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144 Comments on “All Things A White Picket Fence, Swimming Naked and Everything Else

  1. Hey ladies, I haven’t checked in the last 2 days so I’m behind. Lordy I missed y’all. Just crazy days here, don’t know what’s gonna come up next. But you ladies know nothing about do ya (just kidding).
    Jgirl & Katie, I’ve forgotten the author of infidelity. I do remember being furious with the husband, never redeemed himself to me. Who is the author so I can look it up again? I guess I want to be pissed off all over again.
    Ann, the trilogy you mentioned about the rock star, there is a Christmas short 4th book that finishes off that series. Did you read?
    AND Sugar, missed your crazy humor! Hope your leg is better and not the one you kick ass with.
    I’m waiting not so patiently, with my nubs for SN as well as those deleted scenes.

  2. Good Morning Girls….Phil’s sexual drive is off the charts…Lina even tells Nick that…Lol….What would really be funny if this little snippet comes the day Lina gets home from NYC… Poor Phil…..Remember how Tony was when he was in Vale without Casey for a week….

  3. Morning Ladies.
    Tracie, the baby monitor and she climbs him like a vine! This made me laugh out loud. I just love the fact that Phil has a strong sex drive, makes him even more hot!

    Laura, thanks again for the snippets.

  4. Oh Laura you amaze me Lol…I love Phil and You… can you imagine…he is use to loving his woman anytime since his kids are teenagers and now a baby monitor dictates his sexual escapades….

  5. Phil is Phil…

    “First you need to calm down,” Lina said stepping up beside them. “He’s sensitive.” She trailed her fingers through Liam’s hair. “He thinks you’re upset with him.”
    “I am upset with him. I want to fuck you and he won’t shut up.”

  6. Laura you’re probably going to get on me for this…but I was thinking about your daughters reaction to the scene regarding Logan and reading that sweet scene with Liam, does Lina ever allude to the fact with Phil, that she wants her son treated as good as Phil treats Kim’s son?

      • I don’t think she cares….if she can’t have him she will make his life miserable….she still has some attention friends m him even though it’s negative/

    • “Daw!” Liam yelled, excitedly. “Daw!”
      “That’s right. Dog.” Phil, crouched down, maintaining his hold on Liam who began to half slap, half pet Knight. “Be gentle,” Phil said gripping his hand and running it down Knight’s coat. “See. Gentle.”
      Liam let out a squeal of laughter when Knight licked his face.

  7. I’m telling you girls Kim is going to take one to many jabs at Lina and Phil is going to go for the juggler….He knows the law is on his side when it comes to Liam….Remember in Chapter 47, where he told Lina I promised to always take care of you… I love you…even though they were discussing the separation agreement, I want to believe he meant not only financially, but emotionally and physically as well….He has no feelings for Kim and therefore she is nothing to him, but he told Lina in Chapter 24, I love you more than anything in this world…..Bitch is burnt toast!

    • That’s right! I’m just fine-tuning some Kim scenes. The next thing I’ll share is the cover! Hopefully this weekend!

  8. Thank you girls my son loves doing what he does….You girls need to get on Joanna Gains website if you love shabby chic….She’s the queen…. Right now I’m all about Phil’s spew of venom toward our villain….Laura if you so desire you could throw us about 4 lines of Phil spew…Lol. The big Oklahoma rivalry is today OU taking on OSU….Go Sooners!

    • I wonder what Kim did to warrant another verbal attack from Phil. Did she do something to Lina or Liam? Laura, is this another birthday surprise? Dying here.
      Deighj said her chomping down to nubs….

    • Yes I know her bedding from Target. The shabby chic style doesn’t work in our house at all, except in Haley’s room. I could redo her room every year if that wasn’t totally wasteful. I’ll check out PBK. ??

