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Swimming Naked — the sequel to A White Picket Fence

The draft of Swimming Naked is now in the hands of my editor. I should have it back in about four weeks.

Opening scene of Swimming Naked…


“Just a second, buddy.” Phil was at the sink, screwing the top onto a baby bottle.

Lina watched Liam’s small hands yank at Phil’s pant leg, his demands to be picked up increasingly loud. She rubbed her hand across her forehead. “I think I’m going to go upstairs.”

“What?” Phil scooped up his son, handing him the bottle he’d just prepared as he turned to Lina.

“I have a headache. I’m going to go lie down for a minute.” Her eyes were on the almost one-year old sucking on a bottle as his head rested on her husband’s chest. She swallowed down the lump in her throat.

“Do you need me to get you anything?”

“No. I just…I can’t,” Lina whispered before rushing from the room.

“Katie?” Phil called out as walked toward the family room. “Katie?”

“What?” Katie paused the television screen.

“I need you to watch Liam.” He set him on the couch beside her.

“What?” Katie retreated to the corner of the couch, her eyes widening. “No way. I’m not watching him.”

“I’m not asking.”

“You said it wouldn’t affect us if you brought him here. I don’t want to be a baby sitter. I don’t even like kids.”

“Watch him,” he said firmly, pointing at Liam. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


Lina was sitting on the edge of the bed when she heard the bedroom door open. “I can’t do it,” she said. “I thought I could but I can’t. I’m sorry.”

The mattress shifted as Phil sat down beside her. “It hasn’t even been an hour.”

“I can’t look at him. I know it’s not his fault, but he’s the result of what you did—a living, breathing reminder.”

“Lina.” Phil stroked his hand up her back. “It’ll get easier. Once you get to know him, you—“

“I don’t want to know him.” She came to her feet and headed toward her wardrobe. “I’ll go to Adele’s or my mom’s for the night.”

Phil cursed softly, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees as he gripped his head. “You said you would try. Forty-five minutes isn’t trying.”

Lina finished packing a small bag with pajamas and clothes for the following day before leaving the wardrobe and crossing to the bathroom. “I tried,” she said when she felt Phil’s presence in the doorway. “You have no idea how hard.” She began to toss toiletries into the bag.

“One night. All I’m asking for is one night.”

“I can’t.” Lina shook her head. She’d thought she could. She’d even picked out a crib and decorated a nursery for Phil’s son, but the reality of him was so different than the imagined.

“I’ll leave,” he said, his voice sounding defeated. “I’ll take him to a hotel.”

“No. All his things are here. It’ll be easier if I just go to Adele’s.” Lina lifted the bag and turned from the sink.

“You shouldn’t be the one leaving.”

“This is the best solution, Phil. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

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  1. Hi ladies,

    It’s school holidays here is Melb.. with a pre teen and a 12 month old it’s just so hard to check in on line.. anyways I’ve been reading all the posts.. great outfits!

    Tracie, speedy recovery!

    Going to check out ann’s bone from Laura now haha..


  2. Glad you’re feeling better Tracie.

    I think we’re going through a little withdrawal from Phil and Lina. We haven’t heard anything about them in a few days. So, I agree with you Tracie that I wish Laura would give you some scoop on how Lina answered Phil.
    Throw us a bone, Laura.

  3. Good Morning Girls,

    Feeling better today, instead of worrying about what’s on my desk, I’m able to put hands on it and get it done…..

    Today is also marks the second SN has been with the editor…yay!!! It won’t be long now…

    Laura what do you think Lina’s answer was to Phil on how many men….I swear I couldn’t help it…. When you throw a snippet you know exactly where to cut it off, so that I’m straining against my chain…LOL

  4. I loved Mr masters. I’m halfway through The Mill House and I like it so far. It’s over 500 Pages!
    Tracie take care of yourself!

    Hey, all 3 of us in the football pool lost today and we were the last remaining. I just read the rules and there is a tiebreaker that has something to do with teams going to playoffs. So I won’t be splitting any money but I’m still in the running. Lol

  5. Ann I hope you are still in the running…both games were so close… Kbabe I hope Lina thinks Liam looks like Logan and Phil…

    I’m dying to know what Lina said to Phil. when he said how many men came on to you? I’m changing my way of thinking on Phil and Lina’s dynamics in SN! I’m thinking Lina might lean back, while Phil still has the back of her thighs in his hands, taking his face on her hands and says…”does it matter, when they don’t stand a chance, because they’re not you!” Swoon.

    What do you girls think she said?

    • Thank you Carrie we have some in the shop, definitely doing it tonight..When my husband gets home he go get me the chair…I promised no more lifting or dragging ?

  6. Sorry if this posts twice. TL Swan is good. Pay attention to subtleties, like the gravestone script, for example.

  7. Liam was definitely cuter. Nearly black hair, blue eyes- just like Phil. Cutie pie. Brian was just like I imagine his dad, kind of cute, mostly a dork. ?‍♀️
    Tracie- popping ribs doesn’t sound normal…I agree with J on the collagen and tumeric. My husband gets a protein mix with those from Costco.
    Ann, I haven’t been following the games today. How did it work out for you?

    • Katie read my post above under Tracie. Buffalo lost but I still have a slight chance if the other 2 people’s teams lose.

    • Lol. Liam will look like Logan when he grows up so they are both cuter. But Brian is not a dork! He’s a complete jock remember? I just read the prologue of Mr Masters. Read the therapist part twice! So far so good.

  8. Tracie when I pop a rib I have problems taking a breath. Do you? I sit in a folding chair then raise my arms over my head and lean back. The rib goes back in place!! Sorry you are having so many issues!

  9. Thank you. I have a real good husband Ann…Sorry about the ballgames I was watching them both rooting for you….Ugh!

    • Wait. You popped a rib??!! Did you tell us this? Omg. What is going on? You need dr axe collagen, bi flex osteo, tumeric, and glucosamine all together like me. I squeak but how do you pop a rib from dragging stuff. Take care Sweet! At least for another week.

    • Ravens played a great game even though they lost. I’m out of the pool because Buffalo lost but the other 2 people picked Steelers and broncos and if both of those teams were to lose then all 3 of us would split the money. Lol
      I’m missing out SN snippets

  10. Trace you’ve got a good hubby. I’m sweating bullets right now. Ravens are tied and so is Buffalo. Ugh!!!
    We had some great good though. My girlfriend made shrimp tetrazzini and a homemade apple cake. So good

  11. Hi girls. Having a spa/shopping day with my mom today for her birthday.
    But I wanted to tell you my funny story from last night. Went to dinner with my little family and saw two HS boys having dinner. I thought, omg, that’s Logan and Drayton’s son (spacing on his name right now). Luckily, I didn’t say this out loud because my husband already thinks I’m nuts for having all of you virtual besties. These people are not fucking real. But they are!

    • That’s funny as shit! I’m the same way. I don’t dare say things out loud but they are real! Who was cuter? Logan or Brian, Kbabe? I just looked around the restaurant we are at now. Nobody like WPF characters. Too bad.

      Have fun Ann and Laura. Go ravens! Lol. I must watch a ravens game to see the hoopla on this blog. I hope you win big.

      Tracie, you OK?

    • Kbabe that cracks me up…I can just hear your husband saying that, because that is the way my family thinks too…Lol.. Rooting for Buffalo to win Ann….Go Ravens!

      • I’m fine J-Girl I popped a damn rib out of place going to got to get it snapped back In before surgery …Only using one crutch instead of two and me dragging, lifting and leaning popped a rib….Hubby has had just about enough of my heroics and can do attitude….Lol

  12. Good Morning Tracie and Ladies,
    I was rereading some of the earlier snippets because I just can’t get enough of these people.
    The one in particular that I read today was the argument between Phil and Lina when he was in NY and he threw his phone against the wall.
    That’s when he went to the bar and fell from grace. I was just wondering how this will be played out in SN. I’m guessing a flashback in Phil’s mind. I’m sure Laura mentioned it earlier, but there is so much to read in this blog that you forget sometimes. This book is going to be so awesome with Phil just making Lina #1. I want to hear his inner thoughts when he thinks of Lina and how much she means to him.
    Well, we’re off to our friends house for a Ravens party. If the Ravens can win today it will be a huge upset. I love it when our Ravens are underdogs.
    I’m still in my Survivors Pool too. It’s just 3 of us left. If Buffalo wins today, I’m still in the pool. Wish me luck ladies.
    It’s cold and cloudy here today.
    Tracie, hope you’re hanging in there with that hip. Take it easy.

    • Good afternoon!.
      I’m off to friends to watch the Ravens game! I only last twenty-five minutes at the dog park.
      Swimming Naked is currently 172 scenes plus an epilogue (yet to be written). Current chapter count is five more than WPF.
      I’ll check back later.

  13. Good Morning Girls, Sweet Laura I’ve been thinking about you this morning doll…Imagining your dining room table looking like Snowageddon with all the printed pages. You shuffling those papers like an experienced Vegas card dealer. You said yesterday, you wanted to make sure all the questions were answered…don’t pull your hair out over the questions…take on the Frank Sinatra mantra which is “I did it my way.” We will be thrilled angel. If I could answer every question asked of me, I’d put google out of business…..Lol.

  14. Right! Before we thought it would be up to Phil to protect Lina and the kids but Laura has told us numerous times they work as a team in SN… I am bit thrown too.

  15. I knew you would go all Giddy over no scenes being cut…Lol…I’m glad too….poor Laura is wore out with SN….I know how emotional we get, I can’t imagine writing it…I’m starting to think I’m off a little where Lina and Phil are concerned…I think they are going to be more of a team where Kim is concerned than what I originally would have expected…but I like the one time one fight mentality with Lina and Phil…

  16. Thank you Jesus, Laura, and Jordan! Hallelujah!

    I thought disconnecting the phone was all for Lina. I remember when Laura asked us if Phil would let Katie babysit Liam at Kim’s place and we all said no! Now I’m wondering when the kids meet kim(bound to happen) and how that comfrotarion is handled. it’s going to be messy…

  17. I don’t know if I mentioned this one, but I was going through my favorite books last night..Without You Here by Carter Ashby was really good. It’s technically taboo but doesn’t read that way. Girl picks up older man in a bar after a breakup with her bf, turns out he’s forbidden…but there’s a great understory about him and his widow and about her and her past. Highly recommend!

  18. I was thinking about Phil today. There are so many things he did right that get overlooked. Like how he never backed away from the kids after the affair. So many times the adulterer avoids the kids- out of shame, guilt, etc. He was surprisingly candid with them about all of it.

    • I agree Kbabe, there was several comments that said he told because he got caught…He told Lina and his kids because he’s a good man and didn’t want to lie to them anymore..that’s another reason I know he loves his wife and kids and will do right by them all…..

      • I don’t think he would’ve told without the pregnancy. What’s more important to me is that he was losing interest in the affair before getting caught. That’s one huge thing that’s different from the other infidelity themes I’ve read- he drops Kim like a sack of potatoes and never looks back. It’s not like he struggled to let her go.

        • I read a book and the H was a little insulted by the h saying the were just fucking…He corrected her immediately and said no we are dating and there is a big difference in dating and just fucking…Which made me think of Phil and Kim….they were not dating…You are right, I doubt Phil would have intentionally hurt Lina by telling her…Like I’ve said before he didn’t think Kim had made a documentary out of their affair, especially for Lina to see…

          • She already knew in her heart he had an affair anyway. They didn’t need to have a conversation about it. Until baby…

          • She really didn’t want to hear what she already knew…she just wanted it to stop and Phil was making strides in that direction by transitioning her to Wayne…but Liam did throw a kink in the plan…So did Kim with the text messages and pictures…..I made myself read chapters 28, 29 and 30 again and Phil was vicious with Lina because he was hurt too, but loves her so very much..I keep saying this, but I can’t imagine how he’ll treat Kim not loving or having respect for her, after the way he blocked Lina out…

        • Hi all. Checking in. Love all the convo here. Tracie, I’m sorry you are going through this. Kbabe is right. Your positive attitude is sexy! LOL.

          Ann, you truly need to host a phil and Lina event in Elliot city. You know they probably went to the lighting ceremony. Lina loves Christmas!

          • My attitude is starting to get a little pissy…I had to drag my laundry hamper down the hall by the handle and I’m fixing to unload my dishwasher, which takes me a while….I use to look like the damn roadrunner, now I feel like a sloth….I’m really sorry about being a blog hog…I check about every 20 to 30 minutes…I get so bored….

          • Who do you girls think disconnects their home phone Lina or Phil? It would probably be a mutual decision…but it would be kind of hot if Phil came home and she threw in…you need to let the office know we no longer have a home phone, I had it disconnected today! Phil would be like huh???
            Lina could say: Phil I’m through being the source of her entertainment, therefore, she can call you cell phone if she needs you!!! Pass the rolls please….

          • I think Phil would disconnect…it would be even better if Lina said, “I don’t care, Phil. She can’t hurt us.”

          • You are right Kbabe that shows the unified front against Kim, we are looking for between Lina and Phil…..

          • I’m sorry too Tracie. I’m sure it’s torture but now the end is is near. In the mean time, I’ll do my best to entertain you. I’ve been messing with SN all day. Looking at every scene and making sure everything is said that needs to be said. My dining room table is a mess. I am ready to be done with this novel. Can’t wait to get it back from the editor.
            Disconnecting the phone was more about the children not having to speak to Kim than Phil or Lina.

          • Laura you and these girls entertain me everyday…I can only imagine what you are going through…my emotions are pulled thin in anticipation and I don’t even know what’s going to happen….

          • Jordan won’t let me delete any scenes. Some aren’t necessary but she thinks they are fun so regardless of what the editor says I won’t cut anything out. I’ve moved some scenes around though which really is going to be a nightmare. Such is life. Have you found any good movies to watch?

