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A White Picket Fence — Sequel

At the moment I am working exclusively on a sequel to A White Picket Fence — I have received an overwhelming number of requests for a conclusion to Lina and Phil’s journey — there are so many questions remaining in readers’ minds that I felt compelled to put the other novels on hold until I finish this story. I am shooting for a December release date. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Girls, after reading comments from last, I’m definitely to soft heart where Logan is concerned and all in for
    Team Phil….so what do you girls think it will take for Logan to bring his walls down enough to forgive Phil and accept Liam? I’ve determined the only answer is time. Your thoughts?

  2. Good morning Ladies! Are you done with the good/bad snowstorm Laura? I have a question for you. Remember when Tracie and I were going back and forth on possible scenarios when Kim first seduced Phil at the bar in NYC? Tracie was afraid Phil revealed too many information to Kim and I was wondering if Phil noticed her before that night and that’s why it was easy for Kim to seduce. You said no sharing with Kim and Phil noticed her when he noticed her and that will be in the book. Do you mean SN or you will add that later to the original? I think it’s important for the readers to see exactly how and when the affair started so we know what issues Phil was going through at the time.
    Have a good day guys. I see that we have 1018 posts already!

    • Hello!
      The snow storm is temporarily shelved. I’m back at the beginning of the novel. SN will address how and when the affair started. Do you think we should start a new blog so we don’t have to scroll?

      • Yes please ! I missed several but it’s too long for me to look for them. I saw Veronica posted a couple last night but still can’t find the others.

  3. Since you’re presenting it through Phil’s POV you are presenting the information in a new way…….The same thought pattern isn’t in play and watching what they have to go through together to solidify their relationship will give them both depth.

    • That’s true. He definitely sees the world in a different way.
      How do you think Logan likes having Phil back in the house?

      • I don’t think he does. He still feels betrayed and doesn’t understand how Phil could stray from his mom and resents Liam. Am I wrong?

        • He’s conflicted. He loves his dad but I don’t think he necessarily believes his mother should forgive him. Plus it’s difficult to adjust to not having a father at home and then have to readjust when he comes back. Especially an alpha type like Phil.

      • I thought about that a lot. I wondered if he felt he still had to take on Phil’s role of setting the alarm at night, etc. I also wondered if his feelings would be driven by Lina’s emotions. I think Logan would be cautious of Phil, not really trusting him fully. How will Phil convince Logan he won’t be weak again? He loves his dad though, he told Lina in Chapter 47 that it was better when Phil lived with them.

          • Laura I need a warm fuzzy on Logan and Liam….I’m feeling anxiety. The only way Logan is going to truly forgive is seeing Lina happy. Phil has to figure out how to channel Logan’s anger and hurt so he doesn’t turn down a wrong path. Logan and Phil are going to have to have a monumental moment where Logan just releases his emotions and Phil is going to have to love him enough to let him. Phil needs to apologize to his kids too…..he’s altered their lives as well.

          • No one is going to let Logan go down the wrong path. Phil will have to do a bit of growing before he lets Logan ‘release his emotions’ (atleast at Phil) Just saying — he is your Phil so you should know that.

        • oh right. I forgot your favorite chapter when he does say that. One of my favorite scene is Phil and Logan having the conversation about the upcoming baby and Kim. That was a great conversation and gave me insight to Phil.

          • Phil also told Logan in that conversation that he would not lose him. I wonder if Katie is helping Logan with his emotions in SN? Matt could also help he grew up without a dad.

  4. My daughter said today she was getting her haircut and the girls at the shop said they will be reading Laura’s books, if I’m blogging about it…those girls know I don’t do any type of social media…we are seriously like the beauty shop in Steel Magnolias….

    • I loved that movie!
      A sequel is supposed to be a stand-alone novel. I hate sequels that recap original books — it’s boring reading paragraphs of back story. I read that the best ones present the old information in a new way giving the characters even more depth. It’s an interesting challenge

    • So fun Tracie!! Steel magnolias is my top 10 movie along with Pretry in Pink as you already know! You will get the whole town involved. I can totally see it. I hope so. The world would be a better place if everyone read romance novels. The good kind! Lol. Tracie you can order everything online. No use me telling you to try if you can’t get it.

      • You know Janet if I can order those apples I’m going too. Half of my beauty shop is older ladies and the other half young girls. The girl that cuts my hair is in her twenties and one of the older ones in her late 50’s wanted to cut my hair….I told her Hell No…you use curlers and Dippity Do for styling gel. Not happening!

        • you make me laugh. Dippity Do!! Your salon really is Steel Magnolias. Order the apple. The minis are not as good so get the big ones. They are expensive but it should last you a few hours/days depending. Triple chocolate is my favorite. I swear I didn’t realize I was a sugar junkie until I joined this blog. Half the time I’m chomping on one candy or another as I’m reading/commenting.

  5. That just hurts me about that little dog. Poor Chandler too..those incisions itch while they heal and stitches pull. Well I’ll be setting most of the weekend, bored out of mind. But I’ll be on call for you girls if you need to discuss anything Lol. Just blog me up…

    • I think we are almost at 1000 comments already. Oh we will always discuss! My sister said today she has never seen me on my phone so much and I let her read my goodnight moon scene. She made an O face and said who is the author? Lol. She loved it. I think the last romance she read was your favorite Judith Mcnaughts almost heaven in HS.

        • Phil telling Kim off is my bedtime story. Haha. I remember reading Alison G Bailey’s Perfect series long ago and the same story was told twice from both MC’s perspective. I thought she did it so well because it was as if I was reading two different books. Reading how and what Phil thinks and seeing things through his eyes will be gold.

  6. Oh I know it will be Lol….we started on this second blog with 7 comments…..I don’t know where we are now but last time I looked it was like 923. You will have to throw us morsels when you are writing your new books….since we haven’t met the characters, except for Nick, Janet and I will probably spin more fun scenarios….Lol

  7. Laura here is just a little tidbit you may think oh my….but it will take me and Janet several hundred comments to come of the high of SN. We can’t just read it and not talk about it….Lol

  8. Update — 2/3 done and I know how Swimming Naked ends!
    I am going back to the beginning of the book now. The first scene is about seven months after the last novel ends. After that scene I will say Seven Months Earlier… and start Swimming Naked 🙂 I will begin right where A White Picket Fence ends (with Lina telling Phil she wants him to come home). I want to see the early transition with Lina, Phil and the kids — skipping that is too easy and not nearly as satisfying to me or you guys. Wish me luck 🙂

    • Holy moly!!!! You know the ending!! I won’t be mad if Kim wears orange behind metal bars with a butch haircut and sallow complexion Laura. Can’t wait. Have you written the running group mystery yet? Will you write an epilogue?

        • Bahaha. I like thinking of extreme endings for Kim. As much as I want Laura to finish SN, I want her to keep writing. You know what I mean Tracie. I heard Carian Cole’s new book is close to 600 pages. Don’t think I ever read a romance novel that long.

          • Wow! That’s long. My editor said every scene should have a purpose, otherwise it goes. The one thing that really bothers me in a novel and because of that I’ll never do is repeat something — for instance you’re reading a book and something happens, then the character tells another character what happened — hello? I just read that so I don’t want to hear about it again — it happens a lot! I shouldn’t have told you guys, now you’ll notice. Also characters should never say hello and goodbye — just wasted dialogue. Anyway, my pet peeves.
            I know I’ll be sad when this novel ends. You girls won’t be bonded to the characters in my next novel so it won’t be the same type of discussion 🙁

          • I know Janet, their story is going to be amazing. I really can’t imagine the ending right now. Liam loves his mommy so is it going to be extreme where Kim is so selfish she leaves Liam with Phil and Lina, or gets a terminal illness and for once in her life thinks unselfishly. After two years and no Phil, may be falls for another man and they both live their lives sharing custody. Two many options! Ugh. Can’t wait for my steamy scene though after Lina ask Phil to come home Lol!

          • Laura we may not be as bonded, but we are opinionated Lol…you are our favorite author and now our friend so we will take an interest in all you choose to post and discuss with us….

      • I’ll probably write an epilogue — I like when other novels have them.

        Remind of the scenes you want again? Running group, steamboat, any others?

        • Laura will the epilogue be an extended one? I see those sometimes and if done correctly are great. We started a WPF with Megan’s graduation, extended Epilogue could be Liam’s graduation, Phil offering Lina his handkerchief because he brought an extra. The Hunter kids there with their kids…….just awwww…my romantic side again….

          • Yes I love epilogues too. And yes what the heck was Kim texting at the baseball game other than you are a daddy because Phil was texting for a long time until he put the phone down. And if Phil was seeing Kim mon- fri why ditch Megan for her on Saturdays as well? This scene is where I got confused and thought maybe he was infatuated with Kim because Emily believed they were a couple by how they were acting. I’m getting worked up thinking of these scenes again. Lord!!

          • Come back toward the light Janet, remember we can only read those scenes once LOL. Phil is being redeemed as we speak. Did you see the scene Laura just finished, Phil and Lina in the car. I wonder if he took Liam home and Lim was telling him don’t bring her to my house! I can’t wait to read SN!

          • Right. I can’t revisit those scenes. I was just thinking of the scenes where I wanted Phil’s POV. Are we missing anything?
            So Lina and Phil are in the car and Kim is on speaker?Are they arguing about Liam or Lina? Oh remember how we thought Kim may stage a run in with Phil at the courthouse? Maybe Kim’s pulling another wedge trick? Who knows with this woman?

          • What if she saw Phil’s car and his windows are blacked out and Kim walked up with a sexy swagger and when Phil rolls down the window there sets Lina…Lol

          • I can’t wait to read them. I thought of a question….after the game when Phil and Lina were talking and she said “with Kim”. He knew right then she knew where he was going didn’t he? I can’t imagine his thoughts in that moment, torn between leaving his wife hurting and having to drive to his downfall. Laura what were his thought on that drive to Kim’s?

          • As hypocritical as it was considering he was Catholic I think he was trying to figure out how to get Kim not to have the baby. That’s where his focus was — he didn’t want to lose his family

          • Music to my ears! I would think writing from a guys perspective would be so much harder. I can’t wait!!

          • I’ve always tried to look at people as just human.. I know I’m not perfect and nor is anyone else..Have you thought about what the cover is going to look like?.

          • I’ll see what my cover person comes up with. I find that I do better when I just let her show me what she thinks

          • I want to be THE fly on that wall. Phil talking to deaf ears. I highly doubt Kim kept Liam because she’s catholic. Do you think Phil knew this about her when she used her religion as her reason for keeping Liam? Also, will we see that clawed neck scene when Phil breaks up with Kim or was that in the old version. I can’t remember now.
            Any plans for another long weekend guys?

          • The clawed neck scene was in the first book but I said I would write it after finishing Swimming Naked. I think I will include the baby conversation in the new book as the prologue.

            I plan to write all weekend and watch Chandler so he doesn’t mess with his incision.

            So the little dog is better – minus the eye and several teeth that somehow got damaged during the two second attack. Crazy – one bite carried a big punch

        • Interesting about hello and goodbye being wasted dialogue. I never knew that! Also I just started a new book and so far half of the book is copy and paste on past scenes. I think this is one of many I won’t finish. I told you guys I’m not active on social media. I’m sure as long as your blog remains open Tracie and I will have things to say about every one of your characters. The football player Lucas sounds like he could be a cousin of Phil’s. LOL. Going back to this duet, Kim is such a huge part of this book. As much as we hate her we need her. In real life I want her to find peace and happiness. I really do. But in Swimming Naked I prefer her not to have this. I still binge watch Law & Order. It always makes me feel good that justice is served in an hour. Haha

        • I wondered how you did that….I have loved all the covers for your books. They all tie into the story…not just a random guy or girl on the cover….

          • She’s really good. I don’t like seeing the hero or heroine because then I can’t get the image out of my head

          • Ugh I am so old for that random guy and girl cover. Also it’s embarrsssing if someone gets hold of my kindle and sees all those sexy covers. Heck I have to hide it from my family. Laura would say noooooo if they put a random guy in a suit and it’s Phil. Imagine!
            Can I ask if the big dogs owner was at the park?
            Living here Rosh Hashanah might as well be a national holiday.
            So my daughter got her braces off and she can eat caramel apples again which is the first thing she asked for. You guys please try one from Mrs Prindables if you can. This is my dinner dessert and midnight snack tonight.

          • Our schools are closed Monday also. Congratulations to your daughter! I haven’t had a caramel apple since I was a kid. Your diet sounds similar to mine (a little healthier with the apple). My sister is telling everyone that my diet is 50 percent sugar — it actually has been lately — I think it’s the writing — brain food LOL
            the big dog was a pitbull mix as it turns out and yes the owner was there — she felt horrible and offered to pay what turned out to be over $5K in vet bills.

