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  1. Surbhi Kumari says:

    Hi Laura,
    I just wanted to drop by to say that I am big fan of Lina & Phil & their family. You have beautifully written their story. Phil is an amazingly complex character. I just wish we had more to read about Phil’s POV during course of affair. It would have made things more clear. I am so obsessed that I can read 10 more stories about them. You did a good job with those two books.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you, Surbhi! I appreciate your comments. You are not alone — I’ve had many requests for Phil’s POV during the affair.

      • Surbhi Kumari says:

        Yeah, because Phil is such a devoted husband, I just can’t understand how he agreed to have sex with Kim without using any protection. This can happen in a heat of moment but definitely not over a prolonged course. Will you ever publish his POV? I would love to read it. I am obsessed with Phil. May be if you could post it here in the blog.

      • Holley says:

        Hi Laura,
        Hope you and family are well. Miss this blog. Hope all the ladies are well.
        Reread WPF and Swimming Naked and remembered blog.
        Hope we get Phil s point of view one day or the deleted scenes. I remember you saying the books were edited down.
        Love your writing Laura. You are gifted.
        Stay well everyone.

  2. Kellie says:

    Hi Laura,

    I was wondering how long Wayne was aware of Phil’s affair with Kim?

  3. janet says:

    Hi Tracie,

    I didn’t see your comment till now. If you still check in once in awhile, come join Laura, Miri,and me on Goodreads. I think you have an account there. I will befriend you. Hope to see you there to discuss the upcoming books.

    • Tracie says:

      Hi J-Girl…Yes I’m on Goodreads. I get updates from Miri all the time on my email. I’ll get on there and see if I can figure out how to navigate it. Hope you and your family are doing well. Miss talking to all you girls…

      • Janet says:

        Ok! Just saw this Tracie. Hope you and your family are well too. How is your grandson? Carson right? I’ll look for you on GR. 🤗

  4. Terry LEAVITT says:

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok.

  5. Ania says:

    Hello Laura & Hello Everybody 👋
    How are you?

    I’m just wondering if there is any update on when we will be able to get a Sense of Belonging Paperback? Apologies to bother you again ❤️

  6. Tracie says:

    I hope all you girls have an amazing 4th of July…..Miss you all and hope all is well…..

  7. Tracie says:

    Hi Laura hope all is well and you and your dad have a blessed Father’s Day….😘

  8. Tracie says:

    Hi girls…Just wanted to say Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend…I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel to getting back to norm…Miss you girls…

    • Laura says:

      Happy Memorial Day, Tracie!
      I’m glad you can see the light! I walked by our drained community pool yesterday and felt sad. We are definitely not getting back to normal yet.
      Miss you!

      • Tracie says:

        Hope all you girls are healthy and keeping cool….😎. My pool is up and running and no masks at the cafe anymore so things are still looking up….

  9. Tracie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Girls..My new grandson was born Friday weighing in at 7lbs 13 oz…21.5 inches long….Hailee and Carson both are doing great…..Hope you all have a blessed day….Tomorrow will be the first day I get to see Carson, best Mother’s Day ever…..

    • Laura says:

      Happy Mother’s Days!
      Congratulations, Tracie! What a wonderful gift.
      I hope all the mothers out there have a great day. I have Jordan home, so I’m happy 🙂

      • Tracie says:

        So happy Jordan is well and there with you…Hi Jordan!

        Laura I read SN again…To me it’s like Pride and Prejudice…it’s just a classic….Can’t help it still need to read my Phil…..

    • janet says:

      Congratulations Tracie!! Carson is a great name. I hope you got to see your grandson for Mother’s Day.

      I stopped social distancing with my family few weeks ago. My dad was going nuts from isolation so he started coming over 3x a week and I cook for him. The golf courses finally opened up here so at least he stopped cursing at everyone. Seriously, I cannot believe all hell broke loose because one nasty rich person ate a bowl of nasty bat soup shit. You know those are like $500 a bowl. That’s what someone told me anyway. I’m not a hater but omg wtf. Sorry Laura, but every time I think about this it boggles my mind.

      Glad to hear everyone’s doing OK and Jordan now has immunity. She’s so lucky. I think my brother had it too and is waiting for antibody test to become available. Meanwhile, Tara, Miri, Angela, and I are exchanging cheating book recs on GR. You all should become more active there.

      • Tracie says:

        Thank you Janet..::I will look on GR…I never really used it before…Do I just look up your name? I have an account…I’ve looked at Katie’s recommendations…

  10. BeeSA says:

    South Africa has over 6 000 cases and 123 deaths. Our numbers are growing between 200 and 300 in the last few days, yet we moved from level 5 lockdown to level 4 on the 1st of May, which basically means more people can go to work, we can run / walk within 5km radius from our home between 6am – 9am, because the coronavirus sleeps during those hours *rolls eyes*. So now EVERYONE goes out in massive crowds during that time, there will be a massive spike in numbers in the next +/- 2 weeks time.

    We still have plenty of toilet paper in SA but yeast and pineapples are hard to find. They banned sales of alcohol and smokes from the start of lockdown, which was the 27th March, so everyone busy making their own pineapple beer or wine.

    • Tracie says:

      Thank you girls…my friend lost her husband several years ago…She was sitting at dinner with him and he had a blood clot break loose and hit his heart. He died instantly…She has had a lot of loss…Laura I hope Jordan stays good…I hate she even has to go through any of this mess…

      Bee can you find out when the flu sleeps Lol…😃. Loved your eye roll…..I’m so sick of being locked down I feel like a damn mushroom in a dark hole….

      Katie you are running? Why…Lol.

      Okay girls I read a book it was only 76 pages and is part of our Kindle unlimited…Free! It had four reviews. 2 one star and 2 five stars…The book made a lot of sense…it kind of left me like huh? But it worked…It’s called Leave It There by Michelle Maris….Would love you girls to read it….Some of you may say “Hell No”…Then in certain aspects of the book I saw a glimpse of Lina how she forgave and went after her independence with her job….It cracked me up how the h turned the tables and I did enjoy the h’s therapist.