          • Oh and I love them disconnecting because of the kids…Phil sure doesn’t want her around his kids……

          • You know J-Girl is going to send out mega hugs and kisses to Jordan for no scene cuts…Hugs from me too Jordan…so glad you trump the editor angel…..

            No movies…I watch some TV, read and blog with you girls…I have so much going on at work and I’m stressing that I’m not going to get it all done and I have several people relying on me for promotions and I don’t want to disappoint them. I’m going to see if my boss will sign off on me teleworking from home….Tom (my husband) says only after I’m feeling better…

  19. Laura I’m wondering after Kim moves to Ellicott Ciry, does Phil worry (before it actually happens), that Lina nd Kim will run into each other?

    I can see him expressing his concerns to Wayne or Mike on the subject and worrying what Kim would say to Lina….Ir gives me shivers thinking what the witch would say to Lina

  20. Tracie I’m with you! I was skimming through the beginning of WPF today. I always pick up something new too. Especially the way Phil gets pissed off every time Lina mentions dr. Drayton and he hasn’t even met him yet!!

  21. I don’t care what I’m doing Lol…When SN comes out I’m deep diving from Prologue to Epilogue…Then I’ll probably go back to Prologue and start a surface swim to Epilogue again…I pick up something every time a read a Chapter of WPF or I see it from a different angle…Then we will have our after the swim discussion….that will be so fun!

    • Yes him and my daughter….but I tend to be a bit headstrong and want to do things on my own..but I want to get well so I’m going to swallow my pride a little and do what the doctor tells me to do…

  22. Ann what you just described to Laura sounds like something out of a Hallmark movie…that would be awesome to walk around and look….My hip is there…my thigh is twice it’s normal size because of the inflammation..I actually felt sorry for my doctor yesterday..He didn’t have an opening for surgery until February, but he said it would be cruel for me to be in pain that long, so he changed his schedule and added me on to a light surgery day. He apologized again for the drill bit breaking off in my leg….But he is busting his ass to take care of me and being honest…So I told him don’t worry about it, just fix me….I only have to spend one night in the hospital…I’m ready to get it done and over with, been fighting this since August….

    • I love your personality, Tracie. Some would raise hell over a drill bit. “No drill bits left behind!” I feel like there was a similar quote from the movie Trolls. I swear my mind is mush since becoming a mom. I don’t know where kids’ movies end and reality begins.
      I’m over here in SD trying to decide which pair of sandals to wear to take the dog for a walk. High 60s and sunny here today. ?

      Ann, Hampden sounds idyllic!!

    • Thanks Kbabe no since in bitching about it…Accidents happen….now what do we do to fix it….onward and upward..Lol

  23. Morning ladies. We sure made merry last night too. I was feeling pretty rough this morning and just got back from the airport to drop Meg off. I miss her already.
    Laura, Hampden does have all the Christmas lights on 34th street. Every house is decorated like crazy. These are old row homes built in the 1800’s. Meg lived in Hampden during her last 2 years at Towson. You should visit The Avenue where all the shops and cafes are located. This area has gotten very trendy and it’s close to Johns Hopkins university.
    Anything new with the Hunters? I miss them. Lol.
    Tracie how is the hip today?

  24. That was Janet that wanted to know about calling Logan buddy, but I knew Phil did….I went back and read the pool scene in WPF and Lina did reflect back to when Logan was little with Phil…..

    Phil loves his kids no doubt and I can see that when Liam is with them, Phil wanting to give him his full attention since that time is limited…There may even be a time in SN where Logan has to have a knot jerked in his butt, because he’s being unreasonable about Liam….in fact, Liam will probably work it out with Logan on his own, just by being cute and invading Logan’s space…

    Do you run with Chandler at the dog park or just sit and watch? Because I’m wondering how you can sit in 20 degreeweather for 2 hours without generating heat…You need to get those little heat packets you can put in your gloves or socks…

  25. Good morning!
    I was out being merry last night and this morning I spent two hours at the dog park – my fingers are still frozen. It’s in the low 20s and sunny. Every time I tried to leave someone new would show up — all of Chandler’s girlfriends. Anyway, he should be tired now.
    Tracie — yes to Phil calling Logan Buddy — I actually had a scene where that was mentioned but it didn’t make the cut. And there is no mention or ornaments but that would have been a cute idea.

    Ann — I’ve never been to Hampden — I just looked it up. I will definitely go. Is that where they have the Christmas lights everyone talks about?

  26. Good Morning Girls, Cold and rainy today in Oklahoma…I’m getting in the Christmas Spirit….drum roll please….I bought wrapping paper….Lol.

    After the angel tree topper, I wonder if Lina bought special ornaments for her kids that go on the tree with their names…I wonder if Liam would get a special ornament for his first Christmas with the family?? Lina would get him an ornament even if the witch doesn’t allow him to visit them on Christmas Eve….

  27. Ok ladies, here are my next few books- tell me if I should skip any.
    Only Love by Melanie Harlow
    Summer’s Edge by Noel Cades (professor-student)
    Good by S. Walden (professor-student)
    The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas (taboo)

    • I thought forbidden was bit boring. I liked her this man series more but too much sex. Good in ott way. S Walden was ok. Never finished one book I started by M Harlow. Is she good? I need a book recommendation till SN comes out too.

  28. Laura you out with friends getting the Christmas season started? I’m setting in a recliner with my leg elevated and a blanket on my lap…I look like I need to be at the home waiting on the next game of Bingo to start…

    • If it wasn’t for your hip I would say that’s a perfect Friday night. Curled up in a recliner reading a book. I can see you in front of a fireplace with your dogs next to your recliner.

  29. I’m sure he would have…I think I remember Lina thinking about when Phil swam in the pool with Logan on his back….I may be wrong but I think it was the pool scene….when all the kids were trying to take Phil down…

    I think we all felt sorry for Logan in WPF and we are fearing that Phil has a new toy in Liam and Logan will be pushed to the wayside by Phil. Not have much tolerance for Logan and go above and beyond for Liam… I think Phil has intolerance for anyone that may be impeding his progress..but he loves Logan dearly and they will have to heal just like Lina and Phil….There will be good scenes between Logan and Phil and bad scenes between the two, but that is to be expected…I think when Logan accepts Liam that will probably mean more to Phil than when Lina does it, because at the point he knows his family is complete…

  30. Laura is my car scene still in play? Does it ever come up about Lina’s disappointment on the retiremwnt plans? I’m hoping that is why Phil planned a weekend with her….I can here Phil tell Lina now, baby we have him every other weekend, we can still take trips and do things as a couple….Liam is not a prison sentence baby, we can still enjoy our lives..

    Do you girls think Phil’s chest kind of puffs out knowing older girls are after Logan? Remember Katie thinking in WPF that her friend Emma had started noticing him…..I can see Phil saying he looks like his dad what would you expect…..

    • I don’t think he puffs his chest out but sounds like something Megan would say or do. What I’m wondering is did Phil call Logan buddy when he was Liam’s age?

  31. I just finished a sloooow book but the MC carried a drawing of the heroine when they were apart. Thought that was sweet. Do you think Phil carried a memento while they were apart? I don’t think so but maybe there’s a sweet mushy side when it comes to Lina. Lol

  32. My grandma use to use so much Aqua Net the beads of hairspray on her hair use to look like those 1980 oil lamps…Remember those Ann where the oil ran down the fishing line and recirculated itself…So glad you and your girls are having so much fun…Add some raunchy for me doll…

    • Thanks Tracie. Our get together is starting to gear up. The wine and food is flowing. Lol.
      Love you ladies!!! Team Phil!

  33. Hey girls, just checking in. Tracie I’m so sorry about your hip. Once you recover from the surgery you will be back to normal.
    I’m hosting an all girls dinner tonight. Since Meg is home, I’m having my sister and niece and meg’s girlfriends here tonight. My husband can eat but then he has to go somewhere LOL. Our conversations can get pretty raunchy. My daughters went to Hamden today for shopping and lunch. Laura have you ever been to Hampden for Hon Fest? It is a real experience. It’s held second weekend in June. They have contests for the biggest beehive hairdo and an Aqua net hairspray booth.
    I’m still thinking about the Hunters and Phil. No book has ever consumed me like this one.

  34. Good afternoon girls, my hip is collapsing so I’m getting a new hip for Christmas…Surgery on Dec 18th, so glad I got you guys and the Hunter’s while I recoop!

    • Oh boy! The day after your birthday! You’ll be up and walking the next day! Sorry you’re having to go through this but you’ll be fine. My dad doesn’t even use his cane all the time and he’s old. I suppose this means you don’t have to go to a rehab facility?

      • No rehab Lol…they will send a physical therapist to my house for 2 weeks and then PT for 2 more and I should be good to go…They said my hip would be good for 20 years…Lol

        How are my Hunters today? I’m wondering if Phil’s and Kim are going to go to court over custody? I can’t see her giving Lina and Phil a break anywhere!

        • I was thinking today. Why was Diane so non-chalant about the affair? I understood Alice- it’s her personality. What about Diane though? Maybe she or Wayne had cheated…

          • Okay girls I’m at the mall minding my own business, I was standing by the entrance waiting on Hailee. She went to get the car…This really tall big boned lady approached me and said are you alone…I said no I’m waiting on my car to be brought around why? She said well you look so little on these crutches and I just wanted to escort you to your car…Well thank you but that’s not necessary thank you….She said do you see this jacket I’m wearing and I said yes (it said Apollo Karate)…she said I don’t just wear the jacket, I take the classes…

          • How’s your cold? Did you get a flu shot? I don’t know why I’m obsessed with people getting flu shots every winter but when i am.. I think it’s becasue Diane is older. She also loves Lina and Phil together and must know Phil loves Lina. They’ve been bffs for so long and I have a feeling Diane would forgive Wayne if he cheated.

          • I don’t think either one cheated, Diane wanted to act nonchalant about the fair so their marriage would stay intact….

          • A stranger wants you to take karate classes? You crack me up. Standing there minding your own business…

          • No she wanted me to know she took karate classes…She also told me her and her husband had got a divorce and then got remarried and he bought her a Mercedes…All I said was Cool and have a good one…Hailee had pulled up out front by then…

          • Tracie, that’s quite a come on…let me walk you to your car, I have moves under this jacket…

        • Man oh man Tracie! You hang in there. Not the present you were hoping but it’ll be good as new by end of Dec! What’s the down time?

          Lots of porch pirates going around. The drama this morning was the security patrol
          Caught the bicycle thief. Some
          Sephora stuff.

          • I’ll be off work for a month and then probably half days for two more….

            Do you think Kim and Phil will have a court battle? I do…

          • For full custody they would have to go to court. How wil Phil get full? Kim screws up big time if Phil gets full. I hope he rips her head apart

          • You are in one of your Kim violent moods today me too! The mall just in itself has made me that one…I’m going to have to go read the scene where Phil has to put Liam in the crib…that’s a good Kim hate scene…I’m excited about the 8 scenes she is writing…Now I wouldn’t mind having a Kim getting flushed snippet…Lol

          • Someone stole my father’s credit card number and had $6,000 worth of clothes from Saks delivered to him and must have been watching the house because they took it off the porch

          • Omg but they do this a lot. Send it to billing address and swipe it. It happened to me too! Target.com and charged 3 drones shipped it to my house and stole 2. I only found out becasue the 3rd one came while I was home. Couple years back.

          • My daughter had an amazon order a couple of weeks ago delivered and it was stolen off her porch too…Last year my daughter-in-law has ordered a Coach purse and it was stolen…Coach replaced it….I’m so sorry that happen s to your dad….

  35. See this is where I’m not sure. Does Lina need all of the kids to accept Liam before she can or do the kids (especially Logan) need Lina to accept Liam before they can?
    I guess if Logan is last to fall, he needed Lina to be ok with it before he could be.

    • Okay girls I have a think question, I’m at Toby Keith’s in OKC and it’s getting crowded so I told my husband I was going to the bathroom he always says where is it and keeps an eye on me and the door, until I’m back to my seat… So in a crowded bar or restaurant would Phil do the same or would he go with Lina?

        • I do too sister…this place has three bars in it and crowded so my husband has to know my whereabouts..I’m not hard to find I’m the midget with the crutches .We are going to watch T-Raw..Shes playing basketball in the city tonight, so excited to see my baby play live.

  36. I don’t think Logan would become rebellious, he has to much love and respect for his mother….I think he might try to segregate himself to punish Phil for having another son…but like I said above Phil won’t have it…he loves Logan….

  37. Children have a way of infiltrating the heart. I know I could accept the child and raise him as my own for that reason. The baby mama would be my issue. Does Lina have a harder time with Liam or with Kim?

  38. I’m really hoping after the fight there is a scene with Phil, Logan and Liam that is happy…I can see Phil and Logan in the yard throwing the Lacrosse Ball and Lina coming out with Liam…Liam gets excited and runs into the yard screaming LoLo. Logan picks him up and says…Little man you might as well start learning the game early, its a must being born into this family. Logan squats with Liam, putting the lacrosse ball in his hand and tells him to throw the ball back to dad….Phil is watching with absolute love and adoration for both his sons as Liam throws the ball in his direction….I don’t know how Laura does it, that made me feel weepy….

    • I need to clarify, I don’t think there will be a fight per say, but an emotional event between the two or three if Lina is included where hurts and concerns will be addressed…

  39. Poor Logan. Phil will be an asshole. But he’ll rein it in for Lina, to keep her happy. Logan will act out, stay away from the house. There will be a climatic fight. Then a coming to Jesus moment for everyone. Phil really needs to works this out- a child should never be left to feel like they are a disappointment.

  40. Don’t you think a lot of Logan’s trust issue revolve around Lina?

    Logan always felt like he didn’t measure up to Phil’s standard in WPF…Remember when he told Lina, maybe his new son won’t be such a disappointment…Logan has some jealousy issues that only Phil will be able to put to rest…

  41. Can you tell us if it’s mostly Phil and Lina scenes? 8!!!!! Yay!!!

    Get over it. He isn’t Nick. but phil will try harder because he knows he cant make the same mistake he did with Katie. But first Phil needs to earn Logan’s respect and regain his trust.

