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Swimming Naked — Coming December 2018

Phil was half-way home before he was calm enough to call Kim. “When were you going to tell me?” he bit out as soon as she answered.

“That was fast.”

“We agreed that it was better for you to be out of Baltimore.”

“No, you convinced me it would be better if I was out of Baltimore. But it’s not better, not for Liam. He’s your son and you barely see him.”

“I see him once a week. I’m doing the best I can.”

“And your best will be better when I’m closer.”

“He has a nanny and routine he’s used to. Why would you uproot him?”

“I think being closer to his father is more important than his nanny.”

“Do you really think the city is the place to raise him?”

“You don’t live in the city. Maybe I’ll get a place near you.”

His grip tightened on the steering wheel. “Don’t you fucking dare.”

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  1. Hi all!

    Tracie — Phil has exercise equipment in the basement.
    He’s pretty awful to Kim in SN – not sure if he says those exact words “not fit to breath the same air as Lina” but it’s definitely implied

  2. Hi Deighj, etc.

    Nick is too mature for Kim’s antics. Remember when Phil went and met with Nick and Nick told Lena afterwards that he didn’t like her husband, that he reminded him of middle school or something. LOL. That’s why I love Laura’s writing, its funny, raw, and just grabs you.

    I was thinking about the last scene of SN. Do you think Phil and Lina will go off somewhere privately, like an island or something, renew their vows and then go swimming naked under the moonlight. Whatever Laura comes up with will be amazing. That’s why she’s the writer!!

    Janet, yes my daughter receives lots of training. She teaches high school in Baltimore County. This is a sad world we live in.

    • I would think they would want their kids there to include Liam…Remember when Phil told Lina in Chapter 47, not back, baby, forward….Forward would be with Liam…

  3. Laura does Phil ever allude/tell Kim that she’s not good enough to breath the same air as Lina? Maybe not in those exact words. but you know where I’m coming from….

  4. Nick wouldn’t fall for that, he is to loyal to Lina and would want her to come to him willingly not because of a wedge trick….She’ll make things hard for Phil, by trying to hurt Lina. which will make it harder for Lina to accept Liam. I just think we all are underestimating Lina. I think she will be in control of her own destiny in SN…..Kim will even be shocked….Kim doesn’t want Phil to have Liam incorporated into his family, she wants them to be family..Bitch you are a vessel….

  5. I did think of a minor thing Kim May pull but I think it can happen so I shouldn’t say. I do want it to be a surprise. What are you thinking of. Haha. I do think since Phil isn’t budgeting shell try her wedge tricks again but up the ante. This is far fetched but do you think she will use Nick in her scheme? Maybe too far fetched.

  6. Girls feel free to share anything you want…I was thinking about Kim today and her planning agenda. Do you girls think she has a two fold plan? I think she has two objectives one to try and run Lina completely off or turn her so against Liam she’ll not accept him and she’ll still get to share her son with Phil and not have Lina in the picture, that would be just her time as a family….

  7. Ann recommended broken road to forever by Rhonda Dennis. Go to Nov 2nd 7:43 post by Ann. She gave her book list there. I tried copy and post from my snapshots and it won’t allow me. Jennifer Peel girl in seat 24. Couldn’t read anything last night.

  8. Tracie. I sent your post to my sister and brother. They in turn sent it to other family members. This post brought back memories of reading the theatre shooting in CO.

    Ann, does your daughter receive similar training at her school?

  9. J, I am so ready for that list from Goodreads…thanks for thinking of me. What Jennifer Peel are you reading?
    I spend yesterday and today trying to get my garden in shape for winter. Big job so it will take me through the weekend. So tired last night I didn’t check in.
    Sugar, the safety info is appreciated, will pass on. I wonder if you’d mind my passing on the “For Carnal Knowledge” info to my son. I have to warn you that he’s a nerd and will probably send back the entire etymology of the root. I do hope the check up goes well, know it’ll be a relief tossing the crutches.
    Kbabe, Ann, don’t want to leave you out. I enjoy reading your words as well.

  10. Hi all. Like Katie said the shooting was about 30 miles north of me. Horrible. They are talking to people who were able to escape during the shooting on the radio. So horrible.

    Tracie I hope you have good news today!

    Kbabe, I hated the guy too. And yes I read it to get the OW’s POV. The book made me feel ill. I certainly couldn’t read it a second time.

  11. Hi girls, the shooting was north of where Janet is…a marine with some mental health issues in his history, country bar, 12 killed. Just so tragic. This is why I read so much. Fantasy worlds are so much better than our world.

    Good luck Tracie, and thank you for the safety information.

    I’m halfway through The Adultery Club by Tess S. I don’t know how it’ll end, if the main couple will work it out, if the wife will also cheat, if there will be redemption, but it’s really making me appreciate Phil. The husband is supposedly a good guy who would never, ever cheat but is having this full love affair with dates, gifts, and he just almost told his mistress he loved her. Fucker. I don’t even care if they stay married because he sucks.

    I almost didn’t read it because I hate the cover, but I wanted to get the Kim-like character’s POV. It’s surprisingly good.

  12. Aww Tracie I hope you make out good at the doctors today and do indeed walk out!
    I’m sure your safety meeting will be talking about this latest shooting. My youngest daughter teaches high school. They do drills quite frequently.
    Boy I can’t wait for SN to be out! I hope Laura’s editor doesn’t cut a lot out of it. I was just re-reading that scene from WPF where Lina goes to pick up Logan from nick’s house instead of calling Phil to do it on his way home from work. Phil goes ape shit!! I love that man

  13. Katie, the Jennifer peel book – no cheating but husband resents his wife for holding back his career. He actually leaves her and their 2 small children and the story revolves around their separation and how they get through it. He’s a real dick! Sorry

  14. Laura have you noticed, this thread is already at 800 comments. This should be 801, we just can’t get enough….LOL

    • I love you girls so I’m going to share some of my expertise with you….An active shooter always goes what we call strong side high side….Meaning most active shooters are right handed. They will take the first entrance to a building and go high and right….(which means aiming the weapon). Always when you enter a building with a large crowd note your exits first. Example: When I go to the movie with my girls, I always go to the far right entrance…I have an aisle seat and a clear path so I can crawl to an emergency exit with my kids at the front of the theater….An active shooter incident with mass casualties last approximately 3.5 minutes…In a restaurant, always sit facing the entrance and ensure you have an exit near by so you can get out of the line of fire….The first thing you do though is hit the ground, if you have no escape route, barricade yourselves in a bathroom or office and immediately call 911 and tell them what is happening inside the establishment.

  15. Good Morning Girls, wish me luck…I have a doctors appointment this afternoon and if all goes well, I’ll get to walk upright without any crutches…Lol….

    Laura does Lina ever go into Phil’s office in SN??? I know she probably wouldn’t until after the partnership party, but I wondered after that if she would feel comfortable in going.

  16. Janet, just heard about the mass shooting at a bar outside LA. I know you live out there, hope all is well. These shootings are happening all the time now. Just horrible.

  17. Girls I want one where there is cheating but a happy ending…I just finished the new book by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. Hate Notes. Different from what they usually write together, only two steamy scenes…Good story….has spurts of humor

  18. Reasonable Doubt was only one I read from Whitney G and that was a while ago.

    I don’t mind cheating in books as long as there is big time redemption.
    Any other recommendations?

    • Ann did you read RK lilley? I liked Tristan and Danica series. He cheats and grovels and lots of angst. I liked her up in air series too but it’s BDSM.

      • You know I’ve always seen that series (Tristan and Danica) but never read it yet. You really liked it? I saw it got great reviews. I might check it out. Thanks

        I love reading. It’s my escape!

        • Laura said she couldn’t get into it but I loved it. I love reformed manwhores. It’s really emotional and very angsty. I love angst. The up in air series is really good too. Super emotional and there’s an evil OW in this too. Don’t love BDSM theme but it didn’t bother me. Maybe too much sex So you may skim through that part.
          I’m going to start your recommmemdation Jennifer peel tonight

          • The Girl in Seat 24b or whatever is good. Not a lot of sex but intense. Married couple in their 30s with kids and suddenly the husband doesn’t want his wife anymore. Has a hea

          • Ok. It sounds good. I was reading mainly NA genre when I stumbled upon Laura’s books. Now I like reading about older couples and second chances. I read a book about a couple who are about to retire. I think 57. It was heartbreaking and no HEA so I can’t recommend it. I mentioned it in an earlier post with another girl Veronica. Can’t eemember the name now. Also Anne Calhoun, loving Lacey is good. She’s an older woman and the guy is a cop. Love cop books. Lol

          • The couple who is retiring or Tristan and Danica? If couple retiring then the guy cheats with a woman 20 yrs younger(both lawyers and no evil woman). She gets pregnant and wants to have the baby. The husband wants to stay with the wife but ultimately they split up.
            In Lilley’s Tristan and Danika series he cheats and Danika gets into an accident and walks with a limp.

  19. Janet I bet Phil will handle it with a clenched jaw, but he would never allow Lina to be humiliated by Kim in public, if he had any control of the situation at all…now there is not much he can do about making Lina feel uncomfortable or awkward in public if Kim shows up….He would go with the ignore again like at the wedding….

    • not that great Katie. Go read the Ethan duet. That’s better. Her recent ones are duds. Also, have you read Sara Ney? It’s NA genre but the first few are good. I was on goodreads and thought of recommendation for Deighj. No cheating.

  20. What if Clyde’s is where your whole family dinner scenario happens J-Girl???? Remember the one you made up????

    • I hope so. LOL I want to know how Phil handles it if faced with evil in front of the family. Or the church gossip scene you did. How does he handle public situations? In the wedding scene Phil told Lina to ignore Kim and so did Diane. in SN can they ignore Kim?

        • Because she has no power. Lina unphased and sweet isn’t what Kim wants.
          How embarrassing for Phil. He couldn’t just get his Willie wet for a few months- he ended up with HER permanently.

          • I’m with J-Girl on this one Katie, the only way she could sit down is if the chair was doused in gas and her ass was a match….

  21. Also, Kim would probably know what car Lina drives, being that Phil drove her car sometimes…If I were Lina, I would want Phil to tell me what type of car she drove as well…Like Lina told Phil in Chapter 15, “I don’t want to be caught unaware.”

  22. J-Girl I don’t think she sacrificed anything, she’s a manipulative planner. Kim has once again placed herself in another area of opportunity, for bumping into the Hunter’s, especially Lina….I wonder where Lina’s yoga class is and if Kim has enrolled….

    • did you guys think anything happened at Clyde’s during dinner? Laura ignored my question which makes me think a possible run in? How about Kim running into Lina’s yoga class late wearing pink yoga gear and the class is full so Lina couldn’t leave? LOL Kim would probably wear black and she has a personal trainer who looks like Phil. You would say nobody looks like Phil.

      • That is correct no body looks like Phil…I think the witch would be there early, so she could position herself at the back of the room to ensure she had a clear view of Lina…if there were mirrors in the room Lina would also be able to see Kim standing behind her …this woman gets off on mental warfare…..

  23. Back to SN, how much did Kim make at Phil’s firm Laura? More than 200? Did she take a pay cut to be with Phil or did his firm match her salary in NY? I’m wondering if she thinks she made a sacrifice to be next to him. Thinking of your climax…

      • Kim’s not worried about the money, she knows what Phil makes and her eyes are on the prize….she just never expected Phil to be a man, she couldn’t lead around by a ring through his nose….

  24. Tracie you sound like you have a wonderful home and a nice life. My oldest daughter moved to Michigan and lives there with her husband. Every time she comes home she complains that the East Coast is too crowded for her. She likes a slower pace.

    • Thanks Ann I’m very blessed…and you girls have so many options of things to do and see…I would love that too….

  25. We used to have birthday parties at the Aquatic center in Annapolis and sometimes the roller rink but that was years ago. Lol. Nothing too fancy.
    It’s funny when we had parties back in the 60s you just had them at home and played games, like musical chairs. Lol

  26. Lol…my life is so laid back. I’m afraid you girls would get bored.. I can take the hustle and bustle of larger cities short term….My husband lived in Houston when he was younger. He said one day he was stuck in traffic for almost 3 hours trying to get 20 miles out of the city where he lived. He said he looked up and there was a U-haul truck spinning in the air, advertising their specials and he decided right then he was moving back to Oklahoma. We had rain coming in last night, so we set on the front porch on our glider with a quilt and watched the storm come in, there is nothing but open pasture in front of us, so its a beautiful view….

  27. My kids went to a private school, but nothing like you have in MD or CA….our parties consisted of large Bonfires, hayrides, laser tag, swim parties and onetime my granddaughter and all her friends slept in our treehouse…but it’s not a normal treehouse, it comes with fans and patio hearters Lol…

      • Nanny stories! It is weird but I dont really care(remember tommy lee Jones was my type). I go or attend stuff if invited because I’m really curious to see how they live. Most of the time I’m disappointed. I never really spoke to the mom. She wasn’t very approachable but yes brad really made an effort. Once at a diff persons party(not an actor but perfume owner) there was a friendly guy so I was talking to him for 5 min and finally I asked what’s your son or daughters name? He said I’m part of the security. LOL. Then during dinner they had synchronized swimmers as part of the show. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing. Stoopid.
        Ok here I will name drop. Another bday party and I’m talking to a random dad and he started telling my husband and I how he had to hire a famous opera singer for a “project” because he didn’t know much about opera yada yada. I said what project. Who are you? (I do have a tiny bit of Tracie in me). He’s a writer/ director and with him we became friends. Paul Weitz. Director of about a boy. I said Paul you look like this but you wrote American pie? Lol.

        • Wait? synchronized swimmers at a children’s bday party? That’s hilarious!

          I love the over-the-top bridal shower in the movie Bridesmaids — actually loved the whole movie

          I had no idea Apple Pie and A Boys Life were the same guy — never would have guessed

          • synchronized swimming was not bday but I don’t like them. They gave out men’s cologne at the end. I sold it on ebay for $200 and donated it to some school thing. People are stupid and ridiculous and no it was not a charity thing.

            apple pie I think was like 20 years ago but I remember it was like animal house humor and I couldn’t see that coming out of this calm person.

  28. That has to be weird — having your kids in school with movie stars children or maybe it’s not because your used to it. My daughter went to school with the children of professional athletes — they always had the best birthday parties lol.

  29. In my opinion it’s Got to be Brad Pitt’s kid. I know the Cornell’s we’re friends with them and had pictures of birthday parties online. Am I warm?? LOL

  30. ZZ Top! I remember. And I like the Rod Stewart version of your song. But Phil is a lot younger than us. Does he even know zz?