    • Laura says:

      WOW — no liquor stores? I don’t think that would work In the US. Everyone would revolt lol.
      Our lock down won’t be lifting anytime soon in Maryland. Our cases continue to rise 🙁

      • Tracie says:

        Ours does to Laura…we’ve gone from 23 last week to 39 in our county…ugh! US would definitely revolt if they closed all the liquor stores….

    • Tara says:

      Hi Ladies, a big hello from NY, where we have 321,000 cases and 24,500 deaths–New Yorkers are taking this very seriously. Also where liquor stores are considered essential businesses. The earliest we may see a lift in restrictions will be 5/15 and that will be for upstate, downstate won’t see any changes for quite sometime. I live an a limbo between the two–my county has only had 9,000 cases and 300 deaths, everything becomes frighteningly relevant these days.

      Laura, I hope Jordan is staying safe.

      Take care and stay safe, Tara

  11. Tracie says:

    Hi girls…hope all is well….We are in Phase 1 of opening our state tomorrow…Anxious to see how it all plays out….One of my friends mother passed away from the virus…She was her dad has tested positive….

    How are you girls doing?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Tracie!
      I envy you and your state. I’m over this — unfortunately it isn’t over. Jordan has it, but she’s asymptomatic — she was volunteering at a test center in New York City and they tested her. She’s fine — zero symptoms. I’m still going in to work — we are considered “critical infrastructure” so my week is relatively normal. The weekends are tough. I miss my dad and family. Sigh. I read a really cute book — The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Graves

      • Katie says:

        Loved that book!
        I’m so sorry Tracy.

        It’s a political game here in CA at this point. Sigh.
        Hanging in there. I have the next 10 years of renovations on my house planned out and I’m running 2-3 miles at a time now. My daughter graduated from training wheels to big girl bike to 20” mountain bike this last month. Positive things.

      • BeeSA says:

        Laura, hope Jordan has a speedy recovery. Glad to hear she’s doing okay.

    • Laura says:

      So sad about your friends mom. Two of the guys at my office currently have parents with active cases. It’s really hitting the senior community hard.

    • BeeSA says:

      Tracie, sorry for your friend loss. All the best for her dad. Stay safe.

  12. Tracie says:

    Happy Easter Girls…Hate that families can’t get together today…Miss all my kids gathering….Hope all is well with you and yours…..

    • janet says:

      Did you guys read this article with our national treasure? Omg she made me peeeeee. Here you go!

      • Tracie says:

        Loves that article Janet…I think I’m getting my sulk on too…I went over to my daughters house to paint her nursery for her and fell backwards of a 6ft ladder…My fat slapping that hard wood floor left me crippled for two days but I’m back at it…Lol I have an old claw foot tub and realized when I got in that I could get out…I looked like a big seal doing a barrel roll to get on all fours to pager myself out of the tub. I sprained my wrist and stove up my back and hip…I’m telling you my life is never dull…Lol

        • Tracie says:

          How did pager get replaced for push…I bet you knew what I meant though….

          Laura are you working? I was wondering if you and Chandler were doing any writing….Hope your dad is doing alright….

  13. Katie says:

    Hi girls- no need to cut my own hair because I get it cut like 2x a year, but I did over-pluck my eyebrows and I have toe claws. Hanging in there though. My daughter is bored AF. I consider myself a pretty patient and creative mom, so I’m sure if we are bored, others are even worse off. Sigh.
    I read a teacher-student I loved- Sweet Dandelion by Micalea Smeltzer. I just really love bad teachers.
    Tracie, I think I’ll read your athlete book now.
    Love to all.

  14. Laura says:

    Hi — Do you girls remember Janet Dailey’s The Calder series? They were written in the early 80s — I remember loving them, so I looked them up today. Amazon wants $15 for the kindle version of the first in the series — Janet Dailey isn’t even alive anymore. Isn’t that crazy? What’s crazier is that I bought it. If it’s as good as I remember I’ll find the rest of the series at an online thrift shop. #DesperateToFindAGoodBook

    • Tracie says:

      I loved that series Laura. One of the first my mom let me read as a teenager….Thank you for sharing…Hope all is well with you and Chandler….

      • Laura says:

        I see Phil all over Benteen Calder lol

        • Tracie says:

          All those Calder men were hot and alpha…..

          After that comment I had to go back in SN where Phil told Kim he was back with Lina….It still amazes me in cheating books how the OW thinks the wife is the intruder…HER…. I’d like to bitch slap those women…Lol

    • janet says:

      I’ve read every single one her Hp’s I think. She started off writing for harlequin in the 70-80s then moved to single romance novels. Her novels remind me of subpar Nora Roberts but I’ve enjoyed reading all her books. Not my favs but nostalgia is a powerful thing. I hope you love Calder Pride. Yay.

    • Janet says:

      I hope it gets you out of your funk. If you get bored, one book I come back to is Sherry Thomas, Not Quite A Husband. We talked about it here many times. It’s a historical. Turn of the century novel. writing is superb albeit depressing.

  15. Katie says:

    Lol, I had to read my own review to remember what I said. It was about an affair but I thought it was more about how tiny lies lead to big ones- both in his personal and professional life. How a decent guy got himself into big messes.

    I dunno. It was good writing. From what I remember the wife couldn’t move on from his affair. It probably ended how it should have. I don’t even remember what happened with his wife…

    What’s next? I haven’t read a good book in so long.

  16. Tracie says:

    Hi girls….I read a book that kept me interested…It was called Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allen. I thought about it afterwards. You don’t have to read the first in the series. This can be read as a stand-alone. I will be reading the next one though that comes out May 1st. I thought about it afterwards….Hope all is well sweet ladies.

    • Tracie says:

      Janet I know you aren’t into sports romances, but that is not what this book is about. Very little game time, etc…Football is the H’s job this book is about relationships and how the h’s past will collide with her future….and her HEA…

      • janet says:

        Hi there. I will check the book out Tracie. I like sports romance a lot. I also like rock stars, reformed porn stars, male prostitutes, and ex con books too. LOLOL.
        But like Laura, I have a hard time finishing one these days. I did read one recently that reminded me a lot of Emily Giffen’s novel that we all disagreed on and yes, it’s a cheating story. Katie and Miri liked it and the writing is good. Tell No Lies by Julie Compton. Let me know what you think if you read it.