      • Lair, I’m going over today’s posts. Do you think Lina and Kim need closure? For you to add these extra scenes in. 2 became 8! No complaints from me(I’m really hoping for the 500 pages) but curious why they need a scene together.

        • No, none of these are critical scenes. Just things I thought would add to the story. I normally finish a story and then reread it a couple of weeks later, add or subtract and then send to editor. I didn’t have time before I sent to the editor so this is normal except I’ll have to add them in myself. And I don’t think Lina and Kim need closure.

  42. Laura it depends on the situation for me…I don’t think Phil would tolerate Logan pulling to far away from the family…I believe Phil when he said he wouldn’t lose Logan in WPF….If Phil is growing, he will be hurt by Logan’s snub, but will not tolerate disrespect.. I’m hoping Phil takes extra time with Logan, to reassure him of his place in his life….Lina not happy, there is nobody going to be happy…

    Does Logan give Phil a wide berth in SN?

  43. Think about this…until Logan feels comfortable and fully accepts Liam, that is going to keep Lina upset…Phil doesn’t want Lina upset, so does that mean Phil will put more pressure on Logan? Phil will either feel like shit or he’ll turn disgruntle if Logan doesn’t want to be around when Liam is there, because Lina would feel like her son is being run out of his own home….

    Logan is going to turn to this new girlfriend and stay away from the house, especially when Liam is there…I can just see the Hunter’s setting down to dinner and Phil saying where is Logan..Lina saying he wasn’t hungry he’s in his room…Phil saying he’s not doing this Lina, he is going to eat with this family…Lina says, Please Phil don’t push the issue…I am going to push the issue Lina, Logan cannot checkout of this family, because of Liam. This is our new realty and he needs to accept Liam as part of this family….Phil heads for the stairs…Dammit…Lol

  44. I read through the entire manuscript and am adding eight scenes. I’ll just slip them in when I get it back from the editor.

    How do you feel Phil will handle Logan’s snub of Liam?

  45. Good morning ladies. Finally caught up with all the posts. I love reading the scenarios on here, gets the ol heartbeat revved up. The visuals do help the imagination. You gals are so talented.

    Trace, wishing for the best on your hip and hoping it doesn’t end up a replacement. I do remember your funny posts while on meds, just too funny.

    Ann I hope your time with your daughters is as enjoyable as my son’s visit has been for me. He visits so many places and the stories he tells are funny in retrospect though he assures me not so at the time.

    I do have a question about Bruce and Susan Hunter. Did either of them reach out to Lina after they became aware of the affair and Liam, offer her support? Mike and Jeanie? Will this be covered in SN? Diane didn’t offer Lina any support in WPF. More like ‘it happened, get over it.’ Wonder what her reaction would have have been had it been Wayne that strayed.

    • I think it was implied in WPF that both Phil’s parent reached out to Lina. She had them at her home on Christmas. She thinks of them as parents. I also mentioned that Lina talks on the phone to Susan almost weekly. And as far as Phil’s brother and wife, I mentioned in WPF that Jeanie didn’t reach out to Lina but Lina didn’t care because they’ve never been close

      • Now that we’ve all checked in with an answer, are you going to tell us, who the most stubborn Hunter actually is? You know it will slay me if you don’t….Lol

          • So what was going on with that emotional Megan scene? Is Megan the first to accept Liam then since she asked Lina to just forgive Phil. I so think a reveal is warranted here Laura. Lol

          • Laura now that Logan is the most stubborn and I might add sweet, does Phil resent Logan for not accepting Liam? When Logan finally does accept Liam does Phil feel thankful?

          • You know what? This tells me Megan thinks the sun rises and sets with Phil. He can do no wrong. Lina will have to be the first one to fully accept Liam so the kids can follow in her direction. You don’t want a snippet Tracie?

          • I can do a snippet if Laura wants to share, but I don’t want a big reveal..You know I am like you, I will have to flip back and forth on big reveals and read again…

  46. I missed the scenarios last night, T and J- amazing!
    I say Lina- no one is as hurt by the affair as she is. Kids are resilient, busy, self-absorbed…I think the whole book will be about pulling back the layers of Lina’s pain, resentment, insecurity, etc. to allow her to fully accept Liam. I imagine the ending with Lina saying she has 4 children, or maybe something symbolic- like adding an L charm for Liam to her necklace with M, K, and L charms.

  47. Thanks Ann…I hope you are your daughters are having a great time…

    Megan will gravitate toward her mom more with Liam around and resent her dad if she’s not the center of his world. This is where the whole Hunter family has to grow with the inclusion of Liam. Phil can’t just stop being a dad to the other three, because it is his weekend with Liam. The teenagers are still going to have problems and activities that require daddy Phil. The kids have to accept the fact that Liam is a baby and Phil doesn’t have near the expectations of him (yet) that he does of the other three…There will be jealousy…but Phil has to prove to them and Lina that he can shift from a father of teenagers, to a daddy of a toddler and meet everyone’s needs….

    • Hi Tracie, Yes we are having fun. My husband and I and the daughter who is visiting are on our way to the movies and late lunch. We are going to see The Green Book.
      Check in with you ladies later today.

  48. Good Morning Ladies.
    First off I would like to compliment Tracie and Janet for their great scenarios. You two ladies have missed your calling. Your Kim theories are wild and so entertaining. You ladies have Phil down to a T.

    As far as which Hunter will take longest to accept Liam. I’m going with Megan. Logan has a good heart and Katie has really changed since Matt came into her life. Plus I think Katie was always in Megan’s shadow since Megan is mini Phil, the overachiever! Katie knows how it feels to be left out and I think she will want to take care of Liam, even if she won’t admit it. When Megan comes home from school for breaks, Phil will be tied up some weekends when Liam is at the house and might not be able to run with her like they used to.

    • Ok me too Megan now. She’s an attention monger. She will be the most jealous one. Maybe she has narcissistic tendencies… never thought of that.

      Ok I’m going to Krispy Kreme today and get a proper fritter. Oink

  49. Okay it is going to be Megan….I’ve thought about it..Logan is going to be around Liam the most because he’s the youngest of the three and will fall for the cutie, because a toddler will not leave you alone if they want attention….Megan is use to Phil stopping everything to give her full attention, just like when Lina was kissing him in the kitchen and Megan walked in and it was like Lina who…..It is Megan….no doubt

    • Logan. He looks for his dads approval and then comes new baby who doesn’t require Phil’s approval. Phil May even miss a lax game because of Liam. Also his age-15 is hard. It’s an awkward age with hormonal changes and sex on the brain. Megan is a girl and older. She’s too wrapped up in herself to feel the insecurities she doesn’t have unlike Logan. Katie has Matt and Alice.

  50. Good Morning, I just saw the blond scene, Janet it was awesome….That’s like her saying “we are just having fun, Phil.” Ewww..I’m wondering how she is going to draw attention to herself, since Phil told Mike she still wanted Phil to fuck her….Lol….

  51. Janet what about Lina taking Liam to the grocery store with her because Phil was having to work on a brief and Katie wasn’t home. Kim is at the store and notices Lina with Liam without Phil and nuts out on Lina in the produce section….

    • Shits going to hit the fan and a bystander will call 911. For sure. Did you read my blonde hair up there? You can see her saying this? Sometimes I hate Phil when I imagine stuff like that.

    • yes she is a schemer. She will see and store in her head and use it to her benefit. But if she saw them in the grocery store she will march up and cause a scene with Lina. Like how dare Lina play with her toys/ possession/ baby? No sharing for kimmy. Oh let’s call her Kimmy. aww kimmy what do you see? Daddy and mommy and baby? You arent included?

  52. Lina that’s why we are here tonight baby, so we aren’t in earshot of the kids…Phil that bitch is like a thorn in my fucking side…How close does she live to us Phil? Lina she lives about a mile and half from us on ?….Oh my God Phil are you kidding me.. Phil let’s out a deep sigh I wish I was baby…I can’t control where the fuck she lives…I don’t want her near me or my kids do you understand me? I’ll see her everywhere now…Baby please don’t let this drive a wedge between us, I promise we’ll work this out. I didn’t know Phil, that accepting Liam I had to accept her too! Lina you don’t! Phil i guess my forgiveness for what you did has ensured my life will always be hindered by her bitterness this is my fate. Oh baby, no it’s not, everything will calm down, she’s just a jealous bitch trying to cause havoc in our marriage, please don’t let her baby…

          • Think about this one..Lina and Phil take Liam to an outdoor park with baby swings and slides…Lina has Liam on her lap as she slides down the slide with Phil waiting to catch them both.. They are all three laughing.Phil leans over and kisses Liam’s head and then gives Lina a quick peck on the lips….Standing across the street in the grocery store parking lot is Kim…watching with fury the family that should be hers head for Phil’s car….

          • The witch will be sipping a smoothie and planning at night. Laura, does Phil take Liam to the park? When Linas busy and Phil has Liam alone where do they go?

  53. Janet think about when Phil and Lina are in a social environment and Kim shows up now that she lives in the hood….Phil could probably bite nails…

    • Yes! Like at the restaurant we keep putting them in. If Laura actually has a scene like that in SN we will scream.
      Lina will get upset. Why didn’t you tell me she’s still here? She’s sitting right across from us
      Baby I just found out yesterday she was moving
      That’s 24 hours too late Phil. You said no more secrets…. Dun dun dun. You take over Tracie.

    • Oh ok. I don’t know what popped up. Just read your scene. Content is right on. But again, I accuse you of being too nice. Lol. You need to drop some f bombs when he’s with Kim and take out some verbs. you are the one who says Phil growls. And I think Phil grunts here and there too. Sorry!!!

      • You are so right Phil would say I don’t give a fuck what you want, I have rights as his father and I intend on invoking those rights…

        • Lord you know it’ll be like a few lines because he doesn’t want to talk to her but I saw a pretty lady at the salon with gorgeous blonde hair yesterday….
          Where’s Liam. I’m running late,” he mutters as he drops a pile of papers on her end table.
          What’s this? Did you forget I no longer work for you Phil? Btw, do you like my new haircut? I had the stylist cut it the way you told me you liked it.
          What the hell are you talking about? This is the revised visitation rights. I told Tim I would drop it off. He emailed you the copy.
          Phil, I told you you could see Liam anytime. You are his father. His name is Liam Hunter. You chose that name for him at the hospital remember? Don’t you also remember how you loved my hair at the Larson trial in ny and you wanted to see it spread out on our pillow? I remember everything Phil. How good we were together.
          You know nothing. Remember something that doesn’t exist? You delusional bitch go get my son. (Imagine this part with a guttural voice/growl or however
          Phil talks to Kim). All this because I saw pretty hair.

  54. Ann I did a tell Kim theory for you…everyone is going to kill me but unless Laura just cant wait to share something with us, I’m like her and don’t want anymore scenes from SN, until I can read the book! I can’t control my imagination Lol

    Laura can read fun scenarios now that she is through writing the book! Let’s entertain her for awhile, she deserves it!

  55. I think Phil will bring Liam home from an afternoon visit and tell Kim he has some changes to discuss with her in his visitation, that he is going to want to start having full weekends and overnight stays…Kim will say, Phil I think that’s great…Do you have a crib at your rental? That’s what we need to discuss, Lina and I have reconciled.. I want Liam and my other children to have more time to bond and for Liam to become comfortable around my family….Kim says I don’t see that happening, our custody agreement only allows for several hours of visitation per week, not overnight visits, nor do I want my son around her! Kim our custody agreement has only afternoon visits because of his age. .There is still the clause where we both agreed the visitation could be modified once he reach 9 months old and I’m going through my attorney to exercise that option…Kim looks at Phil and says That is our son and I do not want him confused about who his mother is…Phil looks at Kim and says with a clipped tone, Liam won’t be confused and Liam will be a part of my family, you’ll being hearing from my lawyer, so we can negotiate a new custody agreement. Kim says I won’t agree to my son being exposed to her or her children, do you hear me! Then Laura scene kicks in where he takes Liam to his nursery…Thata the way I imagine it

  56. Katie said men are so helpless regarding Phil and the diaper…I was worried he was going to treat Logan to nonchalant in SN because of Liam. Now with the snippets Laura shared I think they are on an even playing field…Lol God Bless Katie she really is Phil’s cross to bare…I love how she runs her dad through the ringer…

    • Katie like our Kbabe here has street creds. Lol. I thought charge him the $20. You don’t know what’s in that thing. My kids try and get $20 just answering the front door when I can’t. Get the door! It’s fedex with signature required.
      Get the door now. He can’t leave.
      Fine just sign. I’ll kill you later.

  57. I can’t wait for the scene where Kim finds out that Phil and Lina are back together.
    You know I think about the Hunters all the time, am I sick? Another reason I think I’m hooked on Phil is because of his personality. He’s hot, smart, great career and a major ass!

  58. BTW my sister showed up at my father’s with Dunkin Coffee and chocolate munchkins. I’ve basically eaten them all day.

    • So funny! I stopped by at an inferior donut place today and got an apple fritter. It was rancid and gross. Lucky ducky you!

        • Cake donut holes. Vanilla not as yummy. Do you have Dunkin’ Donuts there? Also their ham and Swiss is really good surprisingly. You wouldn’t think so. Gosh I’m hungry. Gonna eat my leftover curry and think of drowning Kim in my sauce. Tracie guess what I made in my toaster oven today? Kale chips! It worked. Lol

          • No Dunkin’ Donuts here. We have them in bigger cities and also Krispy Creamand Daylight donuts…

        • This sister doesn’t which is why it was such a coincidence. My brother texted me today. Haven’t spoken to him in a while but he was up on the blog. He said he checks in a couple of times a week lol

    • I must be thinking about Tracie’s post again bc I read BMW instead of BTW. I don’t think I’ve seen his car in real life. Is his car gunmetal grey? Lina drives a black Mercedes suv? Matt drives a dodge? I remember Katie’s board.

