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Swimming Naked — the sequel to A White Picket Fence

Update — the sequel to a White Picket Fence is approximately 60 percent complete and still on target for a December release date!

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  1. Did Phil plan the weekend away with Lina. I know you said it was a short scene, but knowing he planned it and invited her would be Swoon worthy..just him feeling like he needed his wife and lover and leaving the rest of their responsibilities at home for a few days…..Wowza….

  2. Good Morning Girls, in the scene where Phil had his nightmare, do you girls believe he covered his eyes and then rolled away from Lina because he didn’t want her to see the vulnerability he was showing? I do and what was awesome, is that Lina actually picked up on it and then rolled with Phil. Keeping her hand on him and her face against his back screamed soulmate. When he told Lina he was lost without her…stayed right inline with soulmates too! This is another example of role reversal between Phil and Lina. Lina is doing the comforting instead of Phil. Love it!

    Laura where are we going today and with who?

  3. I have a question….after reading the scene with Phil and Kim, was the reason that Phil waited 7 months to bring Liam around his family. because Kim wouldn’t allow it or Phil was allowing his family to reconnect first?

    • Good question. The seven months may change so don’t hold be to it. And in answer to your question — Lina will decide when she’s ready.

      • I love that Lina will decide and I won’t hold you to anything, I know your writing will be awesome and the flow of the story will be great….

    • Good idea! I scrolled from beginning when i missed comment. God forbid i miss a post of yours. Ha!
      Interesting reveal about Kim’s parents today. Thank you. Also your friend is a rock star. I travel with my hairdryer even if it’s for a night so we may not suit but I admire the heck out of her.

  4. I hate mosquitoes — it ruined a trip to Banff for me a few years ago. My friend doesn’t get scared — crazy that way. She has her Pomeranian guard dog with her LOL She also has bug spray. She’s says being homeless and jobless suits her.

  5. Laura, your dad getting up and about is good news. I empathize with his having to push himself and not having the willpower to do so. I have wondered who will care for him once he’s home. I hope I’m not being intrusive with that question.

    • Hi Deighj — The other comments you posted today are so far back on the thread, I’m probably the only one who saw them — I have an advantage — I receive an email with the comment.

      My dad is married and his wife is pretty healthy so she’ll take care of him. They only live about a mile-and-a-half from me, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of them.

        • Tracie, you Janet and Laura are so precious to me. Though I don’t contribute I do read every post. The three of you bring smiles and that’s a good thing. You take care sugar.
          The thread Laura mentioned is under your October tenth post. I was replying to Janet’s post and wishing you a fast recovery.

    • Hi Deighj! So happy to hear from you today and Carrie yesterday. Glad to hear you are up to date on all of Laura’s previews. So good about Kim yelling that to Phil right? I absolutely loathed her in WPF but now I just love hating on her. I may be a bit obsessed at this point but she’s such a good villain! Lol. I wonder if we will feel sorry for her at the end of SN. I know I will miss this character and I’m betting you guys will too. Ok Debs and Liana, you guys can chime in anytime to correct me.

      • I well understand the obsession you and Tracie feel about WPF. Upon finishing the book I immediately contacted Laura with questions and demands over and over again. I realized my obsession was getting the best of me when I called my daughter Katie during a heated discussion. My daughter’s reply was “Who the hell is Katie”? I also felt guilty about haranguing Laura for five months. And then I found The Blog. Heaven sent! There will be no redemption for Kim, not for me. Ever!

  6. is discovery channel filming your friend? If not they should. That is crazayy bad ass. I would be eaten alive by mosquitos after an hr of walking(not even hiking)in the woods. One year when we were in mexico I signed up for a morning hike and came back with so many bites I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the trip. We ended up getting 3 of the 5 nights comped bc the bites were humomgous. your friend is fascinating and so foreign to me at the same time. Isn’t she scared?! Hungry?! Dirty?! I mean Halloween is just around a corner and Jason is back.

    • My kids asked me if I was going to dress up for Halloween. I told them sure! I was going to wrap up in a Snuggie and goes a Pig-the-Blanket….LOL. I cracked my own self up… pain pills still working…

      Laura we on BD scene today?

        • I’m feeling more pain today. The nerve block is wearing off. But the pain meds are making me sleep more today.

          • The nerve block shot must have been strong to last this long. I always get sick when I don’t get enough sleep so that’s a good thing. Ugh sorry you have to go through this. Are you able to concentrate on a book? I just tried to trade in my old kindle paper white for a voyage and they said $10. No thank you.

          • I’m trying to stay with the book. Im wondering if this is Phil’s second meeting with Kim’s parents. I remember Laura doing a scene with Kim’s dad and I didn’t think it went good. So I’m thinking their attitude might have changed with Phil and that’s why it’s comfusing for him.

          • Thank you Laura, it will get better everyday. Looking forward to walking without crutches…

          • Tracie, don’t know if this would be your cuppa but have you heard of Ryan Seacrest’s, Ryan’s Roses? Yes he hosts American idol but he’s also the local morning DJ here and once a week he makes calls to unsuspecting husbands to catch them cheating. He does this once a week and I always tune in to listen. Well I recently found out all this is on YouTube so if you are bored and can’t get into a book try looking it up. Really funny how they fall for it and get caught.

    • I hate mosquitoes — it ruined a trip to Banff for me a few years ago. My friend doesn’t get scared — crazy that way. She has her Pomeranian guard dog with her LOL She also has bug spray. She’s says being homeless and jobless suits her.

  7. I got a play like snippet….Lina and Phil together, let’s say similar to the car scene, but they have been Christmas Shopping and Lina needs to put some gifts that were stacked in Liam’s car seat in the floor, so Phil can put Liam in the car. When Lina steps out of the car to move the gifts, Kim comes out of the house telling her to get back in the car she’s not welcome at her home. Lina does the little laugh Kim is so famous for and steps to the end of the car, saying “This is a city street so I can stand wherever and I want! Phil gets Liam in the car seat and steps to Lina. He is about to lay into Kim, when Lina puts her hand on his chest and says “Allow me.” Phil walks behind Lina placing his hands on her hips, making it perfectly clear whose back he has. Lina looks Kim in the eye and says:”There is something you need to understand.” Kim interrupts saying from you never.” Lina’s replied “Humor me.” Lina never breaks eye contact with Kim and says: I’ve been with Phil for over 26 years and I’ve never had to chase him, get pregnant with his child to keep him in my life nor do I have to constantly try to insert my self in his life trying to grab an ounce of his attention. You know why. I haven’t had to do any of those things? Because he chose me and he continues to choose me. You may know how he fucks, but you’ll never know how he makes love. You are an insignificant part of his life, unlike his son!..”. Lina then looks up at Phil and says: Did I say anything that wasn’t right?” Phil looks at Lina with so much adoration and love it takes Lina’s breath away. Phil’s says “You nailed it baby! Now let’s get the hell out of here.”
    The End

  8. My husband just told me the reason my incision is longer than it should be is because the drill bit broke off and the doctor had to make larger incision to dig it out….

    • Are you kidding me about broken drill?!!! Lord. This could be another chapter to your biography on lifetime channel. For real.
      I liked the confrontation scene. Lina saying humor me to Kim made me laugh!

      • It really happened….My life J-Girl…But I take it with a smile, what else can you do! I know I think something like that would sting our villain, he chose me….Kim’s having to hustle like a used car salesmen to get a tiny bit of Phil’s attention…. The custody thing is going to be a trip…. I’m glad I’m on comfort meds, since the BD scene is up….I’ve read those two scenes Laura sent at least 15-20x…

      • The doctor said my incision. Is 6” when it should have only been an 1”. My husband said the nurse told him, she couldn’t believe he told us. No telling what happens in those OR’s when you’re are knocked out. There I lay, I haven’t been able to shave my legs since Wednesday before surgery…I bet someone said could we count this as a hairy Big Foot sighting?? Lol

          • I’m glad you are laughing me too! I know we are fixing to do BD and it will be anxiety overload or it would be for me…..Have you heard from your friend on the wilderness hike?

          • I have. She stays in a hotel once a week to shower and resupply. She’s hiked 711 miles and has approx. 1,500 to go.

  9. Girls I’m up and itching myself to death. That Oxynopaincodone keeping me happy… Carrie my little darling glad you’re back. Laura has been working so hard….Glad your knee is better too sister. J-Girl dreamed you were reading me Goodnight Moon…..LOL. The nerve block has got my leg like a noodle so my husband has to help me go pee..Well let me tell you about a man pulling your panties up, it goes against their nature since they are usually pulling them down LOL. I’m just laughing…He would grab my pants and panties and pull them at the same time. Well you girls know your panties stop, before your pants do!!!! I told him babe, you got the land of milk and honey split like the great divide..On a woman, our actual crotch panel hugs our crotch, not splits it in half like the Red Sea….come on now….Lol

  10. Tracie I’m glad you are home!! I love your description of the surgical table. Its always been freezing cold when I had procedures done! Laura, how is your knee? I hope better!

  11. Home and on Oxy my sisters….no spinal general and my throat so dang sore from the tube in my throat. But they did do a nerve block after surgery. Let me tell you my girls about this table….they wheel me to surgery first…so I see this table I’m going to lay on that looks like a damn shoe skate, you know the one you would use a key for and they would slide to fit over your shoe. So I said hey man my big ass is not going to fit on that salad plate pad, they just keep on moving…then this big dude came in bringing these huge ankle boots that looks like what you use to snap into snow ski’s with blades on the bottom…. I said what the hell….they strap me up in those damn boots and ask me if I can slide over with 30 pound plastic boots on my feet…I said I’m telling you my ass won’t fit on that…but being a team player I scoot..got my ass hanging out not coverage on my whoha gown road up around my damn neck…so I had to get hulk dude to help lift me up and get my gown down….LOL it was some funny shit…my plastic boots and no clothes….then my overage of lard, was hanging on each side of the table…I said hey Hulk, I’m your dream girl right??? I busted:…then one of the nurses said this is one we should of knocked out before shifting tables. they began to strap me down…then fit my blades in this slider at the end of the table.i told them that is how I got here sliding around….I just kept laughing next thing I know I’m waking up getting pain shots Yay for me….and more yay… I’m tired now and feeling like I’m in a carnival atmosphere, I think strobe or I don’t know lights….

    • You are precious Tracie! I didn’t think you would post today but glad I was wrong. Hope the pain is tolerable with drugs. Did they give you any vicodin?

      Carrie, glad to see you back here!

      Laura, since Tracie isn’t here to ask you her daily…did you write today with your knee and head injury?

    • Thank you Laura. We are in a hotel in Tulsa across from the hospital, I have to be there at 5:30am…ugh…. But we don’t do anything easy….we got checked in about 6:30 this evening and I was going to get in the shower. Well there I was in the bathroom on one crutch trying to get my jeans and panties off and the next thing I heard was a computer voice on loop saying Fire Fire then the room alarm started…thats right…My husband came in a said babe get you clothes back on there’s a fire. I could smell it coming through the vent in the bathroom, then it dawned on me it smelled like when you turn the heater on for the first time…I said did you turn the heat on in the room and he said yes…I didn’t want you cold doll when you got out of the shower!!!! That’s right we set off the room alarm. It’s freezing here, already down to 40 and suppose to be 30 in the morning. My life girls at least the sprinkler system didn’t go off….LOL!!!

      Laura so excited about the book…I’ll have to read those scenes like 12 more times before I try to sleep…..Hope you and you daughter had a good visit. I also hope your dad is walking better….

      • Again. Only you!!!! How is this possible? I will think of you tomorrow Tracie. Once it’s over you will be so relieved. Let’s just concentrate on getting rid of those damned crutches. Now you have the swoon scene to read over and over while you recover. Maybe you can get all the snippets Laura shared with us so far in one page so you don’t have to scroll back and forth. Lol. Good luck tomorrow!!

        • Thanks JGirl…so with you on the crutches….wearing me down sister. I love our scenes. Kim is such a witch, I can’t wait to read the whole conversation….Phil going to put some paperwork on her….. she done…now Kim will be the one that can’t touch or talk to Phil…LOL… Told you he would go stone cold with Kim. I can’t wait….

      • OMG that’s funny and awful. I was walking Chandler today and a puppy growled at him — Chandler is a very friendly dog unless he’s growled at — something happens in his brain and he becomes a psycho dog. Anyway this puppy growled at him and he lunged for it — I was not expecting it and lost my balance and landed on my knee, then Chandler head butted me. OMG it hurt sooo bad. I can barely walk now. My nice daughter did not laugh (I think I would have).
        Do you go home tomorrow?

        • Yes…it’s out patient. They have to give me a spinal block so I have to stay until I can feel my legs and wiggle my toes. Then they said they would give me a shot of pain meds to get me home. Plus put me to sleep….ugh…I dread it….I appreciate you girls and your encouragement….I love those scenes so much…Phil was so pissed…I wonder if she ran Lina down….also Lina would have taken one of her children from a man and not acted like Kim. Kim is the one that sounded desperate, Phil fixing to go legal eagle on her….

