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Swimming Naked

I am now approximately 85 percent done with the sequel to A White Picket Fence — still shooting for a December release date!


From Chapter 46 of A White Picket Fence — Lina is 17 and Phil is 18

“Are you going to make me swim alone?” Lina splashed into the surf and dove under a small wave, swimming several yards before she felt Phil’s strong hands gripping her hips and pulling her back into his naked body.

“You’re crazy. You know that?” He wrapped his arms around her.

“For you.” She turned in his arms and snaked her own up around his neck. “Promise me you’ll always swim naked with me, even when we’re old and wrinkled.”

“I promise.”

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  1. Thanks J-Girl, I’ll look for it. I love my morning coffee catch-up with all of you. Do you read historicals? If so you might try Paris Afton Bonds, Margaret Brazear, and Jaima Fixsen’s books. Older books but still enjoyable. I truly am in a book slump and have been since WPF. I read a chapter or two and switch to something else. This has never happened to me before and I’m puzzled as to the why. I’ve never had this problem before. What is it about WPF that has us so entangled? Is it because it started with a bang, Lina discovering a strange woman inviting her husband over with the story then unfolding. Dang I hate this! I hope this post isn’t too incoherent as I said, still on first Cuppa.

  2. Deighj, I have a recommendation. Did you read Fall from Grace by Kristi Gold? The MCs are in their 40s. Pretty good.

  3. That is so awesome Janet..how heartbreaking and hot all at the same time….How about that song coming on the radio on his drive home after Nick telling him he doesn’t deserve Lina…Phil so tied up in knots thinking about his transgressions and the hurt he has caused the only woman he has ever loved, knowing he doesn’t deserve her, but couldn’t survive living without her….then we could throw in one of your desperation steamy scenes when he gets home finding Lina alone or that pool scenario we came up with, where she is coming out of the pool I’m the white bikini. They would definitely end up swimming naked….

    • Yes I love this one. He really can’t survive without her. In WPF I believed Katie when she said he would probably remarry if Lina doesn’t forgive Phil but reality is he can’t remarry and would be alone forever. So angsty.

      • I can’t imagine his torment thinking Lina was with
        Nick for two months….I can see his anger more clearly now in Chapters 29 and 30….even though we thought it uncalled for because of his affair, he was literally having an internal crash thinking about another man knowing Lina the way he did and he’s the only man thats known her. To a man that is almost priceless….

        • I remember exactly what was going through my mind reading chapters 29-30. When Lina comes back home and Phil is still there I thought finally here we go. You have some explaining to do so let’s hear it. It was 3am and I was out in the living room with my heart in my throat. I thought we would have all the answers. Instead, he accused Lina of, I might of have done that but you never had to wonder. You never had to see that etc. I was seething. In chapter 29 I was happy Phil got his hand broken and Lina slept over at Nicks till Phil used it against her. Then I wished she never left home and confronted Phil on her birthday instead. Just thinking about it makes me sweat.

          • I know J-Girl, reading those Chapters I wanted her to stay home too!!!! But that wouldn’t have been our story we love…A man thinks sharing his body is no big deal. It’s kind of like they are disposal, but another man with his woman is like a bone crushing sacrilege. My first husband would get furious if another male looked at me, touching me was definitely a deal breaker. It was just crazy to me….I also call it a locker room mentality it’s like they shower to gather slap ass, brag whatever…having sex is just physical period…There penis is everything to them, but really nothing….Do you get what I’m saying… I told my husband when I married him that if he cheated on me I would kill him and tell God he died……

          • Omg that was so good. Can I use it? Kill him and tell God he died. You make me laugh so hard. I’m sorry about your ex and Tracie’s too. I remember you telling us you conparented with him till your daughter was 13? Are you still in contact with him?

          • No…he ended up remarried and did the same thing to her too….he’s an habitual cheater and still nice looking and uses it. That’s how I know my Phil is redeemable…

  4. I read nuzzling neck as guzzling neck. Lol. I hope Kim gets so mad she pees on herself. I have something in my head too with Bolton’s song playing in the background. Phil is alone in that Farside(?) house lying down and thinking of Lina. He came home from work at 10pm with no dinner and on the nightstand table is a glass of scotch neat. He dials Linas number but hangs up before it rings. Right then his cell lits up. It’s the devil so he declines the call and falls asleep to the song. ( It’s the extended version of when a man loves a woman if bolton ever sang it)

  5. I’m thinking of a Phil and Lina scenario with the song…Just think if Kim was there and Phil pulled Lina on the dance floor to that song, looking into her eyes, then nuzzling her neck and kissing her softly….Good Golly Miss Molly…Kim’s Head would explode….

  6. I love both stories! And it is true — they aren’t created equal and there are a lot of good ones out there!

    I’m taking the night off — going to see my father and then out with friends.

    • Hope your dad is doing good sister and have fun! I’m on the couch with a compression bandage hoping my incision will stop bleeding if not back to Tulsa so they can put in a few stitches in….

  7. 2nd time trying to post this.
    Laura, you need to save Sugar’s posts for a future book. Especially this one. Sugar I hope you gave him hell and if you did would love to hear his response.

    • Deighj I didn’t get cut loose until he jumped on the tail gate of a truck and was being driven off. I came in to work on Monday and news had already spread about what he had done…there were 8×10 copied pictures of cross and skull bones with the wording Killer’s Woman taped to the front of my desk. I was so pissed….he had training exercises in Atlanta so he knew he wouldn’t see me for 2 weeks when he pulled that little stunt. When he was declaring I was going to be his wife, I still had a damn sweaty sock in my mouth….But we did have words and he said he had that sock put in my mouth to not only stop me from given their position away, but he wanted to tell me something without me telling him No!…..Lol

  8. I’m going to tell you the story now girls….J-Girls this is classic Tracie….So my first husband and I were HS sweethearts, classic small town varsity cheerleader and he was the star baseball pitcher…he was handsome….well you girls know how that turned out….I had started a new job and I heard about my husband, but he was on a deployment so I never met him. I had worked at my new job for almost a year when he came back out of theater. He was getting out of the military because he had sole custody of his son and didn’t want to leave him. He was taking a civilian job and he was also offered rhe position as the Commander for our civilian Special Reaction Team which came out of the office where I worked. The first time I saw him I thought been there done that…he was so handsome and ripped muscle.. My boss came out of his office to welcome my husband back home and he said thanks. then looked at me and said I see you have a pretty new secretary. My boss was also one of my friends dad and said yes she is stay away from her….he got to where he drove me crazy for months and I gave him zero attention, blew him off. His field name was Killer, I wasn’t going to date a player (or so I thought ever again) or have them around my daughter. My boss came into my office and asked if I wanted some overtime, they needed some volunteers, so the team could do some hostage training. I agreed to be one of the hostages and we were doing the training in an old house on base that had a crosstie flowerbed all the way around it. So the scenario is playing out and the team is out there somewhere and the bad guy tells me to look at the window, to see what’s out there…well I got the shock of my life I was physically jerked out of that window by my T-Shirt jerked to the corner of the house and was put face down on one of those crossties and my hands zip tyed behind me so fast it was a blur…I raised my head and when I got my breath I was pissed….I looked out in the woods behind the house and that’s when I saw him. my future husband lift slightly from the ground so I could see him…I hollered out you asshole. have him untie me…my husband says something Into his mic and the next thing I know my feet are jerked up and bent at the knees and their zip tied. I’m giving them hell by then and the next thing I know my sneaker is flipped off and my sock is shoved in my mouth. The team takes the building…..I’m still restrained and he waltz’s up to me and squats in front of me and says you can fight it, but you are going to be my wife someday…flips a pair of cutters to another guy and tells him to give him a few minutes before cutting me loose. The End….

      • He is a true Alpha, this why I love Laura’s alpha’s…My dad thought he was too old for me and my mom thought he was just perfect for me…she is the one that finally told me to put him out of his misery and go out with him. We went for ice cream while his son was at football practice and my daughter was with her dad. That was in October and I agreed to marry him the next September Lol….We were married that December….

        • That’s the stuff books are made of, Tracie. Isn’t it true so many times that the good ones emerge after the bad ones- you just have to keep your heart open. I was in a very dysfunctional relationship in my late teens/20. I met my now-husband during that relationship through a mutual hobby. He listened to me cry about this guy for months- telling me to dump the guy and give him a chance to show me how a real man treats a woman. He’s 10 years older, and I thought he was too old, at first. Things ended with the douchebag, and I started dating my husband. He was right. We’ve been together almost 15 years. Turns out I’m a big fan of older men. ? Not all
          men are created equal. There really are good ones.

          • Awww. I love this one too. I like older man. I’m thinking mines not old enough now. Bahaha. My parents are 8 yrs apart and my brother and his wife are 12 apart. Hey it works! Thanks guys for sharing!

        • Oh sweet Katie I hate you had to go through that…My husband is 12 years older than me and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s 66 and still a silver fox and works men half his age into the ground..So glad you found your Mr. Right!

          • Oh, thank you, but everything happens for a reason. It led me to my husband. The douche’s philosophy was that monogamy was only for marriage. So he did what he wanted, but was super possessive over me. I was an emotional wreck the whole time (about a year). And he was quite the disappointment as a lover (another thing my husband showed me). It was just such a vulnerable age to be in that sort of relationship. Really made me feel like shit. But all is well now!!

      • I don’t know from day one or not, but he convinced me to marry him by saying….that when he had me in his arms, he felt like a man that could whip the world..

    • Laura you gifting us a copy of the book…made tears swim in my eyes you are such a wonderful and talented woman. Thank you

      When a Man Loves a Women is what me and my husband danced too in his mother’s driveway when I finally gave in and said yes to marrying him. Michael Bolton was singing the song and he had it playing in his truck and danced me in the dark. His mom lived in the country so no street lights…it was awesome.

      • That’s beautiful Tracie. That was funny where you said you finally gave in. When did Laura say that song is played? I know we talked about this before.

        Our Laura is a classy lady.

        • Janet here’s one for my biography….My daughter took me to the beauty shop today and why I set there getting highlights I felt something wet on the side of my leg, that’s right a section of my incision opened and started bleeding through my pants and down my leg. So my son is a paramedic, my daughter called him and he comes into the shop and him and my daughter get the blood to stop and he rebandages it.

          • Laura is a classy lady and my BD is the 17th of December so I’m getting a BD and Christmas present. I’m so excited. Yes when I gave in to saying yes…since Laura is focused I’ll tell you the story when I get home ..he told me I was going to marry him, he didn’t ask…so You know how that went over with me…

          • God no! Do you need new stitches? You were at your happy place too -the Steel Magnolia salon. I know your anniversary is in December as well. I hope you will be good as new by then. You better be.

            This really is your Christmas present. I take my fake tree out first week of November. My house, on the days I don’t make salmon in my toaster oven, smells like Pine and cinnamon now. Outside may still be summer but it’s definitely Fall indoors!

  9. Hi Girls!
    Wow I missed so much yesterday lol!
    Katie’s right — I have to stay focused at the task at hand.
    In reply to Deighj about timelines — The editor said I’ll have it back before dec 15th. — then I will have to go through all recommendations/edits etc. But I promise I will give all of you a copy of this before Christmas! Even if it’s not published (which I expect it to be). I will send you a copy directly to your kindle — I know how to do this. It will be my gift for being so great to me over the past months.

    Songs — there is one song (so far) showcased in SN — When A Man Loves A Woman

    • Laura we were worried about chandler. And your heart is gold but we need to gift you not the other way around! No way Jose! This is your masterpiece! Yes about a man loves a woman! You talked about it before.

  10. Lordy I wish I could get lost in a book again. WPF has ruined me! I download book after book, read a chapter or two and switch to another. I have a 122 books and still searching. December can’t get here fast enough. Swimming Naked is going to be Laura’s Christmas gift to us.

      • Good morning. Yes. Sports. Right? Meanwhile Kim is listening to nine inch nails as she runs and plans Linas demise. Lol.

        Deighj, I stopped heartbreak for now. Couldn’t focus either. Waaah

        • Kim, I’m thinking pop music. Like Top 100 because she’s emotionally un-evolved. I bet Lina and Phil dance to classical music. And I think Lina listens to whatever is on the radio that Logan turns on, even if he’s not in the car.

  11. I was thinking of a song Kim could identify with and a song from waaay back came to mind. “Bring It On Back” by Sam Cooke.

      • I didn’t have to listen to Bring it on Back my husband is singing it to me..He has a beautiful voice….When the good Lord told me to make a joyful noise he meant for me to clap….?

      • The correct name of the song is “Bring It On Home.” Sorry bout that it’s been a long time. It’s one of my favorite songs that my kids and I use to sing every time we got in the car. Love all the oldies. Anything rhythm and blues.

  12. They would of been early 90’s….Phil would know I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men…That would be hot for them to dance too….

  13. I told my husband to pull through the DQ on the way home from the doctor to get me a Butterscotch Dip Cone, I had the radio on one of those blend channels and Open Arms by Journey came on and I could so see Phil and Lina rubbing bellies to that song on the dance floor….

    • Ooh. Love love journey. My husband only listens to 70s and 80s. Steve Perry is one of his favorites. Good one Tracie. I like that 70s song baby come back. Phil is too young to listen to that while he is apart from Lina though.

  14. J- Girl, love the scenarios, don’t stop. Even Laura has said those scenes between you and Sugar have given her ideas. Helps pass the time until the real thing goes live.

  15. Ok not a scenario but you know how some authors like song playlist for the book? What does Phil listen to in the car? Bruce Springsteen? Lol. Lina loves dancing with Phil. To which song?
    Laura, did Phil put the devil in her place today? You know I love her reoccurring rash/wedge tricks.