        • Tracie says:

          I thought you didn’t like the sports romances….Sorry sister…I’ll check out the Tell me no lies….

        • Katie says:

          I read that one, Janet! I really liked it- I lost interest in the sequel though.

          • Tracie says:

            I downloaded it, will start it tonight

          • janet says:

            Tracie don’t read this until you finish the book.

            Katie, I know you liked it. The writing was good so I agree with you there. And I tried to dig deep like you said in your review but I couldn’t. I hated him. Not the OW so much but how can you feel sympathy for a guy who emotionally cheated on his wife for 9 yrs? he loved both women but one more than the other? Ugh. I didn’t think the author would take the route she did in the sequel but it made sense to me. I didn’t read the second. Just read the ending and returned. Did Claire end up with the brother??

          • Tracie says:

            I read the last chapter of the sequel couldn’t get into it and realized he went back to the mistress…I couldn’t stomach reading it…So Claire went with Mark?

          • Tracie says:

            I returned them both for refund…I can’t stand where you get a HEA in the original book and then the sequel does the complete opposite…made me sick…😖

          • janet says:

            I wanted to hear you say spineless jellyfish! Lol.

            Ugh. I’m depressed. I cut my own hair tonight. 😭

          • Tracie says:

            Well if the beauty shops don’t reopen soon I’ll be cutting my own hair….I’m sorry your depressed doll. is your husband home yet?

  17. Tracie says:

    I’m sorry you girls got the dreary going on in Maryland…so glad that Jordan is doing well…We have two with the virus in our hospital in isolation. Hailee isn’t allowed to go back to work, but her husband is still having to work at the hospital. Laura So glad you are writing. I don’t care what it is as long as you are happy doing it….In less than a week we have been blog sisters for 2 years…It is so hard to believe we have all been keeping in touch and sharing our lives for that long, it has been a blessing…

    You girls stay safe….

  18. BeeSA says:

    Hi all, I’m at my mother during lockdown. She lives in a small gated complex and my sister lives right next door. I was suppose to sleep at my mother’s house but my 4 year old nephew refused to have his brother in his room, only I’m allowed. 3 weeks with my 4 year old nephew and 16 year old nephew – I bought 3 bottles of Gin just in case… ;-p My aunt down from the UK, she is now stuck in SA – safer choice for her I suppose… We not allowed to do anything – no jogging or walking your dog. A cyclist who was cycling on his own was arrested. If you are travelling for work, you have to carry a letter from your working stating you are an essential worker and copy of your ID. SA now on 1 170 and 1 death – 48 year old Female. Just finished day 2 of lockdown but I’ll try get a mini routine going on Monday. I bought a spin bike from my friend, so will start spinning on Monday. Searching on google for nice spin video to follow. Hard not being able to walk around your community.

    I’ve battled to find vitamin c or zinc in SA shops. So bought a lot of frozen veggies and fruit instead.

    I see USA now number 1 in the world with the most cases, hope everyone safe.

    I’m loving all the creative people coming up with Coronavirus songs. Google – The Kiffness – Toto Arica (Coronavirus). Does are country or state have their own corona song?

    • Tracie says:

      New you never cease to amaze me with all your energy…Spinning….I’m more for the slow walk around our country roads…Lol….Take care sweets!

      • Tracie says:

        How Bee got replaced with New I’ll never know….Lol

      • BeeSA says:

        I had to get a spin bike. We only allowed to leave our home for essential service or shopping only. There’s no walking the dogs or walking along your street. Not even allowed to walk around the gated estate.

    • Janet says:

      I’m happy to hear you are with your family. All the everyday craziness seem fun.

  19. Laura says:

    Great to hear from you Ann! I miss everyone. It’s a cloudy, unsettled day in Maryland. I’m already stir crazy and it’s not even 10 a.m. The dog park is closed and Chandler is very sad — I’m sad too. It’s a big part of our morning. I walked him to a field the past few mornings to throw him his ball and he picked up ticks 😒.

    I stood in my dad’s front yard yesterday and talked to him while he stood on his porch. It’s really hard. He’s old and lonely.

    Anyway, off to hike in a place that, hopefully, doesn’t have any ticks!

    Stay safe.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Laura. Yes it’s a very dreary day here in MD. We had a thunderstorm roll through here this morning. Did you get it over in Howard County? Crazy times!

      I saw that Jordan is in NY which must be a worry for you but she’s young and very smart so she’ll do fine. This lockdown is tough for everyone including our pets.

      I had to revisit the Hunters and I just finished SN. I needed something good to take my mind off the world!

      Are you working on Lucas now or the doctors?

      • Ann says:

        Laura, I meant to tell you I feel bad for your Dad and hang in there.

      • Laura says:

        Jordan actually thinks she had it last week — fever and cough for a couple of days, but who knows. She’s fine and busy taking courses remotely.
        I’m not working on either of those story lines. I started a different one — now I’ll have even more to finish.
        I heard thunder during my hike, but luckily it dissipated before amounting to a full-blown storm.

        I would love a book recommendation. It’s been months before I’ve made it past 30 percent on anything, sigh.

      • janet says:

        Hi Ann!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear from you. What have you been reading before the corona happened? Ladies, hopefully this time next year, we will have the vaccine and there will be a tiem where I could say, couldn’t go out last week because I had the Corona. It’ll just be another flu. But until we have the vaccine, it puts on high alert.

        Let us know if you have read any good ones. I reread Escort series by Claire Kent. I liked it. He’s a gigolo and she’s a virgin romance writer . It’s angsty and sweet and good. I enjoyed reading it.

        Laura, what are you writing? Is he more of a phil or a joseph? What’s on your mind?

    • Tracie says:

      I’m sorry about your sweet dad Laura…I can only imagine how hard that is for you both….

  20. Ann says:

    Hi girls, hope all is well during these crazy times. I just reread WPF and SN again, and thought about Laura and you girls! Made me get back to the blog. Anything to take my mind off the news!