          Well my kid laughed on the fire alarm. If my dog was dragging me around like a chew toy, she would also laugh…..I’m sorry you hurt….you better take some Motrin….

          • You won’t be under? I got a spinal block when I gave birth but that means you are awake. How long is your surgery?

            Poor you Laura. I bet the little puppy was male. Lol. You do need some pain meds. Ugh.

          • Know they said they have to put me to sleep too. They doing the spinal block so there will be less pain when I wake up…But when that complete wears off…then they told me to stay ahead of the pain. I’m telling you. I get loopy as hell on pain meds…this should be entertaining for you guys Lol….

  12. For Tracie…
    Lina awoke with a start. Phil was sitting on the edge of the bed, bent forward with his elbows braced on his knees, breathing in and out deeply.
    “What’s the matter?” she asked, pushing herself up on her elbows. “Phil?”
    “Nothing, I just—I had a nightmare.”
    “A nightmare?” She couldn’t recall him ever having a nightmare or at least not one he shared. “Do you remember it?”
    “It was that bad?”
    He fell back onto the mattress beside her, tossing his forearm over his eyes. “Yes.” He let out a deep sigh. “It felt real.”
    “What was it about?”
    “Us. I dreamt this was all a dream and that I was still living in that house in Farside,” he said referring to the house he lived in when they were separated.
    “It was a dream.” She pressed her lips into his shoulder.
    “I used to have the exact opposite dream when we were separated. I would dream we were together and I would be so relieved but then I’d wake up and I’d still be in that house. God, I hate that fucking house. I can’t even drive by it without feeling this tightness in my chest.”
    “Stop talking about it.” She tugged his arm from his eyes.
    “I was so fucking lost without you.”
    “It was just a dream,” she whispered, curving her body around the back of his as he rolled onto his side.
    “I couldn’t go through that again.”
    “You’ll never have to.” She stroked her hand up and down his arm. “Just go back to sleep.” She pressed her cheek into his back. Within a few minutes his breathing changed and she realized he’d fallen asleep. She’d been with him over twenty-six years and it was the first time she could recall him expressing any type of vulnerability.

    • That was absolutely beautiful….oh my Phil….if that doesn’t prove how much he loves Lina and how truly sorry he is I don’t know what does….Love my Phil……Lina is a true heroine as well, she rocks….

    • I bet Phil has to drive by that house when he goes to Kim’s house…My poor Phil….she probably bought a house right by his rental….then he moved home!!! Yes….

      • Wait. I never thought of that. That’ll make him hate her more. Bahaha. Did you read how Phil knew his way to Liam’s room? So at least we know he’s been inside Kim’s house before. Maybe she did pull the pink lingerie trick. Lol

        • Maybe it’s like you said Janet after the picture scene. Laura had anxiety with that scene and Phil was dealing with his own feelings of guilt after seeing them after the picture scene. I wonder if he knew Liam’s Sonogram was included with the pics?

          Laura have you done the BD scene?

        • I bet Kim could be wearing a thong something or another and he wouldn’t even feel a twitch anywhere to include his pants. She screwed up when she went after Lina….

    • Holy Moly!!!!!! I honestly don’t know which scene I like better!! Totally can see Kim saying that. Adding the word “ever” when she says don’t want him around him ever was Kim to a tee. So dramatic. Loved it too much! In turn I was really surprised by Phil’s vulnerability. I knew he could snore midst of a fight but never thought he would wake up from a nightmare and tell Lina it was about losing her. Wowwww. That’s was so so good. I wonder if this was after going through the pictures. This book will be a masterpiece in the romance genre. I think all the doubters like myself will become philivers(cheese)! Absolutely. Thank you very much Laura. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

        • Uh not really. 9/10 I am wrong! But this is not Phil’s usual m.o. I thought did he go through some trauma recently to have this dream? It was fantastic. I don’t need to see him in tears. This is much more authentic!

  13. For Janet…
    He kissed Liam’s forehead before holding him out to Kim. “Take him,” he said when she made no move to do so.
    She crossed her arms over her chest. “No.”
    He stepped around her and left the room, heading down the hall to Liam’s nursery.
    “What are you doing?” she asked, hurrying after him.
    “Putting him down because you won’t take him.” He entered Liam’s room and crossed to his crib. “Daddy has to leave,” he said before lowering into his crib. Liam immediately began to cry.
    “You’re just going to leave him there crying?” Kim asked following him out of the room and towards the front door. “Phil?” She clasped his arm when they reached the front door. “We’re not done talking.”
    “Get your fucking hands off me,” he growled, wrenching his arm from her hold. “This conversation is over.” He yanked open the door.
    “I don’t want him around her ever,” she called after him.

    • Oh my gosh….awesome!!!!! I knew that witch would do that about Liam being around Lina…. Laura your are doing such a great job….with these characters….right there Phil is defending Lina…..love love love it!!!!

      • I bet Phil is fixing to get his legal hat on….he wants to see his son and Kim can’t say Liam can’t be around Lina, nor would the court unless she was doing something illegal or immoral…Kim’s pride just took a giant punch! Yes!!!!

  14. Hi Girls, before I tell you what happened today at the ballgame, in my defense I was minding my own business. my granddaughter was playing in a showcase and had multiple games today (she did awesome) this field house we were playing, had 8 full size basketball courts and the place was packed. Her last game was on Court 7 which was at the back of the building, so I was lumbering my big arse through this large crowd and a woman coming towards me moves to the side so I can pass, she then says hey “this is not a place you should be on crutches it’s to crowded for you to be here making people move out of your way.” I said “I paid to get in here just like you did. Whether I’m on crutches or a damn pogo stick, it’s none of your business.” People are so rude!

    I know you girls are busy just missed saying Hi…..Goodnight

  15. Laura sorry to ask you on a weekend with your daughter but I just reread your question. Phil and Lina going away for the weekend. WHERE??? Some new place that’ll become their favorite? Hope she gets in the hot tub with the white swimsuit. If you don’t write this weekend can we have one glimpse for Tracie with steamy and one for me with Kim? Have a good weekend!!

  16. NYC for real awesome. I want to go there so bad. A friend of mine use to live there and she said as soon as I open my mouth I’d stick out like a sore thumb. I want to see That movie so bad. Just not enough time before surgery. Have a good weekend girls…

        • You know it sisters….My very first time out of Oklahoma by myself was Ft Lee, VA. I was going to my room on a military installation and a woman got her purse snatched by the pool. I just yelled out, work for your money you damn freakazoid. Then when I got to my room the door was splintered where someone had to tried to kick it in, that trip was supposedly in a controlled environment, I can’t imagine NYC….Lol

          • You are one in a million!! Military installation? Who gets robbed in ft lee? Omg. Only you. If I didn’t know you better from this blog I swear you aren’t making up these stories. Bahahaha.

          • I’m not making them up, that stuff just happens to me. I was in Richmond, VA one time for training and the director of the school got mugged and beat up while he was jogging. You had to have a key card to get in the front door of the hotel after 9 at night. I work for the government and most of my training is on military bases or close by them. That is also the time when we had been at a walking track and one of the women with us was from Connecticut and I told them I had to go change my britches and she said “what the hell is a britch?”

  17. I was in nyc this week. Got back Wednesday. Have a nice time wit your daughter! Since Tracie is away and have surgery scheduled I will leave you alone Laura for quality time with your daughter and family!! Yes! Please post something for us. Kim bashing is due I’m guessing. Just watched a Star is born. Go see it guys! I watched it today with my kids and my lord this pair is so good!! Have a great weekend ladies!

      • No didn’t get a chance! But had really good Indian which I can’t ever get at home. Lol. My kids have a week off this time of the year so we try and visit friends at least every other year. Tracie would have way more fun than any of us there. For sure.

  18. I’m the first surgery Monday morning at 7am, which means by 6 pm I’ll try to check in with you girls Lol. My daughter should be gone for the night by then and I’ll have my phone. It may be my alternate personality Lol….you may have to throw me a snippet that night, so I can give you girls my opinion while on comfort meds…Lol…Last time I was on comfort meds after surgery, I called my daughter and told her to come get her dog it was licking my neck! Well there was no dog in the house, she had already taken Duchess LOL…

    • Hi!
      Scene with Phil and Kim
      Scene with Lina Logan and Katie discussing Liam
      Quick scene with Lina and Phil going away for a weekend

      my daughter is coming home for the weekend so I won’t be writing as much as normal

      • I’m so glad shes coming. Hope you girls have a good time. Our family is going to Frisco, TX tomorrow to watch my granddaughter I’m her first college game. I’d go to that if they had to wheel me in on a gurney LOL. I’m so happy Lina and Phil going away for the weekend…is the weekend pre-opening scene?

          • Okay I’m really excited now…I love the thought of Phil stealing Lina away to spend time just with her.

            I also love the three of them are discussing Liam…..especially Logan….

  19. Yeah no…Lol he does deserve Lina. I think back to what Katie told Logan in Chapter 32, about him not being perfect now and he can’t hold them to that stand anymore either. Phil will feel disappointment from some of the people he respects the most in his life, but i don’t think it will match the disappointment he feels with himself, for the hurt he has caused Lina and his family.

  20. We only saw a snippet of the conversation between Nick and Phil….but Nick being a psychiatrist could he have told Phil (after witnessing Lina on her BD and knowing about the pictures), pointed out to Phil that he had placed a possessive and narcissistic woman right in the middle of Lina’s life and therefore doesn’t deserve her?? I just wondered after Chapter 28 and 29 if Nick would have analyzed Kim in his own mind.

    • Since Phil hates Nick as much as he does Kim I don’t think he will listen to anything Nick has to say. But I hope Nick says something like you two(kim and phil) deserve each other. You will never deserve Lina. LOL I know you hate that Tracie my sweet kettle corn!

  21. I like re-having that’s why I’m stoked about the gift scene after Lina asks Phil to come home. Not only for the steamy (that will be so hot), but the emotional connection between them. His POV after the loving….I can just imagine Lina a sleep in Phil’s arms, her breath warm on his chest as she sleeps. Him awake grateful for feeling content for the first time in six months. Knowing they have an uphill climb with the way he complicated their lives, but he has Lina so they’ll make the climb together ….Swoon….

      • No when Laura said she would gift me with a swoon scene that took place right after Lina asked Phil to come home. Remember I wanted them to get rid of the kids and go to shower, but you didn’t know if you could stomach them having shower sex after the text messages??? We agreed prune fingers were ugly so Phil didn’t join Kim in the shower, so Lina could!!!

        • Oh yes. How could I forget! Laura upped the steam after your request. Lol. I think Phil and Wayne discussing custody so maybe towards the end now? Wait they had a talk in the beginning too. Lord. I have to go through our comments tonight to refresh. Dozen chapters or more though so yay for us

          • But if it’s a re-having it could be the talk where Wayne didn’t think Phil would ever give in to the creeper!

  22. or Kim is offered a partnership at a law firm in DC and she can’t see herself as a custodial parent with her new responsibilities and leaves the day to day stuff with Phil and she becomes the every other weekend mom????? Kim’s ego wouldn’t allow her to turn down a partnership, plus she’s smart and would still have contact with Phil?????

  23. Janet I thought of an ending, what if Laura puts her in a coma??? Kim has to go to a long term care facility…..Think about it…she’s not dead, but she is out of the way for Lina to raise Liam and she can’t talk….perfect!!!

    • Hi Tracie! I like the coma idea!! The partnership not so much and Kim doesn’t deserve it especially at her age. Maybe she can decide to open up a firm in Alaska? I may be Ok with that. lol.
      Laura, why does Wayne need to talk to Phil about? I know, the sequel but Laura has Diane to confide in. I’m wondering if this is the case with Phil and Wayne. Does Phil need advice regarding Kim?

      • They’re friends and since we have Phil’s POV you see him interacting with the people in his life. They re having a discussion about Kim

        • I can’t wait. I’m going to try and put the sequel off till Xmas if I can because I’m going to be depressed after I finish the sequel. Sad! Ok Laura, I went a bit nutty just now and googled a pregnancy calculator. There are no texts between March 24th -April 5 th. We know Kim didn’t get pregnant at SB but I feel like she will lie. I’m thinking how many ways can Kim hurt Lina now and there aren’t that many. Using Liam as a weapon is one. Maybe that’s why Phil hates her more?

          • I’m snatching SN up at 12:01am the day it comes out. I’ll take a late nap or something and read until I’m numb. It’s not going to be sad! Remember it’s redemption for Phil and justice for Lina! Laura said he despises her for going after Lina…..

          • Oh I meant sad it’s over. I completely believe in justice/redemption/hea for this couple. I will miss them. Waaaah

          • I will too….but unless Laura stops writing (which would be a travesty of justice) there will be more for us to talk about. I consider you girls my friends and enjoy hearing from you.

