I agree with you regarding the comparison between the two affairs. However Laura would choke on her saliva reading about Phil being grateful to Nick about anything. You know he hates Nick as much as he does Kim. Lol. Don’t be a stranger.

      • Katie says:

        No no no. Never my intention. The affairs cannot he compared. But blame can be shared, even if just a tiny amount. That’s all. ??

        Hi Linda!

  189. Janet says:

    Well Phil is jealous. Kim is nuts but nick is sane and you can’t dismiss him as easily. I’m not saying Lina and nick should be together. Of course not but aren’t we barking up the wrong tree here? He’s not evil like Kim. Nick wants the best for Lina whereas Kim wants what’s best for herself. I didn’t want nick for Lina because he never fought for her. He doesn’t love Lina like Phil but he will when the right one comes along. He isn’t quiet at all so we don’t have to be on guard. When Kim is quiet we should say oh oh.

  190. janet says:

    I just caught up with everyone. You know i love reading the comments but nick really isn’t an issue. We were neveee bothered by him. If I were Phil I would hate him too bc nicks a worthy opponent.
    Golden coral buffet. Lol. I love pinapples at buffets.

    • Tracie says:

      You crack me up salt…you’re a doll….Nick is an issue for Phil, he’s setting on the sidelines, being quiet while his inner cheerleader is waiting on Lina to dump Phil… You always got to watch the quiet ones…..

    • Katie says:

      I have this thing for beets at buffets. Salads with hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, raisins, ranch dressing, and beets. Pineapple is good too. Hawaii has great Pineapple…willing to reconsider on meeting in Hawaii? Waikiki is one huge designer shop mall too.

      • janet says:

        That was great. Lololololo. I love beets and boiled eggs too. Now I want souplantation! Does your daughter have school this week? We get a full week off for the first time.

        • Katie says:

          No school this week. I put her in a dance class today, but nothing else the rest of the week. Do you have any plans with the week off?

  191. Tracie says:

    Since the ending is what makes Laura happy…..I’m jumping back over the fence…Everytime Laura talks about sweet Liam you can just see gumdrops and rainbows and she wants that baby happy, like we all do…I see custody going to the Hunter’s….I got a 50/50 chance of being right either way Lol….I just can’t wait….

  192. janet says:

    What the what the what? Why are you all bashing Nick for. He isn’t even a central character in the sequel. You know why? He’s too good for all this drama. He needs a Kathy in his life a year from now and it’s all good. He looks down upon Phil because Phil cheated and to someone who possesses both honor and integrity nick doesn’t understand Phil. Short end of the stick for whom? Ugh!

    • Katie says:

      Them is fighting words J-Girl. Nick wasn’t totally innocent either. He did have a gf while he was telling Lina he loved her. And he kept pursuing Lina even though (and he said this) she wasn’t in the right state of mind for a relationship. “Feel my erection…come to my boat.” Remember? Certainly Phil wins as far as betrayal goes, but everyone did some questionable things.

    • Tracie says:

      J-Girl That was today’s entree of choice, We tore through Nick and the SN ending like a Golden Corral Buffet…..where were you when the dinner bell rang?

  193. Laura says:

    All I’ll say is this. It’s ending in a way that makes me happy and doesn’t beg for a sequel.

  194. Katie says:

    I don’t think there is going to be any dramatic ending about Kim. I think she’ll move on with another man or move for work and they will maintain a tolerable custody agreement, maybe with Phil having primary custody. That would be very realistic. The HEA is that the Hunter clan will have moved on, together. Kim is no one.

  195. Tracie says:

    Oh there will be closure with Kim, there is no doubt in my mind and I believe it will be before the epilogue. I have so many scenarios going through my mind, but realistically Phil could threaten her career or Kim could find someone that would divert her attention from Phil…so many possibilities….I just think Kim and Phil sharing custody would give Lina some freedom and not lock her down when she is finally gaining some independence.

    • Ann says:

      I agree with the shared custody thing to give Lina and Phil time to travel Etc. The Hunter kids are so much older than Liam and Logan will be starting college in 3 years when Liam is around 4.

  196. Ann says:

    Yes Tracie I would love to see Liam live with the Hunters but as long as Kim’s a decent mother he won’t. I hope there is some sort of closure with Kim at the end. I hate to see her continue her shenanigans when it ends. Maybe the epilogue will give us something

  197. Tracie says:

    Girls, I may be over analyzing Laura’s description of SN, but I’ve jumped the fence again and don’t think Liam will live permanently with Phil and Lina. We want him to live with them, but realistically Kim is not abusing Liam and has raised him almost a full year with Phil visiting once a week. Why would she give Liam up now, especially when she is probably getting a healthy child support payment. Now I can see her trying to infringe on Lina’s good nature, by wanting them to watch Liam, when she should have him. Your thoughts?

  198. tracie says:

    Laura I should of added other than the flashback to Liam’s birth…

  199. Tracie says:

    I love their connection Ann…

    Laura in SN will there be a hospital scene?

  200. Ann says:

    Oh good Laura. I love that part of their story. Even through their faults, especially Phil, they have this connection. They truly love each other.

  201. Katie says:

    I don’t feel that bad for Nick. He knew he was potentially (most likely) in rebound territory. I think he was just hoping to poach Lina. If we could talk to Nick I think he would say the overarching feeling was disappointment, not hurt or feeling used, etc.

    • Ann says:

      Katie, that is another way of seeing things. That’s why this blog is so neat, everyone picks up something different.

      • Katie says:

        Right?! This blog made me forgive Phil. I’m forever grateful.

        Some people are meant to be in your life forever. Some just for seasons. The whole time I was reading WPF, I felt like Nick had a specific purpose in Lina’s life at that time- her therapy (fitting), someone to give her much needed self-confidence and show her she had choices…someone to force Phil’s redemption.

        • Ann says:

          So true Katie. Sometimes I got the feeling that Nick actually enjoyed messing with Phil’s head. Phil was so easy to rile up. I loved the part when Lina flew to Nick’s right after she found out about Steamboat and they had that confrontation on Nick’s porch. Nick tells Phil that he is a 5th degree black belt. LOL

          • Tracie says:

            I felt that Nick thought he was superior to Phil. Nick seemed to want to down plan Phil as a cocky jock type verses a brilliant attorney.

  202. Laura says:

    SN is a standalone. It’s about a family dealing with the results of an affair that resulted in a child. The affair is obviously over, so it’s more about healing, forgiveness and welcoming the child into the existing family. Kim is in the story but this isn’t about the affair. Most of the lingering issues are dealt with in the first 25 percent of the novel. Yes, the connection is hit upon.

  203. Ann says:

    Yes, Lina did not treat Nick right. She had feelings for Nick, and I think the fact that he had strong feelings for her just helped her confidence level. So, she should feel guilty. I think coming to terms with how Phil deceived her and his family, just made her crave Nick’s attention even more.

    Laura, correct me if I’m wrong, but you did say that SN will be listed as a standalone. Are you going to cover the spiritual connection that Phil and Lina share somewhere in the book?

  204. Tracie says:

    I don’t think Lina did right by Nick…she was back and forth with him. Lina messed with Nick’s feelings almost as much as Phil messed with hers. That’s why Lina is guilty too! Lina might have got the shorter end of the Phil stick, but she crossed lines with both Phil and Nick…..

  205. Tracie says:

    Sure Phil does! Nick wants what belongs to him and Phil damn near gave Lina to him, by not involving himself with his family once the affair started….

  206. Ann says:

    I hope Phil realizes that while he was feeling “poor me” for 4 months with that witch, he really could have lost Lina for real. I mean she did have some feelings for Nick and oh boy Nick loved Lina.

  207. Ann says:

    Well said Tracie. Also, remember Laura said that Phil hates Nick as much as Kim!

  208. Tracie says:

    Another struggle in SN for Phil, is going to be the knowledge that he turned his family over to another man, while he satisfied his guilty pleasure. Even Laura said “Poor Phil he just can’t get away from Nick Drayton.” Phil thought he had both worlds under control, when he didn’t….Kim took Phil away on a ride, while Nick was pulling up to the curb….