    I just heard on the news a few minutes ago that orange juice is a hot commodity right now because of the Vitamin C! Our local Giant has the plexiglass barriers in place at cashier lanes. This is just so unbelievable!

    I’ve read some new books over the winter. I’ll go back through them and share the good ones.

    Laura, I just read the SN continuation pieces and they are so good. You are so talented!!

    • Tracie says:

      Hi Ann…girl I’ve missed hearing from you….Enjoying my retirement….I was in Sams club yesterday and they were only allowing one Orange Juice per member. We only have one positive for Covid-19 in our county. They are in the hospital in isolation. But we are still maintaining CDC requirements…Our little town has shutdown. One thing about being in a rural area is everyone has cows, pigs and chickens and we have several butchers so our little country store is keeping up with the demand and everyone has canned garden veggies and the old women are making ho cakes instead of having bread….Flour is hard to find around here…I worry about you girls in big cities and Jordan. So many people to try to sustain themselves….Give us some good reads…I’m almost desperate for some….😘

      • Ann says:

        Hi Tracie. Congratulations on the retirement! I’ve been thinking of you.
        My family is doing ok. I’m not going out but I do go to the store every couple of days for produce. I go in the morning to my neighborhood Giant and it’s not crowded. I haven’t been to Target, Walmart or big box stores for the last 2 weeks. Too many people.
        Schools in Maryland are closed until end of April and they have now decided to close daycare centers. Both daughters are temporarily out of work due to the virus but they’re doing ok.

        My neighbors are all home because they’re either retired or teleworking. It’s weird!!

        I’ll get those books shortly.

  21. Tracie says:

    Hi my virtual sisterhood….So glad you are all safe and well. We are shutdown in Oklahoma as well. My family is pretty much staying around the house. Hailee is 6 weeks from delivering Carson and her doctor told her to stay safe, because if she got it they would have to quarantine her away from the baby after delivery..Her C-Section is scheduled for May 8th…I’m hoping things change by then or I will have to stay in the parking lot of the hospital. The father is the only visitor allowed…Ugh!

    Laura I had a relapse….I had to read SN again…..I know we are on Lucas….I really tried 😆….

    Stay safe my sweets and if you come across a good read share with us please….It is about time for pool side reading….

    • Laura says:

      I miss the Hunters too, Tracie.

      Six weeks from being a grandma again — that’s exciting! I know the hospitals in New York won’t even let the fathers come to the hospital — so sad.

    • Miri says:

      Tracie congratulations on your incoming grandbaby! Best wishes and warmest regards for you and your family!!

  22. Miri says:

    Hi Girls!!

    It’s been a minute! I hope you all are doing great and are staying healthy!! I’ve miseed our awesome chats!
    I read an article and I just wanna share it…
    I hope I posted it properly, if not, lemme know!
    Hugs and lotsa lotsa kisses from Toronto!

    • Miri says:

      Ok! and a couple other things…
      I had a few symptoms, and my mom told me to gargle warm salt water A LOT, which I did, and I swear it helped, no matter what anyone says!!
      ALSO, I was doing some reading, and when it comes to Vitamin C, there’s a difference in absorption between regular ol vitamin C tabletsanfd liposomal Vitamin C…the latter is apparently abrorbed more efficienlty…
      Anyhoo, that’s all I got right now, if I come acrosds anything else I’ll let you girls know…

      So, what’s everyone reading right now? I’ve taken a slight break from the cheating books for now…my poor heart couldnt take the turbulance anymore LOL

      Laura!!! Any new writing getting done? We neeeed a new Laura Branchflower novel!!!

    • Laura says:

      Hi Miri!

      I just heard this earlier tonight for the first time.

    • janet says:

      Congrats Tracie. I read that Carson Daly gave birth to his 4th child. The mom and the dad both wore masks while giving birth. Tell hailee to hang in there!

      It’s true what Miri said about vitamin c. also take zinc and even raw ginger tea helps. I have doctor neighbors at Cedars and UCLA treating patients and they all take immunity support. It is so bad. Yesterday, they had national guards deployed here to help with supplies on army tanks. It was scary.

      best vitamin C out there.

      Lypo–Spheric Vitamin C – 1 Carton (30 Packets) – 1,000 mg Vitamin C & 1,000 mg Essential Phospholipids Per Packet – Liposome Encapsulated for Improved Absorption – 100% Non–GMO

      also take zinc.

      Baselayer Immune Support & Antioxidant Supplement | with Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Resveratrol, Cranberry, Acai & Grape Seed Extract | Vegan | Non GMO | 60 Capsules
      by TruWild

      ginger tea. really good.

      Organic Ginger Tea Bags | 100 Tea Bags | Eco-Conscious Tea Bags in Kraft Bag | Raw from India | by FGO

      • Miri says:

        Hi Janet, Thank you for the info, will definitely look into it…And yessss! Ginger ginger ginger, in EVERYTHING (smoothies, juies, teas, etc), it is miraculous!

  23. Laura says:

    Hi Everybody!
    I hope everyone is healthy and safe. They closed down Maryland to all but essential businesses, but it appears almost all businesses are essential — with the exception of hair, nails and clothing stores. Most people seem to be working from home (no traffic on the roads). Lots of families seem to be taking walks and spending time together.
    Jordan is in New York City — I begged her to come home before all of this got out of control, but her boyfriend is there so they are riding it out together.
    Where did you end up going BeeSA?
    Thanks for the interesting links Janet. I read that New York had less hospital admits than they expected yesterday — hopefully that will continue.
    I can’t help wondering how the Hunters would be dealing with all of this. Does anyone want to hazard a guess?

    Take care 😘

    • janet says:

      You know Phil would freak and tie Lina to the bed 20/7. The 4 hours is for her to cook, clean, read, feed, and play with Liam. haha

      It’s time for me to go play roulette with Amazon Fresh now. If I check every 10 min from now until midnight, a slot usually opens up. The kids eat so much…

      • Laura says:

        Try first thing in the morning (if you are an early wiser, that is). I’ve been relying on Wholefoods and every morning there are several slots available for that day. If I check later, there is nothing.