  59. It was Ann that wanted theory’s on the pictures…I honestly don’t have any…

    I have been thinking about the scene with Phil telling Kim about the reconciliation though…

    • Lord only Laura’s family knows answers to that and this week I’m not obsessed with those pictures. Next week I’ll be on the bandwagon again.

      Today I thought about if Phil ever feels anxiety when he sees Kim’s phone number lighting up his cell. I feel like he has to keep his guard up since she can always strike. It shouldn’t be, why the hell is this woman calling me now but rather, shit, the bitch better not have called Lina before contacting me. Does it ruin his whole day when Kim reaches out or at least half a day? What kind of impact does Kim have on Phil and Linas daily life? None?

  60. Hi sisters. I’ve been hanging with my daughter today, the one who lives in Michigan. My youngest daughter, the teacher, turned 28 today and we all just got back from dinner to celebrate her birthday. My girls are here and they both talk so much and they’re loud but I love it.

    SN, The pictures are driving me crazy. I can’t wait to hear Phil’s explanation and I hope it gives us closure. The fact that Jordan was satisfied gives me hope. Steamboat is the one that I need to understand. I want to know why Phil decided to take that bitch to their vacation home in their bed. I know men think differently but still! Phil and Lina just consume my life now!
    Laura I can relate to your Dad getting upset over President Bush’s funeral. Bush was a good person even if you didn’t agree with his political views.

    • I just read Tracie’s comment to the pictures. I don’t remember us talking about them yesterday. Wasn’t Liana on with us yesterday?

  61. Sorry! Had to drop car off in the am and when it rains here nobody remembers how to drive! Was refreshing but when I didn’t see post I thought it was my phone acting up again. I have horrible coverage. Lol about diaper. I noticed same in the other snippet how Phil held Liam out so Kim could change his diaper. Phil is Phil. Thank god you didn’t completely redeem him. Bahaha.

    President Bush’s eulogy to his father was beautiful.

  62. I was down for 2 days from a cold and my screen. My excuse today is I’m catching up on all the domestic things that fall apart in 2 days.

  63. But I did think of my Phil today I saw a car like Phil’s in gunmetal gray today….I can so see my hunk of burning love driving that sleek ride…..

  64. not Lina and Phil but it will have to do…

    Phil was late to pick up Liam and then forgot to pick up food on the way home. “Just order a pizza,” he told Katie, handing off Liam to her. “I think he needs a diaper change.”
    “No way.”
    “I’ll give you ten dollars.”
    “Fifteen and make sure he’s completely clean and dry.”

    • Bahahaha. I love that…Lina would of said are you kidding me, you are not paying her a dime, give me that baby…Lol……

      It is hard to get old…but I’m happy he can walk with a cane…Sounds like me and him are hip buddies….

    • Katie has to order dinner and change the diaper…Yes Phil is lost when Lina is not home…Lol….Supper would of been on the table and a diaper change would of been free…You can see right there how much Lina does in the home, and I hope Phil is realizing it too….

  65. I spent the day with my dad — watched the Bush funeral (my dad cried). That’s my excuse for being gone all day. What happened to everyone else?

    • Sorry about your dad getting upset… how is he feeling? My husband had a doctors appointment in Muskogee so we went shopping afterwards and ate a late lunch…Just got home.

  66. Laura, when you said give descriptions of outfits for Lina you are planning to add them into scenes after editor?

    Omg Tracie, it’s your birthday month. I just remembered. Laura, I feel like she would appreciate a scene from SN? Haha. Used you again Tracie but it’s your ?! Maybe tomorrow you will get a surprise! Phil in his custom made brooks and Lina in a high slit work skirt?
    Do you get the day off tomorrow?
    Hasta luego Ladies. Homework time.

    • Yes but I won’t put brands – just descriptions. An editor told me not to put brands. Let people imagine what they want. Tracie how close are we to the bday?

      • Right. No brands. I agree. Jr ward did this in her vampire series and it threw me off. Just color and fabric is good enough on Linas swan neck. For Xmas, white cashmere dress with bateau neck and stockings works for me. And red stilettos. I wonder what Kim will wear for her office Christmas party. Is her lover at the party?!

          • This old hen loves you you young chicks too!

            Ann as yesterday
            what our theory was on the pictures…I have no idea what they could be….The picture of him in her bed, the only thing I can rationalize is he left Lina on Sunday nights because he didn’t want to fight with Lina and that was an easy way out for him… The picture of them at the bar no earthly idea. Steamboat no idea either…..He had an affair and he’s going to have to take the lumps…If Lina is still bitter after his answers then it is what it is…He had an affair…and acted very selfishly……

  67. Laura did you cheat on the Hunters today? How much of Lucas Roe do you have left to write? Noah and kelly I will have to wait till summer to read. Otherwise it may depress me.

    • No cheating today. Focuses on SN again. I’m going to write a couple of romance novels before the next family drama. I have about 75 pages of Nick Prossi and about the same for Lucas Roe

  68. I love the fitted suit coats, but no way would Phil wear a skinny pant leg…any thing that’s looks like Lina’s pants he’s not wearing…maybe a tapered leg but not a skinny pant leg…

      • He strikes me as traditional….My Phil is a MANMAL…growl growl…..he is not skinny pants nor does he drink latte’s…..

        This is a funny story Kbabe you will appreciate it…because you husband is a fireman…Well I work very closely with the Fire Chief (which my son hates). I’m over Law Enforcement and Security….So our programs overlap, and we went to the Fire
        Chiefs Connference together in Kansas
        City…Chief is an old cranky dude that I just love and I talked him in to going to Starbucks on one of our breaks. I go up to the counter and ordered my White Chocolate Mocha and move aside for him to order and he says black coffee and the barista says would you like to try this and that with froth and flavoring…etc…Chief says coffee black only! He rings it up and it’s like five bucks, well you would of thought the guy told him his dog died…We get our coffees and go out the front door, Chief takes a drink of that coffee and spits it out like a fish fountain and says that overpriced shit taste like panther piss….I busted out laughing, he threw it in the trash…I said are you kidding me, he said Kid Fire house coffee puts that shit to shame…..He is hard of hearing and he says, he’s that way because of the perpetual whining of young firefighters….He treats this boys like gold though…..

  69. Thank you! I should have done this a long time ago. I hate describing outfits and you don’t need to do it often but you should a couple of times to give readers an idea.

    • Yes. I gobbled up the way you described Lina in the dress at the wedding. Loved the spa treatment she and Diane had together. Since Lina is working now maybe she can do this once a month? I was reading a book by an unknown author(to me) and it wasn’t till 80 percent that the hero I was reading about was black. Maybe I skimmed when she said mocha complexion but it threw me off. No way I’m a racist but it was MC novel and he was the pres. anyway I love it when you describe Phil’s black boxer briefs, Linas jean shorts, and nicks White linen shirt.

    • Why can’t he wear Tom Ford or Ralph Lauren or Hermes or YSL or Armani? Brooks brothers may be too cheap for Phil no? Ugh you are right. Phil is conservative so no metro. Still..
      Maybe for court he can wear Armani for Tracie. My husband loves j crew suits. My dad wears Brioni and Valentino. Lots of options for Phil.

      • I’m just basing this off of my perception of the characters. Brooks Brothers suits presidents. 2-5k for a custom suit. Very conservative. Same with the brands Lina might wear. I see her in a lot of Elie Tahari for work, and only fine jewelry, no costume jewelry.

        • Party pooper. Let’s just put her in DVF silk dress with leopard print heels. And some Theory suits are fine. How about clean high rise dark jeans, white frilly blouse with Ralph Lauren blazer with lots of gold bracelets? She can have messy bun at work and then takes off the band as she walks in the door and Phil smells her finesse shampoo and her gardenia she spritzed in the am. Lol.

  70. What brand of suit would you put Phil in girls? Would he go to a tailor to get a fitted Armani or would he buy an Armani and go get it tailored specifically for him?

    • That’s casual but it needs to have a little more edge…maybe accessories…

      I see Lina coming home with the family spread out between the kitchen and family…She’s wearing red Slim ankle pant with a black silk shell and fitted short jacket to match pants…she has plain black stilettos on…She comes through the door and Phil very much appreciates the view…her clothes are as fitted as his suit…Phil is making a beeline toward her for a kiss, but Liam is closer and comes running…she literally squats to his level (in stilettos) wrapping him in a big exaggerated hug saying I missed you….Phil helps her stand with Liam in her arms and Logan says mom can we eat now I’m starving…Lol. Phil doesn’t let Lina go until he gets that kiss…Swoon…

  71. So Katie said St. John eceningwear Loved it. Tracie said Rosie Huntington love that too. I say for work clothes Kelly Wearstler who is a famous LA designer and Aerin Lauder for more NYC chic. What do you think Jordan?

  72. Girls look up pictures of Rosie Huntington Whiteley on the workout gear. I can see Lina dressing like her….Do you think Lina would wear a ball cap with her ponytail pulled through the hole in the back? I do…she wears jean shorts and tanks…she’s got class and swag when she needs it and laid back home girl when she’s relaxing….

    • I love that look J-Girl…I thought Laura said workout gear Lol…Long day…a guy tried to have an hour talk with me on buying rubber guns for training. I finally just had to cut him off and said send me the requisition for approval…I couldn’t stand it anymore…I was digging my nails into my palms….I would of called NASA and asked if I could name a planet after him, if that’s what he wanted just to get him out of my office LOL…

      • Thanks for my laugh of the day. That was so funny. Rubber guns!! Your job is never boring. I thought at first you said rubber bands!

  73. Okay girls — yesterday you gave me evening wear for Lina — how about a few work outfits. She’s an interior designer so just nice casual I think

    • I thought I gave uou a couple last night. Katie approved but not the heels nor blue nail polish. I’ll go look at more outfits

      Tracie I love Rosie and Jason Statham. Remember I said can Jason be Phil and Kbabe said her husband shaves/ bics(new word for me). I love anything and everything Rosie wears. I too think Lina is this slim

      Kbabe. Big smooch for approving my Asian marge Simpson moment 6 yrs ago. It was a dark few months. I smelled of coconut oil for 3 months because I had to grease down the friZz. My sister said man you could be one of those korean mob wives.

  74. Hi ladies.
    Tracie take care of yourself sister! Laura glad to here your knee is better. Liana I just reread posts from today and you make some good points about Phil. I think all of us want some closure.
    Katie Muriel’s Wedding is one of my favorite movies! I love Toni Colette.
    If Lina gets closure about the pictures, what explanation does Phil give her? Tracie I want to hear your theory.
    My daughter from Michigan is flying in tonight for a few days. This is a great week for us.

  75. All of these exotic bloggers make me think of all of my favorite movies. Muriel’s Wedding! So funny!
    Liana, Australia is my number 1 place to go. I was set to study abroad there in college but some shit happened, and I couldn’t.
    My husband is a firefighter and we’ve talked about doing an “exchange” for a season there. We would never come back!

  76. I double posted one to Liana and asked you to delete the duplication but it’s gone now…sometimes you will post and it takes you back to your main page. Then after a couple of refreshes it shows up, then sometimes you just have to retype it in its entirety….

    Thanks guys…I’m trying to will myself better!!! I told my husband, that my ass was getting as big as my mouth! I’m so tired of being inactive….

    • Poor thing. What a pain. Let’s be careful. I have a bit of osteo. Try dr axe collagen and mix in coffee. It helps. Also tumeric pills. If I forget these two for a day I hear the squeaks in my bones.

  77. Jordan said one of the most significant scenes to her in SN (at least in terms of unanswered questions in WPF) was when Phil and Lina discussed the pictures. She said that brought her closure on the affair. That happens in the first 20 percent of the novel.
    As far as how much Nick — he has a few scenes — more in the beginning as we wind down open issue from WPF

    • The closure is great!!!! Phil will absorb Lina’s hurt in that scene like a sponge….you’ve even said Laura that he wrestles with himself after that scene…I bet his own guilt and his hate for Kim in that moment almost consumes him….

    • Congrats on the Knee sister….I’m back on the crutches, leg collapsed day before yesterday….Going back to Tulsa Friday to determine if therapy is an option or hip replacement…ugh!!!!

    • Yay! You deleted my post Laura. Lol. Is it too early in the am to discuss about Kim? Have a good day ladies. Gonna cover my grey roots today and get a root perm. Sadly I am loosing hair so Katie’s theory with my thick hair is false! Keep posting ladies so I can read during the perm/color.

        • I don’t know what happened. I was replying to Liana and Tracie. Maybe my phone. Nobody hacked into your site right? You know I get paranoid..

        • Oh it’s an Asian thing. You actually use a straightening iron to do it. Gives a tiny oomph to the roots. Not a curl or anything. I go to a Japanese stylist and she and I talked about Phil and Lina last time. I will tell her today SN will be out soon. I did try giving myself a big Afro once. Like solange knowles(Beyoncé’s sister). O.M.G. Whatever you visualized would be probably be correct.

  78. Phil is charming, for one. And, at that time, he was enjoying having sex with Kim and didn’t want to stop…so he probably just strategically didn’t stop flirtatious touches, comments, etc. Knowing Kim and Phil better now, I can’t imagine they joined running group together or arrived together, but it wouldn’t be a far stretch for an outsider to assume they were together, especially since he wore his wedding ring. It’s hard to imagine Phil ever having an affair, but he did, and it’s painful. Every time we talk about these things, I lose my appetite. Imagine Lina and how she felt as these details kept emerging. Ugh!
    Gotta focus on moving forward…

    • Katie, yes they say (what I read in books anywayd
      ) the forgiving is easier than the forgetting… and the scene Laura writes about Lina not able to look at Liam.. I could understand Lina’s conflict… she wants to move forward but there is a constant living reminder… it’s tougj.. but in a way Liam is also a constant reminder to Phil if he’s insanity and to not hurt Lina again.. ever..