    My daughter has a belt test today in TKD. I’ll be bored to tears so I may have to fantasize about Nick.

  16. Ya know I’ve been posting about everything except WPF and SN. But all of my questions have been answered and I have no scenarios to offer. I am completely satisfied that Laura is going to answer all of those questions in SN and give us more than we’ve asked for. I’m just enjoying the comaraderie onsite more than anything else. I know we’re all counting down the days until we get Swimming Naked in our hands.
    LAURA: The book is due November 11th by your editor but approximately how will we have to wait for SN to go live?

  17. Laura’s going to see this blog and will need a nap before she responds to any. Lol. Ok Tracie is right about Phil. It’ll be another 25 yrs before he looks at another Kim if affair was never exposed . Ha Just kidding. Did Phil listen to the fedelity sermon? I remember it was a couple days after the affair. Is this where he held Linas hand?

  18. I don’t know whether I should respond to a post in “reply” or if I should in a new post. What works best for all of you?
    Janet posted several days ago about her flu shot fever which prompted me to get my shot. I feel like crap and wondering if I can blame J-Girl.

    • Can’t blame J-Girl Deighj….I don’t take the flu shot, worked with a guy and his sister took it and dropped dead, some kind of immediate allergic reaction. That would be me…But I’m sorry you feel bad babe….

    • You have fever? I’ve been getting the flu shot forever and it’s only the second time I’ve gotten sick. The fever lasted 2 days and went away. You will be ok Deighj and will thank me later when your neighbor has pneumonia. Go get Advil cold and sinus from target. It’s like a miracle drug. Nothing works better. Both my brother and sister never get flu shots but they did this year.

  19. I’m still wondering how Logan and Liam are going to break the ice…I can see Liam being left with Katie, while Phil and Lina go for a run. When they come back, Lina and Phil go to the kitchen for a bottle of water, Katie is laying on the couch and Lina says where is Liam? Katie says upstairs with Logan, Lina and Phil both say “with Logan”….Phil and Lina head upstairs and hear Liam squeal in delight. Phil and Lina stand in the doorway as they watch Logan on all fours chasing Liam around the couch in the rec room….that’s so sweet….

    • Wowza! Too early in the day for ass taps guys but here’s my two cents. I love it when the hero is desperate for the heroine. So we know in SN Lina goes away to NYC without Phil and it unsettles him till she’s back safe and sound. How about Lina walks in the door while the kids are still in school and Phil grabs her and pushes the skirt up and yanks down the panty? They do it on the floor or stairs because Phil couldn’t wait another second. I like those type of scenes.

      I can’t help it if I don’t like meatheads. Lol. You guys are into Hercules and gladiator types. I like nerdy brains. I don’t imagine Matt or mark when I read books. That would wigg me out. No way.

          • I spent the early morning making my daughter’s vision of a hamster cage reality (for a toy hamster, she’s 4). Then she wanted to watch a show, so I got an early start with you all. This blog is quite entertaining.

      • I do too J-Girl…that’s why I want Phil to be touchy and possessive where Lina is concerned…..I want her to walk into a restaurant/bar to meet him for dinner and as she walks towards him, he notices men looking at her as she walks by….Lina always noticed that with Phil in WPF.

        • Right! We are obsessed with Phil and Lina in public places. Lol. Phil grinding down his teeth as he sees hot men giving Lina the once over. We get his POV and I can’t wait till to see Lina through Phil’s eyes. It’ll be so good.

          • Phil was lost without her during the separation.. love that line in the nightmare scene…They will be stronger because of this affair….they will also learn to appreciate each other more…Seeing Lina’s hurt through Phil’s eyes will be heartbreaking just wait….

        • Didn’t Lina say she didn’t start noticing Phil’s attention until the affair was exposed. It’s like it took all of the heartache for them to “see” each other again and reconfirm their connection. And it took the baby to make them really address their issues; otherwise the affair never would’ve been exposed, and maybe it would’ve happened again. Sad, but true.

          • Omg I never thought of Phil possibly cheating again if the affair was never exposed. I know he would never ever now because he almost lost Lina but if Kim was a normal woman and they went their separate ways once Phil and Lina got back together….shit. Would Phil take Lina for granted if he got away with the affair?Phil said they had good 24 years and 1 bad

          • Okay I need to put the breaks on this runaway train.
            NO Phil wouldn’t have cheated again…once Lina and Phil made the reconnection, he wouldn’t have done again. Remember the sermon at church on Fidelity and family, he took Lina’s hand nope he wouldn’t of cheated again…

        • One more thing….Remember how Adele referred to Lina as a prude….I don’t think she is at all, Phil has a hearty sexual appetite. Lina told Nick that in Chapter 2. I think Phil brings out the Holy Moly in our girl Lina and after being together for 25 years she knows how to get the deed done…they learned it together.

  20. Thought of you and Sugar this morning J-Girl when I started reading “His Wife” by Ashley Hastings. Do you remember when I told you I don’t read BDSM books? In this book on the wedding night the husband tells the bride they need to discuss a few rules. Which were “I expect you to be a good girl, to try to please me at all times AND obey me at all times without question.” When she asks him “What happens to bad girls”? He replies “They get spanked, very hard.” You two popped into my thoughts and I laughed cause everyone here has become a part of my life. Thank you!

      • Be a good girl. Bad girl. Come to daddy. All this is not for me. Just stick with babe, or baby like Phil calls Lina. Again I am boring!! But I did love 50 shades. Bdsm scenes bored me but the love story was Beautiful I thought. Any good books you are reading now?

        • “Daddy”- No. I’m not super into BDSM and I didn’t love 50 Shades. Once stories get too unrealistic, I lose my interest.
          I haven’t been able to get into a book recently. Someone recommended Unsticky by Sarra Manning, but I haven’t started it. I also still need to go through all the reccs from here.

    • Deighj! Crud. I’m such a tool. I feel so gross for saying anything. I should know better. One of my best friend used to be a 32 double D and she suffered from back pain. 10 yrs she complained about it and had to get reduction and it wasn’t fun. Forgive me. You are a big part of my life too!

      I don’t love bdsm either and I don’t like the MC telling a heroine to be a good girl. Spanking? I wonder if Tracie would like Phil doing that to Lina. No!!!

      • I would like Phil and Lina doing anything Phil and Lina like to do!!! Yum-A. But I would like Lina to initiate sex with something hot to shock Phil…..like kids are gone and Phil is working on his computer in his home office she comes in wearing one of his shirts, but not buttoned. rounds the desk and takes his breath away by climbing in his office chair with him…Oh yeah…..
        I also hope in SN she tells him she’s craved his body….that was hot when she thought it in Chapter 43!

        • And please, Phil, let Lina be on top for a change.
          Relinquish control, Sir.
          She needs to get the blood circulating to the top of her body after spending all of that time on her back.

          Jesus Christ.

        • I bet Phil gives Lina a little ass tap here and again. And she likes it, I’m sure.
          Janet, you keep saying you’re boring, but how could you be with all of those ugly men you’re always fantasizing about.

          • I bet Lina could be aggressive and ride like a cowgirl ..it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

            J-Girl is her own girl, which is why I love her…You rock with who you want to Salt….

      • J-Girl I don’t know what you’ve posted that you feel cruddy about. Whatever it was please don’t. On this forum we’ve been open and honest while remaining true to ourselves. I’m a “What you see is what you get” kinda gal. I think we all are. I appreciate all viewpoints including those differing from mine. Sometimes I’m so focused on my viewpoint that it takes me awhile to see the obvious. Case in point being that Lina in a way was unfaithful to Phil which took almost a year for me to understand.

  21. Reading “Promise Me” now between reading everyone’s posts. Good book so far but you gals are more entertaining.

  22. This autocorrect on this phone drives me nuts: First Off, what is the point of non-alcoholic beer. There I got it right….

  23. Gosh J-Girl, what a memory you have! I haven’t addressed Sugar’s surgery because I can’t stand thinking of the pain she’s gone through. I know that pain. I loved her loopy posts while on those pain killers though.

    • Awww Deighj thanks sweetheart…Sugar is on ice now and that helps a lot with the pain. But it gets better everyday….I’m the same way if I have a little to much to drink too, but very rarely do that, unless it’s just me and my girls. When we went on our last girls trip to Cancun, I was in this huge pool and had been drinking a few Mojitos (?). Well a friend of my daughter-in-law went with us and she had implants that were size “G’s”….She was real outlandish like the rest of us, so I said hey come here, she had on a bikini and those things could have been used as life preservers for several people..I said I need to just poke the top of those to see if they bounce back and she laughed and threw them at me..so I just poked the top of one with one finger and I told my kids that reminds me of a damn.trampoline…bounced right back…My daughter said mom you get a bottle of water….Lol

      • Omg I laughed so hard. This is a true story. Nobody can make this stuff up. Bahahaha Bahahaha. Bahahaha. G’s are like stormy Daniels size. Her poor back. Love Cancun. I shopped till I almost passed out from sweating then when I got home I ended up selling most of it on eBay. I went overboard at those swapmeet stores.

        • No interest unless they are in books. I said last week how come football and baseball are on at the same time? I think I disgusted mg husband with that question. My son was lucky enough to attend the World Series last year for dodgers and he said it was so boring. Sorry Katie. I’m so boring too.

          • You’re definitely not boring.
            I’ve always watched any sport on TV. Tennis is my favorite, even though I don’t play. If nothing else, it’s good background noise.

          • Football is my game. But like Laura if the Cardinals were playing I’d watch. No on tennis, just hearing them blow and grunt every time they swing the racket wears me out….I also love Thunder Basketball!

        • I would be watching if the Orioles were playing! My daughter loves watching games — she finds them fascinating. An individual sport and a team sport

          • well I like watching the Olympics and don’t mind going to basketball games if I score free tickets. I wouldn’t pay for them. Wouldn’t mind sitting behind Bradley cooper at Wimbledon either but aren’t the tickets like a million dollars? Never will happen for me. I do love going to concerts though! ?

      • Sugar I can believe size G cause my daughter’s size is H, all God given. No kidding. She looks like she could fall over anytime. Suffers horribly from the strain on her back. In a battle with insurance company. Otherwise she’s a sixteen. I have the opposite problem, skin and bones, 5’9” and won’t need a costume for Halloween. Hope this isn’t TMI.

        • Deighj I’m sure you are beautiful….your poor daughter…my mom had to have a breast reduction and it made a world of difference…i on the other hand could of used Bandaids for support…in fact when my mom was taking me to buy my first bra, my dad said Jim (her name was Jimmie) does a man with no hands buy gloves? I thought it was hilarious, of course my mom didn’t and dad got a lecture on the hormones and feelings of young teenage girls…Lol.

    • Did you get Barbie bohrman Deighj? I got hearbreak ranch and Kristen Callahan’s new one last night. Will start today one tonight. Are non alcoholic beers fattening?

      • J-Girl you ask me on the 24th about Kristen Callahan’s new book. Is the name “Fall”? Part of a duet. Another author I like is Jaxson Kidman, all of his books are good.
        We have about 45 days till December 15th which is a Saturday till SN goes live, have I gotten the date right? This waiting is killing me! But that means we’ll get to discuss both WPF and SN.

  24. Tracie! I swear this surgery is a chapter for you biography. Deighj made a good point early on. You see the positive in all things. You know why? You are a survivor. I’m relieved to hear the surgery is working. You willed it and Laura kept you busy and still with the many snippets here. ?

    Liam is ? Phil right? Looks like Phil and acts like Logan. Lol. I am fresh out of questions at the moment to needle Tracie and Laura. Fall is upon us. Everywhere I went had Xmas scents. Thought of you guys at Williams Sonoma.

    • Phil said Liam looked a little bit like Logan too! I’m hoping he does, so Lina and Logan can better identify with him. Megan and Logan look like Phil, remember Katie said she can’t help it that they are all freakishly tall but her…Lol

      • Yes I think Katie is small and slim like Lina. Must look just like her for Matt to fall in love with at first sight. I now wonder how they will fare in the future him being a rock star. Another book but I couldn’t handle Matt cheating. How about this guys? Kim is still alive and with plastic surgery can pass for 27 at 50. She tries her wiles on Matt when he’s 35 and Katie whacks her fake recent silicone implants and kim dies from leakage complications. It took 20 yrs but she’s finally gone.

        • LOL you crack me up!!! I thought about something. Remember Laura’s scenario with Shiloh??? What if Kim dug up court testimony, newspaper clippings and maybe photos of the crime scene and had them sent to Lina on the anniversary of the incident….That would make Phil come home early ready to kill Kim and would have taken her some effort to obtain the documentation!!! Oh yeah….

          • LOL another good one! But not going to happen.

            Chandler/crazy just ran into a tree at the dog park and cut the outside of his eye. Ugh I don’t think it’s bad enough for stitches but he definitely stunned himself.

          • Oh my gosh poor Chandler sounds like my husband Lol. He always comes in with his face cut, because a limb has slapped him on the lawn mower or tractor….

          • Okay this could be where they find out Kim moved to the neighborhood and she sent Laura a carrot cake or something announcing her arrival……

          • Yes I remember this scenario. Of course. I had anxiety till Laura said no way that’ll happen. Lol. I would love to see Phil choking the life out of Kim but don’t want him in jail.

          • Dogs are babies. That’s why I can’t have one. I would wipe their butt and put feet covers on the puppy. Poor chandler. He’s such a boy

      • Here’s another point….Phil fell in love with Lina at first sight, just like he did his children. He didn’t notice Kim until he noticed….Chopped Liver Staus that is what she had…..