  24. Laura I hope we get to see Phil’s POV when Logan and Liam finally connect. With my son and daughter, it was when he duct taped her Barbie dolls by their hair to the ceiling fan and turned it on high, she thought it was the coolest thing ever and that won him over. He told his dad, I expected her to cry or pout, but she laughed and told me it was fun….Lol… He always played with her when he thought no one was watching.

  25. I think Kim will spew her venom at Lina when Phil’s not there. Otherwise dismiss Lina like she did on the phone. Ooh, wouldn’t it be great if Kim didn’t know Phil was behind her, and told Lina something similar like she did at the wedding? Phil would lose it.

    • It would be a blood bath. I wonder if Kim will drop hints of her and Phil’s sexual activities in front of Lina. I have a feeling in Swimming Naked, Phil would move a mountain if he could, before allowing his woman to be hurt again. Swoon….

      • I bet Kim will since that’s all she has going for her. I just thought of this. what if she tells Lina exactly when and where Liam was conceived? We all know she was trying since February but what if she tells Lina it was at Steamboat just to destroy her? If that happens I need someone nearby to whack me on my back so I don’t choke on my own spit.
        Let me go look at Phil’s car. I don’t know why I thought it was a small 2 seater. I thought he was driving those little z4’s. Makes no sense since they probably don’t even make that model anymore.

        • She didn’t get pregnant at Steamboat the text messages show they where in her apartment or the corporate apartment middle to late March and he was born late December.

  26. I love the look of BMWs but they are way too complicated for me. I bought the x5 a few years ago and got rid of it after six months. I’ve never had luck with German cars. Phil seems like a BMW type though lol

    • I looked up the car on google and yes, I can associate Phil with that car, fitted suites and pure raw sex. I can see how Kim got mesmerized, but he was taken so you admire and move on….ugh… that’s why I need the defend, touchy, possessive alpha with Lina. I know you are going to make him shine. Can’t wait….

  27. I’ve gone over every ending possible and can’t wait to see your vision. I’m anxious to see the interaction of Phil, Lina and Kim, when you have them in a scene together. I know my Alpha will be in full protection mode. I wonder how Kim talks in front of Lina, knowing Phil is hearing her every word. Kim treated Lina like she was trivial trash in the phone snippet. I wonder if she will do that in front of Phil? I’m all to happy to see Kim live the consequences of her actions!!

    • I can’t wait either. I hope to God Phil hears every word that comes out of this whackos mouth. He just has to this time.
      I wonder what others think how this will all end? What happened to Carrie, Deighj, Liana, Linda, and Veronica?! What do you Ladies think?

      • That’s right girls where are you???? Laura’s heading for the finish line and don’t miss cheering her on, she deserves it….

        J-Girl I don’t know if Kim will be condescending to Lina in front of Phil or not, she doesn’t want to wake the beast. You remember how brutal he was in Chapter 30 and he is in love with Lina. But I have a feeling Lina may step to the wench, she didn’t have a bit of trouble slapping the pee-diddle-do out of her at the wedding. Do you think Kim will throw daggers at Lina in front of Phil?

        • I still have at least a dozen scenes to write. Maybe more. I know how the book ends and at this point I know every scene so now I’m fixing dates and fine tuning scenes so that everything flows. Then I’ll write the final scenes. We ar win the home stretch. Looks like it will be a bit longer than I expected

          • That is awesome….Like I said from the beginning I don’t care how long it is…I’m so invested in these characters I will probably hate for it to end….you still have the BD scene to write which will probably be like the picture scene. Those are just big…

      • Mornin ladies. Thanks for remembering all of us Janet. Speaking for myself I can’t imagine how Phil and Lina’s journey will end but I trust Laura in making all of us happy with the ending of SN.
        Since you and Tracie have elicited answers to all of my questions I’m content with checking the blog everyday, keeping up with the scenarios you two have painted. I love seeing how much in love you are with Kim. You’ve brought some much needed laughter into my life.
        Tracie I hope all goes well with your recovery. You have a gift in making light a difficult situation.

  28. Did you get all your tweaking done today? I’m so excited about this book, and see my Phil love Lina and put Ms Ryan in her place.

  29. I’m off work for a week and four more weeks on crutches ugh….absolutely no weight on my leg. The bone will be weakened from the drilling of the holes, it has to heal.

    Laura I had a thought…does Phil’s Little sporty stick shift BMW have a backseat for Liam’s car seat?

      • Oh lol. I didn’t realize it was m6! I used to drive a m5 in my 30s. Bahaha. I’m sure m6 has way more hp. I hope he’s driving slow with Liam in the back seat. Hate he thought the home wrecker was ever in that car!
        When you say tweaking, do you mean you are almost done writing Laura? I hope you have more scenes left. Sigh. I am fine waiting.

  30. For the record, since I’m Team Phil, he wouldn’t have missed the banquet knowing Nick was there, nor would he have hurt Logan. Katie would have had to babysit….Love Phil!!!

  31. Fun Scenario Janet….The Lacrosse Team is having their end of the year sports banquet, it is a dinner cruise for the parents and players around Baltimore Harbor. Kim comes up with a fabricated excuse, pushing Phil into having to pickup Liam. Phil calls Lina and she is upset and she knows Logan will be angry about Phil missing the banquet. Phil is pissed, he knows Nick will be on that dinner cruise with Lina, plus Logan is going to be hurt and mad. Liam is teething and fussy. Phil tries to feed Liam and he sneezes carrot all over his dress shirt. The night wears on and Liam won’t sleep because his mouth hurts. Phil hears Lina’s car pull into the garage and her and Logan come into the house, Logan kisses Lina and thanks her for going, without a look or comment for Phil heads upstairs. Phil thinks Lina is absolutely stunning in a merlot colored off the shoulder silk dress, with black high heel sandals and her hair is in a elegant messy bun. Knowing Nick had her company and Logan is hurt guts Phil. Phil stands before Lina with a fussy teething toddler and dried carrots and snot on his shirt…Poor Phil….

  32. We won’t get bored…Laura will throw us a bone and we will attack like feral dogs…..just like we did with every snippet she has thrown our way..LOL. I think we did about 150 comments over the phone snippet and it was what 5 lines??

    • 5 lines and continuous running commentary on Kim’s laugh alone. so true.
      a NO from Laura on terminal illness which is too bad. and no on killing her off, no on greek tycoon(don’t want her happy anyway). So then what else is there? Maybe she skids off a cliff never to be found again. Doesn’t MD have a lot of those winding roads?

  33. Laura are you editing today? Any Kim scenes today? You know I love Kim’s suspense thriller scenes as much as Tracie loves her steamys. What am going to do when we can’t come up kind wedge trick scenarios. I will be so bored! Haha

  34. Think about these questions:

    Would Lina quit her part-time job to be a stay at home mom for Liam, if need be?

    Once Logan accepts Liam, who will be the coolest to Liam, Katie or Logan?

    My granddaughter and grandson always play that game with our toddler grandson…”Who’s the Coolest”, and when he picks our 15 year old grandson it kills our granddaughter. The baby just laughs at them both, because the spotlight is on him…Lol

      • He would go with Logan. Our granddaughter babies the baby and she loves him to death, but with our 15 year old he thinks he’s a big boy. They take out the trash together, play basketball and wrestle.

  35. No Phil would never allow Kim to take Liam out of state. It is going to be hard enough on Phil to be a non-custodial parent with just visitation. Lina is going to buckle, she loves Phil and knows Phil would be miserable without a relationship with Liam. She even acknowledged that fact in WPF.

    Book Ending thought…Would Kim agree to joint physical/legal custody, where they split Liam living between the two households? Two weeks with Phil, two weeks with Kim.

    • I just can’t see Kim in their lives. She is the bane of Phil and Linas existence. She needs to go away unless she has a personality transplant and even then I dont wanna see her. Neither do you!

      • You are right..I don’t want to see Kim. What if Kim gets a terminal illness, sends her sister to ask Lina to come to the hospital and ask her to raise Liam as her own with her last breath….Bahahaha (Laura is so going to say Lifetime.)

        • Omg I love that one. I used to watch lifetime as a teenager and loved them. Lol. Dying of terminal illness. Losing her healthy tan and full head of bouncy blonde locks and her skin has no elasticity from lack of collegan. Kim probably won’t give in to Lina even at the end of her life. She will die hating her. But I like that. I read a book with that same ending a few months back.

    • Kim wouldn’t have to agree to that. If Phil wanted that he could probably get it — legally anyway. At least in this state

  36. Thank you girls…I’m excited to know one way or another. I’m to active to be this still…Lol

    I got an outfield question…Would Kim ever threaten Phil to take Liam and move, since she has full custody? I don’t think Kim ever would, but I could she her threatening to do it out of spite.

    There was a situation at work, wherein a dad had it stated in his visitation/child support agreement, she couldn’t take the child and move out of state.

    • Oh this happened to my friend. She had full custody yet couldn’t move back to east coast because of kids. the husband wouldn’t allow it. I can see Kim trying this. If Lina doesn’t want to see Liam would Phil allow this?

  37. It is going to be so good Laura, can hardly wait…

    I continued to call the doctor and since we are under a tornado watch and foul weather through tomorrow…My doctor had a cancellation for early tomorrow morning…..I don’t care if there is a tornado, I’ll call the Coast Guard for a helicopter drop….I just want off these crutches…Lol

  38. Good Morning Girls….are we at the BD scene yet Laura? I’ve got myself geared up for anxiety mode to help get you through it….Lol

    • I appreciate that! I’m currently tweaking existing scenes. Some of the scenes from later in the book have been moved earlier. I’m all over the place. Not my favorite way to write but it was necessary

  39. I know Kim’s family is the other half of Liam’s family, but why would Phil care what her dad thinks about the affair he had with Kim? His concern should be how Phil is a father.

    • Her dad is probably Phil’s contemporary. Maybe in 50s rather than 60s? Phil doesn’t give a fig I know. Kind of disturbing to think he has to deal with that side of Liam’s family. Yuck

      • Phil shouldn’t have to deal with her family anyway, unless Kim was completely out of the picture and he had to let Liam see his grandparents and aunt. Phil is all about being in control and protecting his family, only being a part time dad to Liam is going to drive him nuts. I wonder if Phil’s own dad pointed that out to him during their scene together.

  40. Girls, I just had a realization and you’re going to think I’m nuts, but…I need Phil to defend Lina! I’m reading back through some chapters in WPF. I don’t see where Phil ever defended Lina. She was a ship without a rudder taking several massive blows from Kim and he just said she’s trying to hurt you, etc…but we never saw Phil defend Lina. There is no doubt Phil got caught in a perfect storm and I’m Team Phil all the way, but that’s what I need to see…#justiceforlina!! I’m such a dork LOL….

    • Ok I think I’m going crazy too now because I’m wondering if Phil made Kim a crazy lunatic. Don’t get me wrong. I still hate her more than mayonaise and I know her personality is innate but she was never like this about another man before Phil. He used her but I don’t think she used him. I know I would be the last one to excuse everything she did to Lina and the family but I’m wondering if Phil put her over the edge. Lord. Laura you can still kill her off and Tracie and I’ll be fine!

      • If she was always like this, Phil can’t be to blame for pushing her over the edge. I think her being so narcissistic, she miss read Phil’s actual intent, because after all who could resist her (in her mind). But I can see what you mean in someway, when it came down to Kim or Lina, he dropped Kim without looking back. There was never a choice for Phil and Kim can’t accept that….

        • I laughed. What a hit to Kim’s ego. She tells a guy she loves him and probably thinks she’s giving Phil a gift fit for a king and Phil thinks nothing. As a normal person I would be so mad and hurt. For a person like Kim this must mean fight to the death. Laura you and your sister were discussing the pictures? For an upcoming scene?? Ooh. Lol

          • I thought they were talking about the BD scene? But I agree, I re-read Chapter 15 and he made her “I love you” about him Lol….loved it….Phil staying with Lina is throwing every knife digging comment and stunt she pulled on Lina right back in her self righteous face. POW ?

  41. In WPF, I remember thinking Lina did all the action or firsts In their road back to each other. She was the first to initiate conversations after the separation, joining forces for Christmas, kissing Phil on the Lacrosee field, and sending the text about the dance pictures. He froze her out and initiated the separation agreement. I know he was giving her time and space to gain her independence and possibly forgive him, but it seemed he wasn’t doing much action. But I chose to believe my Phil was suffering in silence. That’s why I always wondered and drove you nuts asking questions about what were those 6 months of separation like for him.

  42. Laura in SN, will Phil worry about the type of men Kim will bring around Liam, knowing she is easy? I also wonder if he will worry about how Kim could manipulate Liam as he gets older. Poor Phil…he as a lot to wonder and worry about on both sides of the WPF.

      • Hi guys! I forgot to ask you Laura, how did Phil’s meeting with Kim’s father go? Does Phil understand why her father dislikes him? I wonder if Phil ever feels bad for using Kim(can’t believe I just asked you that)?

        • I just sucked wind when I read that J-Girl. They were using each other. I hope he doesn’t feel any remorse after what she did to Lina…..Phil probably thought she knew the score just like he did, physical fling.