  209. Ann says:

    Oh I want Phil to be so into Lina. I think Laura will make it happen.
    Also, going back to that argument scene between Phil and Lina on the phone while he was in New York, Phil mentioned that he was only good for paying the bills. I’m thinking that’s where Phil is vulnerable. He’s always been able to control things and now he can’t! That’s where I’m thinking he fell weak to that evil bitch of a woman. She pumped up his ego, among other things.LOL

    • Tracie says:

      Ann, in my opinion he was not vulnerable there, he was pissed and tired of hearing Nick’s name in his own home and Lina taking his opinion over Phil’s….

  210. Tracie says:

    Kbabe, after Phil’s sees the depth of Lina’s hurt, through those pictures, Kim’s continued attempts to hurt Lina and the anguish Lina goes through in accepting Liam, I don’t think Phil will feel much like a prize….but in his eyes, I believe Lina will become priceless to him….

  211. Tracie says:

    Ann, after reading the argument scene Laura shared with us, I think (my opinion) that Phil also felt disrespected by the way Lina was putting Nick’s opinion before his…When Phil said “then it became more in WPF, he went on to explain that he felt Lina didn’t want him, but Kim did….He was placating his own actions/guilt with Lina doesn’t want me. I think that is how he justified sleeping with her for four months….

    I’m anxious to see Phil’s POV, on how he sees Kim now. Janet is anxious to see how/if he compares Lina to Kim as far as their beauty and if he still sees Kim as attractive….

    • Katie says:

      He’s a man- I’m sure he still acknowledges that Kim’s physically attractive. But her looks weren’t why he had an affair, so it stops there. It’s not like she was just so fucking hot he couldn’t control himself and ended up in bed with her. She happened to be there in a time of weakness.
      But she’s ugly on the inside, and I’m sure that significantly reduces her physical appeal to Phil. And Lina is beautiful on the inside, making her even more stunning on the outside.

  212. Ann says:

    Good Morning to all, I was tied up yesterday going through my aunt’s finance statements, etc. in preparation for medicaid filing. What a PIA. I was happy our Ravens won a game!!! Plus I have survived another week in my Football Survival Pool. I’m one of 4 people left out of 350!! All by luck too. LOL. I actually picked the Steelers to win yesterday, and I really hate that team too!

    Tracie, I’m feeling some Phil withdraw. Maybe Laura can throw us another bone or meal. LOL. I also loved the scene where Lina and Phil connect when she’s wearing the black silk gown and the one on Christmas night when she wakes up downstairs in bed with Phil. I loved it. You know all through WPF we knew how Lina felt, how she would describe Phil’s looks as movie star quality, and he still looked better than ever at age 41. She knew other women were so attracted to him. I hope in SN that we get to see how much Lina means to Phil, not just her looks, but her soul. I am so looking forward to hearing Phil’s thoughts. As I have repeated before, I want to understand why Phil stayed with Kim for 4 months. Maybe he is more insecure deep down than we think. Because he sure comes off as one cocky, confident, hot alpha.

    Katie, your Lia and Joseph were spot on.

    Laura, you said you were cranking out the last 10 percent of this baby of yours! Terrific. I’m also curious to Tracie’s question on your chapter breaks. Oh, and how is your Dad?

    To the rest of the gang on here, please have a good day and please hug your loved ones.

    • Katie says:

      Good morning girls. I’m with you about wanting to see how Phil sees Lina…not being able to get enough of her…jealous of other men looking at her…I want Phil to know that he’s not the prize.

      Laura and Ann, you are angels for taking care of your aging loved ones. I think about the elderly who don’t have anyone to help them, and it breaks my heart.

  213. Tracie says:

    Good Morning Girls, Got everyone lined out for the day, or so I think…barely have any personnel here at all since it is deer season. J-Girl can’t wait to here your scenarios…….

    Laura I thought writers wrote in chapters…Do you determine chapter breaks or does your editor?

    • Laura says:

      Maybe authors who outline write in chapters but the rest of us write in scenes. Breaking the novel into chapters is a bit of an art — ending a chapter so the reader once to change the page. I do it when I done. The editor agrees or disagrees with the breaks and I take it from there.

  214. janet says:

    Hello my new BFFs. I am beat! Wanted to check in and read the posts before going to bed. Tracie even when you aren’t being funny you crack me up. I’m going to have to look up these chapters you mentioned. I will be thinking of Logan tonight and play out some scenarios in my head how Liam wins Logan over.

    I thought when Laura said scenes she meant chapters. Dividing the book into chapters is a hassle and time consuming. I volunteer all of us to do that job. LOL

    Kbabe, I liked that scene too and Adele’s comment the next day made me laugh out loud

  215. Tracie says:

    Kbabe I thought your hubby was home, J-Girl is at a tournament, Laura is working on her last 10 percent, Deighj and Ann are either painting, decorating or running errands and I’ve just been being…Lol…I did wonder about my Hunter’s today..I thought about Chapter 45 in WPF wherein Phil and Lina’s palms were the exact same to include the short line for Liam…I thought about Chapters 30, 32, and 38 about Logan and Phil struggling…Or Chapter 20 where Phil hugged Logan in the garage….Lina and Logan suffered the most from Phil’s betrayal, how he will make it right for both of them…Liam will bring lightness to the situation, but Phil’s redemption will come through Lina and Logan……Kim is a two headed rattler that has to be dealt with, by cutting the heads off….Lol

    • Laura says:

      I’m impressed with the way you remember the chapters. I don’t actually break the novel up in to chapters until I’m done. Right now SN is only one chapter lol
      I agree that Lina and Logan suffered the most — Katie the least and then Megan

    • Katie says:

      I’m still around! Everytime I think about Kim my heart rate goes up. I’m impressed about the chapters too- I don’t know any of them. My favorite scene was at Christmas when Lina went to Phil in her sleep, and they reconnected post-separation and revealed neither had been with other people. That’s when I knew they’d be OK.

      • Laura says:

        that was one of my favorite scenes too. I also liked when he wouldn’t read the parenting book.

        • Tracie says:

          How about Chapter 12 where Lina made love to him for the first time after he confessed the affair…that was sexy…how he noticed her black silk gown was new and ran his hands across her breasts saying beautiful and then his lips followed the same path…Swoon. I know my favorite chapters in all your books…Lol. I’ve read them several times…

          • janet says:

            In SN, can I request some scenes where Phil makes the first move? I know why Lina had to and did in WPF but I would love to see Phil panting in heat for Lina! lol

  216. deighj says:

    Morning ladies. Just catching up with the last 2 days. I tried posting several times yesterday but our electricity kept going out and erased each one and I finally gave up. Our EMC no help just told us they were working on it.
    Laura thank you for the credit you attributed to Sugar, J-Girl. and myself. Everyone’s obsession with WPF is a tribute to your talent. Indeed all of your books. Personally I’m looking forward to Lucas Roe as a future gift to us. I would like to know if there will be an option to preorder on a hard copy of SN though I don’t think there will be. I think you told me both would be available at the same time.
    Kbabe, loved the board, a visual makes it so much easier to connect with our MCs.
    As for meeting up in Vegas I’ve visited several times and it was just OK. Most of the time I spent alone sightseeing. I’ll be damned if I’ll let random luck determine win or lose. I think I prefer the islands or even New York.
    And Sugar, 5’2”? I am 71/2” taller, I could just pick you up and carry you so ya wouldn’t get lost. But I don’t think losing you in a crowd would be a problem. We’d just look for a hullabaloo and there you’d be in the center. I see you as a crowd magnet. I do see everyone of you including Laura as much more open and letting you inner Lucy-fir out than I am. I prefer standing back and enjoying the show. But heaven help me cause two drinks in and I would be the hard to live down show.
    I’m gonna stop cause I’m rambling. I do love each of your personalities that add so much on here.