          • You girls have so many options where to eat and gourmet Caramel apples Lol….I live in a town of 18,000 and the only Caramel apples I can get are the ones I make… talking craft caramels and some gala apples. Lol

  9. I’m excited about the snowstorm. You know I can’t help it, so I’m just going to ask should my emotion be angst through the storm? Lol.

  10. Phil is going to have to reach a point where he understands that her independence doesn’t replace her need for Phil, he’s her happy. Lina said that in my favorite chapter, she told Adele..pretty much… I have my career and independence, but I’m not happy.

        • The little dog had his eye removed but is home recovering (thank goodness). And Chandler is sleeping thanks to the Benadryl recommendation!

          • Sorry I didn’t check till now. I had a bad day but too long to get into. Main problem being my dads life insurance policy is terminated. Ugh. Now have to involve an attorney to get it reinstated. Anyway I didn’t know the little labradoodle would have his eye taken out. Poor thing!! I thought lose meant blind. Ugh.
            LOL about Chandler. He is getting a good nights sleep!!
            I liked Tracies chapter 10 comment. I was so mad at Phil thinking bringing home
            BBQ will make things better. I remember that exchange word for word I swear.

          • I’m so glad the little dog is doing good. I’m glad the Benadryl worked for Chandler. Sadie would be a nervous wreck if she didn’t get one during a storm. I’m doing good. My leg isn’t hurting at all, I feel like I could walk just fine. I’m not doing it though, trying to be good and wouldn’t want the inflammation to return.

          • Very smart! I’ve finally reached the snowstorm – it will probably have to wait until tomorrow

  11. Good Morning Girls, My SN thought today is about Phil and Lina’s growing pains. Laura is Nick the only reason Phil feels a little fearful about losing Lina in SN? I would think Phil may be a little fearful of any man getting to close to Lina. Phil never saw Nick coming and I wonder if he isn’t going to be a little hypersensitive to any man working with or around Lina.

    • Good question and I’m not sure if I have a proper answer. I think Phil’s issues center on control- when linas our in the world without him he has no control over the what’s happening

      • Laura I remember in Chapter 10, wherePhil told Lina to let him make it better and she said you are the one that hurt me and the only one that could hurt me this bad. Does his control stem from the hurt she endured during WPF? He didn’t protect her from the text messages or pictures. Nick supported her emotionally when she needed him. I think his need to control her well-being is at the forefront of everything he does.

        • I think he’s used to taking care of her and he likes to know he can. As she becomes more independent she doesn’t need him as much. I think that’s a hard adjustment for Phil

      • I scrolled back through our comments and thought I missed a comment that would put this puzzle together. I don’t think Phil ever allowed Kim at their home. We no she was MA Bell with all the telephone calls.

  12. Girls, I just got to thinking, if Logan would throw Kim’s name out in an argument, why wouldn’t he say (because it would be innocent on his part), I wish you were more like Brian’s dad! Wow that would be a blow to poor Phil.

    • Maybe he did say that Tracie. He is not happy with his dad right now so he could have said it in their past argument in front of Nicks house. Also, Phil barred Wolf from knocking on their door. He or the 3rd party must be doing the pick up drop offs. This means Kim is not happy.

  13. I can only imagine the swirl of emotions that Nick incites in Phil. The knowledge that another man would take Lina given the chance. The fact he didn’t notice another man falling in love with his wife. I always go back to my favorite Chapter 47 and remember in the picture scene where Lina notices the women looking at Phil, she never noticed before because he was hers, but that wasn’t the case anymore. It is like they both took each other for granted and quit paying attention long enough for others to infiltrate their domestic bubble. Phil took himself physically away with Kim, and Lina was emotionally drawn to Nick. The more we talk it out the more you can see the perfect storm brewing……

    • Right Tracie. They did take each other for granted but after 25 yrs…. Laura is Logan throwing Kim’s name around when they have aruguments?

        • Oh my…Logan is using the big guns throwing out Kim. Logan is at that age he has raging hormones, he is hurt by Phil actions and jealous of Liam. Logan is sensitive and sensitive people tend to let things build, until they just can’t contain it anymore and then they break. Laura let Logan just spill fourth, punch a wall a few times and then fall to his knees in tears…he’ll feel better….Phil got to punch a wall….

          • I think Logan wants to punch Phil instead. Ugh. I get it. I think he was traumatized by the betrayal and then finding out about steamboat. Like you said hormones and anger, confusion, and most of all his love and loyalty to Lina. Also I think Logan is young and sees most things black and white so he is quick to judge on Phil’s actions. Poor Logan and Phil. I love the unexpected scenes so much Laura. That tells me this book will long. Lol

          • Laura is Phil somewhat in tune with Logan’s emotions and anger or is Phil just mad at Logan for his behavior?

            Janet I hit the wrong reply and my answer to the 25 year question is at the bottom…

          • I bet it’s hard for Lina to watch Phil and Logan go through this war of the wills. It would be for me….

      • I can see it more after 25 years….being together that long they were comfortable..never SAW the Wolf knocking at the door…Lol The tension with Katie sealed the deal for Laura’s perfect storm in WPF. That is why I think they will be so much closer in Swimming Naked, because their second chance is life changing for them both.

  14. Hi everyone. Is Nick dating someone new? I don’t think Dana was good enough for him. Haha. How is the snowstorm? Did anything bad happen Laura?

    • Nick is single — I’m sure he’s dating. He was always dating. I’m still not at the snowstorm. Unexpected scene with Logan.
      The little dog is losing his eye — I just found out. I’m so sad 🙁

      • I’m so sorry for your friend’s dog, that’s terrible. How is Chandler today?

        Is the unexpected scene with Logan good or bad?

        • Unfortunately crazy (that’s Chandler’s nickname) doesn’t realize he had surgery yesterday. How I’m going to keep him quiet for a week is beyond me.

          Not a great scene with Logan.

          • Give Chandler over the counter Benadryl. When my brothers dog gets nervous during storms, the vet said to give her one Benadryl and it relaxes her.

            Can you tell me if the scene is with Phil and Logan?

          • Yes it is….my dad use to tell my brother..there was only room for one rooster in the hen house and that was him…Lol

          • Sorry. I just saw this. Thank the good Lord school starts Friday. Tomorrow is orientation and the kids are ready. I think all the schools are in session now. We always start and end late. Laura, I’m sorry for so many questions today but just thought about this. Has Logan mentioned at all about Kim’s looks or personality? I don’t think he will say anything(if complimentary) to Lina but maybe to Phil about her being pretty but that she reminds him of a snake or mouth off to Phil what he saw in that witch? You know what I mean.

  15. Good Morning Laura, I just thought of something, when Phil met Dana did he wonder where Lina had met her? Phil looked over his shoulder and gave a tight grin to Dana. Did Phil think that maybe Lina was a little jealous because Dana was with Nick?

    • No, I think he just assumed she was another mother from school. The tight smile was because he wasn’t happy to see Nick.

  16. Laura what is our emotional mood this week? Any big scenes?

    Janet when do your kids go back to school??? My grandson has been in school since August 9th…

    • This Friday! My nephews started mid August like your grandson. Snowstorm and Kim. Doesn’t sound great but I’m sure Laura will add a valentine swoon scene for you. At this point I’m wondering how much can Phil take? Lina is being protected by Phil and maybe unaware of some of the things Kim is up to. Couple weeks ago I watched a 15 min YouTube on narcissist vs psychopath vs sociopath. It was interesting because I was thinking about Kim the whole time.

        • I’ve been waiting on a trio throw down scene. I hope Phil is being all touchy with Lina…or Lina could have the “You’re insignificant” attitude with Kim or Phil could go into Alpha protect mode……

      • Janet we don’t have time for swooning, if Kim is raising havoc and discontent during the snowstorm. Phil has got to nip Kim in the bud….that’s why I would want a legal agreement with set visitation. I understand that with a baby so young, there may be times where they have to change weekends, etc and have to have some limited conversation or possibly text each other. If Liam hit some developmental milestone, Kim could send Phil a video and him reply “Thank you” or “Cool”. Kim is the type where I would want to cover all bases and leave nothing to chance…. Laura said full disclosure in SN. Phil wouldn’t tell Lina verbatim about there conversations, she wouldn’t want to hear them anyway.

        • Who are you? No time for swooning scenes?! LOL. I feel like the visitation rights are already in place but that doesn’t mean she’s not causing trouble. So far I’m guessing Phil and Kim both share legal and physical custody. Laura are the fights due to Liam’s custody? I didn’t think of this.

          • I’m all about the swoon…but my Phil has got to keep Wolf Girl from knocking on the door…..before he can roast chestnuts by the fire with Lina…I’m just saying…

          • LOL! Wolf knocking on the door. You are so funny. Ok, I want chestnuts so bad now. Also, your southern manners came out. Phil would never say thank you to Kim. Even I would just make sure the texts says read and leave it at that. Phil probably doesn’t even do that and have Kim sending him repeated videos and that makes her more crazy.

          • Okay no thank you’s! Videos would only be of Liam. My daughter sends me videos of my grandson all the time, which made me think of that situation.
            I tell you what girls I have to schedule a haircut or people are going to start thinking I’m an Alpaca! This hip thing has me all thrown off! Lol

  17. Up to 12 weeks…determining on the blood flow being reestablished to the bone. They are going to check me at 6 weeks. If the blood flow doesn’t return and the bone continues to die, then a hip replacement will be needed.

      • Yes…wait is all I can do. But I’m not going to let this hitch in my giddy-up stop me from moving forward…it’s just slowing me down is all….

    • Oh no!! I just got on and read. Are you in pain Tracie? Couple months ago you commented that you had a crazy day but didn’t say anything else. I thought it was regarding work and would share if you wanted. Maybe that’s when you fell. Ughhh! Horrible!! My mom broke both of her femur couple years ago while hiking in Oregon. My sister and I had to go up there and fly her down 5 days later and it was a nightmare bringing her back. Since then I’m obsessed about taking my glucosamine, vitamin D etc. I hope you will be OK. I Just got rid of 3 kids who had a sleepover. School needs to start already. It’s been a long summer for everyone. Laura, sorry for your other baby going through his own trauma but if it’s 100 outside it’s probabaly good for his paws to stay indoors. Was the unexpected scene with Kim? Lol

        • Oooh Kim! My moms fine now. She walks a bit like Humpty Dumpty but she’s fine. She didn’t fall far. Just slipped and fell but she had weak bones. Took fosamax for osteoporosis longer than she should have. Today is a bit gloomy here. 70 and cloudy. I got a pumpkin scone from Starbucks just now. Fall is upon us Ladies!

          • I know and I love it…a girl in my office cooks like you can’t believe. This morning she brought in a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting……YUM-A

      • Janet I’m not in any pain now…Before the MRI and crutches, I was eating ibuprofen like they were Tic-Tacs just to walk. Now there is no pain..because I’m not putting any weight on it.

  18. It’s raining here today. I did make it up the handicap ramp at the office prior to the downpour, thank goodness..Lol The office crew is having a good time with my hip misfortune. One individual wanted me to lay down in the floor so they could draw a chalk line around me, one came up with a fitted should harness that had two metal rods extending from my shoulders to hang bags on to improve my mobility and the list goes on and on……I’m so proud of them LOL…I foster this environment!!!!!

    • two scenes came up before the snowstorm so we aren’t there yet. should be later today. Hot here — heat index above 100 so I’m looking forward to writing about a blizzard haha

  19. Good Morning Girls…..I’ve been thinking about Kim this weekend…I know we didn’t have all the facts on the babysitting conversation; however, shouldn’t Phil know that if she can hide her true colors from him (prior to shredding his neck), that she could also fake humility????? Laura it was like you said in your comment about to much communication with the Hunters, Phil has only one family and she’s not included, nor should even be considered. It would be different if Kim had shown some humility from the very beginning, instead of rubbing salt in Lina’s wounds. Hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend……

    • Good morning! Missed you guys yesterday. Kim has shown no humility thus far and I’m guessing she never will. I was referring to something else. Lol

      • Missed you girls too….I figured Janet was getting her cook on and you were working your way through your family carbfest….Me on the other hand, probably look like a version of Chandler that hasn’t been to the dog park in several days. These crutches are really trying to cool my jets. I see 100 things I could/should be doing and can’t. Ugh!!!!!

        • I feel for you. I hate navigating with crutches. Poor chandler had his boy parts removed today. No exercise for 7 days — that should be interesting NOT

  20. Laura fair or not it was still fun to discuss with you girls….and your answer about Lina saying nooooo makes me feel better. Do you have any big scenes this week?

  21. My babysitting questions wasn’t fair because you guys don’t have all the facts and I can’t share them with you because I don’t want to give too much away.