        I think Phil wouldn’t take it seriously. I think Lina would and he’d roll his eyes a bit. He’d hate being told to stay home.

        • Tracie says:

          My Phil loves his children, but being sequestered with a toddler 24/7 would definitely put him in work mode in his study alone…Lol. I can just picture Liam and Logan tearing through the house playing trying to entertain themselves…..My 4 year old and 17 year old grandsons can get really really loud…The 17 year old can’t use his inside voice either when playing…Lol

  24. janet says:

    also, if you guys haven’t done so, check out the Korean actor Daniel Dae Kim talking about the combination of meds he was prescribed by his doctor to get better. This is the one that Trump called it the game changer. The low death rate in Korea I heard was due to this anti viral drug. It’ll tide us over until the vaccine is out. I found it fascinating as both of my kids had pneumonia and they took 3 of the same medication as Daniel. Don’t mid that its on Fox news and scroll down to his instagram post. It’s informative.

  25. BeeSA says:

    Janet – it’s hot in SA but we are heading towards cooler weather. Also look at Australia, they almost 2000 and their weather similar to ours.

    We have now jumped to 402. President going to address the nation tonight regarding course of action.

    SA in kak. They say if we don’t get this under control, we can expect to see deaths toll in the 100 000’s.

    I haven’t started bulk buying, i feel too guilty to bulk buy when so many South Africans can’t afford to bulk buy. I have been keeping an eye on the foods i do eat and shelves still fully stocked, even toilet paper. My ma been nagging me non stop and now all “if we go on lockdown, you must come stay with me”. She’s stress because i live on my own and about 40min drive away from her.

    I have made “care package” for my mother domestic worker. Also double checked to make sure my Will is updated.

    Stay safe.

    • BeeSA says:

      South Africa going into lockdown from midnight 26th March for 21 days.

      • janet says:

        Bee, listen to me. GO to your mom’s house! You don’t want to be isolated alone! If she drives you crazy, then consider yourself lucky to have each other. And if you feel guilty about stockpiling then you can always share your pile with the elderly neighbors. We are seeing some great young local heroes in our hood and it makes my heart happy.

        Report back to us with your mom stories!

  26. Katie says:

    I hope everyone is spending a lot of time with family without the burden of schedules and expectations. And a lot of time outdoors! There’s a certain peace that comes with things being completely out of our control. Love to all!!

  27. janet says:

    Omggg. I’m drenched in sweat from laughing. I’m crying. This is for all the moms in the world with kids at home…

  28. Tara says:

    I hope all are well and taking precautions to keep themselves and loved ones safe. Thoughts and prayers are with you all!!

  29. janet says:

    So schools are shut down, we can’t find TP, and Asian Americans are now buying guns to protect themselves from backlash.

    But here’s the best opinion piece I read so far. I have shared it with Tara and want to share with all of Laura’s fans who check this site. Until govt tells me I can’t, I will continue to support local restaurants and businesses by ordering takeouts and deliveries. LA Times has said it’s safe to do so.

    • janet says:

      Also, take this advice however you want or not……
      my sister sent me this. I have not heard this from my husband who is still in Korea nor any other doctor from US.

      From my kids French tutor

      Hi! I got news from a friend who’s sister is a doctor and she has been asked to handle the crisis in france. She says it is worse than we think and we absolutely need to stay home! Also DO NOT TAKE ANTI INFLAMMATORY. (NSAID) They think it can make symptoms worse even if you’re healthy. Same infos from my friend’s mom who’s the top doctor in france for infectious diseases

      • BeeSA says:

        Janet – i also read that somewhere. I’ll skip it if i catch the virus.

        I just flew back from Johannesburg. Went to set up our conference at Sun City a few days in advance and only for our government to banned all public gathering of more than a 100 people. We were expecting just over 800.

        We now have 116 cases since my last check and one of our retailer didn’t think to cancel his meeting after his daughter was daignose positive and he’d been in contact with her. We have now banned all suppliers, retailers, guests, outside staffs who are based in the other building and even local courier service from entering our office.

    • BeeSA says:

      We have 202 cases and they’ve shut down all public gathering. Restaurants can only cater 50 people max including staff members. No alcohol to be served at 6pm. All pools shut down and no swimming in the ocean 🙁 but we still have to work.

      I see numbers in USA growing rapidly.

      • janet says:

        Hi Bee, I posted before but just saw yours. Stay safe honey. I thought warmer weather was supposed to make it better. Isn’t it warm in SA? It is worse than I ever imagined. so grim.

        I honestly can’t believe i needed to watch and read how to make do with 1 square of toilet paper just in case. They have been out of stock on bidets here in the las 2 weeks. Even if we call this war, Zoooooooom War for me, I’m still having to throw out leftover food so it it definitely first world war problems.

        We zoom all day long. 8am-6pm zoom, zoom for TKD , then I called drum teacher to tell him he could keep the month’s lesson fee, and he told me he will get zoom. please no. zoom tutor, zoom fencing, and zoom friends even. and this is how they will finish the year. taking SAT and AP at home. It’s so surreal..
        My mom texted me the Lord’s Prayer when our state shut down with ONE NATION UNDER GOD in caps. and as only mothers could, made me feel calmer.

        saw a few books up for free by Kate Stewart, Claire Contrearas, and J. Sterling. Haven’t read any of them.

  30. Katie says:

    Janet- Devotion by Maryann Evans is the agent/singer one

    • janet says:

      oh yessss. That’s the one. Thanks K! Ok, I just started The Secrets He Kept by Jackie Walsh. Says it’s a psycho drama with the husband having 2 families? not sure. Will let you guys know if worth reading.

      Yes, where are you Miri? 😉

    • Tracie says:

      I can’t find Devotion Katie. It’s not on Amazon…

  31. Katie says:

    I’m reading Leaving Sophie Dean…I’m
    at 19%, when the wife has found the pictures. I like where it’s headed though, based on the blurb. The mistress perspective is always so interesting. How can someone be so selfish? She thinks she can just take the man, and not deal with his young children? And if he abandons his children too, good fucking riddance. I’ll never understand how people can be so self-serving! I hope she ends up being barren.