  217. Tracie says:

    You Cali girls are up early this morning…I think the picture of Lia is beautiful….Woke up this morning to a cold wet winter mix, yesterday it was 68 and sunny….that’s Okla weather for you though….

  218. janet says:

    I’ll happily watch from the sidelines. It’ll be worth it to see Tony rip his tie off in frustration. ?.

    Couldn’t get into the book. I’m going to skim to the part you mentioned Tracie. I thought it would be a bit darker

    Kbabe, love lea’s ponytail. The model
    Is pretty and wholesome but reminds me of an army nurse in the 40s. Not good enough for your Joseph. Unless everyone likes then it’s fine. I always care more about the guy anyway.

    • Laura says:

      “army nurse in the 40s” LOL funny!
      Lia was described as 5’11, very thin, black straight hair and blue eyes — she’s perfect! I pictured Lia a bit sophisticated and this model fits that I think.

  219. Tracie says:

    I’d team up with Joseph to aggravate the hell out of Tony…Lol

  220. janet says:

    Hot damn! Imagine working with Tony and Joseph. Who can get any work done?!

  221. Tracie says:

    He’s hot and a perfect Joseph…..

  222. Tracie says:

    10 percent was four chapters in WPF…you are close!!

  223. Tracie says:

    Final ten percent I feel like a proud parent Lol…I’m so excited….

    Glad you like it J-Girl…

  224. janet says:

    Final ten percent! Remember coffee talk from SNL? I’m verklempt!

    Tracie I just started sweetness. I like it already. The baby mama is his brothers wife? love it.

  225. janet says:

    Lol. Touché. Can’t wait for my verbal awakening!

  226. Tracie says:

    is that code for you are working on the conclusion?

  227. Tracie says:

    Thanks Laura…How are the Hunter’s today?

  228. Tracie says:

    J-Girl…What Laura and I do is not verbal slapping….it is verbal awakening….to the fact that Phil is redeemable….

  229. janet says:

    Well, Jordan IS brilliant! I haven’t said anything mean about Phil in a long time though. Too scared of you and Tracie giving me the verbal slap. lol.
    Kbabe, you know what you are doing. We associate actors with their characters so I don’t like that either. Also, HI is like 10hr flight for the rest of the gang here. Do you really want to see me in a head to toe black burka? yuck.
    Tracie, he does have have ears that stick out a bit.

  230. Tracie says:

    I can go for Skarsgard, but J-Girl and Jordan his ears are a little elfish at the top, but not bad….Lol

  231. janet says:

    Does anyone own a kindle oasis? Just wondering if it’s worth getting. I’ve always had kindle paperwhite.

  232. deighj says:

    Just catching up again, started early this morning when the electricity went out for some unknown reason. It’s on again and I’m good to go.

    Ann, I’ve given up on decorating until my daughter finishes painting the ENTIRE 2nd floor. 12 days before Thanksgiving. And yes I have lived in Georgia for years in my husband’s hometown. My hometown is Gainesville, Florida home of the Gators. I don’t follow football though my children are rabid Gator fans.

  233. Katie says:

    Girls, Hawaii is central to us all, no? LB Convention, Hawaii 2019!
    Janet- Those poor kids. Ugh! My husband was just telling me there are still hundreds missing further north from the fires.
    I’m so glad Phil hates Kim. Anyone who uses a child as a manipulation tool is double evil to me. She deserves whatever wrath comes her way.
    Deb- I’m 34 with a Masters and I still don’t know what I want to do with when I grow up. I think society puts too much pressure on kids to know their exact path too young. I’m a totally different person now than I was at 18. As long as he is moving toward independent, your son is on a sufficient path.
    Anyway- hubby is due home today, but I’ll try to check in.

  234. Tracie says:

    Hi Deb…You may not have a high crime rate in NZ, but it is admirable what you do and much appreciated…. I love how you said Kim’s “bonding” attempts with Phil…That’s exactly what she is trying to do, get him comfortable again with her…That won’t be happening but she will try……He doesn’t even want his fingerprints on her phone, much less anywhere else…Lol….

    • Ann says:

      Tracie, I keep thinking back to Laura’s comments that Phil HATES Kim. Plus we know there is a dark side to Phil. So Phil bring it on!

      • Tracie says:

        I think you are right Ann….I couldn’t believe how cold and hard he was with Lina in WPF…Phil is scary possessive and protective over the people he loves…Kim is fixing to get a big dose of scary in SN…

  235. Ann says:

    Deb, I just googled Franz Josef glacier and the photos are gorgeous. As far as your son goes not every 18 year old knows what they want to do.
    I think we all can’t wait to see what’s in store for evil witch Kim! Just reading that snippet when Kim calls and tells Lina to get her sons father on the phone. Omg she’s so evil. I hope Lina takes her down! LOL

  236. Deb says:

    Hi ladies, catching up yet again, we had a long weekend over here and my hubby and I took our two youngest on a road trip and the internet was sketchy..if you have a min Google Franz Josef glacier in NZ…that’s where we were yesterday – amazing!!
    Re your Q’s from earlier, the weather is heading towards summer down here – can’t wait – although we never get a white Xmas which would be awesome…
    Haha re SVU – policing in NZ is definitely not that glamourous!!!! The squad I work on deals with drugs and homicide… occasionally we get an interesting case…my husband and I want to take our kids traveling…we went to the States last year and had an awesome time – L.A, Chicago, D.C and New York – but really want to experience the less touristy parts…

    Loving the snippets from SN – it’s quite obvious that Kim f””ked up in the worst possible way – her plan to keep Phil backfired completely!!! Her appeal to Phil definitely shriveled to nothing the day she told him she was pregnant…I’m going to enjoy reading her pathetic attempts to “bond” with Phil!!
    Hope you are all well…Laura that’s awesome about your daughter’s ambitions – my eldest is 18 but has NO IDEA what he wants to do after school finishes…
    One last thing (sorry for the long post!)…I would totally be in support of a meeting with you all!! Let me know the time and place lol!

    • Laura says:

      Deb — love the pictures of Franz Josef glacier! I’ve been to the Glacier national park in Montana which I absolutely loved but the actual glacier wasn’t nearly as spectacular as Franz Josef — still a beautiful national park next time you’re visiting. I really need to get to NZ — the flight I dread.

  237. janet says:

    Just saw haam. He’s a circumcised gorilla. Not GQ. Sorry dudes

    I also just caught up on some comments. Missing leg. LOLololol. Swipe to Brazilian wax. Omg laughed out loud. Too funny guys!

  238. Laura says:

    Katie — I’d love to see When I Saw You in a storyboard!

  239. janet says:

    also lady Gaga singing “always remember us this way.” I can see Phil and Lina dancing to this song. It’s on repeat in my car. I hope they get to dance again in SN

    Good night all. Taking the kids out for dinner. I’m hosting my kids friend for a week. Handful of students lost their home due to fire. Don’t have books or uniform. So sad!

  240. Tracie says:

    Yes T-Raw is my granddaughter…That is the name they gave her in HS. They screamed that from the dugout or the sidelines determining what sport she was playing. Her name is Taryn….

    • janet says:

      I absolutely love that. T-raw.

      • Tracie says:

        We did too…her softball team actually came up with that name…She played shortstop and when she fielded a ball and threw to whatever base it was pure raw power…Same way with batting.,,.so they came up with the name T-Raw…

  241. janet says:

    Have you guys seen the new Elton John commericial for Christmas? Bawl.
    T-raw? Is this your grandaugther ?

  242. Tracie says:

    Also, I bet Phil would not want Lina to know about her bosses body parts and what he can do with them…..I can just hear Phil now “Why in the fuck would you tell Lina, what her boss can do with his tongue?” Adele looking smug raises her chin to meet Phil eyes “That’s easy counselor. She needs to live her sex life vicariously through someone, it might as well be me,”. Lol Adele may be a little harder for my Phil to win over on his comeback tour….

    • Katie says:

      I’m not sure he’d care because I’m pretty sure his body parts can stand up with the best and biggest of them.