  22. I really like the fact that Katie is all about Liam, that way Phil and Lina have a babysitter when they have social events or even date night when Liam’s with them. Now I just need sweet Logan to bond with Liam…..

  23. Would Kim try to befriend Katie to get information on Lina and Phil? Plus, why would Phil set one of his kids up to possibly be emotionally hurt to ensure another one only stayed with family? Why not let Liam just stay extra time at Phil and Lina’s when Kim needed to go out for the evening. Plus that’s good ammo if Phil ever needed to file for joint or full custody. Who watches Liam during the day when everyone is at work?

    • right. Good point on unknowingly setting Katie up. Lina won’t agree and Phil should know better. Kim doesn’t do anything with good intentions. If she’s asking for something from the Hunters we would have to examine every angle. I don’t believe these requests are innocent.

      • If she is a planner, plus a trained attorney…she could pull information from Katie. Also, if I were Katie that would put me way out of my comfort zone to be at my dads ex-lovers house.

  24. Just thought about Katie babysitting again. Her house is a minefield Laura. Katie shouldn’t go there. Even if Kim’s not there there can be stuff strategically placed for Katie to find or see. But maybe that’s the direction you want?

      • While you were saying Goodnight to your room Peter Cottontail….I was dreaming about paratroopers parachuting through my roof all night. I just knew I’d wake up in a spaghetti strainer this morning… Laura no more questions like that at bedtime..LOL….that’s at least an hour ponder question!

  25. Phil better not tell her yes without checking with Lina. I remember in Chapter 42 when he said no unilateral decisions, I’m still her father. Well Lina is her mother and if I were Lina Phil would think the hounds of Hell got a bite of his ass! I’m spun up!!! It depends though on how you’re turning SN??? Is Kim conceding somehow???

    • I think Lina would definitely say no, I’m just wondering if Phil would without Lina’s input. I don’t think he likes the idea of Liam with strangers over family

      • Oh shoot! Is Phil being a guy again? I was so wrong about the elf pj’s and now I can see phil saying yes at first and Lina tearing him one. Maybe they need to have a fight before he sees it linas way. I thought he would be afraid to send Katie to Kim’s…exposure to poison and all. Phil!!

        • Katie wouldn’t want to go to her house anyway, she is to loyal to Lina! I can see Liam staying with Katie at their house, Phil can do taxi duty.

          • Plus Phil would love having Liam with his family and if Phil and Lina had a date or engagement Katie has babysitting duty. Phil can ran him home early the next morning and get the witch out of bed…..

          • I think they have to be careful not to become Kim’s babysitters — it would just give her an excuse to constantly be in contact with them.

  26. Just got home from dinner. I am so tired. I get annoyed at picking crabs too, Tracie, but it’s a tradition here and I’m pretty quick.

    I have one for you girls:
    Katie loves being around Liam. That’s a fact. Kim asks Phil if Katie is available to babysit Liam occasionally on weekend nights when she’s going out. What will he say?

    • Ok thank God you shut our minds down on that one! No! Katie can babysit at home but is going no where near Kim’s house. He’s too protective of his brood to be relaxed about that. He doesn’t mind Kim going out. He loves that. Ok what?? She goes out?!
      Whos her temporary boy toy? Good night everyone. Im tired too and it’s not even 8pm. Thinking about Kim saps my energy. Ugh. I hope your friends dog is OK.

      • LOL Kim saps my energy too. Megan’s back at college, thank goodness. She get’s on my nerves haha I wish I could really change her but baby steps is all she’s capable of. Good night

  27. Girls, do you think Kim will know or possibly use Lina’s trauma or Katie’s depression against the Hunter’s in SN? I think Laura will say I’m to far in the weeds again. Melbourne how awesome. I’ve read several soccer/footie romances! Janet your mafia tendencies are out tonight….bloodthirsty….LOL!

    • No way she knows about Linas trauma. I can’t see that happening unless she overheard Phil talking to Lina. Phil would never reveal that info to an easy lay(LOL). Maybe a little about Katie’s depression but Katie’s strong now so how can she use that against Phil. You gave Kim the middle finger via Katie and that’s her to a tee. I think her best weapon is Liam or some other evidence she kept or even hiring a thug to harm her? Laura would say no that Kim is methodical and a planner but if she is obsessed with Phil nothing is off the table. What do you guys think??

  28. to all… just want to say happy celebrating… whatever the celebration.. and for speedy recovery for those not well..

    sorry I’m in Melbourne (though originally from Indonesia).. so forgive the lack of knowledge on holidays in the States… totally different celebrations here hahaha

    we have holidays to celebrate footie finals and horse racing cup.. would you believe..

    • Hi Liana! How awesome about living in Melbourne! And reading that Phil/Kim warning was a moment of triumph for me too. Ok you made me choke on the killing Kim with kindness comment though. No no no! You give her a mm and she will take a million mile. Laura said writing Ned scenes and getting even are her favorite scenes to write. I want that instead. Let’s come up with another ending. Preferably let’s just leave it at killing…. I’m bloodthirsty for justice and in novels they are achievable.

      • Oh also I think she is obsessed with Phil and now it’s about winning. She can’t lose to a nobody like Lina. I’m sure when Phil said that she was nothing to him it must have hurt her but not enough to give up or forgive him. She still believes they are meant to be together if not for Lina. She will hit harder next time to get back at them.

        • That’s what worries me hitting harder….that trauma makes Lina lockup… Lawyers do research a lot…all she would have to do is go to the library and do a little research with Lina’s maiden name. She could get that by looking up Phil and Lina’s wedding announcement. When Laura reads this she will say noooooooo!

          • Oh Lord! I did not think of that! The kids don’t know! Logan!! Shiloh!! OK Phil would go to jail then because he will kill Kim if she used Lina’s trauma to hurt the family.

        • What do you think Kim’s rationale was for Phil not divorcing Lina or him coming to her after Liam was born and declaring his undying love during the six months they were separated? She has had to of had lovers…someone has to feed her ego?

          • I think she thought give him time and he will come around. How can he not when she is his prize? And Liam looks just like Phil and she gifted him with a son. The sex is the best she’s ever had. Just on and on. She’s prettier younger smarter. her her her. All about her and given enough time Phil will see all that. Ugh. So gross

  29. You two girls have an awesome weekend…since I’ve been restricted I will probably leave you party girls a meaaage or two this weekend. Laura are we going to have an emotional week? You know carbs really stimulate the brain…can’t wait to see what unfolds for you…

    • I do remember you at Starbucks while the girls shopped. You must have good bone density not to have broken your hip after a fall like that. I will check for your posts. I always do! I’m jealous you get to be alone. And Laura I will take your advice and grill shrimp. We love Langoustine so I’ll get some tomorrow. God I miss MD blue crabs! I love those all you can eat places with malt vinegar! Lol. I don’t love lobster but love crab. They are underrated imo. Ok I will plan my bbq around the ice cream cake and maybe ge my sister to make crab
      Dip since you got me thinking about it.

      • We’ll know on the bone density in late September, they are doing a bone density scan. I’m planning on reading some, My husband will be home. I make him a nervous wreck on these crutches. His mantra the last few days has been “babe where’s the fire?” LOL I don’t mind seafood as long as I don’t have to work for it…meaning I want Shrimp Cocktail not a pan full of shrimp I have to peel. I want crab that I don’t have to work with pliers to get a bite… ?

        • LOL. Your husband is so funny! You must be a speed racer with those crutches. I would be the opposite and ask anyone and everyone to get me a glass of water even if its 10 ft away.

  30. Well girls my life happened again. About 2 months ago one of the kids tracked water from the pool through the garage (which is fine), unless I really have to pee…so I was speed walking to the house and I slipped in the water. That’s right…did an awesome spread eagle and landed flat on my arse. For the record, I don’t bend like that anymore. The past few weeks I have had trouble walking on that leg, more like dragged it. So I had an MRI and I cut off blood flow to my femoral head. So I’m on crutches for the next six weeks. That’s right…so no parties this weekend. My crew heads to the lake anyway and on crutches that would be a bummer!

  31. Agree to all. Kim is delusional. If that “talk” didn’t somehow diminish her I don’t know what will. Tracie why would Phil take an easy lay to his vacation home? Ugh here I go again. I think I may have the answer then something is switched up again. Anyway, yes to Labor Day. It’s my turn to bbq. Just watched Rachel Ray’s old episode on bbq so make something other than steak and hot dogs? Honestly I just want some ice cream cake and be done. Are you guys having a party?

    • Grill shrimp. so easy and good. Also chicken kababs. We like to have crab feasts on Labor Day and Memorial Day in Maryland. Now that you’ve mentioned cake and icecream, I need some.

      I had an awful night, but things are back on track. I met a friend at the dog park last night and she has two dog — one is an adorable toy poodle. Another dog, there were only four dogs there, lunged at the poodle without warning and picked it up by it’s head. It was the most sureal moment I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure what the dogs plan was but after we screamed and kicked the big dog it dropped the toy poodle. Unfortunatley it seriously injured it’s eye. They spent half the night at the emergency vet and I spent the entire night reliving those five seconds. I went and saw the poor guy today. He looks pitiful but I think the eye will heal — they’ll no for sure after the opthamologist Tuesday.

      • Omg omg. WTH about both of you!! What breed was that dog ? Shit that is so scary. Poor poor poodle! They are the cutest. And Tracie!! You took your granddaughter to school and you were dragging your feet? MRI?! I’m so sorry!!

        • I didn’t take her to school, but remember when I took them to the mall, I had to set by Starbucks because I could do the mall crawl! I still had fun though, because I had my girls company! I’ll be fine…good upper body workout with crutches Lol!

      • Was the large dog a shepherd? When we got our German Shepherd from our breeder she said that some breeds of large dogs. especially shepherds have a natural small prey drive, especially toward poodles. The breeder was worried because we had Duchess (our labradoodle). She never bothered her though. I hate that happened, I bet it was awful!

        • I’m sorry Tracie– that’s awful.
          That’s interesting about shepherds. This was some type of mix–several different dogs. It could have killed in an instant if it chose too. It was so weird.

  32. You buzzed his head??? You could of had them dye it back to his original color LOL…. when Laura told us Kim saw Phil in NYC and was mesmerized, I knew she planned a Phil takeover. Kim doesn’t believe Lina is competition for her. Phil sleeping with Kim made her believe she had one upped Lina. Pregnancy would clinch the win for her….since she is to selfish to realize…Phil loves his wife. She doesn’t understand that type of loyalty because she has none. You got big plans for the Labor Day weekend?

    • Oh no! Poor kid. Hair color rarely turns out the way you imagine when you’re young. ugh! Yes, Tracie is right about Kim.

    • I’m LOLing now.. grey highlights eeeh.. I think its called silver fox.. look at the bright side! we’ll look up to date with our current hair hahaha…

  33. Hi Guys! I read the warning warning convo again twice just now. And you said that was just a small part of the conversation. Kill me now! Most women wouldn’t get out of bed for a week after that verbal attack! Holy moly. Tracie we will have to recalculate the steamboat(sorry Laura!) and the running group scenarios. I’m convinced now this is all on kim.
    The gray highlights was a disaster. I had the stylist buzz his hair after. My child looked sick. Not sick in a good way but ill sick. I had no idea it was a trend but it did not suit. Next!
    Have a great weekend Ladies!!

  34. Do you think she let him see her sweat? I wonder if she even flinched. I would of been looking for a white flag to wave!

      • When Phil has these moments with Kim, is he able to turn off those emotions when he gets home to Lina? Since it’s full disclosure does he tell Lina about the discussions (obviously not verbatim) with Kim?

        • Yes the contrast between his interactions with Kim and Lina are stunning. He definitely has the ability to turn it on and off. He tells Lina as much as he needs to. I don’t think she would want to hear some of the things he says. That’s why she walked away in WPF when she overheard his phone call. It was too much

          • Just more proof of their connection. Lina supports and loves Phil through all the crazy that’s Kim. Not listening for Lina is self preservation, just like she didn’t unblock Kim’s number. Kim would lie anyway and it would only cause problems between Phil and Lina.

  35. I literally look like a wide mouth Bass right now! Oh my gosh I love it… I’m laughing out loud…. You rock Phil..

      • I think that side of Phil is the only side that Kim will understand. She thinks it was definitely her and that being the mother to his son has given her even more allure. Janet is going to kill me for this, but I can honestly feel a little bit for Kim, in this situation. Someone being that brutally honest with you, would make you do a little self examination. If I were her, I wouldn’t like the results. Now I’m wondering what will unfold for you. Will Kim lash out or will that little discussion start centering her on the realization the only relationship she’ll ever have with Phil is co-parent????? Whatever unfolds I know it will be amazing….thank you for sharing that snippet!