        • Haha I didn’t realize I put her name. I try not to use specifics. I have to keep reminding myself not to put my address, social and credit card info on here too.
          Love Hailee and the spelling. Our special is family related too. ❤️

  9. Katie and Tracie — I too salute your husband and son! We couldn’t survive without men like them and the women who support them! Thank you!

    Ann — love the beach in the winter when the crowds are gone — have fun! My dad is hanging in there.

    Janet — I love shaggy chic — I had no idea that website existed!

    Lots of writing today — I think everyone will be pleased with Phil’s treatment of Kim

    • Good morning. We will have a great day knowing Phil’s “mistreating” Kim. Cannot wait.

      Shabby Chic stores used to be in a lot of cities including Bethesda at one point but she closed all but one of them down when economy tanked. Prices go back up on Monday so if you guys need cabbage rose print anything get it this weekend

      Ann, when the kids were little I took them to rohebeth beach once. Is that anywhere near Nicks house? Sounds

      Kbabe pottery barn actually did a collaboration with Rachel Ashwell. I think it’s still ongoing. Go look. Her chairs are super expensive on her site but on pbk, more affordable. Oh also target carries her bedding. Have some so for years. Happy shopping!

  10. Good morning ladies.
    Katie and Tracie, please thank your family for being first responders. I salute them for placing their lives on the line for all of us everyday! So thank them.

    I’m at the ocean this weekend. We own a townhouse down here in Ocean Pines. Cold and windy here. We’re about 30 minutes from Bethany Beach. I’ll let you know if I see Dr. Drayton!! Haha

    Laura you said SN was going to be long? OMG the longer the better. Don’t leave anything out!! Also how is your Dad?

    Hi Deighj and Janet!

    • Katie my son is also a Firefighter/Paramedic..Loves his job, but misses a lot with the family…He is 48 hours on and 48 off….

      • Oh that’s wonderful. He works 72s and pretty much indefinitely this time of year. He loves his job. It’s very admirable. Not many people truly love what they do.
        He misses a lot with family too, but we just celebrate when we see him. Gotta be flexible- It’s impossible if you aren’t. My daughter is still getting used to the lifestyle.

        • Oh I just read the posts. Tracie’s son and Kbabe husband – thank you for all you do.
          Do firefighters really take turns cooking inside the fire station?

          • Yes they all do cook and my son is nuts about the kitchen…he can’t stand it when guys put their dirty dishes in the sink and not the dishwasher…Lol…

          • Thank you, J. Yes, cooking is a big deal at the firehouse!!
            I don’t let my husband cook at home because it’ll end up being unhealthy (but delicious) food in quantity for 20 men.

        • That’s what we do with our family get together too…My son-in-law is a hospital pharmacist and we have to work around his schedule too…Our Thanksgiving this year is Wednesday night, they are both on shift Thursday

          • No way! So cool. I have a firefighter cookbook!
            Kbabe, have you read cherrie Lynn’s breathe me in? The MC shaves his head. Very sexy and I really liked it. Immediately thought of that book when you said your husband bics(?). There’s an ex who causes trouble.

          • Janet, I haven’t read that one but I’ll add it to my ever-growing list. What I did see were the pom pom stockings from shabbychic. I just bought monogrammed stockings last year from Pottery Barn. Maybe I’ll get our dog the pom pom stocking. They’re too cute.

  11. I wish I was creative too, I’m not….One year my husband redid our master bathroom for me as my anniversary present…He found me an old claw foot bathtub and he it refinished…well my bathtub was setting in the place our Christmas tree goes and I was so behind getting the Christmas tree up because of the remodel and my time had to be ordered for the floor….Soooo I end up throwing a Christmas tablecloth over my tub, putting a small stool in the middle of the tub threw a Christmas tree skirt over that and got a 4” tree from Walmart and called it good…I put their presents around the stool in the tub and behind it…My daughter saw it and said can we rewind to Thanksgiving LOL…They still talk and laugh about my bathtub Christmas tree display…..I personally thought I was starting a new trend!