        • His love for/involvement with Liam is redeeming- good reflection of his character. But Lina already knew he’d be that way.

          • She did…now he has to redeem himself with Lina and his kids and incorporate Liam. Plus, keep Kim under control….. Wow talk about a job….

  25. Laura, does Phil have guilt over having wanted Kim to have an abortion? He loves his son, but he didn’t want him, and the boy messed up his life. It seems that would be a painful scenario to find peace with.

    • No, I doubt he even thinks about what he said. He fell in love with Liam the moment he saw him — just like with his other children.

    • Katie I think initially he was so panicked about losing Lina and his life being in upheaval he didn’t feel anything. But now that he’s got Liam he wouldn’t trade him for the world. I don’t think guilt came into play for Phil, because the abortion didn’t happen….Laura may have a different answer though….

  26. Okay Janet I’m fixing to prove a point here…My surgery is working Yay….still on crutches for three more weeks….The doctor said he went in with a 5mm bit that broke and had to wallow it out with an 8mm bit. Watch this J-Girl, first time in his career that has ever happened and he said I was worried..He’s in his late fifties, early sixties. Just happens to me…

  27. I drive Chandler to the dog park twice a day. I’m afraid I tore something, maybe my meniscus. I don’t know. But I’m cranky. It took me a few day to figure out why. Also, finishing this book is sad.

    • We are all sad. The nov 11 deadline is the date the editor gave you? This blog has been a big part of my otherwise mundane life. I will truly miss the Hunters. Sigh. And I have a very very small soft spot for the devil. She made it truly entertaining. I’m sure I’ll change my mind on this reading SN. Have a good day ladies and happy thoughts Tracie!

    • Don’t be sad about this book ending, we aren’t going anywhere…I’m sorry about your knee,,.I told my son-in-law about you and Chandler doing that little drag routine and he looked at my daughter and said see how quick they are….I need one of those dogs….Lol.

  28. I love it Laura…so sweet and hot..Thank you ..I’m telling you what. I just got like fully dressed for the first time in a week and a half and fill like I’ve wrestled a bear. The older I get, the more I realize I should take nothing for granted…..

    • You’re not old Tracie! I’m a week-and-a-half into my bruised patella. This is very tough — I’m a bit of an exercise junkie and I’ve been stationary sense the fall. Ugh.

  29. Good Morning Girls, I would ask where we are Laura, but I know we have our ears laid back heading for the home stretch. I’m heading back to Tulsa today girls hoping to maybe start physical therapy or something and see if the holes are working….keeping my fingers crossed sweet girls…

    Laura I was thinking about the yard scene with Lina and Phil…when she turns to go back for lunch could Lina go up on her tip toes to give Phil a peck? If it fits, I thought it would be sweet….

    • Good luck! And here you go…

      Phil’s attention shifted from Mike when he noticed Lina walking across the grass towards them wearing jean cut-off shorts and a tank top. His gazed lingered on her long tan legs, remembering how they’d been wrapped around him that morning. His body instantly came to attention.
      “Are you staying for lunch, Mike?” Lina asked, reaching for the empty pitcher. “We have plenty.”
      Phil caught her around the middle and pulled her back against him.
      “Stop, you’re sweaty.”
      “I know,” he said, pulling her closer instead of releasing her. “I don’t mind.” He dropped a kiss on the side of her neck.
      “I do,” she laughed, slipping out of his reach. “Mike?”
      “No thanks. I just came over to get some much-needed exercise. Jeanie has a long list of chores I have to get done.”
      “Next time.” She turned back to Phil, standing on her tiptoes to brush her lips over his cheek. “Lunch is ready.”

      • I liked that added sentence! Early treat in the am for me. Thank you! Saw the change you made to body came to instant attention. Both versions are perfect.

        Tracie you get better you hear? Everyone’s pulling for you here. Are you staying the night in Tulsa?

        Laura food for thought for me. So the bar scene is happening and you think we need to see how the fling started. What about the first night Phil comes back from nyc and sees Lina? Does he meet her eyes? I wonder if he was sad or felt guilt or just relieved his stress level is a bit down? I’m thinking maybe he stayed down with Logan or shut himself in his office to avoid Lina and waited until she went to sleep before joining her? Lying in his bed that first night did anything go through his head? Did he turn and watch Lina sleep or turn away from her with thoughts of sex with Kim? I guess this is the scenario swirling around my head today

        • I love this question. I wonder the same. How his guilt manifested in his actions… Or did it?
          He must not have felt too guilty to keep doing it for 4 months. Don’t make me hate him again today Janet; my heart can’t take it.

          • Ok no more Phil wonderings today. Let’s go read our Kim bashing scene and restart the day. Going Xmas shopping for teachers. I’m one of those annoying people who start shopping in the summer.

        • It’s called compartmentalizing. Men are really good at it. I’ve researched this question extensively. The answer is they don’t even think about it.

          • Having said that — I think Phil would have felt guilt and a lot of it. But I’m not writing that scene

          • Girls you may hate me saying this, but I don’t want to go that far into his thoughts…I like the compartmentalizing because they do. My first husband cheated on me and he had no problem separating his worlds. I understand the rationale behind the bar scene and it shows the reader how it started….we know he did it, now let’s see how they survive it together….

          • I knew you were going to say this. Knew it. Maybe you told me this already bc god knows it’s mot the first time I was thinking it.

            Wondered about your knee but you didn’t mention after so thought everything back to normal. Who is taking chandler out then? I thought he needs to run? Oh I forgot to tell you guys I saw a Chandler at an outdoor mall last week and had a full on convo with the owner. I recognized the breed after looking online so I approached them. So unlike me antisocial behavior. He was sniffing at every plant. Cutie!

  30. Tracie I too love that Phil stalked Lina. He should do it more often. Remember when I said I wished Lina was hurt in the hot tub and taken to the hospital? Lol. Telemundo for sure. Dios Mio! Mi amor Lina!

    • I remember sister, if we weren’t doing cloak and dagger we wanted him setting beside her hospital bed begging her back…..

  31. How come nobody shares my taste in men? Mark Ruffalo isn’t good either? He makes my fingertips tingle. Anyway, I just watched Jon(Laura had the correct spelling) on James Corden. No comment. I heard he doesn’t wear underwear and he needs it. Laura, did you end today on a happy note? Would you say Phil has more POVs in SN than Lina? Lastly, do we only see Kim through Phil’s eyes in the sequel? In WPF Phil didn’t get to see/hear the things Kim did to Lina. ie. wedding scene.

      • I already pushed the envelope today so I’ll take the hits. Maybe we get a be careful Janet moment before bedtime. haha. Tracie, I read the 1am scene again. Laura said “they came back” meaning Phil followed Lina and brought her back from wherever she ran off too. Did you see that?

          • I don’t know why, but I love the thought of Phil putting out the effort to go look for Lina….Weird huh….A lot of fun scenarios the alarm is in access…Lol

    • Phil wears briefs. I’ve written about them. They’re black. Jon is identical twin brother. They look alike but Phil exercises more, so his body is more fit than Jon’s. Also their personalities and habits are completely different. Mark Ruffalo LOL – enough said.

      POVs. No he doesn’t have more. She probably has more but he has a lot.

      Most Kim scenes are through Phil’s eyes.

      • That’s why I mentioned no underwear. Oh I know Phil wears black briefs and black lounge pants but so does Nick I think. Sooo mean about Mark but that’s fine. Less popular the better. I think maybe the men I mentioned like Matt and Mark I would want for my daughter. I’m too old to have put myself in here. Kim seen through Phil’s eyes. Can’t ask more than that.

        • You’re right, I’m sorry. I like Mark. He just tends to get a little beefy in the face. I’ve thought of someone we can all agree is a perfect specimen. Chris Hemsworth! He doesn’t look like tony, Phil, or nick but he’s handsome!

          • Lord have mercy. I don’t find the hemsworth brothers attractive either! I do find them charming but they are Hercules. My sister told me to ask if the girls here like Chris or Liam and I said no! How about Hugh grant 10 yrs ago? Never mind. I know everyone’s answer. Omg!

          • Hugh Grant reminds me of my brother so that doesn’t count. Actually, this is the beauty of a book — you can picture whoever you want

          • That’s what I think too, the way you describe them is just plain raw handsome stud muffins to me and my mind can damn sure out imagine my eyes….

  32. Katie, are you not allowed to do a reveal here for Tony yet? If so I understand. Hope I like him more than John. I just don’t understand. He’s fat with fat nose. Omg. I wanna quarterback for tony please bc he’s a big runner. Like a big pantherish cat. He can’t run marathons with johns 250 lb gut.

  33. Yes I remember reading the sample of hearbreak ranch. I think he listed after the partner even though he told wife it was for undercover. That’s why I didn’t want to get it. Regarding Colleen, i would one click for Laura but with Colleen there are too many misses. It’s worth reading though because there’s is a part where the husband explains why he cheated and it made sense.

  34. Hey J-Girl, will check out Barbie Bornham hope I can find that particular one. I read the first two Mitchell Sisters, the third didn’t appeal.
    Sugar, Roosevelt Ranch was about a detective and his female partner with a wife waiting at home. My questions have to do with the scene in the precinct and the butt dialed phone call his wife heard.

  35. Okay I had to look at more pictures of John Hamm and the picture of him on the board is hot and I can go with that…But he has man boobs in a t-shirt and could nurse puppies….My Phil does not have man boobs……I’m just saying

  36. Just wondering if anyone has read Heartbreak at Roosevelt Ranch by Elise Fabre. I did and there were several outstanding questions left in the husband’s explanation of events that just nag at me. It did enjoy reading but dang those questions! The Blackwood series by Melissa Ellen and The Mitchell Sisters by Samantha Christy were both good. I’m going bat crazy here waiting on SN so trying to keep occupied.

    • Oh Deigh! I was wondering about Hearbreak Ranch. I keep seeing it on amazon as recommended read but I just know I’m going to hate the husband. Should I get it? I too liked the Mitchell series but I only read one. I’ll checkout Blackwood series. Did you read Barbie bornham? There’s one where the guy cheats. Can’t remember the title but it was good.

    • Deighj read Colleen Hoover’s all your perfects if you haven’t done so. I liked it enough to recommend and it’s on marital strife

    • Lord Tracie I love you so much but Paul is even prettier than Rob and George Clooney was Jo’s (Nancy mckeon)boyfriend in facts of Life. He had a mullet back then. I can’t. He’s so goofy. I’m sure others here will side with you. Maybe I just have weird taste.

      • He might have been pretty but he was hot in a suit…..George outgrew the mullet….It’s all about how they look in the suit girls…..

    • Just their ears? LOL! Never heard that before…just kidding. Do not want to be risqué again. Which brings up the last time I was and I think I offended J-Girl. Now that’s a funny to me story.

  37. I don’t want to disagree with my favorite writer so I’ll just imagine tom hardy as Phil. Ohhhh if I can marry agajn I want Mark Ruffalo. How could I forget? I love love him. Lolol. On a lighter note, Tracie I got the Brittainy cherry book you recommended. I have read her in the past and her long inner dialogue drove me batty but I will try one more time.

  38. Ok I got a great night’s sleep and I’m back to riding on the P train.
    Tracie and Janet tug me back and forth. But I love it. You two are like a drug- I can’t get enough but it’s going to make my teeth fall out. ?
    I know Phil had an affair. I’ve accepted that. I’m not even really that upset about the baby. My issue is that, to me, an affair is worse if it’s intimate, romantic. So those details matter to me, and to Lina, which is why she became progressively more upset as she discovered details that made the affair look romantic. That would make being around the mistress (because of the baby) harder to stomach. But I’m thinking clearly today, and Phil and I are cool. Choo. Choo.

    • You know I had a dream about John Haam? I don’t remember the dream at all and don’t really like the guy so it must be from looking at your Pinterest board. Lord I have a long day ahead of me so I will be checking back and forth with you guys. Currently at the dentist office waiting to put crown in my implant. Waahhh. Reading some parts of WPF… chapter 26. Lina said she felt the connection go through them when Nick gets out of his Land Rover(I completely overlooked it or forgot about it). Emily is in the car….

      • J-Girl she felt a nostalgic pull…not a connection. That connection was only with Phil. Nick was Lina’s sounding board, his personality was calm….Lina enjoyed and missed the nostalgia of being in that atmosphere with him. Lina likes that he listened and didn’t take control.

      • I don’t know. That kind of sounds like you’re going to Phil in your sleep. Don’t think, just feel.
        John Hamm is super hot. I might use my freebie on him (a joke between my husband and me…that we each get one celebrity freebie).
        Lina did have a connection with Nick because of Katie and as a shoulder to cry on post-affair, but not a soulmate kind of connection.

        • I see Phil and John having similar alpha selfish personalities but John is so big and hammy(is this a word) to me. Lol. Gosh 20 yrs ago I was obsessed with Tommy Lee Jones but he’s like 80 now so I’ll use my hall pass on Matt Damon in Bourne series. Or maybe Trent reznor now or Eddie vedder. Hmmm. Didn’t realize I have so many. Bahaha.
          So I agree with Carrie Phil didn’t romance Kim. He never gave her anything nor used any endearments. I asked Laura once, did Phil’s eyes connect with Kim’s while they were intimate and she said no! But he did put his needs before Linas for 4 months. When he said I’ll be at your house in a few min so we can go to to NY together in the am I wanted him to leave Lina for good. I wish he just had lunchtime quickies as stress relievers and bye bye.

        • Ohh. I don’t find him physically attractive Laura. He has a boulbous nose. Omg I can see hate here now. Sorry guys.