      • Oh my goodness. It would be so hard. Anyone who calls Lina weak is sadly mistaken, because dealing with that kind of pain is STRENGTH!

  79. God… do we all have some kind of experience here with infidelity… my close friend’s husband of 25 years also left her for another “love” their kids are all grown up… they migrated to Australia as a family.. just got their PR and suddenly said hubby is in love with someone else he works with…

    I get it now why we all kind of love Phil.. sure he had a temporary insanity thing but he chose his family not the new thrill

    • I mean pda from Kim not Phil. She would have done it with handing him a bottle of water or squeezing his shoulders for encouragement or wiping his sweat off and giving him a side hug. I don’t mean full on tongue down Phil’s esophagus. Those little touches will give off signs that they are a couple. However those 2 pictures with Phil touching Kim and the texts(no matter that Kim mainipulated) was Phil and not a body double. You can forgive him but you can’t excuse how he acted those four months. He loved Lina but he did want Kim and “enjoyed” his time with her. If we didn’t love Phil we wouldn’t care as much. All this will be explained in SN and Lina forgave him so that’s it. We are all just dissecting the sections that were hard for all of us to read and harder for Laura to write.

  80. Liana Scroll up…could you assume they were a couple if he handed her his towel to wipe her face or gave her a bottle of water? He didn’t have to touch her for Emily to assume….There was a couple at work that were having an affair and we figured it out, because they signed in at the gym everyday within a few minutes of each other and walked the track together, but they never touched…you can assume and we were right, but there was no PDA….

    • True Tracy.. I’m so excited to see how it is in SN!

      And btw good morning! Having breakky? Or off to do your daily activities?

  81. Emily didn’t say wife (she may have assumed)…she said “I had no idea.” I thought you and…..then she trailed off with the rest of her response….Then Lina said “Kim”….I think the group probably ran at a certain time and maybe Megan couldn’t always participate. Phil never got to explain…..them arriving together is also stretching it for me, but I may be to protective over my Phil too!!! Lol….Now they may have seen him follow her from the parking lot in separate cars and assumed they were having an affair or a couple…

    • Tracy what your saying got me thinking… so if I were Emily and I was to have a conclusion that a man and woman is a couple it should not only because of words but also seeing a certain level of intimacy right? I mean they were having sex… surely the touches and famimiarity they give each other are different… so that was what I assumed… and thinking Kim was the wife maybe because Phil had his wedding ring on? I would think (if I was Emily) well he has a wedding ring and he is giving this woman touches or heated looks.. surely she is said wife..

  82. Gosh what time is it where you ladies are at? It’s actually 3am here in Melbourne Australia… hahaha

    The thesis thing made me a temporary (I hope) night owl

  83. Morning Ladies.
    Continuing on with Phil, it still irks me that he took her to Steamboat and the bar scene of them dancing. That show’s more than sex to me, and I hope we get some explanations in SN. I’m Team Phil, but I seem to go back and forth somewhat when I read other bloggers’ views on here.

    Laura, I know you’ve answered this before, but how much of Nick do we see in SN? He’s still a thorn in Phil’s side too!

    • Ann I believe he explains in the picture scene…but he had the affair yes, was it a slap in the face to Lina, yes! However, Lina sees more in her soulmate, than a man that betrayed her, she sees her life and her happiness…Remember in Chapter 48, when she is remembering the trauma and Phil’s supporting role in the most tragic time of her young life? He put his life on hold for her, to help her heal…he helped take care of her family and held Lina up when she was going under….How could she not sacrifice a little of her pride, when the man she loved, suddenly wasn’t perfect anymore??? I personally took a spoonful of sugar to help that bitter pill go down and I feel much better…Lol

  84. I need to add this…but I guarantee they didn’t show up holding hands and skipping…she may have given the impression to others that they were a couple with subtle touches or running beside him, and talking at his car with him after the run…but Phil would not have kissed her in the parking lot with all to see, etc, and I doubt they showed up together to run, if they did, to me that would be out of character for Phil, especially the group being in Baltimore….

    • I think he went and picked her up. I think this from what Emily said. Didn’t she think Kim was Phil’s wife? If they came in separate cars I don’t think she would assume that. Also what’s the point of running together if they weren’t going to fuck before or after since that was the point of Phil letting not Kim run with him and not Megan. I just have to think of it as checking out for four months.

      • Janet… maybe (I hope) Kim was the one whispering to everyone that she’s Phil’s partner? instead of Phil being all touchy feely towards Kim (I hope)… I’m doing a lot of hoping here…

        • Ladies I can say with confidence, Phil would not have been touchy and affectionate with Kim in that running group..He may have handed her his towel to wipe her sweaty face or a bottle of water…but he would not have kissed her or leaned in for hugs and phone selfies…if he had, Lina would of got a 5th picture on her birthday….

          • Good point! Maybe Kim sprang some PDA on him… but he didn’t shove her away? It doesn’t have to be a man in love to react kind of stunned and not rejecting being ambushed by a young attractive female…

    • Yep totally what I meant about getting these clarifications in SN about the “misunderstandings” in AWPF. I mean If I was Lina I would be imagining them holding hands etc etc.. after all the beating down of my confidence with the affair…

      I literally felt Lina’s heart broke when she saw how Nick’s girlfriend was confused of who is Lina to Phil… and then Lina had doubts on her physical appearance thinking men her age aren’t attracted to women her age, but will probably go for women Kim’s and said girlfriend’s age (something Lina also asked Nick if I’m not mistaken).

      This group is totally a repreive during the waiting period of SN.. can’t wait to read it Laura!

      @Janet, I did read all the snipets… that was my first priority after I was done with the thesis haha..

  85. Girls I may be way out in left field, but I don’t see Phil joining the running club with her (maybe wrong). I also don’t see him voicing out loud to a group of runners that they are a couple, etc…that would be way to close to home for Phil, my opinion only…he may have joined to up the level of his training and she invaded his space…who knows…but that would give him more access to her during the four months and he probably took advantage of the opportunity…..

    • Ok. I don’t think Liana meant voicing but letting the group think they are. Probably because he didn’t want to correct them when Kim was showing PDA. Laura tells us temporary insanity.

      • J-Girl even open PDA with her in public (Maybe in NYC), would be a stretch for me, especially it being in Baltimore, where people could recognize him or know Lina somehow…you know the old saying small world….

    • No worries there… I knew you ment me ;).

      Laura, what really makes so excited about reading SN is actually finding out what is going on in Phil’s head… to do all the stupid things he did with Kim.. I mean he didn’t love her but he went all the trouble of joining running club not correcting other people’s assumption that Kim is his wife (for example)? in some aspect I don’t blame Kim if she thought she’s got him.. he sure made it seem like Kim is worth something for him…

      I kept searching for the psychological facts of why people cheat and would they leave their respective long term partners… it’s interesting what you can find :).

      Question: how do you actually get the scenes words feelings? I would have thought that you actually experienced it or someone you know has… in words of a researcher: you totally nailed the points of human research analysis.. hahaha

      • Hi Liana welcome back! Were you able to read all the snippets? Laura wrote more than a few since we last saw you.

        I didn’t know Phil and Kim joined the running group together. It I think you are right. Lina said Phil joined a new group few months ago. That means during Kim fiasco. Damn it phil.

        You take care. Good luck on your studies!!

      • I think writing is similar to acting. You immerse yourself into the character and feel what they feel. I’m 53 so yes I’ve personally dealt with heartbreak, betrayal etc. has a partner ever got another woman pregnant? No. But it isn’t hard to put yourself in Lina’s position. I also dealt with divorce as a teenager and know first hand the impact of seeing the destruction of the family unit.

  86. Good Morning Girls, Congrats on finishing Linda that’s a major accomplishment no matter how mature…..Keep up the good work.

    Laura can I please have a short snippet from Chapter 47? Lina said she was surprised that Phil hadn’t reached out after their kiss on the Lacrosse Field…What were his thoughts when he walked away…Then when she texted him…I can see him setting in the Farside house missing Lina after that kiss and then BAM her text comes in…his text seemed eager about picking her up…then picking her up and Logan up…Lina leaning into him at the couples house, he could maybe notice other men looking at her too….Then the dinner scene, wow his thoughts on that…I’m just saying…….

    I thought about Noah and Kelly too….Since we are in the gut Wrench Trench we might as well finish….I also see Noah changing his strategy with Kelly’s son, and Kelly needing to step up without causing her son to resent Noah even more….Noah could also play the hand…you are going to be gone before long to college and you don’t want your mother to be alone, me and my son are in no way trying to replace you…..but her son needs to feel included…they can work on a car together or some manly scene to help them bond….He is fixing to turn 16….Take him to a Ravens Game……Lol

    • Good morning! I’m not too fond of writing long passages of inner dialogue for characters, especially males but I’ll think about this

      As far as the other story – much more complicated story line than just a rebellious teenage boy

    • Also it’s easier with Lina because she is going to discuss feelings with Adele or Diane. Phil isn’t going to call someone and tell them he knows Lina’s coming back to him.

      • I didn’t think about dialogue… I just think about HOT…. Another reason I couldn’t be an author…Lol…Whatever you pick to do I will enjoy it…I always do…

        Phil will tell Kim that is all that matters to me…

  87. Hello ladies! My goodness I just finished catching up reading the posts. I have been missing in action finishing up my thesis (yes.. I am a mature graduate student LOL) so that I could indulge reading SN once it’s published!

    My emotions are all over the place reading everything in the discussions.

    Praying to the editing Gods to give your editors the speed of light!

      • Yeah I’m jumping on your train but I love her. And that is more Kim shoes anyway. Maybe Kim ate extra spicy curry and tried to seduce Phil wearing those shoes but when she got into Phil’s car she stunk so much he kicked her out. Ok. Good job Kbabe. I hope Laura can use a few of the pics in the book.

  88. That dress was hot Kbabe, I could so see Lina wearing that dress….also that’s how I picture her being built as well… can you imagine if she walked down the stairs dressed in that gold dress and he couldn’t go with her…that earthquake in Alaska wouldn’t have nothing on Phil

    • Gurrrrl. You got this. Who knew st John is this sexy! It could be runway Versace but you should put that on SN. Love the lingerie pick. How did Lina dress before you think? More simple and down to earth. And now because of her career and her field she can be little more suggestive than a lawyer perhaps. Let me find a picture of Kelly wearstler. Shes a interior designer.

  89. I like that dress J-Girl…If the dress was a bit longer it would be perfect…I wonder if Lina had a dress on when Phil was running his palms up the back of her thighs and when he got up there if she was wearing a thong..Phil would of loved that….

    • Yes. I read it as Lina wear a dress. I picked more risqué ones because I want Phil’s eyes to pop out and take her to the nearest hotel rather than the party. Lol. Black lace looks good on Lina!

      Also if you guys are ever in a mood for a historical, Lisa kleypas’ Midnight Angel has similar theme to Laura’s Noah story. Super good. She’s right up there with Laura. The guy loses his right hand trying save his wife in a fire. He’s an earl. He has a hook for his hand and falls in love with a 18 year old governess. Omg it’s so good you guys. I’ve been a fan of hers since my teens.

  90. Laura don’t know if I can read the book with that scene in it. It hits too close to home. But I will give it a try, maybe just scim. If a book has your name on it I’ll read.
    Is this the family drama you mentioned? Which book will you publish next or is that a toss up?

  91. Oh Laura that scene you just shared with us about Noah and Kelly was so heartbreaking and so good. Now you’ve got my interest spiked. Finish that one next. This story sounds damn good.
    You are truly a gifted author. I’m serious you are the best.
    Getting back to the Hunters is going to be bitter sweet for Phil. Growing pains for him with his Lina breaking free into a career and him with a baby. I think they will both grow and be stronger. Love me some Phil.

    • Me too Ann he is hot…I just hope there is enough of them both to go around…The have teenage kids and a toddler, so hard to switch gears between worlds…it’s like having two different families….

  92. What about Phil all by himself at the office Christmas Party…Kim shows up or had she already left? I would love to know how he feels at the party, on display without Lina, especially if Kim is there and pregnant…

    • They weren’t involved during the office Christmas party — the affair started in February and Kim was at another law firm the following Christmas

  93. Today I’ve been cheating on the Hunters…

    What do you think?

    Muse: “a person who causes someone else to have ideas about creating a work of art : a person who inspires an artist, writer, etc.” Webster

    In the early afternoon of December 23, 2017 as Kelly Donovan sat in her jeep cursing those responsible for the gridlock on GW parkway less than a half mile from her exit, she had no idea a quarter mile up the road in a heap of crumpled medal a pregnant mother and eighteen month old girl lay dying, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy barely clung to life, and the tragedies unfolding were bringing her closer to her muse.
    “Unbelievable!” She slapped her hands on the steering wheel, staring at the sea of brake lights before her. Of all the days to get stuck in traffic, why did it have to be this one? She was going to miss the meeting and she needed this job. She didn’t want it, but she needed it.
    “Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything,” the words from Rainer Maria Wilke quoted by her yoga instructor that morning arose in her mind. The very words which sounded so inspirational and uplifting as she sat in the lotus position hours earlier now shot her current annoyance level up and notch.
    “Fuck!” She yanked on the steering wheel. Her eyes focused on the shoulder, the empty lane of pavement that could take her to the exit. It was only half a mile, less than a minute, but what if a cop came, what if—“Fuck it,” she said taking her foot off the brake. It was worth the risk.
    The first two hundred yards went smoothly, her speed teetering between twenty five and thirty miles an hour, and she was mentally congratulating herself for her guts and fortitude when she heard the distinct wailing of sirens. A glance in her rearview mirror confirmed a vehicle with flashing lights approaching, but not the police car she feared, but an ambulance.
    She pressed the gas pedal harder, deciding she needed to remove herself from his path as quickly as possible, but after another fifty yards, with the ambulance now just feet behind she ran out of available asphalt. The shoulder was now as gridlocked as the road beside it, filled with vehicles like Kelly’s, whose owners chose to ignore the clearly posted signs, “Shoulder for Emergency Vehicles Only,” and try to reach the next available exit. And then she saw it, up ahead another fifty yards, a dump truck on its side, another vehicle pinned beneath it.
    A desperate search around confirmed what she already knew. There was nowhere to go. With a guardrail on her left and vehicles on all other sides of her, she was completely boxed in. She and the line of vehicles in front of her were blocking an emergency vehicle from reaching people who were in dire need of assistance. She felt sick.