          Laura what did Phil think when Kim told him she loved him in Chapter 15? I hope he thought who cares!

          • I’m hoping he was disgusted. Shock and horror sounds good too. But as a woman i would say did you not see this coming Phil?

          • I agree with he should of saw some connection after four months and the dance picture showed they were cordial with each other. It all boils down to the organ Phil was thinking with, wasn’t his heart!

        • You’ll see in the sequel lol

          No he doesn’t feel bad. Maybe if she hadn’t come after Lina and gotten pregnant he would have.

          • Laura that’s what I need…right there..him defending my girl Lina! I want him to tell Kim, that Lina’s name better not ever cross her lips…..or if she hurts Lina, Phil scares the shit out of her like in the snippet with Kim’s sister. That’s right…

  43. However, if Lina’s kids wanted to celebrate her BD she wouldn’t want to disappoint them. Phil gave roses to Lina every year on her BD too. Maybe the Hunter’s did go out to dinner as a family and Kim waltzed into the restaurant. So many options, I don’t know how you pick Laura.

    • I’m sorry I was MIA today! Family duty called. I was thinking and thinking some more about the birthday scene. I keep thinking what Laura said about Kim being a planner so I don’t think she would spring something on Linas bday bc it may be expected of her. But I don’t think it’s in her to lay low either and have this opportunity pass so maybe a surprise after the birthday? Im betting she had something in the works for awhile since her wrecking plan worked so well last time. If she had pushed it just bit further it may have resulted in divorce and Phil would now be hers. So many what if scenarios! You know I reread the photos scene last night to think how phil would explain the pictures to Lina and I couldn’t come up with anything positive. The dancing pic really was on the dance floor if Linas not mistaken and unless Phil slept alone at SB I don’t know how Lina can heal knowing that. At least I will know why Phil acted so recklessly without giving more thought to consequences. Gah gah gahh

      • I read the picture scene again last night too. It just wears me out when I do. I soak Lina’s pain up like a sponge. Phil didn’t look at those pictures in WPF, if he did he was so numb he didn’t take them in. I wonder if she tells Phil, “I thought that look was only for me.” “You are looking at her like she is the only woman in the world for you.”
        I can only imagine the guilt he feels for causing Lina so much hurt. I’m so hoping the picture and BD scenes fuel his anger toward Kim. I also wonder if Phil stays home from work (if it’s a work day) to ensure no surprises happen, since Kim is a planner. But Kim has no power left, she laid all her guards on the table. This is like that old show Lets Make A Deal, I don’t know which door to choose. Lol.

        Laura is this what you mean when you said Phil learns the full ramifications of his actions?

  44. Hi Girls, it has rained all day. If I wasn’t so cheerful, it might have got me down…Lol….Laura I had to check in on you and my Hunter’s. I keep thinking about which way you are going to go with the BD scene. Is Lina going to want to skip any celebratory type activities, tell Phil not to send roses or maybe borrow some Rottweilers to ensure the FedEx man can’t make deliveries??!! I know I have to wait…Lol…but I still can ponder….?

    • Hi! We are still waiting for Fall weather. Crazy how warm it still is. I was discussing that exact scene with my sister tonight. Ugh. Poor Lina

      • There have been tornadoes dropping North of us.. it is raining and muggy hot. That scene has been giving me anxiety. The scene will be hard for both Lina and Phil. The picture scene has already taken place between Phil and Lina in SN, so he knows how the photos hurt her. In WPF, the photos were propped against the roses by the door, I wouldn’t want them anymore. Poor Phil too, based on how you write the scene. Lina telling Phil that she doesn’t want to celebrate her BD, it was a devastating day for her, just treat it like another day for now on….That would kill him. I think it would also increase his anger/hate toward Kim. Poor Lina is right! Are you about at that scene?

      • So poor Lina. She must have anxiety on her birthday. I would not go near that door after telling Phil 20 yr rose tradition is now ruined so don’t bother sending the flowers. Then have Knight stake the door and bark like crazy so no packages are left by door.

  45. Good Morning Girls, Laura I was wondering will there be scene for Lina’s BD? That would fall within the 7 months. That might give us all anxiety. The 1st anniversary of their separation and the pictures. All those memories and emotion a month before she meets Liam for the first time, could of pushed her reaction in the direction of rejecting him in the first scene of SN.

      • Yes!!!!! You just made my day…Lol…Phil thinking about the scene at Nick’s, the bathroom when he got him, having to move out and then looking at the pics with Lina….Oh my I just got anxiety flutters!! Lol

      • Can you imagine….Kim makes sure to call Phil on Lina’s BD with same lame Liam excuse and right before she hangs up say: “By the way Phil, tell Lina Happy BD, I would of sent a gift, but I knew I couldn’t top last years!” I made my own self mad typing that Lol!

  46. Hi Girls…how is everything with the Hunter’s today? Hope you girls had a good day. Oklahoma is a buzz right now..Tomorrow is the OU vs Texas football game BOOMER…SOONER….

    • Hi!

      We are mid summer. A short scene with Nick, Phil and Lina and then a scene with Lina and Adele. Now Alice’s wedding through Phil’s eyes.
      Football — fun!

      • Does his POV start before or after Lina takes his hand and says “with you always with you.”?

        I also forgot to ask about our dregs of society…where is Kim?

        I bet Phil had a hand on Lina in the scene with Nick?!?That was probably a little tense for Lina….

        • Starts before it. Yes lol. Phil always touches Lina when nick is around.

          Kim had her moment yesterday. Now she’s laying low. Probably have a scene with her tomorrow

          • Well at least we can sleep well tonight knowing Kim’s in her bat cave…Lol

            When you say she had her moment (you know I can’t resist)…trouble making or Phil bashing her??

            How is your dad doing in rehab?

          • Her moment trying to manipulate Phil.
            My dad is walking with the assistance of a walker. They think he’ll be out in a few weeks.
            How are you doing? No doctor’s appt yet?

          • Hello!! Nick and Kimand Phil’s POV?! I can’t wait. I’m away now through next week but will check in. Thanks for Q and A you guys. Made me feel a bit giddy knowing I will read both Kim and Nick back to back. Good night!

          • Glad you dad is doing better. I’m still the same I call scheduling twice a day but still no cancellations. Good night girls….

            Janet have a good and safe week.

    • Hi J-Girl, I think it will take 500 to answer all the questions we threw out Lol…. Have you thought about how it’s goimg to end? I’m thinking maybe she meets an older rich man that’s has his kids in college, ready to travel and doesn’t want to raise Liam so she drops him off with Phil???

      • I laughed so hard. That’s true Tracie! Yes I have been thinking and can’t come up with a believable ending. I can’t see her falling for another guy. Phil is her obsession. He’s it for her. I say kill her off as usual. Lol. That’s more believable than her falling in love to me. Ooh maybe she gets acid thrown on her face and she can’t live like the phantom of the opera and commits suicide. Or just have her move to Greece with an oil tycoon and since yacht life isn’t feasible with Liam she lets both Phil and Liam go. What do you think?

        • Or J-Girl since she is so full of herself maybe she was trying some extortion/fraud on a client and gets caught and adds a new orange jumpsuit to her wardrobe!

          • Ok but I just thought of this. If she gets the yacht then she doesn’t get to suffer. She lives in the lap of luxury. Phil and Lina won’t care but you and I will be so mad. Laura said this woman needs to suffer. Let’s stick to this for a bit longer

          • If Kim ever turns her focus off Phil it would have to be some one just as Alpha as Phil.. i hope one from the Slap-A-Ho tribe gets a hold of her. That’s what she needs.

    • Hi girls!

      I have at least five more scenes to write before I’m back at the scene where Lina meets Liam. I’m not sure how long the book will be. Time will tell…

          • I’m anxious to see how Liam wins everyone over. My two year old grandson is spending the night and he ran up to me when I got home from work and said “Mimi I been cying (no r) for you.” I said oh baby I’m sorry and hugged him to my legs…then the little sweetie looked up at me and said “can I have a popsicle now.” He was conning me the whole time. Lol

          • We can only dream for the 50 more! Did you hear that Laura? Lol.
            Your grandson is so so cute and so smart. My nieces ages 6 and 8 still use that trick on me. I love you so much emo(aunt in Korean). Your my favorite. Can I have chocolate? My son uses the other truck-you look skinnier. Did you lose weight? Kids! Love my bebes!!

  47. I’m also wondering if Logan will try to show his defiance by not being home on Liam weekends? I wonder if Phil would be uncomfortable talking to Liam about safe sex, since he didn’t practice it himself..

    I know this would never happen but Janet will like it…Phil telling Logan to use condoms and Logan saying: “That’s rich coming from you.” Poor Phil…I do love him…but he set his self up for ridicule. Don’t worry Phil you will rise out of the ashes…..

  48. Ooh. I can’t wait for that after scene in the sequel! Tracie’s southern manner came out and called the psychos outrageousness an “intrusive behaivor”. Lol. If Logan heard that phone call He would be so mad. “I can’t believe that woman is still calling you at our house. Why should mom put up with you? You can leave with Liam and go live with them because I can take care of mom. We don’t need you!” Or rather that’s what I would say. This is so frustrating. I’m literally biting my nails how this will all resolve in the end. Laura will you have a big finale/showdown at the end? Lol
    Hope daddy is better today

      • Fine! Lol. I’m just upset about the laughing softly on the phone. Was Liam even there that night? What if Kim says I just wanted to hear my sons and his fathers voice. Haha. It’s midnight you creep!

      • No Phil wouldn’t allow that at all, but as Phil grows he’ll have to learn to navigate Logan’s feelings. Lina and Logan are taking the biggest hit from Phil’s betrayal and those are the two that will be where most of his guilt comes from in SN.
        I’ll have several pivotal moments in SN, but Phil, Logan and Liam finding peace together will be a big for me.

  49. Laura does Logan know Phil wants him to switch schools? I know you’re going to say sequel, but you can’t blame a girl for trying?

    • I appreciate that to Laura. But me and Janet can’t help but ask even though we know what your answer will be…Lol. They just pop in my head and I have to ask….

  50. Laura how do the kids feel about the late night calls? To me, Kim’s intrusive behavior prior to Lina and the kids meeting Liam, only makes it harder for them to accept him. Does Phil wonder the same thing?

    • I wrote the scene that follows the phone call scene. Not happy or sad. Just a scene leading to the next scene and as to your other question. You’ll see in the sequel!

      • I asked that question because I thought to myself, if the kids were disgruntled because they would have to put up with Kim because her and Phil share a child and Lina thinking this is my life. Poor Hunters…

  51. Good Morning Girls….I have just a random question…Phil and Lina see Nick at school/Lacrosse events, do they ever see Nick’s ex-wife?

  52. Be careful with that Botox J-Girl. My daughter-in-law works for a doctor that gives herself the shots constantly and her face would look like a natural addition to Mt Rushmore….

    • Glad to hear everyone’s OK. So true. If I don’t take my daily glucosamine I can’t even type you guys and let’s not get started on taking care of your aging parents! It trips me out at times because I have the wrinkles to prove it(and Botox to hide it) but I still love listening to my snoop dog. You know? Guys, listen to Shallow the new track on a Star is Born if you haven’t yet. So so good. Reminds me of songs from the 80s and can’t believe Bradley cooper is actually singing. Can’t wait to see this movie(I never watched anything with this guy).

      • Hi girls!
        I did write all day and then ran over to the rehab center to say hello to my father. I ended staying all evening. He’s fine — just not happy about the situation.
        Aging is rough I think.
        I need to catch up on the conversation.

  53. I do too…what keeps me calm is Laura saying this book is justice for Lina and Phil and Lina are on the same page.

  54. I think Lina’s reaction alone would key Phil in on how the conversation went prior to the handoff of the phone. May be they were in bed when she called, but wasn’t the phone in their room on his side of the bed, when Kim called in WPF? I’m going to have to read that Chapter again. The phone could now be on Lina’s side of bed now since they were separated for 6 months.

    • It doesn’t say which side(fresh in my mind from last night) the phone is. Just that he answered on first ring so we can assume it was on Phil’s side. Midnight, they should be in bed so why didn’t he answer? If he’s working on a case and in the office, again, why didn’t he answer first? I’m thinking he was getting ready for bed and was in the bathroom or he let Lina answer. Ugh. Don’t revisit the beginning. It’ll just rile you up more. I stopped after the wedding scene. I so wish Phil heard Kim’s lie before Lina slapped her for it.

  55. I wonder if this is the new number Kim was calling. That would be crazy and probably not but what if! She talked to Lina as if she’s a second class citizen. Hope Phil heard every word and shreds her. So mad!

  56. Good Morning Girls, I’m still feeling the bite of last nights snippet. That was total disrespect to Lina, the way Kim talked to her on the phone. I hope Phil puts a stop to that immediately, if he continues to allow Kim to disrespect his wife then his fear of losing Lina would be founded… I hope Phil understands Lina can’t be treated like that, especially in her own home.