      • Tracie says:

        Me too…..Phil’s it Lol….I have a feeling any man that Lina comes in contact with on a regular basis Phil will take a second look at in SN…Remember in WPF, Chapter 11, when he tells Lina regarding Nick…”especially when he sees my wife once a week.” He let one man to close to his woman and I guarantee there will not be another….Speaking of body parts…Google Pictures of Jon Hamm…There is one on there where he is not wearing underwear and there is nothing left to the imagination through his pants…The caption reads Hamm’s penis takes his owner out for a walk….

  243. Katie says:

    I just put in a custom order for 6 necklaces, each with a charm that’s 1/6 of the same heart.

    • janet says:

      Huh? For us? To easily pick us in a lineup at the bowlegger convention? Lol I will be able to point us out. No problem. I will be the neurotic Asian with prescription sunglasses demanding a group discount with the manager. Probably end up with a drink voucher instead. You will be super easy. Just look for short Leelee. Laura is tall and beautiful saying girls calm down and Ann will be our wise mediator. Tracie and Deighj we will just follow their voices. Hi girls. Hi sugar then boom we know. Lol

  244. janet says:

    Awwww. Total love fest today!

    Bahahahajahaha. I love Adele so much! She reminds me of our Tracie!!! LOL. I can’t wait to read about her and William. And hey I like Megan too.

    Thank you Laura for letting us hound and nag you. That’s all we ever did. Ask and ask. Why and why. How come and how come. Tracie threw in the weekly I love Phil! I interjected with my bi weekly rants and Deighj came at you with her marriage books. And now we get a dosage of reality with lovely Ann and Kbabes sarcastic wit. Thank God with your patient soul Laura!

  245. Ann says:

    Our power went out last night and when the smoke detectors went off my little chihuahua ran under the bed (I thought). When lights came on and I went to find him he was stuck under the night table next to the bed. Those drawers come down close to the floor. His head kept coming out and he struggled but thankfully he managed to crawl under and get out. He’s 16 years old with one blind eye and one front tooth! He’s so damn funny

  246. Ann says:

    Laura, Oh I love Adele. She’s a real scream! I agree with you Tracie about Megan. She’ a daddy’s girl but needs a dose of reality. Love the way you write Katie and dear Logan. Diane just got on my damn nerves. Phil could’ve murdered someone and she’d still defend him!!! Oh the Hunters!!

  247. Tracie says:

    I love me some Adele…she’s is awesome:..How can Megan be in this family??? LOL. Lina is perfect for Phil, she’s modest in public, but a freak in the sheets……

  248. Laura says:

    and here is Adele at her finest…

    “I would but I have a thing with William tonight.”
    “Oh.” She took a sip of her coffee.
    “Oh,” Adele mimicked. “You need to get over this aversion you have to me fucking your boss.”
    “I don’t have an aversion to you doing it with him,” Lina said. “I have an aversion to you telling me about it. If you could just talk in general terms about him it would be better. Nothing referring to his anatomy or your sexual escapades.”
    “I’ve never met a man that was better with his–.”
    “No,” Lina interrupted. “Whatever you’re going to say, don’t. I have to see him twice a week. I don’t want it in my head.”

  249. Laura says:

    A heartfelt shout-out to Katie too — I love the storyboards so much. I look at them all the time!

    And Ann — I love reading your comments too my fellow Marylander.

    Gosh this is just a love fest today.

  250. Tracie says:

    Thanks Laura for all your hard work and not losing patience with our constant questions….I just couldn’t let Phil go, his story wasn’t over…I think of the story all the time too…I went to bed last thinking was that an overcoat pocket he put his hands in or his suit jacket….I know I’m a dork Lol…

    I would love to meet all of you girls….all I would have to do is open my mouth…Lol

    Kbabe I have never caught my belt loops on a door handle, but I can honestly say that in my husbands work truck my boobs are literally in the front seat while my feet are still on the ground….He’s got those knobby tires so he doesn’t get stuck…ugh

    • janet says:

      This is bizarre because I imagined him wearing navy peacoat length as he shoved his hands in the pocket. I read the scene again right before going to sleep thinking did he put his hands away so he wouldn’t choke Kim?

  251. Ann says:

    Laura thank you so much. I love that phrase, Phil was the hero that wouldn’t die! Phil’s personality, which you have created, is what keeps this blog going. We just can’t get enough of him. He can be a real ass and then he’s a real swoon worthy hero with a heart, plus he’s
    Thanks to Tracie, Janet and Deighj for keeping you focused with all their scenarios and questions about the Hunters. I’ve enjoyed ready all of it. Thanks to Katie for the Pinterest of WPF.

  252. Katie says:

    Thank goodness for Deighj, Janet and Tracie and their relentless pursuit of this sequel. Can’t effing wait!
    Tracie, loved your leg story, and I feel your pain, as a vertically challenged person. Do your belt loops get stuck on door handles too?
    I’d love to meet all of you. I feel like I could definitely pick out Janet and Tracie in a crowd, and Laura because I’ve seen pictures. Everyone else is a bit more mysterious.
    I hope everyone is having a nice day.

  253. Ann says:

    Laura, Hope you don’t mind, but I have some general questions about your writing process. Do you do a general outline of the plot? Do you write scenes and then go back and insert where appropriate? I’m just curious how you pull it all together. Also, when you were finished writing WPF did you ever think of a sequel?

    Tracie, you are a damn comedian. You just make me laugh.

    Ladies – Enjoy your weekend!

    • Laura says:

      No I just have a general idea about a story and start writing. Both A Sense of Belonging and When I Saw You were written from beginning to end and then I went back through and added a few scenes. With a Sense of Belonging I was half way through and suddenly the rest of the story — scene by scene came into my head — then it was basically just working from that — not as exciting as free writing where you don’t know what’s going to happen.

      WPF was much more complicated. I wrote and rewrote. SN seems to be very similar — not quite as bad but I’ve shifted whole scenes. It was an interesting process — I wanted to answer all the questions from Deighj, Tracie and Janet. I realized I wasn’t so I went back and then the book took on a different life. Today I realized I had two critical scenes interwoven which takes the punch from one or both scenes so I had to separate them — took all day — that doesn’t feel creative to me. It’s work — trying to keep the suspense at a high level (I hate boring books).
      Did I plan to write a sequel? not initially and certainly not right away. But Phil was the hero that wouldn’t die. While writing a Sense of Belonging it was Phil I thought about when I was going to sleep — still is.
      I credit Deighj, Tracie and Janet for keeping me focused on the Hunters. Otherwise we’d be getting Nick Prossi

  254. Laura says:

    LOL — we’d have to all stay at the same hotel and see if we could find each other.

  255. Tracie says:

    Good afternoon girls…I had to do the whole beauty shop thing today…Judy was there spinning tales about Blake Shelton and how much she loved Jerry Lee Lewis…thought I’d never get out of there….Lol…

    Laura have you headed for the conclusion or still polishing scenes?

    My leg is sore today, my husband pulled up to get me last night in the Beater (his work truck) to take me to the cafe and then took me down the back road to get there…when we made it to the cafe he said babe you look a little tense!!! I said well I pretty much needed 50 yards of running room and a Pole Vaulting stick to launch my ass
    up in this truck, then you took me down a log road to get here, what’s next on the agenda stoning me in the parking lot? He started laughing and told me he would feed me first….I’ve told him to get running boards on that truck..I’m 5’2”…the only thing my legs are good for is going from the ground to my ass, because I don’t have any Lol…

    • Laura says:

      And there is my laugh out loud moment of the day!

      Not the best writing day. I was polishing and re polishing and then starting again. Frustrating day!

  256. Ann says:

    Morning Deighj.
    I’m always up early. I’m sitting here reading older posts on this blog. I always pick up some new information about the Hunters. LOL. Already had 2 cups of coffee too.
    Yes, I agree about everyone’s personality being different, but everyone on here loves to read and loves to discuss all their favorite characters. I love getting everyone’s own POV. The one thing in common though is we all love Laura’s books and this saga of the Hunters. I can’t wait until we can start reviewing SN for real.