    Ann, I was on the phone for 45 min today trying to get my free points back for a night at a hotel we didn’t use so no on celebrity. But I do have lots of gossip for the tabloids. Sort of like the the cleaning lady or the nanny stories. I’ll tell you a funny one. One was for a birthday party we were invited to years ago. The star with 6 kids(I can’t say the name). We get there and the bodyguards at the gate wouldn’t let us in. We were not on the guest list. I said we are invited so can you call and check. Nope. Not allowed to do that if not on the list so good bye. The next day a mom came up to me, where were you guys yesterday? Me- I was not on the list. Few years later one of the kid got expelled from school and the parents pullled all of them out.

  31. A song that I could associate with all of Laura’s books would be ZZ Top, Every Girl’s Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man……I could see myself swing dancing or hip shaking with Joseph, Tony and Phil…we could be a dance company…Oh yeah…..

  32. Hi Sweet Girls….I just read your posts and I don’t have a favorite song…I like so many of them, I say all the time “this is my new favorite song.” I like to look at the world as a full screen, taking everything in at one time LOL…..

    But I can see my Phil cruising to the Farside house, after a long day at work, missing his family. He has his suit coat and tie off, his sleeves rolled up and CCR cutting through the speakers of the M6, with Have You Ever Seen the Rain….Poor/Hot Phil

    • Poor hot Phil is right!! I’ve been reading sections of WPF. Diane got on my nerves!
      Tracie, Phil has got to be one of the best leading male characters in books!

      • Ann Phil is awesome…but so is Tony. Joseph and I could be really good friends. My sense of humor kind of falls in line with his. Katie and I have no filter, which Joseph would appreciate…Lol I died laughing when Joseph told Casey “I didn’t know if this was your High School or College graduation…it was an epic line.

        I had a problem with Diane too…she is older than Lina and favored Phil (IMO)….I think she didn’t want Lina to throw her life away over someone as trivial as Kim…

  33. I like Chris Cornell’s version too and was a fan. Sad. His daughter was in my kids class for a long time and we’ve all had a few playdates over the years. Didn’t know him well but he was always happy and upbeat, never showed any indication he was depressed. Really sad.

    • Janet, wow, I feel like I’m talking to celebrity with you. I’ve been a fan of his for a while. He had a great voice, and his daughter is really talented. Just from what I’ve read about him he seemed like a normal guy. Really sad.

  34. Katie, Here are two of my favorite songs. Now remember my age!
    Someone Like You by Van Morrison and Nothing Compares to You by Chris Cornell. I like Cornell’s version better than Sinead O’Connor’s.

    • I love that song!

      Janet, dogs are the best, whether you have them or just look at pictures. Nothing sad about that tradition with your daughter. It’s very sweet actually.

  35. Laura, I checked out the other homes on Mary Vale Court and some of the others were in the 6,000 – 8,000 square foot range, which makes more sense for the Hungters. That 13,000 square foot home that Janet mentioned is over the top, which makes me wonder what Phil’s annual salary is supposed to be?

    I know where Kim lives! This is so cool having this book take place in your own backyard. LOL

    Laura, I’ve got a question completely unrelated but I’m just curious. As an author what are the pros and cons of contracting with Kindle Unlimited? I pay for Kindle Unlimited because I read so much. I do remember one KU book I read where the author at a note in the front telling readers that if you did not complete the entire book, that she wouldn’t get full credit.

    I know you’re busy, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to answer.

    Have a wonderful day ladies. It’s sunny here today for a change!!!

    • As a partner Phil makes over a million
      Kim’s proximity is worse because she lives right near the closest grocery store and main shopping center.
      I’ve lived in DC, Virginia and obviously Maryland most of my life — it’s easier to imagine where your characters are when you’ve been there yourself.

      As far as Kindle Unlimited — you’re paid per page after the first 10 percent which is free. If you read half the book the author makes half the money. I certainly wouldn’t feel obligated to finish a book I didn’t like.

    • Yup. There you are. Lol I looked at the streets wondering where’s Kim’s street. Did you measure the 1.5 m distance. All I know is I’m 2,639 m from Lina.

  36. Beautiful. 13,000 square ft!!!!!!! Huuuge. Lol. Tracie will look at each picture like an eagle.

    Now i go look for Nicks beach house. I did not know it was in DE

      • Favorite song works too. Because it probably still describes you, even if it’s subconscious. I was thinking about this walking the dog today, and I had some songs play in the shuffle from interesting times in my life.

        • Right! How about you? What’s your go to song? What breed is your dog kbabe? My daughter and I look at pictures of dogs before we go to sleep most nights since she turned 2. So sad right?

          • “Hands” by Jewel. I actually went through all of my music tonight. I loved that song in HS and it still fits me today (although I’m not that religious). It definitely fits me better than the straight hood rap I listened to before water polo games.
            Our dog is a super mutt- he looks like a husky with short hair…one side of his face looks like a German Shepherd..and the coloring around his eyes is like a raccoon. He’s really cute. No dogs for you?

          • I can so visualize this. Jewel. I can see it. You played water polo in HS? We didn’t have women water polo growing up but the boys playing that sport were more popular than the football players. Omg their bodies are works of art. My brother played. You are a cool chick and remind me of my younger cousins ages 33-39.

  37. J, about those shoes…at the time I was working as a rep for an international company dealing with interior build out and office design. I was up at 4:30 trying to dress with only my bathroom light on. On office days I dressed in suits and low leels and with the dim light it was difficult to distinguish between black and blue. I didn’t discover the difference until I was in the office.

  38. Janet, Nick lives in Federal Hill which is like minutes south from Inner Harbor. My daughter used to rent a townhouse (row house) there which was like 150 years old. All brick walls inside, but narrow. Rent was $3,000 per month. She had roommates because on a teacher’s salary she couldn’t afford it by herself. Nick keeps his boat in Annapolis. Not sure where his beach house is.

    Last time I was at Clydes I got the Cream of Crab Soup and it was so yummy. If you live here in MD you eat crabs.

    • The homes I showed on my boards are in the real-life areas from the books and what you’re discussing right now. Laura, tell me if any aren’t consistent with what you’ve seen or imagined.

    • Sounds beautiful. I saw some that look similar to townhomes in DC area. So cute. I saw that jumbo crab cake in the appetizer section.

  39. Here’s my take on Kim. Justice for her is that she doesn’t win. She’s still winning. Phil had an affair with her. Lina left Phil for a period because of her. Phil’s family is upset because of her and the baby. We know she continues to be a pest in SN. She continues to win.
    Justice will be her losing her power. This would come in the form of the family, especially Lina, accepting Liam…and Lina trusting Phil again enough to not be phased by Kim’s bullshit. As much as I want her to die or disappear, I just can’t see it. It’s not realistic. Terrible baby mamas exist in the real world. Unfortunately. Too many of them. But I could see her being selfish and leaving with a man or for a job and giving up full custody of Liam. That would be realistic. Maybe Phil and Lina will share custody with her family.
    By the end I don’t think it will be a problem for Lina to put her retirement/travel dreams on hold for Liam. She will love Liam because he’s part of Phil, and this is true love. She is selfless, and she wouldn’t resent Liam. We just have to get everyone to this point.

    • Katie, I like that idea. I know she won’t be killed off or move away, but it’s nice to dream. LOL. Everything that Phil and Lena went through just made them so much stronger in the long run.

    • Ugh. You are so right but I’m not happy about it. I grew up watching days of our lives in the summers and learned Spanish watching telemundo. When I’m depressed I watch law and order marathon where justice is always served in an hour so my views may be a bit skewed. Your version is the most realistic She doesn’t win.

  40. Clydes has some yummy looking entrees, but the inner city looks really crowded to me…..Since Clydes stays open until 2am does that mean they have a dance floor? I’m just thinking there could be a swoon scene at Clydes….

    • Omg I saw the menu and the closing time too!! Did you see the Mac and cheese with gold fish in the kids menu? I want surf and turf type with pumpkin cheesecake and my real iced tea with extra lemon. Lol

  41. I believe the Hunters live in Ellicott City which is in Howard County and Phil’s law firm is in downtown Baltimore at the Inner Harbor. Federal Hill is about 5 minutes from the Inner Harbor, where Nick lives. Logan’s school (Gillman) is in the Roland Park area of north Baltimore. See I’m getting my tour job started. lol

    Laura, correct me if I’m wrong.

  42. My husband has a military buddy that lived in northern, CA and he said our house, out buildings and land would go for several million dollars there. It just blows my mind..

    • Tracie not several, 100 mil!! But I like where you are. You have a creek, horses and cows and chickens and god knows what. Those dogs are in heaven running around.

  43. Tracie, you are funny. I live in this area, and I was on realtor.com for Ellicott City too. haha. I think Laura lives in Ellicott City. Her other two books were based in Washington.

    Katie, if you plan to see A Star is Born, I would see it soon. It’s been out since October 4th and they will probably drop it soon.

    Deighj, I wore a black and navy blue heals to work years ago so don’t feel bad.

  44. Janet, the ending to WPF? Personally, I want to see Kim die, or move away with some hot attorney, and turn custody over to Phil. Laura is a realistic author and she doesn’t buy into the LMN drama that is so deserving of Kim. However, I hope it ends leaving us satisfied. I would like to see Kim get her just dues. Maybe Kim will get into trouble with her law firm. Maybe she’s going after another attorney too, which could backfire. I do think that Kim will not have the patience for a baby. She’s self centered, but she hates Lena with a passion and will not want her to raise Liam.

    I like closure and HEA’s in my books. Maybe Kim will just move on with her life, but I’m not sure because she’s a real nutjob! I also feel that Phil and Lena are stronger than ever from what they’ve been through. So I’m thinking they are a united front now and can take on that witch. Plus I believe Phil is one smart, hot, attorney and can maybe take her down legally. I know I’m rambling.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Lord I’m all over the place as far as the ending goes because Laura threw a wrench when she said no lifetime. I admit I do love OTT lifetime moments. I think that’s why I love hating Kim so much! Like you, I want Kim to give up Liam because I don’t think Hunters could truly be happy with Kim in their daily lives. I don’t think Lina deserves that even if that scenario is more realistic. Also Liam love his mommy. Even if she’s selfish and neglects him, she’s still the mother. So if totally realistic, Kim may never let go of Liam because he is hers. Maybe I can see her doing something to screw someone else over and karma bites her in the ass. Maybe just a little Mexican soap opera insert moment and the narcotic cop scenario I posted couple days ago. I see her in jail.

      • Maybe Kim will back off and agree to a normal visitation schedule with Phil and Lena. Who knows, maybe Kim will have a Come to Jesus moment and change her colors!
        I can’t wait to read that damn book.

  45. Okay my Hunters are real…..I’ve lived with them since January….I even looked up Ellicot City real estate just to see the houses. What blows my mind is the difference in the cost of living in MD compared to Oklahoma. I saw this one house that was 948,000, we have one similar in size and style not to far from us on 20 acres for 550,000…..

    • Sorry. I’m catching up and must have missed this. They live in ellicot city? In Baltimore? I thought it was near tony’s House. I’ll go read some past comments. 20 acre for 550. Holy moly. My whole neighborhood can fit there I think.

  46. Janet, I’m still thinking about that movie. Lady Gaga was terrific. I wish she would keep the more natural look instead of the platinum blonde. She has a different look about her but she’s pretty. I saw a recent interview with Bradley and it sounds like they are really close friends. OMG, Bradley can really sing too. My youngest daughter was with me and she didn’t know the ending. We sat their with our tissues and then went and had a late lunch and sipped some wine. It was a good day.
    I know I’m late in participating in this group, but I have enjoyed reading all your thoughts and ideas of WPF. I’m still Team Phil, I just want to see him do a little more suffering for what he put Lina through, and I’m sure Kim will be a knife in his side. I’m hoping with his POV in this book, it will make us love him even more!
    I’ll have to ask Laura what type of house they have. She said the house is a mile from her sister’s. lol.

    • Ann, he’s such a multifaceted guy isn’t he? Who knew he could be a rock star too? Yes they were good together.

      I think Laura said the house is on the street where she grew up. Don’t quote me but I remember the subject came up on In the past. I must look at Katie’s board again.

      I’m curious to know your take on the ending. Realistically, do you see Kim with another man? Disbarred?

  47. Laura, that is so cool. I’ve been to Clyde’s and they have great food. I’ve got to head back there soon. Hey have you ever thought of having a guided bus tour for WPF. Since I’m retired I can come work for you as a tour guide, hahaha. We can even give the customers a ride through old town Ellicott City too before heading to Baltimore. I’ve got chills knowing that I ate at the same restaurant as Phil and Lena. (You know this is crazy talk, but I love it).

    Just curious but what section of Ellicott City? Closer to Columbia or out by Rt. 40?

    • That would be so cool. Lol. Sign us up for the tour! I will look up the restaurant tonight. I love that they live on an actual street, stay at hotels and eat at real restaurants. Did anyone make a surprise entrance at clyde’s? Omg

      Ann, I think Bradley should dump his jaguar girlfriend and date lady Gaga. Their chemistry was off the charts. Loved it!

      Katie your sarcasm is too good. Lol. I got the Walmart jeans. They are big but that’s good because I needed a boyfriend fit anyway.

      Deighj can you tell us where you work that you can go to work with 2 different shoes?

  48. Laura – Just curious. Is Phil’s law firm located around the Inner Harbor, or North Charles Street area? This is crazy, lol. We all talk like these are real people!

    You mentioned that you were going to miss Phil, just like the rest of us! Is your next book the Tony/Casey or Lucas Roe?

    • Ann — They are definitely real to me. I’ve been living with them for a long time. The law firm is near the Inner Harbor. I even know the street where they live LOL They went to Clyde’s for dinner tonight (if you know where that is — on the lake in Columbia)

      I’ve finished half of the Lucas Roe story and half of the Nick Prossi story. I also have half of another one which is my favorite but like WPF is more of a family drama so it will take longer. I’ll probably finish Nick Prossi next. That way I can update everyone on Tony and Casey and Joseph and Lina

  49. Good Afternoon!
    Still raining here in MD. It’s getting really depressing here. We’ve had more rain and cloudy days here than ever.

    Laura, I went to vote this morning and there were no lines either. My husband did early voting last week and had a 2 hour wait. Hope your Dad is ok. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. I hope the climax scene has a lot of pages? Can’t get enough of the Hunters, for sure. I keep thinking about it. I’ve already read WPF 3 times and still love it.