  57. Janet fun scenario: After Lina departs the area as stated above….Lol….. She goes to the kitchen to pour a glass of Chardonnay (who wouldn’t need a drink after that)…then she heads for the outside deck (it’s summer)…Lina sets in a nice piece of lawn furniture with her feet on the deck rail ankles crossed…. Phil finishes his phone conversation and starts looking for Lina, checks garage, etc…notices the alarm is in access mode and heads for the deck. Phil comes up beside her and she says: “Not a word, give me a minute.” She takes a sip of her wine and turns to Phil and says”I need to make this clear, she will not continue to rub your affair or your son in my face anymore. Phil says “Lina…Lina cuts him off “Let me finish.” I too have children and a job, unless it is an absolute emergency she better never call this house this late again. You have a cell phone tell her to use it. Does any of that need to be clarified, Phil?…….Oh yeah…Lina showing her spunk…

    • Ok love the scenario and kudos for alarm detail but change one small thing. I don’t want Phil talking to Kim either. Make it clear that’s Phil needs a middle man for everything. I don’t want Kim calling Phil everyday. She’s stalking them. oh and maybe Lina is the one who needs the scotch in this scene. I would need to be medicated
      after kims cackle over the phone

      • Phil has to talk to Kim or how could he tear her up? But love the scotch idea…that tells Phil Lina is pissed….

        • You are right. I need them to talk. Lol. And I would like to hear more of that phone call. Kim is so much better than a side supporting character.

          • Kim’s character is good, but she’s an evil ho-bag….I love though that she tries to dictate to Lina her house rules….I would of hung up, then immediately left the phone off the hook, while I went to each room pulling the other phone cords out of the phone jack. Then all she would get was a busy while I was unplugging the other phones and then when I pulled the plug on the one off the hook she would just get a constant ring with no answer. I’d force her to call Phil’s cell phone and if she continued to disturb my sleep, Phil and his cell phone would be in the basement. You make your bed you lay in it….That would force Phil to get control of the witch! Lina might sleep walk down there around 2 am but he would go nee night by himself until after the nightly ring a ding!

    • When she tells Phil what that witch said, he better lay into her…. no wonder his biggest fear is Lina leaving again. No it would be better if Lina laid into her….who lays into her??? Pulling hair here….Unless Phil was in the shower he had to have heard the phone or may be he picked the extension up in his office and him and Lina are both on the phone and he tells the biotch off while Lina listens. Oh yes, that would be primo!

      • I say all her calls should be on speaker. The power of Kim’s bitchiness is lost in translation. Phil needs to hear it for himself. Why why why Phil? As soon as I go home, I’m going back to my obsession! The kids better not have a lot of homework tonight.

        • Now that you said it, they will….I think Phil knows she’s a bitch…but she is trying to rub it in Lina’s face again and I would have to set some ground rules if I were Lina….Can you imagine though when Kim calls and the phone has be disconnected…Plus, that late night wedge trick shit, will kill the mood for steamy!!!! Ugh.

      • Is Lina mad at Phil? Does she tell Phil to have her call his cell phone so her children are not disturbed? Kim is only calling hoping Lina will answer the phone or to do the wedge trick between her and Phil. Does Phil wonder why Kim didn’t do this constant calling during the first three months of Liam’s life? Lina could say, he’ll call you back I have him tied up at the moment! LOL.

          • Ok. Tracie, Phil heard the whole thing. Otherwise no sleep for us tonight. That was awesome Laura!

          • I bet he does…I would of hung up. Then pitched the handheld at him and said call the bitch back, said she needs to talk to the father of her son!!! Then departed the area….Love you Phil…

          • Seriously, why is this woman calling at midnight? How is this an act of a stable human being? I think kims last words will be Phil is mine. Her headstone can read She fought to the death. I mean!!
            Tracie, in WPF, Phil answered Kim’s call after the first ring. I think he let Lina answer the phone because she wanted to? Lina should have dragged out the phone convo and recorded the crazy talk. That laughing softly is creepy right?

          • He knew it was her in WPF and wanted to shut that shit down quick, before Lina got suspicious. Kim is trying the old wedge trick by calling after midnight. Letting Lina know what her life is going to be like if she stayed with Phil. The laugh was to let Lina know she had no control over what she did, even though that was Lina’s home. When she said put him on the phone she would of heard a click in her ear. If it was an emergency. she would of been upset not spiteful. Kim isn’t creepy she’s mean and spoiled and also a power monger. That’s why when Phil or Lina cancels the home phone, it would be hilarious when Kim gets the disconnection recording. Lol

  58. Thanks! That is a very good idea — bringing treats. They do have a hard job.

    I’m sure this will just rile the two of you up but Tracie did ask for something LOL….

    “It is after midnight,” Lina said. “You have no business calling our home at this hour.”
    “I don’t?” Kim laughed softly. “I’m calling the home of my son’s father. I think I can call at any hour I want. Would you put him on the phone?”

    • OMG!! Can I say I have missed this witch the last week? Love HATING her! No words for now. Once I get my thoughts back in order I’m sure I’ll have a hundred questions from the 3 lines. Why the heck is she always calling at midnight and is this in the beginning before they change the landline?

      Yes, they treated my mom like a friend and was hugging my family not to leave when the time came. lol

    • P.S. I said swoon or thrash…rile was no where in that message LOL. You did that on purpose, but I LOVED IT! Janet is looking for something to throw that is why she hasn’t responded. Hahahaha

  59. Hi Sister! So glad your dad is doing better and decided to play the rehab game….When my husband got his knee replaced there was a lady across the hall that would not get up and when she finally did, he hollered across the hall “way to go Ladybug”, she flipped him off…LOL We’ve missed you much too….when you get your bearings let us know where you are and where we are going…..I’ve got to get my mind back on my Phil too…been busier than a cat covering it up today!!!!

  60. Hi Girls!
    Things are finally looking up. I’ve started writing again. My dad is in a nice rehab facility with his own room and starting to cooperate!

    • Hallelujah! Thank God he’s better and in a nice place. Nice rehabs are hard to find here so your dad is lucky. And thank God again you are back!!

      • Laura just food for thought…..You could throw us a little snippet of a steamy or Phil thrashing Kim scene to get us back adjusted and all….Either would work for me, but J-Girl would be all about the thrashing Lol…. I’m just saying or more like begging if the truth be known…

        • You are soooo funny! I got on to tell you guys that I reread all our past posts last night(man we talked Laura’s ear or in this case eyes off) and saw this. I was preparing myself to put Lina and Phil aside for a few weeks but I’m so grateful that is no longer necessary. Laura when my grandma had a nurse in her apt after surgery and when my mom went to rehab for her femurs, we occasionally brought treats for the therapists/nurses there. I did it from my heart but yes it was a bribe of sorts too. I think they appreciated it as much as I appreciated their help. I’m sure you all have it figured out but who doesn’t love cupcakes or cookies?
          And yes, a snippet to tide us over would be wonderful. I will re re re reread the beginning of WPF tonight. Feel like revisiting the first few chapters again.

          • You are just going to get mad over the pink tie J-Girl. I love cupcakes and sugar cookies….Lol…

  61. I always use sunscreen and don’t get burnt. I had to have my face burnt off one time with Carac cream because of skin cancers and I’ll never go through that again. Now I have a Vitamin D deficiency…..I just can’t win Lol….

  62. Hi. Everything is fine here. The Dr said there’s only 2 % chance of the cancer coming back to the same spot. My father doesn’t like to use sunscreen and he golfs 4x a week so he’s lucky it was detected early. It taught all of us to put that sunscreen on before going out.

    • No writing today — was at the hospital with my Dad. Wouldn’t walk. Ugh. Hopefully tomorrow. I’ll start writing again on Monday. Need a clearer mind. One positive — I was in the middle of a relatively happy scene so the characters are in a good place lol

      • I hate that he wouldn’t walk. My dad was like that too, he just didn’t want to go through the pain. Maybe Physical Therapy will come tomorrow and help him walk. You write when you are ready, our characters aren’t going anywhere. Plus, there is nothing more tiring than setting in a hospital.

      • I remember when my grandma had the same surgery she couldn’t walk for days then couple more months of pain as she was healing. What a nightmare. It’s so hard worrying about your parents….. so agree with Tracie. Phil and Lina and even Kim will stay put. Take care of your daddy!

  63. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry….yes it’s a big deal. Glad he’s doing good….My Drs nurse called me today can’t give results over the phone and told me to call every Monday to see if they had a cancellation…ugh….

    Keep us posted on how your dad does….

  64. Hi Ladies! What scene is for today Laura? I have been glued to the Kavanaugh hearing so MIA yesterday. I have thought of this today for SN. Is Katie fine with Phil now? Is Megan jealous of baby Liam at all? We haven’t talked about her much.

    • Hi girls,
      I’ve barely written in the past three days. My dad fell and fractured his hip on Wednesday. Operated today and seems fine. He’s 83 so it’s a big deal.

      • Shit! So sorry Laura!!! My dad is 83 so I know it’s a big deal. Gosh I hope he has a fast recovery. You must be so worried. Ugh my father underwent skin cancer surgery 3 days ago too so I’m not my usual salty self either. Ok hope you take some time out with your family.

        • Thanks. Sorry for you too. I guess it’s been a tough week for all of us.

          It will take my mind a couple of days to get back into the flow. Interruptions like this are tough

      • It isn’t a bash Phil family scene is it! Poor Phil… the family scene when they talk to the kids about Liam doing weekends is going to be something…I can just feel it…

          • That’s good I’m a little tired of him being bashed….he needs some steam…Lol. In SN does Lina ever tell or insinuate to Phil that she could never go through another betrayal? I know Phil would never even contemplate doing it again, i didn’t know if she would want to say it to him out loud.

  65. Laura what was Phil thinking in Chapter 32, when he told Katie on the phone he loved her and she just said Bye Dad! I can’t imagine knowing Logan was to emotional to talk and Katie just saying bye. Also, did Logan not go to dinner with Phil thatTuesday night, is that why they had the conversation they did in Chapter 38?

    • Phil just wanted her to know he loved her. I don’t think he expected her to say it back. Logan did go to dinner. He was just upset so Phil talked to him

      • I cannot wait for you to finish this book….it will take us a good six months to discuss it after we read it Lol…Then we got Nick and the QB to talk about…

        We’re todays scenes an easy write?

        • Poor Laura! Lol. She won’t ever get rid of us. That’s right- nick prossi! I married a big giant nerd so I loge reading about athletes. Can’t wait for Leo and Nick and possibly this Nick and on and on!!!!!!! But first you are to need a vacation to regroup after SN. You will come home to 10k comments from Tracie and me.

          • We will absorb SN like a sponge….i hope we don’t spoil it for anyone that doesn’t read as fast as we do…and come to the blog to check in…because our Chapter by Chapter discussion will start immediately. I can’t wait…then Laura, we have got to teach the QB not to be snatchy grabby! I then need to swoon over Nick Prossi!

  66. If Lina helped in moving Phil home, he could leave that house in a blaze of glory with a little steamy before he gave back the keys…ya know a

    • You are too funny trying to sneak a steamy! Who would think, move out from a rental but before dropping the keys off…Lol. Phil better have been working the day Lina sat in Nicks office all day(s) trying to get an appt. if he was entertaining the skank in NY while she was fighting for Katie’s life/future I … I … no words

  67. I wonder if Lina helped Phil move his stuff home from his rental? in the book, she came home and hadn’t his brother help him move completely out?

  68. I do have a question though…Did Phil ever know how Lina worked to get Nick to treat Katie. Did Phil know she set in his office, until he would see her? I think this is another reason Nick thinks so much of Lina…

    • Hi. Your question leads me to think does Phil hate nick more because he helped Katie when Phil turned his back(so to speak) on his family for four months? Not only did Nick fall in love with Lina but Katie looks up to him as well. I think Laura will say we are delving too far into it.

      • Think about it Janet, Phil not only let another woman into his marriage, but a man as well. I asked Laura once if Phil was upset with himself because he was not paying attention and another man slipped in on Lina. She said yes. He never thought about Lina and another man, then he had the doctors appointment with Nick and bam….he had a rude awakening. Phil’s family all adores Nick, and in SN he still can’t really shake Nick with Logan and Brian going to the same school. Nick listened to Lina when Phil was being to selfish to realize she needed to talk and he needed to listen. Ugh…

  69. I was 34 years old when I lost my mama, she had a massive stroke at the age of 61. But I still say to this day “my mama use to say…” I not only carry her in my heart, but she comes out of my mouth constantly…Lol….

  70. That made me laugh out loud…..

    Your family is in my thoughts Laura. I remember you saying this week is four years since you lost your mom. Mine was gone 20 years in April…still miss her too!

      • Ok just read both of your comments. Sad about your sister leaving but now you can go back to your obsession! Ha. I know we will see exactly how Phil feels about seeing Liam for the first time and Lina not being the birth mom because I remember you adding the scene in there.