    Dr. Noah Shaw hummed along to the chords of Nirvana’s Come as You Are playing in his operating room, his hands deftly untwisting the intestines of a four-week old girl suffering from a malrotation. “A Christmas miracle,” he announced moments later, the intestines turning from black to pink before their eyes. Cheers erupted in the room, the others understanding the baby, near death seconds earlier, would not only survive, but would survive with her intestines intact. “Go tell the parents she’s going to be fine,” he said to one of the nurses. “I’ll come out to speak them after we’re done.”
    “Why aren’t we listening to holiday music?” One of the residences asked. “It’s two days until Christmas.”
    “Aren’t you Jewish, Goldstein?” another asked.
    “So? It doesn’t mean I don’t like Santa Clause.”
    “If someone has a Christmas CD, put it on,” Dr. Shaw said. “Goldstein, switch places with me – your about to remove an appendix.”
    “Oh, yeah! Crank up that Christmas music darlin,” he said to a nurse who was changing out the CD.
    “Nice choice people,” Dr. Shaw chuckled as Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer began playing from the stereo speakers.
    “Noah, I’ve got this,” another surgeon said from behind him. “You’re needed outside.”
    “What is it?”
    “I’ve got this,” the surgeon repeated. “Just go.”

    The solemn face of another colleague greeted him as soon as he stepped out of the operating room. “What do you have for me?” he asked as he began to remove his gloves.
    “There’s been an accident.”
    “An accident?” He tossed the gloves in the biohazard can and began to wash his hands. I’m not on call this weekend. I’m taking Beth to dinner and then to see the Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center. She’s been looking forward to it for weeks. If I try to –.”
    “Noah, Beth and the kids were in an accident.”
    “What?” He spun around, pulling his mask from his face. “Where are they?”
    “We’re prepping Nathan for surgery. We need your signature. There’s a grade five laceration to his liver – they have to stop the bleeding.”
    “I’m sorry, Noah.” The other man shook his head, tears in his eyes. “Beth and Charlotte didn’t survive.”

    • Outstanding…Lord I hope Kelly’s impulsive move didn’t stop the mother and daughter from being saved…Laura is this one of the five? This will be so good…

    • Holy moly! This is the second chance one you spoke about? The wife and kids died?!! I can’t. Shit shoot shit Noah is HOT listening to nirvana but man….

        • Yes this is one of the five — I’ve already written over 60,000 words. It’s an emotional roller coaster. I was almost done with it and my computer crashed and I lost 75 pages — and I had no other backup. I was so sick I stopped writing for about 9 months. Then I wrote WPF

          • No way! 75 pages?? No way. You can’t replicate that either. Damn it. that subject matter is a hard one especially if the guy loved the wife. But if anyone can write it it’s you. I remember reading Linda Howard’s sarah’s Child. The guys wife and 2 sons die in a car wreck and he falls in love with the wife’s friend who has been in love with him forever. It was heart and gut and brain and muscle wrenching. Lord. I’m too old Laura go through that now.

          • It’s hard to imagine having to rewrite some fairly gut-wrenching scenes — which is why I haven’t. I really love this book though. So I have to finish it (again)

          • Lord I hate the spoiled ones….That act horrible….But his son would only be 4 or 5…so how old are the characters…

          • She’s 32
            He’s 42
            His son is 4
            Her son is 15 – she had him before she was out of high school (a whole sordid tale) but she raised him by herself and is very protective of him. He’s a difficult boy and clashes with the H

          • Oh man, but with we believe in HEA’s maybe they can have a baby together and it can be a little girl…..Is he mean to the H’s little boy…

          • No not at all. But he a partier and he uses bad language, watches inappropriate movies. He isn’t used to rules. She (kelly) was raised in a strict house and wants her son to be happy

          • That’s not gong to fly, but maybe he will start to appreciate Noah’s attention since he doesn’t have a father…Is he protective of his mother and jealous of her with another man

          • Yes exactly and doesn’t want another man telling him what to do. Plus his mother lets him talk to her any way he wants. Doesn’t sit well with a man that’s in love with her

          • Sounds like to me Kelly is going to have to step up and take the reins and he’s going to have to like it, because he’s 15…..

  94. I can’t give you girls anymore scenes from the SN — you’re becoming too clever at piecing things together. I’ll only give you knew scenes I write from WPF

  95. Lol. St. John makes form fitting dresses. I can see Lina in this gold lamé type even if it’s on sale.
    I think Kim wears Versace or those bandage wrap dreasss like Herve leger while in nyc for dinner. Bitch.
    Lina would wear Carolina Herrera for work. My moms going to her alum dinner on Sunday and she found a beautiful holiday white suit from there. Good for 30 plus. Just hits the knee on my short mom so on Lina it’ll be an inch above knee. I love white this season. I can see Lina wearing a white cashmere dress with red or gold 4 in heels too. That’ll bring her up to 5’10”. Her lips will meet Phil’s neck and jaw.

  96. Hi girls, all is well with me. I do feel like I’m constantly being poked and prodded in the name of prevention, but I should be grateful. Laura, a snippet would really help my recovery today. ?

    • Ooh good one Kbabe. Poor you. You must be starving. For food as well as a snippet. Hint. I’m making chicken curry. Yummmo. But I feel weak from just sitting down for 8 hrs yesterday too. Lol. Hint hint. Poor Tracie. Nothing to do on her day off but wait for Laura’s snippet so she can imagine Phil and Lina in evening wear. I wonder who Lina will wear? Stella?

        • Omg. Isn’t she too young for that? That’s my moms go to for weddings. and she’s 75. Maybe they changed designers. Let me go look at St. John. I was thinking more like Tom Ford or even marchese becasues she’s so feminine. You guys wear Sanuk? Their chill collection is 40 percent off just for today. I got the puff and chill.

        • Girls whatever you put Lina in make sure it is hot….Also J and k pick her out a power suit…Like Chanel J…I wonder what Kim wears? I can solve one mystery it’s not a chastity belt…Lol…I cracked my own self up on that one….

      • How do you make chicken curry in a toaster oven and you will sweat that curry out of your pores…We had a girl at work she was into Indian food and she put curry powder on everything and lots of it…I finally had to tell she smelled like a nasty Urinal and she needed to switch to Mrs. Dash it was bad…

        • Yes it does come out of your pores. You are right. I make Japanese curry though but I burp up same curry stink. For this I busted out my cast iron pot that I reserve for Kim. You know it’s good for you. Lol. That and turmeric. I love tumeric potatoes and peas together.

          • I might eat a little, but I’m not eating so much that I smell like a piss field of wild onions…..not happening…

  97. Laura, any chance of a sneak peek into one of the office party scene? Omg that would get us going for the next 48 hrs I would think. Tracie alone could probably whip up 48 in an hour. Lol. Sorry to use you again Tracie but you are Laura’s favorite and if it works today I’ll use you again tomorrow. Hahaha

    Regarding Phil being insecure, I never thought so but maybe after what Nick tells Phil, it makes him think what if she does outgrow me now that she’s working for Damien/William? Is Damien attracted to Lina?

  98. Girls knowing how awesome Lina is at everything, don’t you think she will probably become a sought after interior designer? I wonder if her career takes off in SN?

    Can’t you see Lina coming through the kitchen door dressed to kill in a power suit and stiletto heels carrying a high dollar brief case…Phil and all the kids around the table….Maybe her assistant on the phone with her working through a major design dilemma and her holding up her finger to tell the crew, to hold one and her looking the Wonder Woman of all that is interior design….

    I’m also wondering how William and his brother found her???

  99. Janet WPF was 398 and it is 10,000 words more so that should put SN at about 435…..

    Laura do Adele or Alice watch Liam when Phil and Lina are in a bind for a babysitter? Even on Phil’s weekends there will be times when Lina and Phil have to be somewhere or Katie or Logan may have a school function that they have to go to, so what do they do? Did this come up in SN?

      • In WPF Lina noted how busy she usually was between Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the Holiday parties her and Phil had to attend, with his business associates, etc…If Liam is incorporated by Christmas…that will be some social engineering going on with the Hunter Calendar…then throw in Lina’s business parties….They will have to divide and conquer no choice….

        You and Jordan had 5 places to go to at Thanksgiving, and with all you friends…your party schedule should be kicking off before long…..I have two I have to attend…..we are pretty low key….

  100. Guys! I just got Price of Mason. It’s the sequel from Masons PoV(forbidden men series). Its 494 pages. Just saying Laura…. hint.

  101. Ann, you are on your way to win! And yay yay you will put yourself in the book when the ravens scene pops up. So cool!

    Kbabe, what’s wrong Coz? Are you OK?

    Deighj, you are a sister everyone needs. I will trade you for mine. She’s always bossing me around and telling me what to do even though she’s the baby in our family. Lol. With trump at the helm something is always going on so you wouldn’t have known unless you opened up your news feed this am.

    Tracie, I cannot wait to see which color cheekstee Lina is wearing? Maybe it’ll be white to contrast Phil’s black. Lol.

    Laura is there a scene where Lina goes to Neiman Marcus with Adele and sees that pink tie the witch gave Phil? Probably not but who else would hassle you in the morning about Kim?

    Linda, hope you had a good weekend and post this week!

    Unlike Lina I do have some sale returns at neimans today so I will probably be thinking of Kim while I’m there. Have a great day everyone!

  102. I’ll just say this — Phil is a man that likes to be in control. He has Lina back but things have changed. She’s working full-time and he now has a son he has to spend time with — growing pains.

  103. Hi Ania, everything I viewed via the links puts my imagination to shame; Poland is much more beautiful. I don’t want to be just a visitor, I want to immerse myself in living in a small town for a year or so. I want to get to know the people, their outlook on life, the culture of small town Poland.

  104. No it’s the shutdown for the funeral of President Bush that died Friday…He will be in viewed on Wednesday and a lot of the DC offices want to attend so he is shutting down Washington, but he will extend it government wide out of respect for the Bush family…

  105. Morning Trace, how long do you think this shut down will last? Is it b/c of the border wall funding? An unexpected day off is always welcomed, whatever the reason.
    Been out for a day enjoying family and season even though my mind kept straying back here wondering what you girls were up to.

  106. Laura is there a scene in SN where Phil describes what Lina looks like naked, in her underwear or clothed…Lina did that several times in WPF regarding Phil and I just wondered if he would return the favor in SN….I can see her getting ready in the morning leaning over the sink putting on her mascara and him standing in the door way watching her in a pair of black boy cut cheekies with matching bra and him thinking how hot she was and if she could be late for work….Being a runner she has good muscle tone in the thighs and ass….Just saying…

      • That is so flippin hot…Ann will like that too….J-Girl and I were always tit for tat, where we wanted Phil noticing men looking at Lina and how hot she was…Just like she did with him Lol

        • Oh holy crap I will love it. I want to see Phil so crazy in love with Lina, period. Then I want to see him put Kim in her place for good!

      • So is Phil worried Lina will realize how much baggage he has and leave him? I find that hard to believe (Lina would never…). His jealousy is sure making him seem insecure.

        • Katie…Have you had your procedure?

          I think Nick saying she would outgrow him might weigh on his mind…The antics I’m sure Kim is going to pull would also add fuel to Phil’s worries that Lina could reach her limit…Like Laura said she’s out in the world and the kids had the 6 months of separation to get use to that and he hasn’t…

          Laura does it bother Phil that Lina thought she needed that independence because of the separation…I remember the scene where she took half the money out of the checking account…I bet he felt bad, knowing she would think she needed to do that to protect herself…

          • Phil would never be insecure, but his marriage almost got destroyed once, him being protective and possessive over Lina, to me is keeping her close, secure and loving her like the world ends tomorrow.. Her being out in the world, with men like Nick easily falling for her and Kim circling like a buzzard to roadkill has the brother on high alert…

  107. Oh Lordy Laura, I feel so honored. Thank you! Is it a happy scene at the Ravens game with the Hunters? Oh, I hope so. I miss the Hunters too. I’ve reread WPF several times now. I just love those characters so much. I think everyone on this blog feels the same way.
    Are you taking a little break now or have you started back with the Tony Prossi book?

    I’m happy our Ravens won yesterday too!
    Yes, it’s a really nice day here for a change. I walked this morning with my retired ladies of the neighborhood.

    Laura, if you have already answered this question, please excuse me, but any estimate on when SN will be released?

    • I won’t start back on my Nick Prossi novel until SN is published. The editor can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks and then depending on what she says it’s done or I need to make revisions. Maybe another week — the act of turning it into an ebook is about three days. Given all that my estimate for when it will be ready would have to be between 3-6 weeks.

  108. I miss them too Laura…I hope the scene is with Logan…after Chapter 38 Phil took him to a Ravens game the following Saturday….Lol…….

    Is Nick’s you don’t deserve her scene still in play? When you give us a snippet or scene I wear myself out making up my own finale or beginning of each one, sometimes both…my imagination is killing me and leaving dark circles under my eyes…Lol

    What will be the ultimate is reading SN and seeing how far off our imagination actually took us, we may need aftercare therapy when we get through the Swim….