    • Tracie says:

      Katie do you think I would like it? I’m with you too, if they turn there back on their kids…Don’t let the door hit you on the way out….you piece of trash…sorry that gets me spun up…

      • Katie says:

        Let me get further along, and I’ll let you know!

        I saw your grandson on the horse on Facebook. Soooo adorable!

        • Tracie says:

          That’s my first picture I’ve ever posted…Lol. Love watching your sweet family as you post. LEGO land looked Awesome….I just redid an old dresser and turned it into a vanity with a sink for the farmhouse bathroom will post when it’s installed….

      • janet says:

        I didn’t feel any sort of angst reading this. To me, it was a decent revenge book. The husband is a tool and it reads like satirical fiction. Lol.

        There is cheating book with a Christian theme. The guy is a producer and the OW is a singer. Heavy on emotional rather than physical cheating. I thought the writing was good but cannot remember title or author. Has anyone read it? And, please post any good cheating books here. I cannot get into anything

        • Katie says:

          Yeah I’m not really excited to read any more of it.

          My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell looks good. It’s a teacher/student but it’s a predatory situation, not a romance as far as I can tell.

          I’ve been on a teacher/student binge and then I read a few smutty ones by Fiona cole. I’m read for an angst fest too. Where’s Miri with some recommendations?

  32. BeeSA says:

    Janet – I hope your husband flies back home soon. Must be stressful for you. My work has cancelled all international travels. Although we still have men flying from China next week for our conference.

    So many people in SA think the virus is here but being hidden or being diagnosed as something else. Not sure if i believe that.

  33. Katie says:

    Have any of you read Amy Harmon? I just read A Different Blue (Very loosely student-teacher). It was 6 stars. Wow. I cried my eyes out.
    Imma ‘bout to binge on her books now. Reading Making Faces next.

    • Tracie says:

      I’ve never read her Katie…but if you gave her 6 I’m fixing too! Hope all is well girls….

    • janet says:

      I read making faces and sand and ash. I think I have A Different Blue. I will check it out.

      I reread This Man series my Jodi Ellen Malpas. Laura, if you haven’t read it maybe it’ll get you out of the slump. Super fast read and possessive/obsessed hero.

      Bee. thank you! He’s fine but wants to stay there until it’s safe to travel. I made homemade hand sanitizers for a lot of people.
      2/3C 99% rubbing alcohol
      1/3C aloe Vera gel
      10 drops of essential oil(I used orange and it’s super yummy smelling)

      That’s it. Put all that in small spray bottles and done.

      • Laura says:

        awesome! Thanks, Janet! I’ll check out This Man too. I’ve been sick for a week (and yes Coronavirus went through my head) but it was just a sinus infection and a stomach flu –ugh — I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      • Tara says:

        Janet, I hope your husband makes it home soon. Locally we can’t find hand sanitizer or the ingredients to make it, it’s insane.

        Ladies… hope all are doing well and be safe.

        I’ve read a couple of interesting woman’s fictions with cheating husbands… Leaving Sophie Dean (can’t remember the author) and The Ladies Room by Carolyn Brown.

        • janet says:

          I have read Leafing Sophie Dean and I liked it. It’s the one set in England, correct?

          Ok, please don’t make the sanitizer using 99 percent alcohol. It’s what I looked up but my uncle said I’m a big idiot. He said just stick to 62-70 percent is fine. Otherwise hands will dry/crack and kids can get alcohol poisoning.

          Laura, did you start This Man? Thoughts on Jesse? He’s a blonde I think so not for Tara and Bee.

          Stay healthy everyone.

          • Tracie says:

            Good morning my sisters…. Laura sorry you were sick sweetie, glad to see you are feeling better…Janet hope your man gets home soon. Leaving Sophie Dean looks pretty good, especially if the OW stays mad…Lol

          • janet says:

            I’m reading The Sinful King by Claire Contreras. It’s good so far. All of her books are good but my favorite of hers so far is Paper Hearts. The hero has a baby with normal ow. He slept with her while they were on a break.

            Tara, I just checked and they still have nasal gels available on amazon. It’s what my parents have been applying when going out the last couple of weeks and what my uncle suggested (neurosuegeon). Get that or neosporine. I guess I’m little more worried bc of my age and my auto immune disorder.

          • Katie says:

            I’ll check out all of these books. I’ve heard of Paper Hearts several times but I’ve never read anything by her.

            Making Faces was sad and sweet.

            I think the coronavirus thing has gotten a little out of control. It’s a really bad flu. Sensitive receptors are always at risk with any bad flu. Our local grocery is out of toilet paper. Come on. Dumb.

  34. Katie says:

    Ok so there are 3 books as Leah Raeder. All romances.
    There’s a 4th book by Elliot Wake- Bad Boy, about a trans man; it’s romantic suspense.

    She/he is an excellent writer…give Unteachable a go. I have 30% left.

  35. Katie says:

    I’m reading Unteachable by Leah Raeder. I love her writing style. Very good so far.

    I was curious about her, so I went to her blog. She’s trans- goes by Elliot Wake now. This might sound extremely ignorant- not my intention. But I wonder how transitioning (taking testosterone) impacts her writing…writing from a male perspective…if at all. S(he)’s very candid about it, her (his) struggles. I’d hate to question such a fundamental part of who I am, like gender. I can’t help but feel for her. Anyway, it’s a good book.

    • Laura says:

      I’m certainly not an expert, but I would think that Elliot has always thought like a male, hence the switch. So I don’t see why testosterone would change the way he thinks.

      • Katie says:

        Right… it was a stupid thing for me to say.
        It’s an excellent book- one of my favorite student-teacher ones to date.

    • janet says:

      Hi All!! No way on Leah Raeder!!! I see where Katie is coming from because I would have never guessed a man wrote this novel. I have read a few romance novels written by men and I didn’t like any of them even if the writing was good. I may have to re read this one. Did he write anything else after Unteachable? I will go on his site too.