      • My daughter is here and she said tell Ann it was a sad Charlie Brown Christmas…LOL. The year I tried to sell them on Santa sacks they almost revolted on me…I came up with getting like those large gift bags like you cover a bicycle with and throwing all their presents in. like Santa’s Sack (so I would have to wrap all that stuff)…you would of thought I told them we were skipping straight to the Fourth of July….

        • Lol ! I know the tub is beautiful but do you ever use it? You are such a ball of energy I can’t see you taking a bath.

          • I did use it all the time with Lavender bath salts..But my hip has stopped me from getting to use it, but as soon as I can I’m back in it…That’s how I ruined my first Kindle I dropped it in the tub…

          • I have a nice bathtub and I never take baths, but I really want a claw foot tub. It would look really cool in pictures for Facebook at least. Or it could always be a Christmas tree stand.

  12. Hi. I can’t see the fires but I was out in Santa Monica today and a lot of disaster relief vans and paramedics were on their way to Malibu. There really is only one way in out of Malibu (pacific coast Highway) so the traffic is crazy right now.
    Kbabe, you know I bought a 4ft pink Xmas tree from Rachel ashwell’s store. They are having a 20 off friends and family sale if you are interested.

    Laura, did you have a good writing day after the burnt soup? Tried your peppermint Luna bar just now. Good!!

  13. Hi katie! Pink unicorn Christmas trees! I wish I had a creative artsy streak in me! Haha

    Tracie, I sure do remember Johanna Lindsey and Catherine Coulter. I used to read so many historicals And now I’m into contemporary romances.

    Janet I was just watching the evening news and those wildfires out there are huge. Are you anywhere near that area? Katie, you’re out In California too?

  14. Hey girls. Just got back from visiting wild animals with my wild animal and her school friends. Interesting the similarities our romance books have to social behavior in the animal kingdom…
    I’m feeling too young for your throw-back book conversation.
    Janet- do you see fire?
    Tracie and Laura- I’m glad you’re both feeling better.
    Deighj- love that you’re so festive. Being festive is so much work. But I do it for my daughter. We saw a pink unicorn-themed Christmas tree today. We have a next project now.
    Ann- hi. ?

  15. Do you guys remember Johanna Lindsey, Karen Robards, Catherine Coulter and I think her name was Amanda Quick….I remember them and read a few…mom always had a basket full of paperbacks by her chair….so she would pick the ones I could read….My mama was going on a bowling trip with her friends and she said Dad are you going to miss me? My daddy in all his infinite wisdom said..No Jim, I called JC Penny’s and they are going to loan me a mannequin for the weekend to put in your chair. I’ll put a paperback in its hand and it will be like you never left…I cracked up laughing and she launched the paperback in her hand and his head LOL…

    • LOL that’s classic. I remember Amanda Quick — My mother loved her and Johanna Lindsey was historical. I only liked Judith McNaught’s historical

  16. I was only cruising my house for just a few minutes and Laura has almost burned down a house, Stephen King has been mentioned, I may be going to get a connection scene and I broke the chain on the toilet flushing it…We so deserve each other…Lol…I don’t think anyone else would understand…

    • Hey Ann, we are totally in sync. Love Laura the best. Judith Mcnaught is the only author that my sister has read in the romance genre. When she was in college she even got her guy roommates to read them. Love Susan Elizabeth Phillips with her football players and Stephen King(older ones) is my all time favorite. Have you read his love story to his wife? Lissie’s Story. Beautiful! Deighj, if you like suspense thrillers, try Harlan Coben. He is my go to. Start with his old one In the woods. so good.
      One more author rec. Lisa Kleypas- Devil in Winter and Again in my arms. Very angsty historicals .

      • I’m sure I’ve mentioned this but Judith McNaught was my favorite romance writer growing up. Whitney My Love was my all time favorite. I’ve read all her books many times.