      • I am once I get to read the book I will feel so much better, but they will always be my favorites…WPF is still #1 in my Library and like you girls, I’m having trouble finding books to compare…..Now we know that Laura has 5 books setting out there with no endings all she has to do is throw a scene and give us a little background and we will be back in another ball game…Lol. But until I know the Hunter’s are happy and Phil has absorbed Lina I’m in a delay of game and can’t move on until we are through….
        Ann you are the only one that thought how Phil was setting was hot in that scene…it was smoking…I can see his arm on the arm rest of the couch and him holding the bottle by the neck….Sweet….

    • Yes the Nick scene remains intact — it’s important. It isn’t going anywhere.
      LOL — yes, it’s interesting for me to read your theories too.

  109. Good Morning Girls….It’s a great morning, just found out President Trump is shutting the government down Wednesday so that is a day off I wasn’t expecting, but I’m glad to be getting.

    After our Team Phil scene I’m even more fired up about SN…can’t wait to see what this week holds for us…the editor has had it a week today….#TeamPhil…..

    • Good morning ladies!
      Beautiful day here in the east. Lots of sunshine. I wrote a little scene for Ann yesterday that takes place at a Ravens game. I’ll just add it to SN when I get it back from the editor. I miss the Hunters.

  110. Laura I need one question answered it shouldn’t give anything away or at least I think it won’t…Lol….I’ve read the team Phil scene like 12 times but is the reason he asked how many men, because he was wallowing a little bit because he couldn’t be with her, wherever she was……

    • I wondered about this too. How it sounded like he was tired from taking care of Liam. And when Lina asked about Liam, Phil just watched her and asked that question without answering. He had football on but was thinking about Lina.

      • You know Salt we talked about his consequences before and how Lina would probably make Phil responsible for Liam’s care, etc…He would be the one to give up his free time now instead of her, like when she was raising their kids…

      • Laura you made a comment when we talking about the NYC trip that Phil feels a little out of control with Lina away from him….I guess he feels the same way no matter where she is, especially in social environment without him….He knows she is beautiful and a ring on her finger, but that doesn’t men won’t try if he’s not there….Poor Phil

  111. Also LD Davis accidentally purpose and also LJ Shen defy are both really good. Defy is more of a novella but it’s an older woman teacher and her student story. Again both really good but I don’t recommend any other LD Davis books

  112. Thanks guys! Ok I’m back to Phil and Linas world.

    K, I read it while ago. She’s a good writer but it’s angsty. They both have different partners when they break up over something dumb. There’s an age gap so you may like it. I liked it more than the Moore series.

  113. Has anyone read KA Linde’s Off the Record? It was on Ania’s list and looks a little bit like Sense of Belonging (?).

  114. We just got to the restaurant. Sorry Kbabe. I’m exhausted and I didn’t do anything other than sit there. My baby placed second and will go to junior Olympics in January. Woohoo! He didn’t want me posting but I am proud of the sacrifices he made to get here. I’ll check back once I get home.

  115. I have to do this every few years. I’m drinking black coffee and having chicken broth for lunch; I’m pissy. I like to eat. Feel sorry for me.

    • I feel sorry for you Kbabe, I’ve had to have procedures like that and sometimes I had to drink some nasty tasting liquid that locked my jaws from the salty sweet taste…I told the doctor I just love the party favors you boys throw out for “procedures” what’s next thumb screws…..I have the feels for you angel….

    • Hey there. Just think of the 4 lbs you will lose! I haven’t eaten yet either. I’ll try to stick it out with you till dinner time. Anything happen today? I’m scrolling now.

  116. Well, I’ll catch up with you ladies later today. We’re hosting a Ravens party today, lots of food (sorry Katie) and laughs. I hope these Ravens can pull out a win today.
    Enjoy your day ladies.

    • Maybe Megan gets a boyfriend who cheats on her and then she gets a glimpse of how hurtful it is and then has a coming to Jesus moment with mom.

  117. I think it will be with Phil…I agree with Katie on the content. She’s so much like Phil, so Phil turning on Phil, so to speak should be a sight to see….

  118. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the emotional scene with Meghan? Do you think at has to do with Phil, or Lina? I think Meghan was self-centered and took advantage of Lina. All she thought about was how her parent’s separation would affect her. Like she said I don’t want to have to go to two different houses on holidays. Maybe Phil lit into her a little for the way she treated Lina.

    Any thoughts?

    • I really think the fog of her hero worship dissipates and she acknowdges how much her dad’s betrayal has hurt her mother and family. A redemption scene of sorts.

  119. Ok, no mention of food on here today, girls. I’m on a clear diet today in prep for a procedure tomorrow. Even Kimchi is going to start sounding good.

  120. Hi Ania. Love hearing your thoughts on the Hunters, and Phil! I agree that most women probably would never be able to move past the affair and the new baby. Takes a special woman, like our Lina, to be able to forgive. I also loved Alice’s character. I just laughed out loud at some of her dialogue.
    The recommended books you have listed, well I have read half of them. I especially liked Julie Richman’s Needing Moore Series. That was an angst fest.
    Stay warm on the dark rainy day over in Poland. It’s rainy here in Maryland too.

    • I think most women like to think they wouldn’t forgive their husband. Including the dog park woman I now know of four women this has happened to. Two stayed with their husband (one got full custody of the child, the other never incorporated the child into the existing family but saw the child) and the other two would have forgiven their husbands but their husbands left to be with the other women.

      • I read a book once where the husband didn’t incorporate the child, because the wife just couldn’t get over what her husband had done and the child resented her dad and his wife when she was an adult….I think you would have to incorporate the child for the marriage to work and the family to be happy….

  121. I tell you what girls, my 2 year old spent the night with me last night and he has been up 30 minutes and has asked me at least 20 times “ Wha ya doin Mimi.” He sounds like The Godfather’s grandson instead of mine…Lol Of course everytime he ask me I come up with something different and he says “you punny Mimi.” I squeeze him much…Hes so cute!

  122. Good morning Ania…and yes it’s a beautiful mornin….Lol…Poland sounds not only beautiful but mysterious with the castles and probably some white knights on big black horses…That sounds hot doesn’t it…Lol. Some people can’t forgive affairs and that’s fine, we each have our own moral compass …You are right in that life is way to short to be unhappy… Lina just couldn’t be happy without Phil…I would of thought her weak for taking him back, if I had felt his devastation in what he had done…People say I can’t get past how he just said I made a mistake, I love you and let’s move on…In all reality, what else could he say…he did it..he had no defense…..But he paid and will still be paying in SN for his betrayal he is just fortunate enough to have Lina by his side….I hope the rain stops and you have a little sunshine today Ania….Thanks for blogging with us. I love hearing your views and all about Poland it’s beautiful…

  123. Hello Lovely Ladies and thank you for your kind words.

    It is Sunday morning 6 °C (42,8°F). It is dark and rainy outside – I am at the computer drinking my fovourite coffee (with coconut oil + cardamom powder + cloves powder – Yes I am unique 🙂 and life is wonderful 🙂

    Hi Tracie!
    Right now I signing for you ‘Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’

    Here is a list of books on the Countdown to SN 🙂
    – L D Davis – Accidentally on Purpose (Accidentally on Purpose, #1)
    – Julie A Richman – Needing Moore Series Boxed Set
    -Whitney G – Turbulence
    -Whitney G – Reasonable Doubt
    – Alessandra Torre – Blindfolded innocence
    -A L Zaun – It’s Not Over (The Do Over, #2)
    – KA Linde – Off the Record (Record, #1)
    -Stylo Fantome -My Time in the Affair
    -Stylo Fantome – Neighbors (Twin Estates #1)
    -L J Shen – Defy (Sinners of Saint)
    -Mhairi McFarkane – You Had Me At Hello
    – D W Cee – Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story

    Hi Laura!
    It is amazing we can interact with you and this blog has such a good vibe.
    ”The question for each of us is — can you ever forgive an affair”
    I dont know but at the moment my answer is No, this is completely unacceptable. Honesty is very important to me and it’s one of the most important aspects of a relationship in general. Because we are together, you are my best friend, the biggest supporter, nothing make you happier that seeing my smile so why on earth have you done this ? That’s my view. However, everyone has their own story and I would understand if somebody wants to forgive infidelity.
    I asked my husband about this topic: His words: ” Are 5 minutes of amazing time worth good life with your partner ? Because afterwards it won’t be the same. But if you stuck in the miserable relationship you should end this because life is not a punishment – we were born to be happy.”

    Also, on a different note -I just thought I’d share that with you – In A White Picket Fence I liked Alice’s thoughts, which made me pause and contemplate on life.

    To Jordan the very first biggest fan!
    I like your relationship with your mom.

    Hi Janet!
    – I love kimchi – is easy to make, is yummy and super healthy like all fermented vegetables. Although, I know the salty, stinky and sour taste is hard to be embraced by others:)

    Hi Linda! Como Estas ?
    Your English is perfect !

    Hi Katie!
    You so nice 🙂
    I’m the same after YEARS of schooling I only remember few sentences and counting to ten in German & how to read Russian Cyrillic alphabet.

    Hi Deighj!
    Thank you, that’s so nice to hear! It is a land of magic and legends with about 2800 castles scattered all over Poland.
    Like Malbork Castle, it’s one of the world’s largest brick castle in the world measured by land area. The construction began in 1275.
    Then, have you heard about Wieliczka Salt Mine ? -The world’s biggest church built underground made entirely out of rock salt and is located at the depth of 101 meters. Officially opened in the 13th century.
    And most cities have medieval market squares, which usually filled with cafes, shops and restaurants etc.

    If you fancy I have attached three links for you to check out.




    Deighj you have no choice you have to visit Poland xx

    Love from Ania!

    • Ania — what a wonderful message to wake up too. I had no idea about Wieliczka — amazing! Poland sounds so beautiful — I have to go! I’ve been to Ukraine — I wish I had stopped in Poland.
      Your husband sounds like a smart man!

    • Hi Ania! I too want to visit your country. I did a study abroad program in college 30 years ago and was able to visit Czech Republic and Croatia but the city I wanted to visit (Krowkow)in your country was 8 hrs away from Prague…. It will definitely be on my list now and I will ask for your advice when the time comes. I will look at your YouTube suggestions now.
      Are you in your 30s like our Kate here? Also thank you for the book recommendation. There are two books on your list I’ve never heard of so I will check those out.
      Which chapters of WPF were your favorites? Have you read Laura’s other books? Who is your favorite hero?

      I am impressed that you can make kimchi and embarrassed that I haven’t tried. My mother in law uses Japanese pears for acidity and to cut the garlic stink a bit. Maybe Linda will ask for the recipe! Lol. have a great day. Loved what your husband said about we were born to be happy.

      Have a happy day ladies! Off to another competition.

    • Poland is gorgeous! Definitely on my bucket list…
      I love what your husband said about infidelity, and I love your comment about life not being a punishment. I guess the moral of the story is- not all relationships last, but there’s a respectful way to exit one. Respect and honesty, that’s all anyone wants.

      Talk of Poland reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time- Polish Wedding, with Claire Danes.

      Much love right back at you, Ania!
      And thank you for the book list!

  124. I like how Phil is all manly sitting there drinking a beer watching football and then his eyes roam all over Lina!!
    Give us more of Lina and Phil, please!

    • Ann you are like me the build up is as hot as the actual sex…I can just imagine him setting there like that…Yum….

      Girls do you think that Phil may feel disconnected a little in SN…Like Adele and William wanting Lina to join them after work and normally Phil would join meet Lina as well, but can’t bexause he has to go pickup Liam …Lina goes because it’s work related, so that leaves her at the restaurant or bar without an escort…I bet it eats him up…he has to sit there and wait….

  125. Did everyone notice in the hot snippet Laura shared today that Phil didn’t even let Lina know how long Liam had been a sleep he just wanted to make sure no one trespassed with his woman…Liam was the furthest thing from his mind….Phil is Phil

  126. Night Deighj.
    Tracie/Janet, I just read Admissions of Guilt. I think you two recommended it. I know katie didn’t like it but I didn’t think it was too bad. Of course it can’t compare to WPF. It did go through the heartache of the husband who had an affair (sex only) got the secretary pregnant, realized he made a huge mistake. The husband winds up with custody of the baby and him and the wife try to move on together.

    Laura that story you shared about the woman from the dog park was heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what she went through. People can be so cruel. It seems like in this day and age couples don’t want to try and work through the problems that come up in marriages, they get bored and want someone younger, more exciting. It’s sad.

    • I didn’t mind it either Ann. The writing was choppy and K was looking or rationalizing the cheater but there wasn’t one in this case. It was just pure lust. I didnt like him because he only breaks up with OW when she tells him she’s pregnant and he got scared. I also hated him saying he never had sex that good before. So then what? He loves his wife with ok sex and he doesn’t like the secretary but has mind blowing sex with her?

      • I just didn’t like the writing. And you’re probably right, I want to be able to rationalize the cheating. Lust isn’t a good reason.

  127. Replying to Janet first-
    I’m not talking about the swinging thing. I’m more thinking about the park lady today. Shame on that OW, and she has kids! So let’s say two people have an affair and believe it’s true love…a person can still end the marriage in a respectful way to his partner of several DECADES who raised his children. At least explain and give some closure.

    As far couple swapping. It’s not something I could ever do, but I respect people’s choices, and more power to them if it works for them. But this book series (The Ground Rules) is headed in the direction I would expect. I find it unrealistic to think all 4 people could stay detached emotionally. Maybe I’ll be surprised. So far it hasn’t turned my stomach, but I assume it’ll end with some heartache.

    • Yes. Who knows why they do what they do? Logically Deighj makes sense. Have a discussion before and either end the marriage or work it out. But it never ever works out like that. With Phil he was mad and it happened in the heat of the moment. And once he slept with Kim, Tracie said it became easier because he got away with it. He never thought things through. For this OW at the park. She must be another Kim or a selfish person who put herself first. She wanted the guy and didn’t want to or couldn’t put herself in the wife’s shoes.