      It has been a strange couple of weeks. My husband went directly to Seoul after his Zurich trip and now he is stuck there because of the coronavirus. He says it’s full blown and somewhat overblown panic over there. There’s an hourly national alerts, 24/7 crew disinfecting the city yet numbers climb up daily. He is not allowed to enter any public building without a mask and holds meetings with mask on. I honestly don’t know how long he will have to be there. He says it’s strange but not scared so I take his word for it.

      My parents have cancelled their annual trip to Seoul and my sister and I have cancelled our Europe trip for April. Not because of the virus but we are afraid of the possible backlash against Asians in Paris. My Japanese hairstylist told me last week that she also cancelled her upcoming trip to Tokyo because her mom told her she may not be allowed to come back.

      Otherwise all is OK. Got an elliptical and trying to lose weight. Haven’t been really reading romance novels other than LJ Shen’s YA/NA series. I just started The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides which I got from the library. It’s a suspense thriller. I’ll let you guys know if it’s good.

      • Laura says:

        That’s awful, Janet! Ugh. Why is he stuck there? Is he in an area that he’s not allowed to leave? I’m so sad you had to cancel your holidays — that’s awful. I haven’t read a romance in a long while — I just can’t get into any of them. I guess you have to be in the right mood.

        Back to Katie’s question — I suppose there is no way of knowing how Elliot feels vs someone who was born male. I don’t think his thinking would change though. I just found this from the Cleveland clinic website… ” “The male and female brain have structural differences,” he says. Men and women tend to have different volumes in certain areas of the brain.

        “When we look at the transgender brain, we see that the brain resembles the gender that the person identifies as,” Dr. Altinay says. For example, a person who is born with a penis but ends up identifying as a female often actually has some of the structural characteristics of a “female” brain.

        And the brain similarities aren’t only structural.

        “We’re also finding some functional similarities between the transgender brain and its identified gender,” Dr. Altinay says.

        In studies that use MRIs to take images of the brain as people perform tasks, the brain activity of transgender people tends to look like that of the gender they identify with.”

        • Katie says:

          Oh that’s super interesting! Yeah…I don’t get male vibes from her writing. I believe she has 3 books and one has a trans character? Don’t quote me on that.
          I hate to think of transgender individuals as a science experiment, as they are just people of course, but it’s very fascinating…especially all that info about their brains. Elliot Wake is pretty hot, actually.

          Wow, J…that’s insane about the coronavirus. I’m sorry your plans are cancelled, but it’s for the best I’m sure. I hope hubs gets home soon! What a cluster fuck.

        • janet says:

          He can leave but the country is in an uproar over the virus and he is needed there. I’m more bummed about my cancelled trip. Ugh!

          regarding Leah/Elliot, I totally get it but it just reads like a female voice. Maybe because it’s told from the heroines POV. There’s grit to this book and now that I think back, that’s more male than female but other than that i can’t tell. The writing is excellent so maybe this book can jump start your slump.
          Also, I did really like Pretty Reckless by LJ Shen if you don’t mind reading HS romance.

          • Tracie says:

            Hi my sisters….So glad to hear from you girls…I’ve never read this author you are talking about, but I will give the book a peek and see if I would like it..I haven’t been reading much either, we are down to finish work on our little house. We left it for awhile and now we are back on it….

          • janet says:

            Hi Tracie! Did you make it to Tx?

            Katie, no bueno regarding Elliot. We always disagree on looks. lol.

            I haven’t read this one but for fast read with lots of OW and drama, check out Doc Marshall by Jessie Cooke. And on Miri’s feed there was a cheating one with amnesia. Probably not good but it’s on KU-
            Be Mine… Again by April Kelly

    • Aida says:

      I love Unteachable! I really like how the book is aware of the age gap issue and not glorify such a relationship. It feels real. As for how the testosterone might affect, i’m not sure, but hormone isn’t able to affect or interfere with complex thoughts and principles, no?

      It’s been awhile since I pop in here. How is everyone doing?

  36. Laura says:

    Hi, Girls!

    I miss everyone. I hope you are still enjoying retirement Tracie. I’m kind of in a reading slump — I haven’t found anything I like in quite a while. I’d love a recommendation.

  37. BeeSA says:

    Hello, hope all is well 🙂 Janet – I hope your hubby has cooled off his travels with regards to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Hope everyone keeping safe.

    Boiling hot in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa (our hottest month). But I love the heat. Busy training for an ocean mile swim at the end of March.

    Not reading anything at the moment…not long finished “Soaring” by Kristen Ashley – wow, looooong book, but I enjoyed it. For some reason, I wanted to read more about her asshole ex husband after his wake-up call at the end, when she confronted him about his problems and that if he continues down the path he’s on, he could lose his children respect forever.

    Think I need to read something light-hearted next.

  38. Tracie says:

    Hi girls just checking in. What’s everyone reading?

  39. Tracie says:

    Happy Valentines Day Girls…Hope all your loves are loving up on you today….Hope all is well with you girls…miss you much. Can’t wait to start analyzing our next read with you girls….🥰

    • janet says:

      Happy belated Valentines Day!

      Glad to hear you have recovered Tracie!

      Guess who I saw at Barneys New York liquidation sale today? Kim aka Morgan Fairchild! Bahaha. Remember when we were throwing names out way way back when and she was one of the names for Kim from her Falcon Crest days? Well, she was digging through the $5 sunglass case section. I said ooh hi. I want whatever you are getting. Haha. Her face is good and her hair is great. Her body not so much. Anyway, I thought of you guys today after that so I’m checking in. Have a great weekend everyone.

      p.s. I bought the same sunglass case as Morgan’s. Yay for me.

  40. Tracie says:

    Hi My Girls….Well, got another church story that happened today…Visualize this: Your Girl Tracie in a pair of off white patterned leggings with a Rayon mint green long tunic and off white wedge booties walking out of church (with the rest of the crowd) hands full with 2 bibles (one is Tom’s), church checkbook and my purse! As usual, I’m in conversation with my daughter and a young man that had worked for me and his wife. As I went to step off the pavement of the covered driveway and onto the gravel, my wedge bootie had a mind of its own and twisted as I fell off my wedge to the bootie my left side decided to skip like a damn rock across the gravel like skipping a rock over a pond….To my mortification it looked like scene in that old movie West World where all the church patrons froze in place. Then I saw our young youth leader dashing across the parking lot to dead life me off the ground…for the record I was so stunned by the fall I never dropped anything out of my arms. As I was hauled to an upright position, I looked down at
    my off white leggings and they were a bit crimson from the skinned left leg….I looked at everyone with their mouths open and said
    “Since Sister Ella put me on the prayer list, keep me there I think I might need it! The End!