          • Oh yuck. Tom selleck is like John haam. Never you mind. So hairy. Yuck. How about Bradley cooper with dirty hair in a Star is born. He was so good. Like dirty hair. You like running backs and I like runners/ swimmer body. Agree on Matt Damon. That was funny. I’ll take him.

          • I like Bradley cooper. Mel Gibson in his younger years is my all time favorite. Certainly not now. I watched tequila sunrise twenty times just to stare at him

          • Oh god no! Rob is a pretty girl. I like Eddie vedder but I go for strong silent and more personality driven guys. Trent reznor from 9in nails(he’s so short though) and tommy Lee Jones are not pretty boys.

          • You are funny today! Ok. Mel Gibson 20 yrs ago sure. He was perfect back then. I think he’s a very nice person. He has golfed with my dad in the past.
            Ok am I going to get points off if I say I love Tom Hardy’s looks? I mean look at his pouty lips. Loved him since saving private ryan. Maybe not personality. He doesn’t sound nice in interviews I’ve read. Where is everyone? I’m working and still commenting. Multitask ladies.

          • I’m sorry Janet, I love you, but you don’t get to contribute to any of my future Pinterest boards for male leads. I don’t know how Bradley Cooper made it onto your list, because he actually is hot. Laura, you might be my cosmic soulmate. A young Mel Gibson is ???.

        • I’ve never seen John Hamm on screen but that picture of him is Phil to me. Loved Lina’s as well. Laura, I know you have other books waiting to be finished but wondering if you and Katie are going to collaborate on a Pin Interest board for them. The visuals add so much to this story.

          • Oh it’s happening. I plan to do one for Sense of Belonging in the near future because I loooove it.

          • I agree. John Hamm can be Phil for everyone but Janet. She can imagine Matt Damon (maybe that will help her forgive him).

            That board was all Katie. The only two I had input in were Lina and Phil. And yes she tells me she generously plans to do another!

          • He’s died now but Paul Walker was hot and I like a hairy chest too…sorry I’ve been napping….

    • You are correct Katie the details did make the affair SEEM romantic. Which is why She-devil sent the photographs she did!! A friend once told me “a man have an affair with his body, a woman has an affair with her heart.”

  39. Good morning! How is everyone? Tracie thank you for asking what all of us wonder everyday. Laura, are we still looking at a dozen scenes or so? I know you got side tracked to give us more goodie scenes. Oh and also I wondered when you have lina wearing cut off jeans do you mean those daisy duke short ones?

    • Not sure how many more scenes but more than twelve I think. Probably another 15,000 words which would take it to about 95,000. I really want to finish in the next three weeks so I can get it to the editor

  40. Yes Tracie I am team Phil all the way. Phil had an affair. Period!! He was thinking with his little head. Looking back Phil truly cant believe what he did! In the end the affair will make the marriage stronger. Alice would say Phil had Venus going thru his 6th house so he was vulnerable to have an affair!!

    • Thanks Laura I knew you were a keeper…Lol…..It’s like I’m protective over this book it needs to be handled with TLC….just like you wrote it….

  41. Laura random question from WPF…When Lina in Chapter 43 grabs Phil thigh in church and he tightens his muscle???? Is he shocked? Is it to familiar? I was thinking of thighs, because mine is a little sore this evening….

    • I’m so sorry you have to go through the pain and the hassle. Are you any better? Good thigh question. You know Phil wanted Lina so badly during the sermon.

      • I know he did, the familiarity of her hand on his thigh, was probably heartbreaking for him. Laura that’s another thing, what were his thoughts when he found her climbing into bed with him naked in Chapter 43? We knew how he felt after she gave in…Wowza…I just keep remembering in the nightmare scene how he said he was so lost without her……My thigh is getting better everyday. I felt so much better getting a full night of rest sister pie….

  42. Don’t forget Veronica….She rocks along with you and Katie J- Girl…Carrie is just all mine…Lol…and all us girls together are purrrfection……

    • Right. The vow Veronica. I think she’s in England(not sure) so there’s time difference for her too. Miss you!

  43. Well Sugar pie from J-Girl’s post at 6:13 PM it looks as though we’re split on team Lina or team Phil…just kidding J. I do have a clearer picture of Lina now but in the reading of SN I know I’ll identify with her. But I’ll also be rooting for Phil to annihilate the slut which I know is going to happen.
    Come on Carrie, Veronica and who else am I forgetting here? Check in with your thoughts. With all of us on board we’ll have ourselves a lively debate. Hope you ladies have a lovely evening. I’m down to 8% power so I’m done for today.

    • So right Deigjh! I miss Liana and Debs too. Liana is steadfast and can see both sides like you Deighj. We have a soft spot for her because she married her HS sweetheart. And I loved Debs crazy Kim solutions because it made me
      Laugh out loud. If you guys are reading then pls check in with us. The daily live debates are so fun and we are all so invested here. You know once these gals see Katie’s board it’ll get their hearts pumping.

      • I’ve returned Janet…☺️ Just catching up on the posts from the last few weeks…it’s taken me AGES to work my way through them!! This book can’t come soon enough…!

  44. Katie I like the three authors Laura mentioned, also Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward. Some Kennedy Fox. Most recently I read a random by Brittainy Cherry called Disgrace it was a cheating theme and pretty good….

    • just bought Kristen Callihan’s Fall. 568 pages guys. I am very surprised at the length- she usually writes 350-400 pages. Is this a new trend with authors?

      • Janet that’s why I made that point about kissing today. What book was it that we read where she left her husband for just kissing another woman? You recommended it to me and I can’t remember? She had fertility issues….

        • Shoot. I can’t remember. I was being honest when I forget most of them as soon as I finish. Hmmm. Let me think on it. Kissing is a big deal. I agree

          • Let me rephrase the comment about kissing. I meant more intimate for women. Men probably don’t care. To put it crudely I’m ok with OW giving oral sex. I’m almost immune to it at this point but when they kiss passionately it still bothers me.

  45. Oh my lord I just went through everyone’s comments. Laura, loved the tidbit you shared with us. Thank you! Like Tracie I can’t see Kim dressed down in jean shorts so that was much appreciated. Next time maybe you can put her in the Versace dress with that bruno’s song playing in the background at the office party and Phil needs her like 5 min ago. LOL
    That was the best 5 min lifetime moment. Best ever. Katie and Deighj still haven’t seen it.

    Katie welcome to my world for the last however many months. Laura either has to school me or calm me down once a week. It sure is fun for me bouncing ideas back and forth with you. I just showed your board to my sister and even though she doesn’t read romance novels she thought you were spot on with the characters(I’ve been talking about this blog and the hunters for the last 6 months so). You are our gift. Don’t you dare go away. I’ll have the authors for you shortly.

  46. Hey y’all:
    I never thought of Lina betraying Phil but having it pointed out I have to agree. I was so focused on Phil’s betrayal I didn’t see it that way. In fact I was so angry with Phil’s treatment of Lina after his surgery that I blamed him for everything. But that didn’t stop me from believing Phil was the only one for Lina. Getting that point of view is gonna make it easier for me going into the bar scene. Thank you for setting me straight. Poor Laura’s been preaching to the choir for months but I got now.

  47. Laura, I can no longer read this blog in public. There I was minding my own business sipping my chai tea latte when I read that Kim was going to be kidnapped. I choked on my tea and had another customer asked me if I was okay! ???

    • I know right… my sweet Carrie…sucked you right in with a Lifetime moment…..I hope you told the woman you spit on, that it was cool, that you had a clean health record…..just saying

  48. Hey girls, I’m done being pissed and have a request. Can each of you give me 5 or so of your favorite authors? Infidelity themes and other. Thanks so much!

    • Recent books I’ve liked The British Knight by Louis Bay, The Forbidden (infidelity theme) by Jodi Ellen Malpas and Look the Part by Jewel E Ann.

    • You mean romance writers right? Hit and misses with most of these authors but I like angsty books in general. I have a feeling you read them all. RK Lilley, Kristen Callihan’s the Hook Up, Penelope Ward’s Jake duet, Mia Sheridan’s earlier works, everything by Lisa Kleypas and Sherry Thomas(i’m a big historical romance reader), Claire Contrearas-Paper Hearts, Jane Harvey Berrick, Sara Ney, Saffron A Kent, and Jewel E Ann. Penelope Douglas too. I love her dialogues and her heroes remind me of Phil. Also like Jodi Ellen Malpas This Man series. Who do you read Katie?

      • I like age gap romances and some taboo. Mr. Masters by TL Swan was a great one, but that’s the only book I’ve liked by her. The Cane Series by Shanora Williams had me intrigued for the first 2 books but the 3rd in the series was a miss. Warning: that one is a little dirty. Or hot depending on your POV.
        It’s hard to recommend authors because I find many to be one-hit wonders, except our Laura here. Melanie Harlow and Charleigh Rose have had some good ones. I absolutely adored the Something in the Way series by Jessica Hawkins. Without You Here by Carter Ashby was surprisingly good. Some Penelope Douglas. I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting.

        • I LOVE big age gaps too. Both ways even. Some of the really good ones are older woman/younger man. I too liked Jessica Hawkins series.

    • Hi Katie, for infidelity themes try “My Husband’s Wife” by Amanda Prowse and “The Break” by Marian Keyes…also any of Jane Fallon’s books are good but particularly “My Sweet Revenge”. Or if you’re after an epic read, you can’t go past “The Bronze Horseman” by Paullina Simons…the cheating husband scene in this book is the only time other than Laura’s WPF where I’ve felt so pissed off towards the male character that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days after!!!!

        • Oh my sweet girl, you would not be so enlightened!!!! LOL Just kidding…You would be as spectacular as you are and probably always have been….You girls are definitely a gift to me!!!

        • I’m so happy he’s happy….we are getting close so everybody should be getting close to getting their happy on…Everyone .except Kim of course!!!! I hope she’s melting I’m her own witches brew!!!!

    • LOL it is a joke. That’s a Lifetime Movie ending. Of course, I could turn it into a horror story but none of us want that

      • Fine sucked me in…Like a damn F5 tornado. I know you’re reading what I added to your and Janet’s conversation….Delete it LOL.

  49. I need it too Tracie!

    Phil’s attention shifted from Mike when he noticed Lina walking across the grass towards them wearing jean cut-off shorts and a tank top. His gazed lingered on her long tan legs, remembering how they’d been wrapped around him that morning. His body instantly grew hard.
    “Are you staying for lunch, Mike?” Lina asked, reaching for the empty pitcher. “We have plenty.”
    Phil caught her around the middle and hauled her back against him.
    “Stop, you’re sweaty.”
    “I know,” he said, pulling her closer instead of releasing her. “I don’t mind.” He dropped a kiss on the side of her neck.
    “I do,” she laughed, slipping out of his reach. “Mike?”

  50. Okay after all this Kimnish ewwww….I have to think of good things…Laura I may need a little swoon I did write a thesis today that you didn’t make me write five versions of, like you use to do your daughter..Lol. I’m thinking Phil and Lina in a social environment where he looks across the room and she’s Lina in conversation and thinking how absolutely beautiful she is at that moment…How she laughs at something that was said and how he notices the long column of her neck and how he wants to slowly drag his lips down her neck to her bare shoulder….you got something like that handy sister?? I’m just saying. I need to feel a few lines of Phil head over heels Lina love!!!!

  51. Ok girls, Janet, I’m pissed again. I’m trying so hard to forgive Phil, and some days I succeed, but today I’m hot again. Yes, he loves Lina, no doubt, never a doubt. He obviously was trying to be in control of something, and he didn’t want to be at his house, clearly. So he hooked up with Kim. Repeatedly. Ok.
    But then it went on for 4 MONTHS. Dancing with her. Running with her. Drinking with her. He actually likes his daughter Megan, she makes him feel good, but he’d rather run with his mistress probably so she could lick the sweat off his joystick after. All of the lies. Ugh! Meanwhile Lina is trying to keep shit together at home while their daughter is in crisis. Yes, she was crossing lines with Nick. And Nick was never right for her. But shit. Phil, you done bad.
    I really need this sequel to make this right in my head.

    • It’s a woman thing Katie, we actually put ourselves in her situation at that moment and think we know how we would react and how we want Lina to react. But we don’t, it would be a knee jerk reaction just like Phil did with Kim. We don’t have their history and neither one of them could imagine a future without each other. Nor could they be happy…I think as women we also feel Lina is having to do all the sacrificing, but Phil will also live the consequences of his actions. Ask yourself, would you sacrifice yourself for the people you love most in the world??? That is the soulmate connection they have and I don’t think Lina would have it any other way!

    • Lina did betray Phil too…she was having feelings for Nick prior to learning about the affair. Kissing to me is one of the most intimate parts of making love. Lina said it gave her butterflies. She slept in his bed with him, But she couldn’t give herself over completely and admire that too! They both have to come back from a lot of heartbreak, overcome fears and accept changes. Anybody want to Swim Naked….I do….LOL

    • Is this an ok time to ask if you are working on the bar scene today or something else? I am OK if you decide to nix the scene but I gathered from your post last night(when you said it was hard for Kim to crack Phil)that you are done.
      Tracie is afraid to ask about it I think. I did say I was going to keep quiet today but Tracie’s thesis raised a question or two

      • I skipped over that scene for now because it’s going to be an emotional one for me to write — I don’t want to write it but I think it’s an important one for the reader. Kim really has no shame and you’ll see that during the scene. It will make us all angry

        • I knew you would write it and the scene will definitely make me angry, but we don’t have to actually do steamy with them do we? Just him maybe throwing money on the bar and walking out with her….please remove my agony and give me one of your NEVER!!