    Tracie that is so sad about that newlywed couple. Just horrible. I haven’t heard the news yet today.
    Katie, I forgot that Reasonable Doubt was heavy on the sex. I hope you liked the Andrew character, I thought he was great.

    Saw A Star Is Born today and it was really good. Did any of you guys see it? Just loved the soundtrack.

  50. Sugar, you’re right…only you. Reminds me of when I wore 2 different shoes to work. Twice. My coworkers posted a sign outside my office under my name saying “fashion consultant.”

  51. Laura, still 5 days before deadline? I can only imagine the stress. Any new updates on your dad, when is his surgery scheduled? More stress that.

    • He meets with the surgeon on Monday.
      Yes, I am feeling stressed. I think I’ll meet the deadline but I won’t release the book unless it’s ready — no compromise.
      The anxious is over — onto less stressful scenes.

      • Laura I’m glad you are over the hump and sorry you are stressed…did the swoon scene come out swooney last night….I can’t wait to read my Phil in action, whether he is slaughtering our villain, loving his woman,interacting with his children, rolling his sleeves up on his dress shirt or just breathing…LOL I can’t wait

        Deighj…Its hard to work around a tough crowd..LOL

          • Me too…but if I get to missing him to much, I’ll just go read about him again….LOL I’m going to get all your books in hard copy too…what if the electricity goes out and I can’t charge my Kindle….WPF is the first book in my library and if a new book is downloaded, I always read a Chapter in WPF to keep it first…That is why I can quote Chapters…LOL……..

          • Well really I can quote chapters in all three of your books….LOL….I’ve read them multiple times….

  52. Well I’m anxious too….I have to wear loose fitting pants, as not to agitate my incision, I was going over a disciplinary action with one of the supervisors and looked down….that’s right my damn pants are inside out LOL…..Only me…I swear….Sunny and 75 here today…..

  53. Anxious writing day — fits the rainy day, I suppose. Still at the climax. I did take a break to go vote — no lines in Maryland, not near me anyway.

  54. Kbabe, I started reading “We All Fall Down” last night and it’s really good. Only got 7 chapters in b4 bed, no hanky panky yet but it’s coming. Logan Chance is a new author for me.

  55. Ok girls, Reasonable Doubt was good. All of the law lingo was an interesting way to organize the story. Extremely broken but talented attorney, and sweet, patient and very forgiving college girl. A little heavy on the sex, and I think I’ve read the word p*ssy enough times to last me a lifetime, but good!

  56. Was reading the news today this came up on my feed from bustle.com. 9 jobs sociopaths are most likely to have. Top 3. Surgeon, lawyer, and politician. They crave control power and prestige. Laughed and had to share.

  57. Good Morning Girls, Laura what is our mood today??? Anxious, Swooney, Sad or Happy….We could also be a buffet of emotions because you are tweaking scenes….Lol

    Hoping you have a good day of writing and your dad is doing well…

  58. J, I use to live in Gresham, Oregon working at a middle school. Both my coworkers and students kept asking me to repeat words. The one that set off howling was salmon. I did not see the humor.

    • Deighj Adele Jr that works for me was born and raised in Alaska, and I learned to drop the L in salmon will quick….She’d be like no you are not going to say Sal-mon….Lol

  59. Hi ladies.
    Raining again here today!
    I like the name Weina too.

    Getting out of here early to go vote and then to go see A Star is Born with my daughter. Catch up with you guys later today. Maybe we’ll learn more news on SN,hope so!

  60. I came home and the mailman didn’t take my ballot. I think I can drop it off at the polls tomorrow. I hope so.

    That’s right. Laura mentioned the special name. Yes Lina Weina. Wee wee. lol

    Wish I were rich. No way but you all are more than welcome at my house. Anytime!!

    • I missed you today J-Girl…Goldbergs or not Lol….I can’t wait to see what he calls her and Phil saw him once a week until Lina was ready for an overnight visit or until she moves a mile away…

      • I was near where Kbabe grew up. Mission Viejo. Thought about her just like I think of you when I watch the voice. Tried to visualize you and deigjh talking like Blake. Love it.

        • That is my accent Lol…A lot of people think I’m from Tennessee when they try to peg where I’m from, when traveling out of Oklahoma….

          • My husband just said to tell you girls if you’ve ever heard Reba talk you’ve heard me talk….Lol

          • I love Reba. I’ll go watch an interview. I didn’t know Oklahoma accent is different than Tennessee. When kelly clarkson and Blake speak they share the same accent even though she’s from Texas.

          • Since you
            live in LA you will get a kick out of this…Blake, Adam and Kelly were coming from the Dallas Airport going to Blake’s ranch in Tisamingo and they got pulled over on a rural road in Oklahoma, Blake slides the van door open and starts to chat it up with
            Deputy Dew Right and Adam panicks telling Blake and Kelly to shut it down they could shoot us…Kelly gets tickled telling Adam we aren’t in LA we are in Oklahoma..Lol.. True story, it was on a little news show we have here….

          • Really? It’s pretty there. Looked at some homes at lader or larder ranch? The Spanish style ones are pretty. Have cousins there.

            Tracie the true story was so funny. I can see Adam saying it. Roll up the windows. Are you nuts Blake. Lol

  61. I have another thought…do you girls think that during Phil’s weekly visits with Liam (when Kim wasn’t there) Phil told Liam about his siblings and Lina…Maybe when he got about 6 months old showed him a wallet photo of his family, so Liam could associate a face with a name…How many times did we all sit with our babies in our laps going over those first baby books saying dog or cat….

  62. Girls, I have a game for us….Laura will never confirm or deny, but she did say that whatever Liam called Lina was kind of funny…So let’s guess…we’ll probably all be off, but it will be funny: I’m going with WiWi or Wiener…

  63. Thank you Ann! That’s very sweet of you!
    I did get lots done today. I’m about to write a swoon scene for Tracie lol

    • Swoon me baby swoon me….Oh yeah!!!! Laura I’m so glad you said what you did about Nick and Lina…I was fearing the next book the girls referenced would be Mutiny On the Bounty….

  64. Laura – I’m glad Liam is ok!! Did you get a lot accomplished today? Hope so!

    Katie, I’m glad you like Reasonable Doubt. I read this a couple of years ago so I don’t remember the whole story. But, Andrew is a real treat and I loved the college intern. Actually I have forgotten a lot but loved the series.

    I just have to say that Laura’s writing has spoiled me. Other books just don’t measure up!

  65. I love you guys!

    Katie and Tracie are spot on with their thoughts on Nick/Lina.

    Ann — Liam has no health issues!

  66. Girls. Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G is turning out to be quite good. I think it was Ann’s recommendation, so thanks, A. Janet, how is Mr. Masters?

    • I’m out. Once a week they film dumb shows on my street(goldbergs and something), and it gets messy and loud. I can’t read till 5. I’ll start this week. I’m finishing up a Kathryn shay this week. Try Whitney G ‘s Ethan duet. Her more recent ones are misses.

      • Really Janet the Goldbergs…I can see why your husband doesn’t want you on social media…you guys are rich and he’s worried about you being kidnapped for ransom….LOL

  67. Ladies I agree. That would be my ending.
    Something that Laura mentioned previously about a difficult sad scene she wrote made me wonder if something might be wrong with Liam. Maybe something medical. I’m probably way off base with this and I hope I am. Laura is realistic not LMN, so I’m sure I’m wrong!!

    • I’m thinking a sad scene about Liam is Phil acknowledging all of the animosity surrounding his son. How much is has hurt his family…Liam’s mother is horrible…but he’s just an innocent child, Phil’s child, and Phil’s at a loss at how to make it right. Liam is effectively being raised by a nanny and has a part-time dad. Sad.

  68. No matter what happens, depending on if Kim’s family are decent people, Phil and Lina would let them have visitation….(I think)

  69. I think the same as Katie…but depending on what Laura does, she could possibly give Kim visitation. Kim probably wouldn’t come see him anyway..but it could happen.

  70. Ann, I think it will end with Kim giving up Liam to Lina and Phil. And they will raise him as their own. Kim will be on to some other “better, hotter” married man and have no use for her son or Phil. She’s just that evil.

    • Omg I don’t agree with either of you. I don’t see justice in Kim getting a hotter better Phil. Basically you are telling me she gets someone like Nick. Bahahaha. No thank you. This girl needs to suffer. So far as we know
      Everyone else is suffering but Kim. However, if I think of Liam and how he still loves his mom then that’s when I get confused.

  71. Nick wouldn’t have let his inner beast go after Lina, because she was to wrapped up in Phil. Remember when they were eating and Lina got aggravated at Nick for saying Phil didn’t deserve Lina and that whatever trauma she had suffered was not a basis for a solid relationship, etc…In Chapter 10, where Lina wanted to believe Phil was a victim in the affair, but Nick said he’s no victim, the marina scene her bolting…That’s why I believe he sent her home that morning at the end of Chapter 29…he also saw it in Chapter 48 when she had her ring on at the restaurant and the hospital scene finding her way into Phil’s arms and not leaving his side….I guess Nick is still waiting in the wings, based on the snippet Laura showed us in SN….I almost feel sorry for Nick, Lina reeled him in to help take care of her and Katie’s problems, help soothe her soul without reward….. I just want to say, Phil was paying for those services, just not with his wife, as he so hotly put it in (I think) Chapter 12….Lol

  72. Here’s my two cents.
    From Lina’s perspective her and Phil were soul mates. As Alice put it, two halves of a whole. They were so together spiritually and physically and when Phil had the affair he decimated Lina. So when Lina started getting strong vibes from Nick I think it made her feel something. Can you imagine your hot husband going on a 4 month bender with the wicked with of the west, an attractive woman 10 years younger. Then all the torment with the text messages, pictures, etc. I don’t fault Lina but I don’t think she should have lead Nick on.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on how you think SN should end.

    • I agree with that Ann, except Nick was already giving strong vibes prior to Phil’s confession. Remember when Lina told Nick she thought he was having an affair and she had started initiating sex, etc…What did Nick do when she left??? He shut the door, leaned his head against it and said Fuck….The vibes were there and Lina knew it…but didn’t want to admit it or give in to them….at the graduation Phil even told Lina to get her mind off the handsome doctor…Phil picked up on it immediately.

  73. LOL I am stubborn…I’m just saying the attraction was there before the affair and Lina let it run hotter after Phil’s confession. Thus, the meaning when Laura says a perfect storm…In WPF, they both turned from each other, seeking the answers(Nick and Lina) and solace (Phil and Kim) from another, instead of each other…

  74. Lol you are so stubborn. Nick basically saved Katie. Lina was grateful to Nick which turned to admiration and attraction but if Phil didn’t do what he did, Lina would have never taken it further. The reason I said Nick wasn’t for Lina is because he never went after her or fought for her knowing he loved her.

  75. The reason I haven’t asked about the climactic scene is because Laura said no hints today ladies…which means Not Happening….I’m hoping she gets a guy that’s and Ass Alpha…”Bitch you can come if you want, but not putting up with you’re stupid shit with that lawyer and his wife…” I’ve always said prison is a good option…

  76. Katie, I completely agree with you on covers. My images of hero are never the guys on the cover. Well you know this already. I tried posting couple comments last night but I think they didn’t post.

    As far as Lina betraying Phil, yes on emotional cheating and that’s bad but it was more reactionary on Linas part after Phil hurt her. How can we blame her for that? When Phil cheated, her eyes finally opened. She told Adele she never even looked at another man until She suspected Phil of cheating and all that kissing stuff came after Phil moved out so it doesn’t bother me at all.

    • J-Girl I don’t believe Lina betraying Phil was reactionary because Phil hurt her….She started gravitating toward Nick prior to her learning about the affair. She felt comfortable enough with him to admit her suspicions about the affair prior to Phil’s confession.

      • They were emotionally involved prior to Phil’s affair. Phil knew, but not to what extent, and was clearly threatened and insecure about it.

  77. How come nobody’s asking if the climactic scene is the “realistic ending” to Kim demise? I think Kim is fooling around with someone. When I asked Laura couple months back if Kim is dating or having sex she said “that’s interesting.” Lol. I don’t know what that means but I say Kim found a Phil look alike and is using him for her nightly needs. He can be a narcotics cop with Baltimore PD and when she ends the affair and screws him over he pays her back by planting 20 lbs of coke in her office. Bye Kim.
    The thing is if Kim is around, Hunters will never find peace. Phil needs full custody not joint. That means Kim is either disbarred or happy with someone else. But I don’t see the justice in her being happy so I put her in prison

  78. Lina did admit it to Adele and Nick, but never to Phil. The marina scene she did say I feel guilty to Nick and he told her not to overthink it that they did nothing wrong..but the intimacy of the kiss and her feeling his erection against her tummy told her different…and it should have. Not just the intimacy, but the butterflies she had in her stomach, also pushed those feelings of guilt…Phil knew she housed guilt, but didn’t know to what extent. Remember the scene where he came to pickup the kids for church and she and Knight were outside. Phil told her not to see Nick until after the separation agreement. Chapter 43 was the turning point for Phil, when he realized Lina had not slept with Nick…..

    • I think Lina told Phil indirectly that she was attracted to Nick. She said she liked talking to him, and she was evasive in that scene when Phil met Nick and realized he was handsome- Lina saying something like, “maybe I didn’t notice…” Phil definitely knew.

  79. Ann, I never faulted Lina for anything in WPF. I always saw redemption in terms of Phil alone. Laura and Sugar always saw that Lina betrayed Phil as well. She enjoyed Nick’s attention and looked forward to seeing him. Much the same as Phil did with Kim. She just didn’t follow through on it. I don’t think she ever would have. It was a couple of posts between Sugar and Laura that opened my eyes to Lina’s guilt. It was a revelation. I do have a question though. I don’t recall Lina ever apologizing or admitting that attraction to Phil. Did that happen in WPF, or will it be discussed in SN? Perhaps it’s irrelevant at this point.

  80. You know Tracie, now that I read that nightmare scene from Phil, I’m understanding that he is vulnerable when it comes to Lina. As a strong dominent alpha personality that is Phil, he still can show weakness. To me that is why I think he fell from grace when he hooked up with the witch. He is still wrong for what he did, but I’m understanding him a little better. Love getting his POV, it makes it show much better.

    Dark rainy day here in MD.

    • Phil is all Alpha, but he’s human. He does have vulnerabilities just doesn’t show them to the world. Lina got a glimpse in that scene, which shows us the reader how his existence was without Lina…he was lost….Just goes to show us that you can’t judge a book or person by its cover…to error is human to forgive is divine.