  17. Omg Ladies you rock!

    Deighj I have many favorite books but I was hooked on Judith McNaught back in the 90s. I loved Paradise and Perfect and read most of her other books. Currently WPF is my favorite and Laura is my favorite author.

    I like a romance with a Hea and it can be any category.

    I read a lot of Suzanne Philips too. (I think that’s her name).

  18. Hey my sweet peas, thought you busy today. I am in a holiday mood lately. As for chomping at the bits, my teeth are down to nubs as I imagine yours is as well. Do you wonder what we’ll do after we’ve dissected SN? Will we go on to discuss Laura’s new book? Can’t imagine not connecting with all of you.

  19. OMG — I almost burnt my house down. I’m sitting in my chair writing and left something on the stove. I’m typing away and suddenly the smoke detectors start going off — I look up and the place is full of smoke — seriously. Now all my senses are working again and the place reeks. ugh

    Ann, what is your favorite book of all time? I read a lot and can’t think of one other than WPF. I’ve read every genre out there usually for several years at a time. Started out reading my older sister’s romance books but thought them cheesy. Then paranormal, science fiction etc. just started reading romance the last ten years. Of the paranormal my favorite would be Memnoch The Devil. I found my son reading and was disturbed. Surprisingly good book that shows Memnoch in a completely different light.
    As far as Laura’s next book that’s a toss up for me. I’ll take whatever she publishes next as all of us will.

  21. Wow! Lots going on today already. Monday is too close. I say let the surprise scenes pop up and we get the masterpiece as end result. We wait as long as necessary. What is another week of chomping at the bits when we’ve done it for a year? I can’t wait to see your cover!! I will imagine Steven carrel as Phil so hopefully there’s no Jon wannabe on the cover. Haha
    Laura, did you tell us why you dislike writing flashback scenes? i wonder if you will have the mental energy to write the difficult past scenes you don’t like. As Tracie mentioned wedding scene, after baseball scene, running group scene. Omg those scenes I still think about here and there.
    Deighj I love that you are so festive. I am too. I’ll do a bit of that today as well. Have a great day ladies!
    Regarding the next book, I can’t think beyond SN..

    • I dislike flashback scenes in books in general — when I’m reading I don’t like them. I don’t mind writing them. I’ll write all the promised scenes

  22. Laura….I’m laughing typing this because I know you are either going to vague me or ghost me LOL…..But does Logan ever get stuck babysitting Liam?

    • I’m not going to ghost you Tracie. But you know the answer and that’s a ‘no’ answer, meaning I’m not answering.

      • I knew you were going to say that Lol…You can’t blame a girl for trying…Okay how about this one….In Chapter 48 when Phil and the kids are at Mikes house and they leave because he knows Lina needs him because of their connection….is there a connection scene like that in SN?

  23. Laura, Sugar: Happy to hear you’re both feeling better. Laura, how is your dad, I’ve forgotten when his surgery’s scheduled.

    • Hi Deighj…glad you are doing what you love and getting your holiday festive on sweetie…Glad you are feeling good enough to do it…..

    • Hi Deighj,

      He has an appointment with the surgeon Monday. He’s home and slowly but surely recovering from the hip surgery.

      Christmas decorating stresses me out!

  24. Hi Deighj!

    Laura, I would like the Lucas roe next because that sneak preview from chapter one was terrific! However anything you write is awesome. You’re the best! So I could handle some Nick Prossi next too! LOL

    • Laura we won’t give you time to cry or be depressed.. this book club will be like a buzzing bee hive with thoughts and questions regarding SN…..Plus anticipating what’s next with Nick and Lucas…You know we will be all over the next family drama…We also have the lost scenes of WPF…The wedding scene of Kim and Lina in the hall and then Phil’s reaction when Lina tells him….I could so cut a few teeth chewing on that one…Lol

        • It was good we have to have one weekly and usually it’s about how the individual that forgot the donuts can make it through the day without any harm coming their way…Lol

  25. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I haven’t been posting but do read everything you write. Busy with setting up for the holidays, I’m going all out this year as last year I was in recovery and missed it. As ever all of you are a highlight in my day.