          • The scene will end with them walking out of the bar together or in the elevator, depending on when Phil falls. No kissing or steam — I promise

          • You know even with all my blustering i can’t handle it either. Reading going up the elevator together made me nauseous. Pls make him somewhat drunk too. Lord.

          • I think the scene will show the readers the beginning of Phil’s downfall and the rest of SN will show his redemption and how the Hunter’s come back as a family. Also, how baby Liam will be accepted and integrated into their family unit. They’ll all be stronger..I just can’t see Kim being a Ned and sharing Liam…Ugh .

          • Oh thank you I couldn’t read him giving her any Physical attention….Also, don’t let him put his hand on her lower back at anytime…That is hot and possessive to me and only for Lina!!!

  52. Laura when you said last night the affair was starting to fizzle a little, was Kim starting to demand to much of his time. The text messages in Chapter 22 Phil was the pursuer, but in Chapter 1, Kim was!!

  53. Good afternoon!
    Yes Yes Yes Tracie! Thank you! I agree with everything you said in your thesis.
    Phil never checked out — he was upset and threw his phone against the wall and then made the biggest mistake of his life. Kim was his escape but if you recall he was still fighting about parenting Katie in WPF — he didn’t want her to go to her friend Emma’s house.

    And he did have an affair — he didn’t go to a prostitute. No undoing that. The truth Janet is that some people can never get over an affair because it is a betrayal. In my opinion Lina also betrayed Phil throughout the book

    • Yes she did. I wonder why that doesn’t bother me. Maybe bc Nick is chivalrous and Kim is the devils incarnate. I sympathize with Lina, blame Kim, and have yet to see Phil curse ar Kim for almost destroying husband marriage. I look forward to eating my words in SN.

      • I have a scenario for you. Shiloh’s attacker get out to prison and come back to get even. They are approaching the Hunter house and see Kim who is peaking in the windows — they mistake her for Lina and kidnap her. The end

        • OMGGG. I snorted out my coffee through both nostrils. Girls did you read this. Omgg. Kidnap and just starve her to death

          • I can’t wait…..OMG….But that wont draw Phil’s sympathy will it….Kim has to be in on it someway…….maybe trying to hurt Lina and it back fires on her and she’s goes to prison……

  54. Sorry Girls I had a full nights sleep since surgery and a little talkative today….I had a few more thoughts….Janet remember when we discussed the Christmas party that Phil went to without Lina…and you said he was probably fine because he had so much charisma and people are drawn to him? Chapter 47, when the woman at the Lacrosse field approached Phil and he smiled and talked with her, they didn’t even know Lina came up on them. Did Phil have feelings for that woman because he was smiling and friendly with her? That was Phil’s personality and Kim was easy…..

    Remember the guilt Tony felt on how he didn’t protect Casey from the pictures? Think of Phil’s guilt about the hurt he caused his wife and not being able to protect Lina from Kim….text messages, pictures and whatever she does in SN….Phil will fight for her, just like Tony fought to protect Casey…I think Phil will be way even more vicious than Tony…

    • If Tony cheats on Casey after 25 yrs I will have a problem with him. Right now he’s perfect and Casey is his life so I can’t think about that.

      Ok what are you talking about? Laura will kill us if we think Phil had feelings for a random woman. You keep telling me it was only sex with Kim. This random woman wants Phil. Sounds like every woman wants Phil. Phil is just being polite. I do know this. Neither will ever be truly happy without the other. My doubts are with Phil’s actions during the affair. Not his heart

      • Phil’s actions were wrong and selfish, you have every reason to doubt them, but you are right on when you don’t doubt his heart, it belongs to Lina. The point is, if Lina can forgive him, then shouldn’t we? The real reason I don’t want the bar scene is because it will piss me off, just like the first part of Chapter 1 in WPF!

  55. Good afternoon gang. Tracie, that is a powerful thesis! I agree with you completely. I am calm and back to normal today after some Motrin last night. We all agree Phil and Lina belong together. My issue has always been thinking Phil’s affair with Kim seemed more of a relationship than a fling. His heart always belonged to Lina but I hated the fact that he shared his body so freely with Kim and may even have craved kim’s skills so to speak because here’s a guy who has been with a same woman for 24 years. I know, this is what cheating is but it was really hard for me to see him pursuing Kim after she sinked her claws into him. Yes Lina checked out mentally but she wasn’t having fun. She was going crazy trying to help her daughter. Phil on the other hand was all about Phil. He didn’t give much thought to what Lina or the rest of his family was going through. I KNOW SN is all about redemption.

    Deighj, I just scrolled up and down and tracked your comments. Love them but post below so I don’t miss any. Your words are prescious! Shirlee busbee takes me back 30 yrs!! Wow

    • I see your point with sharing his body…that makes me sick too…But again that is a physical act. Which gained Phil an illegitimate child that he will only be a part-time father too depending on SN, unless she gets killed off Lol. Another heaping of guilt on Phil’s plate. Like you, as a mom I would be pissed thinking my husband was more concerned about getting his own way instead of working with me and the doctor for the good of our child, then checking out for sex with another woman. I feel you sister…Like Alice said Phil and Lina will always be soulmates….we get to see that Connection grow in SN.

  56. Hey Sugar, I get your point. I understand why Laura originally categorized me between you and J-Girl. When thinking about all the time he chose to spend with Kim I get Hot. But even with frothing at the mouth anger I never saw Lina and Phil with anyone else.

    • I know Deighj we girls have to back Lina too….Phil even tells us he will have the regret of what he did to Lina everyday for the rest of his life. A few months of physical pleasure cost him a lifetime of regret….ugh

  57. Hello Girls….I re-read the scene and looked at it from a different angle. Let me say first my opinion only! I can see from the original argument how Phil is pissed over the fact Lina is taking another mans opinion over his and made decisions in his absence, because she was more concerned about her daughter than his thoughts or feelings. Phil then puts himself first, since Lina isn’t and thus gives Kim an opening she’s been working hard on for a long time. I can now see how Phil’s hatred of Nick develops and also his quilt of a wolf being at the door, that also inserted himself into his families life without Phil noticing. Nick is not performing wedge tricks he was doing his job and was Lina’s lifeline in helping her child. Their attraction to each other grew of a common goal which was helping Katie. Phil had a rude awakening when he saw Nick at Megan’s graduation, he was a gorgeous man. Phil’s visit with Nick, picking up on his attraction to Lina and then telling Nick they had been satisfying each other for 25 years, then Phil finds out from Lina that she told Nick about Kim. Phil grabbed his hair for a reason, because not only did Nick know about Kim, Nick also knew about the hurt he had caused Lina. Then we add the scene at Nick’s house in Chapter 29, and Lina choosing Nick over Phil only amplified Phil’s fears and guilt. Until Chapter 43, Phil had a mighty big monkey on his back, thinking he pretty much handed his wife over to another man, while indulging in his own selfishness. A man that can take care of her in the same style she’s accustom too. Phil’s kids (except for Megan) adore Nick too, Logan and Brian BFF’s, Katie thinks his awesome. Phil’s actions have his kids running cold toward him, Phil has an uphill battle in SN. Janet and Katie you are both thinking (I think) that how can a man have a four month affair, take her to bars, dancing, smiling and running together and not have feelings toward her. Easy…his an Alpha…think about Tony how many people was he actually close with…not many…he didn’t even really care for his first wife, he was forced to marry her. Until Casey, she was his soulmate and thus he would move heaven and hell to keep her. Same way with Phil, he didn’t have many people in his inner circle. Phil only ever loved Lina and had no intention of letting her go. Think about it, his affair with Kim (at the time) was the only thing Phil could control or so he thought. This is how we will see Phil grow in SN and gain his redemption…He’s still an Alpha, but in life not everything can be controlled! The End My Sisters.

  58. Katie i got Laura and Tracie riled up so I’m getting off my crazy train. Did you read the preview scene when Phil says you were nothing but an easy F? If not go to one previous blog before this and look for Laura’s scene. You will die. I call it my goodnight moon/betime story!

    • Yes that was great. I can sleep at night again.
      I think I’ve found my soul sisters here. Love all of this dialogue.

        • LOL. That was an edited out scene of WPF…but Laura is going to put together some edited out scenes for us after SN….

        • Lol. I hate her as much as you. When I kept pleading with Laura to kill Kim off she told us the witch needs to suffer so let’s focus on that. The gouging was cut out but Laura said it was a huge turn off for Phil to see Kim out of control. I’m wondering if her hair was out of place that day. Did she destroy her room after? Rip the sheets to shreds vs never wash the sheets again? Hmmm would
          Love seeing her go off the rails. Lol

    • You just got mad J-Girl. That’s why I have mixed emotions about the bar scene…But I trust Laura…
      Katie the scene Janet is talking about is awesome!!!!

    • LOL Janet does know how to rile me up! We do this every couple of weeks. Of course, I started it this time with that scene!

      • Yes you did…I was hoping you guys didn’t go into overtime my girls were getting mad….That’s why I asked for a hug scene….LOL

  59. I’m not making sense today either. This witch drains me. Katie, i completely agree orifice(so gross) manipulated Phil but I think Laura did say Phil thought Kim was interesting. Did you read this blog where the first time Kim saw Phil she was mesmerized? Yes to everything Tracie said.

    • I heard that somewhere. Maybe Laura said that in our messenger convos before I joined in here. She targeted him, for sure. And nothing would stop her.

      • I’m telling you girls it was not emotional only Physical. They had sex and they worked together but Lina is his love and only love.

  60. Just got home and read everyone’s comments. Made me a bit depressed to be honest.
    Deighj and Tracie is right. It really is the last leg of the race and we all need to cheer Laura to the finish line. We we are all behind you 200 percent!

    • Don’t get depressed J-Girl, it will take us awhile to talk about SN after we read it….we dissected WPF chapter by Chapter Lol….

    • Laura do we not have time for running group explaination scene? I forgot about it then read Katie’s post on Phil “Thinking” during the fling and it came back full force. Maybe it’s not important but if they were interacting outside the bedroom, doesn’t it mean Phil actually liked “hanging out” with Kim? Tracie would vehemently deny this but it’s kinda like a mini date no? He was already escaping from home on weekdays and nights even so why couldn’t he just run alone one day? He saw this witch every freaking day. How come nobody else here thinks this is a big deal but me?

      • Oh never mind. I know Phil liked Kim until she showed her true colors and got pregnant. I just have to accept that and move on. Laura has more important upcoming scenes to deal with. Sorry for my rambling here. You can tell I’m mad.

        • I want to know about the running group too. Although now I’m convinced he didn’t “like” her. Anything that looks otherwise was manipulation on Kim’s part.

          • He didn’t found her interesting we talked about that and yes it makes me sick, but he did spend time with her on their trips. But once she showed her true colors and Lina showed interest she was history. He messed up, no doubt but he’s redeemable.

        • I’m with you Janet. I have such a hard time reconciling that he was spending time with her. Does that mean if she hadn’t been a total witch Phil would’ve continued the affair and maybe left Lina? I can’t stand the thought. But if he didn’t have ANY emotional involvement he might as well have just paid for a hooker. But I don’t think there was much there beyond sex and things look worse than they were. Hence, sequel.

          • Okay, he had an affair he owns it and even though it was not emotional for him, he did spend time with her. He had to to have an affair and yes he regrets every bit of it. But he wasn’t emotionally tied to her. You saw in Chapter 1 how fast he dropped her….

          • I’m confused ladies. Phil ended it with Kim when he reconnected with Lina. It wasn’t something Kim did although it was fizzling out. She didn’t start acting up until after she was pregnant

          • Kim is an Ivy League educated attorney. She’s a sharp attorney and good at her job. She wasn’t an airhead. But he was always Lina’s

          • Yes I agree. I’m just trying to say I understand where Janet is coming from. I’ve moved to Phil’s side very slowly because of the same issues Janet has. But I never thought Nick was right. It was either Phil or alone. And I’ve slowly convinced myself that Phil has suffered enough.

          • Laura made it very clear to us Phil wasn’t connected to Kim emotionally. So nothing beyond sex for Phil. When Lina checked back into their relationship and told Phil she missed him, he broke it off the next day. A lot of the material was cut out due to editing so we didn’t see this. supposedly Kim scratches Phil’s neck when he ended the affair.

      • Wrong J-Girl, I agree. it’s a huge deal that Phil needs to explain. Given how much time he was already spending with Kim, even giving up running with Megan to do so. Wouldn’t any wife want to know? I had forgotten about the Saturday mornings spent with Kim. Good catch! I know Laura can’t keep expanding SN but giving up family time in addition to the weekdays and nights does speak of an emotional affair.

      • Laura all these rile scenes you may have to give me a little swoon/steamy to soothe the savage beast. I’m talking Phil wrapping his body around Linas or just hugging her something Lol. I’d say Poor Phil again, but Janet is on edge Lol….

  61. I can tell you after reading that scene, screwing Kim was a knee jerk reaction. She didn’t have to work to hard, he was mad and it was all about him and he kept screwing her because she was his escape and like he said easy. I can’t stand her….ugh!

      • Kim did and when Phil stopped he stopped….Phil only had sex with Lina in that six month period they were separated, Phil only loves his Lina…Everybody remember that….

        • This was something I noted and liked. Phil could’ve easily gotten his rocks off with Kim or anyone else during that period, but he chose not to. He even thought Lina was with Nick, but he held out. Point to Phil for that.

      • Lord that scene upset me more than calmed me Shit. I’m little more critical than Katie at the moment.
        Regarding cover what Katie said sounds good. Ocean in the background with sihiloutte of Phil and Lina.