    • Ann there have been times when Janet and I have thought we were super sleuths, but realized we only thought we were when it came to figuring out SN…LOL. A

  81. Tracie, I like you’re thinking. Damn, I just can’t wait for SN to be done!!! I have been consumed with The Hunters since I read this book in January. This is one of my top books ever!

  82. Girls, the reason the Little custody comment got my adrenaline rush going, whether it was with Kim or not, was because in WPF, Phil always said my son….Lina wondered what her place would be in Liam’s life. I said early on that Liam would have to become a team effort or the marriage would struggle….Knowing SN is full disclosure and Lina is involved in custody decisions shows me Phil is not leaving Lina on the bench, but pulling her into the game….Im sure that Kim has told Phil he’s my son not hers or something similar in SN and maybe Phil might have thought to himself, no he’s our son when he’s with me and Lina. Phil realizing the importance of Lina’s influence and interaction of all things Liam. Also, not wanting his wife on the outside of anything that includes him..

  83. OMG, I just read the blog from end of September/October. I found two awesome snippets from Laura that were off the charts. The one where Phil is at the hospital meeting Liam and tries to give the baby back to Kim and she says no, so our Phil walks down to the nursery with Liam with Kim running after him, etc. I loved it!!
    Then the second one when Phil wakes up from a nightmare that he was still living in that rental house during the separation and told Lina he was lost without her!!!!

    Please excuse me, I knows you guys have already read this but this is new to me.

  84. Good morning ladies!
    I am at the climatic scene so no hints today.
    It’s a rainy day here in the East.
    Ann- I remember Perry Mason and the mink stoles — my grandmother had one.

    • Now I have a different perspective…they could of been discussing the custody agreement between each other and not with Kim…

  85. Deighj – I missed the custody scene too! I think Tracie may be able to help out with this. As far as other books you mentioned, The Mitchell Sisters’ series is really good. I think the first one in the series is the best. Has lots of angst.
    Katie – So your 34 girl? You are refreshing. My oldest daughter is 34! You mentioned book covers. Some of these male models on some of these covers are hot. Are you familiar with M. Robinson’s books. She has a guy on the cover of El Diablo who is so good looking. He is on other covers as well with Vi Keeland’s books. I agree with you on one thing, Phil was a moron. I love him, but in my opinion Phil had a moment of weakness because Lina was pulling away from him with all the Katie drama. It’s no excuse but Phil being Phil needed to feel needed with some sort of physical connection and he got it from that witch. It still makes me sick to think he would do it. I can’t wait to get inside of his head in SN. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.
    Janet – You mentioned calling Amazon, thanks for the tip with the code. Amazon’s customer service is pretty good. I’ve ordered books by mistake before because my fingers are quick and called them up and they handle it right away.
    Tracie – You mentioned that the custody snippet was right before your surgery. Was that recent? I’m going to go back through the blog. I really love your thoughts on Phil, by the way.

    No word from Laura, I’m guessing she’s working non-stop. Laura hope we get to hear from you later today.

    Have you ladies ever read anything from Karen Robards? Some of her older books are awesome (One Summer, and Hunters Moon). She writes a good romance with suspense. Her male leads are great and there is no insta love in her plots.

    This is completely off the subject, but my husband is watching an old Perry Mason episode right now. (you guys probably don’t remember that show because its so old). Any how, a woman on the show is wearing a mink stole with the heads of the mink still on it. OMG, how gross. Can you see PETA on this. I know I’m crazy, but had to share this.

    • It’s just a comment about a scene she is working on, nor the scene itself. Janet jad asked what she was working on since I missed asking that day….I can’t wait to read that scene and love the fact that Lina is doing it with Phil. I know how I missed it. I was on narcotics….Lol

    • Re: covers. I really like symbolism. A body part, object, or even just artistic shapes/shadows/colors can say more than a good body. When the man or woman on the cover fits the character in the book, it works. But so often they are unrelated.

  86. Downloaded We All Fall Down by Logan Chance last night. Don’t know when I’ll get around to it. I think I told y’all I have 122 books on my Kindle, It’s higher now since I’m haunting the blog. Can’t stay away though I do shut down and read in the evenings. I get several chapters in, get bored and switch. I always finish a book, plowing through or skimming boring parts. But haven’t been able to do that this past year. Is this called a book hangover? If it is I never ever want to go through one again.

  87. Kbabe, covers do mean a lot to me. If the synopsis is intriguing I forget about the cover and read anyway. Most of the covers feature men who look much too young for the character described. I fell in love with your picture of John Hamm. I could look at him all day.

  88. Sugar just read your comment regarding custody agreement. Did I miss something, again? I thought it was Phil and Lina discussing custody. Good morning by the way. I’m just catching up on the posts from last evening.

  89. I settled on Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G. And I think White Lilies after that. I was a little intrigued by the Adultery Club by Tess Stimson because of the OW perspective. Not sure I can take on another cheating theme though, so we’ll see.
    Curious girls, how important are covers to you? I’m so visual I have a hard time reading books with bad covers. I’m so shallow!

  90. I just got an adrenaline rush…Lol. Every time I need a swoon scene I go back and read my nightmare scene the day before my surgery…I did that tonight and noticed a comment from Laura on the day of surgery how I missed it is beyond me but she was working on a scene that day and she said Lina and Phil were discussing his custody agreement with Kim..That is monumental for me that Lina and Phil are together with Kim discussing custody..You go Lina…also shows me Lina and Phil are a united front when it comes to Kim

  91. I got Mr masters! Let me know if you want Ann or Deighj’s list.
    Hey, how about Alec Baldwin as Phil? Just kidding! I was reading about his arrest and thought about Phil and nick in a brawl.

  92. Unsticky was a good read. Tonight I’m going to look through summaries for the books mentioned here. So many I’ve never heard of! What would I do without you girls.

  93. shes self absorbed, self centered and just selfish. I don’t want to forgive her. Do you? If she had a bad past?

    • No I’m not forgiving her…She’s not a victim in anyway shape or form. Kim feeds off people’s misery. I guarantee her past is just like her present a path of narcissistic destruction….

      • Everyone has shit in their lives that they could use to justify unbecoming behaviors. Tracie, you were betrayed, but you don’t go around being horrible to people. It would just be an excuse if Kim had a “reason” to be how she is. She’s just bad at her core. There’s no redemption for Kim.

        • That’s your difference in Phil and Kim Kbabe…He was the betrayer and he’ll do anything to make it right, because he loves Lina. He doesn’t want to hurt Lina anymore, he wants to make amends in anyway he can. Kim doesn’t care at all…in fact with her narcissistic tendencies she probably feels like Lina is breaking her family up…she wants to continue to shred Lina to get Phil…That’s why the affair was only a physical connection, no way in Hell could Phil connect on an emotional level with such a sadistic witch….Lina is his everything and is kind to a fault…

  94. Sugar, I too have muscle spasms a lot. Had to get up sometime last night and take Advil. The only thing that keeps them away is Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc vitamins. They come in a huge bottle and I buy the largest I can find. My coworker’s pregnant wife had really bad cramps and that’s what she took so he gave me a bottle after she delivered. Sitting for hours in a chair for hours can do that to you. In addition you’ve had a nasty surgery. I got the vitamins, now if I can just remember to take them.

    • Thanks Deighj I’ll ask about the supplements Thursday when I see the doctor…

      J-Girl her Past may help explain her behavior but in my book it will never condone it…Phil wasn’t a victim he became a volunteer when he gave in to Kim…Kim trapped him no doubt…in SN Phil is going to have to live by the old saying: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me….Phil is going to have to protect Lina, because that’s the only way Kim gets any attention out of Phil is by hurting Lina…

  95. Kbabe, after the first night between Phil and Kim she knew his preference for going in nude. I can’t imagine Phil not discussing prevention with her. He wasn’t lust filled 24/7. I think she made that decision all on her own. I wonder if this issue will be discussed in SN?

    • Phil was just a moron. Even if she said she was on the pill, would have an abortion, whatever, he was still a moron to believe her. She would sleep with a married man. To me that makes her untrustworthy and unethical. He had to be insane. There’s no other explanation. Was going raw worth it to you, guy?
      Maybe Kim will get disbarred for unethical activities. Or get charged with sexual harassment in the workplace. That would be a hoot.

      • tell me how you really feel. You know Phil is basically Laura’s husband. We can’t call him names kbabe! I don’t know why the condom thing doesn’t really bother me. I feel like it goes with the story no? The only time I’m curious about is the first time but I don’t think I’ll find that out. You are right we are so OCD. Let’s come up with a realistic scenario of how to get Kim in prison for a long time.

        • Haha! That came out a little more forceful than I intended. It wouldn’t have been a story without the baby. Lina kept saying it over and over about how Kim was pregnant, Phil had a baby with another woman, nothing could change that. Without the baby, I’m not sure “getting over” the affair would’ve been that difficult. So if was necessary for the story, but I’m feeling impassioned about all of the “Phils” our there. Dummies.

  96. Sorry J, thought it was our Sugar who commented on Purple Orchids. I also ASSUMED by reading the synopsis that “When A Man Loves A Woman” was the book you referred to. I checked both that and Count on me by skimming which wasn’t wise. Gotta have Count On Me as well.
    I never heard When A Man Loves A Woman by Bolton. The original version by Percy Sledge was my older sister’s favorite song, we listened to it endlessly. Utube version stinks, it isn’t clear, the words seem to be muddled. But then Bolton wasn’t any better.

  97. Would we respect her more or understand her better if we knew her past? Not likely unless we want to forgive her. But none of us want that.
    I think Tracie May be right if we have to keep it realistic. She needs the next victim. God help him because Laura won’t.

  98. Hmmm. Don’t buy it. This woman acts like a privileged bitch. Her ruthlessness doesn’t come from survival instincts. It’s more of an attitude of the world is at her feet. She was after Phil because she really fell in love with him(how she perceives love) not money. Of course she has her standards but if money was her object she wouldn’t be with Phil. And Kim’s narcissism is innate not a learned behavior of trying to better her station in life. Maybe the dad is a judge.

  99. J-Girl I just re-read a cute book by Shelley Galloway “Baby Makes Six.” Four months after separation a couple slips up and she gets pregnant. They already have 3 girls. They are divorced after that. He has moved on dating a Kindergarten (?) teacher, about to take it up a level. The teacher is his dream girl and really fits what he always wanted in married life. The ex is afraid to tell him she’s preggers. This is re-read for me, a short read about 250 pages. At times I like cheesy.
    Please keep that list…gold to me.

  100. Sugar, redemption is what I look for in every book whether there’s cheating or just general angst by one of the partners. But if it does contain cheating I expect groveling and a lot of it. If my husband said “I admit what I did wrong, said I was sorry. You need to just get over it.” Now that is throwing gasoline on a fire to me. I’d burn the house down with him in it. This isn’t referring to our duet this is in general. SN is going to answer all of our remaining questions.
    Do you go into work early tomorrow, how’s your hip? You start your 10 hour days this week don’t you?

    • I usually get up at 4:30am and at my desk by 6…I’ve been working from 11:30 to 4:30 and will do the same this week. What’s bothering me the most is muscle spasms in my legs and lower back, I know it’s from not getting any exercise…I swear I’m turning into a fossil, my muscles are wasting away….

      P.S. Phil is redeemable…I promise Lol

  101. Ktdid, while Purple Orchids deals with college life White Lilies deals with one of the sisters meeting a couple who asks her to be their surrogate. There’s drama, and sadness in places, but the wife pushes Skylar and her husband together. I have it on my TBRR list.
    As for Purple Orchids, Sugar’s right in that it’s a really good book. I read a lot of books with characters collage age. And you will want to kick some butt. Another college series of 5 books is Blue Love by MJ Fields.

    • The book I was talking About is Count on Me by Kathryn shay.

      Im not a big fan of Michael Bolton but I can see that song playing when Phil is with Lina.

      Can you tell me a good cheating hero book that you remember? You seem to remember all the titles. I read mj fields. I didn’t like it. The writing was bad I thought.

      • I’ve been thinking about Laura’s comment, where Kim’s family is not like her…What if her family is just middle class working folks and she has always wanted more, never satisfied with what they could provide, etc…Kim strives to get into Ivy League schools and made her way to the big time…When she saw Phil she saw the life she has always strived for, a handsome powerful man, respect. and wealth….I wondering if Lina will get to meet them and if so how they will receive her…They may even like her better than Kim..

        • Even if they aren’t like Kim, and don’t care for Kim’s “ways,” and really like Lina, I can still foresee them being conflicted about Phil. Because he did cheat on his wife and get his mistress pregnant. But he is also being a stand-up guy by stepping up for Liam.

          • Probably so Katie, they would worry about his morals not knowing him….I bet Kim was one of the mean girls in HS…

  102. Ann, J-Girl, the name of that book by Kathryn Shay is “When A Man Loves A Woman.” Already got it.
    J, does that remind you of the song Laura mentioned Phil and Lina dancing to in SN?

    • I can’t wait to see how that song is referenced and hope they are dancing with their eye connection or his head buried in her neck…tenderly kissing her would be great too….I need a swoon snippet….I love Phil and Lina..

  103. Just read a funny quote from a friend which I think all woman can relate to. “My stomach is flat. The L is just silent.”
    I hope I didn’t offend anyone posting this but I just read two of the funniest posts sent to me. The second one is the funniest but too long.

  104. We talked about Phil’s secretary and she probably knew when him and Kim were the only two traveling…remember Diane told Lina that Wayne told her Phil was discreet…

  105. Sugar you’re right. Alice got married in July. I did what I swore I wouldn’t do back in May. I pulled my hard copy off the shelf. I read WPF late last year and lived with it until May bombarding Laura with my rants and scenarios. I couldn’t sleep with those constantly on my mind. I consulted marriage workbooks and spewed that at Laura. I even read WPF backwards examining each chapter for questions or possibilities of redemption. I truly made an ass of myself and Laura forgave me every time. I’ve kept that vow I made until today. So when I tell you I’m obsessed with this duet it’s true.

    • You’re probably part of the reason we are getting a duet, so thank you.
      Mitchell Sisters White Lillies looks intense but interesting, do you think I can handle it?

    • Me too Deighj, but I’m more obsessed with how they are going to come out on the other side of the affair, than I am with the actual affair…It happened…but it will be Lina helping Phil to forgive himself…As he said several times in WPF, he will spend the rest of his life making it up to Lina and I believe that wholeheartedly…..