        • Being a true narcissist, I don’t know if she will get it. She’ll blame Lina somehow. I also know people like her. More than one personally. And they always put the blame on someone else. Maybe in the dark of the night alone in bed she may feel the bruntof Phil’s words. But if she’s not done causing trouble or isn’t giving up on Phil she’ll internalize those words differently. How I don’t know.

          • She has a huge ego so no way will she believe him. You also only saw a small part of that conversation. Phil was pushed to that point.

    • Tracie I absolutely agree! and the scary part is I think Kim knows that too..

      even if Phil and Lina live is strong… that does not deter her…. that’s the problem…

      I’m beginning to think the only way is killing her with kindness.. and maybe Liam would finally be the key to her backing away? I don’t know.. I’m still thinking about the possibilities..

      • Liana I don’t think there will be any kindness for Kim, especially from Phil or Lina. She also puts herself before Liam. But I can see her saying something to Phil about all he threw away for an easy lay…. Kim has a weakness all people do……

  36. I think you are right Janet. Kim likes to manipulate, she hits where she’ll get the most bang for her buck. The more emotional distress the better, especially where Lina is concerned. When Lina didn’t leave after the text messages and Phil threatened her with a restraining order, she knew she had a direct hit. But she had to raise the bet and sent the pictures. That’s why I made the comment about Liam, imagine how she’ll be able to manipulate a child. when she has the ability to lure a man like Phil and then manipulate his wife into a separation. Gives me the shivers! It’s like Phil and Lina have their very own Chuckie Doll!

    • ugh! I hate that you said she had the ability to lure a man like Phil. You don’t think any attractive/smart woman would have done the trick? You think it was Kim specifically? I mean Phil was with one woman since he was 16 and Lina was turning him away. I feel like he was ripe for an affair. Age, duration of the relationship, trouble at home. I mean humans are not monogamous by nature and his defenses were down. God I hate Chuckie! Which reminds me, Laura, I remember reading Jasinda Wilder’s Ever Trilogy and I hated it because the hero after cheating on the wife said the sex with OW was one of the most intense moments of his life. I think Ive read other books with the same reason when the man cheats. Did Phil feel this way with Kim?

      • WARNING and I mean WARNING….
        (this is Phil talkling to Kim)

        He smiled slightly but his eyes remained cold. “You really think it was you don’t you. That I couldn’t resist you. The truth is you could have been anyone. You just happened to be the one there that night. And then I kept fucking you because it was easy. You were an easy fuck. And that’s all I see when I look at you—an easy fuck.”

        • Omgggggggggggggggggggg. Thank you so so much for this one. I will have a great weekend and restful sleep after this warning. Omg that was so awesome Laura. I think I needed this. Ok he meant every word right?! Let me read this over and over again. This is my swoon scene.

        • I am so so happy right now. I’m going to let my boy get his gray highlights. He’s been asking for the last 2 weeks. Just now I told him it’s your happy day let’s go to Sams before I change my mind. Lolol. He’s had blonde highlights for the summer and he’s the only one who likes it. Now he’ll look like a skunk for sure. I blame it on Japanese anime

          • Wow — I think I live in some odd bubble. All the kids around me look like they should be carrying briefcases lol

          • Briefcases…..that cracked me up…..LOL. All the ones around me are in some type of basketball shorts and T-shirts.

        • I’m trying to find an emoti that will express what I feel reading that but couldn’t haha… I’m like so so so so happy, relieved, excited all at once?! But here is a question.. from WPF I kind of feel that Kim and Phil have a very compatible degree of ruthlesness (is this even a word?) and self preservation … don’t get me wrong .. sometimes these are good traits (in their profession obviously).. and I get why Phil is so in love with Lina who is all feelings, emotions, affections.. Phil loves Lina because Lina makes Phil a better Phil.. I think Kim understands that… she knows she will not win through Phil.. he’s too much like her… hence the “Birthday debacle” in WPF… she’s trying to make Lina fall out of love with Phil.. not the other way around.. am I on the right track Laura?

          so Phil saying that to Kim would definitely hurt her.. she’s a very proud woman who thinks she’s all that.. but with her record so far she would just not care.. she wants (love?) Phil.. but she wants revenge too.. so if she’s miserable.. everyone else should also be miserable… so I was envisioning Kim would just answer: “and look at what you’ve thrown away for an easy fuck… (while cackling away..)” ugh.. this leaves me nauseated..

          Im still thinking what would be the best justice for her coz she would not just be hurt by the usual things.. she’s too psycho!

          • Hi Liana, You remember at the end of Chapter 10 where Lina had gone to the basement and crawled into bed with Phil? Phil said she came to him because she loved him. Lina said I don’t know how not to love you. Phil said it would be unnatural for them basically not to love each other. Phil knows how to love, someone other than himself. Kim puts herself first. Kim can try all she wants, Lina is not going anywhere. Phil will be her punishment. When Kim targets Lina, Phil will go after her and Hell will be with him!

  37. How did Kim get Lina’s phone number?? I’m sure there was a time when she watched Phil put his passcode into his phone. Kim was probably doing more than taking pictures of Phil when he was a sleep. I wonder if Phil ever asked Kim how she got Lina’s number? Sorry, back in those weeds again!

    • You know what I think Tracie. We discussed this before briefly. I think she has had his passcode. While Phil was snoring away she schemed away.

      • noooo. There are so many ways she could have got it. Phil could have used his phone and then gone into the bathroom and she picked it up an lifted the number. There could be a directory at the office that has spouses contact info (they had that at my office). Anyway, it’s not relevant. It won’t come up again

        • ohhhhh. LOL. If you let me, Kim would have given birth to triplets and has the other two hidden away with the barman in NY.

        • Okay we are off the phone and we have an emergency contact listing like that in our office too! Janet and I always go cloak and dagger with Kim, it’s a weakness!

          • Phil had a brief conversation with her today and he was vicious — I thought about posting it but it’s full of expletives

          • Ohhhhh….I so want too see it….you bait like I drag LOL. You know that killed me…..

  38. I wonder if Lina knew he did it??He might have done it, when he had his back to her deleting the text messages. I don’t think he’s scared of her, he doesn’t trust her especially when it comes to Lina. I’m still on the healthy and tan comment. I can’t imagine what is so much worse. This is going to be good…..

  39. I take it our emotion level during that scene was tense? You know I’m trying to drag information out of you…..I’m just going to start telling my intentions ……you have me pegged by the first question anyway!LOL

    • Good morning and afternoon! I always appreciate your digging efforts and unless it compromises the scene Laura usually indulges us! Phil blocked linas phone?! Did not know that. That tells me kim probably tried to send more incriminating evidence of the affair. I wonder if Phil is scared of Kim. She must have some evil tricks up her sleeve to use at her convienience.

      • He took her phone in a WPF and blocked Kim’s number after she sent the text. It doesn’t come up in the sequel.

  40. Phil will never bite again no matter who it is, Lina is all he wants. I wonder if Phil thinks not only has he done an injustice to his family by his betrayal, but Liam too. The more Kim’s personality comes into full view, does he wonder if his son is going to have some of her selfish personality traits? Phil’s time and influence on Liam will be limited. I also wonder if his dad brought that to his attention in their scene together. Laura you told us that they had to get their home disconnected because of Kim calling and the only way for her to get a hold of Phil was his cell phone. Kim knows Lina’s cell number because of the text messages she sent, does she ever try to contact Lina or did Phil have her number changed?

  41. Something has to trigger a formal agreement once Kim finds out about Phil being back with Lina and Kim moving. Plus, if I was Lina I would want a formal visitation schedule.

    • I think she will definitely try but of course Phil won’t be tempted. That much I know. I’m really curious what kind of wedge tricks(I love this word now) she’s going to pull. Laura said so much worse. Omg!

  42. Did Phil tell Lina when he went to see Liam? Knowing he would be with Kim when he saw Liam (my opinion) because I don’t see her missing any opportunity to see Phil.

      • Me too anxiety. Ughh. I finished a harlan coben and then just bought a cheating theme book that Veronica read through goodreads. I wanted to read what was going through the husbands mind. So far he doesn’t know why he’s cheating and he does not love the OW. Ugh!

          • It’s called tainted love. I think by Michelle Betham. If I’m wrong I’ll tell you when I get home. They’ve been married for 16 yrs and I think 39. Set in London but writing is kinda choppy. Did you read Not Quite A Husband by Dhery Thomas? It’s a historical but really good.

          • I heard my grandmother say one time that there was no love like a dead love. I never understood what that meant until I lived it. When you are hurt enough for that love to die, there is no explaining that pain! It’s just gone….

          • Janet what do you think? I don’t want to spoil anything incase anyone else reads it, but the book is just crazy. The characters are unbelievable,
            People falling in love at the drop of a hat and the husband and wife never really resolve or dicuss things properly.

        • People hate that answer but sometimes it is the truth. Like when someone falls out of love. Everyone wants to know why — sometimes the person falling out of love doesn’t have the answer. Some people aren’t in touch with there own motivations. Just saying. My characters of course will figure out why

          • Yours will definitely figure it out….My Phil has remorse and deep love for his woman! I wish I knew if Kim tries to be a temptress in SN? I know you are going to say I have to wait….

  43. Also, wouldn’t Phil want to move back in the house and rebound with Lina and his kids before throwing Liam in the mix? I mean they have a lot to talk about and Phil has to get Lina and his 3 kids ready to accept Liam into the family unit. My thoughts only….

    Laura did Phil keep up his once a week visits with Liam, once him and Lina were back together until visitation was established?

    • Several months go by before Phil introduces Liam to the family. During that time he sees Liam a couple of times a month. Kim allows Phil to see Liam whenever so formal visitation wasn’t a rush

  44. Hi Janet, I thought (my opinion only) when I read the Epilogue that maybe he wasn’t in their life yet. It’s that timeline thing for me again or the wedding wasn’t their weekend to have Liam. But by the time Kim finds out they are back together and a legal agreement between Kim and Phil is established on visitation is 3 months enough time for all that to evolve??

  45. Hi guys! In the epilogue at Alice’s wedding there is no mention of Liam. Has Liam met Lina during the past 3 months since they got together?

  46. I asked that question because in the Epilogue of AWPF when Phil asked Lina where she was….he sensed she had checked out….he’ll know the triggers for her…I’m anxious to see how he handles her in those moments.

  47. I’m glad she hasn’t had those emotions. My mama use to say, words are like a bullet, when they are fired there is no getting them back, so think before you speak. I got that right after she told me Temper shows ignorance! LOL.

    Does Phil sense or feel in Lina those times she is remembering the betrayal?

  48. Good Afternoon Girls, I was thinking about Lina and the various emotions she would be going through during SN! In the warning scene where Lina said “You have a baby with another woman, Phil.” I’m wondering if Lina ever feels like being a little bit spiteful. I considered that when Phil wasn’t happy about Lina going to NYC. Lina is getting some spunk, but is she throwing some spite too! That would be a natural emotion to me. Say he mentioned her not going to NYC, etc…If it made her mad, would she say “You had no problem missing me, during your four month sabbatical from our marriage.” I know Lina would probably regret those words as soon as they came out of her mouth. However, when you are hurt, your personality has a tendency to pull out emotions that are not a norm in your everyday life. I was just wondering if Lina had those emotions in SN.

    • Good Afternoon!
      Not really. Lina isn’t really bitter. I mean obviously there are times when she remembers the betrayal but so far she hasn’t felt spiteful.

    • Just finished a nice scene with Phil and Katie. As far as I know the next week is relatively quiet. Phil and Lina may experience a bit of growing pains

      • I can’t wait to read how all their relations have grown and developed since AWPF. I don’t mind Phil and Lina growing as long as they’re growing together and not a part! Thank you Laura for taking so much time to visit with us on this blog….I’ve really enjoyed you girls! I also really love steamy happy Phil Lol!

  49. Adele would probably bring down the workaholic LOL! They would be more of a match! If William is fun and younger why not Megan???

      “Good, you started without me,” William said, joining them. “Adele,” he began taking her hand, “it’s nice to see you again.” He lifted her hand to his mouth and brushed his lips over the back of it.
      “You seriously just kissed my hand?”
      “I did.” He kissed it again. “Twice.”
      Adele snatched her hand back. “Does your wife know that you kiss random women’s hands?”
      “You’re not a random woman and I’m not married.” He looked past her to the bartender and ordered a scotch.
      “You’re wearing a wedding band,” Adele said, looking pointedly at his hand.
      “You noticed that, did you?” He winked at Lina before returning his attention to Adele.
      “Why are you wearing it, if you’re not married?”
      “To keep the good girls away,” he said.
      “I knew you were an asshole,” Adele said, shaking her head. “I’m shocked I’m not attracted to you. You’re completely my type.”
      He threw back his head and laughed aloud. “I didn’t take you as a liar,” he said when he’d stopped laughing.
      “Have you always been so full of yourself?”
      “I have.”