        • I agree but Swimming Naked has two meanings and I want that portrayed too. I want Phil’s open raw and emotional side somehow on the cover too. I love the outline of the old Polaroid picture frame around Tony and Casey….I would like to see something like that on this cover that ties in with Phil….

          That scene was tense!!! Wow

          • You’re good. Yes it needs to portray “naked” in the symbolic sense too. What about the silhouette but Phil on his knees hugging her (not proposing, more of a worship position).

          • Uh can we have Kim way out deeeeep in the ocean with her head bobbing and arms flailing please? My gosh the lifeguards got to her too late. You don’t say.
            You guys my heart. That made me so upset. That scene was a total be careful what you wish for. I need Tylenol

          • That’s a possibility…. it just has to be perfect. Phil has got such a fight ahead of him…Ugh Poor Phil

          • Janet I need some too….That scene gutted me and I tell you that bar scene would be worse….Damn I’m for Kim coming up missing at sea!!!

  62. Poor Phil….they were in such a bad place….but it’s like he gave up and that was his mistake…He let his temper override reason and it’s going to be the fight of his life, to right his world again.. No wonder he hates Nick…

  63. Poor Phil 🙁

    “What in the fuck, Lina? I don’t have a say any more? This doctor is now making the decisions?”
    “He’s the professional. What do you want to do? Ignore the advice we’re paying for?”
    “No, not ignore it. We can take it under advisement but you’re acting like he’s some God and we have to blindly follow everything he says.”
    “What he’s saying is working. She actually talked to me today. And yesterday she came down for dinner without being called. She’s getting better!”
    “Don’t yell at me!”
    “Why not? Are you the only one that’s allowed to yell?”
    “I’m her father. You should be discussing things with me.”
    “We are discussing it,” Lina snapped. “We are on the phone right now discussing it. Even though I didn’t want to call you because I knew you would be completely unreasonable about it, I called to discuss it with you.”
    “Oh, is that right? You don’t want to talk to me?” His hand tightened on the phone.
    “Not about Katie. Because you just can’t accept that you have no idea how to parent her.”
    “You won’t let me parent her!”
    “I did let you! I let you sever her internet access and take away her phone. I agreed to that. I didn’t want to but I did and look what happened.”
    “So now what? It’s my fault? Is that what the doctor said? That I’m the reason she cut herself.”
    Seconds went by before she responded. “Losing access to her friends was probably a contributing factor to her depression.”
    “Do whatever the fuck you want with her! I’ll just work and pay the bills.” He hurled his phone across the hotel room, shattering it on the wall. “Fuck!”

    • I’m Team Phil now.
      Poor guy. That would be a heavy burden to carry. Kim was a way to shut his mind off. It wasn’t about her at all. One of the things that was hard for me in AWPF was that it *appeared* that he was thinking during his affair, having an emotional and physical connection, the start of a relationship. But it wasn’t that at all. She was an orifice to ram his feelings into. (Boom!)

        • Yes…the texts were all sex, clearly…but the pictures threw me. They painted a picture- obviously what Kim wanted. I was screaming at Phil to explain!!!

          • yes and he had no emotion in his text messages,
            Kim’s responses had the sexual innuendos, nor his. The pictures were lust too, but those will be explained and I think they will haunt Phil, when he looks at them with Lina…

  64. You girls are going to think I’m nuts, but I literally hate to see Phil having to go through this again and I don’t want to get mad, but I’ve got to see it…ugh

  65. Okay — I’ve written the argument scene (as a flashback) between Phil and Lina that takes place right before he goes down to the bar. Do you want to see it or wait for the novel?

    • Omg I wanna see it!! What do you guys think? Incase you delete it. This is more exciting than fencing for sure. I don’t even know which strip my son is playing…

  66. I just contacted my cover designer — I’m excited! Any suggestions for what the cover for Sleeping Naked should look like?

  67. good afternoon girls! Yes Matt is in the sequel. We don’t get Katie’s POV this time around but Matt makes several appearances.

    Phil will never take Lina back to the Inn at Little Washington — no way.

    and as for today…

    “I don’t need a lecture, Mike,” he said, annoyance shooting through him. “I’m more aware than anyone how much I fucked up my life.”
    “Sorry,” Mike said. “It’s just…” he trailed off. “It’s just hard to believe.” When Phil didn’t say anything after several seconds he continued, “So Kim is still after you?”
    “Let’s just say she isn’t subtle in letting me know she’d like me to fuck her.”

    • Omg I’m at another tournament and no WiFi. Out in car now to read the posts and saw all this. This weeks reveals are OTT intense. Does this have anything to do with the misunderstanding? And now even Mike is involved.

    • I can’t take it. Even the thought that she still touches him (even without his permission or invitation) makes my stomach turn. Maybe killing her off wouldn’t so bad.

    • Morning Deighj….I do think will see Matt and look forward to it. I really like his character so mature for his age and good for Katie. In the Epilogue of WPF he was winning Phil over…..

  68. Has anyone heard from Carrie? I thought she’d checked in after J-Girl’s post wondering where the lot of us had disappeared. Just want all of us on deck with our varying ideas. Each view point adds to the excitement and as Katie wrote, it makes us think. Tracie (Sugar) and J-Girl has kept this blog alive with their scenarios that are laugh out loud funny. I do wonder if Matt will show up in SN.

  69. Katie, just got the chance to go through all the pics on Pininterest and loved it. Truly a remarkable job. Ya done good kid.

  70. Good Morning My Angel Girls, thank you for your kind words. I am feeling some better today….

    Laura how are our characters today?

    I thought about J-Girls question would Phil ever take Lina back to the wedding venue and I would say no. But him planning a weekend away, I’m hoping they are swimming naked and maybe he’s asking her to renew their vows. I know we discussed that at one point with Veronica. I’m excited for you being in the home stretch and really excited for us to read your work of art…..

  71. I’m going to have to sign off for the night girls.. I haven’t felt good today my thigh is black and blue and I just feel exhausted. I’ve enjoyedyou girls today and will check back in tomorrow. Goodnight…

    • feel better Tracie. I know you will feel worse before you get better.

      Laura, loved the cottages. Especially the Carter house. So maddening that Kim ruined this romantic spot for Lina. I wonder if Phil took Lina here for their weekend getaway? Maybe not.

      Tomorrow is a new day and that means a new scene! Gnight all

      • J, Laura and I had talked about Lina and Phil, so she helped me with those actors. Kim I found by looking up blonde actresses in their 30s, and she was perfect, we all agree. Nick I found by searching blonde, green eyes, 40s…he’s a Norwegian model, and also perfect. 🙂

  72. Phil took Lina to a little restaurant in Baltimore after the dance pictures in Chapter 47. Chapter 43 was the Christmas scene. Where Phil and Lina made love and Phil learned she hadn’t slept with Nick.

  73. Laura since there is so much talk about this bar scene, I have to keep going back to my Phil nightmare scene where he said “ I was so fucking lost without you.” They are killing me…LOL

    • Ok never mind about eyes bulging out. I got caught up in the moment but you are right. Kim doesn’t deserve any emotion other than cold hatred from Phil. He can just tell her off without any emotion which he did already in my bedtime tidbit. Ugh. I get riled up you know? Regarding bar scene Laura will do whatever she wants and Im lucky just to have my opinions heard. But “I can be Lina tonight” would have been cold water thrown on his face and I can see him saying shut the f up. Nobody’s Lina but Lina.

      • You’re both right! I was thinking manipulative before considering how narcissistic she is. I really don’t know how this would go down. We know he hates her with a passion now so it’s hard to go back to when he would have given into the temptation. I agree there was probably some fondling by Kim.

        • There had to be fondling and has he received the tie as a gift yet? Remember she chased his relentlessly….She softened him up before she found he resistance down to go in for the kill…

          • Noooo. Phil didn’t really take note of Kim until the night he was with her. The tie won’t make the sequel because it was inconsequential to Phil.

          • The sign of The little Inn at Washington. What am I missing ladies? Did Phil take Lina there for dinner in ch 43( aka Tracie’s chapter?). The picture of Phil sleeping on the blue flower sheets. Waaaahhh

          • The Inn at Little Washington is where the wedding took place. It’s a 5-star restaurant and hotel in Washington, Virginia. It’s where the slap happened!

          • Right Laura. You said he didn’t notice her until he noticed her. We remember. Kim was scheming and grabbed her chance at the bar. Did Kim tell the waiter to take a picture of them? She must have because it’s not posed nor was Phil aware of it. Oh god.

          • I did not remember that! I thought you made up the place. I just knew it was couple hours away from their home. Looking up this place up asap. lol

  74. You girls are very good for my ego today — thank you! Katie is quite talented and I’ve spent much of the day obsessing over the pictures she chose and sharing them with my friends and family. They are now swirling in my head. Phil is definitely a big guy like Jon Hamm and Lina I love too. Kim (wow) that is exactly who I picture and Nick is spot on. I love all the pictures. She isn’t the first person to send me pictures of what she thought the characters look like but she is the first person to really get inside my head. We’ve been having some discussions privately (via the messenger of FB) and we are definitely on the same wave length. I consider all of you my friends now!

    Currently, I am writing a scene with Phil and his brother Mike — I’m seriously considering writing a flashback to the bar scene where Kim picks up Phil the first time. It may or may not make the final cut for the novel — it depends on how Phil comes across LOL I don’t want more Phil haters

    • Oh my heart. We can always use more Kim haters right? Katie was scary good with the likeness of Kim in the white dress. Now I hate her even more if that is possible.

    • Oh my gosh I trust you, but I honestly don’t know if I can stomach that or not….ugh…mixed emotions….Janet would love though…

      • If it comprises my Phil in anyway…let it go Lol…….I honestly got shivers thinking I’m going to maybe read that scene….Ugh

      • Shhhhhh Tracie. Laura would never go into detail. She can’t stomache it either but I said from day one I would like to see how Kim hooked Phil. I hope he was drunk off his ass and saw double of Linas face not Kim’s. Ugh. Have family duty so I’ll check in later. Have been out since 9am today.

        • I knew you were going to say that…you’re right Laura couldn’t stomach too much detail, but damn I hate that biotch touching him, when he belongs to Lina….Yuk…Puke…

    • I don’t know if I can take it. But I could see Kim saying something like, “I’m so sorry, I could be your Lina tonight.” And if he was really drunk that would help. Anything to put the blame more on Kim. I’m going to start calling her “the orifice” now.

      • That was funny as hell… “the orifice”. I said from the beginning she’s nothing but a piece of meat. Lol. You and Janet are on the same wavelength with that scene. It will be hard for me to return to the scene of the crime. I’m wanting Phil to defend Lina…I know he deserves her… show me!! I do like my steamy and swoon scenes between Lina and Phil though…Laura gives me depth but she also feeds my steamy side too! Lol

        • Yeah, he needs to rage on Kim big time. He has been far too controlled with her, and Lina needs to see him be pissed about it.
          Speaking of swoon and steam, that Tony Prossi…?

          • I know right….Laura had me in the first chapter describing him coming going to the bathroom….hot hot….Have you read Joseph and Lia’s story? If not that one is so good too…

          • That’s the perfect word nobody used here before. Phil has been too controlled with Kim. That’s exactly it. Laura has repeatedly said Phil’s all about control and needs it but I completely agree with you Katie. He needs to rage. Eyes turning red and bulging out from sockets as he destroys her. I don’t want Phil clenching his jaw with his muscles twitching from holding it in. let it out and hail down on Kim. However, In regards to how Kim first got Phil I can’t see her saying I’ll be your Lina. She is the most narcissistic
            Selfish bitch alive and Lina doesn’t exist in her world. I think those words would be beneath her since she is incomparable in her world. I see Phil drinking and Kim being a bit sympathetic but then touches Phil’s thighs and swooping in when their eyes connect. She made the first contact. Phil is at his wits end and his mind shut down. Gah!

          • Okay Phil has been controlled…but does Lina really need to see him out of control with Kim, the scene yesterday seemed to kind of freak her out. We may want to see him out of control, but I don’t believe Lina does. The bar scene makes me kind of sick and I don’t want to talk about it Lol…..

          • One more thing If Kim thinks Lina is so beneath her, that’s really sick to try to be her for Phil to screw her… ewwww?

  75. I wrote something last night but I think I was high from cold meds bc it never posted. I reread the 1am scene and I got that Phil dame home alone without Lina. Maybe he told Lina he had a late dinner meeting and went to visit Liam on his way home and Kim texted Lina? It is Kim related but here I think it has to do with the present time. However 3pm button popping scene is definitely past related. I think Tracie is right and its linked to SB. Kim has so much material here to work with since it’s basically he said she said. Kim’s here to win and the night at SB is one of her weapons. Maybe it’ll come up in the BD scene.

    • Whatever Kim did was enough to push Phil over the edge. When Lina saw the buttons on the floor she knew shit had hit the fan. The only way I knew Lina knew about it was when Phil said “She can’t get away with this, she’s pushed me too far.” It could be something from SB or Kim could have publicly humiliated Lina maybe???? We want Kim to go bye bye toKatie…Janet begs Laura to kill her off weekly Lol!! I think she will slut herself down the road or end up in jail. I can never see her giving them a break ugh!!!

  76. Girls. Speaking of yesterday’s scene….did Lina almost seemed surprised by Phil’s reaction to you? Did Lina receive something from Kim and call Phil at work? It must be warm he’s putting on shorts and TShirt…What do you think?

    • I have no idea but I wouldn’t be sad if Kim wants to trade her mom card in and go back to full time slutting by the end. Give Phil the kid, bye bye Kim.