  106. Laura, Hope your Dad makes out OK. Hope you have lots of family around for support.

    That would be funny if our Mom’s ever crossed paths. I grew up in Linthicum Heights. You probably have never heard of this place. It’s northern AA County.

    According to Laura’s answer about Kim’s mom and sister, they are probably normal and nice if they’re not like Kim! That will be interesting. Kim’s like the bad seed. She looks sweet but evil as shit.

    Thought of something when I was leaving BJ’s parking lot. I saw a young couple with a little boy who was really acting up getting out of the car. I mean he was screaming. Us moms all know what that’s like. I was just wondering how Phil is going to deal with Liam when he acts up especially at this time in his life. We all know that Lena was the full time care giver of their toddlers while Phil was getting his career started; however, I think until Lena bonds with Liam, it will be Phil’s responsibility. I do hope Lena bonds with Liam. I would love a HEA for them!

    Well, I’m going to go back to the Ravens game. They need prayers today!

    • Omg I read the comments just now. Spawn of the devil wasn’t spawned by the devil? Kim is a chromosomal aberration? Realistic ending means she will probably fall in love with a good looking tycoon and gets pregnant? Omg I’m getting ahead of myself but this girls hair needs to fall out from stress of Phil’s verbal abuse and lose her job so she has to move to Alaska to practice law. Maybe even to Saudi Arabia at this point. Arggghh

      Ktdid, you like this nickname better? I see you as Katie because you have attitude like Linas daughter. Your the babe of this group. Kbabe maybe? Lol. I got the list. I can copy and repost.

      Ann, Kathryn shay writes school settings I think. She wrote another decent one about a HS counselor(my job before I had kids) and a doctor. I’ll have to look for the title but he dates the heroine then cheats on her with his ex wife and suffers. I loved seeing him lose sleep and age 10 yrs after he does that.

  107. Tracie, what book were you and Laura referring to in your earlier posts? I’m still bouncing between. Our Christmas traditions start Thanksgiving evening. Looking forward to SN in hand reminds me of how eagerly I anticipated Christmas morning as a child. I hope that makes sense.

    Ktdid, that’s perfect! I never considered Phil’s secretary. I’m sure Wayne wasn’t the only one aware of Kim’s pursuit of Phil. Given how closely a legal secretary works with her boss, his out of office visiting her apartment, how could she not be aware? Kim didn’t care who knew, she probably laughed knowing everyone knew Lina but couldn’t do a thing about the situation. BTW I thought of Katydid but not seriously, those things are grasshoppers. Hence my out of ideas comment.

  108. People are up!! It would have been so good to see your daughter here. Super super type A. LOL

    Don’t worry about us. We will keep busy while you take care of your dad. Do you have a dozen scenes left?

    My kids are away today and it feels really weird to be at home without them on a weekend. Will keep busy today.

    • I have about three scenes to write until I reach the place in the novel where Lina meets Liam for the first time — then the two halves of the book merge (Remember when I went back to the beginning to add a few scene? I basically added half of a novel). At that point I’ll do some fine tuning to existing scenes and then I’ll be at the tail end of the novel. So 12 is probably a good guess

  109. Thanks Tracie.
    I forgot to answer Ann’s question about Kim’s family. All I’ll say is that they aren’t like Kim

  110. Go Ravens!

    And on a more serious note — my father needs to have carotid artery surgery. Not sure how this will play into the next couple of weeks — needless to say it has had a severe impact on my writing schedule

    • I’m so sorry about your dad Laura..keep us posted….but I’m glad they found the problem and it’s fixable…

      I think it is hilarious about not letting your daughters post go through…Lol… super super Bahahaha

  111. Ann — maybe our mothers knew each other! My mother spent a lot of time in Annapolis (if you grew up around here). She lived there at one point — she had a wide group of liked-minded friends. And you are right about Phil — he was selfless in a lot of ways but many readers couldn’t see past the affair — they couldn’t see any of the good.
    Tracie — no flash-back to Christmas party but it is alluded to
    Deighj — Lina’s father is a quirky character — he brings some needed lightness to the story.
    I didn’t mention Adele but she is prominent in SN
    Katie — my twenty-three-year-old daughter tried to post last night (I have to approve the first post and didn’t!) She basically wanted to give everyone her assessment of me — I told her it didn’t count because she has met me lol. All I’ll say is that she sees me as an A-type mother. In fact the language was “super super type A” LOL.

  112. hi deighj:
    Thank you for your kind words. I love the blog but I’m just hoping I can keep up with it. It’s very addicting just like WPF. I am going to check out the Green Bayou books too. I’m excited getting new books to read. I’ve just started a book last night A Price Worth Paying by Kathyrn Shay. One of you ladies suggested that book earlier. I’ve only read one chapter and wow. The wife’s pregnant by another man and hubby gets charged for sexual assault of a student.

    I’ve always been Team Phil even though he frustrates me sometimes. I love how he’s always been so sure and confident of himself even as a teenager. He was slated to go to Duke but switched to Maryland with no problem just so he could be with Lena. No questions asked. I love that about his character.

    Laura – I awlays loved Alice’s character. I read where you said she was based off your mom. It’s funny because my mom (God rest her soul) believed in the reincarnation stuff, etc. I was in my teens (1970s) when my mom joined The Spiritual Frontiers. lol. My girlfriends always thought she was so cool because no one talked about stuff like that back then. So reading Alice’s POV is just a hoot. I love her. I’m glad you kept Adele in SN because she’s awesome too.

    Laura – Have you already discussed Kim’s mother and sister. I was just wondering what type of folks they are? Nicer than Kim? I know I’m behind and you have already covered a lot of discussions, but I was just curious.

    Of course you probably know by now that I’m the oldest one in the group, 63 and counting! Not that it matters. I love to read and I love this group of ladies.

    • Ann, I’m 34, and I worry about my age in this group as well. My age certainly shows through at times. But we all love to read, and we love Laura, so it couldn’t be a more perfect union.

  113. Morning Katie. I looked at Mr. Masters but it didn’t appeal to me until I read the comments on here. My TBR is getting longer and longer. Happy that J has those snapshots.

  114. Thanks Laura, I posted to Ann before your answers popped up. I hope your dad’s better and you’ve found reliable home health. Are you working today or taking a break.

  115. Good morning Ann. I have read Broken Road and I think Laura mentioned that book awhile back but not sure. The Green Bayou books look interesting as well.
    I’m lost as to the month when Phil moved back home. It had to’ve (is that even a word?) been several months after Christmas and then summer for Alice’s wedding. I’m lost.
    As for the time change I forgot as well, thanks for reminding me. Why did it take you so long to join us? You stated you had been reading the blog for awhile before introducing yourself. I am so glad you did. Were you originally team Lina or team Phil? Laura has said she would place me in the middle. I guess that means I swing both ways hahaha.

  116. Mr. Master’s is a good book. I think he’s a judge, but he has a hot kinky side to him too!

    Off to food store. Need to get back to hopefully watch Ravens kick the Steeler’s ass! We can only hope.

    • It is a little kinky, but because it’s so funny it didn’t come off weird to me. I love love love the conversations the main characters have with their friends.

    • I liked it…the hero was a broken man with a lot of guilt, but once he got past he turned the relationship around with the heroine and they got their HEA….I did read one thing I really liked…canLina wrap her arms around Phil’s waist inside his suit jacket…Doesn’t that seem hot….I don’t know why those little possessive touches do it for me but that do…Lol

  117. Good morning!

    Deighj — Ann is right. SN begins the morning Lina tells Phil to come home. Lina’s parents are in the book but their roles are insignificant.
    Megan is also only in it a small portion of the time because she is away at college. Shiloh hasn’t made an appearance at all.
    There are some new characters through Lina’s work and Phil’s secretary occasionally pops up. Also we meet Kim’s parents and sister. There are several scenes involving Nick. Logan and Brian are still best friends. Matt and Katie are still a couple. And of course we see a lot of Liam.

    • I bet Phil’s secretary knew what he was up to during the affair. And she probably knows Lina very well. I hate what you did, Phil.
      And I bet Kim had bragged to her sister about the hot AF married attorney that she was going to bag. Tramp.

  118. Morning my fellow sisters!
    I forgot about the time change until I woke up this morning. My phone started going off at 3 a.m. with an Amber Alert. Scared the crap out of me. Always scares me at that time of night because I think of my daughters.

    Deighj, I think Laura said SN picks up right after Shiloh’s accident, 3 months before Alice’s wedding.

    Laura, I hope you can share something new with us today.

    I am thinking about how SN will end. Laura said she has the ending, but I can’t imagine it yet. Is evil Kim just going to go on with life as she knows it or will something big happen? I guess I’m feeling Lifetime Movie drama here, but that’s not Laura’s MO, and that’s why Laura is a damn good author. She writes real life! Of course, I would love for Kim to get her just dues.

    Here’s another good book for you guys. Reasonale Doubt by Whitney G. It’s 3 short books, but if you read all 3 it’s like reading a regular size book. The main guy, Andrew, is a brilliant hot attorney. Sound like Phil? lol. The dialogue is really good, not as good as Laura, but good.

  119. Laura, question about WPF. At the end of chapter 48 Lina tells Phil she wants him to come home. It’s after Christmas so exactly when did Phil move back home. I would think the next day. How long after the ending of WPF does SN pick up? I know that has been mentioned several times but the answer eludes me tonight. Will Lina’s dad be a big part of the Hunter’s life given the animosity felt toward him?

  120. Katie, a huge hug and a big wet kiss for the link. I just ordered one for me, my sister, my sister in law, and my friend in NY. LOL. I’ll report back once I get them.

    Deighj, I sure loved your posts tonight! My hands shook from laughing as I scrolled down. You are a giant heart I tell you. I hope your kids appreciate you.

    Tracie you crack me up everyday.

    Ann, check back tomorrow. I downloaded Rhonda Dennis. I never heard of her. So many new books for me to try next week.

    • J-Girl tell me, tell me please which Rhonda Dennis book. Not familiar with her. Ya know J we got Sugar and J-Girl for Tracie and yourself, we need to come up with a moniker for Katie. Thought about this, but plumb out of ideas.
      Katie what nickname do those close to you use for you. One that you like.
      And then there’s Ann, can’t leave her out in the rain.
      I’m overly tired tonight so not making sense. Will probably face plant tomorrow Sweet dreams my lovely’s.

      • Ann recommended Broken Road To Forever by Rhonda Dennis. She said teary. I took snapshots of all the recommendations from you guys. I can tell you if you forget. I will keep track for us.

  121. Katie, think this one is a little tame for your taste but I like Aylessa Leon’s Appleby books, thought I would try Love is Purple. He’s a QC, she’s a minister’s church mouse daughter, at first glance. Sounds interesting with a female associate openly after him. Her mum is talking husband-hunting to the mouse And he overhears. Instant drama.
    Good evening all, hope your day was as lovely as mine.

      • J-Girl I think Queen’s Council. You can go to her blog and read excerpts of her books. I was up way early this morning and now I’m cross-eyed sleepy but couldn’t help checking back to see what y’all might have gotten up to.

  122. Ann- it has been so lovely seeing your name today.
    Tracie- did you get to the foot wanking in Mr. Masters?
    Janet- I put the jeans link up where we were talking about it.
    Deighj- I like age gap and some taboo. I like stories where the couple overcomes some major social or familial barrier to be together. And I do like some erotica in there.

    Going to dinner now!! ?

    • I’m pass the foot wanking and she’s at Emerson’s after her and Julian had a bad night at a fund raiser and he ignored her

  123. Sugar pie, that “don’t you fucking dare” was a send up. If you’re half as funny at home, as with us there’s no way you could be anything but.

  124. Yowza J-Girl, good catch. I wondered why I was at the very top of the blog when I clicked over. Usually I when I’d do I end up right where I am now. Wonder if there’s a correlation.

  125. You guys. Laura changed some wordings to the don’t you dare scene. I didn’t catch it till now. why did Kim say, no you convinced me to move out of Baltimore. What did Phil have to say to convince her? She planned this all along. She is so sure of herself in the scene starting with “ that was fast.” I can see her sly smile or smirk of satisfaction when Phil calls.

    • Sorry J, you know Sugar, she’s been up to no good AGAIN. I have a feeling she could entice my inner Lucy-Fir out to play. Then it’s the devil who must pay. Just joking J-Girl, but Sugar does get me started though.

  126. Katie-Girl, what sort of angst do you look for in romance books? You might enjoy the Mitchell Sisters trilogy, box set on KU. I’ve read first two, White Lillies is my favorite.
    I don’t read paranormal but Aylessa Leon sends a chapter a week that is a really cute romance. You have to sigh up for her newsletter as she sends a different password each week. If interested I’ll send this week’s so you can try it. Start with Merla which is the prequel to Luca then you can click on the Luca chapters. She started with Luca the son of Merla, before she backtracked to start Merla. Her Be Mine and the Appleby series is good as well.
    I AM READY FOR CHRISTMAS…We’ll get our most wanted gift then. My family celebrates the entire month. Little nonsense gifts everyday.

    • My daughter just said Christmas all month…I want to live with her…..My daughter is a blast and a doll you would love her Deighj….When she lived at home she designated March as her Palooza birthday month and she should receive a gift everyday…I told her she did receive a gift everyday, they’re called Food, clothing and shelter….

      • But I did give each of my kids a gift everyday of their birth month. Small and useful plus things I knew they would like. Not expensive though. Try it with your grandchildren the look on their faces will be priceless. Of course you’ll have to have a chat that chores still have to be done. My two would volunteer to do those chores a few days as their gift.

        • Sugar don’t you fucking dare tell me you’re not a fun mom! Food, clothing and food as gifts…what an idea!

          • I am a fun mom I had a washing machine box in my kitchen while my 2 year old grandson made it his house…My granddaughter, grandson, his friend, my son and daughter all here putting in my new washer with my husband….Golf
            Carts…going crazy, four wheelers running through the backyard..It was crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way…Lol

  127. Janet my daughter just played the scene from star is born where she sings I’ll never love again….if that was Lina singing that song, my Phil would of run and jerked her off that stage and let his lips do the talking….Swoon

  128. K-Girl, most romances that involve a cheating spouse have redemption and an HEA. I enjoy reading how an author brings about that redemption. Usually there’s not enough groveling for me. But then I am the scorched earth type. I read a lot of books without cheating in them. I mentioned the Blackwood series of four books; two duets about two couples. The MMC from duet one is brother to the FMC in duet two. I can’t remember the story line of the second duet. But when I finished the first duet I thought there isn’t any way the second could match but it did. In the first duet there is a manipulative ex that breaks the MC’s apart for several years. I think there is an ex in the second as well. The first scene in that book the MMC is in jail talking to a woman who I think is the ex. No cheating but both MMC do stupid really well in both books. THE END…of book reports for the day (I think).