      • Laura that was awesome…wedding ring keeps the good
        girls away love it…plus we just classified Kim again. I wonder if that comment hit home for Lina……

      • I laughed out loud! He’s definitely good for Adele. I can just see their banter. yeah Megan will probably fall for the debate captain since she will be the co lead. Or go completely against her type and fall for a tatted up drop out. LOL

          • I think that would be a reasonable conclusion where Phil is concerned LOL! I was thinking he might have been 30ish….

    • Scrap this comment of mine….so wrong on William. Megan will probably get her boyfriend from a wax museum anyway! She’s got such a glowing personality and all…..

  50. Janet do you think Phil would immediately excuse himself to go to Damien and Lina’s table or would he finish eating and then go by Lina’s table on the way out to introduce himself? Either way Lina would be glad to see Phil and meet his lips for a sweet kiss!

    • I think he would immediately go to the table. He can’t help himself. His hands will be on her thigh or holding one hand the whole time. Lina has to eat and gesture with her right hand only. LOL

  51. Hi Tracie! Just got home. That’s a good one. Phil’s whole body will stiffen then spring up as he reaches for Linas hand. He will be stuck to her throughout the meeting. Ha. Let’s have the brother join mid meeting saying this looks like the fun table. Poor Phil! I think the fun brother will be good for Adele don’t you think?
    Laura, are you done with Phil’s POV? Is Lina back home?

  52. Hi Girls, I have a Fun Scenario: Diane and Lina are going to meet Wayne and Phil for lunch in Baltimore: however, Lina has to decline at the last minute because she has to meet with Damian for lunch before he leaves town for business. Diane goes on to Lunch and meets Wayne and Phil at the restaurant. The three set in a booth at the back of the restaurant, Diane and Wayne facing the hostess stand. Diane says “That’s one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen.” Damian is looking down at his phone waiting on Lina to arrive at the restaurant. Wayne looks over to see Damian break out in a wide smile and comments to Diane “Well he appreciates the view by the front door as much as you appreciate your view.” A gasp comes out of Diane’s mouth and she says “Lina”….Phil says Lina??? Phil turns to look just as Damian greets Lina and then lowers his hand to her lower back to guide her toward the hostess leading them to a table across the restaurant from Phil.

  53. That’s what I love about your work…..it has to flow and can’t be forced……..You got the girls out for the weekend yet?? My son-in-law was over for dinner tonight talking about a new dog he wants for Dove hunting because they have a single short coat and can take the Okla heat. I said what kind of dog is it and he said a Viszla! I said I think that is what Laura has and he said she just got way cool! LOL. He has a black lab for duck hunting, but he doesn’t work him long in the heat.

    • Tracie! We would have never “met” if not for Laura’s blog. I mean we are obsessed with plant based burgers here(they sell out by lunchtime)and your son in law is looking into hunting dogs. I’ve watched a few episodes of duck dynasty and loved it but that’s as close as I got to hunters. Why doves though? They are so pretty! Can he shoot some crows? They’re so creepy. I saw 6 on my yard today

      • I have no idea, it is just a season here in Okla. I know he only eats the breast of the dove though and he hunts Teal too. I’ve watched him train Reed in our pond, it’s amazing how he takes hand signals and no words have to be spoken. I don’t think there is a crow season…LOL. I’m glad I did get to meet you girls…you’ve brought additional joy to this girl!

          • I wouldn’t know a teal if it was setting on my clothes line. LOL. He’s from western Oklahoma and I guess they are plentiful there.

    • That’s awesome. A viszla is like a lab on steroids — and they love to hunt birds! My poor guy points at them all the time. We just stand there and I wait for him to stop so we can keep walking. He looks ridiculous doing that in my neighborhood

      • I got to hear the history tonight. He said they use to be used a lot in Okla when we had a Quail Season. Since they were ground birds they alerted their master by pointing so not to scatter the covey of quail.

        • The breeder I bought him from had doazens of quail for training. My poor guy. I’ve never even held a gun. He’d be perfect too. He’s not afraid of fireworks or any loud sounds.

          • Well he’s about got my daughter talked into getting one….so I’m sure he’ll be getting one soon.

          • Chandler sounds like a sweetie!! Reed the lab is such a sweet dog too! He stays in the house and is great with my 2 year old grandson. Is Chandler good with kids?

  54. Okay girls — it turns out the Damian of Swimming Naked is not the Damian in A Sense of Belonging. I thought it would work but it didn’t. They are both developers but there was just no place for a billionaire in this novel. His personality was also a bit different.

    • OK Laura that’s why we love your books. We are always wrong! Can’t wait to meet Damian. But is he for Adele or Lina? LOL

          • Laura hasn’t described Damian so we get to use our imagination there too! Since he’s not a billionaire, what do you think about a bad boy type with jeans and tattoos? He can lust after Lina, as long as he doesn’t touch her! LOL. That would kill Phil for her to have to meet Damian for work dinners and yes he needs to be younger….He can pick her up in a classic sports car…..

          • When I say classic car, I’m talking like a 68 Camaro… either Black or gun metal gray…. Wowza!

      • It’s hard to explain. The entire New York trip didn’t go down the way I expected. Baby steps for Lina as well as Phil. There is Damian and his younger brother William — they are both in it

        • I’m so excited to see how this is going to play out! If William is fun, may be you should hook him up with Megan…LOL

    • We are still in New York City. Just about to leave Lina’s POV and move to Phil’s. It’s a fun scene to write!

      • I’m sure it is…..I can’t wait for the coming home scene. I hope Liam is still there and he toddles to his Lina with a big smile and a slobber kiss. Can’t wait for Phil to snuggle his Lina too!

        • I think he sleeps well. Don’t know why I think that but other than the time Phil lived alone and when he had to tell Lina about the affair he always slept. Men have the ability to compartmentalize better I think. Remember when he fell asleep before Lina after Kim called the first night? If the role was reversed Lina she would have stayed up all night worrying.

          • He does sleep good after Lina gets to her hotel room, but I love that he can’t until she is in her room.. He slept good after that scene, because he was still under the impression he could control and dump Kim. Lol.

          • He needs to know Lina’s safe. He won’t even attempt sleep until he knows she’s back in her room. But Janet is right — if he was upset about something, he’d still sleep.

  55. I was thinking of the role reversal and remembered when Lina said in Chapter 1 this is the first full night of sleep she had in 5 days. I wonder if Phil laying there watching the clock, restless, and tired from waiting on Lina to call and give the all clear, ups his guilt meter some, knowing that’s how she felt too when he was in NYC.

  56. LOL J-Girl…Laura hasn’t described Damie so we can’t compare him to my Alpha’s just yet. I’m hoping Damien is going to play a few games with Adele. But I do like Phil being possessive jealous and yes we can do scenarios! Loved the jacket maneuver too! That was awesome!

  57. This chapter is going to be the bomb. LOL. I’m positive Damien is as alpha as Phil(you guys are cursing me), loaded, and have charisma oozing out of his pores. Ok that wasn’t a good description but you understand. He goes through women like water and bam he sees Laura and his eyes widen and needs to button up his blazer. LOL. I think I like making Phil jealous as much as the confrontations between Phil and Kim. I hope he hates this guy as much as he does Nick. Love it. Tracie, so many scenarios we can mull over.

  58. I think it will be growing pains for everyone if Lina starts traveling. Logan will not like it one bit, nor will Katie. Megan could probably care less.

      • It is….like when your routine was out of whack because of the dog park and the construction. When our families combined their was so many adjustments, because everyone’s routines had to be tweaked to accommodate the new family environment we were trying to create.

          • I was 28 and my husband was 40. I don’t know about my maturity level. I do know, my mama always said “I raised you to have a strong mind and I expect you use it!”

          • Yes!! like Casey and Tony! Also Laura, you should write a novel with an older woman/younger man. I used to love reading Anne Mathers on this subject. When it’s written right it’s so good right? Have you guys read Jane Harvey Barrick’s Education of Sebastian series? I think they are 13 years apart!

      • Okay for this to work, she is going to have to say 4! I want her to say 4! I want Phil to make it clear to Lina her roll is co-parenting with him, when they have Liam. You are my wife and his motherly influence when he is with us!

        • My gosh when I read something’s I type….role not roll. I wouldn’t mind a good cinnamon roll though! I just finished a roast beef sandwich. LOL

          • I say 4 too even though it probably hurts her heart still. When kims in jail and Liam calls Lina mommy then I will feel better. Yum roast beef. I like it with lots of horseradish where I have to breathe through my mouth

          • The first time Lina says we have four children. I want my Alphas POV to be full blown cup over flow with the Love for Lina. Like busting heart love!! Then he tightens his hold on her like he can’t stand an inch of space between them! Wow…that kind of made me tired…LOL

        • I think that will be the case… remember the last scene when it was flashback and Lina read Phil’s palm and told him he will have 4 kids in the end?

          I felt something bitter sweet right then… don’t know why… it’s like Lina will always be the first… even about the implications of Phil’s cheating… that’s like seriously major soulmate material.. LOL

          • Great point Liana, I forgot about that scene their palms were identical and Liam’s line wasn’t as deep as there 3 kids together but they both had the same palm print! I wonder if the line not being as deep signifies custody will stay the same or Lina wasn’t the mother, but will love Liam like she was?? Lina and Phil are definitely soulmates or she wouldn’t have taken him back!

  59. Laura, I just thought of something, how would Lina introduce Phil and Liam to someone from work, that didn’t know Phil. Let’s say Lina, Phil and Liam are in a restaurant eating, Damien comes in and says Hi Lina and hugs her, he then turns his attention to Phil and Lina says Damien this is my husband Phil and Liam. Would Lina address Liam as Phil’s son or our son?

      • I just love the role reversal. Now Phil knows what it feels to be the one waiting. does he have to scramble eggs in the morning for the crew? Lol. I hope Liam asks for blueberry pancakes. Haha

  60. LOL…you are exactly right…she could have her suitcase open on the bed and inside on full display is the familiar Tiffany Blue box…

    • You are the one who put her in a private jet with personal escort. Phil gets a strip of made in China silk scrap and Lina gets handmade diamonds

  61. Good Morning Girls….Laura how does Lina’s family see Liam? I know her kids call Alice Grandma….Liam has Phil’s parents and Kim’s parents (assuming Kim has parents)…..I hope Lina’s family embraces him too, Lina’s family was the dominate presence in AWPF… I know when my mom and dad were alive, my family was definitely dominate LOL…

    • Good Afternoon! Yes, Liam is immediately accepted by Lina’s family. They are probably the least judgmental family on earth.

      • Hi Laura, Is Phil calling Lina incessantly? The Player song is on a loop on my phone right now. “Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
        I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you” haha

        • LOL no, it’s still Thursday and he worked all day. She called him after her meeting (but before dinner). They’re currently discussing dinner — he’s ordering pizza

      • I wonder what Phil is going to do when Lina comes home….What if Lina just gives him a chaste kiss (like Phil in Chapter 1) walking through the bedroom butt naked after being gone for a week????

        • How about with a pair or gold studs Phil never bought her on the nightstand? Lina didn’t want to take it but Adele made her. Phil makes her throw it away

          • Okay…diamonds by a developer….The developer could afford those since he was hanging with Tony and Joseph. What if during girls night, Adele is posting on social media her and Lina at the Rumpus Room dancing to Milkshake…My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…..Katie could keep the family updated…LOL

  62. Here is another scenario what if she had thwarted some plans Lina and Phil had for the weekend. Claiming she was sick and needed him to take Liam for the weekend and when she opens the door looking healthy and tan! Oh that could so happen! I would like to squash her, especially if it was an anniversary weekend or something special for them both!

      • No don’t get mad at him again, we are on the road to redemption!! I’m telling you he is suffering….Laura was poor Phil for almost two weeks.

    • Ooh I want to squash her too like all the silverfish I find at my house. The scenario so can happen but I remember what Laura said before how Phil now puts Lina first so I’m hoping he would tell Kim to hire a weekend nanny because he’s busy. If it’s some special weekend they have planned he should follow through. Kim cannot manipulate him anymore. I just love seeing her trying though. I just reread chapter 25. I don’t know why. I was reading a non romance book and thought I want to go back to the running group scene. I’m mad at him again.