    I’ve got errands to run today because our weather here yesterday was just awful. When I get on this blog I become so addicted I don’t get a damn thing done!
    Hey how’s the decorating going? I’ll start mine next weekend.
    Deighj, you are from Georgia, correct?

  257. deighj says:

    Good morning honey bunches. Been up since 3:30 drinking coffee, reading posts. Early mornings are the only time I have to myself lately. I do miss all of you, think of each of you, try to imagine how you look, what it would be like to meet up for coffee. How each of your differing personalities have become distinct through your posts. Can you imagine all of us together talking over coffee or a glass of wine? Wish we lived close enough to form a book club. Though the women in the book club I use to belong to were a PIA I know we’d have fun with it.

  258. Tracie says:

    I wouldn’t even let Nicholas park Phil’s car….he was a worthless..

    • janet says:

      LOLOL. That was terrific. He’s not even worth a valet service. I thought what? nick is a spineless jellyfish?? Couldn’t remember their names except for the boyfriend because of his name. It was trace no? If you want to hate more check out Susan Lewis The Mill House. I wonder if you can forgive him.

  259. Ann says:

    Phil and his temper! You’ve got to love him!
    I keep thinking about Kim’s outcome in SN. Don’t you just want to see her suffer.

    • janet says:

      She better!

      • Laura says:

        Isn’t being Kim suffering? The story the Adultery Club — I skimmed through it last night. What a pathetic women (the mistress). I felt sorry for her.

        • Janet says:

          Omg! Did you forgive the husband? I just couldn’t and I forgave the guy from SP West book.

          • Laura says:

            God no! He was a pig, but I was reading the one star reviews and they all wanted the mistress to pay for what she did and I was like wow — she was such a pitiful character

          • janet says:

            Lol. Yes he was a pig! I didn’t hate the mistress for some reason. She was not in the same league as Kim. Blamed the husband more.

          • Laura says:

            Exactly! The mistress got what she deserved — she shouldn’t have gone after him but what a spineless guy he was and sooo selfish. ugh

          • janet says:

            Lol. All I can say is Tracie and Ann will read it now. Ladies, the guy is nothing like your Phil. Laura, I think this book made me ask you if Phil gave Kim any gifts. After that Valentine’s Day gift fiasco I didn’t want the wife to forgive him.

          • Laura says:

            Yes, I figured that as I read it.
            He wasn’t a likable character at all. I don’t think anyone wanted the wife to end up with him at the end of the story.

          • Katie says:

            But don’t you love Phil just a little bit more now?

          • Tracie says:

            Nick was a spineless jellyfish and Sara she was a sad sack…Kim is at least smart and ruthless enough to make us want to kill her off…

          • Tracie says:

            I read it the night you told me not to J-Girl..but I had already downloaded it…

  260. Tracie says:

    Here is another thing…Phil I don’t know why you have to be so hostile….well let’s see Reaper….you almost destroyed my marriage, still taking pot shots at my wife and don’t change my kids diaper…Since you don’t seem to understand that, I’ll have you some flash cards made with reminders….

  261. Tracie says:

    Girls notice how Phil set the boundary, I’m not here to interact with you….She is trying to be all June Cleaverish.,,,Let’s look at the video of our child and have an awww moment together…not happening Grim Reaper…,.

  262. Ann says:

    I don’t mean any harm against baby Liam. He’s adorable because he has the Hunter gene.
    The fact that Liam had a stinky dirty diaper tells me that Kim’s not on it! She’s more worried about Phil than her little boy!

  263. Ann says:

    Please nobody gang up on me for this comment. I can’t stand Kim and i know she was manipulative to Phil, but phil can be an ass! He is responsible for half of this mess and he should have worn a condom! End of story. I still love Phil. LOL

  264. Tracie says:

    That is a whole meal, not just a bone Lol. He is so cautious good… I love it not giving her an inch….

  265. Ann says:

    Hot damn!! So good Laura. This is a “poor Phil” moment but I love how cold he is to Kim.

    The winds are picking up big time outside. Our power just went out and all the smoke detectors started going off. My dog is under the bed!

  266. Laura says:

    You girls beat me down. This is an example of Phil not angry at Kim…

    Liam immediately lost interest in the toy when he saw his father, grabbing the side of the play pen as he scampered to his feet. “Dadda!”
    Phil could smell the dirty diaper even before he lifted Liam from the playpen. He held him out to Kim. “Christ,” he said under his breath. “Just hurry. I only have two hours. I don’t want to spend them here.”
    “Why are you so stuck on time? I’m not. Keep him for three if you’d like.” She laid out a changing pad on floor and took Liam.
    “Dadda!” Liam protested, holding his arms out to Phil.
    “Daddy isn’t leaving. I just need to change your diaper.” Kim said. “There’s a video on my phone I took of him yesterday if you want to watch it. My phone, right there.” She nodded towards her phone on the coffee table.
    “I’m good.” He shoved his hands into his coat pockets.
    “It’s just a video Phil.”
    “Just change his fucking diaper so I can get out of here,” he bit out.
    Her whole body tensed up. “I don’t know why you have to be so hostile.”
    “You told me to pick him up at noon. It’s now five after and you seem in no hurry to get him ready. I’m not here to interact with you.”

    • Katie says:

      I bet that kid has chronic diaper rash from that negligent home-wrecker.

      Thanks Laura!

    • Janet says:

      Omggg. That skank! I knew the witch would make Liam’s butt red! Thank god Phil didn’t give into watching whatever’s on her phone! I’m thinking there’s more than a video of Liam on that thing. I did laugh at Phil holding Liam out to Kim to change. Thank you! I loved it.

      • Katie says:

        Omg. She hands Phil the phone and says, “just swipe left a few times…ok that one, no wait that’s me checking on things after my Brazilian wax, sorry, left one more.” Slut.

    • janet says:

      He really hates her. She repulses him correct? I was tiny tiny bit afraid he still finds her physically attractive. Like disgusted but still appreciate her beauty. I read a book where the husband did this when we got his POV. Those are times when I wish the authors wouldn’t let us in the guys’ heads.

  267. Ann says:

    Omg I love you girls. Tracie you make me laugh out loud! Enjoy your dinner!

  268. Ann says:

    Tracie I agree with where you’re coming from, I just want Phil to be so into Lina and I want him to feel absolutely awful for going on with Kim. I want big time redemption from Phil.

    • Tracie says:

      You’ll get it Ann…Even in WPF how many times did he say let me make this better; I wish I could undo this; I’m sorry, I love you; His guilt had started the minute his connection was made with Lina, now lets watch our hunk of burning love redeem himself….I’m so hyped now I’m going to the cafe for BBQ Brisket tonight.

      Laura I don’t know if you saw it or not but J-Girl was going to read Chapter 8 and 9 again…you know she gets all spun up…if you have a “I hate you bitch.” (From Phil to Kim) in the manuscript you may want to throw it out here…LOL That and a gourmet caramel apple may soothe her….Lol

      • Laura says:

        nice try Tracie. lol

      • Janet says:

        I’m laughing out loud. You used me and Laura stood firm on her no! I practically memorize these chapters so I shouldn’t have to go back but at this point I’m dissecting every punctuation Laura wrote. Omg. I do need to soothe myself with some sugar. The caffeine made me more anxious.
        Ok I will try one more time for us. Laura, how about I hate you witch, burn in Hell snippet from WPF your editor cut out? Thank you! Love you! Have a great day!

  269. Tracie says:

    I’m telling you girls when he said it became more it was fun for him, it was a different piece of tail and freedom from responsibility and I’m sure it was physically satisfying. His ego was also stoked that a younger woman sought him out for sex, when his wife was putting him off…..Phil is a competitor so it was game on with the exciting sneaking sex….Until it wasn’t…..until his wife opened her heart to him again…then it became a burden…

  270. Ann says:

    Laura are you up to 450 pages yet?

  271. Ann says:

    Katie that’s a good point. Plus wouldn’t that be a twist if they never actually slept together in that bed in Steamboat.