  129. J-Girl how did you lose a tablet in a linen closet? Shades of Sugar there my girl. I laughed out loud twice today thanks to you two.

        • Hey Ann you’ll be right there if Sugar has drag you. And if that ain’t enough remember she’s got Katie and J-Girl as back up. As stated above I’m the innocent in all this. (When and where sugar pie?)

      • Oh God!!! I just happened to be sitting next to them officer. I was not involved.

        • I did get arrested once I’ll have to tell that story one day…I was 17 and couldn’t keep my mouth shut then either Deighj….

    • Oh I got extra blankets out because it’s cooler at nights now but couldn’t remember. I spoke to some British guy named Walther(it was bizarre talking to a Brit on Amazon). When I asked is there a find your kindle app my husband came in and told me to get off the phone. Walther talked to me for 5 min and helped me reset my old kindle when I said no to discount. So heres a tip. When your WiFi is off on your old kindle and it asks for your passcode this is how you bypass what you don’t have or remember. Punch in 111222777. It’s universal
      I think and it unlocks the kindle.

        • He thinks I’m crazy. I barely know how to track anyone’s phone. Never used that feature and there I am asking how to track a book and that they should install this because it’s not the first time I panicked. It’s fine. I don’t take him seriously.

          • Your husband cracks me up….you can’t be bridled J-Girl…I bet he’s a nervous wreck wondering what you’re doing while he is traveling..LOL

          • Tracie, he said I sound like a 80 yr old when I say things like that. 10 years ago we were traveling abroad and I had my phone off but never turned off the roaming feature. Well i get home and my AT&T cell bill next month was over a thousand. Omg my heart. I started talking out of my ass to get that removed. At one point I think I said “you know I don’t even think I took my phone.” Uhhhh

  130. Ladies, I found the snippet. August 31 is where that scene is located where our Phil tells Kim that she was an easy fuck! I loved it, and I love Phil!!!! hahaha

    • Yes Ann that’s right. I forgot it was right before school started and I had to deal with orange hair fiasco.
      I’m home and thought of a what if while I was driving home. I know you all hate it but let’s say Phil and kim were together the night before. Maybe in NY. Phil was dreaming about Lina and turns to Kim and whispers Lina and starts having sex with her. Do you think Kim would let him? I think it could have happened and she let him. Phil opens his eyes and they turn hard because Kim isn’t Lina and walks off to take a shower. I’m thinking, could Phil have shunned Kim in steamboat(maybe made her sleep in the guest room) and that made
      Kim take that horrible picture? As revenge? They only stayed one night. Why? It’s not a short plane ride. He could have said. Get dressed. Plans have changed. We are leaving this morning.

        • You are so nice. You said we when I know it’s mostly me. I think I got past it and it sucked me back in while I was driving. I listened to that song I’ll never love again from a Star is Born and thought of the what if…. I can imagine Lina or Phil listening to this song when they were apart. Go listen.

  131. OMG, the scene where Phil tells off Kim, is that in the blog somewhere? Please let me know, asap. I haven’t gotten through all of the blogs yet.

    • You read it I think. It starts something like you think you were special? Maybe couple months back. Go through Laura’s long responses. I didn’t yell at my kids for a week after that scene.

      • I have a fun scenario about Laura…You know how she takes her laptop everywhere and her friends and family sometimes try to distract her from talking about her characters. why is beyond me…Lol. Well her friends (let’s say 3) invite her out to the movie…Laura is in the middle of a crucial scene and really doesn’t want to go, but her girlfriends are not taking no for an answer and she finally agrees, but warns them in advance “I’m bringing my laptop.” Laura is late and hurrying to get to the movie on time…she only has several lines left until her scene is finished….Her friend Margo sends Laura a text telling her what movie, where they are seated and already have her movie food…Laura gets her ticket heads to her entrance and finds her friends…The movie hasn’t started and the lights are still up in the theater, Laura sits pulls out her Mac and explains to everyone that she just has a few lines then she’ll be all there’s…While Laura finishes her scenes the previews are playing and then a notice comes on that screen that says “please take all crying kids out of the theater…put cellphones on silent and please don’t be using your cellphone so not to disturb other patrons…Margo leans over and says: “Laura you need to put the laptop away the light from that computer could safely land a plane.” Laura looks up adds a period to her last sentence relieved her scene is complete and stores her laptop…Laura is trying to get vested in the movie but notices a young couple in front of her negotiating over who will get the last nacho that actually has cheese on it…as they both lay out their argument about who will get CUSTODY of the cheese covered chip…her creative mind starts running a muck on Kim and Phil’s custody scene. Knowing she can’t use her laptop for notes and her pad that she usually carries in her purse is on the kitchen island with her grocery list…she looks around and leans into Margo saying “Can you hand me that drink carrier by you right leg please?” Margo reaches down and hands Laura the carrier. Laura grabs a pen out of the pocket of her purse collapses the drink container writing her notes….Margo leans over and says “are you really writing a scene on a drink carrier?” Laura says “Yes you want to see?” Margo says
        “No”…Laura thinking my blog girls would have been on that like a shark to blood….The End..Title: NA-CHO Custody…

        • You kill me. Nacho custody. Margo and drink holder. Omgg. I have a friend named Margo and that’s not a common name. Where you come up with this stuff…. that was so funny. I now want some movie nachos and Wnat to know what Laura wrote on the drink holder. Let’s say it’s raining outside and nobody brought a jacket. I say we stuff that drink holder in Katie’s 1k bag and the bag gets the beating.

          Which reminds me I have a funny Asian women anecdote of sorts on how to tell a real or a fake name brand bag. When it rains some women hold their purses over their heads to block the sudden downpour. Then there are others who hide theirs under their jackets or shirts. That’s when you know your friend has been lying to you about her coveted bag. Ok I’m out and I just found fleece lined leggings and tried them on(I’m in a dressing room). 2 for $5. One size fits all. So comfy. Omg I wish I could send all of you some…

          • I just read you tip to my daughter about purses and she said exactly…Her favorite purse is named Clyde and he has to have his own chair in a restaurant…That’s another tip…fake purses get put on the floor designer bags don’t she said..

          • Omg hilarious. Why can’t we use your Chanel bag? For the record, my Stella bag is the most expensive bag I’ve ever had and an outlier in my collection. It was a “push present,” and if you knew my childbirth story, you’d say I deserved more than a bag.

  132. OMG, you guys are so fucking funny!!!! (excuse the language). I’ve just finished reading the original blog from January – August. It just wants to make me read WPF again! But I won’t because I will re-read it again once SN is out. It will be a Phil-fest of epic proportions!!

    Tracie and Janet, you guys are a scream. I mean all you ladies on this blog are awesome! I think this blog has been good for Laura. She gets to bounce ideas off of everyone.

    • What? We were blogging since January? I don’t remember when I first read WPF. Now, if you quote me a few words from the book I think I can guess which chapter.
      Ann don’t go away either please. Tracie and I kept each other sane. Oh my gad, when Laura gifted us her weekly snippets I swear I would get a buzz. I think Tracie memorized her swoon scenes and my toes curled and fingers tingled when Phil told Kim off. I read that scene every single day for two weeks. Imagine my mantra. You were nothing but an easy fuck. You were nothing but an easy fuck. Then repeat.

      • I love you girls…LOL…..We’ve beem Doing the blog since April Janet….Ive enjoyed every minute of it too….Katie Phil was taking something for his self being selfish….but the week Lina is in NYC, and Phil is dealing with work, kids and the worry of his wife being out of his reach, might have him appreciating Lina a little more….Lol

        • I’m my dream scene Phil tells Lima I couldn’t go through this again….Do you think early im SN Lina tells Phil the same?

          • She doesn’t need to. She can just say me too Phil. I want him to keep telling her vulnerable stuff like that.
            Insecure Phil is sexy here. He NEEDS her. If she dies he should die with her.

  133. Janet, replying here so you don’t have to scroll.
    Trust me I’ve had a hard time with the length of the affair too, but this is what I’ve come up with. In the very beginning of Mr. Masters, the H sees high-end hookers as “therapy” after his wife dies. He says it’s the only time he can turn his mind off. I think that’s what the affair was to Phil. And the frequency/duration of the affair is an indication of just how lost Phil was during that time. But the second Lina re-connected with him and Katie started improving, the affair was done (still no excuse!).
    You’re like me…we are OCD. We want to know ALL of the details of the affair…and we will. But I think AWPF was more about moving forward after the affair, the love triangle, what would Lina do…not the affair itself. It wouldn’t have been as angsty if all of the details had been included.

    • Yes and yes and yes to everything you said but I’m still mad at him for sleeping next to her. Omg now I am going to think Kim was Phil’s therapy! I just laughed out loud. Hey how about Jason statham as Phil? Can you handle Phil with no hair? Come to think of it I think Kevin Costner got a hair transplant because he has a lot more now when he was balding before.

      • I’m putting away laundry, and I just put away my Walmart jeans. I thought of you. High waisted, slim-fit, ankle-length, cut off at ankles. They are damn cute, and no one would know they’re from WM when you also have a $1k bag. I fucking love breaking rules.

      • Men who Bic can be hot (my hubby is one). But not as Phil. You’re like a mom talking about how she really wanted a girl when your boy is 18. Let it go. John Hamm is Phil.
        Yes I believe Kevin Costner had hair implants. I don’t get that.

  134. Janet, you mentioned Penelope Douglas? I’ve read several of her books. The latest one I read was Birthday Girl. So good if you’re into romances where the guy is much older. this book had lots of chemistry and angst. No cheating. The main gal falls in love with her boyfriend’s Dad. It’s off the charts angsty. (is that even a word) lol

    When I was shopping today, they were playing some Christmas music with the Halloween decorations still up on the clearance wracks. I was getting in the mood and thinking about SN coming out before Christmas!!!

    • I meant Penelope ward’s Jake duet. Sorry. Penelope Douglas is one of my favorites. I read birthday girl. I love angst!!

        • I think you will like it. She writes good alphas and I like her sense of humor. I was still reading historicals when I first read a Douglas novel. She turned me into a new adult fan after that.

    • Yay Ann!!! This book will be our nourishment. I won’t need food or water until I finish the sequel. Imagine all of us losing weight during the holiday season. That’s a funny and happy thought no?
      I took my fake tree out this morning. I got a fake 3 years ago when I almost burned down my house with a dry Xmas tree. I put water in the bowl but it still caught fire. True story. I got so scared I never bought a live tree since.

      • LOL…..J-Girl I’m starting to think you have my luck sweetie….my daughter doesn’t allow anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving…she won’t even drive down the Main Street in town because they have up Christmas decorations….She doesn’t like her holidays rushed, nor does she want to think about the pilgrims and jingle bells at the same time…..Lol

    • I ask that because I only read AWPF because it was Laura’s and she’s amazing. And the book was amazing, powerful- all the feels. But, once Phil is fully redeemed, I have to go back to my blissful no cheating, guaranteed HEA themes…cheating themes are hard on my soul.

      • Katie same here about Laura’s writing. She started it. I never sought out cheating themes. I read them here and there but after reading WPF I became drawn to it. For the first time I wanted to understand a cheater and I think the ladies here share my sentiment. I actually like reading other genres like suspense thrillers but haven’t picked one up since May. Once I’m done with SN and find peace and resolution I may try again. I don’t really have the headspace for anything right now.

          • I don’t think there can be one understanding why someone cheats..each situation has its own defining factors…

            I’m reading Mr.Masters and I’m at the part where Julian and Bree leave the bar and are in the elevator for the first time….Made me think of our bar scene. Ugh

          • Haha. No!!! Help me Katie! Logically I understand. One night stands(or even several) I understand. The few months affair where the couple meet everyday are harder for me because I don’t know how you can switch your brain off like that when your body is all in and Phil chose to sleep next to the devil. When Lina said what you described is a one night stand. Phil’s responds then it turned into more. What does the more mean? I took it as Phil having a relationship with Kim and hated thinking he developed an affection for her during their fling. Tracie and Laura set me straight but I’m not a Philiever yet. I do know I will eat my words in SN and I’m more than ready for that.

  135. J-Girl, I like Jennifer Peel and enjoy all of her books that I’ve read. My faves are the first two in the women of Merryton Place.

  136. J-Girl – I read Just The Way You Are by Freethy. I enjoyed it though it slowed down a bit mid way. It’s about a young woman that fell in love with her sister’s boyfriend and got pregnant by him when both were drunk (?). He married her but was in love with the one he betrayed.
    Ann – I’ve Read all of those books except for two. A Marriage Worth Fighting For and My Biggest Mistake. A Marriage is now on my TBR list and I’m not sure I want to read Mistake. Is Mistake a duet as I didn’t find a follow up. Maybe I’m thinking of another on postpartum which is a duet.

    • I got Jennifer peel last night but couldn’t find my kindle for two hours so haven’t started yet. I got so desperate I called amazon and asked if there’s such a thing as find your kindle app. Or if I ordered it over the phone with the rep, he can overnight it. This was at 11pm and my husband found it inside the linen closet.
      Anyway the biggest mistake sounds depressing. It’s another book that’s been popping up on my feed for years.

  137. Laura I had a nightmare last night and you are the only one that can get the monster out of my closet…Phil in SN he will always be wrenching from Kim right, he doesn’t allow her to be casual touchy with him????

    I had a dream that Kim was setting on the couch next to Phil and he was holding Liam, she put her hand on his thigh like Lina does and I jerked myself awake reaching for Kim’s hand….

      • My husband said this morning, maybe I needed to clear my mind before I went to bed Lol….I woke him up when I jerked into a setting position to grab Kim’s hand…That thigh grabbing for me is hot and possessive….

        • Oh good…I can’t stand the thought.of her talons anywhere near him…If I had my way there would be a piece of plexiglass between them and a telephone receiver on each side….

        • Omg soul sister I was just thinking Phil better have no let her touch his thigh during drives when they were having their affair. Thigh grabs, hand on back, neck caresses= very intimate.

          • Katie now that you made the storyboard I have faces and My dream was pretty vivid…but I have wondered that too, so that’s probably why I dreamed about it and J-Girl loves the word wrenching in that scene Lol….I love that Lina squeezes Phil thigh. No on Phil allowing Kim to touch his thigh in the car…My Phil would of said “Don’t touch the driver.”