  77. Oh my gosh girls, that board took my breath away. Katie our Laura is over the top talented. Welcome to our blog. I will be looking at over several more times today. You too are talented Katie…thank you!

    Even though I’m a little gun shy where are we today Laura??? Lol

    • Thank you so much. I’m a very visual person. I’ve only seen a few authors do boards on Pinterest, and I thought it was really effective at bringing the story to life and connecting me to it. I saw an opportunity. I plan to do a lot more of that kind of stuff for our dear friend Laura. I enjoy it.

      • Good, she deserves to be recognized and we love what you did. Awesome hot job with the Phil picture too! My Phil is smoking….That’s right!!

      • Katie, you sound like a Penelope Douglas fan. Do you follow her boards? I remember seeing it for the first time few years back and it made a huge impact on her novels I thought. You are a keeper. Thanks for joining our group. Are you in southern Ca?

  78. Janet you mentioned reading Ryan’s Roses. I went to Amazon and couldn’t find it. Sounds like my kind of book. I’ve read most of the books that have been mentioned and picked up Stuck Up Suit and Naked Truth thanks to y’all. Any read that catches your attention would be appreciated. Before I forget, who is the author of Ryan’s Roses? I do want to read.

    • Haha Deighj. Ryan’s roses on YouTube! It’s not a book. Ryan Seacrest is the host of American Idol but he is also the local DJ here. Once a week he makes a call to unsuspecting husbands, offers them free dozen red roses then catches them when the flowers are sent to women other than their wives. You would think it’s a bit like jerry springer but it’s not. I suggested Tracie to listen to it since she was loopy from the pain meds and couldn’t concentrate on books. Gosh, I’ll think of some books for you. Awhile back Veronica and I exchanged book lists but the authors just don’t write like Laura. I’ll post later today. Meanwhile you can listen to a few roses and see if you find them funny. I do gasp once in awhile.

      • You’re my Sugar pie! And Janet is J-Girl. That’s who you are to me. I try to have mornin coffee catching up with you two.

    • Hi Deighj. Here’s a list of a few books on infidelity(you may have read them all already). Not all great but as you know good writers are far and few. I think that is one of the reasons I’m obsessed with Laura. Her characters(even the minor ones) are 3 dimensional and thought out. This book wrecked me emotionally and I found myself thinking about it incessantly over the weeks that turned into months so I finally reached out to Laura. I was not satisfied with the ending and didn’t think Phil deserved Lina even though I knew they belonged together. Also, Kim’s issues were unresolved in my opinion and as much as I hated her, I thought she was such a good villain. Well, the rest is history and we all ended up here. Now with Katie’s Kim up on Pinterest(holy moly), we have a dead ringer so I don’t know how much longer I can hold on to my sanity. LOL.
      Here’s my list off the top of my head. I really liked Willow Aster’s A True Love Story. The Ultimate Betrayal(short harlequin but loved it at the time) by Michelle Reid. Not Quite a Husband(historical) by Sherry Thomas. A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata. The Adultery Club(it has OW POV. Not sure if you can handle it)- Tess Stimson Admissions of Guilt by Roxanne Winkler. Tracie I both read this one. Writing is choppy but the OW has MC’s baby. If you like OW wedge tricks I really liked Up In The Air trilogy by R.K. Lilliey(It’s BDSM and Laura didn’t love). Hopefully you haven’t read them all but I honestly forget most of them the day after.

      • Hey J-Girl. I’ve read every book you mentioned except the “Up in The Air” trilogy. I can’t do BDSM. I just can’t associate pain with pleasure. It’s not that I read books about infidelity exclusively though the reason for my interest is that it happened in my family twice, both leading to divorce. One when I was in my late teens and he was my “go to” for advice on dating and the boys I liked. That divorce shattered our family and me. I too forget the books almost immediately. Which leads back to my obsession with WPF. I’m counting down days/months to SN’s release. Currently reading “Deceive Not My Heart” previously read under “Tiger Lily” by Shirlee Busbee.

  79. Hi Katie, love the pics. I don’t post that often but read everyday to keep up with Tracie and Janet’s scenarios that often prompts a snippet from Laura on Swimming Naked. Which leads me to ask a question that has nagged at me for almost a year. What is it about WPF that has us enthralled? Was it the unresolved questions left at the end, or that Kim didn’t receive the beat down she so deserved? We have all read other books dealing with infidelity but never have I obsessed about any of them. Tracie, Janet, would love to get your thoughts.

    • That’s a really good question. I’m a little different in that I don’t read a lot of infidelity stories, or drama for that matter. I’m usually into romance with an element of taboo. But I loved Sense of Belonging and Laura’s writing style so much I decided to read this one.
      AWPF made me question what I thought I knew about myself, and I love books that make me do that. He got a girl pregnant? He’d be OUT! But I actually found myself cheering for Lina and Phil. I appreciated Alice’s lackadaisical take on the situation and it made me think about how society (and myself) view infidelity, when a woman stays, etc. etc. I also thought it was interesting how the story seemed focused on this a-hole Alpha prick who cheated, but really his wife was on an extended emotional retreat herself. Which affair is worse? That’s probably it- it really made me think. I’m still thinking about it- obviously. And I’m more than thrilled that Laura is adding to the story with the sequel.
      I really love how she writes. It makes me feel everything. And she’s subtle in her explanation of things- again, making the reader think. What do you think?

    • I read all of Laura’s books back to back WPF being the last. I was so pulled into the characters emotions that when it ended i wasn’t ready to let them go. I had so many unanswered questions that there had to be a sequel, there was still so much left to be said by these characters that it haunted me. I needed Phil’s side of the story, even though I was Team Phil from the start. I NEVER saw Lina with Nick, that was a no go for me. I want readers to believe in his redemption, because he and Lina both deserve it. I started on Laura’s blog back in April, there was only 7 comments, and mow we are on our fourth thread I think? I’m so proud of my friend Laura…Katie you are right more people need to recognize how gifted Laura is a writer!!!

      • You’re absolutely right. I had an advantage because I just read AWPF, so I was well aware that my questions would be answered. Oh, the suspense!
        Another thing I didn’t mention. I appreciated the philosophical and poetic references. Hypocrisy of religion. The intellectual component.
        One can only read so many love stories with steamy sex scenes before wanting more. Laura gives you so much more.

        • She does Katie….I love how she keeps me guessing to the very end too! There is depth to her novels,I haven’t found with another author, she makes her characters come alive and I love it…

  80. I’m the fan girl. I contacted Laura because I think she’s so so talented, and not nearly as known as she needs to be. I’m going to change that. 😉
    Looking forward to getting into these conversations with you ladies.

    • Wow!!! I love it too!! What a surprise. That is Kim! That is the hunters house! That is Nick too. So great. I visualize different people for Phil and Lina but she nailed Kim and Nick. Awesome! I only know one author who uses Pinterest board for her books – Penelope Douglas and I like matching people places and events with pictures since images are powerful
      Did the lady contact you that the board is up? Let me go dissect the pictures in detail. I saw Phil and Kim in bed together. Lord! Thank you fan lady!

      • So cool. She even put Matt’s car on there. Also she made nick too handsome. I will totally think of this face next time he tells Phil off. Bahaha

      • She contacted me via facebook last week after reading A Sense of Belonging and then she read WPF. Needless to say, that is the one that pulled her in. She really had some insightful comments — she wants to be team Phil but isn’t there yet. She’s another California girl

  81. Still another surprise scene this afternoon. This story may just go on forever LOL — Definitely going to be longer than I expected. Off to visit my dad and then dinner with friends. I’ll catch up later.

      • Laura is off to dinner with friends and I’m off to try figure out how to get my own self in the shower with crutches. Because watching my husband in the bathroom mirror lift this great really white beast into the shower kinda makes me want to puke LOL

        • Poor you. You are beautiful Raquel. Whatever. You told me how much you weigh anyway and you are not big at all. Your husband calls you Doll! This is constant replay in my house. My husband- Hi, what is this charge again? Me-dude I told you last week. You said fine(I never told him anything). Oh also don’t forget to buy cheese(it changes from whichever location he’s at)from that place and take a pic for us. On repeat. Lol.

          • Oh my gosh you are the sweetest thing. Your husband thinks you are sweet too or he wouldn’t call at all….how funny though what’s this charge for…Lol….It’s the opposite with us, I take care of the money and have to ask him what’s this charge for LOL. I love cheese too, but I don’t care for Swiss, reminds me of plastic.

          • Yes he likes me otherwise he wouldn’t let the charges go. The cheese is usually a coverup so I can switch subjects but this guy travels so much that I do genuinely like trying the stuff he brings back. I screwed up bills twice and that was enough for him. I take care of home related bills but as a primary card holder he gets notified when I charge. It’s fine. I’m good at hiding stuff for a few months anyway. I’ll check back with you in a couple hours so we can chat more about today’s scenes.

          • Oh my gosh you crack me up J-Girl…You are the best sister pie…..I’ll check back too….Hope you are feeling better…

        • OMG Tracie! You are not seeing yourself clearly and I hope you let him help you. Now I’m worried about you falling again.

          • I’m fine sister, I decided to let him help when I had to set in the shower because I thought I was going to pass out from the effort. Learned my lesson!

    • Love love hearing that. Surprise after surprise. Masterpiece for sure. Dinner with friends lovely. I know your friends will have input. I hope youre eating with the lady who asked you to add the slap at the wedding scene. Pls get wasted and Uber back home. Have a great night!

  82. I said he met Liam at the hospital but wasn’t there for the birth. I also said he wasn’t mean to Kim that day which made Janet mad lol

    • I remember now and you told Janet he couldn’t be mean to a woman who just gave birth….and you both jumped me for saying Phil said if you need anything call me LOL…

    • We are losing our minds here. That was a brown bag moment for sure. That’s right- you said Phil can’t be mean to her. Im thinking she insisted on double dosage of epidural so she didn’t suffer too much. And I know you will say she still looked healthy tan and smelled of roses. Puke

      • Women like that always look hot. I still hope she got hemorrhoids from childbirth and the top half of her boobs disappeared after her milk dried up….,,,

        • Hear hear. But you know her milk dried up day after birth since Liam never got a drop of her poison.
          Yay on 2 separate incidents. And I don’t think Laura’s at BD scene yet. Let’s order bags this week. I don’t think they carry them at grocery stores anymore. ?

  83. What about photos from Liam’s birth….didn’t they like share a room…remember in Chapter 44, when Lina said you knew, when you were with me??? He said he has nothing to do with my love for you…..

    • Exactly right Phil can’t ecen believe it. Our timeline is messed up. You asked Laura’s mood this morning and she gave us 3pm incident. Yesterday, Laura gave us 1am and Lina was mad then. Are the incidents related? Omg talk about our minds running amock. Sheesh. We know Phil had to deal with Kim today but I have no idea if we are dealing with a same problem. Tracie, when did they share a room? Kim and Phil? He just visited Liam at hospital I thought. Man oh man.

      • I thought they shared a hotel room or something right after he was born and we both needed brown paper bags? Maybe it was a hospital room. I can’t remember for sure!!!! Ugh. Our timeline is probably woppy jawed…. because she doesn’t want to ruin anything for us… buts is fun to figure LOL

          • I could of swore we talked about that and it was a brown bag moment for me. Maybe it was just the hospital. I’m telling you girls I need Post-it’s to remember my address.

        • I just read your dreams. Bahahahahaaaa. You be funny. No!!!! They didn’t share a room. What in the world. Laura is having a mini attack. Lol. It would be great drama if he did share a room. Then there is no misunderstanding and Phil is in the dog house for a long ass time.
          I’m catching up on Ryan’s roses now and the one I just heard made me lol. The husband is caught because he brought home vegetarian lasagna leftovers. He was supposedly out with a friend to dinner but what should have been a steak place turned out to a dim Italian restaurant and the husband who eats meat upon meat with a side of meat brought home a vegetarian dish. Bahaha. I’ll think of what happened scenarios but for now I’ll go with separate incidents unless Phil went out at 3pm to bash Kim and didn’t return home till 1. But then there’s the following……

  84. I had another thought about the scene, Laura is this a moment where Lina has to come to terms with Kim’s narcissistic tendencies and work with Phil at defending them and keeping her marriage and family together? I think like the pictures Lina would eventually come desensitized to Kim and her actions. Kim wants response from Lina and Phil. Phil I believe (like Janet) wondering how much more can Lina take, especially with Nick on the sidelines. Lina will be Phil’s anchor in all this turmoil. My thoughts are running a muck!!! Lol

    • Ok. I think for BD scene, Phil being Phil wasn’t/isn’t prepared. He doesn’t think Kim dares to do anything. Lina on the other hand is apprehensive because she knows exactly what type of termite Kim is. It must be tied to the past don’t you think? Liam is in their lives but everything is out in the open and so is Phil. What could it be?

      • It has to be something Phil can’t even believe. The sentence in the scene where Phil couldn’t believe the extent Kim went too, to hurt Lina. Could the picture from SB have shown up unexpectedly??? Could she have photoshop some old pictures to look recent?? Lina is going to have to take Phil’s explanation and I think seeing him this upset is scaring her Lol. She is going to have to be his calm in the storm so he doesn’t go off half cocked! Kim is craving reaction and attention from them both, play her actions down. I think deadly quiet controlled Phil will scare Kim more than out of control screaming Phil?? Don’t you?