      • So much worse! True!! She’s not going to waste her time thinking of ruining a weekend. She wants to ruin something biiiiggg. Like their marriage. I don’t think kim will focus on Logan. Think we discussed before she needs to take Lina out and everything else will follow. I think you are Laura are alike on that subject. Forget the Potomac river now. She needs to suffer. Let’s put her in jail for a long time. Ha

        • Janet kids are out of play, so Kim’s focus is just on Lina….Fun Scenario: The Board of Realtors is having their annual awards banquet in DC. Lina is being recognized for her interior design concepts and staging abilities throughout the tri-state area. Lina is excited this is her validation on her design abilities and happy to spend a night with Phil enjoying the moment. Since the realty company Lina works for is local, an article appears in the paper regarding Lina’s accomplishment, saying she’ll be honored at the banquet. Then bam Kim calls being sick and thwarts all plans and Phil misses Lina special moment, why Kim is laughing all the way to the beach!

          • good one Tracie. Phil is missing one of Lina’s defining moments. Not good. And she’s probably wearing another 3000 gown and is glowing from spa treatment and her inner pride. Let’s put her in a gold shimmering Versace gown. You know that Bruno Mars song “Versace on the floor”? Not for Lina and Phil. He’s in the dog house.

          • HAHAHA…I do know that song…and I love Bruno Mars…Versace with a pair of 4″ Jimmy Choos…that’s right!!!

  63. Ohhhhhh……That’s right….I love it…..Healthy and Tan…..I wonder if Rico was around to rub on suntan lotion????v

  64. Warning…
    “There he is!” Kim, looking healthy and tan, greeted Liam with a smile. “How’s my favorite man?” Her eyes lifted to Phil’s.
    Phil returned her gaze with a cold stare.
    “Momma!” Liam smiled and then buried his face against Phil’s neck, suddenly shy.

    • I love love love it! Hate that she looks healthy and tan. Was hoping for a glow in the dark orange instead. But cold stare-Omg Phil. And Kim saying there’s my favorite man to Liam when she probably forgets to feed him at regular intervals. She will seethe that Phil no longer looks at her like before and go home and scheme. I hope so anyway. So good!!

  65. He could lose his temper with her, you told us he has seen his daddy at his worst a few times. But I don’t think he would want to confuse Liam either as he grows with a fake happy mommy and daddy type relationship. I would hope he would treat her cool (not frosty) but controlled. Absolutely no touching of any kind….just maybe handing Liam off.

    • Like you said before. Cold and controlled. Probably gives monosyllabic answers to her questions. Hopefully always a NO! with a scowl to his face. He can’t hide how he feels towards her. He saves that calm facade for court

  66. Phil can powder his own butt for the weekend, he’ll be fine LOL! I love that you have her in NY! If you had her gone for the week, I can see him getting frustrated. I wonder if Adele mentioned revenge sex to make him grit his teeth before they left…Lol. I love though that he misses Lina enough to make him act like a baby! Did you get the confrontation scene done between Kim and Phil?

    • LOL it’s so easy to make a man act like a baby — I have so much material.
      Yes, I finished my scene with Kim and Phil yesterday. How do you think he interacts with her in front of Liam?

    • Omg powder his own butt! Totally. Has he ever cooked? Gone grocery shopping? He’s been taken care of his whole life. Even when he was living alone I think he did take outs every day.

  67. Hi dudettes! Ugh just got back from San Diego. Never made it to La Jolla Laura. Had to stay around Carlsbad for a tournament. Boring! Also I had one ear that kept plugging so I was out of sorts. I’ll be more with it tomorrow.
    Are you taking Lina to The City this week?

      • No it was for fencing. He did soccer at age 4 and cried the whole season and never wanted to try again. In basketball he kept giving the ball to the other team. I couldn’t watch him without screaming. Again age 4. So I put him in individual sports and he seemed to like those way better. Has been fencing since 2nd grade and is pretty good now so I don’t mind watching him.
        Good to see Liana back. Love that she married her high school sweetheart!

        • My daughter was the opposite. I really wanted her to play tennis and gave her all kinds of lesson early on, but she wanted a team sport.

          I love that Liana married her high school sweetheart too.

          • Aaaw thanks guys… so glad to be back… currently reading through everything… I wish I can get notifications if there are comments in this thread.. Love all the possibilities of how the story might unfold.. and love Laura’s answes.. have a good one to all!

  68. Laura….hope you are having a good weekend! Where are we going this week? Janet must be really busy since we haven’t heard from her!

    • Yes, Janet must be having fun in San Diego. Probably the last free weekend before school starts.

      Lina is finally in New York City. Phil is a baby — didn’t like that she was staying longer to have a girl’s weekend with Adele!

      • Ooh. Just saw this. Sounds so good! Love it so much that Phil is being a big baby. I hope he worries the whole time. Didn’t have much fun but tried a place called Phil’s bbq! LOL. I thought of you guys the whole time. It’s famous there. I don’t eat pork but my son loved it.

      • I love some good BBQ! I love Phil acting like a baby too! I wonder if it was a Liam weekend? Glad you made it back safe Janet! Did you win the tournament?

  69. Hi Girls….well it’s been an emotional weekend for me! Yesterday we had a family party for my granddaughters 19th Birthday and today she’s headed West to college. But I smiled the whole time and told her not to look any goofballs in the eyes LOL……..I was feeling a little bummed this morning and got to church and had the nursery. Sooooo I turned it into a dance party. Had a couple three year olds flicking the lights on and half I lined up the rest of my disco ducks and sang Staying Alive until I was hoarse! My John Travolta might be a little sore tomorrow! LOL.

    Hi Liana glad you are back girlfriend! My mama use to say some people are just mean (same as your bad)! Kim is superficial and jealous. In Chapter 15, where Phil says, if you love me, why are you destroying my life? I don’t think she gave him an answer! Kim doesn’t care about anyone but herself. You are exactly right she wants the image, she want Lina’s life, but Kim didn’t bank on Phil dropping her and not looking back (except for Liam). She’ll be toast when it is all said and done.

    • Awe It’s so hard when they leave. You’re happy for them but at the same time so sad they are no longer close enough to see regularly. Nice you could cheer yourself up– it sounds adorable.

      Sometimes the only punishment for people like Kim is knowing that they are stuck with themselves.

    • My granddaughter just sent me a pic of herself setting on her dorm bed! Lol. It is sad that I want see her as
      much, but it makes me so happy to see her excited and flourishing in this new adventure!

  70. Hi Girls! Miss all of you! Just finished reading everything and I just realized the discission moved here! so glad SN will be priority!

    about Phil and Lina which Janice mentioned… I’m hoping they will have a strong bond emotionally.. considering they know each other for a long time… my husband and I are actually highschool sweethearts and I can tell you we have this closeness because we saw each other grow up.. so its like we fell in love with all the good, bad childish, grown up, aspects. So looking at Phil and Lina, even with the betrayal, in my mind they love each other not just for the wonderful things… so I think Lina at the end (after getting pass the hurting and anger) would actually be the one that will understand most why Phil did what he did… and the statement like you said Janice about Phil not deserving Lina… I think Lina loves Phil anyway.. because she loves him even when he was a childish overbearing selfish teenage boy… and Phil being Phil.. he is selfish enough to hang on tight to Lina’s love even if he knows he doesn’t deserve her..

    about Kim… have you guys read indescretion by charles dubow? I hate hate hate that the mistress is the only one that gets to be all happy and peachy at the end… and she feels no remorse at all… so unfair…

    so for SN (knowing in my heart that Laura will deliver justice!) I know that Kim will get Karma (I think I’ve written this before LOL).. even if people say “don’t always blame the woman (feminism stuff)” but I say bad people are just bad… whatever their gender is… in the real world there are “other women” that are not at fault (didn’t know the man is married) but there are loads that are actually prowling to hook men with families just because they are usually at a point in their lives that they have gone through the struggle… and Kim sounds a lot like those kind of women… she wants the big hotshot senior partner lawyer not the low level juniors.. so when talking about love defined by Kim is love for the image and prestige… and ofcourse Phil’s attractiveness also adds to that hotshot image she wants … that’s why she didn’t target Wayne instead…

    • Hi Liana!
      Yes I agree with everything you said. Phil says he doesn’t deserve Lina because he knows he betrayed her but he also believes she’s his so its a bit complicated. And as this novel unfolds, Lina is starting to understand what led to the affair. I haven’t read Indiscretion but I like to get even. My Ned scenes in When I Saw You were some of my favorites LOL

  71. Good Morning Girls, I was thinking about Phil deserving Lina. Remember at the end of Chapter 10, when he said I know I don’t deserve you. Lina told Adele I know he doesn’t deserve me, but why punish myself because I’m tired of pretending I don’t want him. Is that an emotional issue they are both still dealing with in SN? We know they love each other deeply, but them both thinking Phil doesn’t deserve Lina could be a potential stumbling block in their relationship.

  72. It doesn’t cool down here until mid to late October. The deer hunters hate it to be hot during deer season. My son-on-law is a duck hunter and he hates hot weather in Oct since Duck Season start 1 Oct. I’m thinking with Laura saying Kim’s getting stronger, he may just be able to hold her hips, because I’m hoping Lina steps to Kim, to get her point across…my man type words…no slapping, etc I want to see Lina lay some Verbal Judo on Kim! Slice her like a paper cut!

    • That’s horrible Tracie. When does it get nice there? October? Ok maybe I exaggerated about Hawaii but definitely humid the last few years. Regarding Phil- I think he would put Lina behind him with his arm holding her back. Protective over Evil. And I can see him telling Kim not to address her or talk to Lina. If Lina tries to respond to Kim’s attacks he will tell Lina not to engage and hope he will attack evil by saying soemthimg like who do you think you are? You think you are something? Think again…. lol. I want him to go off on Kim because I never saw it in WPF.

  73. Not cooling off getting hotter! Our heat index over the next 6 to 10 days will be between 101 and 105! Awww…he might have picked up a sticker in his paw!

    • I used to live Florida. I don’t miss the heat part of it. I can definitely feel fall in the air in Maryland. Limp disappeared during our walk lol. Just remembered I have to write a Kim Phil scene. My sister (who I read to now as I write it) reminded me lol hopefully it won’t be too long.

      • You know Kim Phil scenes are my favorite! I love Phil beating her up. I hope she carries emotional scars forever. Most likely she suffers for an hour though. How come theyre having so many confrontations lately? Your sister is so lucky! Lol

        • Actually I think I keep mentioning the same confrontation. Other scenes keep popping up before I can write it

      • If there are scenes with Lina, Phil and Kim, how do you think Phil will anchor himself to Lina? Pulling her tightly to his side, putting her in front of him with his arms around her middle or putting her slightly behind one of his shoulders in a more protective mode! I can imagine all three, so I thought i’d ask LOL!

        • I’m going with choice three, I think it would just be Phil’s natural instinct. The possessive hold is more for men

        • I know you girls are right, I just don’t want Kim to have the impression that Lina always needs to be protected. I loved it when Lina didn’t allow Phil to go to her after the slap scene. Really loved it when Lina said going to jail would be worth it! Love that fire in our girl!

      • Hi guys! I just got on. Laura have a fabulous night! You deserve it after writing all the angsty scenes. Lina probably asserted her independence and Phil didn’t like it. OR, it had to do with the cold and controlled talk he had with the witch. Ugh. Can you just have her float away in the Potomac river and write a whodunit 5 yrs from now? By then her body will have been eaten alive.
        I’m on my way to San Diego. I will check on you guys tonight. Have a great weekend everyone.

      • Janet your talents could probably be used in the underworld!!!’ LOL. Float away in the Potomac..that tickled me!

      • Janet what if they started out in a sexy scene and Lina might have said something about his affair with Kim and they got into it!

  74. Phil is so out of sorts, he is having to chase rabbits in every direction just to keep his head above water. Between four kids, Lina and a crazy regret hanging over his head….he might voluntarily commit his self LOL! He is not going to like Lina going out of town…that will be another life of its own scene…..

    • LOL I’m sure you are right. Okay I finished my scene so I think unless something comes up between now and tomorrow morning, my next scene should be New York!

  75. I do too, if you don’t leave them in a good place, you’ll think about it the entire time your out and won’t enjoy yourself! I think it will be good to give Lina a little space in NY. Can’t wait to see what emotional mood our Phil is going to be in when Lina tells him she’s going! Can you tell me who started the argument Phil or Lina?

    • Lina kind of but then Phil lost his temper. The good news is that they talked through the issue and resolved it without one of them storming off.

  76. Good Afternoon Girls, checking in to see where we are today?? Laura hope your day got off to a better start…..

    • Hi! My sexy scene turned out to be an argument scene 🙁
      I didn’t see it coming LOL Still haven’t made it to New York. Phil doesn’t even know she’s going yet. This novel has a life of it’s own. I have to go out tonight (that’s right, again) so I only have an hour of writing left. I hope I can leave them in a good place.

  77. Lina wouldn’t cheat and I don’t think Kim would be brave enough to have someone try
    and scare Lina or physically harm her in anyway.