          • Ugh well they did during the affair. But not after. We had this discussion. When Phil stayed with Kim the night before the NyC trips he took the car the airport. The devil was in the car and Tracie asked if Phil can sell it. I asked if they kissed or made out in the car and Laura said no! She couldn’t handle that either.
            So I get emails from Rachel Ashwells Shabby Chic. I was scrolling down just now and saw a blue flower print sheets. I immediately deleted the email. I’m thinking maybe I get a pink Christmas
            Tree from her store this year. I have to see it in person though

        • That IS a nightmare! Hate her. Where was Lina in this dream?
          I love persimmon anything. My mother in law has trees so she brings me bags full of hard, soft, dried, and even bread for me.

          • That was my whole dream I put in the comment….I had been reading the scene Laura did for you before my surgery….That’s why my husband said I need to clear my mind before I go to bed…Lol. I have a persimmon tree in my backyard and several in the pasture…..You can also tell how cold the winter will be by how much extra hair a cow puts on or how hairy a woolie worm gets…That’s just what the old timers say down at the cafe…..I was listening to them the other day while I was eating Lol…

          • I love that our little book club is so diverse. You are talking about pink Christmas trees and I’m talking about hairy woolly worms…LOL. I can just imagine the look on your face Janet standing at our little country grocery store and Brother Johnny drives up on his big white four-wheeler with his American Flag flying behind him or Jim riding up on Jasper his mule to get a few groceries….Lol

  138. Ladies, I’m off to Kohl’s and Target. Check in later today. You all have a great day. It’s beautiful here in Maryland today. Bad storms last night but beautiful today!!!

  139. Good Morning Girls…I think you have covered everything this morning….Lol. It is beautiful here today as well…For us that actually get cold weather, I cut into a Persimmon this morning and there was a spoon. The old timers say if there is a spoon we will be shoveling snow this winter….I hope they are right, I was hoping there wasn’t a knife inside…that would mean we were going to be cutting ice….

  140. I want to stop writing and read Mr. Masters 🙁
    I won’t let myself. I have a hard time finding books I like — maybe I get lucky three times a year.
    Ann — have you read Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann? I loved it.

    • Laura, I have read Look the Part, and it is awesome. I couldn’t put it down.
      Another good book is The Broken Road to Forever by Rhonda Dennis. That book made me shed a tear. That is about a couple who fell in love in high school, marry, have kids, and then later on the book picks up when they’re in their 30’s and then the drama begins between the husband and wife. Really good.

    • I’ve never read Mr. Masters…If it makes you want to stop writing SN…I know what book I need to download first..Lol

  141. Oh my goodness look at what happened while I was sleeping.
    Deighj I’m reading Unsticky and it has nothing to do with AWPF themes, but it’s turning out to be a sweet read. I plan to reread one of my favorites, Mr. Masters by TL Swan, as my next, because I know it won’t disappoint me. It’s about an Alpha widowed Judge who hires an Australian au pair. It’s hilarious and dirty (and a little heart-wrenching at times) in all the right ways. Highly recommend.

    Oh and Deighj, I would say I’m sorry that your daughter is messy, but she’s probably just really creative. My husband has given up. Our dining room table has had one of my projects on it for about 5 consecutive years now.

    • I read Mr. Masters and it’s really good. I read another of TLSwann’s books that didn’t thrill me, but this is good.

    • I have the Stanton series by TL Swan in my kindle. Is it any good? Never read this author but fot the series last year I think.

      • Janet, I’ve only read by T.L. Swann: Play Along (really good) and Find Me Alastar (good but not great). I think Find Me Alastar may have a sequel which I did not read. Story is good, has a little mystical theme to it. Mr. Masters was really good.

        I read so much that sometimes after I come off a book hangover, I should just wait before i dive into another book. I’m wierd like that.

        Do you have any other books that are close to WPF? If so, please share.

        • Like WPF no but some cheating yes. How about
          the Mill House by Susan Lewis
          The Adultery Club- Tess Stimson.
          I recently read Colleen Hoover’s All your Perfects and it was a fast read.
          Admissions of Guilt Roxanne winkler
          A Price Worth Paying Kathryn shay(the wife cheats once)

  142. Oh good. I hope mine do too. They sure are long. I won’t see them till after 7pm. 2 days at UCLA which is about a mile and a half away. Annnd
    There I go thinking about Kim first thing in the morning.

    • My daughters was at Columbia so she went up to New York City for two nights. I remember it being pretty intense.

    • Hey guys! So happy to find most of you are up already. The kids have model UN for the first time today so I woke up earlier than usual. I can’t believe the birthday scene was at 80
      Percent. Powerful is an understatement since I’m still reading/thinking about it.
      Deighj, Katie is reading Unsticky but Sara Manning. She was saying It was unrelated to WPF theme.

  143. I love reading everyone’s thoughts on books you’ve read. I look those books up to refresh my memory and put them on stand by to read or skim again. When I go to Amazon I’m a kid in a candy store, spending hours on there.

    • Me too! Like I said my kindle is stuck to my ass, so it goes everywhere I go. I just recently read Across the Oceans by Susan Wiggs, which was good. The husband is a naval officer who is married with a couple of kids. Wife and him go through some big struggles. It was better than expected. I actually borrowed this book from the public library via my kindle.

  144. Hi Deighj. I don’t mean to answer for Laura but that book is called Life Without You by S P West. The husband is a huge jerk in the first half.

  145. Laura, what is the book by SP West that you didn’t like because of the way the husband talked about his mistress to his wife. He must have been really angry with his wife or just a scum bag.

  146. Laura/Ladies good morning. At least I’m not the only one up!

    I’m sitting here sipping my coffee and reading through the blog from Summer. I didn’t realize how many scenes were cut out from original WPF! Laura, please smack your editor for me. Lol. These cut out scenes would have added so much. Please don’t leave anything out of this
    sequel. I don’t care how long SN is going to be, it will be awesome!

    • Good morning! Just returned from the dog park — what a beautiful fall day here in the mid Atlantic.

      In the original WPF the birthday card scene happened at 80 percent. The editor wanted it at 50 percent — she said it was the most powerful scene.

  147. OMG!!! You never fail me Sugar pie. Usually I just chuckle at your antics, this time I busted. That was completely unexpected. My daughter is an expert at making Whop-Em-Biscuits. Have you ever tried them with a burnt and scraped bottom? I really don’t care for those though I do try since I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

  148. I think I said this book a lot and it’s a harlequin but I love this author for her angst. Michelle Reid. I really liked ultimate betrayal. And sherry Thomas, not quite a husband is really angsty too but it’s a historical. Oh Laura liked this. Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun. She’s older than the hero. Really good.

    Just the way you are by Barbara F is good? I’m asking. Keep reading this on my feed but doesn’t grab me. Read most of Shiloh walker. Angsty.

    • Thanks J-Girl..I’ll give them a look see….Until I read SN I don’t think I’ll get pulled in to another book…Then I’ll be waiting on my other Prossi man to look forward too…I bet that’s going to be hot too….

      • Nobody can concentrate till SN is out. I think I’ve been reading a same book for a week. I’m going to dump it and start a new one Ann recommended. I have a question Laura. In the new Lucas book, is there a Kim? I know you have anxiety writing these scenes but you make Evil so good. I don’t mean does Lucas cheat but does he have an ex gf that causes trouble?

  149. I’m back! Laura’s post to Deighj is beautiful. You stay strong girlfriend! Yes on Linda kage. It’s Masons POV and it’ll be released in nov 30 I believe.

    Omg my dad is a gorilla! I have so many stories but I won’t bore you with them. I’m just relieved age has mellowed him out a bit.

    Ann, thanks so much for the recommendations. I’ll check them all out tonight. I’ve has shay savage on my kindle for the last 2 yrs. I forgot all about her…

    • J-Girl you know I have to have reconciliations with a bit of groveling so recommend a few for me since you have read them please….

      • You like groveling? Lol. That’s not your Phil. I don’t know many of the books Anne listed. I remember reading an old harlequin presents by Lilian cheatham. I loved it because it’s so politically incorrect. The hero treats the heroine like trash and he makes her cook and clean for months. Then later he loses so much weight from missing her and grovels to take him back. If I read good grovel I’ll tell you.

  150. Girls I’m so excited…my granddaughter’s college has live stream and I just finished her 2nd home ballgame and she sunk 4 3’s…..She rocked last night too….We start wrestling season in a few weeks my grandson is so pumped…He is the same age as Logan in the book 15 going to be 16 in a few months, he’s so handsome…..

      • Thank you Laura…I loved getting to watch her….Last night she didn’t know I saw the game…when she played HS ball, after each game she had a text on her phone from me after the coach released them…Even though I was in the stands that was our thing…Last night I fired one off and soon as the game was over and she sent me the most beautiful text back..Those are the moments we live for…..

        • J-Girl I was thinking about that little snippet of Katie and Phil…I bet it’s when Lina is in NYC…That’s why he’s telling Katie to set the table instead of Lina…also he seems a little cranky, he’s missing his woman….Depending on what day of the week, he could also have Liam….Swoon….My Phil needs to be steamed…I’m probably wrong but it’s fun to imagine him having one of those desperate need moments for Lina, like you like….

          • Didn’t Katie set the table before? But maybe he’s a bit cranky. He’s a super alpha for sure and I love it when he’s roaring at Kim. As long as he is gentle with Lina I don’t care.

          • I can’t wait to hear there sweet conversation on Thursday night of her trip…I’m like you I love him being all sweet and steamy with Lina…

  151. J-Girl, which book by Linda Kage? Is it Price of a Kiss? Found one on Amazon that I read several years ago that will make you want to junk punch the MMC through out most of the book. No Longer Mine by Shiloh Walker.
    Just The Way You Are by Barbara Freethy
    A Perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright – Harlequin
    I’m outta juice, gonna say goodnight.

  152. Janet, here is a list of some family/marriage drama books that I’ve read:

    The Girl in Seat 24B by Jennifer Peel

    Locked In by Anna Chastain

    Life without you by S.P. West – the husband is a huge asshole

    A Marriage worth fighting for by Lilian Darcy

    My Biggest Mistake by Ledy Harper

    Allegiance by Mary Flinn

    Saving Grace

    I have tons more but these are pretty good. Of course nothing compares to Laura’s books!!

    No one writes an alpha male like Laura. Shay Savage can write a good male as in Surviving Raine. Great book.

    I started going back through the blog and I am just so pumped up about SN. Can’t wait.

  153. Katie I don’t think think Kim would bring that up. She had an agenda and was biding her time. Phil’s mind was only on the physical aspect of the affair. I don’t see him as ever discussing his wife or family with Kim. I can see him warning Kim it was physical only, but I think he saw Kim as already knowing that.

  154. You know in the one scene that Laura shared recently about Kim moving closer to Phil how he says, “I’m doing the best I can.” Doesn’t that seem kind of submissive toward her? I don’t like that he gives her any power.

    I’m reading a new book and all it’s doing is making me think about AWPF.

    • She did sound slightly dominate, but she was baiting him….Phil can’t tell her where to live,Kim loves that she can exercise some control over Phil with that Knowledge. Knowing it is going to hurt Lina, gives the witch a rush! Hate her .

    • I agree Katie. Not sure if the wording of that conversation will make the cut. I thought she’d be a little different than that but she appears to have a life of her own.

  155. Laura, will your father require home health care? I’ve seen the health of
    so many elderly people’s health worsen after broken bones.

  156. Did you girls ever talk about this- had Phil talked to Kim during their affair that he had no interest and in her beyond a physical affair? That he wouldn’t leave his wife…

  157. Laura thank you for helping me see another facet of naivety. This last one really hurt. I loved that boy. He reminded me that I have a son who is a successful man and my pride and joy. Some people just like the vagabond life I guess.

  158. Ladies, Laura’s correct that I replyed under your original posts. I realize this makes it difficult to keep up with any replies. It’s just that as I scroll down to answer I get sidetracked reading the following posts and I end up forgetting what post I’m replying to. Which is best, under the original or shutting my eyes and scrolling until I can’t scroll any more. Duh, and yeah color me stupid.

  159. Deighj — I have a theory as to why some people are considered naive — it’s because they are so kind they can’t conceive or see that what other people are capable of — if you don’t have it in you, how would you recognize it in someone else? That’s why good people can be so hurt — they trust. The karma is that the ‘hurter’ has to live with themselves forever. I would hate to be someone who didn’t care about the feeling of others. You’re special and I hope you don’t let him take anything from you. I’m sure he had a kindness to him that pulled you in (no one is black and white)– I’m sorry you were hurt.

    Janet — lol I think you were blessed with a very gentle father. Nice for you. And don’t worry Phil will be stood up to in Swimming Naked.

  160. I’m posting down here. I miss too much scrolling back and forth.

    Something always happens when I go away for a bit. Deighj my heart, someone hurt you? That makes me so mad!! I want to send Tracie and Katie down there to beat the person up while I ply you with food. Argggghhh.

    Katie, that comment was right up your ally. I laughed so hard. I still love Nick so much and the blondie on the board is so much hotter than jon to me. I just can’t understand any of you.

    This makes me question Phil’s ancestors. Were they Vikings?! Set the table. Now! Omg and Tracie growled. Laura how come nobody gets to argue with Phil? Will nick use his 5th degree belt in SN?

    • Phil would kick his ass…get Nick on the ground where he can’t use his feet and Phil’s got him Lol…Lina argues with Phil..I never argued with my dad…he use to say I tell you to jump, don’t ask me how high, jump and ask if that’s high enough…Lol

  161. Omg, my brain is fried reading all this! I can’t keep up. I’m going to make a concerted effort to go back and read this blog over the last 1500 comments over this past Summer.

    I’m looking for something new to read. Since WPF I’ve been into family drama with married couples struggling and big redemption. So if you have any suggestions let me know. I read about 4 books per week. My kindle is glued to my ass!!

    Also, my image of Phil is nothing like Dennis Quaid but more like John Hamm but with a super body. Haha

        • If I had to guess I would say approximately the length of WPF which is 385 but it could be longer — definitely not shorter.

        • Ann me too about family drama and couple struggling. You know of any good ones like Laura’s? I recommended a few to Deighj last week I think but she has read them all. I think Laura said she liked SP west.