        Ok I’m nagging you like a harpy at this point but will you include the running group scene in SN? If you don’t think we need it after you put Phil through the ringer I totally get it. It’s just fresh in my mind again because I read those chapters last night. Every transgression Phil committed I can recite them now. Tracie remembers Phil holding Linas face in 47 but I remember him demanding her forgiveness after seeing Emily.

  71. Laura in Swimming Naked does Phil talk with Wayne or Mike about the pictures? I wondered if Diane told Wayne about the pictures on Lina’s phone and Wayne may have told Phil he knew about them if Phil brought it up first?

  72. Laura in Chapter 47 where they pulled up to the house and Lina told Phil he wasn’t coming in, he said her name and put his hand on the steering wheel and then said May I kiss you goodnight? Did Phil just need the connection with Lina or was he testing the waters to see if her walls were crumbling?

  73. Phil was probably consumed with seeing Liam for the first time and not sharing that experience with Lina…plus the vessel did give birth. I asked Laur that question, because I’m sure he disliked her immensely for destroying his marriage…but did his hate actually take root in SN, when Kim starts her pesky rash routine with him and Lina. I can’t wait to read what Lina’s rules are for Phil pertaining to Kim….

  74. Laura during the first three months of Liam’s life, when Phil did see Liam, did he despise Kim or did the hate take root after he got back with Lina? I remember a comment where you said he couldn’t be mean to her because she had just had a baby….

    • I never heard that saying but makes sense. Ok they will get you in this week hopefully.

      This is a good question and I wondered about Phil’s disgust for Kim yesterday. So weird. I also read your chapter 47 last night again along with my ch 22, 26-29. Omg! Why I do this to myself I don’t know. I remember Laura saying Phil couldn’t be mean at the hospital and I asked why not? Lol

    • I think he disliked her but was trying to be civil for the sake of Liam. The despise grows as she continues to try to insert herself in his life.

    • Got my CT done today. I called for my appointment to see the doctor and scheduling said I couldn’t get in to see him until 24 Oct…You girls know me..Hell No! These crutches are driving me absolutely nuts and the doctor gets the results tomorrow or Thursday at the latest, so they ended up transferring me to his nurse and she has not called me back. Another month is unacceptable, I’m persistent. One of my mentors early in my career told me if you have to pound a steel rod until it’s a needle get your answers…LOL

      • What are we working on in the past? Between who?

        Yes on sitting in the doctors office! I’m going to pull sleeping in the waiting room, like those idiots that sleep in a tent to buy a TV the day after Christmas.

        • The books starts with Lina meeting Liam and then I go back — I say seven months earlier — I’m still in that seven month period and will be for several more days

          • Is our Phil still struggling over the pics….I bet he despise feeling are beginning to root after that scene!

  75. Good Morning Girls….I’m not scared to revisit the pictures. I hate how they will eat Phil up because of Lina’s bitterness and his guilt. Looking at those pictures through Lina’s eyes will be an emotional event for him.

  76. Tracie is right. Lina and Phil have spent a lifetime together — she wants to be with him. This is just something they will have to go through together

    • Phil wouldn’t be happy without Lina either. There’s is a once in a life time love. He just got weak and he owned it….but he would never hurt Lina like that again….they’ll be stronger and he will put her first and cherish her no doubt….

    • Ok Laura! I don’t really trust Phil but I trust you. I think the picture scene brought out my negative emotions. I wanted Phil to explain so badly but now I’m scared to revisit those said pictures.

  77. Laura do you ever read this blog and hope our medical insurance covers our therapy? LOL. I dont do therapy, but I did get mad one time and sent a scathing email out to public distribution. I received it back in inter office mail and everywhere I said “I” was going to do something, it was circled in red pen. The bottom of the email said that I had a God Complex and needed therapy. Adele Jr decided she would get in on the action and the next day in inter office mail we received a group application for McDonald’s! LOL

      • It is LOL…I enjoy talking to you girls…..My daughter has already warned me that no matter what happens with my hip anesthesia will be involved and I can’t talk to you girls for at least 24 hours. I started laughing and told her you could delete anything I said LoL…When I had one surgery I asked the preacher to kiss me…I sang I Feel Good and the surgeon came out wanting to meet my sister from Arkansas I don’t have a sister…..I have blood like spring water..LOL

        • Omg. Lol. You make sure you tell us you are ok. Loopy Tracie will be even funnier. Laura can delete. Are you having surgery soon?

          How come you both love Phil so much? Laura because she created Phil and he is her husband. For Tracie because Phil reminds you of your husband? I’m thinking why does Lina have to sacrifice so much for this guy?

          • I have the CT scan tomorrow and will have a verdict on my hip Thursday or Friday. Lina is not sacrificing she loves Phil more than he hurt her…there is no getting around that….

          • Keeping my fingers crossed for you Tracie. And yes I have the ability to delete any loopy Tracie messages — of course if they are funny I would have no reason to.

            Janet — I may be wrong but I believe you will be on team Phil by the end of Swimming Naked — he will demonstrate all of the emotions you need to see for proper redemption

  78. Whoever mentions it first, that will be another pivotal scene for me, because I can only imagine Phil’s inner struggle watching Lina swallow that lump in her throat and accept his son by another woman……also Logan finally having his acceptance moment with Liam…. My Phil will swallow his on lump then….

  79. I know I’m going to have to wait on this one too Laura…but I’ve been trying to figure after the opening scene, who will it be Phil or Lina who brings up Liam first and bring him back to their home. I think it will be Lina…she will put her own feelings aside for Phil..

    • That’s a very good question Tracie. I’m not sure about the answer yet. But you are probably right, I hope you are anyway

      • I hope it’s Lina too….Can you imagine Phil’s POV if Lina and Phil were laying in bed after making love and she’s says Phil I want to try harder where Liam is concerned I love you sweetheart:…swoon..

  80. Kim will try and test Phil and Lina’s love and loyalty to each other by being a pain in the butt. Plain and simple she wants to show Lina what her life is going to be with her and Liam in it. Kim knows Phil is a good father and that is how she is going to try and get Phil’s attention and keep it. But I feel good knowing that Laura said Phil and Lina were on the same page….I think it will be as frustrating for Kim as it is for Phil and Lina. I do want Phil to be in touchy/protective mode when Kim is around Lina. I know Lina doesn’t need that from Phil, she can stand on her own, but I want him to feel like he needs to do it. Does that make sense?? Lol

  81. I think they probably did sleep together there, if they didn’t it will be a Laura curveball for me (which I love). I would want my kids pictures and anything they wanted from the condo. Not that picture though, nope it would be a trigger. Can you imagine Lina’s birthday??? They get back together in April and her BD is in Oct…I bet even the kids will be nervous Lol….

    • Ugh you are so right. I think they slept together too. I was hoping you would agree but why would Phil struggle so much if he didn’t? But I’m confused with his behavior. He wouldn’t talk to Kim in their house but have sex with her in their other house? I guess this is where Laura said she thinks about redeeming Phil to the readers but then staying true to the characters. I’m thinking if I’m this confused with Phil, Kim probably thought they were/ are soulmates.

    • Nervous about what Kim will do? Phil should threaten her. You will never work in this town again! You won’t even see my face for a min when I’m picking up Liam! You are not a natural blonde! Ugh Laura would say she is. I give up.
      I got Chrissy Teigans new cookbook. Going to try her new spicy parm chicken recipe now. Not in the mood to cook.

  82. Not knowing when the Nick scene was about not deserving Lina, I wonder if some of Phil’s internal struggle is thinking he doesn’t deserve Lina??? Looking at those pictures probably made him sick, seeing his own actions in front of his face, I know it was a disgusting site to him. That picture of Phil and Line in the SB picture I always thought maybe there personnel stuff would be shipped to them and Lina finding the picture would throw it in the trash. Phil see it there as he throws a beer bottle away or something (Lifetime I know Laura). Poor Phil

    • I say burn it and trash and don’t ship anything. I don’t even think Phil slept with Kim there but whether he did or not she contaminated their condo and took a picture. Lina shouldn’t want anything from there. What do you think?

  83. I hope Phil can see through Kim’s schemes when she tries to put Phil in a position to choose. Please tell me the picture scene increased his disgust and hatred toward Kim knowing she didn’t have to put Lina through that but did!!!!

  84. Do you girls believe ONE of Kim’s ulterior motives, is to put Phil in situations where he has to choose Liam over Lina and his other kids to cause strife within the Hunter family? I understand this is the aftermath of the affair, but Kim is a planner…..

  85. I’m anxious to see how Kim plays her role, when Phil lets her know that he has moved back in with Lina. I don’t think she would show much more emotion than she did in Chapter 15 on the phone. I also wonder if this is when she starts Operation Rash. Who finds out first about Kim’s new address Phil, Lina or do they find out together? They could be at church and see Kim and Liam, Phil asking what are you doing here and Kim breaks the news that this is the closest church to her new house. If it is Phil though, how does he break the news to Lina? I know I have to wait for SN, but I do play those scenes out in my head…Lol

    • all I can think is Kim goes to church now? Lol but I do wonder about Phil’s reaction when he found out how close Kim is to his house now. Is this where he yells at Kim’s sister Laura?

  86. Lina did know they’re texting in the house, we saw that in Chapter 23 or 29 I can’t remember(?), plus they were seeing each other almost 6 days a week. The rate they were going, Kim probably thought it was just a matter of time before she wasn’t just the OW, but the wife. I don’t think Phil would have appreciated a call to his home or cell during the affair while he was home. Kim wouldn’t have wanted to upset him, during that time either.

  87. Janet (in my opinion) I don’t think Lina has any doubts about Phil once she takes him back. Like Laura said, she has feelings of bitterness and until all the corners are swept out and they work through all the Kim and Liam issues there will be trials and tribulations for the Hunters. I personally don’t think Kim called Phil at home during the affair. The text messages lead me to believe they were spending so much time together they didn’t need to call each other. Phil did tell Lina in Chapter 15, she calls but not often and more than I would like. I don’t think that started until Phil called it quits.

    • I’m thinking she called his cell knowing Lina was home? To at least make Lina suspicious? Kim knew she was pregnant in March or April so she wouldn’t have been ok with being the OW for much longer but she sat on it till May. The texts were so upsetting. Thinking they called each other even for a min convo at work or at nights when Lina was around makes me want to gift both of them with shit pie from The Help!

    • No, Lina doesn’t have any doubts. She’s forgiven him.
      And Kim didn’t start calling Phil until he stopped responding to her texts.

  88. Hi ladies! I just thought of something and you both may not like me for voicing it. Phil tells Nick that he is Lina’s air. Is that true or does Lina have doubts/second thoughts about taking Phil back? In WPF she asks Phil how they can go back and he says no, we go forward etc. She couldn’t foresee all the trouble Kim is causing now nor how hard it is seeing Liam(at least in the beginning).
    Also, did Phil ever call Kim instead of texting? I don’t know why that bothers me so much more. Maybe because talking isn’t as clinical as his texts? I can totally see Kim calling Phil’s cell in WPF when he was home trying to schedule their next rendezvous.

  89. Oh man…I just knew that scene would throw him into doubt and if Lina expressed all her true feelings about the pictures that was a gut punch for him. I know this is cliche but you had me at His biggest fear….some readers will thrive on that fear, and it makes me hurt for both him and Lina…..Are we still in church?

      • I feel anxious after the picture scene for some reason. Maybe that means you are going to get a surprise scene….I felt the same way after Phil telling Kim she was easy…and bam you got a surprise scene….

        • I feel unsettled too. Kim went from thinking she will be the new Mrs Hunter to Phil telling her she was nothing but an easy blip. How can she take that lying down? I would be in bed for a week with covers thrown over my face but we are talking about Kim. She doesn’t even believe him! I gotta laugh.

          • Kim is vindictive and smart. She wants Lina’s life, but like Laura said she no longer has any power,all the affair secrets are out and Phil hates her. The only thing left for Kim to do is cause hate and discontent by using Liam. Kim is a wart on the butt of humanity…..

  90. I hope it’s in his mind because he’s mad at Kim….Is my poor Phil feeling remorseful? I can’t atand it…I knew that scene had to happen….ugh

  91. Good Afternoon Girls, I’ve had anxiety how this scene was going to end…..I know Lina is bitter and Phil was so wrong in taking Kim to SB, but they agreed to move forward together. Phil needs to remind Lina of that….”Baby give me a chance to make this up to you….Moving forward means making new memories and I promise you we will…Yada Yada…. Ugh…….I’ll be glad when you are through with it Laura…..

    • Oh I’m glad….my anxiety was high, wondering if Phil was having to beg or if Lina was having a meltdown….I’m glad we’re clear…Lol

      • Girls, when I said I’m glad we’re clear…I hope you knew I’m glad we’re clear of that scene…Lol. I got to reading that and it sounded rude.