  272. Tracie says:

    No throat probing today J-Girl…but I believe no matter how new the affair was between Phil and Kim, that if Lina and Phil had rectified their conflict regarding Katie and started working together Phil would have ended his affair with Kim…But when Phil fell down the rabbit hole, he was way over his head since she got pregnant in the first month they were together…..Phil was sunk the minute he feel into Kim’s bed….

  273. Ann says:

    Janet I’m with you on this. I hope that with Phil’s POV in SN we get some answers.
    I love Phil but I want to understand how he kept that affair going on for 5 months. That’s what really gets me. I mean he gets upset with Lina and Nick’s relationship but that can’t hold a candle to what he did with Kim. I am team Phil I just need more of Phil’s inner thoughts.

    • Laura says:

      4 months, not 5!

    • Katie says:

      I can’t believe I’m saying this because Phil is 99.9% to blame, but Lina was having an emotional affair for much longer than Phil’s affair. Not wanting to have sex with her husband was a good indication of that. Women have sex to make an emotional connection (stereotypically). Whether subconscious or not she wasn’t fully in her marriage.

      • Laura says:

        I’ll jump on this bandwagon. How many times to Lina mention “missing” talking to Nick?

        • Tracie says:

          A lot…that is why in Chapter 24, she started crying and rolled over in her pillow, when Phil got her out of the hot tub because she couldn’t see Nick anymore if she stayed with Phil….

      • Tracie says:

        Preach on sister…exactly she was not giving her all to the marriage either and had pulled herself from Phil physically and emotionally….She let her gratitude for Nick’s role in Katie’s life become more than a hand written thank you note….

      • Katie says:

        I mean who doesn’t take a Hamm bone when it’s thrown your way? Something was going on in her head.

        • Laura says:

          LOL! That made me laugh out loud!

        • Tracie says:

          LOL…Not me…I’m greedy….Nick was giving her the answers she wanted and helping her daughter. Phil was fighting her at every turn, so she turned him down and tuned him out…in slides the parasite and Phil’s downfall….both of their faults.

  274. Ann says:

    I agree with all of you ladies. Like I said I read about 3 books a week. However, I only write reviews for those books that really grab me. I’m sorry that I don’t give a review on everything I read just so I have some sort of record. Laura is just so good. Seriously one of the best authors out there. She writes so realistic. That’s what I love about her writing.

    As far as Phil goes, I loved him from the get go! However, I do feel very conflicted in the beginning of the book when Lina first suspects something from the Kim text messages and that damn tie when she is unpacking Phil’s suitcase. That night Lina and Phil reconnect when she tells him it’s been 3 weeks and she misses him.
    Laura, what I want to know is this- if Lina never told Phil she missed him would he have continued with witch Kim?
    (Please forgive me for rambling, I’m sitting here with a fire going and a glass of wine). Perks of retirement.

    • Janet says:

      Ann I would like to piggy back on your question. I think Laura’s answer will be most likely Phil would have continued the affair until they reconnected again. Remember Kim’s text and Phil asking when Logan’s game was the next day? Laura told us he was debating whether to meet up with Kim. My question is this. Let’s say Lina told Phil 5 weeks into the affair that she missed him. Would he have given Kim up then? This was when Phil was spending the nights with Kim and waking up at 7 to visit her in the morning. The affair was still new and “hot.” We know it was just sex but he liked kim and liked the sex enough to take her away to steamboat for the night. Would it have been easy for Phil to just cut it off when it was still in the beginning stage?

    • Janet says:

      Before you all jump down my throat I’ve said here before my fingers are
      Crossed that Phil never slept with Kim in Colorado. I keep re reading ch 29 when Lina hits Phil’s chest accusing him of “you fucked her in my bed”. All he says is Lina. He never admits it.

    • Katie says:

      I think the affair was fizzling out. Not over but ending. In the first few pages of Ch. 1, he came home earlier than expected (he could’ve seen Kim then if he wanted), and he wanted to stay home the next day (not go to running group). That was before they had sex that night. This is my interpretation and I’m sticking to it; otherwise, I’ll start getting pissy.

  275. Tracie says:

    Laura don’t let a few opinions bother you. Always look at the majority. I had a mentor that worked at the Pentagon, she had a large staff and worked with General Officer’s, she taught me some amazing things. I was in a leadership class, where she was an instructor. She was briefing one day and she called our team her staff. This girl (I couldn’t stand her) in our group, immediately said “so we are your staff and not your team” Well I had all I could take and I cut into her like a piece of prime beef, to say the least, they halted the session and put us in break-out groups….All except me of course…I got some alone time with the instructor (my mentor) to discuss conflict management. She said…Tracie don’t ever allow shallow people or opinions to influence your way of thinking or doing business. She then asked me why I felt the need to come to her defense. I told her the woman was a smart ass without a justifiable argument and she had got on my last nerve. She smiled and said I have a little secret for you…what??? She said her opinion didn’t effect my net pay…Lol….You are phenomenal at what you do, don’t let anyone tell you any different….

    • Katie says:

      Amen sister. I’ve NEVER read a book that made analyze every word, move, phrase, posture, position… Laura is an amazing author. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t thinking about the material enough. I love when books make you think.

    • Laura says:

      LOL Love it! Thanks, Tracie.

      • Janet says:

        Ditto to what tracie and Katie said. I’ve read all your reviews good and bad. It’s never ever about your writing. If anything the reader feels very passionately about Phil one way or another because he is real to everyone. Remember Rachel posted here a few times? She hated Phil but loved your writing and said it made her realize why she loves books so much. She said your books made her FEEL and thanked you. You have a gift and we get the fruits of your labor. We are all lucky. ?

        • Katie says:

          Exactly. Any book that makes you feel is at least 4 stars.

        • Laura says:

          Thanks everyone for your kind words. And I think I understand a bit more now. I would never give a book I felt was well written a low review because the characters didn’t behave the way I wanted. I think others do. I’m like Ann, I only review novels I like because I know how much work goes into them — good or bad.

  276. Ann says:

    All this talk of Phil today is great!
    I was laughing to myself thinking of that scene in WPF where Alice and Drew (Lina’s Dad’s name?) had watched Logan and let him go to the beach with Nick and his son. Then Phil finds out and gets pissed and they’re sitting at the table while Alice and Drew were saying how much they liked Dr. Drayton, and Phil being Phil says something to Drew like, who the fuck asked you! Laura I love, love, love, how you write Phil!

  277. Janet says:

    We may have a full moon a week early with all the Kim talk today.
    Laura, did Phil make it clear/tell Kim he wasn’t leaving Lina or say I love my wife? I know I asked you in different ways but why did Phil say in ch 15 “did I say I was leaving my wife?” It wasn’t clear? You know once a month I feel a tiny bit bad for Kim. Maybe a snippet is needed for my reality check. Bahaha.

    Also, will we have the male POV in your future books?

    • Laura says:

      Yes to both I love my wife and I’m never leaving my wife.
      Male POV? at a minimum you’ll go off with him — not sure if you’ll hear his thoughts.

      Today I was writing a scene and trying to come up with descriptions for how a man feels inside when he’s upset. I mean I don’t think men’s stomach drop like women’s. I think what scares us makes them want to fight.

      • Katie says:

        Definitely anger. Wanting to fight. Hands curl into fists. Wanting to punch a wall. The adrenaline rush associated with fight or flight. Rough(er) sex, if applicable.

        • Tracie says:

          When a man feels gutted or hurt they usually do associate it with physical pain. How many times have we read or heard…”I felt like a took a punch to the gut.” Describing pain with loss of the ability to breath for a moment…..

    • Katie says:

      I didn’t like when he said his relationship with Kim became “more.” That bothered me.

      • janet says:

        Lord I hounded Laura with the “more”. I read that over and over. Also I got mad at Lina for wanting the connection with Phil right after he told her. I feel distress coming on thinking about ch 8-9.

  278. Ann says:

    Thanks for the kind words Laura.