  26. Hi Laura and Tracie. Sounds like both of you are healing. Just don’t overdo it.
    Laura I’m sure with the Hunters coming to a close you’re going to go through some withdrawal. You’ve had these characters in your mind so long it will be like saying goodbye. Are you doing the Nick Prossi next or Lucas? I forgot.

    • I’ll probably cry and be depressed for a few day. The only cure is throwing myself into another story. Which story do you girls want next? Any preference?

    • Laura I’m happy you got to walk to the park…Now if Chandler doesn’t run into a growling dog you two should be fine…You got to love some Chandler…If scenes keep popping up, it’s your creative mind saying we are not done yet…Don’t be nervous…your books and covers are always spot on….Have a great writing day doll and keep my Phil from getting into trouble with your sweetie daughter Lol….

  27. Good Morning Ladies…it’s amazing to be walking around my house this morning….I have a limp and my thigh muscle is screaming but it so worth it….

    Laura I almost don’t want to ask where we are or what our mood is because the time is coming to passing our baby off to someone else and I’m feeling a little protective…Lol. How are the cover ideas coming?

    • Awesome Tracie! So happy for you. I walked to the dog park for the first time in almost four weeks this morning — patella is finally getting better.
      I should get the draft cover this weekend — I’m nervous as always — It’s never what I expect and sometimes takes a bit getting used to.
      I’m starting to doubt I’ll be done Monday but maybe — scenes continue to pop up out of no where — I’ll keep you posted.

  28. Oh Jesus Tracie you’re too funny.

    I’m finishing up that Kathryn Shay book A Price Worth Paying. Near the end.

    Pleasant dreams ladies!!

  29. I remember! He was having fun while Lina was thinking how could he! Maybe that’s just men in general though. How Laura said they are able to compartmentalize. My husband is more brainy than alpha(not metro)but whenever we fight over something big he can still eat and snore away while I stew and lose weight till the issue is resolved. Do your husbands do that?

    • My husband can sleep no matter what….he’s an alpha too, so what I do is persuade him to look at the situation from a different angle..mine LOL

    • It takes a lot for me to get mad and for us to fight. I can sleep and eat fine because I’m usually (always) right. My husband is king of deflecting. But he can eat while he’s doing that, sure.

    • I don’t think he’s jealous of Logan, he thinks Lina babies Logan to much…She’ll also baby Liam when she gets on board with him too…So Phil has got to get over it…

    • Don’t worry about the wine Ann…The doctors PA told me today, I ask the doctor if he knew how to cure a nympho in recovery and he said No….I said marry her..She said I busted out laughing.

  30. OMG Ladies!
    I’m thinking Phil being Phil is a little jealous of the attention Lina gives Logan. Let’s face it Phil has a big ego.
    Remember the scene when Phil was in the pool with the kids and he told Lina that five of them tried to take him down and he was beaming! Then Lina thinks to herself how can Phil be so happy when I’m so distraught over this affair!

    Janet, I’m going to check out the Danika and Tristan series.

  31. humble — I’m not sure if humble is a word I’d use to describe Phil. Remorseful — yes, definitely. Vulnerable, yes. I don’t know if he ever loses the high opinion he has of himself though.
    These characters have a life of their own — it’s funny. Phil definitely grows but he’s still Phil if that makes sense. He doesn’t suddenly turn into Nick.

    • He is your Phil. He is Tracie’s Phil. I don’t want that either and Definitely don’t want two Nicks.
      So curious what your daughter read to have that reaction….

      Tracie’s wheels are turning. I can almost see it. Lol

      • Laura’s absolutely correct Phil cannot be humble…I feel better knowing that it was Lina and Phil having the talk that pissed your daughter off…And not him hurting Logan….