        • LOL I knew exactly what you meant. I’m glad that scenes in the past too. Unfortunately it’s still in Phil’s mind ugh

          • Just saw this one Laura. It’s ugh to write but isn’t it a good thing it’s lingering in Phil’s mind? It means he feels so bad to put Lina through that and hates Kim more. He will always put Lina above himself now. Having said that, I do feel icky though

        • Lol. OK good about the scene being over and we’re in the clear for now. I’ll probably read it over and over again. I’m so weird. I got Colleen Hoover’s All Your Perfects from the library. She’s a hit and miss for me but a good writer. This couple reminds me a bit of Phil and Lina. The heroine is being tortured with infertility and infidelity.

          • I read scenes over constantly Lol….Let me know how you like the book you are reading. I have had trouble getting vested in any book lately because I’m so eager for this one.

          • Tracie, get it from the library. It’s too expensive. I’m the same way these days. I couldn’t finish Carian Cole’s book. I just wasn’t invested in the characters. This one is good(I had no idea I would seek out cheating theme after WPF but I’m drawn to it now) It’s a fast read and I’m almost done. The hero says this when caught cheating. “It’s my fault. I did that. I fucked up. But I didn’t fuck up because I was attracted to her. I fucked up because I miss you. Every day, I miss you….The heroine has infertility issue and didn’t want to have sex. It’s not Laura’s writing but it’ll tide you over for a bit hopefully.

  92. LOL. Kim is not associated with the word Happy…..I have anxiety too….Lina promised Phil she wouldn’t get angry..I can see the bitterness her wanting to see her grandkids learn to ski there,etc.,..ugh.. Go visit your sister and have some fun Laura…

  93. Those pictures are what triggered their separation and the scene at Nick’s is why I asked…..

    Laura are you through with the scene?

    • Lowest point refers to the affair. Yes, just finished the scene. Steamboat was rougher than I expected. Regardless of Phil’s reason for taking Kim there, Lina still holds some bitterness. I need a happy scene now.

      • Bitterness that will only subside with time…poor Phil I bet that scene was gutting for him! Those pictures have been purged out of their relationship now, so I hope Lina finally deleted them.

          • That was laugh out loud funny. When did Kim’s name become a comic relief for us? Lord! Heavy heart here too. You will make everything OK for this couple. You can do this!!

            What I got out of your previous post is Phil had a reason to bring Kim to Steamboat. Ugh!! Lina will get through it. She doesn’t really have a choice does she since she promised Phil. Losing her favorite place and never being able to go there again… double ugh!!

        • Word count or not…it’s your story so you keep writing until you’re happy with it. What happy scene are we going too! Have you got to visit with your sister?

          • I realize this scene isn’t quite done which is why I’m feeling anxiety. Unfortunately, I can’t finish it until tomorrow. My sister has been waiting patiently for me. I’m not sure what comes next — my head is too caught up in Steamboat and the pictures. Hopefully I can finish it up pretty quickly in the morning and move on to something happier. Like Kim LOL NOT

  94. Good Afternoon Girls, I was thinking about when Phil said “it was the lowest point in my life.” Lowest point being the affair in general or that Lina had asked Phil to leave and Lina stayed with Nick?

  95. I told my friends the same about WPF. The more the merrier I always say. Phil owns up to his part in the affair, but sending those pictures were all Kim’s doing, so she deserves to take the blame for Lina having them…the Biotch…

    • Yup I agree to all. I would love to meet your friends here. Lol. I will text them tonight to see if they bought the book. Otherwise they suck big time. We get to find out about the steamboat picture. Shit.

  96. I was talking about you two and the book all through lunch. Both of my friends said wow you all talk about this couple as if they are alive. I said Phil and Lina are very much alive in my world. So funny. Laura, are you done with the scene?

    • Janet I get that all the time too, but I don’t care Lol…I love our little book club ….you will get to see Phil’s facial expressions and hear his POV as he sees the pictures and so will Lina. That should put that issue to rest and give her peace. I can’t imagine Phil’s feelings as he looks at them with her….ugh

      • Laura this must have been an emotional day for Lina and Phiil. Steamboat will be rough too! How is Phil’s emotions? After this, I hope Lina is true to her words and gets rid of the pictures.

        • Yes! peace! Lina will never bring it up again. I love our book club too. Before today I only spoke about it with my sister. My friends read a lot of our comments back and forth and both were genuinely interested in Phil and Lina. Lol.

        • My friends do the same at work….Lol. I think you will have as much peace as Lina. I also think this scene probably fueled his anger even more toward Kim. Don’t you?

          • I do think this will anger him. I bet Phil was so grossed out looking at those pictures and even though he was part of the pictures he will put the blame on Kim. Yes Tracie it will totally bring me peace and I can rest too. Lol.
            My friends today don’t read romance novels but they want to read this one. I said to start with WPF so we will see. It’ll be a hoot to have them join us here.

  97. Okay girls — keep in mind that every scene I share here is in draft form. All kinds of tweaks will be made between now and the final copy — scenes could disappear altogether LOL not this one of course.
    Lina kept the pictures and looked at them so many time she’s almost desensitized to the sight of them. Phil on the other hand…poor Phil

  98. I’m giddy now I so love her climbing in his lap and cupping his face…..swoon…..I have anxiety for Phil looking at those pics…..help her heal my Phil….

    • Phil is Phil. He is fine if Lina’s with him. You know him best. He will be grumpy for a day or two then back to his arrogant self.

      • Poor Phil is right…Having to look at his biggest regret with the love of his life setting there with him, knowing the pain he has caused and Kim sending them to her…..When Janet gave the snippet of the wife watching the husband and girlfriend on tape in a book she had read, Lina will watch the look and emotions on Phil’s face as he sees the pictures and I think it will be painful.

    • Every morning I reread what I wrote the night before and edit it or don’t depending on my mood. At first I was going to have them discuss the pics without looking at them but I figured we all need to see those pics again so they are fortunately still in her phone

      • I’m glad you changed it Laura. That scene I just read had an impact on me. Phil’s greatest fear line….oh my….Lina climbing in his lap seems to me, she was comforting him as they work through the pictures together. Awesome writing sister!

      • Wow after a year she kept them.
        Did she forget about them or look from time to time. It must be so jarring going through your pictures then boom there they are. Ugh. Have a great day ladies. I’m going to treat myself to some retail therapy this morning with a friend to destress. Lol

  99. Laura the scene you gave us yesterday said she had already deletes the pictures, all evidence, but they were burned in her brain. So she can’t show them to him. But I do love this scene…..

  100. Okay, I’m feeling a bit better — because I gave you the ugly, I’ll give you a little more so you don’t feel the negativity all day…

    He fell back on the mattress covering his face with his hands. “I don’t want to relive it. Don’t you get that? It’s the lowest point of my life.”
    “I just need to understand them and then I can let them go. I’ll delete them after.”
    It was a nightmare. He’d woken to a nightmare. “Okay.” He sat up. “Where are they? Let’s get this over with.” He ploughed his fingers back through his still damp hair.
    “This isn’t about punishing you. It’s something I need to heal.”
    “What if it doesn’t help you heal? What if they make you angry all over again? What then?” It was his greatest fear that she’d decide she couldn’t forgive him after all.
    “It won’t.” She crawled across the mattress and into his lap, cupping his face in her hands. “I don’t want to be without you. I love you.”

    • That’s what I’m talking about!! So so so so so good! Thank you Lina and thank you Phil and I love you Laura! Lolol. #teamphil for today!! Haha

  101. Yes I just felt anxiety tingles too! Don’t worry about your language…I’m right there with you. This could be a pivotal moment where she either has to continue to torture herself or let it go and work to strengthen her marriage…..

    • By Phil never answer any of Linas questions will torture her more. That’s how we are wired to think. Explain then move on and make it clear they are never revisiting these scenes again. Otherwise few years from now something else will trigger those memories again for Lina and it won’t be good for them to do this on and off. Phil forgot as soon as the affair ended and hates Kim but Lina won’t ever forget. He needs to reassure her.

    • Lina has seen the pictures there is nothing to explain they are what are…picture is worth a thousand words. It happened, the reassure is the key…

  102. I think you girls would be disappointed if I didn’t ask this question…after the picture discussion will their be steam? Lol

    Laura where are we today?

    • Ugh I’m still in the middle of this f-ing scene (sorry for the language). This is hard to write. I’m feeling extreme anxiety and I’m annoyed at Lina for bringing it up when things had been going well. Phil just said this and I’m with Phil…
      He had no fucking desire to see those pictures. “Delete them. You’re keeping this alive. You forgave me, remember? I don’t want to fucking do this.”

      • And more…

        “But I need to understand them.”
        “Understand what? I had an affair. I own that. There is nothing I can say to justify it or make it go away. You have to let it go.”

        • Good morning and I mean that! After the f ing scene you have your sister to hang out with I hope. Thank you for your kind words regarding my parents. My dad golfs 4x a week, my mom does yoga and both have a very active social life. I think they are OK.

          I’m also with you both and staying true to characters gets my vote but(sorry) I’m with Lina. The more you are left in the dark wondering, you tend to blow things out of proportion. Phil saying forget about it(because it meant nothing to him) is the past Phil no? Yes he had the affair and yes it was his big mistake and yes he loves Lina but just be clear to her and answer her once and never revisit again. Also Lina, ask about the running group. Phil promised you transparency this time around. I hope this scene doesn’t ruin your day Laura.

        • How can you explain a look? Diane even told her that is a man in lust, that is not the way he looks at you. He did it….owns it. What can he say: I had a a few scotches and we danced and I screwed her. Blame it on the alcohol. He didn’t look at the pictures because they are what pushed Lina over the edge and the only thing he could picture was her and Nick at that moment in time.

          • Your possible explaination is good if that’s what Phil was going through. It doesn’t have to be what I as a reader wants to hear. Just what Phil felt. Like why dance with her? If he got caught up in the moment because he won a case and grabbed Kim then fine. If Kim dragged him on the floor for a dance then fine too. Just explain rather than tell me oops Lina to get over it. Because I know Lina won’t get over it that way.

  103. Staying true has to win or the book wouldn’t be believable. How Phil handles the aftermath of the affair is all the evidence anyone should need of his redemption. #TeamPhil…

    Hope you and your sister had a good visit!

  104. Wow! You girls were busy last night. I have a sister in town from California and was catching up. Ugh sorry about your parents Janet’s – it’s hard. I can relate. Approaching four years next week since my mom died. Never get over that.
    Tracie- no Logan will not get his girlfriend pregnant!
    Janet – clever – trying to piece the book together lol

    This novel is more about the aftermath of Kim, not Kim continuing to come between them because she doesn’t have the power for that. And just to put your hearts at rest. She has no new secrets to reveal from the affair

    The pics — he did have an affair. There is no way to undue that. Sometimes I struggle between redeeming him in everyone’s minds and staying true to the novel and his character. Staying true will have to win out

  105. Oh my gosh I just had a memory of my parents that fits in with this conversation…My mom was getting on to my dad about something and she said you damn well know what I’m talking about…he said a woman’s mind is like a damn Rolodex…you spin through it at the speed of light, pull out a card and say here it is 20 years ago you did this at this time…and as a man I don’t have a damn clue!

    • Everything you said is true. Guys don’t remember but he saw the pictures and Lina goes through them all so I want to understand. I don’t care about grabbing Kim’s butt and the sleeping picture is not the end of the world. But the look and the steamboat with frame on nightstand still bother me. Man I’m drained going back and forth in my head about this. Today was a yucky day all around.

      • Since it’s full disclosure he will tell Lina the circumstances surrounding those pictures. The look is what hurt her the most, so I’m sure we’ll get our answers. I wonder what Laura did with the picture that was on the nightstand?? I tell you another thing, I go back and forth on the Kim looking Healthy and Tan.scene. …what did she keep Phil from…I even went to the outfield thinking Logan might have finally made the All State Lacrosse team and Phil missed the game. Which means Lina would of been there without Phil at the same time as Nick. So many options…

        • Well I’m still thinking why did Phil say are we okay in your swoon scene. What happened before that he would even voice this and then touched his forehead to hers? That was your vulnerable Phil scene to me. I think the healthy and tan scene is Kim being selfish about Liam and not putting him first? Still all said and done all these scenes happen before 60 percent in the book. Laura hasn’t written the ending yet so there’s still the climax to come. Kim’s gonna brew and spew.

          • I think maybe my swoon scene may have been at the end of the opening scene.chapter. So you think Logan could get his little girlfriend pregnant? That’s the first thing I thought of when Laura said older girlfriend! Laura is going to come back and say Noooo! I wonder just how far she will go when she realizes Phil is not coming back to her….

          • I will say nooo too. Logan is way more responsible than Phil and if he learned anything from his father it’s to wrap it up. I hope anyway. Otherwise it’s a trilogy for sure and Laura will never get to rest or eat properly. We will be in the hospital for respiratory problems while she will be admitted for malnourishment. I’m kidding!!! I only think of love and good energy for us here. Now Kim on the other hand can bounce back and forth from one circle of hell to the next. Suffer witch!