  78. Great question Janet….she was pregnant that first year. So for the last year I would think she would have sex. She’s an attention monger and use to men falling at her feet, until she can get Phil to cave she probably did a few boy toys! I’m onboard for the take down plan…LOL

    • Oh here’s my soap opera coming into play. Is the partner at Kim’s firm good looking? Tall dark and handsome like Phil and also married? the difference is he’s willing to leave his wife for Kim till he finds out he was just a poor substitute for phil..

      • I could see something like that happening. I wonder in a big town like Baltimore, her reputation would precede her. I wonder if Kim has been mesmerized by someone before Phil?

        • I don’t think so about being mesmerized before. I think for her Phil is it. And about Kim using someone to hurt lina I mean trying to hurt her emotionally and mess with her psyche. Since Lina is stronger in SN Kim needs to come at her stronger too? Ugh I don’t know Tracie.

          • Lina is getting stronger…Kim will give as good as she gets….but it’s two against one,
            Lina has Phil.

  79. Phil felt devastated by Lina in those Chapters because he thought Nick got a peek at Lina’s knickers. LOL. I don’t know, I guess right now cool and controlled. Phil has to get as calculating as Kim in my opinion. Remember in your favorite Chaprer 15 when he said I never said I was going to leave my wife, no I didn’t …..I wonder if Kim gives Phil those same type arguments in SN?? We have Liam, we could be a family, blah blah!!!

    • You know what I just thought of? Is Kim having sex with anyone? It’s been 2 yrs since Phil ended the fling. What is she doing on the weekends she doesn’t have Liam? She doesn’t have many friends if at all and she’s used to make attention. Maybe the sister can tell Phil. They can work together to break her down.

  80. Kim is planning J-Girl…we Know in Chapter 29 and 30 how cold and brutal Phil can be. He loves Lina and was wow mad…. Kim is burnt toast, he’ll smoke her. I think Kim is so smart she’s stupid!

    • I love that. She’s so smart she’s stupid. LOL. So Phil was mad at Lina because he loves her so much. since he hates Kim so much how will he handle it? I don’t this his wrath is working.

  81. After my rocky start, I had a very productive five hours. I’m VERY happy with my Logan/Phil scene. On to Kim after a quick dog walk!

    • Oh good you know I’m all about Logan and Phil finding their way back to happy. Any good parent would want their child happy and we know Phil is a good dad! Enjoy your walk….it’s too hot and humid here…it’s like 89 outside!

      • We have to play ball with Hope (German Shepherd) throughout the entire day. If we don’t exercise her, she has way too much energy and will nudge us with her nose until she drives us crazy!

    • 5hrs!! Yeah! But omg another dog walk. I’m so lazy I couldn’t do that.
      Interesting about Kim not speaking up about Lina. She’s seething inside. Lol

  82. In answer to Tracie’s question regarding the mood of the conversation he’s having with Kim after the sad event. Cold and controlled.

  83. I don’t think he accepted or rejected. I think the tie just was…..he wouldn’t have taken anything home she gave him. Kim might have even spilled something on his tie, just so he would have to wear it. I bet Kim even knew the tie was insignificant to Phil.

  84. Janet what if??? The tie was pink and they started the affair in February. What if (because I love Phil) Kim gave the tie to Phil around Valentine’s Day while at her apartment. Phil wouldn’t take it home, nor would he even make a big deal out of the tie. So when Phil stayed at her place one night to catch the 8:00 am to NY (we saw that in the text) he spilled coffee on his tie prior to their flight and he didn’t have a spare to match his suit! Kim did though, the pink one he had no desire for and it was still at her apartment 3 months later! Since it was on Monday, that he wore the tie, he forgot all about it by Friday when he got home to Lina! That could happen!

    • That’s perfectly reasonable just like his stained tie in NY. I’m just wondering how he would have handled it differently if it was blatantly given to him as a present. I feel like Kim gave him more than a tie in four months. How do you reject gifts from your lover? Ugh.

      • I think he would have just put it in a desk drawer at the office. I also think it may have brought the ‘aha’ moment earlier if she presented him with a gift.

  85. OMG Janet I thought the same LOL! I also thought that she could be going to do some design work for a rich client. A private car could arrive at the Hunter’s home to pickup Lina and drive her to the airport. The driver comes to the door (Phil answers) and the driver introduces himself and tells him he’s there to pickup Ms. Hunter. Lina comes downs the stairs and introduces herself to the driver, which at the time tells her that her flight arrangements have changed and Mr. Suaveness has sent his corporate jet to fly her to NY, and that he would meet her plane upon arrival and escort her to her hotel! Wowza

    • LOL You are so funny. the billionaire escorts Lina to her hotel! Laura, I have a quick question thats hanging over my head. Don’t get annoyed. It’s that damn tie question again. I actually don’t put much importance on the tie but you said something that I keep thinking about. If Phil received the tie at the office from Kim, like she just left it at his desk with a note saying for your next court appearance-whatever-what would he have done with it if not bring it home? Just stick it under the desk? Give it to the secretary? Give it back to Kim? throw it away? You don’t think he’ll thinks its weird she’s giving him gifts?

  86. You are having a hard time with your friends lately and living in or by a construction area isn’t good either. Bless your heart! I think 3 hours in a dog park would be a little much for me too. I know our Phil is the dominate in the house, but I’m sure seeing Logan hurt or mad is upsetting to him. I’m hoping they are working through their problems and not fussing again. I wondered about our Phil too, climbing into bed on Lina’s first night in NY, looking at her empty side of the bed, wondering if Phil’s guilt meter ramps up little, thinking about Lina alone in their bed, while he was in NY with Kim. I hate that for him too! Ugh……I still hope Lina has some fun in NY!

    • At least the weather was perfect — upper 60s and sunshine! All is good in my world again — writing.
      I guess you gathered that I can be a bit temperamental. When I’m writing, I tend to resent people (even friends and family) that try to take my time. And it’s been especially crazy lately. I know I’m being unreasonable but it doesn’t change the feelings. Whatever was going on across the street is done too. I listen to music when I write but I don’t like to hear anyone else’s noise. LOL

      • I’m like that when I’m reading! Lol. Totally different but boy none of your fans will be scheduling anything with anyone when SN comes out. Logan and Phil are having quite a few talks lately. Has Logan accepted Liam yet? Sequel? What is our home wrecker doing at this time? Plotting? Haha

        • LOL Mums the word on Logan and Liam. Phil and Logan have a lot to work through. Phil and Kim will be talking later today.

          • Omg omg. I can’t wait! Please have a looong talk and I wouldn’t mind having blood ooze out of Kim’s eyes after their conversation! Will check back later and leave you in peace.

          • Oh my, I’ll leave you be too.. just wondering If this is going to be a talk with Kim regarding the sad scene and her actions. I can hardly wait for SN!!!

    • Phil and Logan are having a more constructive conversation — when I was frustrated earlier I couldn’t write because when I feel like that the scene that unfolds will reflect my mood. Anyway, I sweat all the frustration out of my system and all is good.

      • I’m glad you girls are back to a good norm. I can be temperamental as well and I’m always on time too! I tell my crew time waits on no man…let’s roll! I think that’s why we jive so well together we are similar. I’m glad Phil and Logan are being more constructive, hope Lina is packing and The home wrecker is laying under a house that fell on her….LOl

    • Hi Tracie! I do hope he can feel first hand now what it feels like to be left at home while Lina is in the city that never sleeps. At least she’s sleeping alone! Ooh what if Nick is there for a medical conference at the same time as Lina?

    • Ugh. I’ve been taken completely out of my routine this morning. Early text from a friend who moved and is in the area for a few hours with his dog. Went to meet him but he got caught in traffic from DC so I ended up staying at the dog park waiting for him and then letting the dog play. Finally get home sit down and then all of this noise starts in front of my place. They are doing some type of something to the house across the street. I’ve been derailed. Now going to gym to reset my brain. I’m a creature of habit

      • I was at the dog park for 3 hours! And all I could think was that Phil and Logan are in the middle of a conversation and I’ve left them stranded. New York should start later today

      • I hate waiting. Hate waiting in school line hate waiting to get a seat to eat and hate waiting at a meet place. Lol. Sorry Laura. You are a nice lady. Hope you have a great work out and take a break. I know a little about neighbors causing noise! This whole darn area is a construction site and the amount of debris and trash that blows to my yard makes me so mad! Maybe you can start nice and fresh for a few hours after dinner!

        • I’m exactly the same. I don’t like waiting for anyone — hair cuts, doctors, tables. I’m also always on time. The construction in my neighborhood is finally ending — so happy. The good news is that my dog is exhausted so I should be able to write for several hours without him bothering me!

  87. or Kim could show up on the weekends, when Lina did go to church….ugh…I know Lina is not a victim in SN, so I’m trying not to get spun up…..geez….

  88. Laura…you are killing me….I know this is bothering my Phil really bad. Now lets talk about planning. If I were the evil witch, I would watch the church parking lot and when the “Temporarily” was over and Lina started going to church with the family (first time)…I’d make my move to humiliate my competition.

    • Okay….I like bring it on Kim…especially from you….that is right, we are picking up steam….Lets roll over Kim like a bulldozer. I want to see Kim fold like a cheap lawn chair.

  89. I really enjoyed the baptism discussions but I’m not letting the cat out of the bag on that one. As far as taking Liam to church, you’re both right…

    “And in the meantime you’re going to skip church on the weekends we have him? I don’t like the idea of that.”
    “Temporarily.” Lina stopped before him and replaced his hands with hers as she finished buttoning his shirt. “And if you really miss me, I’m sure Katie would sacrifice church in favor of watching Liam,” she teased.
    “That’s not happening.”

    • Good to see Linas in a good space and be able to tease Phil about it! Meanwhile I’m still stuck on the swoon glimpse you gave us where Phil asks if they are okay and Lina says she missed Phil. Where did Phil go and why did he ask if they are Ok? What happened before that Phil needs to ask Lina this?? Dah dah dah…..

    • Laura…Now who is trying to pry the answers out of you???? LOL I had to hang my pliers up after the Liam BD ordeal J-Girl…she won’t budge on the answers…

  90. But if Lina did agree to go, that would be a perfect storm for Kim to humiliate Lina. Kim would be lying in wait, she would have planned and been ready to execute, banking on the Hunter’s routine of going to church.

    • Hi Carrie…Kim wouldn’t miss out on her child’s baptism!! That would be to big of an opportunity to hurt drive another nail through Lina’s heart. But I did ask my girl in the office, that was raised Catholic and she said the whole family can be up there if Phil so chooses.

  91. I always feel like I’m letting you down if I don’t get the right answer (which I usually don’t)….Phil says that he is not ashamed of his son, nor does he regret him….but then I think, he would want to give Lina and his kids time to adjust to having Liam with them, prior to a public appearance. You say that everyone is Catholic in that area and it is not like a small church….I’m putting myself in Lina’s place, and I would want a few visits to adjust to Liam being a part of our family, prior to rushing right out. I say no……

  92. Good morning girls!
    Yes, the first few meetings are difficult — you’ll experience them with her.
    As far as Logan interacting with Liam — that you’ll have to wait for

    And here is your serious question for the day (and I’m not going to answer it but it is something that will be answered in the sequel) — will the Hunters immediately begin taking Liam to church with them?

    • I don’t think so about church until Lina says yes. However when do the babies get baptized in the Catholic Church? Will Lina have to be there? The kids? This won’t give much time for Lina to get used to Liam. Damn that witch.

      • I forgot about Liam being baptized…Geez….my gut is in knots. Can Lina stand by Phil when he gets baptized??? Would Kim allow it???? Would Phil demand Lina be a part of the ceremony???

        • Does Lina get to stand next to Phil or does she have to stand behind Phil and Kim because she’s not a parent? Ugh!!

        • J-Girl, my girl here at work, says she can stand right next to him. Usually the godparents would stand next to the parents, but she said in this situation each of their individual families would probably stand next to them. Yes, girls we do discuss AWPF and SN here at work…LOL What’s really funny, we are assuming a baptism is going to be in SN. I waiting on Laura to say, Baptism???

          • I know! She gives a serious yet simple question and of course we have to twist it to another soap opera script. I wonder if you can bypass it and just do it as an adult. I’m a Christian and even though I was baptized as an infant I had to repeat the process as an adult. Not mandatory but many do this. Either way poor Lina.

  93. I wonder when Lina first meets Liam, if she tells Phil he is a beautiful baby, you and Kim should be proud or something similar to that comment??? I dread that moment for Lina, even though I know it has to happen. I can even feel that emotion in my chest now, just typing the comment….

    • Phil’s heart will break for Lina, during those times. I will still be his fan…I just need him to wrap her up and love her through the hurt.

  94. OMG…That is a good one Janet…what would you do????…. My Phil would say: “The only mama I kiss is this one.” Then he would place a soft kiss to Lina’s lips, thawing the moment…..