          • Did I say I liked SP West? Ugh I really really hated the Hero in her book — she’s a good writer because she made me feel but the things he said to his wife about his mistress — awful

  162. I bet Nick talks too much during sex. Had they had sex, I could see Lina saying, “I didn’t say Rumi, I said DO ME.”

  163. In that scene J-Girl do you think Lina already knows what Kim has done, whether it’s moving or not? Phil says she not getting away with this…she has pushed me to far…Lina says Phil talk to me….Lina also asked Phil at the first of the scene what he doing….

    • Yes I believe she already knows. Almost got a vibe she’s resigned to it but Phil didn’t see it coming.

      Katie, the social call reveal was maybe in the second blog. Phil was fuming and came to Kim’s house yelling. I thought for some reason it was in the winter. Again I’m all over the place.

      • It was in the winter, it was the day after Liam’s BD, so it had to be Christmas Eve, since his BD is the 23rd.

      • I can see Lina doing that Janet…This is my life now, just another day in the neighborhood….Phil couldn’t stand Lina thinking that though…He wants her protected and happy….

          • I love you Katie…that was damn funny….Did you girls know that the word Fuck is actually and acronym..For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge….I believe ir was in the old Jack the Ripper days that when a prostitute was arrested the charge was For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and instead of writing it out they just used the acronym…..

          • That’s good to know about the acronym. Really everything sounds better with the F word attached.

        • Lord I’m even more confused but that’s even better. Everything will be a surprise. Do you guys think Phil can stay one step ahead of Kim? I actually don’t think that’s possible because who can think like this woman?

  164. I’m trying to piece your previews together Laura. Remember the reveal where Phil visits Kim’s house and he meets her sister? We can’t forget Phil’s words, “ this isn’t a social call.” Sooo goood. Does this scene come right after Phil finds out Kim moved a mile from him? I thought it was Liam related but not sure. Driving me nutty trying to figure out the scenes where Phil verbally attacks Kim.

    • Janet I’m wondering if that is where he comes home from work and is throwing on the shorts and ripping his shirt like a sexy furious hunk of love meat….

      • Lol. He is that.
        Oh I see where you are coming from. I just keep seeing the social call comment as being in the front of the book and popping buttons scene more in the middle.
        I’m so confused.

        • Phil and Lina get back together in April…In Chapter 47 he pulls Lina into his side in the cool April evening….when they are leaving the restaurant..Phil tells Kim about him and Lina getting back together…so I figure it might be warm enough for shorts when Kim moves…

          • Laura showed us a short snippet of Phil meeting Kim’s sister in one of the blogs …Phil is so pissed, the sister is scared and she says you must be Phil and he says this is not a social call…

  165. Oh no Laura. Pass out from being weak? Hope he is released today. Also I could have sworn you were a workaholic Virgo. Glad you set me straight

    How are you feeling Deighj?

    Tracie, the biggest Phil defender of the universe, are you working today?

    Hey Ann! I remember the blonde in parent trap. You mean the version where Dennis Quaid plays the dad right? I can see her as Kim too but after our Katie made that board, all I see is the girl in the white dress.

    Katie, did you add that pasta picture? Lol. Perfect

    • No, I haven’t changed anything… Sometimes pictures disappear and reappear, I have noticed.

      Whoever Kim is, she has resting bitch face.

      • Bahaha. So true. Such a schemer. Ok so remember last night we chatted briefly about gigolos? Couple years back Linda Kage wrote one centered around a male prostitute in his 20s through the heroines POV. I just read that she wrote the same story through the guy’s POV this time. Check it out if you all don’t have anything to read.

      • I hope they still stay mostly consistent with the chain of events…
        That chick from Parent Trap works too. Same look. High maintenance, bitchy, sex appeal.

        • The chick from Parent Trap was the first one I picked for Kim. I think Janet and I discussed on the first or second blog…Lol. I only work four days a week (10 hour days). I’m off on Fridays and still on half days for one more week…I have been working on my husband though, he put the baby (2.5 years) on his damn Quarter Horse and was leading him around the pasture, then down through the creek…The horse jumped the water and my little angel boy fell off….he landed in the mud, didn’t hurt him at all praise be…..He said Mimi, no be mad at my Papa, it not hurt me, I’m a cowboy…….

          • Omgg Tracie. 40 acres and quarter horse and the creek and cattle guard. Who are you? I really need to see this live. Now I feel the need to read a Diana Palmer book. You and your husband sound just like the characters in her novel. Lol. So relieved your grandson is ok. My daughter rides too(only once a week) and when she fell and didnt move for a second my heart stopped.

          • You would love it…We have mountains you could hike and walking trails..my husband keeps the perimeter of the land mowed for me so I can walk it…I usually walk three to four miles per day (before the hip)…I miss it…I hope your knee gets better so you can get back to walking or running..

  166. Just curious, but who would be your pick to play evil Kim. In my mind I picture the girl who played the future stepmother in the 97 version of Parent Trip. She was such a bitch.

    If you guys already hashed this out please excuse me!

  167. Hi Ann! Hi girls!
    I’m currently getting my hooves pedicured.
    So sorry about your dad, Laura.
    Yes, Ann, we’d love to hear your POV. And it’ll keep us (me) from embarrassing ourselves on the regular.
    I don’t think Phil has ever felt pain like that night he broke his hand. Knowing he fucked up and Lina could have her emotional, physical and lifestyle needs met by Nick. He came off as spoiled, but I think just heartbroken. I hope he learns to channel his feelings better in SN.

  168. Good Morning Girls, Laura where are we going today???? Have you had lunch? If not it’s time…..Lol. Squeeze for Chandler….

    Hi Ann…I remember you and know me and the girls would love to hear your ideas and suggestions too…..My Phil is complicated, his ego was so hurt in that scene and his heart was broken not only by Lina, but his own actions as well…..Hang with him babe you won’t be disappointed…

    Carrie how are you doing sweetie?

    Deighj hoping you are feeling better honey….

    Morning J-Girl and Katie….

    • Hi Tracie. I know you’re Team Phil too but he frustrates me. I have faith in Laura that he will be redeemed in SN.

      I think I love Phil because he’s so damn cocky. Plus he’s so hot too.

      • He is cocky and he is over the top hot….Have to wipe the sweat off my brow…Lol. He will be redeemed…..and just like Lina I’m willing to walk through the fire with him to get to the swimming naked part….

  169. Good morning girls!
    My father finally came home from rehab (Tuesday) only to pass out (yesterday). I spent half the night in the ER — he can’t catch a break. Luckily, he’s okay and will be back home today.
    Janet — loved your story. I could just picture the whole scene! I’m not sure if I have a type A personality — I can be very focused though — and I was very focused on my daughter. You’re right I feels things very deeply and I’m sensitive — I’m not really into astrology but I’m a Cancer and it fits.

    Tracie — before you ask — I’m back in New York with Lina and Adele — polishing up the scene

  170. Hi Laura,
    You Ladies rock!!!! I love reading all of your thoughts, suggestions, etc. I read this blog a couple of times a week but I’ve only commented twice back in May before this group took on a life of its own. Keep in coming, I love it!

    Anyway, Laura I love your work. I’ve read WPF 3 times since January and just re-read When I Saw You, and A Sense of Belonging. I am a retired, and I read all the time. No other books compare to yours. That’s why I read your books over again. lol

    WPF is special for me because I live in Maryland just north of Annapolis and I am so familiar with all your scenes. My daughter lived in Federal Hill for a few years and I could just picture Nick and Lena at the restaurants, etc.

    One more thing I want to add about Phil and Lena. I love Phil but I swear I just want to slap that man. Especially the scene where Phil just broke his hand and gets out of the shower while Lena is asking him about his injury. He then says something to her like, you told me to leave so stop acting like my wife and then says get the f– out! I mean come on Phil, you apparently didn’t act like Lena’s husband for the 5 months you were with evil Kim. But, that’s Phil.

    I hope SN gets here in December!! I just can’t wait. I just can’t get enough of these characters.

    Take care Ladies, you all make my day!!

    • Hi Ann!

      Thanks for your words! My best friend lives in Annapolis — so I’m there often. Up until about a week ago my niece lived in Federal Hill — I think she finally got tired of always looking for a place to park lol.

      I’ve lived in Washington, DC and Maryland most of my life so it’s easy to write what you know. My daughter went to McDonogh (the high school Katie attends). I’ve lived in the Ellicott City area (where the Hunters live) for the past twenty years. It’s fun to imagine them here.

      And yes, Phil acted like a spoiled little boy that day. He couldn’t see past his own pain.

      Don’t stay a stranger. It’s fun to hear everyone’s thoughts!

      • Hi Laura. I knew the Hunters lived in Howard County but didn’t realize it was Ellicott City. I love that area.

        My husband retired from JHU-APL and I was picturing some of those surrounding neighborhoods. Ellicott City is better.

    • Ann, I’m so glad you joined us. We have a lot of fun on here and you’re gonna add to it. We’re in the home stretch on SN so we’re just sharing bits of our everyday lives, books we’ve read…just life in general. I’d love to know more about you, the area you and Laura live in, any books you’ve enjoyed reading. I know you’ll enjoy this site as much as we all do. The gals on here have come to mean so much to me, they enliven my life.

  171. I just read through everything from today…
    Tracie- I have a serious thing for farmhouses. When I come visit, I’ll help you can and bake sweets.
    Janet- Yes I’m from OC, now in SD. Your gardener story is great. They get you on the flat rate, affordable maintenance and then pull stuff like that on big projects. Boooo.
    I wouldn’t characterize myself as hot. A little sassy maybe. I’m dirty blonde and look like a petite, thicker LeeLee Sobieski- big green eyes, high cheekbones, strong bone structure, long nose…very European. And I was blessed with olive skin thanks to some Greek in there.

    Our in-person meeting might be awkward at first but alcohol fixes everything. And we could always play the “who looks like a character from Laura’s books” in the bar. I’m sure Janet would make us laugh with that game.

    • I’ll take you up on that Katie…I tried making homemade angel biscuits for him one time and ended up with Angel cookies and a burned hand….I had them on a cooling rack and was pissed because they were so flat. I said what went wrong???? He walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist, he was laughing and that made me madder…he said well doll, I’m no baker, but the thickness of them tells me you rolled you dough to thin….he ended up putting butter and jelly on top of them…Lol

      • what are angel biscuits. Which reminds me have you ever tried the Carbon’s Golden Malted pancake and waffle mix? I forgot to bring it up when we were discussing Lina’s breakfast orders. Order from amazon and make it for husband. He will thank me. lol

        • Supposedly they are a simple biscuit made from scratch….I don’t know why they call them angel biscuits…but it was a lie J-Girl there was nothing simple about it….

          • You are too funny for description Sugar! I can see you making those biscuits. Have you ever made buttermilk biscuits? I too use to do biscuits from scratch until I found Bisquick. I love to cook, bake, collect and trade recipes. But my hunter’s stew with buttermilk biscuits are the easiest and most requested. Found a cake recipe with mayonnaise I want to try.

          • My ego took a hit after the supposed easy angel biscuits and the only biscuits since then have been the famous Whop-Em-Biscuits…Whop the tube on the counter and pull the 10 count of Pillsbury’s out. They never fail me Deighj….

    • I find Leelee gorgeous and very chic. She came one year for career day with her brother to the kids school and I was taken with both of them. She looks better now then when she was in her 20s. You must be lovely!

      Whats the deal with farmhouses? Like homes in vermont? Tracie, you live in a farmhouse? I think you are in a mansion with electric gates and golf carts.

      • Well thanks J. ?
        Legit, old farmhouses (not trendy, modern versions) are just so charming to me. Chippy paint, blemished hardwoods, old barn/industrial lighting, eclectic/handmade decor, furniture, improvements, etc. etc. They scream home and family to me. And all of the imperfections are acceptable where they wouldn’t be anywhere else. Because it’s a farm, where people work hard, do things themselves, and enjoy the simple things in life.
        Ok that sounded weird.

        • The bathroom in this house Katie use to be the kitchen…It originally only had three rooms, but the original owners added a new living room and small kitchen in the 1950’s….we have gutted it and redid the plumbing and electric…I’m keeping the integrity of the farmhouse style as we put it back together….

        • Lord!! I get it but omg shudder. You want chippy paint, go buy something at shabby chic or watch Chip and Joanna. You wake up happy at 5am don’t you? Still love you but no thank you.

          • Lol! Our house is the exact opposite of what I described. The dog put some scratches into our hardwood and that’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to my dream farmhouse.

      • I live in a ranch style home on 40 acres….My yard is fenced and I do have an electronic gate across my driveway by the road. The rest of the property is fenced with barbed wire and we have a cattle guard and pipe entryway on the corner that leads into the pasture…On the far end of our property is the original farmhouse that was on the land and I wanted it preserved….so we are redoing it…..

  172. I laughed so hard…I totally agree with the online and information….This is the first public forum I’ve ever been on…I don’t have FB and burn everything in our fire pit that has an address…etc. I don’t order anything that doesn’t have a secure website and use PayPal when offered…Your husband is a smart man…

    Now Rudy…your damn name is not on the mortgage..plant some effing grass…Don’t ever give in J-Girl….that’s where he got you…I hope you did lay into him and he would of got 5K out of me, after he ate shit and howled at the moon….I’m just saying..

    • Tracie, just read your post about ripping out the floors. Your husband’s response was classic. Too too funny. if we all lived close we would definitely have a book club and get drunk on cheap wine and wine coolers. I wonder if we would all get along face to face. I think so.

      I think Rudy conned me but he sent me an itemized invoice of what everything was for . But spider fertilizer shouldn’t cost $300. He said, “you treat us like gold. I never raise your price but I have to pay my guys.” How can I fire him after that? I guess i just water everyday so nothing dies on me.

      • You are a sweetie….Just water babe and if another tree dies blog me, I’ll hook up a trailer, grab a chainsaw and rent a stump grinder for 50 bucks and head your way…I can buy a good size crepe for 100 dollars…we’ll drink cheap wine and I’ll plant you a tree! While I plant, Rudy can fan you with a palm leaf, the whole time you can remind him “you made me do this Rudy! “. I do believe we would get a long fine….Lol…Laura could write a whole series if this group lived close together….

        • Omg whattt?! He charged me 600 long time ago and this year $700! But I asked a couple of neighbors and they were charged 800-900 so I thought it was okay. Omg. He totally conned me.

          Laura would starve herself if we lived near her. She could never stop writing. But I thought of a subject for her next book. How about a male porn star gone good after meeting a nun and both turn away from their “calling.”
          Or a young male escort with an older woman? What do you guys think?