  32. Hey Ladies, I have a 5 star, 3-book series I would like to share with you. It’s called At This Moment (Of Love and Madness Book 1) by Karen Cimms. This first book is about Katie who is 18 and Billy who is 24. Billy is a musician trying to make it big. Katie is a freshman in college who has two parents that are very educated but never really wanted a child and so she was never shown any love. Billy and Katie meet and fall in love. Katie and Billy marry and in this first book they deal with their struggles while Billy is trying to make a name for himself as a musician in New York City. Billy’s agent is a manipulative bitch like Kim and when he rejects her advances she sabatoges his career to the top. This witch keeps popping up throughout the series. Fast forward to the next two books and Katie is now 40. Billy and Katie are still married with two grown children. Billy is still touring with other bands and has managed to give them a decent life but never managed to make it really big. This is a really good angsty series and Karen Cimms’ writing is very realistic and raw. Give it a shot.

    • Hi Ann. I read this! I liked it but didn’t love the series. Felt like it dragged a bit in the middle while they were apart. If you ever read Tristan and Danika series let me know which you liked better. Also, I meant to tell you I used to be a huge Karen Robards fan. I kept the one summer in paperback when I was throwing most romance novels out. That’s a classic. Kbabe amd I liked the Jessica Hawkins trilogy. Did you read that one? I really appreciate all your recommendations and save them all. I think I have over 300 in the tbr pile.

      • Don’t you think that a lot of the time it’s mood dependent — whether or not you get into a story? I mean obviously some books just aren’t good but your mood could change a good book to great or vice versa.

        btw — I just read my daughter a scene from SN and she got so mad at Phil — she said ‘he is such an asshole! I really just need him to suffer. He has no empathy.” I was a bit shocked. I didn’t think the scene warranted such an aggressive response. It was a scene about Logan. I guess the good news is that Phil is still Phil — a work in progress (the scene was from the first half of the book though so still time for redemption).

        • Remember my Viking comment? Maybe Phil’s ancestors were Vikings. Not kidding. Maybe just a little. I’ve come to terms with team Phil here but I think my thoughts align more with your daughter. You did say her favorite hero is Joseph. And you did tell me Phil does suffer so I’m not too worried. I think you should permit her to say her piece on your blog. I’m all ears Laura’s daughter!

          • It was a conversation he was having with Lina about Logan. Don’t worry mother Lina always has Logan’s back

          • I think it’s fine. If she was upset over Lina and Phil arguing then I would have anxiety too but Logan is a hormonal teenager and probably learning to be assertive. He is all about mom and to be fair Phil did cheat on the whole family and everyone was affected by his selfish actions.
            Laura, is Phil humble at all with Lina in SN? I know we see his vulnerable and insecure side in the nightmare scene.

        • A little asshole is part of his appeal, right…
          Was it about Logan’s feelings about the affair? If so, I’m certain he was deflecting.

  33. I’m here. I’m here. Yes I’ve been sneaking reading time all day to finish The Adultery Club. It definitely sucked me in, and I can’t complain about the writing, except that she uses a lot of very long sentences (still grammatically correct) and British lingo. I didn’t have nearly the emotional response to this one as AWPF. I cried during AWPF and my husband told me that, maybe, I needed to lock away the kindle for a bit. But anyway, this couple’s affair untimately revealed unresolved issues from prior relationships. It wasn’t a marriage in crisis though. This guy was the definition of selfish and had the kind of affair that I wouldn’t be able to forgive. He dated this woman. Much more of a betrayal than a purely physical one. The Kim character wasn’t quite as bad as Kim, and her POV was interesting. Still a tramp.
    Janet, it really is in the details, and I appreciate Phil so much more now.
    Phil loves Lina, never stopped loving her, and they are soulmates. I’m thankful for this book for showing me that so clearly.
    Janet, the way he talked about his mistress sexually was too much. I’m never reading an adultery story again.