  128. Ann you checked in just as I’m gonna say good night.
    Trace and J thanks for setting me straight. I want to read a while before turning in. Sweet dreams whatever time ya’ll call it a night.

  129. So while back one of us asked Laura when Phil noticed Kim. Oh I think it was me who asked if Kim came onto Phil at the office Xmas. Laura told us Phil doesn’t notice Kim until he notices Kim which meant in nyc bar the first time. So the first nyc trip Kim accompanied Phil with other associates since this was a big case. After their nights spent together there Phil personally requested Kim for the trips. Gawd. Makes me ill talking about it now. I want to hurt him.

  130. J, I missed where Laura explained about Kim and the initial NYC trip. What went down on that trip that made Phil request her continued ‘expertise’ just her being familiar with the case? You know Kim wouldn’t let an opportunity like that slip by without making Phil aware of her interest.
    Trace, thanks ever so much for dating the affair for me. Phil had to be super aware of Kim’s nefarious intentions by then.

  131. Laura that snippet you just posted, what section of SN does that show up? When Phil says how many men came onto you, is that after the New York weekend?

    Hi ladies! Love you all!

    • He’s not mad, but he’s stuck at home with Liam and can’t go with her…So I wonder if he has been setting there stewing about who’s looking at her or touching her. I love that he is so territorial…Since Nick got close enough to bite, I bet he is hyper aware of anyone near her…

  132. J, I don’t want to go back either. I am so dang grateful Phil is going to explain that Sunday night desertion to us. We need it as badly as Lina.

    K, I don’t understand cheating at all, compartmentalized or not. If such a thought enters your mind repeatedly you need to have a sit down with your partner. Discuss your relationship and why you’re feeling the need to f*ck someone other than your partner. If still focusing on that cheating then separate. But at least be up front and honest. Don’t blindside your partner.

    • Deighj. I like you calling sugar Trace! Kim started the job in November but Phil never knew she was chasing him till February when the affair started in nyc. Remember, Laura told us the first time Kim went to nyc wasn’t due to Phil requesting her personally. It’s when Phil singled Kim out for following trips to nyc that Wayne noticed and warned him but he didn’t heed it. So that’s another thing. Why put that kind of relationship in jeopardy? Wayne is
      Phil’s mentor and best friend. How can a girl who means nothing to Phil come between a strong friendship?

      • Because Phil doesn’t need another mans permission to do anything he’s an Alpha and Wayne could show his disapproval, but Phil was on his on course of destruction and there was no slowing him down…

  133. Trace, he didn’t know about Nick at that time. He was turning away from Lina as well. That was a disconnect felt by both of them. The disconnect started what, a year ago? If so Lina’s connection with Nick was well established by the time of Phil’s affair.
    The affair started in February, ended in June? In chapter three Phil stated it had been close to a year since Katie had gone out socially. I’m reading random chapters of WPF so need to find if there’s a stated date for when Phil started the New York trial. Kim was all out chasing Phil from the start so he was well aware of her attention. Playing devil’s advocate and I’m still so riled up about Laura’s story from the dog park some of that might be coming through.

  134. Girls, what I have a hard time understanding, more than cheating men, is the women they cheat with. Especially a mother. It goes against all maternal instinct to destroy a family that way. And women aren’t like men, we can’t compartmentalize the same way (gross generalization, of course).

    • Maybe for true love? And I agree women and men are different but people are people and we all do crazy stuff. Are you talking about the swinger thing? I don’t think I can read a love triangle. That’s one theme I won’t pick up willingly.

    • Men in high powered positions they usually want the status and they just don’t care who they hurt to get what they want…..that’s what makes them ugly on the inside…

    • I hope he had anxiety waiting up for her and hope no less than 6 men came on to her burn of course Lina doesn’t really know because she didn’t notice any of them. Laura, nick and Lina are still friends? They shouldn’t be because it’s not fair to Phil but too too bad.

      • J-Girl, remember how Laura said it was like their roles had reversed and Phil was having to grow…Can you imagine him setting there wondering, who is there, who’s looking at her, trying to touch her..men that cheat sometimes become suspicious of their wives because they are afraid they will do like Adele suggest revenge sex……..it’s their own guilt…

  135. Hey Laura, my son is in his late twenties and is a CTO with a start up company so travels a lot. When he comes home I feel like Cinderella. As for the lady and her cheating husband that had my scorched earth tendencies coming out. I cursed that son of a bitch out and had to stop and laugh cause I was making up words that made no sense. And just after you and Trace got me turned around.
    I’m reading WPF again and I do see things a bit differently. Before it was all on Phil, Lina was the innocent. To me an emotional affair is worse than a physical one. Even though I think the reason for that emotional connection was the disconnect with Phil. I cannot imagine being as weak as Lina but then I haven’t gone through the trauma Lina experienced. The one thing, even now, I can’t get over is Phil leaving Lina on Sunday nights to be with Kim. He knew she couldn’t sleep without him. After all he spent the nights in New York with Kim so why put Lina through that if he loved her as much as he stated. HELP me Sugar, cold wind blowing here.

    Linda, thanks for the author name. I read this book ages ago as well as Admissions of Guilt. It’s been so long since I read both of them that I downloaded them again.

    • Deighj he was wrong leaving her…he admits that’s…there is no justification, except for the fact she was emotionally turning to Nick for her support and away from Phil…

      • Remember in Chapter 1 Deighj when Lina said she had missed Phil and he said did you? Lina saw the doubt in Phil’s eyes…he pretty much though she didn’t want or need him….

          • Will we like the explaination? This was a hard limit for me too. The Sunday nights before the trips. If he’s going to be with her the whole week, why couldn’t he spend the night with Lina even if they are just sleeping. why did he need to leave at 8 for? If Lina was going on about Drayton he could just say hush I need my sleep. God do not let me go there again. I forget for a week then I think of the details. Groundhog. Deighj!

  136. Here is a nice one for team Phil…

    The sound of the television greeted Lina when she came into the kitchen. She found Phil in the family room, leaned back on the couch with his knees spread wide and a beer in his hand watching a college football game. He shifted his gaze away from the television when she came around the couch, his eyes roaming over her.
    “Come here,” he said deeply. He set his beer on the end table before holding his hand out to her.
    “How long has he been asleep?” She let him pull her between his legs, clasping his shoulders when he pressed his face into her stomach. She kissed the top of his head, stroking her hands down his back. “I’m sorry I missed him. I didn’t realize how late it was.” She breathed in when she felt his warm palms sliding up the back of her thighs.
    “How many men came on to you?”

    • She could also say well I had two drinks sent to the table….wow…my Phil would die….she was dressed hot wasn’t she? There he is setting at home waiting on her to come home..love that fact she wished she would of got to see Liam…I hope my Phil knows how awesome she is…ugh…

  137. Laura has the car scene be cut from SN or is it still in play? I don’t even know the content of the scene but I think it will be hot, especially if Phil has a hold of Lina in some way or Lina has her hand on Phil’s thigh as a sign of possession…Cam she reach his thigh in the M6?

  138. Plus he has to raise her other two kids…I hope the wife finds a nice man to enjoy his money with, while he is all bogged down with kids and working to fund their excursions…..

  139. Lots of alimony. He told the kids she’s the reason he can never retire LOL. He has a place at the beach and a huge house. He isn’t hurting. The OW is an attorney.

  140. How’s old is the woman? I got news for miss young thing…what goes around comes around….She’ll wake up one day and he may be telling her to not touch him again…

    • The woman that was left was 53 — the other woman was 31 and apparently beautiful. She said her beauty didn’t bother her because she knew how rotten she was on the inside

          • How do you reconcile with never touch me again after 22 yrs or marriage. Did the lady ever remarry?

          • I wonder if he ever ask his kids how their mother is doing…I guarantee the OW doesn’t allow him to talk to his ex or give her the closure she needs…He is a vagina….

          • she doesn’t really date. She’d like to but just hasn’t met anyone. She’s really a nice person and very out going. She’ll probably meet someone

          • If she never worked he is probably paying her alimony….when the younger siblings graduate he’ll be in his 70’s….I wonder how they will do their grandchildren’s BD…They have 4 kids together they will have a few grand babies….

  141. I was talking to a woman at the dog park and we were discussing my book and she told me her husband had an affair (they had four children at the time — two in college and two in high school). They’s been together twenty-six years. They were Catholic. He sat the family down and told them all at the same time that he was leaving. She said she followed him back to the bedroom and touched his arm and said ‘what are you doing’ and he yanked his arm out of her reach and said ‘never touch me again’. He left. Showed up to church that Sunday with his mistress and her two and four year old. He’s a VP in a national company and this woman worked for him. A number of people in my neighborhood talked to the priest and tried to get him to ban him from coming to church but the priest didn’t want to be involved so they left the church.
    Fast forward three months — this woman goes to her son’s football game and her husband shows up with his girlfriend who now has a baby bump — twenty-two years younger than him btw. Anyway she told me her ex told her kids to get over it and accept what happened.
    She said they all did. It’s been six years. She had never worked — anyway it has a happy ending. This woman is happy now — still hates losing her children to her ex and his wife (they now have two babies)
    I feel sick just writing this.

    • saddest part is that she never got closure. He blocked her from her phone and has only spoken to her through lawyers. She said they were having sex up until two weeks before he left. Now that’s a pig!

      • Interesting part of the discussion was that she said she was really mad at Lina at first for taking Phil back but then after really thinking about it she said she would have taken hers back. She said it was until he wasn’t married and had gotten his new wife pregnant for the second time that she lost hope and began to heal.
        She said if she had been asked before he had an affair if she could ever forgive one she would have said no.

        • You can’t say what you would do until you are put in that situation…Do her kids still see her? He probably cut off all communication because he’s a coward and can’t face her…I probably would of made an office visit…

          • Yes she’s close to all her children but they are also still close to their dad and new siblings

    • Wow wow wow. Why so hostile when he made the mistake? He loves the mistress and had already checked out with the wife. I believe it. It’s much harder to stay together and work it out. Usually the person who is financially dependent wants to make it work. My mom told me always work so you aren’t dependent on the husband and always have a separate bank account. What a story and what a day.

        • Amen to that…my mama also said to never work and put a damn man through school either..they will start thinking they have outgrown you…. I just thought about something my mom could of been a female Nick Drayton that’s what he told Phil about Lina…She will outgrow you…Lol

  142. The Ground Rules — Roya Carmen — that’s the book Katie’s talking about. The couples swap so… Great writer though and you have to read all three book.

  143. Also one other thing, Lina always refers to Logan as sensiative…She said the same thing about Liam in the scene Laura shared with us where he wouldn’t go to sleep. I wander if Phil thinks…are my sons really sensitive or does my wife make them that way…

    • I don’t know if Phil has the ability to put himself in other people’s shoes. I think he lives by the slogan Just Do It and be done with it. Of course he loves Logan but but doesn’t understand teenage angst. I mean he saw Lina, conquered her with one look and pretty much has gotten everything he set his mind on in life. He doesn’t blame Lina but probably is puzzled by Logan’s sensitivity. Maybe mike is more sensitive than Phil.

  144. Hi girls, J-Girl did you notice the comment on Megan…It was a scene with her in it, that made Jordan cry…Do you think maybe something happened where Megan found out about the running club?

      • Okay Laura Girl, now we have to wonder why Megan is all fired up and emotional….It has to be with her dad..ugh…I need that book….

    • I missed the whole thread! I didn’t see Linda and Laura’s back and forth till now. Thank you. I wonder! It’s definetely Phil and Megan if Megan’s crying? It has something to do with her because she’s so self involved. But is the running group that big of a betrayal to Megan? Wah wah wah dad, you chose to run with her instead of your own flesh and blood? Maybe it’s on top of that where she finds something out that involves her. Maybe Phil prefers Liam over Meagan. That’ll make her sob her heart out. Megan didn’t bother me too much in WPF. We weren’t exposed to her as much as Katie but i just saw her as Phil’s clone.

      • Phil is going to have to be careful with Liam and putting him above his other children or they will resent Liam and Phil…but I don’t think that is the way this going to roll…Lina will push for a healthy balance with integrating Liam…Phil would be Love all you kids, here is your brother deal …Lol…as Laura’s says ..Phil is Phil

      • I hope that’s right….I like the kid scenes in WPF. Megan did have good things to say in those scenes….I just think all the kids will have to find peace with Phil for Liam to be fully accepted and their family healed…

  145. Hey J, I love persimmons. I have a large tree in my back garden in Florida. The lower branches almost touch the ground and my dog eats every one she can reach. I did check out the link you provided, I didn’t realize you can freeze persimmons. Gotta pass that tidbit on to my sister since she’s the one that cares for them.
    You’re reading ‘Mistakes’ who is the author? Tried looking up with just the name and 304 pages came up.

      • Yes sorry. We talk about the same book list over and over so it’s not anything you all haven’t read. I have 3 books I’m reading at the same time. One other one is night circus by erin morgenstern. So far really good but more because of writing. also, Sara ney is good but not cheating theme. She writes about jocks

  146. Good morning all. My son is back in town and it’s always a whirlwind when that happens. He travels a lot so time spent with him is precious.

    Jordan, I enjoyed reading your comments, you sound as lovely as I pictured. Tracie is always trying for tidbits from your mom. Perhaps she will have more success with you though I doubt that. I’ve never anticipated a book more than Swimming NAKED. your mom is truly a gifted writer.

    Sugar, you and Phil don’t really need a coat to keep out the cold. You’re fierce enough it’s not needed. Remember you turned my butt around.

    • Deighj I’m telling you babe, me and Phil got a little bit of the chilly Willies last night….Somebody hollered all board and everyone was jumping on the Phil’s a Bastard Train…Lol….Hope you have a great visit with your son doll….