  95. Hey guys! After the tile fiasco I went and got IPL on my face for sun spots. It was painful so of course I thought about Kim getting laser on her stretch marks. LOL. Tracie, I’m not good with scenarios and leave the sweet lovey ones to you. Instead, I thought of a confrontational one for today(typical)-takes place at a restaurant again.
    In WPF, we never got to see the Hunter’s family having a night out at a restaurant because Kim ruined the birthday dinner for the readers. So in this scene, the whole gang is out on a Thursday night without Liam. They are all having a good time with Katie hanging on to every word coming out of Matt’s mouth, Logan is discussing his schoolwork load with Phil, and Megan and Lina are talking about college boys. Then in walks Kim with Liam in her arms along with her sister. Phil who was playing with Lina’s fingers under the table grips her hand. Liam zeroes in on the family and yells Dada, dada. Everyone freezes except for Kim as she locks eyes with Phil and with a knowing smile puts Liam down. He immediately toddles over to Phil and asks to be lifted up giving his dad a big wet kiss while squeezing Phil’s cheeks. He’s kicking his chubba wabbas and looks over to Kim and screams Mama, Mama kiss Dada. Kim saunters over and says “of course baby. Mama always kisses Dada” while Lina looks on frozen and red faced. Everyone in the restaurant is now looking at their table. Phil’s thinking he’s too old for this shit. Lina’s thinking she’s too old for this drama. Kim’s thinking what a good boy, she came to the perfect place for a showdown.

      • Oh! Ok no more scenes for me. I was curious as how Phil and Lina would react to a scene like this so I’m happy we will get to see one. I thought of it after you told us Liam still loves mommy even if she doesn’t deserve it.

  96. Good night girls….so tired tonight! Maybe we can bounce back tomorrow LOL. If you decide to throw out another morsel in the future can it be happy Logan with Liam? Love to see them interact. Can’t wit to see what he calls his Logan!

    • me too. I want Liam to be Logan’s mini me. Can’t wait what he calls each of them especially Lina and what Kim thinks of the name.

  97. Just that little morsel lets me know Lina is taking care of Liam, since he already had a bottle and Phil was a sleep. I love it much!!!! Megan has no sympathy I saw that in the scene where she asked Lina to forgive Phil. Megan didn’t want to have to split her time while she was home on vacation. Not how are you doing mom? nothing….ugh….

  98. I knew you were going to say that LOL! I did read something tonight that reminded me of Phil and Lina. It went right along with what he said in Chapter 47 about her considering a flawed version of him, was better for her than a perfect version of anyone else. The passage was “There is no perfect person, just a perfect person for you!

      • Janet maybe Lina’s going on a secret search for our mystery guy in the photo. Maybe she’ll book him Dano! Remember Hawaii Five O?? LOL. I have no idea where that came from….LOL. That means it’s time to go to bed girls!

          • That will drive him nuts. Him over hearing a guy say you want to dance with me beautiful. Then he hollers to the bartender hey Charlie put her drinks on my tab!

    • This may be one of my favorite scenes Tracie. I so want Lina to gain her independence. She was attached at the hips to Phil since she was 15. She may like it so much she can do girl trips every couple months with friends or daughters. Phil can stay home and change diapers and soothe Liam’s colic! Poor Phil! Imagine him calling her at 11pm and Lina answers the phone with loud background noise and a guys voice coming through saying another cosmo?

      • I think Phil is secure in Lina’s love. But he couldn’t help but be a little fearful that she is going back to his betrayal ground. Bringing back memories for her. May be she’ll come home with Pink cheekies he finds her dirty clothes, while she’s in the shower LOL…you know Phil will be waiting to wrap her up the minute she gets home.

        • He better attack her. LOL. Good point about him being little fearful. It’s what Laura said about growing pains for Phil and also knowing Lina knows where two of the pictures were taken. Or one. Don’t know about the dance pic. I hope to God not at steamboat. Sorry Laura to bring that up again. I hope you roar at Kim full force. I want to see blood feom this crazy woman.

      • Well this is the dependence Phil is having growing pains with..:.I bet she didn’t leave with out him before. Lina is beautiful and attracts very classy men. Phil knows the NYC type suits and depending on why she’s there, could draw some attention! So he is the one being left behind with the kids, this will give him a better appreciation for his LIna. Maybe it’s a new hot client that wants to wine and dine her???!

        • Perfect. Phil knows exactly who’s there. After all he fell in love with her at first sight. Business sharks are out and Lina possesses that illusive je ne sais quoi. Goodie. Good.

      • He’s not going to like anything about her going. Phil is the type to protect his family and he can’t protect her in NYC without him. But she will reassure him and go on anyway. She’s not going to do anything, he’s just nervous without her in his bed and his arms.

      • It will probably be one of my favorites too Janet….Adele could even send a picture to Katie’s cell phone, saying doesn’t your mom look hot!!!! Katie could say dad…you went to New York and came back with us a baby brother, may be mom will come back with a baby sister, then flashes the picture for Phil to see…LOL. Depending on where they are going, Lina could be dressed in a mid thigh cocktail dress (smoking) in stilettos or some really tight jeans, with over the knee high heel boots and a white silk button down shirt….total opposite of black…. tucked slightly in, so men have view of buttocks!!!!

        • Good morning! So funny! I like the subtlety of Adele sending it to Katie instead. She’s a sly one! We know Lina has the cutest tush right? Kinda like taller ballerina gracefulness. In all seriousness though, these pictures will hurt Phil. He completely trusts Lina and vice versa but just seeing a picture of his wife with another man giving her a smoldering look(maybe the same lustful one he once looked at Kim) will jolt him. Laura, does Phil ever have flashbacks of his time with Kim ever? Maybe not in a good way but does certain events, places, or things ever take him back to the 4 months? Again, if in the sequel, just say

          • Janet we know he has flashbacks of Liam’s birth, etc. I want to know about those dang pictures on Lina’s phone. Can you imagine him seeing those thinking Lina’s carried them there for so long, seeing through her eyes what she saw. Gives me the shivers….Maybe it will be Lina that says, it is time to get rid of these or maybe it will be Phil that finds them and deletes them….

            Laura what did Phil do with the pictures that Lina left balled up in his robe and the tacky BD card that Kim sent? I always wondered if he kept them in case he needed them for a restraining order, or just ensured they were out of the house.

          • Yes to all. 1. does he have to take a moment to compose himself because of a certain jarring memory of Kim? In the sequel?
            2. Does he delete the pics or Lina ? Sequel?
            3. Where are those dang hateful 5 pieces of trash? Sequel?

            Have a great day all. I’ll be back and forth today. I’m getting new tiles

          • I’m not sure about #1 but it hasn’t happened yet.
            #2 we shall see
            #3 those are long gone. He wouldn’t have kept them.

          • Laura I never asked this question either…What did Phil think when he saw the pictures??? Did he notice on the SB picture that Lina’s picture was on the night stand? Did he wonder what Lina thought when she saw the dancing picture?

          • No, he just saw his life falling apart. He wouldn’t have studied them. He just felt fury at Kim and devastation — remember he thought Lina had just been with Nick.

          • Lord. Home Depot sent me vinyl Carrera looking tiles. Not the travertine white one that I ordered. This is for the flip condo for the entryway. Ugh! I can’t do that. Even my contractor said reorder!
            Laura are you still writing our favorite scene to come? Lol

          • So annoying! That type of thing always happens with home repair/remodel or whatever. I’m writing one nice scene after another today — currently with clueless Megan who seems to be missing the sympathy or empathy gene. Just when I think I might like her — wham, her personality comes out again. New York probably won’t start until tomorrow or Thursday.

          • Laura..I really am worried about our Phil this week. The picture thing with Katie was just for fun…How about a one liner on Phil’s feel this week…like Anxiously Awaiting Lina’s Return…Sleepless in Maryland….etc…

            Janet..I know the remodel deal is wearing on me too…my husband has the electrician in this week and I’m redoing an antique dresser with mirror to use as the vanity in the bathroom.

          • The vanity sounds nice!

            Here is a morsel for you. WARNING –

            Phil slowly became conscious of a tap on his face. He swiped at it with his hand, coming into contact with something hard and plastic.
            A high pitched “Dada,” preceded a hard smack to the center of his face.
            “Oww,” he groaned, opening his eyes.
            “Don’t hurt Daddy,” Lina said, laughing softly. She took the bottle from Liam before he could strike again.
            “Dada!” Liam shrieked, a smile lighting his face when he realized his father was awake.

      • Oh I’m so excited for this chapter. I’m guessing she never went there without him? If Adele is going with her I hope she takes bunch of pictures of them at some hot spot club(they aren’t too old) and sends them to Phil. Is Lina thinking it all that it was Phil’s city with Kim?

        • Wow. I forgot that was where Kim and Phil were together. Yikes. I’m sure she’ll think of that. Yes this will be a fun chapter to write

          • Omg how can you forget when it’s engraved in our heads? Tracies like nyc? Barman. I’m like nyc? Where they are in matching black tops. Yuck!!

          • I may have forgotten but by the time I was in the scene I’m sure the memory would come roaring back. Should be even more interesting now

  99. Laura, has our next scene unfolded in your mind yet? What’s is emotional stability over the next few days? LOL

    • Yes, we are into a stable period — thank God! I’m sure I’ll get a curve ball but right now all is fine.

  100. Sometimes all the steam is awesome, that is physical need gone wild. The quiet moments (to me) have more impact (at times), because that is emotional need.

  101. Awww sister, I’m sorry you are so sad. But we knew their journey would be rough..since I don’t know the details of the scene, maybe it’s not the romance they need but the closeness. A lot of times couples will make love just to feel close, no button moment, just a quiet moment of coming together or her tucked into him while they spoon and just breathe each other, knowing no matter what they have each other.

  102. I finished my sad scene, Tracie, but now I’m sad. It’s hard to write a romantic scene when you feel sad. Plus Phil is sad and Lina. I’m going to walk my dog. Hopefully we’ll all feel better when I get back LOL

  103. Janet I have a scenario: Lina is on her way home from yoga class, she’s stopped at a red light and is hit from behind by a distracted driver. Let’s say by a kid that dropped their phone on the floor and was reaching to find it. She’s hit hard enough that her head hits the steering wheel or drivers window. (Cut brow, mild concussion, nothing serious.). Police notify Phil that his wife has been in an accident and being transported to the hospital. Phil let’s say he is at Kim’s trying to defang the viper over another stunt she has planned and executed. When the ambulance arrives with Lina, Nick just happens to be in the ER waiting room with the family of one of his patients that has tried to hurt themselves. Nick realizes Lina is by herself and immediately excuses himself going to Lina. Phil arrives and finds Nick with Lina, his hand on her arm, smiling with her, while the doctor stitches the cut on her brow….talk about awkward LOL!

    • I likey!! oooh and Nick in his MD commanding mode is hot! Meanwhile Phil rushes in and comes to a sudden stop. “You! get your hands off my wife.”
      “Phil, I’m fine. It’s just a cut and Nick was here to help. Where have you been? I’ve been calling you for an hour now.”
      “Never mind that Lina. Drayton, I want you gone.”
      “Where Phil?”
      “Damn it Phil. Again? She calls and you ran to her again? Meanwhile I’ve been frantic that you may worry and have been calling you…”
      Nick still has his hand on her forearm squeezing tight while Phil shoots daggers at Nick.. btw, did Kim hire this kid to rear end Lina and timed it just so to get Phil to her house?

        • Laura, we only create these silly scenarios because they are so far off the mark. I know now Phil would never run to Kim and never ignore Lina’s calls. LOL I just love confrontations between Nick and Phil. Anytime I can get Nick to use his 5th degree black belt again. haha

          • That’s why they are “fun scenarios or snippets”. Gives Laura a little entertainment from her actual scene writing mind! Gives us a little entertainment while we wait for her to come out and play. LOL

        • Well yes, if Phil is at Kim’s beck and call. But I saw his sweet vulnerable side in your “swoon” scene. “Are we ok?… I missed my husband last night… Yeah?” I really liked that part. Lol

  104. When I was with the girls the other day, I told my daughter I see no swoon worthy men in this restaurant! She just laughed…..

    • I thought of this comment throughout my evening as I looked around at the offerings — I couldn’t wait to get home to Phil LOL

  105. Hi Carrie….how’s my Team Phil girl doing? I hope you are right about Laura thinking about romance at the party, because that means there is someone there hot enough to romance over! LOL

    • Seriously?!? Starting a romance right now would be like cheating on Phil! It would completely derail the book. Believe nothings happening while I’m writing Swimming Naked

      • I know right….I still read my swoon scene twice a day… You may have to throw me another crumb. I have that scene memorized! LOL