    I found another bitchy Kim actress. I was watching the movie Fifty Shades Freed and the woman who plays the architect (Gina) seemed like she could be a Kim also. Thankfully Ana puts her in her place.
    I do like Katie’s Kim though.

    • Laura says:

      I actually wrote a scene and put Kim (at least in my head) in the exact dress the Kim on the storyboard is wearing.

      • Ann says:

        OMG what would Alice think of this??

        Did you always imagine Phil as John Hamm or did that come later?

        • Laura says:

          Alice doesn’t really think ill of anyone — it’s just all a journey. There is actually one person she doesn’t like and that will come out in SN.

          I pictured Phil big in stature and athletic with dark hair and blue eyes — obviously incredibly handsome. John Hamm (sorry Janet) seems to fit the bill. I didn’t think of him until after the fact.

  279. Ann says:

    Hey Ladies, looks like everyone’s been busy.
    It’s actually snowing and freezing rain here in Maryland today!

    I oversee my elderly aunt’s affairs and have been so busy compiling all the necessary paperwork to apply for medicaid for the nursing home. If you’ve ever been through it, you’ll understand.

    Anyway, Laura hope your Dad is doing better and it sounds like your daughter has an amazing future. I’m sure you are so proud. I loved the snippet between Lina and Logan. It just gets me so excited about SN coming soon.

    Tracie, I read Mr. Wrong and I liked it. The Hunter’s family Christmas card with Liam is the best! That is really funny. Your daughter’s blood pressure issue is really scary. It must have freaked you out big time!

    I saw where you ladies were discussing MC books. Have any of you ever read Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn? It’s about a motorcycle gang that abducts a 15 year old girl. It’s 3 continuous books in the series and spans about 25 years with the same characters. Lots of twists and turns throughout. There’s one part of the second book that was somewhat “twilight zone” to me, but the storyline kept my interest.

    Laura, do you read all the customer reviews on amazon, and goodreads, about your books? I’d rate all your books 10 if I could.

    Katie, Janet, Deighj & Deb – I have written down all your book recommendations and will download the samples. I love recommendations from people who have similar tastes as myself.

    Have a wonderful day ladies.

    • Laura says:

      Ann — nice that your aunt has you!

      I read the first Nine Minutes and liked it until I didn’t — I don’t remember a HEA or at least not the one I wanted. I remember liking the writing though.

      Reviews — yes I read them all and the bad ones still bother me. And thank you!

  280. Tracie says:

    Oh I have another question…does Phil ever say or allude to the fact in an argument with Kim, that she almost destroyed his marriage?? Does he ever say after a wedge trick in SN, that it won’t work…Lina is in for the long haul…so to speak????

  281. Tracie says:

    Laura I have a question…Lol Chapter 47 I think this is the only sentence I haven’t asked about in that chapter….When Lina asked Phil if he was seriously trying to pickup women at his son’s Lacrosse game??? Phil asked Lina if she was serious and she said yes….What were his thoughts? I was wondering if he was thinking…”Does she think so little of me now?” Lina even asked Phil if he went to bars to meet women…He shut her down and said never, you all I want….swoon

  282. deighj says:

    Laura, you’ve read Madeline Sheehan’s Undeniable and Joanna Wylde’s Reaper series? If so which did you enjoy the most? I read them on and off, they’re too heavy back to back.

    • Janet says:

      Hi Deighj! I read both and Madeline’s MC series are a bit dark for me. I think I read the first one and the daughter one. Maybe it was #4 in the series. I read most of Joanna’s. You have to be in the mood for them but I like reading about Idaho when I read her books.

  283. Katie says:

    Laura, at what point did Phil realize that the pregnancy was no accident and Kim was trying to ruin his marriage?

    I hate that conversation from early after the affair was revealed when Phil is talking to Kim on the phone and saying he’s sorry (sorry for hurting her, not wanting her, giving her false hope?).

  284. Tracie says:

    Unless she is drunk and wrecks the car with Liam in the vehicle. Phil would for sure sue for custody of Liam then….I’ve always heard alcohol and anti-psychotic meds are a lethal combination…Lol

    Girls Laura will reply “Not Happening”

    • Katie says:

      I like this idea.
      Are you going to Joanna Gaines the shit out of your farmhouse? I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn my classic CA Spanish-style home into a farmhouse and all I’ve come up with is putting a metal roof on H’s playhouse in the backyard. Or maybe put a small barn shed back there.

      • Tracie says:

        Somewhat Joanna Gaines…I went to an auction not to long ago, and picked up a brand new leather couch and love seat that an older couple had just bought for a little over $8,000 and I paid $550.00 for both….they are beautiful with a scrolled wood frame and soft buttery leather, I’ll decorate around those pieces. The wife had suddenly passed away and the husband felt like he needed to part with them, so sad…

        When I retire next year, the house is going to be my she shed….That’s what you need to do, build yourself a craft house in the backyard and have your own she shed….

        • Katie says:

          Yes that’s what I need!
          That sofa sounds gorgeous. I’m imagining all whites and dark woods for the house.

        • Janet says:

          So glad to hear you are retiring next year. I wince when I read you and Deighj wake up at 4:30. As it is I hate waking up at 6.

          So I just imagined chip cheating on Joanna with a Kim and got so mad. Omg

  285. Tracie says:

    Laura I mentioned Leah Sharelle’s Wounded Souls MC novels. His Sweetness being the first…

    Deighj I believe you are right on Kim it will be a slow progression, but a realistic ending would be for her to find another man, unless Laura decides to drown her in the inner harbor area….

  286. Laura says:

    Okay — I’m sure this has been covered but MC novels are my guilty pleasure. There aren’t that many good ones though IMO. The only ones I’ve liked were written by Joanna Wylde or Madeline Sheehan. Was there another author someone mentioned?

  287. deighj says:

    Hey Sugar plum, looks as though it’s just the two of us right now. Going back to the Christmas card I’d love to see that happening but I don’t think Lina is the type of person to do something like that. So wish there was someway it did come to her attention. Like a professional photographer that displays it in his studio window.
    I also see Kim gradually realizing she’s lost Phil. She’s gonna start looking around and Phil and Lina will have a lot more time with Liam. Kim will laugh thinking of Lina as her babysitter. Keep in mind I said gradually over time.

  288. deighj says:

    Laura, hope you’re dad is getting better, that his doctors get a handle on exactly what the cause is for the blackouts.
    Congratulations on your daughter. She is joining medical scientists who are racing to find cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s among others. Cancer runs in my family and my sister took care of Alzheimer patients. To watch people fade away is heartbreaking.

  289. Tracie says:

    Good Morning Girls, Deighj I knew you would be all about the gingerbread, you send off the warm vibe and I love it….D

    Laura I know I’ve stated this, but I’ve never just asked you..We know Phil has remorse and guilt over the affair, he is bothered about letting Nick get to close to Lina, but in his scotch moments does he ever feel torn inside for not protecting Lina from Kim, the text messages, pictures, and whatever else she does to Lina SN?

    • Katie says:

      Yeah that was one thing from WPF that was unresolved for me. He knew what Kim was doing and why, but he didn’t seem to be trying to stop it and he didn’t comfort Lina as much as I would’ve liked as things kept happening. I get it, it was painful for him and he wanted if just to go away. I know he’ll be better in SN.

      • Tracie says:

        That was hard for me too Kbabe. I stated on a comment I want to see in SN, Phil defending Lina. We didn’t see that in WPF, we saw him telling her to forget, forgive and how much he loved her….The love part is how I knew he was redeemable. That is why I can’t wait for SN, I need to see his defense, comfort and love wrap around Lina like bubble wrap……mark my words, Lina will surprise us as well…..