    • I know!!! I hated him for spending money on the mistress. Hated him even more when he blurted out he loves(?) the OW. I was afraid Phil did similar things with Kim in the heat of the moment and hounded Laura for weeks asking for details. Lord! Ok don’t read anymore.

      • Nice gifts he wouldn’t even buy his wife! She really gave it to her husband and the girl though, at the end- I liked the wife’s character.

  34. No rushing! We can wait. ok don’t kill me guys but we need our justice and if longer length and that one extra chapter all the better. Ok my friends in the east coast complain about the snow removal/salting each winter. The husband wouldn’t do it so the wife had to shovel etc. Did you work on a scene today Laura?

    • Shoveling is hard work!

      Yes — several scenes. Alice and Lina. Lina and Phil. First meeting with Liam and the nights still young.

      • I still have to use a crutch or a cane for the next two weeks when out of the house…I can walk around the house and office without them…I’m so happy to have a little freedom..Yay…He did tell me not to crazy..He said I can tell your idoling a little high….Lol

        My husband has always done the yard work and every other time you have to mow on a diagonal….He is so anal about it LOL

          • Great news. Even a cane is an upgrade! You must be so relieved.

            Mowing diagonal. Omg. I had no idea.

            Ooh I wonder if Kim broke up with a guy in NY so she can chase Phil. Maybe the ex pays her a visit and it becomes a crime of passion. Lol I can wish.

    • I hope so. I’m not done yet but hope to be by Monday. Like I said before though, I won’t release it until I’m ready. I hate rushed endings

  35. Too funny. It’s alpha, type A, and control all mixed in. Who knew? I’m going to look out for some white men mowing lawns now. i’ve seen those riding lawnmowers on TV. Fancy and big.

    • One of my brother-in-laws who has a very successful business actually had to learn to drive a tractor to do his — it’s about six acres lol. He also does his own snow removal from a very long driveway. It certainly isn’t cost effective which I never understood. Everyone else in the neighborhood has a service. It’s entertaining.

  36. Laura, my husband is so type A that no one can do as good a job on the lawn but him. He also does a vegetable garden. He loves it. On the other hand I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever owned. Lol

    • Yep. It’s a personality type. My father and brother-in-laws are all the same way. My brother, on the other hand, hasn’t mowed a lawn in thirty years.

  37. Janet that’s funny. My husband and I are both retired and his therapy is working on the lawn on his riding lawn mower. He feels this gives him some good exercise and he loves landscaping. Half my neighbors have lawn services but my man still likes to do it even with his bad knees.

  38. And I have to say — there is something appealing to me about a man who can do these things and does. I’ve always used a service

  39. Oooh got excited about the new thread Laura thinking another preview. Oh well. We will get one soon enough.

    Loved how you said Phil is awful to Kim. I can’t wait either.

    Deighj, Katie is finishing up that chick lit the adultery club. The writing is good but it was really hard to read about the husband cheating. It’s set it London and he pays for top hotel for his rendezvous. Makes me so mad.

    Ann, regarding the law mowing, is this normal in MD? I think Phil did this too. I honestly don’t know one soul who still mows their own lawn. It’s a good idea but nobody wants to give up their weekends to do this.

    • LOL it’s unusual and Phil doesn’t mow his yard but he does do a lot of the work. this is based on one of my alpha brother in laws who insists on taking care of his own yard. They had a service for one summer but he hated watching other guys mow his yard

  40. Hey Ann and you Sugar. Came in from that rain and cold wind. Guess J and Katie haven’t checked in yet. We know Ann is visualizing her Phil but what are you up today Sugar, working? How did your doctor’s visit go?

  41. My husband’s outside with the leaf blower. I’m looking out the window, like Chevy Chase did in Christmas Vacation with the girl on the diving board, wishing it was Phil! LOL

    Love that we will get to see Phil take on that witch. OMG I can’t wait.

  42. I love the awful part and so proud of the implication on Phil’s part…Go My Phil…Ony way to Tulsa…We’ve got your rainy weather her now….

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