  85. I love you Laura Girl, you are awesome and surprise us everyday you are so fun…….This scene is so awesome he hurt his woman….why did he come home to change clothes? Is it still 1am? Oh my gosh I Love this scene! He realizes he has to put a stop to Kim’s madness, and Lina will not be hurt….I bet Kim is fixing to get her scared on….I love it.

      • Shazam….he left work! Whatever she did is bad and Lina is scared he’s going to do something stupid. He is seeing Lina’s hurt first hand and he’s mad and hurt for her! I would NEVER say Poor Kim go get the wench my wild avenger Phil. Cut her off at the ankles my alpha….Love it……

      • Im home sick. I got a flu shot but the sore throat turned into a fever. Thank you so much for this. Do you have anxiety Laura? This scene…. I can’t speak right now. I feel like we are at the back of the book now? Ok I’m back to plain loathing again.

        • That’s awful. So you got sick from the flu shot? I thought that didn’t happen any more. Yes, I’m feeling anxiety!

          • I think so. I got the shot right before my short trip. Have been fighting it with vitamin c then this morning woke up with slight fever. Not bad but hate fever headaches. I hope you can end on a happier note. Your brother in Cali will worry about you.

        • Sorry you are sick J-Girl….we have to still be at the front, don’t you think? I think Phil’s to Keyed up for steamy or I would say Lina ride him to the ground and get him under control. Yum-A

          • I feel like it’s not BD time yet. That may push Phil over the edge. This time he wants to kill but still has control over his faculties. Lol. Poor Phil.

            Are you still on codeine?

          • Plus he wouldn’t leave Lina on her BD. I hope he talks to Lina too, this could be a pivotal moment for them too…..this could be their same page pack moment too! Where they become a united front against the witch. This is going to be so good!

          • I’m off the codeine…rotating Motrin and Tylenol. Those pain pills makes me feel nuttier than a fruit cake. Last night I took it I dreamed my teeth fell out and I spent most of the night trying to get rocks out of my pillow.

          • Ugh. Sorry Janet. I haven’t had a fever in six years. I hate being sick. I’m an awful patient. I feel sorry for myself when I’m not well.

  86. LOL yep exactly — a young alpha male in the making. What’s the mood you ask…

    He yanked off his tie as he headed for this wardrobe. His anger growing as he thought the effort she’d expended to hurt Lina. He fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, finally just ripping it open.
    “What are you doing?” Lina asked from the doorway, her eyes on the buttons that had fallen to the floor.
    “This isn’t okay,” he said as he unclasped his belt. “She’s not getting away with it.” He was out of his pants and stepping into khaki colored shorts. His eyes were hard and his jaw firm. “She’s pushed me too far.” He crouched down to put on his running shoes, quickly lacing them.
    “You need to calm down.”
    He brushed past her as he left the wardrobe, shrugging into a T-shirt as he headed for the door. “I’m calm,” he said, feeling the opposite.
    “Phil, stop,” Lina called out, rushing after him. “You have to talk to me.”

    • I love you too and I found some words now. Lol. I hope Phil doesn’t run off without speaking to Lina first. I know it’s in his nature to take care of his mate but he excludes Lina in these matters to handle it himself. Phil can’t make Kim his priority even in anger. Maybe Kim is wobbling in 6 in heels and takes a tumble down the stairs when Phil yells at her.

  87. Good Morning Girls (I think Lol), where are we today my sweet Laura??? I’m trying to set your mood train, as I approach with caution Lol…..

    • Me and my husband talked about the scene again this morning and I asked him, if he would have felt guilty about putting his son in a position like that and he said no. I would feel proud of him knowing he would stand up for his mother, but he wouldn’t run over me to do it. My husband is pure Alpha too, always has been.

  88. I’m glad Phil is going up after Lina. The last time she told Phil not to follow her was after he told her Kim was pregnant. I’m also hoping that he made himself a promise after the 6 month separation that he would not fall a sleep without her again. Go get your woman Phil!!

    • Totally. Phil doesn’t worry unless Linas in danger. Something big happened for him to come home at 1am without Lina. And Logan is up. Shiz hit the fan. I have a dozen scenarios in my head.

        • Scroll up Tracie. I posted one of 20 scenarios in my head. An obvious one that would never happen so nobody gets mad at me.

          • I read it and it was intense. I could see her doing something like that…..scroll up I commented more…

        • I only posted because I know it won’t happen but why is Phil out at 1am? Tracie!!!! Ugh. There’s 20 possibilities in my head now that wants to come out. Maybe we are making it out to be bigger than it is but he followed Lina and not Kim right? She’s probably at Adele’s. I was going to cook and got healthy fake tuna stuff for kids but now I just want some lo mein and think about SN. Need Chinese for this scene not fake tuna.

  89. Janet, Tracie called me sugar when she welcomed me to The Blog. That made me feel so good. I grew up with that term along with others being used frequently. Not so much these days. At the time Tracie posted that I thought “Now there’s a southern gal.” I know Laura lives in Maryland, but not sure what area you and Tracie are from. I now live in a small town midway between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia.

    • Hi Deighj…..that’s so sweet and you are very welcome. I was born an raised in southeast Oklahoma…Sweetie. Sugar, Honey and Doll are my favorite staples to pull from and used a lot where I grew up.

    • I know you called Tracie sugar because you both are from the south. I thought it was lovely. I rarely hear these endearments living in the west coast(Los Angeles).

  90. It’s in the first quarter of the book. Lina is upset with Phil for reasons I won’t share and Logan decides to appoint himself as Lina’s protector.

    • Logan has considered himself her protector since Phil left and he will still do anything to protect her. Phil is the Alpha but he’s still going to have to gain Logan’s trust. I’m glad this is in the first quarter of the book and not the last quarter.

  91. Hey Laura, where in the book does the above scene take place? Will you be giving away too much in letting us know what issue was in contention?

  92. Be careful what you ask for…

    “We just had a misunderstanding. It’s nothing for you to worry about.” He began to ascend the stairs. “It’s late,” he said when he reached the top. “Why don’t you go back to bed.”
    “She told you not to follow her,” Logan said, shifting slightly so he blocked his path.
    “Go to bed, Logan,” Phil said meeting his eyes.
    Logan shook his head, a blush staining his cheeks. “She said–.”
    “This is between me and your mother,” Phil interrupted, trying to keep a reign on his temper. “Get out of my way. I’m not going to tell you again.”

    • Remember I ask about this kind of thing in the first blog, would it be hard for Logan to step aside after 6 months of being Lina’s protector when Phil came home. I got my answer with that scene. I bet Phil is pissed trying to get to Lina and his 15 year old son saying no…..wowza

    • I read that scene to my husband….he said Logan thinks he’s the head of the household, which he’s not. He said if you were that upset I’d never not follow you and our son wouldn’t stand in my way either. Poor Logan.

      • LOL my father told me Logan would be on his back. Thank goodness Phil is a bit more sensitive to where Logan is coming from. Also remember when Logan followed them out onto the deck when Lina was upset in WPF – this is a bit of Logan transitioning from boy to man

        • wait. Your father reads your books? LOL. I love that your father is involved in your books. He is an alpha as well.

          • No lol. I just read him certain scenes for his opinion. My father is 83 and definitely sees himself as the alpha of his wife, children, grandchildren and son in laws lol

          • I love it too that your father is interested in your books LOL…my husband is getting to where he is too! Probably this is where I spend my time and he wants in LOL! I hate that Logan has to transition before his time, but it has to come. Praise be for Phil’s patience.

    • Holy crap! That bit came out of nowhere. I love it when you say be careful… LOL Is Phil thinking Lina will go to Nick? Maybe to Kim’s to confront her? Lord, this will drive me batty for the rest of the day. Phil’s never followed Lina before so it’s serious. Love Logan so much. Is this the scene you are writing today Laura? Did you know you needed to write this or was it a surprise?

      • It has to be Kim and Phil put Lina off for Kim, I would be pissed too! Phil said it was just a misunderstanding, we shall see…I’m excited….lol

        • I’m so excited too Tracie! If Phil is following Lina, he is more than worried. He’s scared. It’s always ? Kim related if it’s escalated it to this. Laura said manipulating Kim today. Not selfish Kim nor mean girl Kim. She pulled another wedge trick. Maybe kim found out they had a weekend away and became enraged. So good. At first I thought Lina was mad that phil knew where Liam’s bedroom was but he would not follow her for that nor have Logan involved. Poor Logan.

          • Kim might still be in her old apartment, since he knew the way to the nursery. Phil may have also told Lina that she just moved a mile and half from their home too! It could have also been the phone call scene and Phil didn’t react as he should of….there is to many options LOL…

    • How late is late? Did Lina and Phil come home at the same time and Logan waited up for them? Where’s Katie? Lord I can ask all day with a dozen or so lines you gave us today. Maybe you can give us a half a dozen line scene when Phil rips into Kim tomorrow? You know Tracie is home resting and needs this. Bahaha. She also has to update her husband from now bc he too is invested now.

      • J-Girl did you just play the Tracie sympathy card for more lines????….That made me laugh out loud…Laura won’t fall for that either…Lol….Laura kind of shocked me in to shut up after that Logan scene Lol….

        • Yes I did. And I used your husband too. I used you before you had surgery too. Ok can I use asbestos in my flip place then? When Laura says sequel then I keep my mouth shut and move on to the next question. Lol.

        • My husband is out mowing…..so you may have to use the asbestos trick. Lol…I loved it…I bet Logan moves though….

        • It is so Kim. I thought of this at pick up just now. Midnight. Brrrrinng. LOML(love of my life. Humor me pls) lights up Phil’s phone. Creepy laugh then a soft “hello.” Lina hangs up. Calls again in 5 min. “Its still me. What do you need?”
          “Put Phil on the phone.”
          “He’s busy with our son in our bedroom right now. Dont bother waiting up for him.” Creepy laugh again.
          “I know he’s with Liam. Just hand the phone over to him now.”
          “You aren’t in any position to demand. When Phil gets home in the morning why don’t you check his left pocket? I left a souvenir. He will leave our house when I’m done with him.” Click.
          Lina texts. Don’t bother coming home tonight. I’m locking the garage door and knights guarding it. Phil! Why are you pissing Lina off. Ugh. Endless possibilities.

          • Wow, that was intense. I can see her doing that, but I just don’t know if Phil would put himself in that situation. Kim would though….ugh…the first quarter of the book is going to be a struggle. Damn Kim!!!!

          • Then it has to be the situation….Since this is the first quarter of the book, Lina may going to have to initiate her rules of engagement..

          • Janet it has to be a wedge trick….Phil was probably doing Kim’s bidding and it is not going to go over very good!

      • Can you walk? Loved Deighj calling you sugar. I would like Lina laughing at Kim. That would be nice. I didn’t like being reminded of Liam being Kim’s son.

        • I’m still on crutches, and can’t put any weight on my leg at all. I am sugar to you my salt…Lol. Glad Deighj is commenting. Lina loving on Liam would infuriate Kim. especially if Phil was in the mix.

          • I know that’s right…Phil knows what a mother love is supposed to look like because of how Lina raised their children. It has to ramp up Phil’s guilt knowing he has to leave Liam, nor will Liam have an unselfish mother like Lina.

          • Good Morning Girls, where are we today Laura? This is one of my favorite things to do each morning Lol….I know which mood train to climb on…Lol.

  93. Kim will never be redeemed…I love how Phil growled at her and jerked away telling her hands off….I loved it….Lina would of picked her baby up, before chasing a man to her front door.

    • exactly today I added a line to that scene.

      Get your fucking hands off me,” he growled, wrenching his arm from her hold. “This conversation is over.” He yanked open the door. “Go take care of your son,” he said dismissively.

      • Lord!!!!! I love the wrenching part too. And thank you for paving the road to hell for Kim. I hope she rots in purgatory. I would need to be resuscitated if Kim got a happy ending. You would never be rid of me at that point.

      • Oh my gosh I love it Laura….I don’t want you to verify this hope of mine because I do want it to be a surprise….But after Kim telling Phil she doesn’t want Lina around Liam ever…I hope Kim intrudes into a public place where Lina is holding Liam and she is making him laugh and loving on Liam and Phil has his arm around them both laughing too! Burn Kim burn!!!

  94. Hi hi. I’m here. Long day and only half way over for me. Am I imagining or did Laura change ch 46 or 47? I don’t remember them swimming naked. It’s perfect either way!
    Deighj, no reedemimg Kim. No way.

    • I did change it LOL. Swimming naked is a flashback in Chapter 46 and then Phil mentions it to Lina when they are having dinner in Chapter 47.
      And I’m learning more each day that Kim is not redeemable.

      • My mama use to say: “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.” I think Kim doesn’t want to be redeemed, she just wants to win.

  95. Now there’s a vision. Laura knows a good title when she sees it. Most appropriate because that’s pretty much what Phil’s doing in SN.

    • Phil will be raw and Swimming Naked with Lina only!!! He is still my Alpha and Swimming Naked is only with Lina…Lol

      • Hey Sugar, regarding my post on October 17th:
        My comment about Phil swimming naked and how I’ve always thought of it is that Phil will feel naked in the aftermath of his affair and the turmoil it has created within his family. He is an alpha and having to live with his flaws exposed for all to see is extremely uncomfortable for him. I have been and always will be Team Phil even when I was most angry with him. You and I have that in common.

  96. Tracie aren’t you the one who came up with the name “Swimming Naked” or did I imagine that post? If so ya done good kid.

    • I didn’t come up with it….Laura did the name picking. I just said I didn’t care if the book was so long that they were old and wrinkled Swimming Naked when it ended. Lol

  97. Yes Tracie — Phil planned the weekend away.

    Today I am all over the place. Currently writing a scene with Lina and her mother

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