  290. deighj says:

    J, wish I’d never heard of Hobby Lobby. It’s one of the reasons my great room is in a mess. My daughter is always dragging something home from that store. Wish we could have a garage sale but that’s not done in this neighborhood.
    Sugar, you are one of the funniest people I’ve ever “met.” Always good for a laugh. You remind me of my mom. As for the gingerbread and chocolate you’re right. I love cooking but my biggest joy is baking. You do bake, remember your whop-em biscuits?
    Kbabe, as for the sex scenes in books, I’ve read so many that I’m jaded. I usually skim through just to see if there’s anything new. It’s painful in a way, my husband took that part of me when he left. I can hear him sayin, “Damn right I did, you don’t need it and I do.”
    Ann, Deb, where are you? Snuggled up in your cabin and out chasing bad guys? Miss you.

  291. deighj says:

    I love you Sugar plum! No thank you on the ornaments. I still have ornaments from my son’s Elementary school Christmas fund raiser. I spent over $500 bucks so he would win. I saved everything from day one of their lives. My attic is full of memorabilia.

  292. Katie says:

    Ok Tracie, Wrong was just OK. Creative sex scenes though.

    • Tracie says:

      You are a tough crowd…..Lol

      • Katie says:

        No way!! I think it would’ve been better if it had been longer. I don’t know. Something was missing. Like their relationship seemed unrealistic. But I love you. I didn’t get the feeling you loved Mr. Masters as much as I do.

        • janet says:

          Was it unrealistic like 50 shades? Bc I loved that series. I guess I do prefer my romances a bit over the top. I kept thinking this is like the longest harlequin book on steroids. Lol.

          • Katie says:

            It was a little bit like 50 shades. Not quite that bad though. I guess I just didn’t believe the progression from barista/customer to lovers to in-love. It was expedited… I don’t know- it was a fast read, you should see for yourself.

      • janet says:

        I’ve had this book in my kindle for over a year. Forgot all about it till you recommended to Kbabe. Man I better catch up. I have mr masters waiting too but need to skim through this Christian forgiving novel then MC next.

  293. Tracie says:

    Doesn’t the car scene come right before the snow scene??

  294. Tracie says:

    Just getting home Girls…Jordan is going to do so well…you go girl!

    I can go with Shawn Mendes if his eyes are the same color as Phil’s…What color where Phil’s eyes, because Lina said Logan looks like Phil….

    So excited about the book…loved the 12 more scenes Lol…

  295. Laura says:

    Very productive day!
    I was able to merge the two halves of the novel — not fun.
    Remember when I was writing the snow storm scene and said I needed to go back to the beginning and write a few scenes? Those few scene are more than half the book. Today they finally came together. The end is in sight — just 12 more scenes lol

    • janet says:

      The darn illusive 12 scenes! Lol.
      The merging is where I got confused. I know it started at the hospital with Liam’s birth then I thought you went back 8 months prior. Trying to piece the bits together has become a science project for us. It’ll be fun reading the snippets you gave us in SN.

      • Laura says:

        It starts with Lina meeting Liam and then it goes back six months to when Lina tell Phil to come home — that’s where it starts — basically it starts where WPF ends.

        you’ll never be able to put it together because I shifted scenes all over the place. I hate writing like this but its the exact same way WPF came together.

  296. Katie says:

    What do you think- Shawn Mendes as Logan?

  297. Tracie says:

    I wonder if Phil will want Lina to go to things like the custody hearing, etc…Remember he didn’t want her going to the wedding because he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable…

  298. janet says:

    Wowza to everything. Got home, ate expired stage 3 baby food(don’t ask) and read the posts. Your daughter! She’s interested in neurosurgery? Psychiatry?

    I like the Xmas card scenario! Lina holding Liam on her lap. Kim will froth at the mouth for sure.

    Kbabe, I will go with the witch trying to make Lina jealous.

    • Laura says:

      Jordan is going to be a Medical Scientist — meaning a MD and a Phd. They accept about 600 nationwide a year. It will take about eight years to complete both and then she has to do her residency. She wants to be a neurologist and neuro scientist and study (and hopefully cure) diseases of the brain.

  299. Tracie says:

    I’m the thinking more along the lines of natural vindictive tendencies that all females are born with…LOL

    • Katie says:

      I can’t decide what gives more power to Kim- full access to Liam so she can attempt to make Lina jealous and hurt, and further attempt to seduce Phil, or keeping Liam from Phil, because she knows it will eat at him. Whatever gives her more power is what she’ll do.

      • Tracie says:

        She wants contact with Phil, that gives her more opportunity to try and pull him into her web of deception….I also think her plan of attack changes with Liam, she initially didn’t want him around Lina, but knowing he is a constant reminder of Kim and Phil’s affair, I bet she takes full advantage…Phil won’t taken Lina being hurt laying down, he’ll come at her with guns a blazing…..Phil and Lina are going to have to come at Kim as a team or they will spend more time divided than they do together..

  300. Tracie says:

    Wouldn’t it burn Kim if Lina sent her a picture….Have a family Christmas Photo taken (with Liam) to use as the family Christmas Card and mail one to the witches house down the road..From Our Family to Yours, Here’s Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…The Hunter’s

  301. Tracie says:

    Do you girls think Liam gets to spend any Christmas time with the Hunters???? Surely the witch gives them a couple hours on Christmas Day????

  302. Katie says:

    I’m sure Laura’s daughter did amazing. From what I know, she’s a superstar and any school would be lucky to have her.
    The Unicorn tree started from an idea at a boutique. Just a small tree for H’s room with some unicorn decorations on it. But of course my mind won’t let it be that simple. So, now it’s going to be our main tree with some handmade ornaments, unicorn, irredescent, and colorful ornaments, garland, etc. and then I’ll mix in our traditional ornaments that work with the colors. Instead of a star on top we’ll have a unicorn horn.

    • Janet says:

      Lord you just gave me a headache. I love the unicorn horn idea though.

    • Tracie says:

      The rate I’m going…I might have to put everyone’s gifts under the big Oak Tree in the front yard and turn on the porch lights….

      • Laura says:

        LOL I have a little charlie brown tree in case of emergencies — it’s about three feet high. It was a joke when I first bought it but for the past couple of years it’s been my only tree haha

        • Tracie says:

          That’s what I’m talking about…I’ve got mine from the bathtub Christmas….I hate wrapping and putting that stuff back up…ugh…Katie and Deighj have that homemade gingerbread and coco type thing going on…I’m cheap tin cookies and a diet coke….

          • Laura says:

            haha you made me laugh! My daughter is a huge baker so she makes several types of cookies and then doesn’t eat them — so annoying.

          • Katie says:

            I’m really creative if I’m inspired. Turns out the unicorn thing inspired me. The tree will probably be the only indoor decor. My husband does the outside lights. And yes, I’m all about baking. Over the years I’ve come up with amazing healthier creations for the holidays. Gourmet salted hot cocoa made with almond milk. Mmmm.
            But don’t think too highly of me. I’m uber lazy in other areas.

          • Tracie says:

            That is called enjoying the fruit of your labor……Eat the cookies….

    • Laura says:

      With your artistic eye, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

    • Laura says:

      She thinks she did well with the interview. Sorry Tracie no plastic surgery. She’s all about the brain

  303. Tracie says:

    We have HL’s in Oklahoma and my daughter like you Kbabe loves them…We are getting one in McAlester next year and she is stoked…I know your little angel is going to love her unicorn tree…..

  304. Katie says:

    Who has a Hobby Lobby nearby? This unicorn Christmas tree is now going to be next level thanks to HL.

  305. Tracie says:

    Laura that is what time I get up and I already feel like I’ve worked all day….Jordan will do great, she’s a smart young lady and her mom made her write things like 5x Lol, which means she now gets it right the first time..Go Jordan..Sweetie if you are going to be a plastic surgeon, be sure and give Aunt Tracie a discount…That is right girls…I’m not above having my face stretched…just saying….

    I love Christmas with the Hunter’s, especially the last scene in Chapter 43…Swoon….Deighj is going to want a description of the decorations….just saying….

  306. Tracie says:

    I’m hoping in scenes with Phil, Lina and Kim that Phil has his hand on Lina somewhere and Lina is leaned into him so tight you couldn’t get a sheet of copy paper between them….

    • janet