  106. He didn’t say he loved that song…may be she liked the song? Guys don’t work on the emotional side of the house…remember physical. It probably was a quick moment for him. How many guys you know that press roses in a book or keep cards, etc….To prove my point a woman at work, her husband use to sign her BD cards; Your husband, John Dimwit Doe. Tell me a wife that does not know her husbands full name. They don’t think like we do….

  107. Also why does Phil say it was just a moment. He was so caught up in that moment? He loves that song(which I’m sure he experienced all with Lina) and wanted to share it with Kim? He was so happy in that moment? Omg Laura I could go on for days. My interrogation isn’t over. What is Nick doing now? Is he dreaming of ways Lina will outgrow Phil?

      • I just reread the scene. Now I’m going back to WPF and will reread chapters 28 and 29. I need to read Nick using his 5th degree karate belt on Phil. I’m sorry Tracie. Laura, how about Lina says to Phil, in the dancing picture you are smiling at Kim with a look you only ever gave me. It looks loving and lustful. What’s up with that dude? How come you say you only loved me but you are looking at this bitch the same way? You tell me right now Phil!

    • I’ve waited for this scene. I know it’s frustrating for Lina, but I liked my Phil not remembering. Janet is going to kill me for saying that….Lol. It just more proof his heart was no where near Kim…

      • Laura does Lina finally tell Phil out loud that the dance picture is the one that caused her the most heartache?

        Laura I saw where Janet said can you make Lina ask about his expression…Lol. If you are entertaining request…can you make Lina put her hand on Phil’s thigh in the car scene if it is fitting. That would be one of those visual statements for Kim…

        • My parents are older so lots of problems. I’m just glad we are all around to help each other out. My father is a stage 4 cancer survivor and my mom stage 3. Gotta take care of my mommy and daddy!
          You will be okay!!

          Ok now on to Lina and Phil. Lol. My heart is twisted still. Kim hasn’t done anything truly bad in this book though. Just trying to tempt Phil which is comical at this point. Laura you said she is a planner. Is she still planning on ruining Phil and Lina? Omg this novel is going to put me in the hospital too. It’s like the most anticipated novel of my 49 years. People are gonna lose it. I just know it!

          • Your parents are truly blessed to have survived so much. I miss my mom and dad everyday, cherish those darlings.

            Tormenting then to me is bad. That is why I asked Laura about putting her hand on Phil’s thigh in the car scene.. I want Kim to have pictures in living color, just like she wanted Lina to have. I remember at the wedding when Phil gave Lina a slow kiss and Diane told Lina perfect she was watching. Then I think to myself Lina and Phil doing PDA I’m from of the witch probably just spurs her on….

          • Thank you Tracie!

            Yes about spuring her on. She sent those pics to Lina because I think Kim felt slighted or dare I even say humiliated? And her attitude who do you think you are? I will show you. So now isn’t it worse because Lina has Phil and Liam too? How will she handle that? Sure Liam is more of a possession at this point but he’s hers nevertheless. Man I want to ruin her running wardrobe and shoe collection after I put holes in all her work outfits. Let me go pick up kiddos and will be back.

          • when Lina didn’t leave Phil over the affair and her being pregnant, Kim had to up the game. The texts didn’t run Lina off, so she had to drop the pictures on her birthday. That got her what she wanted. Can you imagine the scene where Phil is telling Kim he is back with Lina…..that is going to be so awesome!!!’

  108. Been at the hip doctor today either going to have holes drilled in my bone to increase blood flow or replace my hip. I have to have a CT scan then the surgeon will make the decision. Still have to stay on the crutches…ugh!

    • The doctor is really good and he is hesitant to perform the hip replacement because of my age. He said it’s to soon. I immediately replied I agree! Lol

      • Thanks J-Girl….I’m really not feeling bad, just lumbering around on these crutches is getting old. Hope your mom is good.

    • Oh no!!!!!!!! I hope you are okay and no hip replacement. Sorry Tracie. I took my mom for MRI and CT scan today too so I’m feeling your pain and hassle. Feel better..

      • Is this happening 7mo the prior? Last night Alice was getting married and today we are at pictures? Is this an unexpected scene or you knew? I needed Phil to explain the pictures but wow. Didn’t see that coming today.

        • I had no idea it was going to happen. Neither did Phil poor guy. Even Lina seems surprised lol. Happens in the first quarter of the novel. I’m all over the place

          • How is this for frustrating?

            “The pictures Kim sent me. One of them is of the two of you dancing.”
            He lips turned down. “I don’t remember dancing with her.”
            “You were dancing.” She’d deleted all evidence of the pictures but not before looking at them enough times to have them permanently burned into her memory. “You were in a bar or something.”
            “Then it was just a moment. Maybe a song came on at the bar and we danced for a second. I honestly have no memory of it.”
            Annoyance rushed to her chest. How could he not recall something that caused her so much heartache? She sat up on the bed, frowning across the room at him. “Did you look at the pictures she sent me that day? I left them in your robe pocket so you could see them.”

          • I see. Omg still can’t breathe but I’m going to absorb every word that comes out of Phil. This is the chapter I couldn’t reconcile. Well. You know that already. I hope Phil explains it so I can forgive him too. I’m so curious what triggered the pics for Lina. Poor Lina. Wow

          • I was so agitated I deleted my reply by accident. I basically said this.

            Omg omg omg omg omfg omg omg omgggggggggg

            Is he lying? How can he not remember that happened a year ago? What is happening? I can’t eat my lunch. Can you make Lina ask about the luet expression?

          • Ok. I need to forgive him too so hope to god he makes me understand. Like Kim slipped him a pill. My mind is going crazy right now.

  109. Laura is calmer than we are….Lol. We are also bonded with Lina and hate everything that is Kim. I would agree with you on the sister shadow scenario.

  110. LOL that cracked me up…….I’m anxious to see if her sister even likes her or just tolerates her. I can’t imagine growing up with such a selfish manipulative witch.

    • I think the parents doted on Kim and the sister lived in her shadows. Don’t you think? How come Laura tells us Kim is just selfish and we think she has bunny boiling tendencies?

    • I hope Phil is spewing venom. Glad you ate too…..The more we discuss SN the more I can’t stand Kim it’s like her rash has spread….Lol!

      • We could not stand her before! It’s just forefront in our minds since she’s in this novel a lot more. I thought I couldn’t hate her more in WPF but I was wrong! She’s a prescription strength ongoing rash/hemorrhoids that keeps popping up and out. Yuck!

  111. Laura is Phil a criminal defense attorney? Also, does Adele and Kim ever come face to face in SN! I can’t remember if we’ve asked that question…..Lol

  112. Is the partner a young, good looking, smart man who has the hots for Lina??

    I started carian cole’s 600 pager last night. Read 5 out of 65 whopping chapters. Not loving it

  113. It would eat Kim up knowing Lina’s first time with the partners turned out positive and that Lina and Phil are stepping back into a somewhat normal life!!! I love it….

  114. Good morning! Have a quick question Laura. I don’t remember us asking if Phil saw Kim while she was big and pimply with carrying Liam? Not by choice but maybe she wanted Phil to see her pregnant with his son and made up a problem to see him?

  115. Laura checking in to see how Lina is holding up. I hope she has her head held high, she did nothing wrong. I can feel her pain though, the partners wives thought the Hunter’s had the perfect marriage at the start of WPF, Lina’s walking back into the same arena with a flawed marriage. I bet Phil is a little tense too!

    • holy moly cannoli! Please don’t get my hopes up like that. Ok, if yes hottie, he can be like taller Milo Ventimiglia. HINT!! LOL. So excited about This Is Us coming back. The only tv series I watch now.

  116. Well monitoring this trio could be a detriment to his health or he could gain so much knowledge it could be a burden….

    • Laughing out loud Tracie. What bad thing can happen at the function?! I would think the holiday would be way worse no? I realize I may have spoken too soon…

  117. Girls…I haven’t said nothing on this blog I wouldn’t say in public. Lol….Your brother reading this blog everyday just proves he’s got good taste!

  118. I believe it was Chapter 36 when Lina found out Phil had his hand surgery.She called Diane and asked her about it. Lina said I can’t believe you didn’t tell me my husband was having surgery and Diane said you mean your estranged husband don’t you. I want to slap her….

  119. Another random question. Would Kim like a proposal that was on the Emmy last night? All showy and public?
    So cringy. LOL

        • Can you girls tell I’m feeling anxiety over Lina having to go mingle with the partners! Diane better do right by her. I’m still feeling the sting of the estranged husband comment!

          • Yes I have anxiety too which usually translates to ugh Phil. Why why why. Diane will support but she’s like a big sister figure. Whe can’t shush the room down. I’m sure there are some younger male associates at the firm who are not fans of Phil and women associates who are envious of Kim. I see a lot of whispering ahead.

          • This is a partner only function. The associates won’t have to be dealt with until the holiday party — that’s later in the book (I wrote that one already).

          • Tracie. We better be careful what we put out to the world. I too forget sometimes it’s not just us. Can we still comment about food/ junk food though Laura? When I get excited about something I want to share info. Lol.

        • We are bloodthirsty but I think everyone here wouldn’t mind that. Laura would say no. Lol. I didn’t watch the emmys but that proposal is everywhere today and I thought ooh Kim wouldn’t mind that. The whole world will watch it. Too bad it’s Phils nightmare.

  120. Okay…totally agree on the DNA 100% Alpha…When he said “She does need me” I pulled out the wrong emotion, we’ll stick with defensive. When he is with Lina, can I say he is a teeny tiny bit vulnerable…Lol..

  121. Janet was right that Phil does sound defensive and to me a little desperate; however, he also let Nick know that Lina chose him this time. I guess because I’m pro Phil, I felt like Nick needed to come down off his high horse a little too. She will outgrow you…does Nick have a crystal ball or just high hopes?

      • Ohh. Why can’t he be desperate with Lina? Desperate for Lina? Not for anything else? Lol. I like to see that. No groveling but vulnerable and desperate as Tracie mentioned for his soulmate I’m for it!

          • Girls we are all in agreement, vulnerable it is but only with Lina and in private.Lol Laura if you choose to surprise us again with a snippet, please do some hatefulness from Phil to Kim..Just thinking about the dreaded partner scene made me want to knock the witch out!!! Did you have to start it today?

          • Lord! Please let us know how the scene goes. Do the associates at Phil’s firm know he has Liam? Arggghh

            Also random snack item for you Laura. Have you guys treied Perfect Bars? They are decent breakfast meal replacement bars and only ones out that need to be refrigerated with healthy ingredients. Ive been eating the maple almond this week and they are pretty good. First order is free shipping. We know you need mental strength for Kim scenes!!

          • I’m sure everyone knows. Something that juicy couldn’t be kept under wraps. Did I mention that I live on peppermint Luna bars? I always have them stocked in my pantry. Tonight I had Reese’s peanut butter cups and an almond joy for dinner. I’ll check out the Perfect Bar.

          • I can feel your pain on writing this scene poor Lina. Phil has pictures of his kids in his office, I wonder if Liam’s picture is up. Remember Katie walking around his office looking at the pictures before he took her to a doctors appointment.

          • I have Luna bars in pantry too! Oh and kind bars. Love love love almond joy and that sounds great for dinner-lol- but your sister reading your comment may worry.
            You are so right about juicy gossip. Gawd!! I hope I don’t hate Phil after this scene.
            I bet he doesn’t have a picture of Liam in his office at work. I say just on his cell. Everything is ugh today.

          • Those bars taste like I’m eating hay! I can relate to the Almond Joys and peanut butter cups though! My groups all about the Lara Lemon bars. I’m all about a Strawberry Carnation instant breakfast! Lol

          • Okay there is no comparison between a Lara bar and a Luna bar. Lara bars taste like their healthy. My peppermint Luna bar is like dessert- not really but good enough. I like Kind bars too. The strawberry carnation takes me back to childhood

            This sister that reads this is too far away to help haha

          • Oh and I like carnation malted milk! I still get those. Ok sorry off tangent. Back to Lina Tracie. I think she’s hating life now. She won’t go to church. Now this function where everyone already saw her slap the witch. Shit shoot shit

          • When you said my Phil is being really good right now, you mean really steamy good? He’ll love her into it…she’s got to face the jury sooner or later….ugh

          • I would want to rip the bandaid off and just get it over with….I bet Phil feels more quilt knowing how she feels about this…..

  122. Good Morning Girls, I was thinking about Nick telling Phil he doesn’t deserve Lina. Phil knows he doesn’t deserve Lina, he said that to her at the end of Chapter 10. Phil gave up a lot for Lina after her and Shiloh were attacked. Phil changed schools to be with her, held her close and protected her until she was herself again. Phil gave her everything she ever wanted in a home and kids. Yes he betrayed her, but he never stopped loving her. Phil does deserve Lina, he just has a mountain to climb to prove it.

  123. Laura in WPF Lina told Nick she was initiating sex with Phil. Does she do the same in SN? I hope Lina trips Phil and beats him to the floor…Lol.