  41. janet says:

    Hi All!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been binging on K-drama for the last two weeks and didn’t realize a new thread started. I thought Katie was still reading Credence. I can’t think about that book.

    Laura, you started a new book?!!! Is this one of the 5 you need to finish or is this a brand new one? I can’t wait! Ooh, we wouldn’t mind a bit if one(or all) of the Hunters makes a cameo appearance. Haha.

    Tracie, your church stories are precious! I read it twice and laughed so hard. I’m going to put you on the prayer list. bahahahahaha. I feel like all the interesting people are in OK. So many cougar sand cheating stories. I love it.

    I just finished one cheating book. Save Me by Krystyn Kusek Lewis. It was OK. The book could have gone either way but it was about a couple who grew apart rather than growing together so it’s definitely a Women’s Fiction.

    • janet says:

      Guys! Read Everyday History by Alice Ritter. I was blown away. m/m, age gap.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Janet,

      I miss you guys! I hope all is well with you. Yes, it’s one of the five. I’m finishing the Lucas Roe book.

      • Ania says:


      • janet says:

        It’s Everyday History by Alice Archer. Lord, I never remember the names.!

        Wowza! I love athlete romance! The first chapter of Lucas was so good. I think he may even be hotter than Tony and Phil combined. LOL. Sorry Tracie!

        So Everyday History is a slow one. Not sure if Tracie can get into the pacing of the story but I think you will love it. the writing is legit beautiful and Henry’s articles are soul stirring(for lack of a better word). I haven’t read Catcher In the Rye since HS but the this book evokes similar feels. Anyway, I ended up buying the book even though it’s offered on KU. Let me know your thoughts if you read it Laura. Also, I keep thinking throughout the book, are there more homosexuals than heteros in Mass bc every other character is gay in this book. Bahaha.

        • Tracie says:

          I’m so excited we are going to meet Lucas and I’m positive he is going to be so swoon worthy and I will love the book, but Phil will always be my favorite H ever….I just can’t help it J-Girl!🤪

  42. Angela Wilson says:

    I am so glad to hear you are writing again.

  43. Tracie says:

    Hi Girls….So glad I skipped Credence. I just read Vi Keeland’s new book Inappropriate. I liked it, it touched on mental illness and some of the tragedies that go along with it. I also read a sleeper I liked by Lisa Anderson, Plus Sized Heart. Loved the H’s father in this book. It’s about a beautiful curvy woman and her battles. She’s a strong woman and the H screws up with her royally but comes back groveling. Angst and heartbreaking with a HEA.

    Hope everyone is well. I’ve been chasing my grandsons wrestling matches. Love jetting around without having to worry about work. I’ve lost 14 pounds and back to sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night….I’m happier than a pig in mud.

    Janet got a church story….So this older woman in our church went after this 40 year old guy and she just kept calling him non stop and driving him crazy, she was obsessed and she’s a little bit off her rocker. I warned them not to put out a church directory with phone numbers, but does anyone listen to me….NO! So he comes to me and wants me to stop her from bird dogging him…So I guess the men in the church decided since I got kicked off the benevolence committee I was the one! So I did…I said look honey you have got to stop, he is young enough to be your son and you are driving him to the dark side…Don’t call him and he won’t be giving you rides to church anymore, but the van will come by and pick you up. I’ve already put you on the list…I’m sorry sugar he’s just not interested…are we good? She said no and I’m not talking to you or him again! I’m just going to put you on the prayer list! I replied with…. that sounds good honey, we are always up for a miracle here….The End….

  44. Katie says:

    Definitely a 🥴 on Credence.
    I’m starting an historical romance-Under Darkening Skies…Ray Kingfisher. WWII during German Occupation in Norway. SS Officer and 18yo girl…fast forward 70 years.

  45. Katie says:

    Janet, I still have 15% left on Penelope.
    Not sure about this one. I mean there’s a sweet story there, but not sure she needed to test out the whole family first. Although I guess that’s consistent with a girl with daddy issues.
    She’s a good writer but this was a little out there.

  46. Laura -- not branchflower says:

    Hi when will your new book come out? The one you posted a while back about the QB?

    • Laura says:

      All I can say is that I’m working on it — I’ve given too many dates on that book that I haven’t met lol. It will be my next one though.

  47. Ania says:

    Hi Laura

    Yes Yes Yes Yessssssss what an amazing news to kick start the new year!!!

    PS. I’m just wondering if there is any update on when we will be able to get a Sense of Belonging Paperback? I need this for my book collection ❤️

    Lots of love

  48. Katie says:

    Janet, I’m only at 12% on PD. My dad is in the hospital for a bum gallbladder, so I haven’t been able to focus. I will say, she is excellent as creating imagery. Things haven’t gotten weird yet.

    • Tracie says:

      Girls I read a book I liked it was called Unexpected Bond by Kaylee Ryan…Me and Katie would of so done what the h Mara did…..

      Laura I hope you’re buzzing along with the new book…you need a sounding board or a think tank…Lol you just let us know…we’ll jump off in there with you sister😘

      • Laura says:

        Hi Tracie,

        I’ll check it out!
        Yes, I’m enjoying my new people lol. I’m keeping them all to myself for awhile. As soon as I’m ready to share, I will do so here!

      • Katie says:

        I’ll check it out.
        I’m 30% on Penelope Douglas. It isn’t too weird yet but I’m pretty sure the family ménage is going to start soon. Don’t tell me- she ends up with the mute?

  49. Laura says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m happy to say, I’m busy on a new book 🙂

    It’s more like Sense of Belonging than WPF or SN. I would call it a light romance.

    Tracie – I hope you’re settling into retirement.

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